The Young and the Restless - Season 28

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  • Ep. #7093
    Ep. #7093
    Episode 248
    Sharon shares with Nikki her concern for Cassie and Noah. Sharon is trying to stay positive but the nightmare is getting worse. She concludes that someone is intentionally doing this to Nick and that they have been plotting this right under their noses for months now. Phyllis apologizes to Michael that she let the cat slip out of the bag to Mary about him going to see Chris in Hong Kong. Michael doesn’t know if he can forgive her, and hangs up. Phyllis is also upset that she has to break up with Jack so Victoria will get off her back about selling information. Phyllis and Jack take their relationship underground again. Mary tells Paul what she heard from Phyllis. It really bothers Mary that Chris can find time for Michael and not her husband. Isabella rushes to Paul to tell him that her husband has just called her and made a threat on her life. Isabella feels that she is in danger. She didn't feel safe until she met Paul, and if he goes to Hong Kong, she won’t stay in Genoa City any longer. Olivia tells Neil that she’s going to make Nate understand that he’s not going to see Malcolm any more. Neil doubts Nate will ever get over this and leaves. Victor asks Matt and Cody if they have any idea who framed Nick. Cody mentions Larry Warton since he hassles Nick every once in a while. Matt/Carter brings up Matt Clark’s name.moreless
  • Ep. #7092
    Ep. #7092
    Episode 247
  • Ep. #7091
    Ep. #7091
    Episode 246
  • Ep. #7090
    Ep. #7090
    Episode 245
    Billy and Brittany are stunned when they see J.T. kiss Mac. Rianna tells Brittany she's not surprised since she heard J.T. and Mac have been dating for a while. Mac tells J.T. that kissing wasn't in the ground rules, but J.T. points out that it got the desired reaction out of Billy. Jill tries to convince Jack to break up with Phyllis now that his subterfuge is over. Ryan tells Victoria that he and Keith are on the same side now, but their efforts to convince Tricia to get help have backfired. Tricia calls Keith from Matt's apartment and tells him that she's already left town. Keith shares the news with Ryan and Victoria suggests they contact Megan to see if she knows of her sister's whereabouts. When Matt hears about Tricia's phone call to Keith, he warns her not to leave the apartment or call anyone else without telling him. Alex finds Malcolm brooding and he explains that Olivia is no longer allowing him to see Nate. Angry, Malcolm promises that Olivia isn't going to get away with it because he's going to let Nate know that Olivia is forcing them apart. Jill and Jack tell Raul, Rianna, Billy and Brittany that instead of using the pool house for their spring break campaign, they're going to take the group to the Florida Keys. Brittany is happy when Jill tells her that there's no way Mac can weasel her way into this project at the last minute. Raul doesn't like the idea of Mac hanging out with a loser like J.T., but Rianna tells him she has a feeling that they don't have to worry about that relationship. Rianna tells Mac that her plan to get to Billy by dating J.T. is working. When Richards presents the evidence at Nick's hearing, Nick is on his feet protesting that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Nick tells John Silva and Victor that he's been set up. Neil tells Olivia that she can't cut Malcolm off from Nate.moreless
  • Ep. #7089
    Ep. #7089
    Episode 244
    Victor embraces Nicholas, who promises Sharon they will get through this. Nick hopes he's out of jail before his troubles leak to the press and the children find out. Phyllis is happy that Jack has agreed to slip her some outdated Glow By Jabot information to help get Victoria off her back. She shows Victoria Jabot's plan for their spring break promotion. Phyllis is glad that Victoria's pleased with her sleuthing, claiming it's too risky for Phyllis to spy on Jack again. Paul wants to know why Isabella believes her estranged husband would send someone to hurt her, sensing that there's something in her story that doesn't fit. Isabella explains and tearfully asks Paul what she's going to do. Paul comes up with a plan to put her under surveillance. Matt isn't happy that Tricia not only let Ryan and Keith know they were leaving town, but may have mentioned that they were going to Indianapolis. He points out that it won't be that easy for them to disappear and convinces her that they should just lay low in Genoa City for now. Jill overhears Ashley and Brad and realizes that Jack knows about plans for Brash and Sassy, but won't reveal them because of his relationship with Phyllis. Jack decides to show them the marketing plan and they are stunned by the ambitious campaign in the works. They toss around new strategies for Glow by Jabot. Billy gets frustrated with Brittany's attitude toward Mac and tells her that he may not be the greatest boyfriend in the world, but he's doing his best. Brittany wonders why Mac can't just find another guy to obsess over. Victor assures Edmonds and Richards that they have the wrong man. Matt calls Crimson Lights and is inwardly pleased to hear about Nick's arrest, anticipating his chance with Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #7088
    Ep. #7088
    Episode 243
    Isabella tells Paul that she thinks her life is in danger and explains that she thinks she's being followed. Paul decides to take the case, assuming he'll be able to wrap things up and still leave to visit Chris by midweek. John and Nick are concerned after having seen Mark leaving the D.A.'s office, even though Nick has no idea what Mark could have revealed about him. John breaks it to Victor that Nick has been arrested. They agree that the D.A. must have more evidence than they've revealed. Phyllis tells Michael about her scheme to keep the Newman's off her back, but can't get Michael to reveal any more about his plans to visit Chris. Online, Billy admits his confused feelings to ‘CleanQueen.' Billy is interrupted by a call from Brittany, who wants to see him right away. Matt promises Sharon he'll be there for her until the situation is resolved, no matter how long it takes. Matt is annoyed when Tricia calls, insisting he come home because Warton was there again. Ashley accuses Jack of being more interested in protecting Phyllis than in his own company. She pressures him to fill her in about what he learned from Phyllis' file. Katherine expresses her concern to Mac that they don't seem to be communicating much these days. Mac promises Kay that she loves her and there will never be distance between them. Brittany suggests that Billy has been lying to himself about his feelings for Mac. She wonders if they should just break up. Jack tells Phyllis he can give her some information about Glow By Jabot Spring Break plans that have been recently scrapped so she can pass them on to the Newman's. He doesn't reveal that the plans were scrapped because he read her Brash and Sassy campaign file. Michael tells Chantal to confirm his flight to Hong Kong. Victor goes to see Sharon, who realizes Nick has been arrested and in jail.moreless
  • Ep. #7087
    Ep. #7087
    Episode 242
    Matt fantasizes about kissing Sharon when he is with Tricia. Matt has to calm Tricia down after he tries to convince her that they should wait to leave town. Billy tells Jack that Brittany is paranoid about Mac. When Jack suggests that Brittany senses that Billy still has feelings for Mac, Billy insists that Jack is completely off-base. Phyllis walks in as Michael tells Chantal not to cancel his flight to Hong Kong just yet. Michael can't convince Phyllis that his trip would be strictly business. Phyllis is sure Michael is up to something. Rianna warns Mac that J.T. isn't trustworthy and suggests that Mac is dating him to drive Billy crazy. Mark is relieved to hear that the cops are on to Nick, and Mark won't have to risk jail time by telling the police that he witnessed the deal. Sharon calls John Silva to come talk to Nick, who still isn't convinced that he needs a lawyer. Nick wants to go with John to talk to the D.A., wanting to resolve the mess before anyone, especially Victor, finds out. Mary implores Paul not to open himself up to more hurt, insisting that as far as Chris is concerned, their marriage is over. After Mary leaves, Paul admits he is torn about taking the trip. A new client, Isabella Brana, tells Paul that she is in serious trouble. Mark goes to the D.A.'s office and tells them that whatever the consequences, there's something he has to tell him. Billy goes online and talks to CleanQueen, unaware that Mac is using Esther's computer while Esther is in the kitchen. Matt tells Sharon that she and Nick are his friends and he's not running out on them now.moreless
  • Ep. #7086
    Ep. #7086
    Episode 241
    Malcolm can't believe that Olivia is shutting him out of Nate's life and wonders how much Olivia really cares about her son. Malcolm threatens to tell Nate that Olivia has been keeping them apart, warning her that Nate will hate her. Nikki thinks going to Hong Kong may be Paul's best opportunity to find out if there is still life in his marriage. Matt tells Warton that he has to get Tricia away from Ryan and Keith. Meanwhile, Ryan and Keith try to convince Tricia that the new man in her life may not be looking out for her best interests. Ryan and Keith try to talk Tricia into a family session with the therapist. Ryan sets up an appointment, then realizes Tricia has left, escaping down the fire escape. Keith decides that when she returns, they'll force her to get the help she needs. Matt and Warton are starting to fight when Tricia rushes in and tells Matt that they have to leave town tonight. When Alex and Neil discuss their case with Victor, Alex warns Victor that they should be prepared for a long-term fight. When Michael hears that Chris has run into a problem with the Hong Kong case, Michael considers going there to help her deal with it in person. Nick isn't happy that they've had to postpone their trip, but tells Sharon that he doesn't need a lawyer. Lynne tries to get to Paul before Mary does, but she's too late. Mary tells Paul that going to Hong Kong would be the biggest mistake of his life. Paul tells Mary to stay out of it, and leaves. When Michael overhears Mary talking to Lynne about Paul's trip, he tells Chantal to cancel his reservations. Neil tells Alex that if she's still seeing Malcolm, he's going to need a shoulder to lean on tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #7085
    Ep. #7085
    Episode 240
    Tricia refuses to give Keith the name of the man in her life because he made it clear that he never wanted to meet her father. Matt tells Warton that he may not leave town now that Jordan is dead. Warton guesses it's because Matt has an agenda with Sharon Newman. Malcolm accuses Olivia of telling lies to her own son and promises that she's not going to get away with it anymore. Olivia decides she's going to end all contact between Malcolm and Nate. Victor questions Victoria and Phyllis about their plan to have Phyllis spy on Jabot by having a relationship with Jack. Ashley is skeptical when Jack explains Phyllis' reluctance to follow through on the Newman's demands that she use Jack to learn Jabot secrets. She's convinced Phyllis can't be trusted and pressures Jack to break up with her. Jack admits that he found information about Brash and Sassy's spring campaign at Phyllis', but he's worried about the fallout if they decide to use it. Victor tells Victoria to check out any information she gets from Phyllis very carefully. Matt is trying to convince Warton that he has Tricia under control when Tricia calls, asking him to meet or talk to Ryan instead of her father. Matt refuses. When Detective Edmonds shows Nick and Sharon the coffee bag and the pills, Nick insists that he has no idea how it wound up in the coffeehouse. Nick and Sharon are dismayed when they are asked not to leave town. Paul has dinner with Nikki. Mary overhears Lynne speculating that Paul may visit Chris in Hong Kong.moreless
  • Ep. #7084
    Ep. #7084
    Episode 239
    Detective Edmonds quizzes Sharon and Nick about the large quantity of Ecstasy found at Crimson Lights. Reluctantly, they agree to catch a later flight so that Nick can go to the station for questioning. Matt is packing his bag while Warton taunts him about blowing the deal. Cody comes by to tell him about the drugs found at the coffeehouse. Matt is relieved, but Warton reminds him that Tricia is still a loose cannon. Ashley and Jill share their suspicions that Bunny getting locked in the closet was no accident. Nate is thrilled when Malcolm shows up for the father/son event at school. Malcolm is steaming when he realizes that Olivia arranged for Neil to attend. Afterward, Malcolm thanks Neil for bowing out so he could have time with Nate. He acknowledges that Neil is not the enemy. Nate admits he got the impression from his mother that Malcolm didn't want to spend time with him. When Olivia seems more accepting of Alex's relationship with Malcolm, Alex questions her motives, wondering if Olivia just wants Malcolm distracted from wanting to spend time with Nate. Nikki calls the man who handled the sample switch for her, concluding that he's the only one who would know who really fathered Diane's baby. Phyllis decides she can save her job by giving Victoria a tidbit of information about the ‘Glow by Jabot' campaign that was planned...and later changed to another approach. Ryan and Keith unite to express their concern to Tricia and convince her to get help before she leaves town, even if it means admitting her to a mental hospital. Malcolm angrily confronts Olivia, telling that she's crossed the line.moreless
  • Ep. #7083
    Ep. #7083
    Episode 238
    Nick and Sharon await their flight and agree that once they take off for the Caribbean all their troubles will disappear. Just as Nick and Sharon are about to board, Detective Edmonds stops them for questioning. Ashley desperately tries to locate Jack as Brad assures her that Jack is probably breaking up with Phyllis as they speak. Jill reveals to Ashley that Jack's initial intent with Phyllis was to use her for information but then fell under her spell. Diane sends a lab tech to Victor's office to draw blood for another paternity test to which Victor complies. Keith and Ryan meet to discuss Tricia, but Keith feels Ryan is taking the opportunity to attack his parenting. Ryan may have an idea to help Tricia, but tells Keith they will have to find the guy she's involved with first. Warton shows up at Matt's but Matt tells him that Nick's getting away. Tricia arrives, packed and ready to leave town, but Matt lays into her and tells her his plans may have changed. Jack, inwardly seething, plays to what he thinks is Phyllis' seduction game until she admits that Victoria is demanding that she get information out of Jack. Nikki tells Kay that she feels she may have made a terrible mistake and may not be able to make amends. Unsure what else she could do for Diane's baby Nikki realizes the one thing she can think to do is to get in touch with the person she hired to switch the samples and try to find out who the real father is.moreless
  • Ep. #7082
    Ep. #7082
    Episode 237
    Victoria is in high spirits due to their new campaign and is sure they will beat out the competition. Victoria also points out that Phyllis probably is very close to getting the inside scoop from Jack. Phyllis tries to tell Victoria that's not what their relationship is about, but Victoria expects results regardless. Nikki tells Jack that Victor wasn't too happy with what she did but assures Jack that she didn't mention his part in it. Raul lays into Mac about her new attitude. Rianna suspects something has changed between Billy and Mac. Rianna can't believe Mac would be on a real date with J.T. but Billy says he wouldn't be too sure of that. Billy probes Raul for information but Raul blows up and says he doesn't know anything and that Billy should just steer clear of Mac. J.T. confirms his date with Mac and they agree it's all about payback. Billy questions Mac's reasons for going out with J.T. Mac tells him to lighten up, realizing their plan might be working. After the memorial service Mark and Sara can hardly believe that Nick Newman is being painted as a saint when he is responsible for Jordan's death. Mark admits that he's scared to come forward about Nick, fearing that he will get nailed as well. Nick and Sharon are happy with the turnout for the memorial and are preparing to leave for their trip when Sharon realizes her wallet is missing. Matt had taken Sharon's wallet during the service hoping to buy some time. Fearing they won't make it to the airport on time, Nick promises not to let Sharon down and rushes off to the bank to get all the money they'll need on their trip. The report from the lab comes back and Edmonds tells Richards the fingerprints belong to Nick Newman. Richards is still hesitant to move on Nick, wanting more hard evidence until Edmonds calls to tell him that Nick is on his way out of the country. Jill tries to convince Jack not to end his relationship with Phyllis because they need to get inside information on "Brash and Sassy." Later, Jack overhears Victoria leave a message for Phyllis telling her to work her magic on Jack Abbott.moreless
  • Ep. #7081
    Ep. #7081
    Episode 236
    Sharon, Cody and Nick set up for the memorial wondering where Carter is. Nikki brings Cassie and Noah to the coffeehouse because Doris is picking them up before Nick and Sharon leave for their second honeymoon. Doris still can't help but feel there's something suspicious about Carter. Matt and Warton discuss the last details of their plan. Warton says he's going to see if the cops have searched the rented room yet. Matt thinks it's a bad idea, but Warton hangs up before he can convince him otherwise. Matt plants the coffee bag with the pills at the coffeehouse when he believes no one is watching. Matt stresses out when he hears that Nick and Sharon will be leaving right after the memorial. Phyllis wants to face Jack's family head on, but Jack isn't ready for such a confrontation. Ashley pulls an all-nighter with Abby, who the doctor suspects has colic. Billy thanks Mac for telling him and Brittany the pills were tainted. J.T. asks Mac if she has considered his proposition to help her make Billy jealous. Rianna asks Billy what he and Brittany were fighting about at the coffeehouse. He tells her that Brittany should be over her jealousy of Mac by now. Later Billy tries to talk to Mac about Raul but J.T. interrupts. Putting on a show for Billy, J.T. asks Mac out then walks off with her leaving a stunned Billy standing alone. With search warrant in hand, Detective Edmonds and several policemen break into the rented room in Milwaukee as a concealed Warton looks on. Edmonds finds the planted evidence against Nick, a glass with fingerprints on it, residue on a table and a shipping label with the Crimson Lights logo. Neil tells Victoria that Phyllis is seriously dating Jack, but Victoria says what she does in her personal life is Phyllis' business. John, Jill and Ashley scold Jack about his relationship with Phyllis, but Jack tells them all it's over. Jabot and "Brash and Sassy" make plans for their spring campaigns for their websites. Victoria is anticipating a win over the Jabot campaign this time.moreless
  • Ep. #7080
    Ep. #7080
    Episode 235
    Brad reassures Ashley that Jack's affair with Phyllis is probably purely physical and therefore has no lasting power. Ashley can't help but think that Phyllis is the kiss of death for Jack but Brad wants to enjoy their day and end all discussions of Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis admits to Jack that she locked Bunny in the closet as Jack tries to stand firm that what she did was wrong. Unable to resist Phyllis' charm and sex appeal, they end up in a passionate kiss. Tricia wants Matt to meet her father but he has too much going on right now and promises to meet him later.moreless
  • Ep. #7079
    Ep. #7079
    Episode 234
