The Young and the Restless

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    Jack and Gloria??? Yuck!! Phyllis doing it with Lauren's son?? From what I can gather Lauren looks around the same age as Phyllis - does that not make her son way, WAY younger than Phyllis? So that makes Phyllis a cradle snatcher? Or else Lauren is really old and don't show it or maybe she had her son way way young? Billy together with Victoria not doing anything for me!! It's making me cringe every time I watch (or should I say not really watching!). Billy is still annoying to watch 4/14/17

    Dillon should hook up with Alex for permanent, she matches him better than Quacky Sharon. With him on the bad side suits him better. 1/20/17

    I hope the writers aren't going to get Victoria and Billy together again. He's way annoying! 01/02/17

    Dillon is now starting to get quite annoying and is becoming quite pathetic like Sharon. He's been with Sharon too long, he's catching some of her stupidity. Why would anyone give shared custody to them? That kid is not even their son - he won't even remember much at that age. They are confusing him even more by hanging around. Since he is Nick's brother, why can't they just go visit instead of starting all that cr*p. Great job getting two psychos together - Chloe and Sharon!! Let someone find out about Chloe's evil doings!!! 12/3

    So happy Sharon is finally getting her come-uppance!!! Chloe and Kevin - BORING!! 11/01

    I suppose Cuckoo Chloe is going to get away with it? More about Delia again!? Billy is annoying!Just like 9/02

    Why is Adam always getting the short end of the stick? Are we back to the Delia saga again? Why do we have to sit and watch that over and over again? I understand the grief when a child is lost, but they've been carrying on and on about this for quite a while? How about therapy for the actors and the writers!!! 7/18

    Ewww!! Billy and Phyllis - Has Billy no respect for his brother? There's a line you do not cross - what a sleazeball!! Like I stated before - the latest Billy seems a bit slimy like Joe. Not like the original Billy! Not one has come close to the original. Never mind Phyllis!! Where's the loyalty and faithfulness? Of course, Psycho Sharon is getting away with it again? Can Hilary just die now? So sick of watching her 5/13

    Ugghhhhh!! Can we get rid of 'Mad' Max?!! To have someone so young premeditating and committing such a terrible deed (even if I don't like Abby) is hard to watch. What are the writers thinking!! Don't like his wooden acting either!! 4/21

    Gave the new "Billy" a chance - a tad better than the previous one - but still not holding my breath on this one - he seems a bit slimy to me like Joe! Can we watch less of stupid Hilary? The sudden quick switch back to Devon is really pathetic! 3/5

    Abby now pregnant??!! Ughh!! What with her stupid laugh and her pathetic acting, we now have to watch her going gaga over the baby? Max is a brat - the writers now have him premeditating murder? Stitch let him walk all over them - their parenting skills suck. Hilary's acting sucks, we now have to watch Neil binge drinking again and acting like an ass?! 2/22

    People dying and or people getting sick. All this and the sadness over the start of the new year? How depressing!!! Sharon and her annoying psychiatrist is really pathetic. And as usual Billy in hospital bed, stilll carrying on about Delia and car accident. Time to get past that, the writers keep on bringing that up. 01/19

    Enough already - they keep on and on about Delia! Get on with the story - sick of hearing Billy blaming everyone but himself over and over! Write a new theme - this one is getting way boring! Enough already of Psycho Sharon - such a bad actress! How can a psychiatrist even have free control like that - unless she owns the clinic? If the writer's keep on showing Sharon in this psycho role - have her locked up for good so we don't have to watch her anymore!! 12/01

    Really stupid story line - how in the world can doctors or so called psychiatrist can really get away with stealing a baby and planting a dead baby in its place? Sage has been with her baby since birth and don't tell me that a mother does not recognize her own child's face!! How can anyone think that Sage wouldn't recognize her own child! Oh wait! - The writers do think that all babies look alike! Are they idiots? At the start of the fire Adam was struggling up the stairs and after Ian bashed him on the head - oh my - he was all better!! Now it's going to be all about Sharon again with her stupid fake baby!! 11/09

    Devon is an idiot since he got his inheritance. Who the hell spends money like that? Oh, wait - Devon does! Neil is a terrible actor. Making him go psycho? Even more boring!! He's not even a nurse or have any medical knowledge - but he somehow knows how to make up an IV and know just what t give Hilary? I presume she fell down a cliff? Won't she have some sort of broken bones at least?? Some scratches or cuts? There's nothing like that!! 9/9

