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  • Ep. #6810
    Ep. #6810
    Episode 224
    Kay enters Victor's office. She is very upset with what is happening between Victor and Nikki. Kay suggests that Victor is no saint and the two of them should call it even. Victor fantasizes about dancing with Nikki to their favorite song. While hiding from Diane in her apartment, Nikki finds the container with Victor's sperm in it. She eventually reveals herself to Diane, who is trying to set up a catered dinner for Victor when he comes over. Nikki and Diane get into an argument. Nikki leaves with her large bag in tow. Outside the door, she begins to smile. Victoria isn't happy with the current photos promoting Brash & Sassy. Malcolm and Gary set up a camera in the office to catch Victoria at work. They think it will make a great campaign. Nick tells Sharon that although they had planned to sell the coffeehouse, he isn't going to. Nick is so angry with Victor that he just won't give in to his bullying. After a conversation with Billy, Jack murmurs to himself that Billy has a bad crush on Mac.moreless
  • Ep. #6809
    Ep. #6809
    Episode 223
    Victoria asks Nikki if Victor knows about her affair with Brad. Both women assume that this is why Victor is talking with Diane about living arrangements. Nikki wonders just how far Victor would go to punish her. She finds out from the lab that Victor's sperm was delivered to the Newman Towers penthouse. Diane tells Michael that Victor wants to meet with her. Michael concludes that she wants to be with Victor and not him. He asks Diane how much money she is willing to pay for his silence regarding Victor's sperm. Victor meets with Nick about his ownership of the coffeehouse. When he finds out that Nick hasn't sold it yet, he tells him he will have to reassess his decision to give Nick a seat on the Newman board. Billy is pleased when John and Jill decide to let him go to Aspen with Brittany and her family over winter break. He goes to the coffeehouse and is surprised to find out that Raul is going to have a birthday party for Mac. Billy asks Mac why he wasn't invited. She informs him that she planned the party around his absence. Malcolm and Callie discuss their wedding. Malcolm tells her that he will support her 100% when she receives the talent showcase offers. When Malcolm is in the shower, she makes a quick call to the musicians union requesting a list of agent showcases.moreless
  • Ep. #6808
    Ep. #6808
    Episode 222
    Diane can't believe that Victor wants to discuss his living arrangements her. When Victoria overhears this, she thinks Victor has lost his mind. Ramona calls Victor to let him know she is thinking of him. He is glad to hear from her. Nikki has feelings for Brad, but tries to explain to him that she can't rush into a relationship. She feels that she is still trying to find herself as a woman. Brad lets Nikki know that he was going to leave town, but now he's not so sure. Raul is excited about throwing a sweet sixteen party for Mac. Brock tells the kids that it's okay to have it at the coffeehouse. Raul asks if Mac will invite Billy to the party. She tells him that Billy will be in Aspen with Brittany. John tells Billy that he won't be going to Aspen unless John can talk to Brittany's parents first. Amanda thinks that Brady's call was phony. She thinks that the person who called must have something to do with Mac. It's time she found out what her daughter is doing. Victoria invites Gary to dinner and asks him to keep it a secret.moreless
  • Ep. #6807
    Ep. #6807
    Episode 221
    Assuming that Nikki and Victor are back together, Brad is surprised to hear that Nikki still has feelings for him. However, she is confused and doesn't know where her life is headed. Brad begs her to dump Victor and be with him. Victor needs to find a place to stay and calls Diane. He is about to discuss his living arrangements when Victoria walks in. Brittany wants Billy to go to Aspen during winter break. Her parents will only be there for two days and they can have the rest of the time to themselves. Billy promises he will ask John soon. Raul finds out that Mac has just had her sixteenth birthday. He lets Kay and Brock know and they decide to plan a great party during winter break. Jill is in St. Louis with Brady, the private detective. Jill is determined to find out if Mac is really Brock's daughter. Brady is able to get Amanda Browning's phone number and calls her. Neil is visiting Olivia at her office when Dr. Walker comes in with her test results. Neil is surprised. He thought she was out of the woods.moreless
  • Ep. #6806
    Ep. #6806
    Episode 220
    Victor lashes out at Ashley for defending Brad. Ashley explains that Nikki was receptive to Brad because of the deterioration of her marriage to Victor. He vows to make Brad's life a living hell. Gina tells Jack that Brad is getting married. Jack guesses that Brad's relationship is with Nikki. Brad doesn't want to discuss it and leaves. Sharon tells Tricia that she is sick of her phony, compassionate act with Megan. The police are investigating the incident and the truth will come out. Tricia begs Sharon not to tell Megan about the "kiss" on New Year's Eve. Later, Nick tells Sharon she has to forget about Tricia's part in Tony's death or it will drive her crazy. Michael is intrigued when he finds out that Warton wants legal representation to fight off Nicholas Newman. When Michael gloats to Chris about Warton, she demands that he leave her office. Paul and Victoria are discussing her stalker when Victor enters. He wants to know what's going on.moreless
  • Ep. #6805
    Ep. #6805
    Episode 219
    Brad enters Ashley's lab. She tells him that Victor is back in town. He already knows. Ashley is worried about what Victor might do when he finds out that Brad was with Nikki. Brad isn't worried. Victor calls wanting to see Ashley. She begs Brad to leave, but he insists on staying. Chris is talking with Warton when Paul arrives. She realizes that Paul is working for Nick and it would be a conflict of interest for her to give Warton advice. She directs him to other qualified lawyers at legal aid, but he declines. Diane is worried that she might have alienated Michael and doesn't want him as an enemy. She goes to his office to apologize for anything bad she might have said to him. Michael cuts to the chase knowing full well that she is afraid of him spilling the information about Victor's sperm. Warton walks into Michael's office for legal help. Megan wants Tricia to tell her exactly what happened the night Tony died. Tricia tells her the truth and Megan forgives her, but Sharon isn't so forgiving. She lets Tricia know that Tony told her everything that happened on New Year's Eve, including the kiss. She wants to know what really happened the night Tony was hit.moreless
  • Ep. #6804
    Ep. #6804
    Episode 218
    Brad warns Diane that she won't be able to handle Victor and Nikki if they find out that she has Victor's sperm sample. Diane isn't scared. She tells Brad that this is no time to give up on Nikki. Out at the ranch, Victor accuses Nikki of having an affair with Brad. She defends her actions by telling him that Brad offered her a future filled with love and romance - something she no longer has with Victor. He asks why she would humiliate herself like this and leaves. Nick and Ross are at the coffeehouse ready to get into a fight with Warton when Gary calls Nick telling him to come to Victoria's office. She is extremely upset about the flowers she received. Warton is angry that Nick keeps hassling him and wants some legal advice. He ends up in Chris' legal aid office. Megan, Tricia and Ryan are at the funeral home preparing for Tony's burial. Nina mentions to Ryan that she is surprised how well Tricia is doing considering she was the one driving the car that hit Tony. Megan passes by and hears what Nina has said.moreless
  • Ep. #6803
    Ep. #6803
    Episode 217
    Nikki hangs up on Brad when Victor walks into the house. She refuses to respond when he asks if it was Brad that she was talking to. Nikki reminds him that he left town and she will no longer sit around and wait for him. He asks her again about Brad. Diane meets up with Brad at Gina's. He feels that everything he has worked so hard for is going up in smoke. Diane reminds him about the letter he gave to Nikki regarding the sperm sample. Brad is certain the sample has been destroyed. Diane isn't so sure. Victoria is happy when Gary shows up at the photo session. She appreciates how supportive he has been. Ross and Andrew aren't happy when Victoria asks them to leave. Back at the office, Victoria's bodyguard brings her a bouquet of flowers. She reads the card and immediately drops it. Warton walks into the coffeehouse looking for Nick. He warns Nick to back off. Olivia is filling out Tony's death certificate when Neil arrives to take her to the funeral.moreless
