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    Ep. #7847
    Episode 248
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    Ep. #7846
    Episode 247
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    Ep. #7845
    Episode 246
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    Ep. #7844
    Episode 245
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    Ep. #7843
    Episode 244
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    Ep. #7842
    Episode 243
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    Ep. #7841
    Episode 242
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    Ep. #7840
    Episode 241
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    Ep. #7839
    Episode 240
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    Ep. #7838
    Episode 239
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    Ep. #7837
    Episode 238
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  • Ep. #7836
    Ep. #7836
    Episode 237
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  • Ep. #7835
    Ep. #7835
    Episode 236
    Liz is surprised to learn that Jill has met her birth father, and that she wants Kay and Arthur to be a family.
  • Ep. #7834
    Ep. #7834
    Episode 235
    After Jack's scathing testimony, Victor's future looks uncertain until Phyllis testifies on his behalf, infuriating Jack.
  • Ep. #7833
    Ep. #7833
    Episode 234
    Despite Colleen's confidence in him, J.T. doesn't believe he has the talent to make it as a singer until Shiloh offers him a record deal.
  • Ep. #7832
    Ep. #7832
    Episode 233
    When Nikki voices her concerns about how Cameron blackmailed Sharon, Sharon admits that she once had an affair with him.
  • Ep. #7831
    Ep. #7831
    Episode 232
    While Raul threatens Kevin, J.T. tells Brittany that she will get through all of this because she is strong.
  • Ep. #7825
    Ep. #7825
    Episode 231
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  • Ep. #7824
    Ep. #7824
    Episode 230
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  • Ep. #7823
    Ep. #7823
    Episode 229
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  • Ep. #7822
    Ep. #7822
    Episode 228
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  • Ep. #7821
    Ep. #7821
    Episode 227
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  • Ep. #7820
    Ep. #7820
    Episode 226
    Kevin expresses interested in going to the dance at the coffeehouse with Lauren. While following Kevin, Paul notices that he goes to Michael's apartment, and questions Michael about it.
  • Ep. #7819
    Ep. #7819
    Episode 225
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  • Ep. #7818
    Ep. #7818
    Episode 224
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  • Ep. #7817
    Ep. #7817
    Episode 223
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  • Ep. #7816
    Ep. #7816
    Episode 222
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  • Ep. #7815
    Ep. #7815
    Episode 221
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  • Ep. #7814
    Ep. #7814
    Episode 220
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  • Ep. #7813
    Ep. #7813
    Episode 219
    Sharon drives back to the motel where she murdered Cameron and goes slightly insane when she is driving there. She arrives at the dumpster behind the motel and drags the body into the trunk of her car. Victor talks to Ashley and makes her realize that she has been so withdrawn that she has not even been talking to Abby. Victor breaks through to Ashley, telling her that she can no longer run from her pain, but she has to face them. Victor leaves and Brad and Ashley talk. Ashley tells Brad that she needs to stop hiding Abby's true paternity from Victor and tell him the truth. Anita and Fredrick are at the hospital and Olivia breaks that Brittany will have a scar on her face to Anita, who goes mad. She sees Bobby outside the waiting room and attacks him. The last scene is of Sharon surreptitiously sneaking back into her car and a man comes out from the motel asking what she's doing.moreless
  • Ep. #7812
    Ep. #7812
    Episode 218
    Diane tells Phyllis to give the remaining orchid to Jack to try to save her marriage. Meanwhile, Michael advises Jack to spend more time with Phyllis and try to salvage their marriage. Dru accuses Neil of making her betray her company. At J.T.'s, Colleen and J.T discuss Valentine's Day and Colleen admits that her Valentine's wish is happiness for Brad and Ash. Colleen vows to outdo anything he has planned for her. Nick returns home because he forgot his suitcase and Sharon seduces Nick in an attempt to escape her fears. Victor meets Ashley and brings her back to the real world.moreless
  • Ep. #7811
    Ep. #7811
    Episode 217
    Sharon decides to move the body because she is afraid that after the snow melts, the body will be discovered and it will be linked to her. Phyllis and Jack get into a fight and Phyllis storms back to her hotel room. It is there that she realizes one of the orchids is gone. Diane appears from nowhere and tells Phyllis to smarten up and put her marriage back together. Dru inquires Neil about the orchids and Phyllis coming back and Neil admits that he is not sure if he will get the orchids from Phyllis. Dru flips out and accuses Neil of making her betray her company. Victor goes to Brad and Ashley's house. Brad admits that he needs Victor's help. Victor admires that Brad is swallowing his pride for his wife's sake. Before Brad goes to get Ashley, he tells Victor that he has something important to tell him.moreless
  • Ep. #7810
    Ep. #7810
    Episode 216
    Nikki is horrified to find that Kay is drinking. Kay reveals to Nikki that she's had a visitor named Arthur and that Arthur is Jill's father. Jill meets with Arthur to talk about Kay's drinking problem and reveals to Arthur that she is more than a concerned friend, she is her daughter. Arthur says he didn't realize Kay had a daughter. Phyllis returns to Genoa City with the orchids and returns to the Abbott's home to find Jack and Diane in an embrace. Neil reassures Vanessa that Phyllis is going to be back with the orchids soon. Sharon is surprised at the door by Grace Turner, who reveals to Sharon that her and Cameron Kirsten are in a business relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #7809
    Ep. #7809
    Episode 215
    Michael shows Sharon the front page of the Chronicle and a huge story on Cameron's disappearance. He warns Sharon that time is running out and that if she wants the police to believe that the murder was really an accident, she should turn herself in now. In the court hearing, Victor enters the plea guilty. Jill admits to Arthur that she is more than a concerned friend, she is Kay's daughter. Arthur admits that he never knew Kay had a daughter. Michael shows Sharon the front page of the Chronicle with a story about Cameron's disappearance. He reminds Sharon the weather is warming up, and Cameron's body could soon be discovered. Chris receives a call from Franklin Becker demanding to know where she is at the moment. Becker discloses he learned Victor was going to plead guilty, and Chris reminds him he has no authority to stop the proceedings. Silva states Victor enters a plea of guilty to both counts of the indictment. Chris informs the Judge a recording was made of a question and answer session she held with Victor. Becker bursts into the courtroom, announcing his office is expecting the grand jury to return an indictment charging Victor with mail fraud. He adds that his office is opposed to prosecute someone who has already been prosecuted criminally on the same facts. He asks the Judge to dismiss the case, but only the state can dismiss the case. The Judge enters a judgment on the plea. Victor reminds Chris and Silva not to start celebrating; it will not be over until after his sentencing. Esther speaks with Jill, who discloses Kay has started drinking. Kay is hitting the bottle again when Nikki comes to visit. She fills Kay in about Victor's hearing and how he is confessing to everything. Nikki deduces Kay has been drinking. She is furious with Jill and says she hates what is happening. Kay takes responsibility for drinking, then laments the things in her life she could have done differently. Jill meets Arthur. She sensed a connection between Arthur and Kay and hopes he might be able to help her. She inquires about Kay and Arthur's history. Jill reveals she is Kay's daughter, and Arthur admits he was not aware Kay had a daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #7808