    Victor tells Victoria that Nikki confessed to switching the samples and that makes her as guilty as Diane. Nikki informs Kay that she was the one who made the switch. Kay admits she understands Victor's reasons for being angry and suggests that maybe Nikki has her own doubts. Nikki can't help but wonder how the baby's life will be affected. Bunny tries to explain how she got locked in the closet but is good-humored about it. Phyllis and Bunny meet as Phyllis excuses herself from the party. Later an angry Jack arrives on Phyllis' doorstep.moreless
  • Ep. #7078
    Ep. #7078
    Episode 233
    Matt attaches Jordan's heart sensors to his own chest, then shuts off the respirator. He tells the lifeless Jordan that he's sorry, then pulls the sensors off his chest and slips out as the doctors rush in to try to revive Jordan. Brittany tells Billy that she's tired of the way Billy always takes Mac's side. At the reception, Jack is wondering where Bunny could be when Phyllis shows up at the door. Ashley is less than thrilled when Phyllis joins the festivities and starts cooing over the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #7077
    Ep. #7077
    Episode 232
    Mac admits to Raul that J.T. took her to the rave. Tricia tries to talk to Matt about her confrontation with Keith, but he rushes out, knowing he has to stop Jordan from talking to the police. J.T. tells Mac that if it wasn't for her, he would've taken the tainted X. He suggests that Mac continue to hang out with him because it drives Billy crazy. Abby Carlton is christened. Brad announces that the adoption papers arrived and, as of today, he is legally Abby's father.moreless
  • Ep. #7076
    Ep. #7076
    Episode 231
    Victoria questions Victor about why he's so determined to find out who switched the sperm samples...and what he intends to do to the person responsible. Sharon and Nick ask Mac about the kids who were hospitalized after the rave. A nurse is at Jordan's bedside as he mutters in his delirium about Crimson Lights and Nick. Matt realizes that he has to get into Jordan's room.moreless
  • Ep. #7075
    Ep. #7075
    Episode 230
    As Ashley gets ready for the christening, she is pleased when Brad tells her that the adoption papers have arrived. Ashley is determined to help Jack find Ms. Right and doesn't want Phyllis to get in the way. Phyllis tells Malcolm that she's going to the christening to check out Jack's date. Billy covers when John asks if he knew anyone who went to the rave. Billy and Brittany decide on an alibi.moreless
  • Ep. #7074
    Ep. #7074
    Episode 229
    Mac is alarmed when J.T. tells her that he sold the pills to Brittany, who is trying to convince a reluctant to Billy to take Ecstasy with her. Mac is desperate to find Brittany and Billy in the crowd and tries to convince J.T. to help her. Mark and Sara help Jordan, who is in very bad shape, out of the main room. They realize Jordan is burning up with fever and call 911.moreless
  • Ep. #7073
    Ep. #7073
    Episode 228
    Matt and Larry discuss the seriousness of the situation and resolve to stop the kids from taking the pills. They try unsuccessfully to locate the rave and later give up. Mac and J.T. head into the rave, Mac still resolved to locate Billy. Billy sees Mac is there with J.T. and gets angry when they appear to be getting closer. J.T. asks Mac to try some "X" but she refuses. Ashley tells Jack she's setting him up with Bunny Hutchinson and he reluctantly agrees to escort her to the christening.moreless
  • Ep. #7072
    Ep. #7072
    Episode 227
    Victor comes home to a dark and empty apartment and can't believe Diane's gone. Nikki calls to tell Nick the good news - Diane has left town. Victor tells Paul he still wants to pursue finding out who switched the sperm samples in case Diane returns. Billy questions Raul to find out if Mac really isn't going to the rave. Raul and Billy tell J.T. that Mac has decided not to go with him to the rave but he thinks otherwise.moreless
  • Ep. #7071
    Ep. #7071
    Episode 226
    Nikki warns Nick to be on guard, because Leanna Love is on the prowl. Victor asks Diane where she is going and wonders if it's another one of her tricks. Diane tells Victor that her change of heart came because of their son. Diane claims that even though she's leaving town, the paternity issue isn't over in her eyes. Nikki is relieved to learn of Diane's decision. Brittany spreads the news that she and Billy are in love and boasts about their matching bracelets.moreless
  • Ep. #7070
    Ep. #7070
    Episode 225
    Victor finds out that Diane is going to stay and fight his demands. He tells Nick that he will get ready legally for Diane's decision and heads off to kick her out of his house. Michael suggests to Diane that Leanna Love is hardly an objective source of advice, because she is merely out for herself. He delivers Victor's message to Diane with a hint of his own warning and concern. While Sharon and Cassie are at the ranch visiting Nikki, she gets news that Leanna is at the gates vowing not to leave until someone speaks with her.moreless
  • Ep. #7069
    Ep. #7069
    Episode 224
    Lynne tells Victor that Paul is out of town on a case. Brad informs Ashley that the adoption hearing is early next week. Ashley and Brad discuss setting up Jack with a more suitable woman to take to Abby's christening than his mystery woman. Jill knows who the mystery woman in Jack's life is, but refuses to share the information with Ashley and Brad. Jill will admit that they better enlist a serious knockout in order to compete.moreless
  • Ep. #7068
    Ep. #7068
    Episode 223
    Brad tells Ashley that he'll go along with it if she wants Jack to be Abby's godfather. Ashley explains that she's decided to ask Neil and Brad wonders if Olivia suggested the choice so she could spend more time with him. Victor is stunned when Nikki tells him that Diane physically attacked her. He is sure that even though the baby isn't his, Diane will continue the battle because there's something she wants from him.moreless
  • Ep. #7067
    Ep. #7067
    Episode 222
    Brandishing a letter opener, Diane assures Nikki that she's not going anywhere until she gets some answers. Olivia happily accepts when Ashley asks her to be Abby's godmother. She suggests that Ashley ask Neil to be the baby's godfather. Ryan admits that Victoria's perception of Tricia's stability - or lack thereof - may be more accurate than his after all. Ryan decides that it's time to get Keith involved.moreless
  • Ep. #7066
    Ep. #7066
    Episode 221
    Diane wonders what will become of her and her baby if the isn't Victor's. Diane recalls something the investigator told her and rushes out. Brad and Ashley begin planning Abby's christening. They agree to ask Olivia to be the godmother, but Brad balks at the idea of Jack being her godfather. Brad wonders if Victor is making any progress in finding out how the sperm samples were switched. Nikki is circumspect, which Ashley notices.moreless
  • Ep. #7065
    Ep. #7065
    Episode 220
    Nick tells Victor about his upcoming vacation with Sharon, but their conversation becomes tense when Victor asks about expansion plans for the coffeehouse. Malcolm wakes Phyllis, reminding her that she crashed in his office after drinking champagne and spending hours telling him how wonderful Jack is. Phyllis asks Malcolm how things are going with Alex and comes up with a plan to convince her to go on a date with him.moreless
  • Ep. #7064
    Ep. #7064
    Episode 219
    Nick rings up Jordan's coffee purchase, unaware that he is selling him the concealed Ecstasy pills. When Matt confronts Warton about not following orders in their scheme to frame Nick, Warton pins Matt against the wall. Jack gets annoyed with Jill's belief that he's fallen for Phyllis' charms. He insists that he is in control of the relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #7063
    Ep. #7063
    Episode 218
    Victor assures Diane that there is no mistake in the results. Brad informs Ashley that Victor isn't the father of Diane's baby after all. Diane accuses Victor of altering the tests. Victor is enraged by her accusations and gives her only one option: to leave town once and for all. Billy doesn't think it's a good idea for Brittany to get into physical fights with Mac. Brittany just wants to avoid Mac at all cost.moreless
  • Ep. #7062
    Ep. #7062
    Episode 217
    John Silva tells Victor that he's come across some interesting precedents concerning the paternity results. Victor tells Silva he isn't seeking revenge and does not want Diane's baby to suffer. Nikki tells Brad the news about Diane's baby. He questions how something like this could happen and wonders if it was intentional.moreless
  • Ep. #7061
    Ep. #7061
    Episode 216
    Nikki questions when Victor is going to tell Diane about the paternity test results. Justin, from the lab, doesn't have an explanation as to what happened with the sperm delivery, but assures Victor that the clinic is reputable. Victor wonders why Nikki isn't as interested in finding out what happened as he is.moreless
  • Ep. #7060
    Ep. #7060
    Episode 215
    Victor announces that the test results were negative and baby Christian is not his son. The family is thrilled by the news and Victoria asks to be there when he breaks it to Diane. Victor reminds them all that the mystery still exists of who the father is and tells Victoria he'll tell Diane alone. Nick tells Sharon that she's due for some special attention and they decide to plan a vacation.moreless
  • Ep. #7059
    Ep. #7059
    Episode 214
    Nick admits to Victoria that Sharon's drunken evening with Carter still bothers him. Victoria tells him to cut his "perfect" wife some slack adding that everyone makes mistakes. Mac asks for Raul's help in stopping Billy from going to the rave, but he only wants to stay out of it.
  • Ep. #7058
    Ep. #7058
    Episode 213
    Nikki wonders what would have happened if they'd had another child together. Victor touches her cheek. Brittany is annoyed that Billy is going to talk to Mac, and leaves. Mac is concerned that Billy won't be able to resist the drugs and alcohol at the rave. Billy insists that he doesn't need Mac looking out for him, but Mac pleads with him not to go to the rave.moreless
  • Ep. #7057
    Ep. #7057
    Episode 212
    Matt is irritated with Tricia's skittishness, and tells her that if she stills wants them to leave town together, he can work it out. Jill is delighted to have Phillip staying with her and points out to Kay that she finally has someone on her side. Victoria isn't happy to hear that Nikki had Jack over and suggests that Nikki be more sensitive to Victor's predicament with Diane and the paternity test.moreless
  • Ep. #7056
    Ep. #7056
    Episode 211
    Victoria returns and is surprised to hear about Sharon, pointing out that the drinks didn't seem that strong. Phyllis insists that Michael misses Chris like crazy but is in denial -- and afraid of getting his hopes up. Michael is sure Chris and Paul's marriage will weather this storm and be stronger than ever.moreless
  • Ep. #7055
    Ep. #7055
    Episode 210
    Nikki invites Jack to dinner, insisting that she needs him there because of their talk about the baby they lost. After they eat, the doorbell rings. Nikki introduces Suzanne Cook and her 7-year-old son, Jack, the boy who received their baby's heart. Sharon asks Matt to reconsider their offer for him to run their new coffeehouse. Matt notices their drinks are gone and takes Sharon's glass to make more margaritas.moreless
  • Ep. #7054
    Ep. #7054
    Episode 209
    When Nina explains that she and Tomas are working on a screenplay together and she's looking for someplace for Phillip to stay, Jill is delighted with the idea of having him stay with her. Nina is stung when Tomas accuses her of ignoring her son because of her work. Tomas feels terrible that he is taking out his feelings of inadequacy as a writer out on Nina. She is almost ready to quit, but they are able to work together on some ideas for the screenplay so they can meet their deadline.moreless
  • Ep. #7053
    Ep. #7053
    Episode 208
    On the phone, Victoria covers with questions about Brash & Sassy, but Keith asks if she's seen Ryan and Tricia around. Ryan thinks Victoria called Keith for selfish reasons, but she says she did it because Tricia needs help. Sharon and Nick share an impromptu romantic afternoon when he drops by the house to pick up some folders. They decide to invite Carter over for dinner that night in the hopes that he takes the job.moreless
  • Ep. #7052
    Ep. #7052
    Episode 207
    Matt takes Tricia to his place and she thanks him for saving her life. Tricia wants to leave town for a while but Matt can't leave right now. Victor tells Diane that the appointment has been changed and that they will need to leave soon. Diane doesn't want to leave, knowing that it will ruin her plan with Leanna. Meanwhile, Victor is excited that his plan to stay ahead of Diane is working.moreless
  • Ep. #7051
    Ep. #7051
    Episode 206
    Leanna pays Diane a visit, but Diane reminds her of their agreement and refuses to let her in. Instead, they makes plans for Leanna to catch Diane and the baby outside the following day. Hoping to show Mac their differences, Billy expresses interest in attending a rave with Brittany. Later, Billy tells Jack about part of his plan and Jack wonders who Billy is trying to convince of their incompatibility, Mac or himself.moreless
  • Ep. #7050
    Ep. #7050
    Episode 205
    Mac tells Billy they should stop playing games. She admits to knowing the reason he changed his mind about the volunteer work. Billy does not think it is a good idea to even try being friends now. Mac doesn't understand why. Ashley gives Brad the good news about the doctor giving them the green light on intimacy. Ashley arrives home to find Brad has a treasure hunt waiting for her with surprises all around.moreless
  • Ep. #7049
    Ep. #7049
    Episode 204
    Diane tells Sharon, Nick, and Victoria that she named the baby Christian Victor Newman. Victoria is giving Diane a hard time just as Victor walks in and tells her to back off. While alone, Victoria tells Victor they need a strategy not just a paternity test and then leaves for the office. Diane tells Victor they should not discuss each other's wants until after the results of the paternity test are in.moreless
  • Ep. #7048
    Ep. #7048
    Episode 203
    Tomas admits to Paul that he loves Nina, but right now he's so jealous he can't be happy for her. Paul advises him to give it time. Nina tells Harvey that she'll accept his offer on one condition. Sharon, Nick, and Victoria are at the apartment to visit Victor when Diane comes home with the baby and introduces them to their new brother, Christian Victor Newman.moreless
  • Ep. #7047
    Ep. #7047
    Episode 202
    Victor brings in a technician to begin the process of the paternity test. Diane protests, then realizes Victor will think she has something to hide if she doesn't agree to it. Victor hands her the forms authorizing the test. Nick and Sharon's plan for romance is interrupted by a visit from Nikki. She tells them about Diane's baby and warns them to watch out for nosy reporters.moreless
  • Ep. #7046
    Ep. #7046
    Episode 201
    Terrence intervenes and calls for the security guards when Leanna and her cameraman head to the nursery to get a shot of the Newman baby. Mac tells Raul and Rianna that Billy decided not to volunteer at the shelter after all, and Mac is baffled by his decision. Rianna tells Mac that she's sure there's a logical explanation as to why he changed his mind. Rianna tells Raul she thinks that Mac still has feelings for Billy.moreless
  • Ep. #7045
    Ep. #7045
    Episode 200
    Raul tells Billy that the only reason he wants to help out at the shelter is to hook up with Mac. Billy tells Raul he's off base, but Raul explains that Mac still has feelings for Billy. He's sure that if Mac and Billy are working together at the shelter, Mac will only get hurt again. Meanwhile, Mac assures Ned that she's comfortable with Billy working at the shelter. She fantasizes about reconciling with Billy while they work together.moreless
  • Ep. #7044
    Ep. #7044
    Episode 199
    Victor is angry when he hears the tape of Diane's conversation with Michael about her visit with Hope Adams. Victor calls Hope, who explains that Diane was looking for information about Victor's relationship with his son. Victor fills Hope in about Diane becoming pregnant without his knowledge of the insemination. Diane tells Michael how much Victor's son with Hope means to him. She feels this bodes well for Victor's relationship with her own baby. Diane explains that Leanna led her to Hope in exchange for Diane's promise to give Leanna exclusive photos of the newest Newman heir. Michael is about to leave when Diane cries out to him for help.moreless
  • Ep. #7043
    Ep. #7043
    Episode 198
    At the coffeehouse, Mac sees Billy and remembers the kiss she gave him on New Year's Eve. He congratulates her on a great job on the webcast, sharing a new warmth between them. Brittany arrives to cancel her day plans with Billy, but they decide to meet later. Raul asks Mac if anything happened after the New Year's Eve event, but she doesn't mention the kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #7042
    Ep. #7042
    Episode 197
    Nina stops by Ryan's to pick up Phillip's gloves, but Ryan seems preoccupied. Ryan asks Nina if she's seen Tricia around lately, but Nina assures him she's not keeping any secrets. Later, when Ryan grills Tricia about her night she explains that she had merely gone to a party. Ryan is sure she's lying and presses with more questions. She tells him that if she were cheating on him it is only because he drove her to it.moreless
  • Ep. #7041
    Ep. #7041
    Episode 196
    Ryan wonders where Tricia is after noticing she never came home. Meanwhile, Tricia feels guilty for sleeping with Matt but he reminds her that Ryan spent New Year's Eve with Victoria. Tricia arrives home and Ryan demands to know where she's been all night. Tricia can't believe he's questioning her whereabouts and goes off to bed. Phyllis tells Michael of her date with Malcolm.moreless
  • Ep. #7040
    Ep. #7040
    Episode 195
    Paul does not think moving halfway around the world will solve their problems and knows Chris will not have time to work on both her case and their relationship. Matt tries to do business with Jordan who claims that the rave is off. Jordan questions why Nick Newman, a man with everything, would be into dealing drugs. Matt speculates Nick may feel a need to lose his stuffy image.moreless
  • Ep. #7039
    Ep. #7039
    Episode 194
    While Mac works on the website, Jack, Brittany and Billy wish her a happy birthday. Mac admits to Raul that she's nervous about running the webcast. Brittany shows Mac the necklace that Billy gave her, but Mac senses that Brittany is insecure where Billy is concerned and is trying too hard to prove otherwise. The Glow by Jabot contest winners join the group.moreless
  • Ep. #7038
    Ep. #7038
    Episode 193
    Victor tells Paul about Diane's sudden departure and that he's determined to find out what she's up to. Paul agrees to refer Victor to someone who can install a surveillance system in the apartment before Diane returns. Diane strikes up a conversation with Hope, but Hope bristles when Diane starts asking her questions about Victor, and about Hope's son. Jill isn't happy about Jack's decision to hire Mac as the webmaster for the Glow by Jabot New Year's Eve webcast. Mac doesn't seem to completely buy Brittany's boasting about how far her relationship with Billy has gone. Nina is surprised when Chris tells her that she is thinking about getting pregnant on her trip. Tomas questions Nina about his marriage proposal, to which she has yet to respond. Phyllis and Malcolm agree to meet after they finish working on New Year's Eve.moreless
  • Ep. #7037
    Ep. #7037
    Episode 192
    Phyllis tries to pry information about the Glow House out of Brittany, reminding her that she knows the truth about Brittany's little stunt last summer. Chris tells Michael about the maternity dress incident, and asks Michael if he agrees with Paul's opinion that she has become controlling.