  • Ep. #6802
    Ep. #6802
    Episode 216
    Sharon has a long talk with Nikki. She asks Nikki to think things over before leaving Victor. After all, he came back with a willingness to solve their problems. Nikki decides to stay and try and work things out. Victor tries to discuss his situation with Ashley, but she doesn't think she is the right person to confide in. Victor wants to know what happened with Nikki while he was away. Ryan comes to his office to discuss Brad's resignation. Victor asks if it came out of the blue. Ryan doesn't know. He only knows that Brad was away on an extended trip. Victor begins to fume when he puts two and two together and realizes that Brad and Nikki were together. Victoria isn't thrilled when she finds out that Andrew has replaced Gary as a consultant on the Brash & Sassy project. She wants Ross to get hold of Gary on his cell phone. John mentions to Kay that Billy has been drinking. Kay offers to take him to an AA meeting. John thinks it's only fair to discuss it with Jill first. Mac tells Brittany that she doesn't know about Billy's past and couldn't care less if Brittany has sex with him. Raul lets Billy know that he isn't the same person anymore. Billy seems to be tripping over his own ego. Sam decides that Trey is better off without Callie and decides not to show him the notice in the paper containing Callie's statement of the dissolution of her marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #6801
    Ep. #6801
    Episode 215
    Tricia tells Ryan that she is feeling better now. She finally got a good night's sleep. Her top priority is to help Megan get through this horrible ordeal. Tricia doesn't want to tell Megan that she is responsible for Tony's death until the shock has worn off. Megan asks Tricia to go to Tony's apartment with her to get his clothes for the burial. She is devastated that they never made love to one another. Sharon confides in Nick that there is nothing Tricia wouldn't have done to prevent the marriage of Megan and Tony. Nick asks her to stay out of it and let the police investigate. John isn't happy with Billy's attitude, but Ashley contends it's just teenage angst. Kay tells John that she and Brock are having similar problems with Mac. Kay wonders if it's just a coincidence. Brittany asks Mac to help her out with Billy. She wants to take their relationship to another level. Malcolm decides that his marriage to Callie will take place July 21. Callie calls Michael Baldwin to see if that's at all possible. Michael thinks everything will be fine. Sam reads the legal notice in the paper that Callie has filed for the dissolution of her marriage to Trey.moreless
  • Ep. #6800
    Ep. #6800
    Episode 214
    Tony and Megan get married in the ICU. Ryan, Tricia and the others gather around. When the small ceremony is over, Tony wants to talk to Tricia alone. He asks her if she ran over him on purpose. She admits she wanted to stop the wedding, but claims she never saw him in her rear view mirror. He then asks for Megan. They express their love for one another and then Tony's heart stops beating. Megan is sobbing as Tricia watches from the door. Brad tells Gina that Nikki will be joining him for dinner. He also mentions that he wants her catering skills for his upcoming wedding. She promises to keep it a secret. After talking to Victoria, Nikki decides against meeting Brad at the restaurant. When Brad finds out, he tells her that he is coming to get her. She threatens to call the guard if he shows up. Paul and Chris are discussing her job when Victor calls. Chris thinks he sounds upset and leaves to find out what's bothering him. Victor tells her that he and Nikki are having problems, but he doesn't want to discuss it. Jill is determined to uncover the truth about Mac, and makes an airline reservation to St. Louis.moreless
  • Ep. #6799
    Ep. #6799
    Episode 213
    Victor doesn't want Nikki to give up on their marriage, but she has had it with his interrogations. He suggests he stay elsewhere tonight so she has time to think. He reminds her that they have been through a lot together. Kay tells Brad that he is a fool if he thinks Nikki loves him. There is only one man for Nikki and that's Victor. Brad should back away or he will cause great pain for everyone. Tony is in a very weakened condition, but he wants to speak with Sharon. Eventually, Megan is called in and Sharon returns to the hospital with Reverend Jace. Tony tells Megan they are going to be married. Chris admits to Paul that she is having trouble adjusting to work. She wonders if it is so terrible to want to reassess what she wants to do with her life. Jill asks Paul to investigate Mac and where she really came from. Paul is reluctant, knowing that it might hurt Kay and Brock. Brock lets Jill know that although he is happy to have Jill's company, he won't let her come between Mac and him.moreless
  • Ep. #6798
    Ep. #6798
    Episode 212
    Victor wonders why Nikki seems more surprised than pleased to see him. He wants to talk if she isn't in a hurry to leave. He tries to explain why he went to New Mexico, but Nikki is tired of listening to him and thinks this is a waste of time. Brad gives his letter of resignation to Victoria. He wants a clear playing field to fight Victor for Nikki. Ashley tells him that she hopes he is doing the right thing. Ryan calls 911 when he sees how bad Tony's condition is. Tricia is crying uncontrollably. Megan is waiting for Tony at the Justice of the Peace. She finally calls his cell phone. The nurse answers and hands the phone to Ryan who tells her to get to the hospital right away. Malcolm tells Nate that he and Callie are engaged to be married. Nate wants to know if he is going to have more kids.moreless
  • Ep. #6797
    Ep. #6797
    Episode 211
    Brad wants to know if Kay changed Nikki's mind about spending her future with him. He wants her to walk out the door with him now. She tells him she still has some packing to do and will meet him at Gina's. On the plane ride home from New Mexico, Victor recalls beautiful memories of Nikki and him. He sincerely hopes they can work out their problems. When he walks in the door, he notices Nikki's bags and asks where she is going. Ramona admits to Helena that she was intimate with Victor. She's not sure she'll ever be able to get him out of her heart. Victoria asks if the others are in favor of going back to the old campaign. Gary suggests that the photos be a little less provocative. Victoria thinks that is a good suggestion. She wants to speak with Gary in private. Warton tells Leo that he wants to change his life around, but is worried that the Newman's and all their money will put him back in jail. Megan leaves a message on Tricia's phone machine that she and Tony are getting married. Tricia can't believe what she is hearing and heads over to Megan's to try and stop her. Tony is also heading back to Megan's to get the ring he left there. When Tricia realizes that Megan isn't there, she throws the car into reverse and ends up hitting Tony, who is on his motorcycle!moreless
  • Ep. #6796
    Ep. #6796
    Episode 210
    Victor feels as if he took advantage of Ramona, but she assures him that she has no regrets. As he leaves to go home to straighten things out with Nikki, Ramona tells him she will never forget him. Kay questions Nikki's relationship with Brad. Nikki defends herself, telling Kay that Victor left long before she did. Brad arrives at the ranch to take Nikki home with him. Victoria calls a meeting with her staff and Ross and Gary from the ad agency. Brash & Sassy sales are falling behind Jabot and she suggests that they go back to the old ad campaign. She feels safe now that she has a bodyguard. Leo questions Warton about "the fan" letters. Warton says that the Newman's deserve what's happening to them. Ryan finally talks Tricia into seeing a therapist. He wants to go with her, but ends up attending the meeting that Victoria called. Nina takes Megan a wedding dress. Megan feels bad about not telling Tricia. Tony leaves to ask Sharon to stand up for him. Nina suggests he take her car because it's so cold outside, but he insists on riding his bike. He leaves the ring behind.moreless
  • Ep. #6795
    Ep. #6795
    Episode 209