    Ep. #7808
    Episode 214
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  • Ep. #7807
    Ep. #7807
    Episode 213
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  • Ep. #7806
    Ep. #7806
    Episode 212
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  • Ep. #7805
    Ep. #7805
    Episode 211
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  • Ep. #7804
    Ep. #7804
    Episode 210
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    Ep. #7803
    Episode 209
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  • Ep. #7802
    Ep. #7802
    Episode 208
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    Ep. #7801
    Episode 207
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    Ep. #7800
    Episode 206
  • Ep. #7799
    Ep. #7799
    Episode 205
  • Ep. #7798
    Ep. #7798
    Episode 204
  • Ep. #7797
    Ep. #7797
    Episode 203
  • Ep. #7796
    Ep. #7796
    Episode 202
  • Ep. #7795
    Ep. #7795
    Episode 201
  • Ep. #7794
    Ep. #7794
    Episode 200
    At the GCAC restaurant, Bobby and Jill sit at the bar and discuss Kay's issues with Jill's renovation. Kay arrives and orders a drink. Jill informs Bobby that Katherine is an alcoholic and scoffs that she is putting on a show for their benefit. Jill is stunned when Katherine does take a drink and tries to take the glass away from her. Bobby steps between the two women. Katherine blames Jill for her drinking again, and declares that she was a fool to move out in the first place. She doesn't want anything to do with Jill ever again. Vanessa joins Damon at the Jabot lab, eager to work with him on the neofinitia root. Dru arrives to find them kissing. Damon announces that they now have two orchids to work with because Phyllis gave Jack the one from Dru's bouquet. Jack and John discuss Ashley's condition. They are interrupted when Damon calls to inform Jack that both orchids are missing. Jack goes to the lab, where Dru accuses Vanessa of cozying up to Damon to steal the orchids. They are shocked when they discover Phyllis skipped town with both orchids. At the coffeehouse, Colleen tells Victor about Ashley's condition. Wes evaluates Ashley, and it's obvious that she responds only to the mention of Victor. Wes advises Brad to involve Victor in helping Ashley recover, but Brad is unconvinced he can help.moreless
  • Ep. #7793
    Ep. #7793
    Episode 199
    Brad is heartbroken about Ashley's distant state and dreams of her being back to her old self again. He tries talking to her but she is unresponsive. Victor calls Brad to inquire about Ashley's condition. Away from Ashley, Brad blasts Victor for calling. Later, Brad tells John about Victor's call. They are shocked when Ashley says Victor's name. They are even more stunned when they realize that she will only respond to the mention of Victor. Phyllis is livid when she learns Jack didn't tell her he already had a neofinitia orchid when she gave him the other one. She declares that she's going to get him back and storms out. Phyllis visits Victor and announces that she's resigning. She admits her decision is partly because of Jack. She plans to leave town indefinitely. Victor wishes her well and they embrace. Meanwhile, Jack turns to Diane for support when his guilty conscience gets the best of him. Later, Jack goes to Newman looking for Phyllis, but discovers she is gone. Neil asks Jack to give the orchid back, but he refuses and leaves. Jill is impatiently watching the contractors work on the house. Kay arrives and is horrified at the remodeling process. Kay accuses Jill of using booze to numb herself from reality but Jill denies it. Jill goes to the GCAC Restaurant and orders a drink. Gina says she feels sorry for Kay, but Jill insists she can handle the construction. Meanwhile, Kay starts to cry as she looks around at what has become of her house. She takes a drink for the first time in twenty years.moreless
  • Ep. #7792
    Ep. #7792
    Episode 198
    Sharon is looking at her welted face in the mirror recalling the events leading up to Cameron's death when Nick returns and startles her. He notices that she isn't herself and suggests taking a vacation after he closes the deal with Cameron. Annoyed that he hasn't heard from Cameron yet, Nick leaves for work. Under the attorney/client privilege, Sharon admits to Michael that she killed Cameron. He advises her to go to the police, but she refuses. Nikki goes to see Gina in the effort to find out where Sharon went after the New Year's party. She's surprised to hear the party wrapped early and is even more curious as to Sharon's whereabouts until the early morning hours. As a gesture of good faith, Phyllis gives Jack the neofinitia orchid from Dru's bouquet. Jack is shocked, but pleased. To himself, he thanks her for putting Newman out of the running. Neil and Dru share some quality time together. When he brings up the orchid and Dru doesn't react, he realizes that Jabot must have one as well. Later, Neil is stunned when he realizes Phyllis no longer has the orchid. At Marsino's, Bobby insists to Angelo that he will handle Frederick. Meanwhile, Frederick maintains to Brittany that he is getting Marsino's shut down, but he offers to reconsider if she stops stripping.moreless
  • Ep. #7791
    Ep. #7791
    Episode 197
    When Nick realizes that he hasn't seen Sharon since the party, he begins to wonder what has happened to his wife, not realizing she is trying to hide Cameron's body after killing him in self-defense.
  • Ep. #7790
    Ep. #7790
    Episode 196
    Victor tells Nikki how much he loves her, and tells her that he wants another chance. She is reluctant, but he reminds her that he makes dreams come true, and she admits she loves him too.
  • Ep. #7758
    Ep. #7758
    Episode 164
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  • Ep. #7757
    Ep. #7757
    Episode 163
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  • Ep. #7756
    Ep. #7756
    Episode 162
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  • Ep. #7755
    Ep. #7755
    Episode 161
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  • Ep. #7754
    Ep. #7754
    Episode 160
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  • Ep. #7753
    Ep. #7753
    Episode 159
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  • Ep. #7752
    Ep. #7752
    Episode 158
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  • Ep. #7751
    Ep. #7751
    Episode 157
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  • Ep. #7750
    Ep. #7750
    Episode 156
  • Ep. #7749
    Ep. #7749
    Episode 155
  • Ep. #7748
    Ep. #7748
    Episode 154
  • Ep. #7747
    Ep. #7747
    Episode 153
    Neil was at work when a woman named Vanessa came in and said she was looking for Damon. After Neil dodged the Damon issue, he found out that she was a chemist who'd once worked with Damon at Sateen. He couldn't get much more information out of her, so when she asked him to let Damon know she'd been there looking for him, Neil admitted that Damon didn't work there.moreless
  • Ep. #7746
    Ep. #7746
    Episode 152
    After Lily leaves, she is determined to make Kevin pay for taking advantage of her. Weber informs Neil that no incriminating evidence was found on Kevin's computer.
