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  • Genoa City's Misery

    Put Y&R out of its misery.
  • fire the writers!

    Get rid of this new Billy quick! bring Adam and the old Billy back ,bring the other Abby back, don't let Chloe Phyllis back,enough of Sharon and Nick it's just sick and get your act together and get this show back on track before there is absolutely no reason for anyone to watch at all!
  • The Young and Restless? More like The Young and BORING!!

    Yawn! Yawn!! Where do I start? I am so tired of lousy actors like David Tom. Lets start with him! Not even believable for a husband for Victoria. David Tom looks way too much younger than her. Pathetic acting on his part. The old Billy was much better in that part, really handsome to watch not to mention more believable. I am tired of looking at Sharon with her hair in her face all the time. Seriously put it back, comb it for Gods sake, and wash it! Her hair always looks so greasy. Boring parts like Jill and Colin story line. Its also stupid!! This new person in the Kelly part? I liked the other one better. Too much changing of actors not a good idea. Really stupid story lines. Cassie lookalike? Really? Pathetic!! Come on people!! Straighten up. I have watched for so many I am leaving as I cant take the stupid, boring story lines any longer, not to mention lousy actors!!
  • What happened to the writing?

    this show is going down. Filler with sex scenes, stupid story lines, poor replacements for main characters. I am hating it now...
  • why why Dixie and Opel... I like Jason from General Hospital but no all my children

    I can't believe that Y&R has Opel and Dixie... this is not all my children... and I really dropped that show a long time ago for a reason
  • Stop the madness!!!

    Quick thoughts. Can't stand the new Billy. He has to go. Bad actor. Bad voice. Not nearly as fun and as real as the old Billy. Such a shame. Big mistake getting rid of Adam. The show just isn't the same. Stupid story lines: Cassie look alike, Summer's paternity line, sick of mean girl Lillie, Nick and Sharon. Jill and Colin, Billy and Victoria. Oh wait, I guess the whole show is STUPID!!!!!!! Come on, I've been a loyal watcher for years. Give me something or I'm done. Get your house in order.
  • What he hell???

    Done with Y&R after many years. Pathetic...
  • I'm tired of the current Billy

    The previous Billy Abbott was believable. The new Billy makes me want to stop watching the show. My wife and I record and watch the show daily. We are so close to taking Y&R out of our daily entertainment. I agree with The Titanic is Sinking comments. Either make some major changes and get back the stars we like to see or Y&R is history in our house.

    Honestly I have a hard time believing the rating score posted on this board when I entered. I gave you a 4 and feel that is more than generous.
  • Young and the restless

    My mom and I think it is ridiculous that Billy feels he has the right to be upset and feel betrayed about Victoria and Stitch when HE WAS THE ONE WHO CHEATED ON VICTORIA in the first place!!!!! He has no right to act so righteous, they're separated and he is the one that screwed up!!

    And we will never be a fan of Sharon and Nick, her lies about Summer's paternity need to come out already!

    Our rating would usually be a 9+ but with these two story lines going the way they are were not impressed lately!!
  • The Titanic is Sinking

    Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford are the drama we love to embrace. My husband and I have watched Y&R for over 30 years and everyday for the past two weeks we keep asking each other "really, do we really want to torture ourselves?" When is enough, enough?. Y&R, you need new writers and you need to get back the stars of the show, beginning with Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford. Your story line stinks, and it is apparent that you are losing your audience. Are you going to stand up and take notice once it is too late? You are on the verge of following the many great Soaps that have gone under. Please, please give us what we want before it's too late.

  • Not liking anymore

    What is going on with the writers? I use to love this show but each episode gets worse. Nick and Sharon back together, will he ever learn ? What about the paternity line? Billy and Victoria not a couple as long as they fought to be together to have him cheat with Kelly. This show is going from number one to zero in a blink of the eye.
  • What has happened to a once great show?

    This show has become unwatchable. This show always had something happening. The plots were woven intricately but because things were ALWAYS moving along the storylines resolved quickly.

    It was better than any primetime serial.

    Now, This shows writers find ways to delay things from happening, using stall tactics. Nothing gets resolved and it's the same garbage over and over. Time to abort and get a valuable hour back!!
  • Tasteless - Poor Execution