    Stitch and Abby??!!!! (SHUDDER!!!!) Abby is already sickening enough - to put Stitch with her is really stretching it and making the story line worse!! Is she a nymphomaniac or something and even an ape can act better than her!! The new Kyle is UGHHH!!! 04/30

    Wow!! Another stupid story line besides the last one when everyone survived the air crash!! A double of Jack!??? Really???!!! Don't tell me Phyllis who has seen and felt Jack's body, never mind his every little stupid actions and mannerisms, cannot tell that this is a fake!! Come on!!! How do you duplicate a voice?? Never mind the exact body shape - this is one big stupid story line!! 04/15

    Really!!???? I know it's a soap, but the whole lot of them surviving a crash???? Walking around like they just fell on their knees and not badly hurt from that kind of an impact? 02/19

    Seriously??!!!! The new guy as Adam?? Yeah, he had a face surgery - wow, somehow the writers have forgotten to transplant the black/brown hair, did Adam's hair regrow in a blondish brown color and did they change his vocal cords as well??? How did the writers think they can get away with such a stupid story!! 12/01

    Can't stand Ian when he first came on the scene and to this day I still find him way annoying. I can't stand Mariah either, these two just spoils the story line and make it not worth watching. I don't know why Dillon and others stand around and listen to the rubbish ramblings that comes out of Ian's mouth! Let's hope the writers are not going to draw out this stupid Ian/Mariah story!! Sharon's acting is not helping either! The new Billy does not go with Victoria or Chelsea. In actual fact, he doesn't go - period! Less of stupid Ian, aggravating Mariah and the 'hard to stomach' Sharon!! ENOUGH is enough! 8/29

    New Billy - a bit better than the old new Billy - the stress is on 'bit'. Definitely no zing!! The latest Billy is portraying the 'Billy' we all like incorrectly!! When 'snitching' on Stitch - the Billy Miller wouldn't have stood there with a stupid smirk on his face!! Downright off putting!! With Billy Miller - he would have gotten away with murder and we would still be on his side. Chelsea and Billy - a big yuck! Why is Kevin getting away with a crime just because he has connections and Stitch gets to pay for his? Enough of Kevin already and kick him out of the police station and get the hospital to file a suit against him! I also agree about Cain and Lily - boring couple! Has Lily opened her own 'Match a couple' club?? Get her a life!! Neil and his new wife - terrible to watch. Get Devon his old girlfriend back - not the terrible beanpole model actress, the first girlfriend!! How about bringing back Sophia and Ronan Malloy and Chance - they are better actors/actress!!! Less of Chelsea's father - pathetic actor. Hunter King also not a very good actress. ENOUGH already of Sharon and Nick - lost interest to watch them. Bring Phyllis and her son back already! 07/07

    It's time to get Phyllis back!! She was nasty but in an interesting but not irritating way. The new Kelly is a little bit of an improvement over the old Kelly - but just as nauseating! The new Billy is still way past nauseating!! Sharon and Nick .... not worth watching ... ughh!! A lot of fastforwarding whenever they are together!!! Now the secret is out about the Cassie 'clone' (hope we are not going to see anymore of her!) How about blowing Sharon out of the water with her so called 'secret' and get it over and done with. Had enough of her already!! 4/25

    EWWWWWW!!!! Sharon and Nick making eyes at each other is making me gag!!! Billy and Kelly - a definite NO!! Enough of Victor the dictator!! How about nice things happening to Adam and Jack for once??? Every episode is gloom and doom - not so enjoyable to watch anymore! 1/10/2014

    ENOUGH of Sharon. I really cannot stand her acting! How could the writers even make her dead daughter to be so devious and ugly in mind for that age? When I saw that I couldn't even believe what I was watching. Get Chelsea and Adam back together, I think they go very well together.

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  • I feel like watching this soap opera was a big mistake

    This show is a real piece of crap, especially because it is a daytime soap opera. Cheap, weak, uninspiring and slow is what I call it. I honestly don't know how I got into that show in the first place, at all. Maybe I was looking for inspiration when I first saw it. But the only thing I know is: Y&R is a hell ride in every way, and I made a very smart decision of deleting it from my DVR, stop recording it and unsubscribe channels that features videos of this show before it starts rearing its ugly head again.
  • Dr. Todd is a sweet and kind man. He knows his craft very well.


    Dr. Todd is a sweet and kind man. He knows his craft very well.

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