  • Ep. #7745
    Ep. #7745
    Episode 151
    At the hospital, Olivia explains that Ashley's problem is severe and can be permanent. Brad blames himself for the incident, and breaks it to Ashley that their baby is dead.
  • Ep. #7744
    Ep. #7744
    Episode 150
    Damon invites Victoria to his place for a Japanese tea ceremony, leading to another passionate kiss. Sharon worries about Nick ruining his relationship with Victor. Nick doesn’t care, and asks that Sharon keep his upcoming meeting with John Silva a secret. Nikki is stunned when Victor reveals his father is still alive.moreless
  • Ep. #7743
    Ep. #7743
    Episode 149
    Detective Weber shows up, and Kevin denies trying to kill Colleen. J.T. can't believe the police have no evidence against Kevin. Colleen believes Lily is the real victim. Lily admits to Dru that she had sex with Kevin.
  • Ep. #7742
    Ep. #7742
    Episode 148
    Kay visits Phillip’s grave site, and has a nightmarish recall of when she signed over the house to him. Jill approaches Kay, and they share how they both loved Phillip, and why Jill moved into the house in the first place.
  • Ep. #7741
    Ep. #7741
    Episode 147
    As Jill laments to Larry that she is tired of never having any privacy, Kay and Esther interrupt them. Kay explains that she and Esther are moving out, on a trial basis, and staying with Nikki.
  • Ep. #7740
    Ep. #7740
    Episode 146
    Paul is about to propose marriage to Christine, when Michael arrives and informs her that she’s been offered the position of Assistant District Attorney.
  • Ep. #7739
    Ep. #7739
    Episode 145
    Sharon walks in on Nick and Victoria going over the files and questions Nick and Victoria about what they are doing. When they refuse to give her an answer, she leaves, furious. After making love, Raul and Brittany decide that they will always lust after one another but that because they cannot agree on Brittany's job, they can never be together. Lily warns Kevin to leave because he is the prime suspect. Kevin refuses to go, insisting that he does not need to run, because he had nothing to do with the fire. Sierra catches Kevin and Lily in the alley and screams. Detective Weber questions Kevin about his whereabouts that evening. After questioning, Kevin is let off and he returns to his apartment, glorious over the fact that he got away with arson. A nervous-wrecked Brad again pleads with the official to try to find Colleen and seeing his opportunity, J.T. sneaks past the fire marshals, grabs a flashlight and enters what used to be Gina's place. Desperately, J.T. calls out to Colleen and breaks down when he finds Colleen's locket that he gave to her amongst the ashes. He reflects back to when Colleen told him to "Hold her heart" and goes ballistic, afraid that Colleen has symbolically given her heart back to him again. J.T. tears through the place wailing Colleen's name when all of a sudden, he hears a slight thumping and hears a weak "J.T." being called from a charred refrigerator door. J.T. tears down the door and finds a semi-conscious Colleen. J.T. lifts her up and carries her outside screaming "I've got her! I've got her!". He is met by Brad the paramedics load her onto an ambulance. The last scene shows Brad pulling J.T. into an emotional bear hug.moreless
  • Ep. #7738
    Ep. #7738
    Episode 144
    Nick arranges to meet with Pete Hudson, telling Hudson that Michael has "reconsidered the offer". Victoria tells Nick that she wants no part in bringing down their own father. Brittany turns up in Bobby's office and Kevin, turned on by her, asks her out on a date and is infuriated when Brittany turns him down. Kevin warns Brittany to be careful of Bobby, because he can have all the women he wants and he really does not need her. J.T worries that Kevin might have retaliated in anger to Sierra and Colleen having told Neil and Dru about him. Sierra admits to Neil and Dru that she thinks Lily and Kevin had been intimate. Lily walks into a nearby alley and is shocked to find Kevin standing there. Brittany goes back to the apartment and things heat up between Raul and Brittany.moreless
  • Ep. #7737
    Ep. #7737
    Episode 143
    Brad rushes to the smoldering Gina's Place and finds out form fire marshals that Colleen might be trapped inside the building. Like J.T, Brad tries to enter the burning building but the authorities hold him back. After talking to J.T, Brad calls Neil and Dru to bring Lily and Sierra down to Gina's place. Brad demands that Lily tell everything about Kevin, whom J.T suspects did this. Bobby is surprised to find Kevin at Marsino's. Kevin insists that he was there all night long and he and Bobby have a little talk. Kevin tells Bobby that he's "very happy" because "good things have happened tonight". Bobby is a little creeped-out and tells Kevin to finish filing his taxes. As Bobby leaves, Kevin mutters under his breath that one day, he might just forget to pay the fire bills on Marsino's. Victoria and Nick pour over files and Nick discovers the name, Pete Hudson and decides to call him up.moreless
  • Ep. #7736
    Ep. #7736
    Episode 142
    Nikki coldly tells Sharon that she is not ready to take over the role as the woman of the Newman family. She tells Sharon that she will cling onto this position in the family and will never give it up to Sharon. Bard and Jack run into the gala and takes Ashley back home. Jack bluntly tells Brad that Ashley is breaking down and that she should be in the hospital. Brad refuses and says that he can handle Ashley. Ashley wakes up and comes downstairs and Brad and Jack are shocked to find out that Ashley has no recollection of being at the gala when she innocently asks Jack for gossip from the gala. At what used to be Gina's, fire marshals finds a shattered piece of purple cell phone, J.T identified it as Colleen's. He breaks down and desperately tries to enter into the building to save his girlfriend. Brad receives a nondescript call from John telling him to come down to Gina's right away.moreless
  • Ep. #7735
    Ep. #7735
    Episode 141
    At Gina's, Kevin pushes Colleen into the refrigerator and locks her in. He takes gasoline and dumps it all over the door and all over the floors. Then he torches the entire place. He runs out of Gina's place screaming "You should have never messed with me, Colleen!" At the gala, J.T begins to get worried when Colleen doesn't show up. J.T freaks out when he finds out from John that he had never called the coffeehouse telling Colleen to meet him at Gina's. Right then, Gina receives a phone call from fire marshals informing that her restaurant’s on fire. J.T, John and Gina rush over to the restaurant. Back at the gala, Sharon thanks Nikki for helping her with the catering service. Nikki coldly tells her that she did not do this for her (Sharon). Brittany and Lauren run into each other and Brittany starts to fire at Lauren because about what she had witnessed between Lauren and Raul. Bobby pull the two apart before a cat fight starts. Everyone is horrified to see Ashley show up at the gala in her bathrobe holding "Baby Robert" in "his" baby blanket telling everyone that she's brought the baby to show Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #7734
    Ep. #7734
    Episode 140
    Kevin douses the kitchen with alcohol as Colleen cries out for help. Neil tries to break through to Lily, but she avoids his questions. Neil stresses that if Kevin does anything sexual with her, it's statutory rape.