  • Ep. #7036
    Ep. #7036
    Episode 191
    Mac overhears Brock telling Kay about Billy's anonymous gift to the children at the shelter, a new computer and printer. Kay believes Mac's positive influence led to Billy's act of generosity. Mac tries to call Billy to wish him a Merry Christmas, but doesn't leave a message. Meanwhile, Billy and Brittany are exchanging Christmas gifts.moreless
  • Ep. #7035
    Ep. #7035
    Episode 190
    Brittany isn't happy to hear that Billy invited Mac to the party, but Billy insists he only did it as a favor to Raul. Meanwhile, Mac is ready to back out because she is concerned about Jill's presence. Jill gives Jack a hard time about inviting Mac to the party, certain that Mac somehow manipulated the situation as part of a ploy to get close to Billy again.moreless
  • Ep. #7034
    Ep. #7034
    Episode 189
    Katherine and Jill both have Christmas trees delivered to the house. After a verbal struggle, they agree to keep both trees in the living room. Jill wants Phillip to spend some time with her over the holidays, but he isn't available because of the planned trip to Taos with Nina and Tomas. At Jill's suggestion, he asks if he can come home early to attend the party at the Glow House.moreless
  • Ep. #7033
    Ep. #7033
    Episode 188
    Billy and Brittany are kissing in the pool house, but Brittany tells Billy that she can't be with him since he still has feelings for Mac. Although Billy reassures Brittany that he will get completely over Mac if they don't talk about her, Brittany refuses to believe him.
  • Ep. #7032
    Ep. #7032
    Episode 187
    Jill gives her concert tickets to Billy and Brittany, but instead of going to the concert, Brittany wants to take Billy to the old caretaker's place. However, Brittany realizes that the old caretaker's place is where Billy would go to be alone with Mac. Matt tries to poison Tricia's mind about Ryan, accusing him of wanting Victoria. Matt outlines to Warton his plot to frame Nick in a drug bust. Jack finally confronts Victor about his attempts to insinuate himself into Ashley's life again. Brad expresses to Ashley his interest in adopting her baby, and insists that the biological father stay out of the picture. Tomas overhears Robert insulting his work to Nina. She later realizes this and tries unsuccessfully to relieve Tomas' self-pity. Raul and Rianna attempt to persuade Mac to go to the Jabot House New Year's Eve Party.moreless
  • Ep. #7031
    Ep. #7031
    Episode 186
    Victor approaches Ashley at Gina's and asks about the baby. Before Ashley realizes it, she's caught up in Victor's web again. She tells Victor that they should remain distanced for the time being. Brad arrives, and tells Ashley that he got the final word from his attorney, but doesn't reveal any details.moreless
  • Ep. #7030
    Ep. #7030
    Episode 185
    Diane promises Victor that Leanna's visit was unannounced, and she'll be more careful next time. In Victor's office, Nick and Victor discuss the opening of the new coffeehouse. Victor tells Nick that the key to success is hiring good employees. Victor tells Nick that when he leaves the ranch, he'll return to his apartment because he knows Leanna and Diane are conspiring behind his back.moreless
  • Ep. #7029
    Ep. #7029
    Episode 184
    Marissa asks Diane if she can work part-time with Paul and Lynne. Diane, who is preoccupied with Leanna, tells her she doesn't care. Diane asks Leanna about Victor's relationship with Hope Adams. When Diane asks Leanna for Hope's contact information, Leanna says she'll give it to her for a price. Victor enters, and Diane pretends she is kicking Leanna out.moreless
  • Ep. #7028
    Ep. #7028
    Episode 183
    Phyllis logs onto the Jabot web site and tells Victor and Victoria that the Glow kids are back. Ashley suggests they enhance the Glow campaign by having the contest winners attend a New Year's party with the Glow kids. They all agree with the idea, and take action immediately. Jill wonders, however, what will happen if the kids don't agree to this.moreless
  • Ep. #7027
    Ep. #7027
    Episode 182
    Sharon tells Victor that she and Nick are opening a third coffeehouse. As Victoria and Matt talk, Tricia accuses Victoria of having an agenda where Matt is concerned. Matt tries to calm Tricia down, but Victoria tells her to leave, and Matt agrees. Victoria mentions to Sharon that she witnessed Tricia flirting with Matt and wonders why Tricia is so protective of Matt. Sharon thinks Victoria should tell Ryan.moreless
  • Ep. #7026
    Ep. #7026
    Episode 181
    Brad wants to contact his attorney about adopting Abby ASAP, but Ashley questions if it is really necessary. Brad wonders if Ashley is hesitant because she still has feelings for the baby's father. Ryan finds his computer and asks Tricia if she used it while he was asleep, but Tricia tells him that she has her own computer.moreless
  • Ep. #7025
    Ep. #7025
    Episode 180
    Victor tells Nikki there is no way she can make up with him. Nikki tells Victor that he doesn't have to leave the ranch, because she taking a business trip. Phyllis meets Jack for their date, and Jill realizes Jack is getting close to Phyllis in order to get the inside scoop on "Brash & Sassy".moreless
  • Ep. #7024
    Ep. #7024
    Episode 179
    Sharon reveals to Carter that Matt Clark was the name of the guy who harassed Sharon and Nick when they were younger. Ryan is working from home when Tricia inquires about his laptop password. Ryan tells her that his password is already programmed into his computer and Tricia calls Matt, hoping he's there.moreless
  • Ep. #7023
    Ep. #7023
    Episode 178
    Jill tells Ashley about the success of the "Brash and Sassy" web site, and that since Nikki was involved with Victor, they should "neutralize" her. Ashley doesn't think Victor tried to manipulate Nikki when they were together so Ashley doesn't find Nikki to be a threat.
  • Ep. #7022
    Ep. #7022
    Episode 177
    Jill tells Jack that Nikki has a conflict of interest at Jabot, because she's sleeping with Victor. Nikki refuses to discuss her personal life with them because it's none of their business. John reports that "Brash and Sassy's" numbers are rising quickly due to Phyllis' work on their new web site.moreless
  • Ep. #7021
    Ep. #7021
    Episode 176
    Jill asks Cassie if Victor is living at the ranch. Cassie says that he is, but Sharon interrupts and tells Jill to talk to Nikki or Victor. At the office, Jill tells Nikki that she's going to the board to have her removed because of her living arrangements. Nikki insists that she has more of a right to work at Jabot than Jill, because of the money she invested in the company, as opposed to sleeping her way to the top.moreless
  • Ep. #7020
    Ep. #7020
    Episode 175
    Victor meets Alex. She tells him that she is willing to help fight for the "little guy" against the HMO, and Victor hears her out. Neil thinks Alex is too aggressive and brings in another firm to meet with Victor. After meeting with the other firm, Victor tells Neil that he likes Alex's passion, and it's just what he needs for the job, but he'll consider both sides.moreless
  • Ep. #7019
    Ep. #7019
    Episode 174
    Victor tells Neil that he has two strikes against him now, because he failed to tell him the second he found out Nikki was responsible for bailing out Jabot. Neil apologizes, and tells him that he's interested in a tough lawyer, Alex Perez, to assist in the HMO situation.
  • Ep. #7018
    Ep. #7018
    Episode 173
    Nikki explains that she gave the $35 million to Jabot in order to begin her career. Nikki wonders how Victor could be upset, because he was willing to let Jabot off the hook for Ashley's sake. Victor tells Nikki that although they have become closer, she had no business investing in Jabot whatever the reason.moreless
  • Ep. #7017
    Ep. #7017
    Episode 172
    After Thanksgiving dinner, Victoria leaves Nikki to tell Victor that she invested the 35 million in Jabot. Mac and Billy meet in their secret hide-out. Billy confirms to Mac that he's now dating Brittany, and Mac ends their relationship officially by giving the opal ring back to Billy.
  • Ep. #7016
    Ep. #7016
    Episode 171
    Neil tells Victor that he has set up interviews with lawyers about the HMO situation. After discussing their holiday plans, Victor asks Neil if there is something going on with Victoria. Neil tells Victor that Victoria doesn't discuss her personal life with him. Victor senses Victoria is hiding something from him.moreless
  • Ep. #7015
    Ep. #7015
    Episode 170
    After Victoria tells Neil that she hasn't spoken with Nikki yet, Neil agrees to give her another 24 hours - but that's his limit. Kay brings Nikki flowers and Nikki informs her that Cassie is healthy. Kay sees Victor and Nikki together and after Victor leaves for work, she asks Nikki if things are better with Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #7014
    Ep. #7014
    Episode 169
    Victoria is blown away when Neil tells her that Nikki invested $35 million into Jabot, but soon realizes that her mother used the money as a means of getting her career started. Victoria begs Neil not to tell Victor, fearing that the news will destroy the progress Victor and Nikki have made.moreless
  • Ep. #7013
    Ep. #7013
    Episode 168
    Nikki tells Victor that she has her doubts that Diane is being honest about her pregnancy. Victor tells Nikki that he is ordering Diane to have a paternity test. Diane confides in Michael that she is worried that Victor and Nikki are back together, and she admits that she wishes she hadn't trapped Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #7012
    Ep. #7012
    Episode 167
    Jack visits Ashley in the hospital and becomes upset when he learns that Victor visited Ashley before the wedding and that Victor wouldn't give the baby to Ashley when she asked for it. When Jack wants to give Victor a piece of his mind, Ashley advises against it because he will only make matters worse. Victor goes to his apartment to find that Diane has redone Victoria's room.moreless
  • Ep. #7011
    Ep. #7011
    Episode 166
    Nikki is relieved when Victor explains that he only went to Ashley's apartment to tie up loose ends, and that after Ashley had the baby, he left the hospital so that Brad and Ashley could get married. Ashley tells Brad that Victor came to see her before the wedding to wish her the best. Brad becomes angry, and suggests Victor had ulterior motives.moreless
  • Ep. #7010
    Ep. #7010
    Episode 165
    Neil announces that Brad and Ashley had a baby girl. Billy tells Brittany that he is glad she agreed to be his date at the wedding. Phyllis senses there is something going on between Nikki and Brad, and figures there is a reason for Nikki's strange behavior. Neil doesn't comment, and he and Phyllis leave.moreless
  • Ep. #7009
    Ep. #7009
    Episode 164
    Victor and Ashley share warm good-byes and Victor is about to go when Ashley's water breaks. Victor offers to take her to the hospital, where the doctor tells Victor that Ashley's labor is progressing quickly. Ashley tells Victor to call Brad immediately, but Victor tells her to concentrate on having the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #7008
    Ep. #7008
    Episode 163
    John objects to Jack bringing Phyllis to the wedding, but Phyllis concentrates on flirting with Jack. Victor enters Brad's living room to find Ashley. Ashley tells Victor that there is nothing for them to talk about because she is marrying Brad today.
  • Ep. #7007
    Ep. #7007
    Episode 162
    Ashley has a dream that she is about to marry Victor. When she wakes, she finds the house decorated for the wedding. Jack explains that he is bringing a guest to the wedding, but doesn't reveal her identity. Later, Jack arrives with Phyllis on his arm, ready to get the show on the road.moreless
  • Ep. #7006
    Ep. #7006
    Episode 161
    Jack refuses to invite Phyllis as his date to Ashley's wedding. Ashley decides to spend her last night as a single woman with her family. Jack apologizes to Ashley for not being supportive, but assures her that he only wants her to be happy. Matt apologizes to Cody for being late for work, and tells Cody that he is late because he got lucky.moreless
  • Ep. #7005
    Ep. #7005
    Episode 160
    Ashley asks Nikki and Victor to be happy for her marriage, but Nikki responds unkindly and Ashley gets upset. Brad tells her not to worry about Nikki, and to concentrate on the wedding plans. They go to visit John and Jack, and the four of them decide on the final wedding guest list.moreless
  • Ep. #7004
    Ep. #7004
    Episode 159
    Nikki and Victor discuss their relief over Nick, Sharon, and Noah testing negative for TB. Nikki tells Victor how happy she is that their family has come together, and Victor notices Nikki is still wearing her wedding ring. Brad tells Ashley not to let Nikki get to her, because she will always try to intimidate her where Victor is concerned.moreless
  • Ep. #7003
    Ep. #7003
    Episode 158
    Ryan pushes Tricia away as she attempts to become intimate with him. Tricia goes to Matt's apartment seeking comfort. He offers her a glass of wine, and pours a liquid into her glass. Neil assures Ryan that he is doing the right thing by not sleeping with Tricia, and in the long run, Tricia will thank him.moreless
  • Ep. #7002
    Ep. #7002
    Episode 157
    Tricia tells Ryan that she's packing up her things and returning to London. Ryan doesn't want her to leave this way, and insists that all of his love for her is not lost. Tricia tells Ryan that she only needs him to love her again, and she kisses him. Brad calls the ranch to speak with Nikki, and is shocked when Victor answers the phone.moreless
  • Ep. #7001
    Ep. #7001
    Episode 156
    Cassie thanks Victor for her magical flying Halloween party. After Victor and Nikki tuck Cassie in for the night, Nikki asks Victor if she can expect a visit from him tonight, and Victor tells her that she can. Nick tells Sharon about Cassie's cough, and as they hurry out of the coffeehouse, Cody reminds them about the money.moreless
  • Ep. #7000
    Ep. #7000
    Episode 155
    Cassie enjoys her time on the jet, which Victor refers to as the "magic broomstick". Nick gets a call from Cody, and he and Sharon leave to handle a coffeehouse emergency. When they arrive, Sharon and Cody prepare to get money from the ATM to pay the suppliers.
  • Ep. #6999
    Ep. #6999
    Episode 154
    Nick tells Victor that he is worried about keeping Cassie's spirits up because, she won't be able to trick-or-treat this year. Victor calls the ranch and orders Cassie and Noah to put on their costumes. He picks up the family in a limo, and takes them on the Newman jet which is donned in Halloween decor.moreless
  • Ep. #6998
    Ep. #6998
    Episode 153
    Brad tells Ashley that he will think about making Jack his best man, and leaves for work. When Christian shows up, Ashley takes him to breakfast. Christian tells Ashley that he read her engagement announcement, and assures her that he will keep her secret about not being the father of her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #6997
    Ep. #6997
    Episode 152
    Phyllis has her first meeting with Victoria, Ryan and Victor to discuss her ideas for the "Brash and Sassy" web site. When Phyllis explains her idea for internet make-overs, Victor has reservations, saying that the idea is outdated. Nevertheless, the idea is voted on and the make-over idea is given the green light.moreless
  • Ep. #6996
    Ep. #6996
    Episode 151
    Victoria tells Diane that she will be gone indefinitely, but warns her not to begin construction on her room until she gets Victor's approval. Victoria goes to the Newman Ranch and tells Victor that she heard a woman's voice coming from his bedroom. Victor doesn't reveal the woman's identity, but Victoria congratulates him on moving on with his personal life.moreless
  • Ep. #6995
    Ep. #6995
    Episode 150
    Nikki tells Victor that she feels very alone right now and Victor admits that he does as well. Nikki asks Victor if he is upset about Ashley and he mentions that the engagement to Brad is official. He acknowledges that Brad is not the father of Ashley's baby because Brad was with Nikki when Ashley conceived the child.moreless
  • Ep. #6994
    Ep. #6994
    Episode 149
    Victor asks Ashley if there was more she wanted to discuss when they last spoke. Ashley tells Victor that she only wanted to express how much his gift meant to her. Victor is stung when Ashley tells him that she and Brad will be married soon. He wishes her luck and leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #6993
    Ep. #6993
    Episode 148
    Nikki and Victor break the news to Victoria about Cassie. Nikki is pleased when she learns that Victor and Victoria will be staying at the ranch until Cassie is well. Victor overhears Victoria and Nikki discussing Ashley's engagement to Brad. Victor visits Ashley at her office and notices the ring on her finger.moreless
  • Ep. #6992
    Ep. #6992
    Episode 147
    Nick and Sharon try to remain upbeat while Cassie prepares for her doctor's appointment. Mac is relieved that she told Kay and Brock about Jill's threat to expose Mac to her mother and step-father. Kay assures Mac that Paul Williams will notify them if her mother makes any attempt to find Mac.moreless
  • Ep. #6991
    Ep. #6991
    Episode 146
    Victor breaks the news to Nikki that Cassie may have tuberculosis. They both visit Nick, Sharon and Cassie to give them support. Cassie asks questions about the tests she will take the next day and wonders when she'll be able to return to school.