    The Y&R writing may be poor but the writers are not entirely responsible for the poor and tasteless fashion in which the entire ensemble has been presented to us lately. What had made the show work so well was the finest sense of aesthetics of Mr. & Mrs. Bell (whom I neither claim to know nor to ever have met). Everything was always well executed: decor, music, writing, directing, lighting, wardrobe; even pouring a glass of water, a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice(remember breakfasts at the Abbotts!) was an art that took our breath away; the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, a broach, a necktie (remember John and Brad Carleton!), a ring, a necklace, a bracelet (remember Mrs. C's accoutrements!) was magnified! Even when the storyline was not great, the show was executed well enough to keep us away from our daily toils. As a matter of fact, most of the time, Y&R was never about the storyline; it was about nothing; the writing was the simplest around, the most fluid you can find on the soap format; nevertheless, we were fascinated by the simplicity and mesmerized by the connections, human and spiritual connections in fate, destiny, faith, accurate portrayal of matters of life dealing with laws, business, matrimony, etc. Y&R's problem today is a dichotomy of miscalculated EXECUTION and lack of respect for ESTABLISHED VIEWERSHIP. IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT! For instance, why the cheap redecoration of all Genoa City's famous households was necessary? It seems that the current Executor of the show likes to stick it to viewers. Case in point, for no obvious reason, she killed the matriarch (Maureen Bauer) of The Guiding Light, a destruction from which the show (longest-running ever on Television history) had never recovered, and from which the show ultimately died. Y&R has been deeply wounded by its current executive leadership. Y&R's makeover by its current leadership is senseless, unnecessary and deleterious to its longevity. Under its current leadership style (which is the antithesis of the very essence of Y&R), I am afraid that this phenomenal creation of Mr. Bell's genius will suffer the same fate as did The Guiding Light. I know that I am wasting my time and breath by writing because no SONY or CBS executives will read this, but stranger things have happened. I hope that there are savvier and better well-connected viewers out there that are as unhappy as I with the mockery of Y&R that comes on our living room on daily basis, viewers with the know-how to help save our daily escapade: Y&R.


    Senseless Death!

    The Y&R's Honchos should read an interview that Mr. Bill Bell did with the Soap Opera Digest after the senseless death of a child character, namely that of Cassie Newman. While he praised Sharon's heart wrenching performance, he regretted having scripted such a horrific and senseless death of a child and promised his faithful viewers that he would never write a senseless death of a child again. Now came Jill Farren Phelps with her wrecking ball to demolish Y&R the same way she did the Guiding Light. Upon her arrival, Phyllis, Guinevere, Ronan, Kay, Delia, Ashley, Angelina, Carmine, Sophia, Harmony and Tucker's characters are all gone! And Adam is on the chopping board! On the other hand, why is the show so dark? What happened to the Lighting department? What happened to the wardrobe department? T-Shirt style is now Y&R's fashion statement! How about Abby and Summer? Are they congenital twins??? Although I quit watching the show, once in a while I tune in to see if CBS has finally decided to rescue its daytime crown jewel by yanking the show from Jill Farren Phelps. I have been watching the show for thirty-three years; now I am so sad to see that it has been turned into such farce! Although I don't want to, but I MUST STOP WATCHING IT AS IT NO LONGER BRINGS ME JOY! CBS and SONY, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the four Emmy Awards winner Kay Alden (as HW and Executive Producer) and the thirteen times Daytime Emmy awards nominee and six times winner Heather Hill as head Director!!!! My new rating for the show is ONE (1)!

    Remembering the Backbones of Y&R Reflection 1

    A house does not come into being without an abstract structure, viz. calculus, geometry, trigonometry, physic, chemistry, etc. Some of the backbones of the stellar performances that we used to watch on Y&R comprised some unseen elements that are often taken for granted and deserve to be remembered or highlighted. Today I am writing about the Y&R's golden days Head Director, Heather Hill. Ms. Hill brought into being the magical words and the scintillating characters that the Creator, Head Writer and Executive Producer, Mr. Bill Bell, scripted as what I consider as the backbones of the show backbones of a show (like GL or Y&R, must be ageless and untouchable; characters like those of Bert and Maureen Bauer as well Ross Marler who were ill-advisedly killed off on GL; no matter what happens in real life to those who portray backbone characters, they must survive the actors who portray them; killing off a backbone character (like JFP did with Maureen Bauer) is conducive to the demise of the show (like that of GL, the longest-running television drama : 1937-2009). Regarding Ms. Hill, she seemed to have been the go-to director for Mr. Bell. Her directed scenes usually give you the illusion that the performance of the actors and the background music as well the scripted words were so synchronized that it was impossible not to perceive the end result as a byproduct of one individual rather than many: writers, music composers, director, assistant directors, actors, camera operators and editors. Under Ms. Hill directorship, melody, words and action were welded into an incredible harmonious symphony. The most surprising of it all is that the actors seem to be acting to the sound of Jack Allocco's compositions which are timeless and ageless what happens to his music? Why those masterful compositions are no longer being used?. Ms. Hill's direction and movement are of the same pitch as that of the composition that is being used for any particular scene. The big cloture scenes - for usually Thursdays, Fridays or Mondays - where the souls of the characters are usually turned inside out usually use the same tireless background music, which you can listen to for forever and get the same pathtique the heart wrenching, the communion between the viewer and the character that the French Classical playwright Jean Racine sanctified as the quintessence of the genre drama. Longtime fans of Y&R, let us write what we remember of the golden years of Y&R!