    Once back at the ranch, Nikki gets cold feet and feels she should spend at least one night there. Brad asks if their romance was just a fling for her. She insists it wasn't. He leaves, telling her that tomorrow night she will be with him. After dinner, Ramona suggests to Victor that they each have to get up early tomorrow, so they should get to bed. Victor notices that she is drinking a different kind of tea and asks her for some to help him sleep. Ramona retires to her room. Victor has a dream that Nikki leaves him. Ramona hears him talking in his sleep and comes out to see what's wrong. They begin to kiss. Cassie asks Sharon and Nick if she is still going to be the flower girl in Victor and Nikki's wedding. It's a question they can't answer. Nick doesn't want to worry about his parents' marriage; he only wants to concentrate on his own. John has dinner with Jill at Gina's. He tries to convince her to leave Mac alone and worry about her relationship with her son. Billy, Brittany, J.T. and Rianna go back to the Abbott house to get liquor. When John arrives home, he tells Billy there will be no drinking under his roof. Billy is frustrated, feeling like he is always being treated like a child. Brock tells Kay how happy he is that she found him. Jack and Ashley discuss their respective love lives.moreless
  • Ep. #6794
    Ep. #6794
    Episode 208
    Ramona offers to make Victor a farewell dinner. She tells Victor that she hopes he won't forget her. He admits he has feelings for her, but he shares something special with his wife and doesn't want to do anything to cause their breakup. She asks him if he is sure Nikki is playing fair with him. On the plane ride home from Venice, Brad wants to discuss with Nikki what will happen once they arrive in Genoa City. Nikki wants to stop by the ranch. Brad assumes it's to pick up some things before moving in with him. Jack explains to Ashley what happened on his trip to New Mexico. He wonders aloud why so many women have a thing for Victor. Tricia admits to Nina that she might be losing it. Nina begs her to get help. Megan accepts Tony's marriage proposal. They decide to tie the knot tomorrow. Megan wants to invite Tricia, but Tony doesn't think it's a good idea. At the coffeehouse, Billy asks J.T. for some liquor so he can spike his drink. Raul enters and wonders what's going on. Billy sarcastically tells Raul that Mac and he are two of a kind. It must be love. Brock asks Mac about her true feelings toward Billy since she is overreacting to a comment that he made. Paul asks Chris about her business in New Mexico with Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #6793
    Ep. #6793
    Episode 207
    Jack assumes that Victor and Ramona are lovers. Ramona is insulted and wants him to leave. He hopes to see her again under different circumstances. Chris looks over Victor's land deal and wonders if he is doing this just for Ramona. He admits he owes her a great deal. Victor goes to see Ramona. He tells her that he has secured her land and he believes she can now get on with her career in New Mexico. Ramona thinks this is Victor's way of saying good-bye. Tomas leaves so Nina can talk to Ryan alone. Ryan tells Nina everything that has been going on with Tricia. Nina is more certain than ever that Tricia needs a therapist. Tricia is desperate to get Megan away from Tony. She tells Megan that the two of them should go to London to visit their father. Both Megan and Tony think it's very short notice. When Tricia finally gives up and leaves, Tony surprises Megan with an engagement ring. Mac gives Billy hell for treating Raul like an outsider. When Jill arrives to have dinner with Billy, he is no longer hungry and leaves. Jill blames Mac. Callie continues to dance her way around Malcolm's proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #6792
    Ep. #6792
    Episode 206
    Chris meets Victor in Albuquerque to help him with some papers. She questions why he couldn't have done this in Genoa City and then realizes it has something to do with Ramona. Jack tries to explain to Ramona that Victor is a dangerous person and wonders just how involved she is with him. Ramona doesn't want to believe anything bad about Victor. Tony tells Sharon about Tricia kissing him at the Colonnade Room. He doesn't know how to handle the situation. Tony makes a decision to ask Megan to marry him. Ryan lets Tricia know that the doctor's office told him that she is the one who has been canceling the appointments. He wants her to see a therapist, but she refuses. A frustrated Ryan goes to Nina's place to discuss his situation. He bursts in on Tomas and Nina talking. Jill calls Billy at the coffeehouse to invite Billy to dinner. Billy sees this as an opportunity to see Mac. However, when he arrives at the Chancellor estate, Mac gives him a bad time for treating Raul poorly. Malcolm wants to discuss wedding plans with Callie, but she is reluctant to do so.moreless
  • Ep. #6791
    Ep. #6791
    Episode 205
    Paul goes to the warehouse to confront Larry Warton. Warton lets Victoria's name slip. Paul warns him that if he has been the one writing the fan letters, he will be going back to jail. When Paul leaves, Warton goes to his locker and pulls out a magazine with Victoria's picture in it. Sharon convinces Nick to tell Victoria that he thinks he knows who "the fan" is. Victor calls Chris and asks her to help him with a legal document. When this deal is finished, he will be able to deal with Nikki and Ramona. Jack shows up at Ramona's home. She wants to know what he is doing there. Malcolm tells Olivia that he and Callie plan to get married soon. It's an easy conversation and they are happy they can talk freely. Michael Baldwin suggests to Callie a way in which she can get a faster divorce from Trey. Callie is worried that Trey will complicate matters. Nina runs into Tomas at the coffeehouse. They decide to go back to her place and talk.moreless
  • Ep. #6790
    Ep. #6790
    Episode 204
    Nikki tells Brad that she wants to go home. He promises to get them on a plane tomorrow. Victoria is stunned when Sharon tells her that Nikki called earlier. Sharon didn't get any details from Nikki and this frustrates Victoria. Victor calls the ranch and asks Victoria how he can reach Nikki. Victoria is tired of the games her parents are playing and hangs up. Olivia is surprised to learn from Ashley that Cole wasn't on the cruise with her and, in fact, they are getting a divorce. Olivia then tells her that Neil saved her life and she is very grateful to him. Later, the doctor informs Olivia that her test results reveal she has taken a step back in certain areas. Olivia is worried. Paul tells Nick that he wants to talk to Warton's parole officer alone, but Nick jumps in and puts the guy on the defensive. Paul is angry and tells Nick he is ready to take himself off the case. Callie is able to dodge a lunch invitation from Malcolm so she can keep an appointment with Michael Baldwin.moreless
  • Ep. #6789
    Ep. #6789
    Episode 203
    Nikki has no regrets about going to Venice with Brad. The two are having a wonderful time. Nikki feels she should call Nick and Victoria. Brad asks her not to let them lay a guilt trip on her. Nikki gets hold of Sharon, who informs her that Victor returned the night she left on her trip. Nick goes to see Paul. He is sure that Warton is the person sending the letters to Victoria. He wants Paul to put him back in jail. Paul can't do that, but vows to protect Victoria. Raul apologizes to Billy for being so uptight last week. He explains that he was upset about Mac. Billy asks Raul if he and Mac want to do something, but Mac declines. Raul asks Mac if they can stay friends with Billy and Brittany. Mac thinks Billy doesn't really want to mix with the wrong class of people. Jill tells Ashley that Jabot is gaining on Brash & Sassy. Jill is upset when Ashley's only response is that she is worried about Victor being away so long.moreless
  • Ep. #6788
    Ep. #6788
    Episode 202
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #6787
    Ep. #6787
    Episode 201
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #6786
    Ep. #6786
    Episode 200
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  • Ep. #6785
    Ep. #6785
    Episode 199
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  • Ep. #6784
    Ep. #6784
    Episode 198
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  • Ep. #6783
    Ep. #6783
    Episode 197
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  • Ep. #6782
    Ep. #6782
    Episode 196
    Victor returns home, but not before Brad asks Nikki to go to away on holiday with him. Malcolm gets terribly concerned with Oliva's condition and how she is handling it.