  • Ep. #6990
    Ep. #6990
    Episode 145
    Nick tells Victor about Cassie's possible illness. Victor embraces Nick and they both agree that Nikki must be informed. Paul breaks the news to Mary that he and Chris are waiting to try for another baby. When Paul tells Mary that this is all Chris's idea, he makes Mary promises not to confront Chris about the situation. Instead, Mary pays Michael Baldwin a visit.moreless
  • Ep. #6989
    Ep. #6989
    Episode 144
    Victor recalls Ashley's visit when she thanked him for the baby rattle and wonders if there was something else Ashley wanted to tell him. Neil suggests Victor talk to Ashley and get his feelings out in the open.
  • Ep. #6988
    Ep. #6988
    Episode 143
    Jack walks in on Ashley and Brad just as Brad shows Ashley an engagement ring. Jack advises Ashley not to make any big decisions right now since she's so emotional. Brad tells Ashley that Jack has picked out a house for her and Ashley tells Jack that she will move when the time is right for her.moreless
  • Ep. #6987
    Ep. #6987
    Episode 142
    Victor asks Ashley if she's anxious about the baby and whether she plans to continue living with her family. When Victor asks Ashley about the baby's father, Ashley tells Victor that she's thinking of contacting him. Victor vents about Diane and how he wants her out of his life.
  • Ep. #6986
    Ep. #6986
    Episode 141
    Victor interrupts an argument between Victoria and Diane. He notices Diane has bought a crib for the baby and Diane tells him that she is prepared to convert the guest room where Victoria is sleeping into a nursery. Victor asks Diane what she wants from him and Diane tells Victor that she only wants Victor all to herself.moreless
  • Ep. #6985
    Ep. #6985
    Episode 140
    Victor asks Victoria what possessed her to sign Phyllis's contract. When Victoria defends her decision, Victor admits he has plans for Phyllis, but doesn't give Victoria any details. When Victoria asks Victor about Diane, he explains that nothing has changed. Victoria tells Victor that as long as Diane remains at the apartment, she'll be there too.moreless
  • Ep. #6984
    Ep. #6984
    Episode 139
    Victor assumes Nikki is fishing for information when she visits his office. Nikki tells Victor that she's glad that he is asking for a paternity test after Diane's baby is born. Victor admits to Nikki that he sent Ashley a gift for the baby and Nikki tells Victor that Ashley seems to be moving on with her life, with Brad's help.moreless
  • Ep. #6983
    Ep. #6983
    Episode 138
    Victor tells Neil that he wants a copy of Phyllis's contract immediately. Brad reminds Ashley that tonight is their last Lamaze class and asks her out to dinner afterwards. Olivia arrives and asks Ashley if she and Brad are getting closer.
  • Ep. #6982
    Ep. #6982
    Episode 137
    Phyllis drops by Victor's office and tells him that she has been warned to stay away from him, but she wanted to meet with him face to face. Victor tells her that he doesn't trust her, especially since she has a renewed friendship with Jack Abbot.
  • Ep. #6981
    Ep. #6981
    Episode 136
    Michael tells Diane that she is clinging to a pipe dream if she thinks Victor will accept the baby and her. Diane thinks it's a good sign that Victor hasn't kicked her out yet and feels that things will change once Victor holds the baby in his arms. Rianna mentions that Mac is still around and tells Brittany that Mac didn't say why she tried to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #6980
    Ep. #6980
    Episode 135
    Neil is surprised to see Victor back so soon. Victor expects Neil to make sure a close eye is kept on Phyllis. Victor goes to Gina's and spots Ashley. He asks her about her pregnancy and Ashley quickly reverses the question to ask how his pregnancy is going. Victor isn't aware that Diane has spread the news so quickly, but tells Ashley that he's keeping Diane at his apartment to keep the gossip columnists at bay.moreless
  • Ep. #6979
    Ep. #6979
    Episode 134
    Victoria welcomes Victor home. Victor immediately asks about "Brash and Sassy," and Victoria explains that she was able to hire Jabot's web site producer. She tells Victor that the producer is Phyllis, but assures him that Phyllis has changed her evil ways.
  • Ep. #6978
    Ep. #6978
    Episode 133
    Billy tells Jack that he doesn't remember having sex with Brittany, but Brittany claims they slept together the last night of the Glow house. Jack suggests they look at the videotape of the web cast. As they watch the tape, they find that there is a break in the signal.
  • Ep. #6977
    Ep. #6977
    Episode 132
    Victor asks Leanna how she knows about the baby, but she won't tell him. After Victor throws Leanna out, he accuses Diane of spreading the news about the baby to everyone she knows. Diane tells Victor that she is happy about the baby and wanted to tell her friends.
  • Ep. #6976
    Ep. #6976
    Episode 131
    As Diane prepares to go shopping, she is surprised to find Victor at the door. Victor asks Diane why she moved his sperm deposits from one lab to another. Diane asks Victor if it matters now because she's already pregnant with his child.
  • Ep. #6975
    Ep. #6975
    Episode 130
    Chris tells Paul that she's having reservations about having a baby. Paul cannot believe it when Chris admits she was happy to find out she wasn't pregnant and that she wants to wait two years to have a baby. Jill accuses Jack of manipulating Billy into signing the proxy. Billy knows that Jill is only upset because she cannot manipulate his vote.moreless
  • Ep. #6974
    Ep. #6974
    Episode 129
    Instead of making Brad a board member, John wants to give him an executive role in the company. Ashley suggests Billy be made a board member along with Brad, in order to keep an odd number of members on the board. When Jack, Jill and John approach Billy about the board seat, Billy thinks they're kidding, but agrees to accept the position. Jack senses there is tension between Billy and Jill.moreless
  • Ep. #6973
    Ep. #6973
    Episode 128
    Nikki visits Brad to discuss ideas for the new product line. Nikki is surprised to see Ashley and asks Brad if she spent the night. Brad admits that Ashley stayed the night and Nikki wants to know if they discussed getting Brad a board seat at Jabot. Jill tells John that hiring Phyllis is a big mistake.moreless
  • Ep. #6972
    Ep. #6972
    Episode 127
    Victor calls the reproductive lab, demanding to know what happened to his deposits. Nikki calls the lab as well and learns that Victor has been inquiring about his sperm. Victoria goes to Victor's apartment and Diane tells her that she spoke to Victor.
  • Ep. #6971
    Ep. #6971
    Episode 126
    Victor tells Neil that he's not sure when he'll return to Genoa City. After Victor reads a letter from Robertson Reproductive Labs, he calls Diane and tells her that he'll be home soon. She tells him that they are looking forward to his arrival.
  • Ep. #6970
    Ep. #6970
    Episode 125
    Billy explains to Jack that Mac is upset with him because of the "boyfriend" role he's been playing with Brittany. Jack asks Billy if he and Brittany could have done anything that would have upset Mac.
  • Ep. #6969
    Ep. #6969
    Episode 124
    Billy calls Mac and tells her he wants to come over. When Mac hangs up on him, a confused Billy goes to the Chancellor Estates. Esther answers the door and Mac asks Billy why he's there. Billy assumes Mac is upset because he didn't break up with Brittany when she asked him to drink again.moreless
  • Ep. #6968
    Ep. #6968
    Episode 123
    Raul alludes to Billy's romantic night with Brittany, but Billy is perplexed by Raul's remarks. Kay asks Mac if it is possible that she misinterpreted Billy and Brittany's relationship. Mac tells Kay that she saw Mac and Billy together with her own eyes.
  • Ep. #6967
    Ep. #6967
    Episode 122
    Phyllis agrees to have breakfast with Victoria. Victoria asks Phyllis about her working condition at Jabot and whether she's getting along with her employers. When Phyllis admits she's not under contract at Jabot, Victoria has a proposition for her. Phyllis senses Victoria wants something from her and asks Victoria who she really is. Chris checks the results of the home test and finds out she's pregnant. Paul is thrilled. They decide to spread the news at Paul's birthday party. When Chris arrives at work, Michael asks her if she's made a decision about the firm and Chris tells him that she's pregnant. Neil drops Lily off and asks Malcolm what Dru's future plans are. Malcolm insists he has no idea. Tomas tells Nina that her chapters are great, but the fourth chapter needs some work. When Tomas suggest Nina re-write the chapter, Nina becomes openly offended.moreless
  • Ep. #6966
    Ep. #6966
    Episode 121
    Mamie tells Jack that Ashley didn't come home last night and Jack begins to worry. Jack praises Phyllis on a job well done. They both comment on the large amount of hits on the web site. Phyllis asks if she can have a full-time position at Jabot as director of Internet Marketing.moreless
  • Ep. #6965
    Ep. #6965
    Episode 120
    While Mac cries in Kay's arms, Kay encourages her to tell her what's going on. Mac finally admits Billy had sex with another girl. Brittany leaves Billy asleep in the pool house. Brittany talks to Raul and Rianna, implying that she and Billy had sex.
  • Ep. #6964
    Ep. #6964
    Episode 119
    Mac slowly enters the pool house and sees a seemingly naked Brittany and Billy snuggled under a blanket. Billy's face is hidden from Mac, but she hears cries of passion coming from Brittany. Brittany hears Mac at the door and keeps up her act. Mac stands at the door, stunned by what she sees.moreless
  • Ep. #6963
    Ep. #6963
    Episode 118
    Brad visits Nikki and asks her why she's still wearing Victor's wedding ring. Victor calls to tell Nikki he left town because he needed to clear his head and that Diane is pregnant with his child. When Nikki hangs up, Brad advises Nikki to take off the ring.
  • Ep. #6962
    Ep. #6962
    Episode 117
    Brittany tells Phyllis that she will use sleeping pills to get Billy to relax. Phyllis doesn't want to hear anymore and warns Brittany not to interfere with the success of the website. Mac scolds Billy for allowing Brittany to give him a sensual massage. She begins to think Billy doesn't want to break up with Brittany at all. Brittany, still laying the groundwork for her plan, tells Mac that she and Billy have been sleeping together all summer. Ashley and Nikki decide to bury the hatchet. Ashley didn't realize Victor was out of town and admits to Nikki that she wanted her relationship with Victor to work. Tricia wants to salvage what is left of her marriage with Ryan, but Ryan admits that he's confused and needs time to think. Victoria tells Neil that Tricia's return surprised Ryan and her, but she knows that Ryan has given up on Tricia for good. When Victoria asks Ryan out to dinner, he declines. Drucilla is pleased with the photos Malcolm shot of her and believes that these photos will make it easy to jump start her career in Europe.moreless
  • Ep. #6961
    Ep. #6961
    Episode 116
    Billy explains to Brittany that he won't drink again because he made a promise to his family. Brittany tells Phyllis that her plan isn't working. Billy presses Rianna to admit her feelings for Raul. Paul guesses Chris is reluctant to take the pregnancy test because of their past disappointments.
  • Ep. #6960
    Ep. #6960
    Episode 115
    Phyllis tells Brittany to devise a plan to get Billy to drink that isn't too obvious. Brittany admits she's not sure of the idea because of Billy's history with alcohol. Phyllis begins the last day of the website taping and Brittany makes sure she flirts overtly with Billy in front of Mac.moreless
  • Ep. #6959
    Ep. #6959
    Episode 114
    Victor calls Victoria and tells her that Diane should remain at the apartment until he returns to Genoa City. Victor doesn't give any details as to what is going on, but assures Victoria that he has his reasons. When Diane tells Victoria that she is having Victor's child, Victoria tells her that she's pathetic.moreless
  • Ep. #6958
    Ep. #6958
    Episode 113
    Mac admits to Kay that she and Billy have been dating since the prom. Kay is outraged that Billy and Mac have had to sneak around because of Jill. She plans to deal with Jill when she returns from her business trip.
  • Ep. #6957
    Ep. #6957
    Episode 112
    Brittany plants her seed for revenge by telling Mac that she's in a better mood because Billy doesn't just want sex from her. Mac asks Billy if he and Brittany are having sex. Billy assures Mac that he doesn't know what Brittany is talking about. Later, Brittany sees Billy and gives him a hot kiss in front of Mac.moreless
  • Ep. #6956
    Ep. #6956
    Episode 111
    Mac tries to convince Billy that they should run away together, but Billy discourages her. Phyllis proposes a sleep-over for those who helped put the website together. Phyllis suggests to Brittany that she should trick Mac into thinking Billy is cheating on her.
  • Ep. #6955
    Ep. #6955
    Episode 110
    Jack and Phyllis discuss ways to wrap up the Glow campaign for the summer and Phyllis suggests a 24-hour live feed over the last weekend. Jill and Jack both agree to the idea and Jack thanks Phyllis for her exceptional work with the website.
  • Ep. #6954
    Ep. #6954
    Episode 109
    When Jill asks Brittany how her relationship with Billy is going, Brittany tells her that everything is fine. Phyllis asks Brittany why she didn't tell her the truth and Brittany admits that she's weighing her options, but she is going to make sure Billy and Mac pay. Phyllis encourages her not to tell Jill about Mac and Billy.moreless
  • Ep. #6953
    Ep. #6953
    Episode 108
    Ashley tells Victor that she now has restored faith in him and their relationship. She is stunned when Victor tells her that now that her family has ownership of Jabot, everything is finished - including their relationship. Diane attempts to call Victor, but is told that he is unable to accept her call because he's in a meeting with Ashley Abbott.moreless
  • Ep. #6952
    Ep. #6952
    Episode 107
    Billy and John are both glad to see Ashley in a better mood. John is relieved when he learns that Victor dropped the lawsuit. Ashley thinks Victor could be changing, but John tells her not to get her hopes up. Ashley goes to Victor's office to thank him. Victor forbids Diane from telling anyone about her pregnancy.moreless
  • Ep. #6951
    Ep. #6951
    Episode 106
    Nikki goes to Victor's office to discuss the lawsuit. She tells Victor that Brad is not violating the non-compete clause in his contract. Victor thinks Jack put Nikki up to this, but Nikki insists that she came on her own. Nikki is concerned for Ashley and tells Victor that if he continues to manipulate Ashley, she may lose her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #6950
    Ep. #6950
    Episode 105
    Brittany is devastated when J.T. shows her the footage of Billy and Mac at the prom. Jack, Nikki and Ashley try to decide who is the lesser of the two evils -- Victor or Brad. Michael thinks Phyllis is losing it when she suggests he may have a future with Christine. Tomas is concerned that Nina didn't like the chapters of his book.moreless
  • Ep. #6949
    Ep. #6949
    Episode 104
    Victoria comes to Victor's office to discuss business. She detects his unhappy mood and figures it has to do with Diane. Victor tells Victoria that Diane will do anything to get what she wants. Victoria offers to send her packing, but Victor insists he'll handle it himself. Victor calls the sperm bank to inquire about his sperm. He finds out that half of his sperm was ordered in April by his wife, Mrs. Victor Newman. One of the lab technicians foresees trouble and thinks there is something he can do. Jack warns Phyllis that he doesn't want the kids' lives dissected in the public. Phyllis insists that the kids' good looks will only go so far, the public wants drama. Mac tells Raul and Rianna that she doesn't trust Phyllis. Brittany admits she's in love with Billy and they kiss. Diane tells Michael that she is carrying Victor's child, but it's the worst thing she could've done. Just as Jill moves to call Amanda, Jill and Brady receive Mac's birth records via fax. They find that Mac is in fact the daughter of Brock and Amanda. Olivia advises Neil to deal with his unresolved feelings for Dru before he attempting to begin a relationship with her.moreless
  • Ep. #6948
    Ep. #6948
    Episode 103
    Victor is furious to hear that Diane had herself impregnated with his sperm. Mac admits to Billy that she doesn't trust Phyllis, and doesn't want her mother seeing her on-line. Paul learns that Jill is heading to St. Louis to find Mac's mother. Brady, Jill's private detective, poses as a magazine reporter to get information on Mac. After talking to Dru, Neil goes to see Olivia about their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #6947
    Ep. #6947
    Episode 102
    When Jack and Nikki break from their heated kiss, they pull themselves together and realize that now is the wrong time to get romantic. They agree to pursue their feelings once Jabot gets back on track. When Nikki and Jack discuss Diane's pregnancy, Jack reminds Nikki that Diane has always had her sights set on Victor, even when she was involved with other people. Nick and Sharon receive news that their Milwaukee establishment is booming and Nick is eager to open another store. They decide to travel for two weeks, one with the kids, and one week alone to find their next location. Warton is upset that Matt is getting close to Sharon. Matt assures Warton that it's all a part of his plan to take Nick down. Dru tells Malcolm that Neil insulted her by accusing her of only wanting to give him visitation options so that she can be alone with Malcolm. Malcolm insists Neil will soon get over his negative attitude. Dru kisses Malcolm and they make love. After Olivia gets Neil to admit he was too hard on Dru, he calls Dru and asks if they can meet. As Ashley returns from Victor's office, she finds Brad waiting for her. She accuses him of waiting to see if she would stand by her word without considering the cost to her, the baby, or her family. Diane comes to Victor's office with something very important to discuss. She tells him how heartbroken she was about not being able to have a child while they were married and then she reveals that he is the father the child she is carrying!moreless
  • Ep. #6946
    Ep. #6946
    Episode 101
    Victor is stunned when Ashley tells him that Jabot voted to keep Brad on. When Ashley says the deciding vote was hers, Victor is livid. He tells her that he went the extra mile for her, and she turned her back on it. Malcolm tells Dru that Lily will get used to their living arrangements in time. Dru goes to Neil's office to tell him she wants to discuss his visitation schedule with Lily. Neil insists Dru is dumping Lily on him so she can spend time with Malcolm. Dru tells him to go to hell and walks out on him. Warton approaches Sharon, but Matt intervenes on her behalf. Matt overhears Sharon and Cody discussing the success of the Milwaukee store, and the possibility of opening more stores. Matt asks her if she and Nick go out of town a lot. Ryan reveals the letter from Gary and reads it aloud. Victoria tells Ryan to burn the letter because her therapy is going well, and she's ready to continue the healing process. Jack, Brad and Nikki discuss Ashley's future with Victor. They agree that if Ashley went to tell Victor the news, it would probably be her last conversation with him. Jack tells Nikki that he misses how close they once were. They embrace and share a heated kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #6945
    Ep. #6945
    Episode 100
    Rianna believes that JT may be cheating on her but thinks it might be for the best.