  • Ep. #7733
    Ep. #7733
    Episode 139
    Brittany is surprised when Bobby asks her to the gala, and worries what her parents will think. After listening to Raul lament about life without Brittany, Lauren asks him to be her date for the fund raiser.
  • Ep. #7732
    Ep. #7732
    Episode 138
    Victor chastises Michael for allowing Nick to overhear his phone conversation. Michael changes the subject to Victoria, and asks Victor's permission to invite her to the gala.
  • Ep. #7731
    Ep. #7731
    Episode 137
    Michael hangs up on Pete, and refuses to tell Nick what’s going on. Later, Victor demands that Nick stop questioning their success and focus on doing his job.
  • Ep. #7730
    Ep. #7730
    Episode 136
    Nikki tries to get Victor to tell her why Sharon came to see speak with him, but Victor is just as confused as Nikki. Nick wonders what’s troubling Sharon, but she doesn’t let on what she knows.
  • Ep. #7729
    Ep. #7729
    Episode 135
    Neil and Dru agree to get married later in the month and honeymoon in Trinidad. Sharon struggles with how to tell Victor about Abby.
  • Ep. #7728
    Ep. #7728
    Episode 134
    Brad wants to have a memorial service for their son, but Ashley is vehemently against it. Nikki turns to Jack for advice on how to deal with Sharon knowing her secret.
  • Ep. #7727
    Ep. #7727
    Episode 133
    Brittany is horrified to find that her father saw her striptease. Todd has dinner with Ashley and is disturbed and surprised to hear Ashley talking about her "alive" baby.
  • Ep. #7726
    Ep. #7726
    Episode 132
    Nikki and Brad agree to keep Abby's true paternity away from Victor, not realizing that Sharon overhead everything. At Christine's office, Chris and Phyllis get into a heated conversation about Isabella and Danny.
  • Ep. #7725
    Ep. #7725
    Episode 131
    Dru and Neil breaks the fight between Brad and Victor before it's really started. Paul is stunned when Todd accuses Paul of having a sick obsession for Chris. Kay makes Esther promise to cooperate with Jill or be fired.
  • Ep. #7724
    Ep. #7724
    Episode 130
    Nikki tells Jack that she is furious at the Abbott's blaming Victor for something he did not do. Brad runs to the gym where Victor is working out and challenges him to a fight.
  • Ep. #7723
    Ep. #7723
    Episode 129
    Sparks fly as Diane meets Damon for the first time. Phyllis tells Victor that Diane gave a huge loan to Jabot but Victor "somehow" seems unshaken by this and says that Safra will bring Jabot down anyway. Paul admits to Chris that he's been confused about himself ever since the night of the christening. He calls up his brother Todd to ask him for help and advice. Victor is upset when Michael cannot produce any information on Victoria and Damon's relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #7722
    Ep. #7722
    Episode 128
    Diane rubs it in to Phyllis that she is supporting Jabot (and therefore Jack) because she gave a loan to support Jabot. Victoria and Michael has a hot kiss. Victoria does this because she is hoping to have Michael reveal to her what him and Victor are up to. Sharon seduces a stressed Nick. Lily tells Colleen that the only way to mend their friendship is if Colleen can accept Kevin.moreless
  • Ep. #7721
    Ep. #7721
    Episode 127
    Broken, Frederick goes to Yves and tells Anita about Brittany strip teasing. They reflect on where they went wrong in parenting. Damon encourages Phyllis to have faith in her marriage and Phyllis thanks Damon for his friendship. Unable to cope with Brittany's occupation, Raul breaks up with her. Nikki visits Ashley and is stunned to find that Ashley can no longer have children.moreless
  • Ep. #7720
    Ep. #7720
    Episode 126
    Phyllis confides in Dru that she is living at the Genoa City hotel because of marital problems. Victoria and Damon share a hot kiss at his apartment. Fred catches Brittany stripping and orders her off the stage. Nick finds out that Ashley lost her baby and like the Abbott’s, Nick blames Victor. J.T. senses something is going on between Raul and Lauren.moreless
  • Ep. #7719
    Ep. #7719
    Episode 125
    Raul harasses Brittany about work, and she reminds him that Bobby is helping her singing career. Brittany ignores Raul's negative attitude and exits.
  • Ep. #7718
    Ep. #7718
    Episode 124
    Nick tells Sharon that Frank does not seem to want to hurt Cassie and really does want to know about her well being. They hope that Nikki will not tell Cassie the truth. Cody calls Sharon and tells her that Alice is back in Genoa City and is with Cassie at the coffeehouse. Cassie pleads with Alice to tell her the truth about Frank but before Alice can say anything, Sharon rushes in and demands Cassie go to the car. Sharon tells Alice not to tell Cassie anything and leave her family alone. Jill tells Kay that she needs to fire Esther if they are to build a relationship but Kay does not understand. Jill refuses to compromise and Ester puts Kay to bed. While Esther is doing this, Jill tells Larry that Esther's not going to be around much longer. Colleen tells J.T how she and Sierra busted Kevin with their plan and J.T warns her to be careful and that Kevin's a weirdo. Then they begin to discuss Brittany working at Marsino's. Anita walks in looking for Brittany. Raul returns to find Anita and makes rude and vague comments to Anita about Brittany. Anita leaves thoroughly confused about Raul's remarks. Brittany makes Bobby hold true to his promises of bring in people from the industry. She agrees to do whatever it takes to bring her performance up a notch. After an exhausting day at work, Frederick decides to treat his coworkers to a gentlemen's night out at Marsino's Nick reports to Sharon that Frank seemed genuinely curious about Cassie's well being. They worry that Frank may want more, and hope Nikki doesn't tell Cassie the truth. Cody alerts Sharon that Alice is at the coffeehouse with Cassie. Cassie pleads with Alice to tell her the truth about Frank, but before Alice can say anything, Sharon barges in and demands Cassie go to the car. Sharon doesn't want Alice's advice and tells her to leave her family alone. Kay doesn't understand why it's necessary that she fire Esther. She wants to compromise, but Jill refuses. While Esther puts Kay to bed, Jill mentions to Larry how Esther isn't going to be around much longer. Colleen fills J.T. in about what she and Sierra did to bust Kevin. J.T. warns her that Kevin is a weirdo. Just as J.T. and Colleen begin to discuss Brittany's working for Bobby, Anita walks through the door looking for Brittany. Raul returns, and is very rude to Anita. Anita is left confused by Raul's vague comments about Brittany. Brittany makes Bobby hold true to his promise of bringing in industry folk. Bobby wants Brittany to kick it up a notch in her performance, and she agrees to do whatever it takes. Frederick decides to take a few of his out-of-town associates to Marsino's.moreless
  • Ep. #7717
    Ep. #7717
    Episode 123
    Cassie tries to find answers by asking Nikki about Frank. Nikki refuses to give Cassie answers and goes to warn Sharon that she is doing no good by keeping secrets from Cassie. Cassie goes to her last resource and phones Alice. She agrees to come to Genoa City and talk to Cassie at the coffeehouse. Colleen and Sierra finds Kevin waiting at the park for his mysterious chat room date. Colleen and Sierra tells Lily about their setup. Lily goes to confront Kevin. Jill is furious with Esther who called her "evil" and says that if she is to build any kind of relationship with Kay, it will be with Esther gone.moreless
  • Ep. #7716
    Ep. #7716
    Episode 122
