The Young and the Restless

Weekdays 12:30 PM on CBS Premiered Mar 26, 1973 In Season





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  • Mrs. Annoyed

    I am sooooo sick of Ashley. Why is it that the writers having Jack to do all of the apologizing? Ashley was wrong to try to take his seat as he was trying to take care of their Mother and still trying to do his job. She should have been trying to help with their Mother also, Instead of trying to take over the company. She's been sneaky and dirty with it. But Jack is the one that has to apologize to her. She makes me sick. and I'm sick of Hillary and her bossy tail. Devon acts like he is afraid of her. He just lets her have her way. They need to let someone just tell her spoil butt off. make me a Character on there... I would love to tell Hillary, Phyllis & Ashley Oh I would tell Sharon to get a life! She is too dog gone NOSEY!!!
  • Writer's Block

    My all time favorite soap opera has lost it spark and appeal. First, Mariah needs the boot and Tessa should go from rags to riches. I have no interest in watching same sex relations on daytime television but rather primetime. Mariah and Tessa is NOT a sizzling storyline. When I can predict what will happen next, IT MUST BE WRITER'S BLOCK!! Come on you guys, where is the creativity!!!
  • Young and the restleas

    The story line on the young and the restless is so boring we need a better story line the way it ends no good we need previews on whats going to happen the whole storyis just no good anymore we need action
  • Sam has a patent ductus arteriosis PDA

    For the love of God who wrote this rediculous story line! PDA ligations are not only very common in the NICU but they also are not as serious (life and death) as they are being played out in this rediculous story line. First of all I have NEVER see a baby yet that has required a blood transfusion from one person, let alone more than one. When a baby does receive a transfusion (one unit)( donation) can give them at least 4 transfusions, because they receive such tiny amounts of blood. It is also extremely rare (have never seen) for a baby to die from a PDA ligation. Although there are complications in any treatment, this is not something that should be get your facts straight before airing something like this!
  • Michael & Graham

    I think if you'd pair up these two men it would be a plus! Good attracts bad! Let's give the viewers something to talk about!! Now that Days have Will & Sonny let's make Michael question his sexuality and be drawn to Graham!
  • Is Abby waiting to be tossed a fish?

    Will someone please toss big bass, bug-eyed, always scowling Abby some food, so she can shut that permanently gaping mouth.

    Sharon is the annoying aging lesbian, not Mariah - so from now on, this great young and beautiful actress Grimes will be forced to lock lips with young girls or old hags? I guess she'll soon be leaving for a better gig.

    I have enjoyed Dina, even if the Alz storyline was predicted from day one.


    No fan of Abby but they sure are making Abby act like an idiot and a fool. Not that she isn't already portrayed as one already. Who the heck has sex with whomever just because they are feeling out of it? Everyone is sleeping with anyone! What kind of show is this? There is no morals and fidelity whatsoever in anyone. You may as well have a porn show! 11/17

    Can Hilary just disappear from the show!! She's so annoying to watch and take Juliet with her - they make a nice pair!! 10/05

    Ugh!!! When can we stop watching stupid (I'm the victim) Juliet? She's so depressing!!! The way she is going after Cain is so pathetic to watch!! Bring in another mogul to bring Victor down!! So annoying!! 9/21

    The way the writers have Victor manipulating his grandchildren is just too disgusting to watch!! Really pathethic!! 8/28

    Not an admirer of Cain or Lily - but can Billy please SHUT UP!! He's so sanctimonious!! He's done many a stupid things and here he is acting all high and mighty!! Annoying!! Can he just vanish! Enough of stupid Hilary and get rid of Juliet. She's got that kind of face that is so pathetic - hard to watch. She seemed to be well aware of what was happening when she had sex with Cane. Now she's acting as if she's the victim? She looks guilty as hell. 6/29

    Adam did not murder Delia.. it was an accident! So Chloe gets off scott free killing him? What about Billy? He left his daughter alone in the car!! He's also partially to blame. Yeah, one cannot forget Delia's death, because the writer's went on and on and on and on etc about it. Glad that Kevin will be finally out of the picture - he is just as annoying as Chloe! 6/14

    Hilary is still pathetic!! Don't like Juliet. They both must go. Terrible to watch! Thank goodness we've seen the last of Chloe! I suppose now we are going to see a lot of Kevin being pathetic and all whiny!!! Please shut him up!! Can Billy be sent to another branch overseas so that we don't have to see him that much??!! 6/5/17

    Jack and Gloria??? Yuck!! Billy together with Victoria not doing anything for me!! It's making me cringe every time I watch. Billy is still annoying to watch 4/14/17

    I hope the writers aren't going to get Victoria and Billy together again. He's way annoying! 01/02/17

    Dillon is now starting to get quite annoying and is becoming quite pathetic like Sharon. He's been with Sharon too long, he's catching some of her stupidity. Why would anyone give shared custody to them? That kid is not even their son - he won't even remember much at that age. They are confusing him even more by hanging around. Since he is Nick's brother, why can't they just go visit instead of starting all that cr*p. Great job getting two psychos together - Chloe and Sharon!! Let someone find out about Chloe's evil doings!!! Chloe and Kevin - BORING!! 12/3