    Classical Y&R Is Gone - Nowadays Y&R is a Charade of Its Former Self!

    The current regime of Y&R is turning the show into a spitting image of GH. This format has never worked on the Tiffany network. After having destroyed the GL staple, I thought the head honcho of the show had learned the golden rule of "If it aint broke, then don't fix it!". For those of us who have been watching Y&R since the early 80's, it is deplorable to tune in to see how our beloved show has been turned into an abominable circus just so that Jill F. Phelps' ego can be satisfied. Why such a staple is being wasted? Our beloved and dramatic writer, Bill Bell, must be turning in his grave. We remember how he made us watch the rustic Drucilla whom he turned into a precious ornament of the show; we remember how he brought us the duos of Nina and Rose, Nina and Cricket, Danny and Phyllis, Danny and Lauren, Nick and Sharon, all of whom he put through the fire with gut-wrenching performances, all of whom he purified and turned into perfect ornaments of the show; through the building process of these characters, we watched them grow, not into soap years, into wonderful and productive beings. How about Victoria and Nicky Newman's performances on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays? How about Ashley, Victor and Jack's renditions? How about Jill and John, especially when Jill fell off the ladder and lost the baby, the storyline which catapulted the show to the number 1 rank spot for the first time sending GH to the #2 spot ? Jill and Jack? Jill and Katherine? How about the romantic scenes at the rich and famous restaurant of Genoa City? How about Ms. Chancellor's soliloquy in her radiant living room, where her jewelry and silver accoutrement booming into the screen and took our breath away; Mr. Bell had a way of turning a glass of water, a bouquet of flowers, a porcelain cup, a piece of jewelry, a jug of water into actors, something the ancient Greeks, especially Aristophanes, invented. How about the touching tears of Nicky as well as those of Victoria Newman, something that the Classical French playwright, Jean Racine, was famous for. The classical Y&R is now gone. As for me, I have already stopped watching the nonsense that comes on to the screen every day. I had watched my lovely GL for 25 years until the current Y&R executive producer touched it and sent it down the tube. I just wonder how Melody, Eric, Jess and others feel about this masquerade of Y&R that they are being forced to play! For the Y&R that I'm used, I will be generous to give JFP's Y&R a rating of 3 out of 10.
  • Getting tired of this show

    I absolutely hate the new Billy. I would have much rather they kill him off or send him away than have to put up with this whiner that I cannot stand. There is no chemistry between him or anyone on the show. I wish they would work things out with Billy Miller and bring him back. And the Adam storyline, I'm anxious to see who they bring to replace him because I can't stand another flop replacement. Not a real big fan of the new Abbey either. And now I read that Elizabeth Hendrickson is leaving her role as Chloe, this show is letting all of their good talent go. And as much as I love to hate Victor even he has got on my nerves more than ever these days. I am so sick of his holier than though, I can do whatever I want to whomever I want to do it to attitude. I'm not a big Sharon fan as of late either but what he is doing to her with the Cassie look alike is just plain mean, can't wait till that one backfires on him. Unless this show makes a turnaround and quick I am done.

    THIS SHOW HAS GOTTEN SO BORING. I hate the Lilly and Cain, Tyler and Abbey can't act and have no chemistry. Bored with Nick and Sharon enough already, and Nick needs to find out Summer is his daughter. Killing Adam off and firing Michael is a huge mistake and the new Billy is awful. Get rid of him. He is ugly and whiney. I have been watching this show since the 70's. I really miss the good story lines. What are the writers thinking. I fast forward through most of the show now. No good storylines. Come on do something good.
  • stop the slurp!

    SO sick of Lily and Cain slurping and making all their disgusting noises!! And put ur clothes on Lily. U look ridiculous always half naked at work drooling and slurping like a pathetic dog. These 2 are so boring and nausiating. Gross gross gross. Bring back old Billy!! New Billy is horrible! Bring back Adam . He brings some spice to the show. And please let this Cassie look alike come forward and bust Victor. Sick of his meddling also.
  • Not Interested

    Since they got rid of Michael Muhney and Billy Miller. It has been boring. If they wake Phyllis up and start the flood gates of Sharon lying to Nick all this time. That would be something to watch.

    How much longer will CBS allow this woman to take a #1 show to nothing in less than 2 years.
  • Switching--can't handle this!!!