    Jill tells Larry that she refuses to be pretend to be kind to Kay anymore. She admits that she cannot hate Kay with the same passion as she did before but will not be kind. Larry is frustrated at Jill for not being able to give up old grudges and treat Kay kindly. Kay tells Nikki about Jill’s reaction to her discovery at Kay’s recovery. Kay tries to stay optimistic about Jill’s attitude and her wanting to send Kay to a nursing home. Kay tells Nikki that she believes if she trusts in Jill, Jill will become trustworthy. Sharon finds out that Cassie talked to Frank alone. Cassie thinks that Sharon was with Frank when she left the family. Nick and Sharon assure Cassie that Frank is no longer part of Sharon’s life. Cassie storms out and Nick goes to the coffeehouse to find Frank. Victor goes to the hospital and apologizes to Ashley all that has happened. Ashley accepts his apology, knowing that it was not his fault that all this had happened but gets irritated when Victor refuses to leave. Ashley confesses to Victor that she can no longer bear any children. Lily confronts Colleen angrily for coming onto Kevin at the park. Colleen is shocked at the accusations. Lily avoids giving Sierra and Colleen a straight answer about her sleeping with Kevin. Colleen and Sierra goes on the chat room and flirts with Kevin online and agree to meet him at the park. Later, Dru questions Lily about Kevin, who claims she’s not seeing anyone. Lily bursts into tears when Dru warns her that sex does not mean commitment.moreless
  • Ep. #7715
    Ep. #7715
    Episode 121
    Cassie asks Frank’s history with Sharon. She becomes uncomfortable with the way he’s staring at her like the way he was staring at her at the boutique and leaves abruptly. Sharon and Nick debates if they should tell Cassie who Frank really is. Nick thinks it won’t matter if they tell Cassie because she knows she’s adopted. Sharon disagrees and thinks that it will be better to keep the information from Cassie because she thinks Cassie will use it as a reason to be angry with Sharon again. Olivia tells Ashley that because of so much internal damage that it will be unlikely for Ashley to bear children again. Ashley cries in Olivia’s arms and sobs that this baby was different that Abby because this baby would actually have been Brads. Dru and Neil are happy that lily is no longer seeing her internet boyfriend. They express that they would never be able to forgive themselves if he had hurt Lily in anyway. Nikki and Victor discusses over breakfast the Ashley’s loss and Nikki tells him that the Abbott’s are blaming him for Ashley’s accident and the baby’s death. Victor is left to wonder why he ends up hurting everyone he tries to care for. Colleen begins to explain to Lily her incident with Kevin at the park but they are surprised when Kevin pulls up at their school to pick Lily up from school. Kevin drives them back to his apartment and asks Lily to let him prove his love for her. They sink onto the couch and have sex.moreless
  • Ep. #7714
    Ep. #7714
    Episode 120
    John warns Victor to stay away from Ashley and his family, or else. Ashley tells Olivia that she hopes to bear Brad another child. Olivia tells her that she has some bad news. Michael apologizes to Chris for bring Isabella into her life and breaking apart her marriage with Paul. Chris agrees to continue working for the firm. Paul admits to Lynne that he’s still struggling with the past and what he did to Chris last fall. Sharon informs Nick that Frank is back in town and has seen Cassie. Nick suggests that they should reveal Frank’s real identity to Cassie. Cassie finds Frank at the coffeehouse and approaches him to question him about his relationship with Sharon. Phyllis turns down Jack’s offer to work at Jabot. Jack calls Diane about her loan offer.moreless
  • Ep. #7713
    Ep. #7713
    Episode 119
    Damon tells Damon about Victor’s visit and Victoria apologizes for her fathers interference. After sharing a passionate kiss, they agree that no outsiders can affect their attraction. Victoria flirtatiously admits that he is that much more appealing to her because he is the forbidden fruit. Phyllis visits Diane at the hotel and tells Diane to stay away from Jack because he’s dealing with a lot. She suggest that Diane follow her lead and give Jack some space. Michael tells Diane that Jabot has a huge financial problem because of huge debts and the unsuccessful Tuvia launch. Diane goes to Jack and tells him that she can help him with his financial problem if he would let her. Chris and Paul agree that they have a lot to sort through before they move forward in their relationship. After breakfast, Nikki leaves and the doorbell rings. Victor goes to answer it and is surprised to find an enraged John who punches him.moreless
  • Ep. #7712
    Ep. #7712
    Episode 118
    In a private dining room at the Colonnade Room, he tries to discuss with Christ the heavy topic of his struggle to makes sense of his life but Chris refuses to talk about it. Paul surprises Chris with a serenade by Peter Cincotti. Michael admits to Phyllis that he had something to do with Safra’s success. Phyllis tells Michael about Damon’s involvement with Victoria. Although he tries to hide it, Phyllis suspects that Michael has a crush on Victoria. Dru tries to warn Damon about Phyllis and Victoria and that the two women are trying to lure him into giving away business information. Victoria is angry when Victor tells her to end whatever sort of relationship she has with Damon Porter. John asks Jack to learn how Victor manipulated the Tuvia and Safra sales. John vows that they will not let Victor get away with the harm he’s done this time. Jack tells Phyllis how he believes Victor is responsible for Ashley’s accident. He demands that Phyllis quits her job at Newman’s. Phyllis decides to stay at a hotel for the night and let Jack cool off. Ashley is grief-stricken and blames herself when Brad tells her that the baby is dead.moreless
  • Ep. #7711
    Ep. #7711
    Episode 117
    Brad looks up to see Victor entering the hospital and leaps up to attack him. John and Jack pull the two apart and Nikki takes Victor home. Olivia reports to Brad that Ashley is in stable condition but the baby didn't make it. Nick sympathizes with Brad when he hears the news. He tells Brad about how he felt when he almost lost Cassie and vehemently tells Brad that if there is a time to be ashamed to be a Newman, it is now. At home, Nikki asks Victor why he would go and visit Ashley at the retreat. Sharon tries to get Frank to leave the boutique, but sees Cassie as she walks in. later, Cassie demands answers about her relationship with Frank. When Christine comes home from the spa, Paul surprises her once again with a night out at the Colonnade Room. Brad goes into Ashley's room and talks to her. Ashley realizes that she has given birth to her baby already and asks Brad if the baby was boy or girl. Finding out if was a little boy, Ashley asks Brad to go and get the baby for her to see him.moreless
  • Ep. #7710
    Ep. #7710
    Episode 116
    Frank appears at the boutique asking about for Cassie. Sharon is stunned to find Frank there. Victor shows up at Damon’s apartment and tell him to stay away from Victoria. Phyllis reveals to Dru that Damon is seeing Victoria. Dru becomes curious what Damon is up to. Nikki and Nick arrive at the hospital and find out Ashley’s condition. Jack and Nikki tries to hide that Victor was the reason why Ashley was on the road. Despite of their efforts, Nick found out and was furious. Brad tells John and Jack that Ashley is going to be operated on to try to save the baby. John and Jack blames Victor for the accident and claims that if Victor had stayed out of Ashley’s life, none of this would be happening. John becomes extremely angry vows to hold him accountable. Jack tries to calm him down. Colleen arrives at the hospital to support and comfort Brad as Victor slips into the hospital unseen.moreless