    I suppose Cuckoo Chloe is going to get away with it? More about Delia again!? Billy is annoying!Just like 9/02

    Why is Adam always getting the short end of the stick? Are we back to the Delia saga again? Why do we have to sit and watch that over and over again? I understand the grief when a child is lost, but they've been carrying on and on about this for quite a while? 7/18

    Ewww!! Billy and Phyllis - Has Billy no respect for his brother? There's a line you do not cross - what a sleazeball!! Like I stated before - the latest Billy seems a bit slimy like Joe. Not like the original Billy! Not one has come close to the original. Never mind Phyllis!! Where's the loyalty and faithfulness? Of course, Psycho Sharon is getting away with it again? Can Hilary just die now? So sick of watching her 5/13

    Ugghhhhh!! Can we get rid of 'Mad' Max?!! To have someone so young premeditating and committing such a terrible deed (even if I don't like Abby) is hard to watch. What are the writers thinking!! Don't like his wooden acting either!! 4/21

    Gave the new "Billy" a chance - a tad better than the previous one - but still not holding my breath on this one - he seems a bit slimy to me like Joe! Can we watch less of stupid Hilary? The sudden quick switch back to Devon is really pathetic! 3/5

    Abby now pregnant??!! Ughh!! What with her stupid laugh and her pathetic acting, we now have to watch her going gaga over the baby? Max is a brat - the writers now have him premeditating murder? Stitch let him walk all over them - their parenting skills suck. Hilary's acting sucks, we now have to watch Neil binge drinking again and acting like an ass?! 2/22

    People dying and or people getting sick. All this and the sadness over the start of the new year? How depressing!!! Sharon and her annoying psychiatrist is really pathetic. And as usual Billy in hospital bed, stilll carrying on about Delia and car accident. Time to get past that, the writers keep on bringing that up. 01/19

    Enough already - they keep on and on about Delia! Get on with the story - sick of hearing Billy blaming everyone but himself over and over! Enough already of Psycho Sharon - such a bad actress! How can a psychiatrist even have free control like that - unless she owns the clinic? 12/01

    Really stupid story line - how in the world can doctors or so called psychiatrist can really get away with stealing a baby and planting a dead baby in its place? Sage has been with her baby since birth and don't tell me that a mother does not recognize her own child's face!! How can anyone think that Sage wouldn't recognize her own child! Oh wait! - The writers do think that all babies look alike! Are they idiots? Now it's going to be all about Sharon again with her stupid fake baby!! 11/09

    Devon is an idiot since he got his inheritance. Who the hell spends money like that? Oh, wait - Devon does! Neil is a terrible actor. I presume Hilary fell down a cliff? Won't she have some sort of broken bones at least?? Some scratches or cuts? There's nothing like that!! 9/9

    Stitch and Abby??!!!! (SHUDDER!!!!) Abby is already sickening enough - to put Stitch with her is really stretching it and making the story line worse!! Is she a nymphomaniac or something and even an ape can act better than her!! The new Kyle is UGHHH!!! 04/30

    Wow!! Another stupid story line besides the last one when everyone survived the air crash!! A double of Jack!??? Really???!!! Don't tell me Phyllis who has seen and felt Jack's body, never mind his every little stupid actions and mannerisms, cannot tell that this is a fake!! Come on!!! How do you duplicate a voice?? Never mind the exact body shape - this is one big stupid story line!! 04/15

    Really!!???? I know it's a soap, but the whole lot of them surviving a crash???? Walking around like they just fell on their knees and not badly hurt from that kind of an impact? 02/19

    Seriously??!!!! The new guy as Adam?? Yeah, he had a face surgery - wow, somehow the writers have changed his vocal cords as well??? How did the writers think they can get away with such a stupid story!! 12/01

    Can't stand Ian when he first came on the scene and to this day I still find him way annoying. I can't stand Mariah either, these two just spoils the story line and make it not worth watching. I don't know why Dillon and others stand around and listen to the rubbish ramblings that comes out of Ian's mouth! Sharon's acting is not helping either! The new Billy does not go with Victoria or Chelsea. Less of stupid Ian, aggravating Mariah and the 'hard to stomach' Sharon!! ENOUGH is enough! 8/29

    New Billy - a tad better than the old, stress is on 'tad'. Definitely no zing!! When 'snitching' on Stitch - the Billy Miller wouldn't have stood there with a stupid smirk on his face!! Downright off putting!! With Billy Miller - he would have gotten away with murder and we would still be on his side. Chelsea and Billy - a big yuck! Why is Kevin getting away with a crime just because he has connections and Stitch gets to pay for his? Enough of Kevin already and kick him out of the police station. I also agree about Cain and Lily - boring couple! Has Lily opened her own 'Match a couple' club?? Get her a life!! Neil and his new wife - terrible to watch. How about bringing back Sophia and Ronan Malloy and Chance - they are better actors/actress!!! Less of Chelsea's father - pathetic actor. Hunter King also not a very good actress. ENOUGH already of Sharon and Nick - lost interest to watch them. 07/07