  • Ep. #6781
    Ep. #6781
    Episode 194
    Billy seems to break Mac's heart when he tells her that he isn't interested in her in any way. Paul gets excited when he thinks of the prospect that Christine may be with child.
  • Ep. #6780
    Ep. #6780
    Episode 193
    Jack is smitten with Ramona, but is quickly shot down once Jill steps in and tells Jack that she has ties to Victor. Tricia starts to have a breakdown.
  • Ep. #6779
    Ep. #6779
    Episode 192
    Tony tells Tricia that Grace gave up her cover, and he knows that Tricia was in on the plan to get him and Megan to break up. Brad and Diane have a conversation about Nikki and Brad sleeping together.
  • Ep. #6778
    Ep. #6778
    Episode 191
    Michael invites Diane to go on a cruise with him, and she is excited. Jack also gave Ashley a ticket for the same cruise. When Ramona shows up at Newman Enterprises, Victoria has a fit. She then tells Ryan to tell her father that she will no longer defend him to Nikki.moreless
  • Ep. #6777
    Ep. #6777
    Episode 190
    Tricia asks her father to come to town because she cannot get Megan and Tony to break up. Olivia admits to Neil that she is scared about her state of being, and that something really serious could be going on.
  • Ep. #6845
    Ep. #6845
    Episode 59
    Victor is stunned when he hears from the lab regarding his sperm sample. He never authorized it to be kept in storage in the first place. However, he decides he shouldn't destroy the sample considering what his future may hold. Diane feels that it is time for her to use the sperm before Nikki gets to it. Nikki calls Jack out to the ranch. She wants to tell him the story of Victor's sperm sample. Jack gives her the name of a man to call who can help with sensitive issues such as this. Chris feels there are a lot of issues to discuss before she can partner up with Michael. He promises her that he will be on his best behavior and they can work out any problems that might come up. Michael signs the contract and then hands it to her. Brittany decides she must confess to Billy before Raul tells him that she didn't call 911. She explains that everything was happening so fast that she panicked. She hopes he can forgive her. Victoria and Paul discuss the profile of the stalker with a forensic psychologist. She wants to know if Ross or Warton fit the description. Warton takes verbal jabs at Ross at the police station. He is amused that Ross is finally getting a taste of how the other half lives.moreless
  • Ep. #6844
    Ep. #6844
    Episode 58
    Diane silently watches as Victor works out in his gym. She thinks it's nice that they can live under the same roof. Victor takes a call from the reproductive lab technician. He wants to know what to do with Victor's sperm. Victor is confused, not knowing why the sperm sample has remained in storage all this time. Nikki tells Kay about the job that she is hoping to get at Jabot. Kay senses that Nikki wants to work there, knowing it will get on Victor's nerves. Billy and Mac agree that they can't hurt Raul. They decide to forget about this "thing" between them. Chris and Paul continue to argue over Michael's job offer. Chris feels Paul has a lack of confidence in her instincts. Paul feels that Chris has her mind made up. Chris heads to Michael's office with a definite answer for him. As Dru heads out the door of Malcolm's apartment, she realizes she can't leave Lily. Malcolm can see how much Lily means to her. Dr. Walker informs Olivia that he wants her to prepare for a bone marrow transplant. Since Dru is in town, he wants to see if Dru is a match.moreless
  • Ep. #6843
    Ep. #6843
    Episode 57
    Victor enters the Jabot boardroom and tells Ashley that she is absolutely glowing. He asks about Billy. When Victor finds out that Billy is doing fine, he comments that when everything is well with one's family, the rest is unimportant. Jack wants to know what Christian has planned to help Ashley raise her baby. He books a flight to Paris. Brock confides in Katherine that he thinks Mac and Billy have feelings for each other. Billy catches up with Mac in the school hallway. He tells her that after finding out that Raul saved his life, it complicates things between them. Billy and Mac agree that the last thing they want to do is hurt Raul. Chris finally gets Paul to discuss Michael's job offer. She tries to explain how much it would mean to her to have her own law firm. Paul feels that Chris will ruin her reputation if she works with Michael. Malcolm agrees to watch Lily while Dru heads back to Europe for an important shoot. This doesn't sit well with Neil. He tells Olivia that things are just like the old days with Dru... here one day and gone the next. Lily is very upset when she finds out her mother is leaving.moreless
  • Ep. #6842
    Ep. #6842
    Episode 56
    Ashley reveals to Jack and John that she is pregnant. Christian is the father, but she plans on raising the baby herself. Jack is furious. He calls Christian in Paris, but he isn't in his office. Mary is waiting for Chris at legal aid when Michael shows up. He informs her that he has offered Chris a partnership in a law firm. Mary wants him to stop causing problems for Chris and Paul. Chris decides it's time to tell Paul about Michael's job offer. Paul wants her to forget whatever deal Michael has on the table. He knows she will come to the realization that working with Baldwin is sheer lunacy. When Tricia arrives home, Ryan wonders what's bothering her. She tells him it's Megan. When he goes to call Megan, Tricia stops him by telling him that she wants to make love to him. Tricia begins to hear the sound of the motorcycle crash in her head. Megan talks to Nina. She just can't believe the wild accusations that Sharon made. Nina tries to calm Megan. She tells her that she needs to get Tricia professional help before it's too late. Dru has an important job in Milan, but can't go because Lily isn't able to fly yet. Malcolm offers to take care of her. Olivia wonders if Neil's feelings for Dru are about to resurface.moreless
  • Ep. #6841
    Ep. #6841
    Episode 55
    Victor tells Neil that he wants all of Jabot's outstanding debts in his possession. Jack will owe everything to Newman Enterprises. Jack finds Nikki at Gina's. He informs her that things haven't worked out regarding her job and reveals that Brad is part of the problem. Ashley wants to hire Brad back. John is having a conversation with Ashley when she begins to feel nauseous and excuses herself. Jack arrives as Ashley is returning with her pills. Jack tries to pick up the bottle, but Ashley snatches it away. Chris confides in Nina that she is seriously thinking about taking the job with Michael Baldwin. She knows that Paul won't be happy, but she feels that Michael has changed. Victoria enters Ryan's apartment. Ryan grabs her and kisses her. He is surprised to find out it's not Tricia. Victoria assumes that Ryan and Tricia are back on track. Megan can't believe that Sharon would say such cruel lies about her sister. She doesn't believe Tricia would have conspired with Grace to end her relationship with Tony. As Tricia leaves, she hears motorcycle noises from the street. She wonders if it wasn't an accident after all.moreless
  • Ep. #6840
    Ep. #6840
    Episode 54
    Diane tells Victor that Doug Davies is a realtor who is helping her find a place to live. Victor accepts Diane's explanation. Diane is happy that Victor is being attentive. Now, more than ever, she wants to find the sperm sample. Victor arrives at Newman Enterprises and immediately fires the ad agency that delegated Ross to the Brash & Sassy account. Victoria feels it's unfair to Gary and asks Victor to keep Gary on as creative director. Brad and Nikki run into each other at Gina's. Brad professes his love for her, but tells Nikki that he's not looking for a one-night stand. They confide in each other that they have exciting things happening in their lives. In the boardroom, Ashley rejects the idea of Nikki working for Jabot and Jack says the same about Brad. Tricia follows a distraught Megan home from the coffeehouse. Megan finally tells her sister that Sharon said some terrible things about Tricia and went to the police with her suspicions. Silently, Tricia recalls the night of the accident. Billy asks Mac to admit her feelings for him and then kisses her. When Mac arrives home, she refuses to take his phone call. A delivery man arrives at the reproductive lab. He puts a vial labeled Victor Newman on the shelf - next to one labeled Jack Abbott!moreless
  • Ep. #6839
    Ep. #6839