  • Ep. #7709
    Ep. #7709
    Episode 115
    Bobby tells J.T that Brittany should lose Raul because he is the barrier to her success. Brittany tells Raul that she did not quit her job and Raul decides to not share a room with Brittany anymore and sleeps in Billy's old room. Nick tells Nikki that he might have proof that Newman did something illegal to bring their sales up. He sympathizes with his mother's lose in her investments in Jabot and tells her that he thinks Newman's cheated. As Nick is talking with Nikki, Nikki receives a call from Jack that Ashley's in the hospital and it's very serious. They rush to the hospital together. Jack angrily tells his father that if not for Victor and his interference in everyone's lives, Ashley would not be lying in the hospital. John urgently tells Jack that he cannot focus his energy in being angry with Victor, but to help Ashley and the baby to recover. Olivia tells Brad that the doctors must do a C-section and save the baby, and even then, the chance of survival for the baby looks slim. An emotional Brad goes in to see Ashley. He urges the unconscious Ashley to fight on and that she has too much to live for to give up. He reminds her that he and Abby and the baby need her. As Brad sobs into Ashley's covers, he panics as he sees the fetal heart monitor stops.moreless
  • Ep. #7708
    Ep. #7708
    Episode 114
    Brittany goes to Bobby to tell her that she is going to quit to save her relationship with Raul, but as Bobby sees her, he promises her that he'll bring in professionals to see her and give her a boost into the performing world. Olivia tells Brad and Jack that Ashley and the baby are in extremely serious condition. She tells them that they will have to do a C-section to get the baby, but even with the operation, the baby might not survive. Michael tells Victor that Victoria and Damon are seeing each other and at Damon's apartment, Victoria and Damon share a passionate kiss. Victor tells Michael that he does not want Victoria to be dealing with Damon. Nick tells Sharon that, just like he suspected before (and now he has serious proof) that Victor and Michael did some illegal act to bring up Safra sales and put Safra products on the top shelves.moreless
  • Ep. #7707
    Ep. #7707
    Episode 113
    Nick finds out that Safra is on top shelves and immediately goes to Victor asking what he did to manipulate the stores. Nick tells Victor that he trusts Jack because Jack doesn't cheat. Raul goes to Bobby and tells him that Brittany no longer works for him. Bobby won't hear any of it unless he hears it from Brittany herself. Raul then asks Bobby if he is sleeping with Brittany. J.T tells Brittany that Bobby doesn't care about her but is only using her because she's a huge source of income. Kay tells Jill that she is sorry for not telling her about her health situation and wonders if there is any chance of having a mother-daughter relationship. Jill is extremely angry that Kay is playing games with her and Larry urges her to pursue a good relationship with Kay and stop trying to ACT nice. Jack and Brad receive a call that Ashley's been in a car accident. When they arrive at the scene, Brad is horrified to find Ashley severely hurt. He assures her that help is on the way. Frustrated because of slow emergency services, he asks Ashley what on earth she is doing on the road away from the retreat, to which she answers that she left to see Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #7706
    Ep. #7706
    Episode 112
    After Ashley finds out the truth about Tuvia's sales figures, Ashley angrily calls Brad and accuses him of hiding the truth from her. Determined to find out what Victor is up to. Ashley decides to leave the retreat and drive to Genoa City to question Victor herself. As she is speeding down the highway, Ashley's car is hit by a truck. Meanwhile, Brad tells Dru that if anything happens to Ashley and the baby in these next few weeks, he would hold Victor responsible. Jack goes to Victor's office and accuses Victor of somehow manipulating the sales but Victor blows off his accusations. Kay learns about Jill's plans to send her to a nursing home and stuns Jill when she speaks to Jill and tells her not to send her there.moreless
  • Ep. #7705
    Ep. #7705
    Episode 111
    Victoria continues to ponder Safra's unexplained success but forgets her concerns when Victor praises her on a job well done. Nick accuses Victoria of running away from the truth because she is so desperate for Victor's approval. Ashley phones Victor and demands to know how Safra has been doing so well. Dru catches Michael Baldwin and accuses him of trying to steal Damon Porter and threatens to kick him out of the building. Dru later questions if Damon is loyal to Jabot and what his intentions are with his dealings with Phyllis. Kay advises Nikki to go hard and deal with Sharon. Kay tells Nikki that she has decided to reveal to Jill of her health condition but Nikki is skeptical and thinks that it would be better if Kay still had the upper hand. Jack and John try to break the news to Ashley gently that Tuvia's sales are much lower than expected. Nick shares with Sharon that he thinks Victor used Baldwin to somehow influence Safra sales and somehow brought it higher than Tuvia's. Nick admits that he is still not ready to trust his father. Brock refuses to back up Jill in declaring Kay mentally incompetent and resolves with sending Kay to a nursing home.moreless
  • Ep. #7704
    Ep. #7704
    Episode 110
    Brad announces in a meeting that this rollout of Tuvia's products is the worst of all of Jabot's history. Right then, Ashley phones, wanting to be brought update. Michael barges into Jabot's lab and asks Damon if he wants to leave Jabot. Ashley realizes that she will always be bound to Victor and will always be connected to him through Abby. Nikki angrily accuses Sharon that Sharon did not invite her to ruin her. Michael suggests to Victor that he should use some means to bribe Damon into working for him. Victor becomes angry and tells Michael never to speak of bribery with him again. Neil reports to the executive that Safra's sales are good and they celebrate in Victor's office with champagne. Later, Nick and Victoria wonder if Safra's success is due to some sort of involvement by Michael Baldwin.moreless
  • Ep. #7703
    Ep. #7703
    Episode 109
    Sharon tells Nick that she is no longer angry with Nikki and he praises her for handling the gala invitation. Nikki discovers that she is not invited to the gala when she sees the list of people invited to the gala. She angrily goes to see Sharon. Ashley admits to Brad that she is nervous about Tuvia's launch, especially after Victor's visit. Brad makes Colleen promise that she will let him know if Kevin threatens her in any way again. Jack tells Phyllis that he is grateful that she's been open with him after her encounter with Damon. All the while, Phyllis hides her guilt. Ashley tells jack about Victor's visit to the retreat and thinks that Jack is not telling her everything about the situation about Tuvia. Nikki warns Victoria to stay away from Damon and Victoria tell Nikki to stay out of her business. Victor assigns Michael to his next job: to spy on Damon Porter. Brad senses that Damon has feelings for Victoria and Brad encourages Damon to get information out of her but Damon refuses.moreless
  • Ep. #7702
    Ep. #7702
    Episode 108
    Kevin tries to intimidate Colleen when suddenly J.T. pulls him away from her, and tells him to scram. Dru, Neil, Wes, and Olivia meet for an evening of dinner and dancing at The Lodge.