    The show will not be on long! firing Michael --big BIG mistake--new Billy--does not fit--Neil and whats her name on The Price is Right???? SILLY! now come on--rediculous!!! and Jill and her partner--stupid--get real! This is becoming the most boring, silly, stupid soap opera! that I used to enjoy---and the look alike that Victor has found of Sharon's dead daughter--now really! and if Adam comes back as a different person, having been burned and plastic surgery I presume---that will be the end!--for me for certain
  • Bored with Y&R

    Y&R has gotten sooo boring let Nick find out Summer is his daughter Jill Phelps is killing Y&R!!! new Billy can't act and we need Adam and Billy back!!!
  • To little to late

    I have watched this show from conception. I can see the their days are numbered. What a waste of great talent. Billy with his smile and his facial expressions and Adam with his cool personality. I have all ready dropped this show off my channel selector. When is the funeral
  • Tommy Tenderfoot

    The new Billy has got to go!!! He can not act a bit and my wife since Adam was forced out has stopped watching after 30 years

  • Y & R commits sucide!!

    What on earth would cause a program (with such a long time on TV) want to end the all the viewers leave. What a mess! I don't like any of the new characters and the program is getting so boring, that after 30 plus years, I turn the channel. With the leaving of Billy Miller and Adam (MM) it is dying a very slow death. What's with all the new have they been working? From the writing and their performance, I would say not much. I hate the show as it is now and the person who fired Adam and wouldn't give Billy Miller a few weeks off to work elsewhere, is a sicko. She isn't one fires or replaces two of the best actors on their show.

    As for years I adored him and never missed when he was on. Now he is being written as a horrible person, with no redeeming qualities and all he wants to do is hurt those who love him. He is not the same character he once he must read or recite the lines from the writers.

    You should watch the B & B program. I love it and it just keep getting better. As for Y & feel sick even when I hear the music. If you bring on a sorry actor as the new whiney Billy is, to replace Adam, do you think this will help. Let me NO NO NO. Also I don't believe that Adam touched the whiney know her name. I think this was made up to get rid of Adam. I don't want to see a new face, I want to see MM in all his great work. He was one of the finest actors on the show, along with Billy Miller. Wake up Y & R s going down the toilet.
  • Billy and Victoria

    Kill Billy and give Vicky a new partner that equals Billy Miller if possible. New one is hard to watch, ugly and a bad actor. No chemistry what-so-ever. Ditto on Adam, keep him dead cause no one is going do as good a job. Also, been trying to like new Abby since appearance but lets face just does not get it. Bad actress, no life, no sizzle between Tyler and her, they both can't act and need to go back to acting school or get a real job. Show continues to bore without Miller, MM, and the old Abby, and Phyllis is missed still, although I can see why she would want a change, hope prime time picks her up. Sharon and Nick, way old, casey thing, way dumb, etc. What happened to writers?????? Signing off after 25 years, can not watch it any longer. Very disappointed in casting calls and story lines.
  • Y&R has jumped shark!

    This show has really lost it. Of course, I feel like most fans, it sucks losing MM, BM, MS and now Lizzie's leaving too, all of the good ones are either forced out or choose to leave. I don't like any of it, but what is really bothering me, not to mention a whole bunch of my friends & family that watch too, is the horrible writing, directing & acting. What's with all these outside shots of houses and buildings? It's dumb and looks bad on screen. What's with the bad writing lately? And there are terrible camera angles! They have brought on new actors that either suck at acting (new Billy) or are just given dumb story lines. I used to want to watch this show daily. Now I save a weeks worth of it on my DVR and forward through most of it on the weekend. It's becoming more and more unimportant to me and I basically don't care if I miss it at all. It is only a matter of time before I take it off my DVR recording list.
  • Bring back Mike Muhney!

    Michael was the best actor on the show! I've been watching Y& R for over 20 years. He brought so much to the show and if the execs don't bring him back then I will stop watching.
  • Get rid of Kelly and the new Billy!!

    They are horrible!! The new Billy is so annoying he's whiny and wimpy his voice is irritating! Kelly is horrible as well and if she pushes that hair one more time I might scream!! I miss the good ole Y&R!
  • Take this sinking ship and point it home...

    I've watched this show since I was a young child. But Michael and Billy's last day was also mine. Do I feel sad about it? You bet. I work full time, so I used to watch every episode on the web at night. If I missed a few days or a week, I'd stay up late just to catch up. It was the highlight of my day for more than 30-some years. My escape, my diversion from life's everyday problems. No longer - and I'm damned torn up about it. It's almost like a family member died. But in support of Michael Muhney, I will never watch this show again unless he is brought back. Bon voyage, Y&R.
  • I can't stand the new Billy!!!!

    I can't stand the new Billy. He is over acting and whinning too much. Everytime there is a scene with him, I cringe and have to leave the room. You can see there is no chemistry between him and Victoria. Please please please bring back the old Billy.
  • Hate hate hate this new Billy

    He just gets worse each day. I am so tired of his pouty face and he always looks like he has a mouth full of cotton. Please bring back the old smiling Billy. I loved him.
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