    Episode 53
    Jill walks in as Ashley and Brad are having a conversation about Jabot. When Brad leaves, Ashley asks Jill what she thinks about Brad working there. Jill can't believe her ears, knowing that Jack is planning to ask Ashley about Nikki working at Jabot. After work, Mac visits Billy. He wants to know if she is feeling the same thing he is feeling. Victor arrives back at the apartment, telling Diane that he spent the night at the ranch. She assumes he is back with Nikki. He explains the problem with Victoria and that he stayed there to protect her. When Diane goes to fix dinner, Doug Davies, the private investigator Diane hired to find Victor's sperm, calls with information regarding her search. Megan overhears Sharon talking to Nick about Tricia's involvement in Tony's death. Megan wants to know why Sharon is carrying this resentment for Tricia. Sharon tells her that Tony confided in her about Tricia's hatred of him. Megan thinks Sharon is cruel and heartless and never wants to see her again. Tricia asks to see Detective Edmond. She wants to know what she could have done to prevent Tony's death. He tells her that it was an accident and that she should put it behind her.moreless
  • Ep. #6838
    Ep. #6838
    Episode 52
    Nikki and Jack discuss her position at Jabot. Jack suggests that she take a consulting position in advertising, clothing, make-up and hairstyles. Nikki is thrilled. Brad tells Ashley that Victor caught him in a contract clause and he can't work for a competitor. Ashley thinks he can be a freelance consultant to Jabot with no permanent ties to the company. John and Jill pick up Billy from the hospital. He thanks them for being understanding. Brittany visits Billy at home. She tells him how much she cares for him. Raul and Mac head over to see Billy. On the way, Raul reveals to Mac that he loves her. At the Abbott home, Billy and Mac are left alone. Billy tells her that they need to have a serious talk. Sharon wants to discuss Tony's accident. Nick wants her to let go of it, but Sharon is convinced that Tricia heard Tony's motorcycle and ran over him on purpose. The detective calls Megan to inform her that her husband's death has officially been ruled an accident. Tricia tells her doctor that she is still having sexual problems with Ryan. The doctor suggests she see a therapist.moreless
  • Ep. #6837
    Ep. #6837
    Episode 51
    Nikki tells Victoria that she wants to be kept up to date with any information that has to do with the stalker. She also makes it clear that she doesn't want to discuss Victor at any time. Nikki then calls Jack and wants to know if his offer stills stands regarding a job at Jabot. Jill thinks that Jack is crazy to bring Nikki into the business. Ashley's doctor confirms that she is pregnant. She doesn't want to spread the good news until she finds out for sure that she can carry the baby to term. Brad offers Victor a deal that would allow him (Brad) to get a job at any company he wants. Victor rejects the offer and vows to see him in court. Brad reminds Victor that Nikki could be dragged into this, but Victor doesn't care. Sharon goes to Megan's home to discuss Tony. During the conversation, Sharon wonders about the noise outside. Megan explains that the kids drive their go-carts up and down the driveway. Sharon determines that Tricia had to have heard Tony's motorcycle as she backed out of the driveway. Ryan wants to spend time alone with Tricia, but she claims to have an appointment. She also puts the blame squarely on him for Megan's decision to move back home.moreless
  • Ep. #6836
    Ep. #6836
    Episode 50
    Nikki arrives home to find Victor in a discussion with Victoria and Nick. Victor explains to Nikki that Victoria's life is in jeopardy. He takes charge of the situation and decides to pull all of his daughter's Brash & Sassy ads. Nikki wants to know if Victor intends to stay at the ranch until the situation is resolved. He informs her that he only stayed last night because Victoria was distraught. At Chris's request, Michael asks Warton to drop any charges he might bring up against the Newman family, but Warton has other plans. Megan believes that Tony's death is eating away at Tricia. By keeping Megan at the apartment, Tricia is able to ease the guilt she has from the accident. Tricia needs to let it go. Sharon can't believe that the investigation into Tony's death is closed. She speaks to the detective who was in charge of the case. Lily comes down with the chicken pox. This puts Olivia in danger with her fragile health. Dru still doesn't know what's wrong with her sister, but feels that she and Lily should spend the rest of their stay with Malcolm. Nina and Tomas wake up in bed after spending the night together.moreless
  • Ep. #6835
    Ep. #6835
    Episode 49
    Nikki doesn't think that having an affair with Jack would help her cause. Jack offers to give Nikki a job at Jabot. That would infuriate Victor more than anything. Nikki loves the idea. Paul is worried that if Ross isn't the fan, then the real stalker is still out there. Victoria realizes that she made a mistake by offering Warton $500 to stay away from her. Hopefully, only a few people know that she did it and it won't be used against her in court. Victor comforts her as she begins to cry. Victoria doesn't realize that Michael Baldwin knows she offered Warton the money. Ross is brought into the police station. Michael warns Warton to stay away from him, but the temptation is too much and Warton takes a swing at him. Tricia tries to get Megan to stay, but she insists that it's time she leaves. When Megan goes to pack, Ryan begins kissing Tricia. Nina tells Tomas that she is sorry she got mad at him. Tomas explains that he once had a friend in emotional trouble just like Tricia and the friend wouldn't let him help. The friend died. Tomas thinks that Nina needs to reach out to Tricia. When Dru asks Malcolm if he wants her to get back with Neil so he can have an easier time getting back with Olivia, Malcolm denies it.moreless
  • Ep. #6834
    Ep. #6834
    Episode 48
    Paul and Chris are frantically looking for Ross' number when Victoria and Ross walk in. She wants to know what they are doing in her office. Paul tells her about the videotape and wants Ross to confess. Ross explains that he only planted the letter because he was sure that Warton was the fan and he wanted him in jail. Chris explains that Ross has committed a felony and he is hauled off to jail. Jack and Nikki discuss her love life. He wonders what life would have been like for them if their baby had lived. When Jack reveals that Ramona is in town, Nikki gets upset. Jack offers to help Nikki make Victor jealous. Tricia overhears Ryan talking to Megan about taking Tricia away for the weekend. She enters the room insisting that Megan isn't ready to be alone. Later, Megan tells Tricia that she is moving back home, leaving her sister without an excuse to avoid Ryan. Nina and Tomas discuss Ryan and Tricia. Nina feels that he is dwelling on it too much and leaves. Olivia is dealing with a patient when she begins to cough. Dr. Walker tells her that she needs to stay home until she is well. Dru is upset that Olivia seems to be hiding something. She wants to get to the bottom of it before she and Lily go back to Paris. Malcolm tries to get Dru to rethink her modeling life in Europe.moreless
  • Ep. #6833
    Ep. #6833
    Episode 47
    When Billy wakes up, he has no idea where he is or what happened. Mac goes to get Jack and Ashley. Jill and John rush back to the hospital to see their son. Billy asks for Mac, but she has gone to tell Raul the good news. Jack comments to Ashley that there is obviously a connection between Mac and Billy that they're not willing to admit. Ross takes Victoria to Gina's. He plans to pick up dinner and take it back to his place. Paul and Chris are worried that Ross is the "fan" and that Victoria is now in his grasp. They try to call her cell phone, but it isn't working. They head to Victoria's office to get information about where Ross lives. Tricia is angry with Megan for insisting that she and Ryan get away for the weekend. Ryan walks in on their conversation. Tricia leaves to get coffee. Ryan lets Megan know that he wants to take Tricia away for a few days.moreless
  • Ep. #6832
    Ep. #6832
    Episode 46