  • Ep. #6944
    Ep. #6944
    Episode 99
    Nikki, Michael and Brad meet before the board meeting. Brad announces that he has decided to bow out of Jabot. Michael encourages him not to give in too soon. John, Ashley and Jack join them and Michael tells the group that the judge may rule in favor of Brad since he is not in direct contempt of his contract with Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #6943
    Ep. #6943
    Episode 98
    Jill confronts Mac about the letter and tells her that tampering with someone else's mail is a federal offense. Upset, Mac begs Jill not to contact her mother. Jill thinks that Mac could be a fraud after all and anticipates learning the truth when she speaks to Mac's mother.
  • Ep. #6942
    Ep. #6942
    Episode 97
    Chris walks in as Michael is trying to convince Brad that Jabot will not oust him. She asks what Brad is doing there. Jill tells Ashley that if she votes to not fire Brad, the fate of Jabot will be in her hands. As Brittany drinks more and continues to bash Billy, J.T. puts the moves on by stroking her hair and kissing her cheek.moreless
  • Ep. #6941
    Ep. #6941
    Episode 96
    Ashley reads Victor's letter, which makes it clear that he will sue Jabot unless they fire Brad. Jill and Jack agree that Brad should be eliminated, but Ashley, John and Nikki believe they should form a united front against Victor. Victor visits Ashley and assures her that he will not sue Jabot if they succeed in getting rid of Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #6940
    Ep. #6940
    Episode 95
    Michael arrives to meet with Victor and John Silva. He informs them that Brad does not have a seat on the board at Jabot and is only working on their men's line and a new line for women over forty. Victor notes that Michael was quick to minimize the need for documentation and senses there is more to Brad's story.moreless
  • Ep. #6939
    Ep. #6939
    Episode 94
    Jack claims that he can help Billy if he lets him know what's going on with Jill and Mac. Billy tells him that it's too complicated. Mac sees Billy and Brittany kissing and she becomes jealous.
  • Ep. #6938
    Ep. #6938
    Episode 93
    Kay shoves Jill into a table, warning her to leave Mac alone. Jill accuses Kay of intercepting the letter that came for her. Jill leaves and Kay knows she must act now in order to keep Mac from Jill's wrath. Jill calls the post office to find out who signed for the letter she never received. Olivia tells Ashley that if Neil wants to take their relationship to another level, he's going to have to make the first move. Neil picks Olivia up from the hospital. Mamie wonders what Dru has to speak to Neil about that is so urgent. Paul becomes upset after Chris informs him that she told Michael Baldwin of her plans to start a family. Phyllis and Michael make amends, both agreeing to put the past behind them. Chris spots them together. Victoria tells Sharon and Nick that she will be seeking therapy to help deal with her experience with Gary. Nick asks Sharon if she's interested in talking to someone about Matt Clark and the rape.moreless
  • Ep. #6937
    Ep. #6937
    Episode 92
    Brittany is taken aback to realize that Mac and Raul's break-up was not Mac's idea. Victoria catches Diane eavesdropping on her night with Ryan and goes looking for Victor. Mac and Dru's afterglow is interrupted by a call from Neil. Jack reminds Phyllis that he doesn't want the website to be melodramatic.moreless
  • Ep. #6936
    Ep. #6936
    Episode 91
    Billy goes to Jack in confidence and asks him if Jill has any skeletons in her closet. Jack asks if Billy is trying to blackmail Jill so that he and Mac can be together, but Billy doesn't answer. He only tells Jack that if he knew what Jill was doing to keep them apart, he would be shocked.moreless
  • Ep. #6935
    Ep. #6935
    Episode 90
    Ashley informs Nikki that Victor has filed suit against Brad for violating the non-compete clause in his contract. Nikki wonders if Victor will sue Jabot as well and wonders what Victor is holding back. Victoria tells Ryan that Victor approved the budget for Brash and Sassy and Jill overheard everything.
  • Ep. #6934
    Ep. #6934
    Episode 89
    Jill stops by Victor's office to ask about his plans to sue Jabot. He tells her that he is less likely to sue Jabot if they get rid of Brad. Jill returns to Jabot and informs Jack of her conversation with Victor.
  • Ep. #6933
    Ep. #6933
    Episode 88
    John Silva tells Victor that Brad's papers have been served. Victor is pleased and knows that Jack will move heaven and earth to get rid of Brad and save Jabot from a lawsuit. Brad is upset after finding that Victor is suing for retroactive damages. Ashley advises Brad to contact Victor and his lawyers.moreless
  • Ep. #6932
    Ep. #6932
    Episode 87
    In a meeting with John Silva and Neil, Victor explains that he wants to take Brad to court. John and Neil both want to know why Victor wants to act so drastically, but Victor only tells them Brad must be dealt with immediately. Brad tells Jack and Ashley that since Victor hasn't tried to sue by now, he probably won't.moreless
  • Ep. #6921
    Ep. #6921
    Episode 86
    Victor challenges Ryan to get Victoria focused on her work instead of his personal life. Ryan tells him that he can't force Victoria to do anything. Victoria thinks Diane's baby is the product of a one night stand. She accuses her of flaunting her pregnancy in front of Victor in order to gain charity and compassion.moreless
  • Ep. #6930
    Ep. #6930
    Episode 85
    Kay confronts Jill and tells her to leave Mac alone. Jill asks Kay what Mac has been telling her. Kay can tell that Mac is scared of Jill by the way she acts around her. Mac interrupts the conversation and Jill asks Mac what she has been saying about her. Later, Mac leaves to see Billy and Jill catches them together.moreless
  • Ep. #6929
    Ep. #6929
    Episode 84
    Victor takes Diane to the doctor when she has difficulties. Neil assures Victoria that whatever Victor and Ashley shared is long over. Jack is prepared to hire Phyllis for the website, but she no longer seems interested. Mac tells Raul she wants to be only friends. J.T. is suspicious of Billy's feelings for Mac. Malcolm accuses Dru of shying away from a relationship with him because she still wants Neil.moreless
  • Ep. #6928
    Ep. #6928
    Episode 83
    Michael orders Phyllis out of his office. She can't believe he and Christine are partners and insists that he conned Chris into it. Michael tells Phyllis that he wants nothing to do with her. Mamie thinks it is a good idea for Dru to stay at Neil's apartment while Olivia recovers.moreless
  • Ep. #6927
    Ep. #6927
    Episode 82
    As Victor watches Brad and Ashley, Victoria confronts him. She asks Victor why he didn't sue Jabot. Victor keeps his eyes on Brad and Ashley and Victoria realizes that he isn't suing because of Ashley. She asks Victor if he and Ashley are in a relationship.
  • Ep. #6926
    Ep. #6926
    Episode 81
    Victor instructs John Silva to take legal action against Brad, but to leave Jabot alone for the moment. Chris and Paul go to the fertility doctor. When Paul's sperm is tested and found to be fine, Chris wonders if she is the problem.
  • Ep. #6925
    Ep. #6925
    Episode 80
    John Silva tells Victor that Newman Enterprises can sue Brad as well as Jabot, if Jabot knew of Brad's contract with Newman Enterprises. John Silva and Victor decide to make a formal demand to Brad, having him describe his duties at Jabot. Ashley overhears Jack and Brad discussing her relationship with Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #6924
    Ep. #6924
    Episode 79
    Ashley and Jack confirm that the Glow By Jabot House is on, whether Jill agrees or not. Jack tells Raul, Billy and Brittany that the web site is up and running. Raul is happy that Mac will be spending so much time with him this summer, but when he begins kissing her, Mac tells him to stop.moreless
  • Ep. #6923
    Ep. #6923
    Episode 78
    Brad explains to Victoria how upset Nikki is, but Victoria tells Brad to mind his own business and asks where her mother is. Brad tells her that she is in Europe to get some distance from her. Brad apologizes to Ashley for getting upset over her relationship with Victor.
  • Ep. #6922
    Ep. #6922
    Episode 77
    Olivia talks with Nathan and he encourages her to find peace with herself. She admits that she's tired of fighting. Neil and Dru react in horror when Olivia's heart monitor flat-lines. Brittany and Raul arrive for the photo shoot.
  • Ep. #6921
    Ep. #6921
    Episode 76
    Victor gets a surprise visit from Governor Jesse Ventura. He says that he is in Genoa City for business and decided to stop by to see an old friend. Governor Ventura suggests they run together in the 2004 election under the ticket V & V.
  • Ep. #6920
    Ep. #6920
    Episode 75
    Nikki begs Victoria to try and work out their differences. Diane intervenes, but Nikki tells her to stay out of it. Victoria asks Diane if she's noticed that she's been stabbed in the back and tells her mother she has nothing to say to her.
  • Ep. #6919
    Ep. #6919
    Episode 74
    Diane offers to make peace with Victoria, but Victoria isn't buying it. She assures Diane that she doesn't want Diane living with Victor any more than Diane wants her there. Nikki sees Miguel carrying bags out of the house. He tells her that Victoria has moved in with Victor.
  • Ep. #6918
    Ep. #6918
    Episode 73
    Billy walks Mac to the house and Billy escapes before Raul and Jill enter. Jill suspects something is going on with Mac, but Mac covers. When Raul tells Mac that she will be featured in the Jabot commercial, Mac objects.
  • Ep. #6917
    Ep. #6917
    Episode 72
    Nina calls Chris to make plans for their annual 4th of July celebration, but Chris tells Nina that she and Paul want to spend the holiday alone. Mary calls Chris and Paul to invite them to her house for a 4th of July barbeque and Paul reluctantly accepts the invitation.
  • Ep. #6916
    Ep. #6916
    Episode 71
    Mac admits to Billy that she is afraid of Jill. She also tells him that she has to leave because her mother has legal custody of her. If Mac is found, she will have to return to her mother and step-father, who terrifies her. At first, Billy has a plan to reveal Jill's threats against Mac, but after he sees Mac's fear, they decide to keep their romance a secret until they figure out how to handle Jill.moreless
  • Ep. #6915
    Ep. #6915
    Episode 70
    Nick agrees to go along with Victor's terms and stay with Newman Enterprises for the sake of the family. Nick tells Victoria and Ryan that he's reconsidered Victor's proposal. Victoria and Ryan are thrilled, but Victoria is still concerned about Nick's acceptance of Nikki working at Jabot. She needs to know exactly where Nick stands because Newman Enterprises is suffering.moreless
  • Ep. #6914
    Ep. #6914
    Episode 69
    Nikki tells Jack that Victoria's reaction to her job at Jabot is worse than she anticipated. Jack explains that Mac will be the new star of the website campaign, but Jill insists that if Mac is in, Billy is out. Jack counters that if Jill pulls Billy out, the gap between her and her son will be bigger than ever.moreless
  • Ep. #6913
    Ep. #6913
    Episode 68
    Billy calls Mac and they discuss their new connection, but Mac hangs up the phone when Kay enters. She tells Kay that her prom was more than she could hope for. Jill interrupts and tells Mac not to forget the most important part.
  • Ep. #6912
    Ep. #6912
    Episode 67
    Ryan asks Victor if it is okay for him to help Victoria pick up the pieces at Brash and Sassy, as well as help repair her personal life. At first, Victor feels that Ryan is emotionally unstable himself, but then admits that Victoria needs a friend now. Victoria tells Nikki that she doesn't blame Victor for being upset with Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #6911
    Ep. #6911
    Episode 66
    Nick tells Victor he's quitting. Victor tells him that he is acting out of anger, but Nick insists that his decision is final and he doesn't need to think it over, as Victor demands. Victoria is worried about Nick and Victor's fallout and asks Nikki to speak to Victor.
  • Ep. #6910
    Ep. #6910
    Episode 65
    The camera follows Billy and Brittany all over the dance floor, but Mac also gets a lot of camera time, which doesn't make Jill happy. J.T. is intent on Brittany not being crowned prom queen and tells everyone to vote for Rianna.
  • Ep. #6909
    Ep. #6909
    Episode 64
    Jill reminds the director of the Glow Girl that the shoot is all about Brittany. J.T. and Brendan waste no time letting the other kids at the prom know that Brittany doesn't deserve to be prom queen. Nick and Victoria talk about the coffee house expansion, and Nick admits that he worries Victor will put a stop to his plans. Nina admits to Christine she's writing about the baby who was stolen from her.moreless
  • Ep. #6908
    Ep. #6908
    Episode 63
    Billy thinks his mother has too much invested in his prom date with Brittany, and Jill admits that there is a lot riding on this campaign. Victoria is supportive of Nick's ideas to expand the coffeehouse. Ashley asks Olivia to be the godmother to her baby. Nikki's attempts to get involved in the photo shoot are vetoed.moreless
  • Ep. #6907
    Ep. #6907
    Episode 62
    Victor finds Nikki at the Jabot lab. Nikki thinks he is there to see Ashley and they begin hurling verbal insults at each other. Victor is upset that Nikki didn't inform him about Nick's idea to expand the coffeehouse. Nikki is thrilled that Nick is trying to make a life for himself outside the family.moreless
  • Ep. #6906
    Ep. #6906
    Episode 61
    Victor is furious when he finds out that Nick is opening a Crimson Lights franchise in Milwaukee and plans to continue opening others. Nick doesn't feel he needs Victor's approval and insists he knows what he is doing. Victor tells Nick that his future is based on what Victor has given him. Victoria is bored at the spa and goes to see Ryan in Seattle. Ryan admits to her that Tricia has left him and he doubts she will be coming back. Victoria offers to stay with him until his business is settled, but Ryan feels there is too much history between them for her to stay. Jill is shocked when Lauren Fenmore shows up with prom dresses for Mac to try on. This prompts Jill to ask Brittany to fly out to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles with her to find the perfect dress. Jill doesn't want Mac outdoing the eventual prom queen and GLOW GIRL. When Lauren goes to visit Jack, she can tell there are problems going on at Jabot, but Jack doesn't want to discuss it. He is thrilled that she is in town and recalls how easy it is to talk to her. Raul sells Ashley on an idea to promote GLOW on the JABOT web page.moreless
  • Ep. #6905
    Ep. #6905
    Episode 60
    Victor tells Neil that his major concern is mending fences with Nick. He decides to stop insisting Nick sell the coffeehouse and give him a board seat at Newman Enterprises. Chris defends Michael to Sharon, saying that he never told Alice about the adoption. Alice only found out about the adoption after Cassie called to invite her to the adoption party.moreless
  • Ep. #6904
    Ep. #6904
    Episode 59
    Sharon and Miguel prepare for Cassie's party. Nick tells Sharon he set up an interview with a potential new manager for Crimson Lights II that evening. John Silva comes by to drop off the adoption papers. Sharon and Nick are thrilled that Cassie is officially theirs.