  • Ep. #7701
    Ep. #7701
    Episode 107
    J.T. tells Weber that Bobby may have committed the crime, but Brittany tries to dismiss the accusation. Lily yells at Colleen that she never wants to speak with her again.
  • Ep. #7700
    Ep. #7700
    Episode 106
    Dru still does not buy Phyllis' story about her relationship with Damon being strictly business. Victoria vents to Neil about Victor's chauvinistic attitude forbidding her to pursue Damon.
  • Ep. #7699
    Ep. #7699
    Episode 105
    Brittany goes to see Raul and asks him if it is over between them. Cassie complains to Larry about Nick forbidding her to take a date to the gala.
  • Ep. #7698
    Ep. #7698
    Episode 104
    Dru decides not to informs Jack about Phyllis, but Jack senses she's hiding something. Nick forbids Cassie from taking a date to the gala.
  • Ep. #7697
    Ep. #7697
    Episode 103
    Neil is surprised to hear that Phyllis spent an evening at Damon's apartment, but he's skeptical that the two are having an affair.
  • Ep. #7696
    Ep. #7696
    Episode 102
    Isabella tries to pitch her wild story of survival, but Paul doesn't believe her and tries to resuscitate Christine. As Isabella raises her hand with the knife, Michael suddenly comes up behind and grabs her arm.
  • Ep. #7695
    Ep. #7695
    Episode 101
    Christine believes she's hallucinating when Isabella appears with a butcher knife. Isabella assures her she's not, and goes on to gloat about how she framed Christine for her murder.
  • Ep. #7694
    Ep. #7694
    Episode 100
    Bobby reminds J.T. that Brittany applied for the job and made the decision to strip. J.T. tries to explain how hurt Raul would be if he found out.
  • Ep. #7693
    Ep. #7693
    Episode 99
    After Weber exits, Christine fills Paul in on exactly what she remembered from her hypnosis session. She begins to cry uncontrollably while Paul gets an idea.
  • Ep. #7692
    Ep. #7692
    Episode 98
    At dinner, Nikki reveals to everyone that Kay has remarkably regained the use of her hands.
  • Ep. #7691
    Ep. #7691
    Episode 97
    J.T and Colleen agree that Kevin is bad news and that Lily is using him to get away from her loneliness and family problems. Kevin clearly states to Lily that he does not approve of her friendship with Colleen. At his apartment, he turns on his charm and showers attention onto her and gives her champagne. As Jill sits down at Gina's, Gina reminds Jill that she is Kay's stepdaughter. Jill wonders if Gina will back her up in declaring Kay mentally incompetent. After going through their test, Kay tells Nikki that if Jill passes their test, she will get everything but if she fails, she will not see a cent. At dinner, Nikki announces to Jill that Kay has a surprise for her. Weber finds Chris's blood stained scarf. Michael tries to stop Weber from taking the illegally obtained (since Weber interrupted a medical session) into custody. Wes reveals to Chris that she remembered hurting Isabella in hypnosis.moreless
  • Ep. #7690
    Ep. #7690
    Episode 96
    As Weber and his search team goes through Chris's apartment, Chris insists that Wes tells her what she revealed in the hypnosis session, but Wes says that this is not a good time to tell her. The cops find Chris's blood stained clothes back from the cleaners. As the cops bring this out, Chris hides the blood-stained scarf behind her back. Kevin angers Bobby when he makes a sexual comment about Brittany. Bobby threatens to rip Kevin's lungs out if he talks about Brittany like that again. Bobby continues in lecturing Kevin and telling him that he's immature and does no know how to treat women properly. Later, Brenda the stripper comes in and flirts with Kevin leaving with Kevin her bustier. He stabs at the bustier with a letter opener angrily. Nikki and Kay devise a plan to test if Jill has changed for good. At the coffeehouse, Colleen tells J.T and Lily that she wants to meet Kevin, just as he approaches the table behind Colleen. After Lily and Kevin leave, Colleen declares that she thinks Kevin is bad news and that Lily shouldn't trust him. Jill goes to Michael and asks him to help her in getting Kay declared mentally incompetent. Brock tells Jill to stop her plots to gain Kay's estate but Jill vows to take her revenge on Kay by continuing to plot against Kay.moreless
  • Ep. #7689
    Ep. #7689
    Episode 95
    Not being able to bear failure, Colleen calls Gina for help and asks Gina to sneak over to help her. Gina brings lasagna from the restaurant but plays a trick on J.T by serving a horrible appetizer first and grossing out everyone (especially Brittany) but after, serving a delicious lasagna. All goes smoothly until J.T catches Gina in the kitchen and finds Gina's Place's restaurant bags. Under hypnosis, Chris recalls strangling Isabella. In the middle of Chris' session, Detective Weber arrives with a search warrant. Dru threatens Phyllis by saying that she will inform jack of her evening with Damon. Jack is worried that he is endangering all his father's work in Jabot but John assures Jack that he has full confidence in him. Nikki is super angry with Victor for backing up Sharon with the gala behind her back. Michael is successful in bribing the store owner into putting Safra products on the top priority shelves.moreless
  • Ep. #7688
    Ep. #7688
    Episode 94
    Christine gets frantic when she finds dry cleaning hanging in her closet with a sign that says "Unable to remove blood stains". She has no memory of taking the shirt (that she was wearing on the night at Lake Michigan) to the dry cleaners. Chris calls Olivia and Olivia suggests that Chris take a hypnosis session with Wes to get some answers. Michael tempts a store buyer with a briefcase chock full of money to put Safra on priority shelves. Nikki is shocked to discover that Damon Porter is missing and Victor has hired Michael Baldwin. Dru tells Phyllis that she knows about her dinner with Damon. Colleen insists on making J.T a homemade lasagna dinner for J.T. They make a bet that Colleen will not be able to make the lasagna. J.T, anticipating a disaster, calls Brittany and Raul over to support Colleen. J.T blackmails Brittany into coming by threatening to reveal her job description to Raul.moreless