    Olivia tells Billy's family that it's possible he has some brain damage and that the sooner he comes out of the coma the better his prognosis. Mac is worried about Jill and calls over to the hospital. John agrees to come over and stay with Jill. Mac heads to the hospital to visit Billy. As she is challenging him to be the tough guy she knows him to be, he begins to squeeze her hand. His eyes flicker open. Ramona decides she must talk with Victor one last time. She tells him she was devastated when she didn't hear from him. It has taken her a long time, but she finally realizes they are from different worlds and that it's time to say good-bye. She kisses his cheek and leaves. Diane is worried that Ramona is in the picture. She hires a private detective to find Victor's sperm. She's determined not to end up empty-handed this time around with Victor. Victoria and Ross go to the photo shoot. Ross plays the hero and begins to take charge, which doesn't make Gary happy. Victoria finds it cute that Gary is a little jealous. Paul and Lynne find the tape that shows Ross putting the letter in Warton's pocket. Chris continues to think about Michael's proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #6831
    Ep. #6831
    Episode 45
    Ashley is furious with Brittany for telling Jill that Billy had been drinking. Both she and Jack fear that it might push Jill over the edge, knowing that alcohol could cost her both of her sons their lives. Jill falls asleep on the living room sofa. She sees images of Billy and Phillip swirling in her head. She hears the doctor telling her that they did all they could. Jill begins to cry out as Mac walks in the door. Paul still isn't sure that Warton is the man they're looking for. When he realizes that the warehouse has a video camera going at all times, he asks to search through past tapes. Victor meets Ross for the first time and thanks him for watching over Victoria. Victor gets a call from his secretary that Ramona is in town. At the apartment, Diane explains her history with Victor. Ramona goes back to Gina's and tells Jack that she can't believe her instincts about Victor were so wrong. Michael asks Chris to consider his offer to partner with him in their own law firm. He has to give Gene Desmond an answer soon.moreless
  • Ep. #6830
    Ep. #6830
    Episode 44
    Billy's family continues to stay at his bedside. Ashley tells John that he should get some rest, but he feels that as a parent he must stay with his son. Dr. Walker believes that Billy will survive, but the amount of alcohol he consumed might cause him brain damage. Raul feels responsible for Billy's condition, but Mac feels that Billy should have watched out for himself. Ramona and Helena are in Genoa City. Ramona calls the ranch only to find out that Victor has moved out. She finds the address of Victor's apartment and goes to see him. She is stunned when Diane opens the door and tells her that she lives with Victor. Victoria gives her bodyguard the day off and accepts a dinner invitation from Ross. Paul interrupts the conversation, telling Victoria that he doesn't think her problems are over - even with Warton in jail. Gene Desmond asks Michael if he should be looking for another lawyer to work at his firm. Michael wants to run his own firm with Gene as his prime client, but Gene says no to the idea. Gene warns him that he wants to complete the deal soon.moreless
  • Ep. #6829
    Ep. #6829
    Episode 43
    Brad lets Nikki know that he didn't come back to the ranch for a one-night stand. She can contact him when she wants to make a commitment. Ashley calls Christian in Paris, letting him know that she is pregnant. Christian fears that Jack will assume he is the father and come after him. Ashley asks him to play along. She doesn't want the real father of her baby to know the truth. Victor finds out from Gina that Nikki was at the restaurant with Brad. He heads back to his apartment where Diane offers him a nightcap and a massage. When Diane goes to put on something more comfortable, Victor leaves the room. He tries to call Ashley from his bedroom, but she and Jack have already left for the hospital to be with Billy. Olivia informs John and Jill that Billy has a heartbeat, but he is not out of the woods. Both parents are shocked to find out that Billy had an alcohol level over the legal limit. Neil is tired of Dru's questions regarding Olivia. He would like to have a normal conversation with her since she just got back into town. Dru is tired and goes to bed. When Olivia returns home, Neil tells her that Dru wants to know what's wrong with her.moreless
  • Ep. #6828
    Ep. #6828
    Episode 42
    Nikki admits that there might be some truth to the fact that she wants to be with Brad because Victor didn't show up at the party. Brad doesn't want a one-night stand with her; he wants to marry her. Nikki isn't ready for a commitment, but wants him to come home with her. Victor joins Ashley for dinner at her home. They discuss Nikki and wonder if he can ever really be free of her. Victor leaves and goes to Gina's. He asks Gina if she has seen Nikki this evening. When John and Jill arrive at J.T.'s party, they find Raul giving CPR to Billy. The paramedics arrive and take Billy to the hospital, where they try to revive him. A nurse tells Olivia that Billy is in full cardiac arrest. Jill is in hysterics. Raul notifies Mac that Billy is in trouble. Dru finds Neil at the apartment reading to the kids. He hopes that Dru wasn't too hard on her sister. Dru wonders why Olivia is such a "delicate flower" all of a sudden and thinks that something is going on.moreless
  • Ep. #6827
    Ep. #6827
    Episode 41
    Mac is upset when Raul leaves the birthday party to warn Billy that his father is looking for him. Raul enters J.T.'s house and wants to know where Billy is. J.T. informs Raul and Brittany that Billy went outside when he felt sick. Raul is shocked to find him face down in the snow without a pulse. John and Jill call over to J.T.'s and ask to speak with their son. Brittany can only say that he is dead. At Victoria's suggestion, Victor goes over to the coffeehouse to look for Nikki, but she has already left the party only to find Brad sitting at Gina's. Jack tells Ashley that with his cancer scare, he decided to make a sperm deposit. He eventually wants children and feels that he would make a good father. Ashley is optimistic about her future also. When Jack leaves the room, Ashley removes a home pregnancy test. Dru tries to convince Olivia that Malcolm isn't the bad guy and that she should let go of her anger.moreless
  • Ep. #6826
    Ep. #6826
    Episode 40
    Brad runs into Victoria at Gina's. Again, she accuses him of breaking up her family. Brad insists he is only trying to make her mother happy. Victoria heads to the office and urges Victor to try and salvage his relationship with Nikki. This could be his last chance. Mac isn't happy that Jill and Billy are at her party. Brock confesses that he invited them. When the grownups leave the coffeehouse, Billy and Brittany head off to J.T.'s party. Brittany wants Billy to take her into the bedroom, but Billy refuses. Instead he gets himself another drink. The alcohol soon makes him sick and J.T. pushes him out the door where Billy passes out in the cold. John is furious when Jill arrives home, having left Billy at the party without supervision. Neil stops by the photo studio and is happily surprised to see Lily. Olivia returns home and is shocked to find Drucilla sitting there.moreless
  • Ep. #6825
    Ep. #6825
    Episode 39
    Nick storms out of the office as Victor is yelling at him about the danger he put Victoria in. Sharon feels that Nick should move out from his father's shadow and suggests that they move to Milwaukee to open up a new coffeehouse. Paul has doubts about the final letter that Warton wrote to Victoria. He asks the D.A. to see it again. Victor pays Paul a visit. If anything happens to Victoria, Victor will hold Paul responsible. Ross suggests that they take more provocative pictures of Victoria for the ad. Gary thinks it's a bad idea. After setting up the decorations at the coffeehouse for the party, Mac returns home to change. Brock presents her with a new outfit. She overhears him telling Kay that the outfit reminds him of Mac's mother. John allows Billy out of the house to attend Mac's party. The one condition is that Jill will be at the party also. Billy isn't happy about this because now he can't sneak away to J.T.'s bash. Malcolm is devastated when Olivia refuses to talk about his visitation rights with Nate. He is caught off guard when Drucilla enters the photo studio.moreless
  • Ep. #6824
    Ep. #6824
    Episode 38