  • Ep. #6903
    Ep. #6903
    Episode 58
    Victor arrives home, still brooding over Ashley. Diane realizes he's upset over Ashley and Victor asks Diane to join him for dinner. When Victor leaves the room to change, Marissa enters with Diane's luggage, but Diane tells her to put the luggage back. Marissa explains that the bid she placed on the house has been accepted and she can move right away.moreless
  • Ep. #6902
    Ep. #6902
    Episode 57
    Nikki walks out on Brad after learning he knew about Ashley and Victor's relationship and didn't tell her. Ashley still wonders if there is a chance that Victor will sue Jabot. Nikki and Nick talk about Nick's plans to expand the coffeehouse, and Nikki's newfound independence. Billy believes that Mac requested they no longer tutor together, but it was Brock.moreless
  • Ep. #6901
    Ep. #6901
    Episode 56
    Ashley tells Victor that he means the world to her, but since she cannot trust him, their relationship has to be over. Victor insists it will never be over for them. Neil explains to Victor that he still hasn't figured out who came up with the other half of Jabot's loan.moreless
  • Ep. #6900
    Ep. #6900
    Episode 55
    Brad thinks the prom queen ad campaign might work, but is angry with Jack for keeping him out of the loop. Jack insists they can't do anything to make Victor suspicious. Neil doesn't understand what Victor is going to do with the information regarding Brad's loan to Jabot.
  • Ep. #6899
    Ep. #6899
    Episode 54
    Jack, Ashley and Billy head for the Coffeehouse to find out if the kids are actually going to vote for Brittany. Jill's idea of a prom queen for the GLOW GIRL might be just what they need to promote the product. Jack asks Mac's opinion of the idea and she thinks it's very cool.moreless
  • Ep. #6898
    Ep. #6898
    Episode 53
    Jack explains that they are lucky Brad and Nikki put up the money or else Victor would have stolen the company from them. John isn't happy that they both want seats on the board. Jack mentions that Brad had a clause in his contract with Victor and legally can't accept a job with the competition. He tells John he is working on it with a lawyer. Jack tries to comfort Ashley over her broken relationship with Victor, but she turns away. Brad meets up with Michael at the restaurant and tries to lay the ground work for his dealings with Jack. Victor tells Diane he had no idea she was pregnant and wants her to spend another night in the apartment. He wonders who the father could be. Victor then calls Ashley, begging her not to hang up. She tells him that he has deliberately hurt her family and hangs up the receiver. Dru is upset when she learns that she is not an exact match to her sister. However, the bone marrow transplant can still take place. Olivia asks Neil to bring Nate to the hospital to visit her before the chemotherapy starts.moreless
  • Ep. #6897
    Ep. #6897
    Episode 52
    Nikki warns Brad not to go to see Victor. She is sure Victor will know if he is lying, but Brad disagrees. Brad tells Victor that he knows about the Jabot situation through Ashley and how betrayed she feels. He assures him that even if he did have information about what was going on he wouldn't tell him. Victor is sure that Brad knows more than he is letting on. When John arrives home from his trip and wants to know about the business, Jack reveals that Brad and Nikki are the new investors in Jabot. Chris doesn't think that Michael did the right thing by siding with Jack; he needs to be objective if he is going to mediate between Jack, Brad and Victor. Mac is feeling the strain of working with Billy and asks Brock to help change her schedule at the shelter. Billy is looking at a picture of Mac while saying good night to Brittany over the phone. Victor arrives home and is surprised to see that Diane is still there. She starts lifting a heavy bag when Marissa stops her. Victor asks what's going on and Diane reveals that she is pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #6896
    Ep. #6896
    Episode 51
    Ashley informs Brad that Victor was holding the note on Jabot. She thinks it's possible that Victor may have been using her the whole time they were together. Nikki enters the boardroom as Ashley leaves to look in on Olivia. Nikki wonders why Ashley was in Brad's arms when she arrived.moreless
  • Ep. #6895
    Ep. #6895
    Episode 50
    Neil agrees to look out for Nate if something happens to Victoria, which leaves Malcolm furious. J.T. is determined for Brittany not to become prom queen. Jill suggests Brittany to Brad and Jack as the new face of Glow. Ashley plans to formally announce her pregnancy. Victor dismisses Nikki's career and suggests a long vacation.moreless
  • Ep. #6894
    Ep. #6894
    Episode 49
    Diane reminds Victor that she is moving out today. She insists on making breakfast for him, pondering when to tell him about her pregnancy. Later she tells Marissa that since Ashley is now out of the picture, Victor will only have her to turn to. Marissa is skeptical.
  • Ep. #6893
    Ep. #6893
    Episode 48
    Ashley is furious at Victor. She is no longer blinded by love and sees him for the manipulative, ruthless man he really is. She never wants anything to do with him again and leaves. Diane is surprised when she learns that Jack had no idea she informed Ashley of Victor's plot to take over Jabot. Jack admires the fact that she was able to get Ashley out of Victor's life and now stands a chance with him. Michael is about to call Alice when Nick barges into his office. Nick states that Chris will not be handling Cassie's final adoption and wants Michael to stay clear of Alice. When Michael finally does speak to Alice, he holds back the fact that Sharon and Nick are planning to adopt Cassie. However, the mention of Cassie's name sets Alice's mind in motion. Chris confides in Paul that she won't be working on Cassie's case any longer. Paul tells her not to beat herself up over it and urges her to move on. Malcolm overhears Olivia tell Neil that she wants him to be Nate's guardian, but Neil asks her to reconsider. Malcolm puts Nate to bed, telling him he will always be there for him.moreless
  • Ep. #6892
    Ep. #6892
    Episode 47
    Victor calls Nikki and demands to know why she isn't taking care of Victoria at the ranch. Nikki rushes home to find out what's wrong. When Victor arrives, they are able to talk Victoria into spending time at a spa in order to get her mind off Gary. Nikki wants to talk to Victor about what's going on, but he just stares at her and heads for the door.moreless
  • Ep. #6891
    Ep. #6891
    Episode 46
    Ashley is looking at a magazine article about Victor Newman. She flashes back to recent moments with Victor and wonders how many times can she continue to let herself be fooled by him. Jack arrives to update Ashley on the Jabot loan situation. It seems that the companies that held the loans have been bought up by another company. They both realize that Victor must be behind it. Brock senses there is something wrong with Mac and wants to help her. She confides in him about Billy and that there is no way he could ever care for her. Brock wants to be there for her and Mac appreciates it. She calls him Dad for the first time. Billy is down by the pool looking at a picture of Mac when Brittany arrives. He is glad to see her. When Raul realizes Mac hasn't arrived he calls her at home. She tells him she isn't feeling well, but he talks her into coming over to Billy's for awhile. Brock and Kay talk about the loss of Kay's husband, Phillip. Brock tells both her and Jill that they must honor his spirit.moreless
  • Ep. #6890
    Ep. #6890
    Episode 45
    Kay visits Victoria and tries to convince her to rest before returning to the office. Victor is furious when he finds out that Nikki left Victoria alone to go shopping. In the Jabot boardroom, Jack, Jill, Ashley, Brad and Nikki are trying to define their roles in the company. Nikki is insulted when Ashley states that she should be placed where she can get the best training. Later, Nikki is taking in the ambience of the boardroom when Victor calls, demanding to know where she is. Sharon and Nick are stunned that Chris is working with Michael Baldwin. Chris asks them to give him another chance. When Chris leaves, they approach Paul and ask how he can support what Chris is doing. Back at the office, Chris is upset that Michael made a pitch without talking to her first. Michael defends himself by saying many law firms are after the case. He feels justified when he receives a call telling him they have the case. Billy and Mac talk about their relationship. Billy decides that they will be best friends since he has Brittany and she has Raul. Nina asks Tomas if he read her manuscript while she was out.moreless
  • Ep. #6889
    Ep. #6889
    Episode 44
    Brad and Nikki get together before their first board meeting. They are both excited and begin to kiss, but Jill arrives and tells them to save it. During the meeting, Jill comments on Nikki's behavior in the boardroom. Brad steps in and tells them to be civil since they are on the same team. Jill feels like they are ganging up on her and leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #6888
    Ep. #6888
    Episode 43
    When Victoria returns from the hospital, she tells her parents that it's good to be home. Victor and Nikki express concern about her recovery, but she insists that she must get on with her life. Later, Victoria looks out the window and remembers her nightmare experience with Gary. She breaks down and sobs. Ashley is angry with Jack. If it wasn't for the bad blood between Victor and him, she would still have her relationship with Victor. Ashley is worried that Victor bought up more of the Jabot debts than they are aware of and wants to find out exactly what debts Victor owns. Nikki's enthusiasm for her new position at Jabot forces Jack to warn her to restrain herself when it comes to Ashley. Ashley has more knowledge in the business than she does. Mac is surprised when Brittany shows up at the Chancellor Estate. Jill wants Brittany to help keep Billy from drinking. Raul tells Mac that they should put in a good word about Brittany to Billy's parents. Tomas lets Nina shave off his mustache.moreless
  • Ep. #6887
    Ep. #6887
    Episode 42
    Ashley feels that Jack should tell John about the new loan before John hears about it somewhere else. He agrees, but wants to do so in person. Ashley is sorry she let her guard down with Victor and is now paying the price. Victor wonders if there is any connection between Jabot's loan being paid off and Ashley's mood change. Diane knows something is bothering him and tries to find out what it is. Victor doesn't think it's any of her business. Victor demands that Forsythe find out how the whole thing went down. Later, Victor answers the phone and when no one speaks, he asks if it is Ashley. He desperately wants to talk to her. Jill finds Brittany and Billy alone at the pool area. Brittany excuses herself and Billy tries to defend himself, swearing that Raul and Mac just left. He explains that he likes Brittany and wants Jill to reconsider his grounding. Jill tells herself that she will have to get to know Brittany better. Mac daydreams that Billy can't stop thinking about her. Dru is shocked to find out that Olivia needs a bone marrow transplant and rushes to her side.moreless
  • Ep. #6886
    Ep. #6886
    Episode 41
    Victor is trying to come to a decision about the Jabot loan when Ryan arrives at his office. Forsythe leaves the two alone to talk. Ryan informs Victor that he wants to take an assignment in Seattle because of his situation with Tricia.
  • Ep. #6885
    Ep. #6885
    Episode 40
    At first, Ashley refuses to reveal to Jack how she knows that they are being swindled. She then confesses to Jack that Victor is behind the deceit and they need to make a deal with Brad and Nikki as soon as possible. When Brad finds out that Jack is part of the negotiations, he declines to be a part of it. Forsythe finally meets Victor and informs him that the Abbott meeting went well. Victor tells him he is reevaluating his entire strategy because he may have too much to lose. Nick admits to Warton that he was wrong about him being the stalker. However, he can't forget about what happened between them while they were in prison together. Warton answers his cell phone and quietly tells someone that he is getting reacquainted with their mutual friend, Nick. Tricia finally agrees to go with Ryan. Keith offers her a place to stay if things don't work out and warns Ryan not to mess up. Neil wonders why he and Dru ever slept together. He wishes they had worked things through before she left. She assumes he is blaming her and goes for the door, but Neil stops her. Malcolm is telling Olivia about Dru's return from Paris when she collapses, falling to the ground.moreless
  • Ep. #6884
    Ep. #6884
    Episode 39
    Diane tells Ashley that Victor wants to bring down Jack and is using Ashley to do so. Ashley doesn't believe her and leaves. She spots a note on Connie's desk indicating that Forsythe's meeting with Jack went very well and that Jack totally took the bait. Ashley finds Brad and Nikki and asks them to hurry over to Jabot. She then informs Jack that they have been tricked and it's all her fault. Victor is surprised to find Diane in his office. He asks if Ashley was still there when she arrived. Sharon wants to know if Nick has spoken to his father about their trip to Milwaukee. Nick tells her that he plans to discuss it with Victor tomorrow. The worst case scenario is that they will be out on their own, which is scary, but exciting. Nick says that he is glad that the stalker is behind bars. Warton approaches and says he agrees with Nick. Ryan wants Tricia to stay with him and work out their problems instead of running off to London. Tricia feels that only her father understands what she is going through. Neil is furious when Malcolm tells him he flew to Paris to see Dru. When he goes to leave, Dru is standing at the door.moreless
  • Ep. #6883
    Ep. #6883
    Episode 38
    Paul and Nick are able to subdue Gary and rescue Victoria. While Nick takes her to the hospital to be checked out by a doctor, Paul heads up to the main house to tell Nikki and Sharon that Victoria has been found. Nikki calls Victor at the office and wants him to meet her at the hospital. Ashley is there with him and as he kisses her goodbye, he tells her that he loves her. She is glad that everything has worked out. When Diane arrives at the office, she is hoping to see Victor, but instead she finds Ashley. Diane warns Ashley that her world is about to blow up and nothing but heartbreak lies ahead. Jack and Jill are having at drink at Gina's when Jill spots Forsythe. She wants to secure a memo from him stating that they will have their loan answer by a certain date, but Jack doesn't want to appear desperate. Jill feels it's time to talk to Nikki about helping to bail Jabot out of their financial problems. Ryan tells Tricia that she should come with him to Seattle, but she doesn't think that will help her. When Keith arrives she begins to pack her bags to go to London with him.moreless
  • Ep. #6882
    Ep. #6882
    Episode 37
    Gary returns to the tree house with rope and a knife. He wants to secure Victoria and sedate her so he can escape. He promises that he won't hurt her but needs to silence the Gabrielle's voice in his head. Nick thinks he knows where Gary may have taken Victoria. They head for the tree house and hear Victoria screaming, but Gary warns them to stay away as he slowly backs up to the railing. Jill and Ashley are at odds about the status of Jabot. Ashley storms out after Jill taunts her about her relationship with Victor. Jack and Forsythe finally meet face to face. Jack hands him the papers to sign, but Forsythe says he must take them before the board. Jack is worried that the final okay will be too late. Ryan tells Nina and Tomas that he doesn't know what to do about Tricia. While he hopes that his love will carry them through, at the same time, Keith is convincing Tricia that she must come back to London with him.moreless
  • Ep. #6881
    Ep. #6881
    Episode 36
    Victoria tries to convince Gary that the woman's voice he is hearing isn't hers. She is finally able to free herself, but before she can escape, Gary stops her to make sure she is no longer a threat to him. When Nick finally arrives at home, Victor questions why he was in Milwaukee. Nick replies that it's more important to find Victoria than explain his trip right now. He leaves to meet Paul and Ross at the Newman tack room. Ryan mentions to Tricia that he heard Megan is staying with a friend in Boston. Tricia refuses to go out to dinner because she thinks people look at her as the person who murdered Tony. Phillip arrives home and meets Tomas. He questions Nina's relationship with him and then leaves to meet a friend. Malcolm tells Dru how much Neil loves her and how upset he was when she left town. Dru is adamant that Neil must accept her career if he wants to get back together. Olivia tries to talk to Neil about Dru, but he doesn't want to discuss it and tells Olivia to back off.moreless
  • Ep. #6880
    Ep. #6880
    Episode 35
    Victoria talks Gary into getting some water. When he leaves, she is able to free her wrists. Gary returns and Victoria hides her hands. As Victoria is telling Gary that she forgives him because he is her friend, Gary begins to hear Gabrielle's voice telling him how pathetic he is. He screams that he will shut her up. Victor is discussing the Forsythe issue with Neil when Ashley arrives at his office. Victor fears she has overheard his conversation. She embraces him and then suggests he go home and be with Nikki. Jack visits Nikki at the ranch to try and comfort her. Mac is questioning Billy about his evening at the pool house when Brittany arrives. When Brittany expresses how much fun she had last night, Mac's face reveals there is something wrong. When Mac leaves, Brittany asks Billy if Mac has a thing for him. Mac watches as the two kiss. Mamie arrives at Olivia's office. She wants to know what's going on between Olivia and Neil. Liv admits there's something there, but the timing hasn't been right. Sid catches Malcolm before he leaves. He tells Malcolm that Dru must come to grips with her life, otherwise she is going to lose her lucrative modeling career.moreless
  • Ep. #6879
    Ep. #6879
    Episode 34
    Paul informs Victor that Genoa City has been completely blocked off and suggests that they try an air search. Victor okays it and then thinks of something else. Ashley and Jack are arguing over the Jabot loan. Jack wonders if Victor is somehow involved with the loan and it being in jeopardy. Their attention is drawn to the TV, where Victor is pleading for the release of his daughter. Nikki watches from her living room in tears. Nick and Sharon leave with the kids to play miniature golf just as the report comes on. Victoria wakes up in the tree house with her wrists taped so she can't escape. She begs Gary to let her go, promising not to reveal his location. Gary accuses her of lying and vows the police won't take him. Mac and Billy almost collide in the school hallway. He comments on her kissing Raul the night before and she gets on his case about going down to the pool house with Brittany. He asks if it bothered her. In Paris, Dru is getting ready for a photo shoot when Malcolm arrives an asks what she's running from. After she insists that the door is closed between Neil and her, Malcolm decides to give up trying to bring his brother and Dru back together.moreless