    It's time to get Phyllis back!! She was nasty but in an interesting but not irritating way. New Kelly is a little bit of an improvement over the old Kelly - but just as nauseating! New Billy is still way past nauseating!! 4/25

    EWWWWWW!!!! Sharon and Nick making eyes at each other is making me gag!!! Billy and Kelly - a definite NO!! 1/10/2014


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  • After 38 years a fan I'm done

    I will not watch a lesbian storyline. New producers and writers are fools. You are sinking a perfectly good show for a small percentage of the audience. Disgusting ! A shame because I enjoy some of the other storylines but this is nuts!
  • Ruining a good show

    I have also watched Y&R nearly from its inception. The story line between Mariah and Tessa has greatly disappointed me. The show used to be a fun escape from the now I am faced with giving up a long time tradition with a show I have enjoyed so much to stop watching for good. Is this the direction Hollywood really wants to take? If so, I think you are offending a lot of people and will lose a following of tried and true Y&R fans. That decision is up to you.
  • busternbb

    So very watching YnR since its birth in 1973-I am burying it as of today. Making Mariah and Tessa a couple is sickening. Enough homosexuality on tv. Stop shoving it down peoples throats. Victor the mustach is deplorable. He needs to go to prison. Lily n Cane should be together. Period. Juliet is a conceiving beotch. bye. RIP.

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    I don't feel that you should make friends into lovers, now its as if your saying that even women can't be just friends without being lovers, you don't have to have a same sex couple in the soaps in order to get a mixer of viewers, if you feel you do your wrong and if you just want one or two same sex couples in, bring in newer actors and actress, please leave Devon and Marian alone Thanks


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  • Shame on Homosexual Relationships!

    Two women (Mariah & Tesssa) kissing on 8/3/2017 like a man and a woman? YUK!!! Being a Christian, I know homosexuality is an abomination to almighty God. Even though I've been following the stories since the 1980's, I'll be forced to discontinue watching the show. I had your show on auto record every day, but that has now been removed. SAD, but there's always other programs to watch that won't get me in dire straits with my Lord.
  • Liberal agenda will not work for me!

    I have been watching this show for over 30 years and could not be more disappointed. I have had enough of TV pushing liberal agenda such as homosexuality all the time I have more than enough with other shows and can't believe this show would sell out, not to prove any kind of point, but for the sole purpose of gaining younger viewers.
  • Lesbian scene is not for me!

    I have been watching this show for 40 years, but I am done. I really have no interest in watching 2 women hook up. It's a shame that the show is going in this direction. I'm sick of the whole gay thing being pushed on the public and I'm boycotting shows that insist on doing it.
  • Y&R Mariah and Tessa kissing

    I have been watching Y&R since I was a little girl. I am 48 years old. My mother died when I was 10 years old. This is the only soap I've watched since. It is something I have keep as a ritual in memory of my Mom. My mother would watch your soaps every day. I have recorded through VHS and now DVR. I am appalled that it has come to this. I am a Christian woman and I do not like the story line this is taking. Yes, I know that the world is changing and people are more open about their sexual orientation;however, every show on television does not have to have this story line. Your show is the one show I never would have thought would go this far. Yes, you have written some crazy story lines but THIS will make me STOP watching!!!!!!

    This ritual I have had for the last 38 years since my Mother's death will stop if this goes any further! I am tired of this type of writing to keep me from watching great shows. Everything that goes on in the world does not have to be brought to my tv viewing. I see it in the street, I don't want it in my home. Please stop before you lose your loyal viewers that have kept you tuned in.
  • Downward spiral

    The kiss and hugging between the two women is definitely going to bring your ratings down even more than last year. Many Christian people watch your show and it is offensive and goes against our beliefs. Clean it up or else you will be replaced!
  • The Kiss

    The kiss with Mariah was absolutely wrong! I have been a viewer for 20 years and I may have to stop watching the show if this story line
  • Same sex

    I have been watching the young and the restless for many many years but I do not believe in and I will not have it shoved Down my throat
  • Young and Restless

    Wish y'all wouldn't have given into peer pressure. Sorry have to stop watching don't believe in same sex relationships. Been watching for probably 42 years. Loved it until today 8/4/2017.
  • The Young and the Whisperers

    Why does everyone in this show whisper! It used to just be Phyllis, now everyone whispers! What is that about?



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  • Kevin

    I am heartbroken that Kevin will no longer be on the program. He was a favorite character along with his brother Michael. The best ones seem to go. Cain is a yucky wimp, weak willed and not the pretty boy he is made out to be. I hope Kevin, Chloe and Bella will return. What will Esther do? Hasn't she suffered enough when Delia got killed. that was such a stupid move.
  • kill off the best people

    Has everyone forgotten about Delia? she did die by the hands or should i say car by Adam everyone says poor Chelse did her son not get Delia's eyes and her husband got off scott free for killing her. If my child died excuse me i mean murdered that would make me want to seek revenge. But everyone has forgotten about that. And until you loose a child there is no such thing as too much grieving!!! I hate they killed Chloe off her daughter died and she was just suppose to be okay with that knowing the person who was responsible was free as a bird.


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