    Nick and Victoria fill Victor in about Warton and assure him that he is now in jail. Victor is upset that Victoria's life was in jeopardy and he knew nothing about it. Warton tries to convince Paul that he is being set up. Paul wonders why Warton would have chanced writing another letter when Victoria was ready to pay him off. John is frustrated with Billy's attitude and grounds him for one week. Jill isn't happy that John failed to discuss this punishment with her. She tells Billy that maybe she can talk John into letting Billy go to Mac's birthday party. Billy isn't interested. After all, it was Mac and Raul who got him into trouble in the first place. Jill explains that Mac didn't tell on him; she happened to overhear the conversation. Kay and Esther gather everything for the party. Raul and Mac leave for the coffeehouse. Nina tells Chris that her road trip was a success and that she and Tomas are making some progress. Chris reveals to Nina that Michael has come to her with a job proposal. Olivia wants Michael to go ahead and terminate Malcolm's visitation rights. Dru calls from Milan to talk to Olivia. She finds out from Nate about what happened at the photo studio. Dru decides to pack her bags and take Lily back to the States.moreless
  • Ep. #6823
    Ep. #6823
    Episode 37
    Ashley joins Victor at the Lodge for dinner. He tells Ashley that he cares about her and hopes to spend more time with her in the future. John asks Jack why an oncologist was calling him. Jack explains that during his physical they thought that they detected testicular cancer, but the doctor told him that his tests were negative. Jack wants to talk about Ashley. John suggests that Jack focus on his own life. Ross demands that they read the letter that has fallen from Warton's jacket. Warton claims that the Newman's are framing him. He is arrested and taken to jail. Nick is glad the whole thing is over and congratulates Ross on his help in capturing "the fan." Ryan confides in Nina that he and Tricia are back on track emotionally - and sexually. Nina finds it hard to believe that the woman who killed Tony is doing just fine. Tricia tells Megan that she doesn't know how long she can carry on this charade with Ryan. Michael continues to point out to Chris the advantages of working at Desmond's firm. Chris responds negatively to the offer. Michael insists that they will talk again.moreless
  • Ep. #6822
    Ep. #6822
    Episode 36
    Ashley thanks Christian for pretending to be the guy on the cruise. She explains that the man she met on the cruise was married, but separated. He planned to put his marriage back together. Christian is glad he could help out. Ashley returns to Jabot, telling Jack that she and Christian have decided to just be good friends. Victoria is furious with Ross when she finds out that he picked a fight with Warton. Along with Paul and Ross, Victoria goes to the warehouse to explain to Warton what happened. He doesn't believe she had nothing to do with Ross' plan. Victoria lashes out at Ross. He points out that a letter is sticking out of Warton's jacket. It conveniently falls out. Michael goes to Legal Aid to see Chris. He asks if she is happy at her job. He wants to discuss a new opportunity with her. Tricia and Ryan make love for the first time since the miscarriage. Ryan wants to spend private time with his wife and suggests that they go on a ski trip together. Tricia confides in Megan that she can't go - because she doesn't want to spend that much time alone with Ryan.moreless
  • Ep. #6821
    Ep. #6821
    Episode 35
    Sharon admits to Nikki that she was the one who told Connie to send the roses. Nikki yells at Sharon to stop interfering in her life. She then apologizes, thinking that Brad has been right all along about her relationship with Victor. Nick and Victoria discuss Victor. Nick doesn't care if the whole situation between his father and him blows up. He doesn't need Victor any more than Victor needs him. Ross follows Warton to the warehouse and picks a fight with him. Warton ends up punching Ross, which is exactly what he wanted. Ross then assures Victoria that Warton will be in jail by the end of the day. Ashley thanks Christian for helping her out with her plan. She feels that Jack is entirely too involved in her private life and that this is the only way to stop him. Callie tries to explain to Malcolm that she has always loved him. She hopes that when she leaves town, Olivia will allow Malcolm to be with Nate. She takes off her engagement ring, puts it on the table and leaves. Malcolm throws it across the room. Olivia tells Michael that she wants him to go ahead with the petition to terminate Malcolm's visitation rights. Paul isn't happy that Michael has been calling Chris. She doesn't question his motives, but Paul can't believe she would buy into his act. Michael is dining at the Lodge with Gene Desmond. Desmond offers him a high powered job at his legal firm. Michael wants to pick his own staff.moreless
  • Ep. #6820
    Ep. #6820
    Episode 34
    Victoria tells Victor that if he keeps pushing his family away, they might not be there when he needs them. She wants him to know that she loves and misses him. Diane confides in Brad that she is sure Nikki took the sperm sample. When Brad finds out that Victor has bought back the penthouse, he decides to leave. Victor arrives home. When Diane offers him dinner, he assures her that he is not interested in her dinner and doesn't need a shoulder to lean on. He goes to his room. Ross is hurt that Victoria hasn't come to him for help with "the fan" situation. She tells him that she doesn't think the fan will be a problem any longer. When Victoria leaves her office, Ross starts to rummage through her desk. Nick and Sharon discuss starting a string of coffeehouses. Sharon promises to support Nick in anything he decides. Ashley spots Jack at the Lodge and wonders what he is doing there. Jack introduces himself to Christian. He notes that the name sounds familiar. As Jack leaves, he goes to the front desk. He notices that Ashley has reserved a room. Malcolm is extremely angry with Callie and realizes that he is about to lose his son because of her.moreless
  • Ep. #6819
    Ep. #6819
    Episode 33
    Diane drops by Victor's office to sign over the penthouse. She runs into Nikki, who is there to thank Victor for the flowers. Each woman wants to know what the other is doing there. When Victor walks in, Nikki storms out. Diane asks him if he will be back at the apartment for dinner. Nick confides in Sharon that the coffeehouse is no longer a challenge for him. However, he is intrigued when he overhears some college students wishing that there were a place like Crimson Lights where they're going to school. Malcolm tells Neil that Callie is still married to Trey. He can't believe that Callie would put him in such a dangerous situation. He loved her and was ready to marry her. Callie is trying to get a hold of Malcolm when Olivia storms in. She is furious and promises to have Malcolm stripped of his rights to be with Nate. Malcolm hears her threats. When Ashley doesn't attend a focus group for Jabot, Jill makes it her mission to let the others know she doesn't think it's right. Ashley meets up with Christian at the Lodge. They share a slow, romantic dance as Jack observes from a distance.moreless
  • Ep. #6818
    Ep. #6818
    Episode 32
    Victor admits to Ashley that he has moved back to the penthouse. Ashley senses there is something behind Diane's generosity. She thinks Diane will use this time to get closer to him. Unbeknownst to Victor, Sharon has given his secretary permission to send roses to Nikki, as she always does on Valentine's Day. When Nikki receives the roses, she thinks Victor is ready to bury the past and look forward to the future with her. Victoria tries to make a financial deal with Warton, promising him $500 a week for as long as "the fan" letters stop. Warton likes the deal, but doesn't want to confess to writing the letters. Malcolm comes to the conclusion that Callie is still married to Trey. She admits that she is, but is trying to get a divorce. Malcolm is angry that Callie put his life at risk by not telling him the truth. He leaves. Neil asks Olivia to reconsider her request to have Malcolm's visitation rights revoked. She must take the time to hear Malcolm out. Tomas asks Nina to be his Valentine. She asks him to shave off his beard. He does. They kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #6817
    Ep. #6817
    Episode 31