  • Ep. #6878
    Ep. #6878
    Episode 33
    Nikki suggests that maybe Gary and Victoria just went off to be alone. Paul tells her about the pictures and stationary found in Gary's apartment. Victor and Nikki go back to the ranch to wait for word on their daughter. Nikki wonders where Nick and his family could be when she can't get hold of them on the phone. Nick tells Cassie that when they get home, he is going to fix up his old tree house for her and Noah to play in. Diane admits to Michael that she knows Victor plans to take over Jabot and she intends to tell Ashley. Michael warns her that she might ruin her chances with Victor. Billy and Brittany head for the pool house and leave Mac and Raul to be alone. Mac can't help but watch Billy leave. Brittany takes out a bottle of liquor and wants Billy to take a sip to loosen up, but he refuses. He asserts that he just wants the two of them to hang out. Brock gets in the middle of a feud between Jill and Katherine. She warns him not to side with Kay just because she's family.moreless
  • Ep. #6877
    Ep. #6877
    Episode 32
    Victor and Forsythe are going over the plan to ruin Jack when Victor gets a call from Paul, telling him that Victoria is in trouble. Nikki and Brad are at Gina's when Victor calls Nikki to meet him at the D.A.'s office. Paul explains to them that Gary is the stalker and has abducted Victoria. He assures them that she will be found soon. Sharon and Nick are making vacation plans and fail to answer the phone call from Victor. Diane wants to vent her problems regarding Victor to Michael, but he isn't interested in her love life. She then tells him that she overheard Victor and Neil talk about Jabot and how they are taking revenge on Jack. Michael advises her not to say anything and let it blow up in Victor's face. Billy and Mac meet up at the shelter after school. Brock arrives and questions why Billy is there. Mac wants to know why her father was rude to Billy. Nina is surprised to see that things are going well with Chris and Paul. Chris tells Nina that Paul decided to support her decision to work with Michael. Katherine lets Jill think that she is giving Jabot the money to pay off the loan. Jill is furious.moreless
  • Ep. #6876
    Ep. #6876
    Episode 31
    Victoria sees her pictures on the bedroom wall. She panics and tries to leave, but Gary is standing at the door. He tries to explain to Victoria that he never intended to hurt her. She must understand that he has changed since being with her. When Paul can't reach Victoria on her cell phone he calls her bodyguard and tells him to wait there. When Paul arrives, they decide to break down the door. Sharon and Nick talk about how happy they are together. They hope that Victoria and Gary can someday share the same joy. Jack pleads with Katherine to help Jabot. Nikki doesn't want Katherine to help because she wants Jack to accept her and Brad's offer. Jack is angry and leaves. Back at the office he receives a call from Forsythe telling him he wants to discuss the Jabot loan when he comes to town. Forsythe then calls Victor to let him know that Jack is taking the bait. Victor fears that his scheme might hurt Ashley. Diane finds Brad and informs him that Victor and Ashley are seeing each other, but she is sure it won't last. However, she won't reveal to Brad why she is certain of this.moreless
  • Ep. #6875
    Ep. #6875
    Episode 30
  • Ep. #6874
    Ep. #6874
    Episode 29
    Ashley asks Victor about his dinner with Diane. He doesn't anticipate any problems with her and soon she will be out of his life permanently. He wants Ashley to move in with him. Diane tells Michael that she wants revenge on the woman who took Victor away from her and she thinks it's Ashley, but she's not certain. Meanwhile, Marissa sees Victor holding Ashley's hand at Yves' restaurant. Victoria tells Gary she is looking forward to dinner at his place. He claims a grease fire in his kitchen has made a huge mess and he promises she can come over when it's cleaned up. Later, a curious Victoria and her bodyguard arrive at Gary's. Paul seeks out Dr. Cooper to discuss the stalker. They agree that Ross doesn't fit the profile. They should be looking for a man who fantasizes about a woman than actually be with her. Megan declines Keith's invitation to spend time in London with him because she feels she needs time to herself. Megan comes to Tricia's apartment to say good-bye and finds her sister totally distraught. In Paris, when Sid notices that Dru isn't herself in front of the camera, she wonders if something is wrong. Dru calls Malcolm saying she's sorry for leaving without talking to him. She wishes she had stayed in Paris, her leaving disrupted too many lives.moreless
  • Ep. #6873
    Ep. #6873
    Episode 28
    Diane feels the evening is going well until Victor tells her that she has to vacate his apartment in two weeks. He offers to put her up in a hotel. The evening ends without her revealing to Victor that she is pregnant. She vows that he will not get rid of her. Ashley informs Olivia that she is dating Victor. Olivia wonders how Jack is taking the news. Nikki finds Jack and suggests that she and Brad help bail Jabot out of its financial bind. Jack is adamant about not working with Brad, but he would accept a loan from Katherine. Cassie is excited about the party Nick wants to throw for her official adoption. She wants all her friends and family there. Ryan tells Megan that he knows Tricia would never hurt Tony on purpose, but Megan is furious that Ryan would defend her. He asks how he can help. Megan wants a job so she can save enough money and leave. Tomas and Nina have a great time at Chris and Paul's. However, Nina tells Chris that she is afraid the situation between Megan and Tricia is on the verge of blowing up. Malcolm meets up with Neil at the gym. Neil doesn't want to discuss Dru and he tells Malcolm to relay that same message to Olivia.moreless
  • Ep. #6872
    Ep. #6872
    Episode 27
    A reluctant Jack leaves Victor and Ashley alone. Ashley feels her baby move and asks Victor if he wants to feel it. They happily share a beautiful moment together. When Ashley asks if he wants to have dinner tonight, he reminds her that he is dining with Diane. When he arrives home, Diane tells him she wants everything to be just right. He thinks their talk is long overdue. Brad and Nikki discuss pooling their money and buying into Jabot. Brad has another idea; they could buy out a different company and work as a team. Billy and Mac have a good time working together at the shelter. When they realize what personal feelings they have for each other, Billy suggests they be honest with themselves and go for it. Megan wants to apologize to Sharon and thanks her for exposing the truth. She still wonders if Tricia hit Tony on purpose, but only Tricia knows for sure. Ryan asks Tricia why she would have kissed Tony. She claims she was confused and begs him not to turn his back on her. Again Ryan suggests therapy. Nina and Tomas meet at Paul and Chris' apartment for dinner.moreless
  • Ep. #6871
    Ep. #6871
    Episode 26
    When Jill spots Victor at Gina's she questions him about his relationship with Ashley. He responds that it's none of her concern. She counters that it is her concern when it affects Jabot. Nikki shows up at Brad's door. She doesn't want him to back away from the Jill's offer. If he gets a foot in Jabot then maybe there is a chance for her. Jack refuses to listen to Ashley's plea to get financial help from Brad or Victor. She doesn't believe things can get much worse at this point. Victor arrives and Jack wants to know what he's doing there. Victoria takes Gary to the old tree house at the ranch for their picnic. They both enjoy the privacy and share a few kisses. When Ross refuses to talk, Paul turns to a girl from the office that Ross had dated. Susan tells Paul that Ross was full of himself, but she thought Gary was really cute. Raul runs into Brittany at the coffeehouse. He hopes they can all end up being friends. Brittany rolls her eyes; she can't think of anything duller. Mac and Billy meet at the homeless shelter and she asks him what he was dreaming about when she tried to wake him yesterday. Megan slaps Tricia when she admits that she kissed Tony at the Colonnade Room. Megan can't help but wonder if she killed Tony on purpose.moreless
  • Ep. #6870
    Ep. #6870
    Episode 25
    Brad visits Ashley at the Jabot lab. She asks if Jill has told him about the company's financial troubles. Brad confirms that he turned Jill down, but wanted to see how they were doing. An enraged Jack walks in and orders Brad to leave. Brad thinks Jack is stubborn and doesn't know why they tolerate him. Jill is able to dodge John's questions about her fight with Jack by changing the subject to Billy. John informs Jill that Billy is going to work at the shelter. At school, Billy lets Brittany know that she can visit the house as long as Mac and Raul are there. She isn't pleased with the arrangement, but it is a big house and she hopes they can have some time alone. Later, Billy goes to the shelter and finds out he will be working alongside Mac. Miguel welcomes Nikki home and then tells Victoria her picnic is ready. Gary arrives at the ranch. He explains he doesn't have much time. When Victoria offers to call his boss, he agrees to go on a picnic in the woods with her, minus her bodyguard. Paul visits Ross and reassures him, saying there is nothing to worry about if he's not the stalker. Tricia admits to Megan that she did help Grace in her attempt to break her and Tony up, but it was all Grace's idea.moreless
  • Ep. #6869
    Ep. #6869
    Episode 24
    Victor is thrilled when Neil tells him that Jack took the bait and contacted Forsythe regarding the loan. Jack stole Victor's company from him and he wants to squeeze every last drop of agony out of him. Ashley tells Jack that she believes an alliance with Victor could open a window of opportunity, but Jack thinks it would be a fatal mistake. Jack feels that Ashley is being conned by Victor. Sharon tells Victoria that they are planning a celebration for Cassie's formal adoption. Nick asks her about Gary. He wants to know how the romance is progressing. Later, Victoria invites Gary to the ranch for a working lunch. He tries to dissuade her but she insists. Gary hears a woman's voice telling him that everyone is going to know that he couldn't do it. Paul explains to Chris that he thinks the person who gave Ross the bail money is the real stalker. Keith insists that Megan take a long, hard look at the role she played in this family mess. Her relationship with Tony was only infatuation. This prompts Megan to reveal her wedding ring and the fact that Tony was her husband. Olivia asks Dru if she is sure that returning to Paris is the right thing to do. Dru says that she isn't ready to give up her career and Neil's attitude toward her working hasn't changed. She is leaving today and Lily will join her in a few weeks.moreless
  • Ep. #6868
    Ep. #6868
    Episode 23
    When Victor returns home, he wonders why Diane is so curious about his trip to Maine. She covers by telling him she will cook dinner at home tonight. Victor thinks it's a great idea, which thrills Diane. Jill and Jack are anxious about their impending loan disaster. Ashley tells them to calm down and suggests that maybe Victor could help them. Jack thinks she is out of her mind. Malcolm wonders why Olivia is so concerned about Dru and Neil. She assures him that she has no lingering feelings for Neil. If Neil and Dru were to get back together, she would be the first to congratulate them. Dru tells Neil that she plans to return to Paris. Neil feels foolish for thinking things would be different this time. Nick asks Sharon if she thinks its right to not allow Megan to put the tragedy of Tony's death behind her. He is sure the truth will come out without her interference. Tricia is angry when Ryan won't tell her where Megan is staying. When Megan walks in the front door, Tricia demands to know where she has been.moreless
  • Ep. #6867
    Ep. #6867
    Episode 22
    Victor tells Ashley that he is having dinner with Diane tomorrow evening to discuss some important issues. Ashley doesn't understand. Victor changes the subject and tells her what a great mother she will make. Diane confides in Michael that she thought she and Victor were growing closer, but she thinks he has another woman. She vows not to allow Victor to leave her again. Megan decides to stay with Nina. She doesn't want to face the truth about Tricia. Keith finally realizes that Tricia is in a very complicated situation and should go back to Ryan and her marriage. When she arrives home, she avoids going to bed with Ryan, telling him she's tired from a long day. Paul tells Chris that he will accept her decision to work with Michael. He loves her and misses her. Dru, Neil and Lily return from a lovely evening together. Neil tells Dru that the guestroom is made up for her. Dru tells herself she can't get sucked into this family situation.moreless
  • Ep. #6866
    Ep. #6866
    Episode 21
    Ashley and Victor are heading to their destination aboard the Newman jet. Victor finds it fascinating getting to know her again. Diane is overwhelmed to find out she is having Victor's child. She phones the jet to get in touch with him but when Ashley answers, Diane hangs up. Victoria and Gary agree that it's getting late and they both have to work tomorrow. She gets a kiss out of him and then he leaves. Later, Gary hears the voice of his old girlfriend asking why he can't have sex with her. He grabs a letter opener and violently slashes at the pictures of Victoria. Billy confides in Jack that it would be easier for him if Brittany was there when Mac came over. Jack tells him he can't mask his feelings forever. John offers to ease up on Billy's grounding if he promises to work at the homeless shelter. Mac explains to Brock that she and Billy are just good friends, but Brock and Kay still don't think Mac and Billy should hang out together. Paul tells Chris that they are at an impasse in their marriage and he has made a decision.moreless
  • Ep. #6865
    Ep. #6865
    Episode 20
    Victoria instructs her bodyguard not to frisk Gary since she is expecting him. She then gives Miguel the night off. After dinner Victoria gives Gary a very romantic kiss, but he pulls away and stares at her. She innocently asks what's wrong. Paul has a strong feeling that whoever put up the bail for Ross is also the stalker. Jack is nervous about what Jill might be saying, but Ashley tells him not to worry. If they fail, they will fail as a family. A limo then picks Ashley up and takes her to Victor's private plane where they will fly to a romantic spot for dinner. Jill explains to Brad that she's trying to raise $70 million to cover the Jabot loan. Jill emphasizes an ownership position in the company and urges him to think about it. Diane sends Marissa out to buy a pregnancy test knowing that results could change her life -- and Victor's-- forever. Raul and Mac arrive at Billy's house but can't find him. When Raul goes upstairs, Mac finds Billy asleep on the couch. Billy is confused. He has been dreaming of Mac and now she is actually there. He tells her he can't take it any longer and asks them both to leave. Later Billy confides in John that he thinks he's losing his mind.moreless
  • Ep. #6864
    Ep. #6864
    Episode 19
    Victoria is impressed with Gary's new ideas. She wants to celebrate by having him cook dinner at his place. Gary says his place is a mess and was hoping she would fix him dinner at the ranch. Victoria doesn't think they will have privacy out there until Nikki tells her that she is leaving for New York. Victoria only hopes it isn't with Brad. Jack is counting on Cheyenne Partners, the new holder of the Jabot loan, to give him an extension. Jill thinks it's strange that the loan was bought out at this time. Jack worries that Jill will go to John with this information. Instead, she goes to Brad telling him of an opportunity at Jabot. Victor is dead set on destroying Jack and Brad, but he doesn't want to include John and Ashley. John offers to help out at the homeless shelter where Brock and Mac are working. Raul arrives to ask Mac if she wants to go visit Billy. She is reluctant at first, but John urges her to go. Billy is on his way home from school when Brittany spots him. She isn't happy that he's grounded and wants to know if he would mind if she went out with other guys. He asks her to wait; he won't be grounded forever. At home, Billy falls asleep on his bed and dreams of Mac.moreless
  • Ep. #6863
    Ep. #6863
    Episode 18
    Victor and Ashley end their kiss. Victor suggests they keep their relationship from Jack. Ashley promises she won't offer any information, but he's bound to find out. Jack learns that the Jabot loan was taken over by a company called Cheyenne Partners. He is determined to find out who owns the company. Victor informs Neil that Jack knows about the loan. He can try all he wants, but Jack will never find out that Victor controls Cheyenne Partners. Nikki shows Brad how she put some sketches together on the computer. Hopefully she can make some headway with Ashley. Paul complains to Nina that he can't understand how Chris could take a job working with Michael. Nina warns him that Michael will have the last laugh if Paul continues to act this way. Mary confronts Chris about working with Michael and what it's doing to her marriage. Chris is firm when she tells Mary that she controls her career. Neil confides in Malcolm that he slept with Dru. Malcolm is happy for him. Dru confides in Olivia that she slept with Neil but thinks she made a mistake. Olivia tells her to grow up.moreless
  • Ep. #6862
    Ep. #6862
    Episode 17
    Diane is fairly confident that she is making inroads with Victor when Ashley arrives. Victor tells Diane he wants some privacy. Ashley is sorry that she upset Victor with her pregnancy. She would never intentionally hurt him. He kisses her. Tricia confronts Grace, wondering what she is doing in Genoa City. Grace tells her that she is here to find out what happened to Tony. Tricia begs her not to say anything to Megan. Grace tells her she is going back to New York, not revealing that she has already told Megan everything. Megan can't stop thinking about the idea of her sister killing Tony. Nina suggests that she speak to Tricia directly. Megan is afraid of what she might hear. Paul is angry when Michael calls for Chris early in the morning. Chris asks Paul to try and understand her excitement over being part of a new law firm. Neil and Dru wake up in each others arms, surprised at the passion they still feel for each other.moreless
  • Ep. #6861
    Ep. #6861
    Episode 16