    Nick is upset when he hears that Victoria wants to handle the stalker her own way. Nick, Chris and Paul head for her office. They arrive only to find out that she left. Victoria, with Gary at her side, confronts Warton, asking what kind of deal he is willing to make to stay away from her. When Brittany finds out that Billy can't go to Aspen, she thinks that John is being unreasonable. She wants to go to John and ask again, but Billy tells her to find a replacement. Later, Mac wants to talk to Billy about what happened at the coffeehouse. Billy accuses her of telling his mother about his Aspen vacation. Mac swears she didn't say a word to Jill, but Billy wants her to stay out of his life. Olivia calls Michael. She wants Malcolm's visitation rights revoked. Olivia doesn't want her son put in any more dangerous situations. Malcolm gets Trey's phone number and calls him. Callie has to admit that at a time when she was desperate, she married Trey. Ashley makes plans to meet Christian at the Lodge. Jack listens outside the door.moreless
  • Ep. #6816
    Ep. #6816
    Episode 30
    Jill tells John that she overheard Mac and Raul talking about Billy's trip to Aspen. It seems that Brittany's parents are leaving the kids unsupervised for most of the week. They tell Billy that he can't go. He is furious and claims they should have more trust in him. Mac confides in Sharon that she has feelings for Billy, but is afraid to pursue them. Raul is the nicest guy in the world and he won't force her into anything she isn't ready for. Victoria decides she must confront Michael Baldwin. She goes to his office and asks what Warton wants to be paid to stay away from her. Victoria then calls Gary and asks for his help on something. Nate tells Malcolm that he wants to go home. When Olivia finds out what happened she informs Malcolm that Nate can not go over there again. Malcolm defends Callie. Olivia feels that none of this would have happened - and that she and Malcolm would still be together - if Callie never came to town. When Malcolm returns home, Callie has their bags packed hoping they could leave town. Malcolm knows there is something she isn't telling him. Paul and Chris meet up with Nina and Tomas at the coffeehouse. Nina prepares for her drive, hoping to clear her head of writer's block.moreless
  • Ep. #6815
    Ep. #6815
    Episode 29
    Diane panics when she finds the sperm is missing. Diane has three suspects - Michael, Brad and Nikki. Diane can only hope it's not Nikki. Victor shows up at the ranch. He tells Nikki that the movers will be picking up his things in the morning. She questions his sanity for moving back in with Diane. Mac explains to Raul that she and Billy have settled their differences, but thinks it's better if they don't hang around with Billy and Brittany. Raul asks if something else is going on. Brock tells Jill that he thinks Mac and Billy have feelings for each other. Jill is sure that isn't the case. Billy confides in Jack that he feels something for Mac. Malcolm enters the studio and sees Sam choking Callie. He throws Sam out. Malcolm wants to call the police, but Callie wants to wait. He wonders if this is Trey's way of getting Callie to work for him again. Olivia explains to Neil that she has 'a plastic' anemia and assures him that it is treatable. Ashley asks Christian if he can come to Genoa City for a visit.moreless
  • Ep. #6814
    Ep. #6814
    Episode 28
    Diane wants to cooperate with Victor. She'll sell him back the apartment, but she needs three months to find a place of her own. Victor agrees to this. Diane knows that this is her one chance to get Victor back. When Victor leaves, Diane checks on her freezer. She is shocked to find that the unit is unplugged. Brad barges into Victor's office. He wants to know what it will take to amend his former contract stating that if Brad leaves his job, he cannot work for a competitor of Newman Enterprises. Victor tells Brad that he has nothing he wants. Victor swears to himself that he will make Brad pay for what he has done. Victoria is angry when she hears that Paul had to call off the surveillance on Warton. She decides she'll have to take matters into her own hands. Neil is happy when Malcolm tells him that he will stay away from Olivia. Malcolm makes it clear that he only doing it for Olivia's health. Dr. Walker tells Olivia that she has 'a plastic' anemia. She must keep a positive attitude if she's going to beat this illness. Callie sends Nate to another room when Sam starts threatening her. Sam tells her that he will be doing Trey a favor by getting rid of her. He begins to grab her neck.moreless
  • Ep. #6813
    Ep. #6813
    Episode 27
    Jack isn't surprised to learn that Nikki was involved with Brad. However, he is surprised to find out that Victor might move back in with Diane. Nikki asks Jack if he knows anything about Ramona. When Diane finds out that Victor wants to buy back his apartment, any hope for Victor's affection is dashed. Diane has a solution that could work for both of them. Victoria compliments Gary for having the great idea of a spontaneous shoot. She asks him to celebrate over dinner. Ross overhears the conversation from the corridor. Paul wants to know if Gladys can identify the man who asked her to buy the flowers. There is a photo of Warton in the group, but Gladys doesn't recognize him. Chris informs Paul about Michael's appearance in her office. Paul acknowledges that he has a tail on Warton and will call him off. Megan thanks Tricia for letting her stay with them during this horrible time in her life. Ryan brings home dinner, but Megan just wants to go to bed. Malcolm asks Olivia's doctor if he is the cause of her illness. The doctor tells him that tension in Olivia's life doesn't help. Sam finds Callie at the photo studio. He tells her that he is there to make her disappear.moreless
  • Ep. #6812
    Ep. #6812
    Episode 26
    Victor wants to know why Brad resigned. He informs Brad that he will forfeit a considerable amount of termination pay. Brad doesn't want anything from him. Victor thinks he has another agenda. Brad tells Victor he should stick closer to home. Later that day, Brad receives a copy of his employment contract. He turns to the flagged page. Brad curses Victor. Diane is waiting for Victor to arrive when she notices that the door to the spare room is unlocked. She determines that she just forgot to lock it. When Victor arrives, he refuses Diane's invitation for a drink. He only wants to talk about the living arrangements. The doctor assures Tricia and Ryan that it's okay for them to try and conceive. She notices that Tricia is uncomfortable with this and tells her that it's perfectly normal to have reservations about getting pregnant after a miscarriage. Tricia claims she is looking forward to being intimate with her husband again. Callie can see how worried Malcolm is about Olivia and wonders if there is a bond there that can't be broken. Gina advises her to let go of the past. She and Malcolm will be married soon. Trey is upset with Sam for not telling him about Callie's divorce notice in the paper. Sam vows not to let Trey see Callie again. She isn't good for his career. Michael Baldwin calls Chris to let her know that Warton is being tailed. He is sure that the Newman's are responsible. Paul finds Gladys, the lady who bought the flowers that were delivered to Victoria.moreless
  • Ep. #6811
    Ep. #6811
    Episode 25
    Victoria covers when Victor asks her about the Brash & Sassy ad campaign. She is afraid her father will take over her division if he finds out about the stalker. Later, she tells Gary that his idea of a spontaneous photo shoot was brilliant. He is becoming quite an asset to the company. Brad thinks he can be helpful to Jack and wants to become his business partner. Jack doesn't trust him, but thinks he can use Brad to get at Victor. Victor confides in Neil that he is acquiring companies that hold Jabot's debt. This way he can drop the ax on Jack Abbott whenever he wants to. Victor is at his desk when Brad walks in. He heard that Victor has been looking for him. Tricia tells Ryan that Tony's death shocked her out of a terrible mental place. Ryan only hopes that he has his wife back now. He has missed Tricia. Chris counsels Sharon not to jump to conclusions about Tricia's involvement in Tony's death. She should let the police do their job. Olivia informs Malcolm that she probably has a form of anemia. He wants her to know he is concerned about her. Neil enters and asks Malcolm to leave. He feels Malcolm is a big reason that Olivia is sick in the first place. Tomas tells Nina that she needs to spend time by herself to help her writer's block. He suggests she take a long drive to clear her head. In her excitement over his idea, Nina spills her wine all over him.moreless