    Diane informs Marissa that she will know in a week if she is pregnant. Marissa gives her a parenting magazine for good luck. When Victor finds the magazine he questions Diane. She insists she was looking at it to find a baby gift. She then tells him that children are the reason life is worth living. Gary wonders why he can't bear to take down the collage of Victoria since he now has the real thing. He slams his desk in anger. When Victoria calls to wish him goodnight, he assures her he was thinking about her. Megan meets Grace at the coffeehouse. Megan doesn't like hearing Grace tell her that Tricia was deeply involved in trying to break up her relationship with Tony. Grace is beginning to believe that Tony's death wasn't an accident at all. Ryan goes to the Dennison home to find Tricia. He begs her to come back home with him, but she refuses. She wants to stay with her father, who is supportive of her. Malcolm and Olivia fight over Neil, Dru and Callie. Malcolm thinks that Olivia might not be happy that Dru and Lily are staying with Neil. She avoids giving him a straight answer. Neil and Dru recall fond memories of their days together. They begin to dance and then kiss passionately.moreless
  • Ep. #6860
    Ep. #6860
    Episode 15
    Ashley confirms to Victor that she is pregnant. He assumes the father is Christian. She asks if this changes things between them. He is not sure how he feels. Ashley leaves him to sort out his thoughts. When Ashley returns to Jabot she tells Jack that Victor knows she's pregnant. Jack can only hope this puts an end to their relationship. Nikki tells Jack that she plans to put together a portfolio of fashion design and hopes that Ashley will change her mind about letting her work for Jabot. Jill and Kay agree that Mac and Billy would not be a good match. Besides, Jill thinks that Billy's feelings are for Brittany. Back at the Abbott home, Mac and Billy exchange glances as Raul talks about the fun they had when they went bowling earlier this evening. When Megan returns from New York, Tricia begins to defend herself until Megan tells her that Grace took the blame for everything that happened. Grace arrives at the coffeehouse and sees Sharon. Grace wants some answers when she finds out that Tricia was the person who killed Tony. Neil offers to have dinner brought in, but Dru wants to cook. He is grateful that she and Lily decided to stay.moreless
  • Ep. #6859
    Ep. #6859
    Episode 14
    Ashley protests when Victor takes her to the private dining room, telling him she isn't properly dressed. Victor shows her a few dresses he brought from Fenmore's for her to try on. He pulls out his favorite. When Ashley returns, she is wearing a different dress. Victor notices her figure and concludes that she is pregnant. John and Jill tell Billy that they will allow him to have Raul and Mac over a few times a week. Billy begs Jill to let Brittany come over too, but she is sure that John won't agree to it. When Jill leaves, Billy takes out a picture of Mac. Kay confides in Nikki that she is worried Mac is falling for Billy. Nikki speculates that Raul and Mac will grow closer since Billy is grounded. Keith wants to take Tricia and Megan to London to distance them from all that's been happening. Tricia finds Megan's flight information to New York and realizes she has gone to see Grace. Megan wants answers from Grace concerning Tricia. Grace tells her that she acted alone and advises her to leave the past behind. Megan reveals that Tricia has been acting strange lately and she doesn't understand why. Grace decides to book a flight to Genoa City. Dru finds out from Olivia that nothing is going on between Neil and her. Dru agrees that she and Lily will move from Malcolm's apartment to Neil's, as planned before Lily's chicken pox.moreless
  • Ep. #6858
    Ep. #6858
    Episode 13
    Ryan arrives at Victoria's office wanting to confide in her about Tricia. Gary isn't happy when Victoria tells him she needs some time alone with Ryan. He seems jealous, and Victoria considers it a good sign. She gives him a peck on the lips and leaves. Later, Gary tears up a picture of Victoria. Tricia admits to her father that she is a mess. Keith lets Tricia know that he will always be there for her. Megan goes to Grace to learn the truth about Tricia's involvement in breaking up her relationship with Tony. John and Jill discuss Billy's grounding. They agree that Raul and Mac should be able to come over to the house. Brittany questions why Mac would go out of her way to help her see Billy since Mac has never done her any favors in the past. Kay tells Brock that he was right about Billy and Mac. Brock doesn't want to hear it. He feels Raul is a better match for his daughter because Billy has serious problems. Dru asks Malcolm if there is anything romantic going on between Neil and Olivia. Malcolm doesn't think so, but suggests Dru speak directly with her sister.moreless
  • Ep. #6857
    Ep. #6857
    Episode 12
    Gary questions how Paul will find the stalker. Paul explains that he will follow the paper trail. Victoria tells Gary that it is a huge comfort having him around. When she leaves to get something, he picks up her scarf and smells it. She returns and sees him with it. Ashley confesses to Olivia that she is pregnant and plans to raise the baby by herself. She then goes to her obstetrician for her first ultrasound. Ashley is overjoyed by the sound of the baby's heartbeat. Jill can't help but wonder why Ashley is seeing Victor. Ashley must realize that Victor is probably using her to get inside information on Jabot. Nick and Sharon are looking forward to the last visit from the social worker so they can legally adopt Cassie. Cassie confesses to Nick that she already calls him "daddy" when she is at school. Megan tells Nina that she really misses Tony. She is having a hard time putting Sharon's accusations out of her mind. Tricia refuses to see the therapist and Keith agrees with her. Keith even suggests that Ryan is the one who needs help. Ryan insists that if they want to get their marriage back on track she needs to see someone.moreless
  • Ep. #6856
    Ep. #6856
    Episode 11
    Victor doesn't understand Paul's anger when he asks him to bring Chris in on the stalker case. Paul claims that Victor Newman turned his life upside down when he sent Chris to Hawaii. Paul eventually responds to Victor's request and asks Chris to check into Ross' attorney. Chris claims that because of Michael's dealings with Warton, she can't jeopardize the firm. Paul feels Michael is driving a wedge between them. Gary and Victoria go to dinner. He tells her about his failed relationships with women. He asks her if she thinks about "the fan" and then apologizes for bringing it up. Jack questions Ashley's relationship with Victor. She tells him to stay out of it. Later, Victor calls and asks her to have dinner with him. When Keith finds out that Tricia accidentally killed Tony Viscardi, he agrees with Ryan that she should see a therapist. Tricia exclaims that Ryan believes she hit Tony on purpose. Sharon tells Nick that she is surprised to see Chris and Michael getting along so well. It was only a year ago that Chris was helping them fight for custody of Cassie.moreless
  • Ep. #6855
    Ep. #6855
    Episode 10
    Diane calls the reproductive lab and has them transfer Victor's sperm to the fertility clinic. She tells the doctor she is keeping the sample under the name Jenkins and not Newman for confidentiality reasons. Victor finds Jack and Ashley at Gina's. He congratulates them on the expansion of "Glow." Jack senses there is something going on between Ashley and Victor. He assumes he must be imagining it. Brad wakes up Nikki, who has fallen asleep in front of his computer. She notices that Brad has stocks marked on the screen. When he tells her how much money he has made by day trading, Nikki decides she must get herself a computer. Brittany wants Billy to know how much she cares about him. She proves it by kissing him in the school hallway. Mac watches the interaction. Ryan is glad Tricia decided not to go to London. Tricia strikes back, insisting that she had no choice. Ryan tells her he wants her to see a therapist. Her behavior has been very disturbing. As Ryan opens the door, Keith is standing there. He demands to know what's going on. At Sharon's request, Chris finds out that detective LaCerra spoke with Tricia. The case has been reopened. Michael isn't happy that Chris is helping Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #6854
    Ep. #6854
    Episode 9
    At the Lodge, Victor and Ashley flirt with each other as they dance. He offers to walk her back to work as long as the coast is clear. At Jabot, they run into Jill, but she leaves. Victor and Ashley exchange goodnights and kiss. Diane makes an appointment for the artificial insemination. She is sure that if she doesn't change her mind, she will be pregnant with Victor's child. Brad offers to teach Nikki how to use a computer. He shows her how she can find out all about the fashion industry from her own home. Nikki is thrilled with the process. Billy shares with Jack that there is something between Mac and him, but they can't pursue it because of Raul. Jack tells him not to deny his feelings because they always win out. Billy thanks him for listening, but he doesn't want to discuss it anymore. Brittany approaches Jill, asking her to lighten up on Billy. Jill is disappointed with Brittany but will give her a second chance because Billy asked her to. Kay questions Mac about Raul and Billy. She asks herself if Brock could be right about unresolved feelings between Mac and Billy. Nina isn't ready to share her secrets with Tomas and asks him to change the subject.moreless
  • Ep. #6853
    Ep. #6853
    Episode 8
    Jack tells Frank he is certain he is doing the right thing by expanding "Glow." He wants Frank to push through the loan extension immediately. Victor tells Alan that he has exactly one hour to accept his offer to acquire the loan that his bank is holding on Jabot. Ashley arrives at Victor's office. She accepts his invitation to dinner. He tells Ashley that no matter what happens, they will always remain close. Alan calls Victor back to let him know he now owns the loan. Detective LaCerra wants to talk to Tricia about her feelings for Tony. She admits she didn't think Tony was the right person for Megan, but denies planting the bra or kissing Tony on New Year's Eve. Ryan is angry with Tricia and wants some answers. He lets her know that if she leaves for London, he won't be at the apartment when she returns. Mac and Raul want to spend some time with Billy even though he is grounded. They decide to rent some movies and take them to the Abbott house. Mac thinks they should put their feelings behind them and invite Brittany. Tomas tells Nina that she is such a great mother and wonders why she never had more children. Nina doesn't want to discuss it.moreless
  • Ep. #6852
    Ep. #6852
    Episode 7
    As Jack celebrates the expansion of "Glow by Jabot", Ashley reminds him that they have a huge loan to pay off. Jill states that she was unaware of the loan and is worried about making the payments. John supports Jack's actions and tells Jill not to worry. Neil confirms with Victor that "Glow" has expanded. Victor calls Alan and tells him he wants to close the deal on the Jabot loan immediately. Sharon confides in Nick that she went to the police again about Tricia's involvement in Tony's death. Nick wants her to stop pursuing the matter, but she can't put it out of her mind. She then shows Nick the lease for the new coffeehouse. Nick signs it even though he has not told Victor. Tricia apologizes to Ryan for not telling him about Sharon's accusations. She insists that after a visit to her father she will be just fine. As she is getting ready to leave, a detective arrives at the door wanting to discuss Tony's death. Chris calls Paul, letting him know she has a client dinner and will be home late. Paul isn't happy. Mary encourages Paul to be supportive of Chris. Tomas and Nina cook dinner at her apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #6851
    Ep. #6851
    Episode 6
    Ryan is angry that Sharon seems to be taking pleasure in trying to ruin Tricia's life. Ryan can only hope she's wrong. When Tricia informs her husband that she and Megan are going to London to visit their father, Ryan wants some answers. Tricia promises that when she returns from her trip, she will be a changed woman. At the police station, Sharon tells the detective that Tricia hated Tony and that she can prove that she ran over him on purpose. Gary sits at his computer writing another letter to Victoria. He says he feels close to her now and would be angry if he loses her. He stares at his photo montage of Victoria. Chris is putting her office together when Michael walks in. He thinks Chris should give Paul a call and work things out. She warns him not to get involved in her personal life. Neil tells Olivia that Dru is convinced that something is being kept from her. She also suspects that something is going on between them. Olivia will tell Dru that there is nothing romantic going on between them. Dr. Walker wants Olivia to approach Dru regarding the bone marrow transplant. Paul questions Gary as to why he was at the jail having a conversation with Ross. Paul doesn't want him getting involved or he might ruin the case. Gary assures Victoria he will protect her.moreless
  • Ep. #6850
    Ep. #6850
    Episode 5
    Paul gets his search warrant but not before Ross is able to post bail to get out of jail. The police search Ross' apartment but turn up nothing. Paul thinks Ross had time to stash any evidence. The "fan" types another letter to Victoria indicating that the thought of losing her would make him very, very angry. Diane questions why Michael is packing up his office. He explains that he is starting up his own law firm with Chris. Chris is also packing up, hoping she hasn't made a big mistake. Ryan confronts Sharon about her accusations against Tricia. He wants to know her hard evidence or drop her theory. Megan can't believe that Tricia didn't confide in Ryan about Sharon's remarks. Tricia tries to cover by telling Megan that Ryan's career might be affected. Megan doesn't buy it. Dru asks Neil why her family won't tell her what's happening with Olivia. Neil tells her that it's hard to bring her into the fold when she probably is leaving again soon.moreless
  • Ep. #6849
    Ep. #6849
    Episode 4
    Jack and Ashley try to convince Jill that it's time for Jabot to expand. Jill is concerned that they may have overextended themselves with their loan obligations. Jack vows he will never do anything to endanger Jabot again. Victor places a phone call to the bank president, Alan Carey. He reveals to Neil that they will have Jabot back before Jack knows what hit him. Gary wants to help Ross but doesn't have the $5000 to help him make bail. Ross orders Gary to leave. Ross receives the money and assumes his family scraped it together. Paul is notified that Ross is on his way home. Ryan is shocked to learn from Megan that Sharon thinks Tricia intentionally murdered Tony. He wonders why Tricia hasn't confided in him. Nick tells Sharon that he would like her to drop her accusations against Tricia. Sharon believes Tricia is dangerous and wonders what she might do to Megan's next boyfriend. Dru meets Neil at Gina's and wants to know what's going on with Olivia. Olivia tells her doctor that she feels fine and wants to go back to work. She then realizes that her gums are bleeding. A "fan" types a letter to Victoria stating it's been a long time since he has contacted her.moreless
  • Ep. #6848
    Ep. #6848
    Episode 3
    Ross is frustrated when the judge won't lower his bail. He wants to see his lawyer. Victoria tries to get in touch with Gary, who told her he was going back to his office. Instead, he has gone to the jail to see Ross. Victor tells Victoria that he won't let Brash & Sassy go back to the older, more successful ads. She is relieved that the decision has been made for her. What she doesn't know is that Victor wants Jack to think that "Brash & Sassy" is failing. Then Jack will expand "Glow by Jabot," thus taking the company further into debt. Ashley tells Jack she is aware he went to Paris to speak with Christian. She wants him to stay out of her personal life. Tricia confronts Sharon at Gina's. She accuses her of spreading vicious lies about her for no reason. Sharon thinks it's time for the police to decide. Megan stops at the apartment to talk to Ryan. She can't believe that Tricia didn't tell him about Sharon practically accusing her of murdering Tony. Olivia is happy to learn from Dru that she stayed home to take care of Lily. Liv wants to know if she plans on leaving town when Lily gets better. Dru isn't sure. When they hang up, Dru murmurs that something is up with Olivia and staying in town will give her a chance to find out.moreless
  • Ep. #6847
    Ep. #6847
    Episode 2
    When Brad finds Ashley reading a baby book, she confesses that she's pregnant. Brad is jealous of whoever the father is. Jack arrives at Christian's office. He wants him to come back to Genoa City and take responsibility for the baby. Christian tells Jack that Ashley is happy to have this baby all to herself and he should stop meddling in her business. Diane has a difficult decision to make. She wants Victor, but is afraid if she becomes pregnant with his sperm, he will be furious with her. Victoria and Gary find a secluded table at Gina's. He admits that he likes her, but things are complicated for him. It's okay with Victoria; she wants to take things slowly. She also worries about Ross coming after Gary when he is released from jail. Gary assures her he isn't afraid of Ross. Victor and Paul meet at the police station, trying to get a search warrant for Ross' apartment. Jill wants Billy to talk to her about his drinking. He is tired of the lectures but assures her not to blame herself. Raul wants Billy to understand that Brittany's reaction almost cost him his life. Mac wants him to let it go. If Billy wants to be with Brittany, they should support him.moreless
  • Ep. #6846
    Ep. #6846
    Episode 1
    Paul is waiting for Chris at Legal Aid when Nina walks in. She assumes he is in a bad mood because of the job offer Michael made Chris. Paul can't believe that she is seriously thinking of taking the job. Nina tells Paul that this job means a lot to Chris and he would be wrong to stand in her way. Chris continues her discussion with Michael regarding working with him. He definitely wants to make this partnership work, whatever it takes. Chris returns to Legal Aid and informs Paul that she accepted Michael's offer. Jill and John have a serious discussion with Billy about his behavior. Billy agrees he has been wrong and accepts the fact that he is grounded. Brad meets up with Diane at Gina's. He finds it hard to believe that Diane is once again falling under Victor's spell. Diane wonders if Victor is just toying with her emotions. Victoria informs Gary that Victor has agreed to keep his agency on the "Brash & Sassy" campaign, but she wants Gary to be in charge of it. They decide to go out to dinner. Victor warns her to keep her bodyguard close by. Victor arrives at the police station looking for Paul. He recognizes Ross' voice.moreless