  • Ep. #7687
    Ep. #7687
    Episode 93
    Just as Chris finds the bloody scarf in her car, Detective Weber knocks on her car window and pressures Chris into confessing to the murder of Isabella Williams. Victor threatens to reveal Michael's tampering in Isabella's case when Michael quits his job. Michael reluctantly agrees to use any means to put Safra products on top shelves. Phyllis leaves a message on Damon's answering machine thanking him for a lovely evening. Phyllis and Victoria decide that it will be for the best if Victoria be the one to draft Damon. Jack asks Dru if she knew where Damon was, since he did not show up for work. Dru sneaks into Damon's apartment to probe. She is stunned to find Phyllis's message and a receipt from Yves'. Nikki offers the ranch for the use of the gala but Sharon haughtily rejects, and tells Nikki that Victor had backed her up and they are using the Colonnade Room.moreless
  • Ep. #7686
    Ep. #7686
    Episode 92
    Bobby buys a necklace from the boutique and gives Raul his card. He invites Raul to his gentlemen's club when Raul complains to him about his lonely nights when his girlfriend goes to work. Brittany is horrified that J.T knows of her stripping job and has seen her strip. Chris confides in Lynn about her nightmares of Isabella. Lynn suggests that she check into the hospital. Chris is horrified when she finds Isabella's bloody scarf in her car. She has no idea how it got there. When Sharon pleads with Victor to take her side against Nikki with the details of the gala, Victor refuses. When Victor learns about Lauren's refusal to Michael's offer, Victor sternly tells Michael that he had better turn retailers' loyalty to Jabot.moreless
  • Ep. #7685
    Ep. #7685
    Episode 91
    Cassie surprises Sharon and Nick when she asks permission to bring a date to the gala. Nick is against the idea but Cassie is surprised that Sharon is in favor of her date. Isabella admits to Paul that she's been having nightmares of Isabella covered in blood and of Isabella's voice. Paul is unsure if he should leave Chris alone. Detective Weber informs Michael that he had received a call from Otis Elwood but when he arrived at Elwood's cabin, he was gone. Weber asks Michael once again if he has any information and warns Michael that if he is holding back information from him, he'll be in trouble. At breakfast, J.T stuns Brittany when he calls her "Marilyn". Bobby goes to the boutique and meets Raul where he finds out that Raul is Brittany's boyfriendmoreless
  • Ep. #7684
    Ep. #7684
    Episode 90
    Paul tells Victor that he is worried about Chris' innocence and is afraid that she might be guilty of killing Isabella. Chris goes to Wes frantically as she fears she's going crazy. J.T is amused (but stunned) when he watches Brittany's performance. Victoria tells Nick that he should worry about the feud between Nikki and Sharon and not Victor and Sharon, because there's nothing going on. Lauren refuses to give top priority shelf space to Safra, despite of Michael's bribe.moreless
  • Ep. #7683
    Ep. #7683
    Episode 89
    Victor hates that he has to constantly explain and defend his interactions with Sharon to Nick. Sharon tells Cody that she is curious why Nick has suddenly agreed to be mentored by Victor. Kay tells Nikki that she hopes and thinks that Jill has changed but Nikki warns her to be careful of Jill's tricks. Nikki tells Kay that she is afraid that Sharon is trying to take her place in the family and turn everyone against her. Mitchell tells Jill that she will need Brock's approval to her declaration to Kay being mentally incompetent. J.T figures out something's up when Brittany keeps on turning down Raul wanting to see her at work. J.T decides to follow her to work.moreless
  • Ep. #7682
    Ep. #7682
    Episode 88
    Jack asks Phyllis why she's been keeping from him the information that Victor hired Michael Baldwin. Phyllis continues to think of her kiss with Damon and is guilt-stricken. Jill tells Kay that she took her will to see is Kay had left her an inheritance now that they have discovered that she is Kay's daughter. Jill tells Mitchell Sherman, Kay's lawyer, that she wants Kay to be declared mentally incompetent. Damon tells Brad about his dinner with Phyllis. Brad picks up that Damon has fallen for Phyllis. Neil and Dru tell Lily that they know about Kevin. Neil asks Lily about Kevin and she tells him that her and Kevin have broken up. Lily tells Colleen and Sierra about her break up with Kevin in tears. Later, Lily is thrilled when she receives a message from Kevin saying that he wanted to see her again.moreless
  • Ep. #7681
    Ep. #7681
    Episode 87
    Kay is surprised to find her will missing when she asks Esther to get it. Michael asks Michael Baldwin for advice and he suggests to her to go to Kay's lawyer and declare Kay mentally incompetent in order for her to attain Kay's estate. J.T and Colleen profess their love for each other and reunite. Kevin and Lily grow intimate but right in the middle of it, Lily stops and fears they are moving too fast. Kevin accuses her of playing games with him and is devastated when he asks her to leave. Neil is worried when he could not reach lily on her cell and finds Sierra, who informs them that Lily is at a concert with a boy called Kevin. At Yves', Damon stops Phyllis before she goes to confront Jack and Diane and suggests that they go for a drive. They slip out just as jack and Diane gives a toast to one another. At the apartment, Phyllis admits that it's been a really bad day. She thanks Damon for being there for her and before leaving, they share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #7680
    Ep. #7680
    Episode 86
    Jack agrees to have a drink with Diane after a stressful workday. Phyllis and Damon are having dinner at Yves' when Damon begins to charm Phyllis as she starts to reveal Newman's business secrets. Just as she is about to spill, she spots Jack and Diane together. Phyllis is angry that Jack would turn her invitation to dinner down but later go out with Diane. At Kevin's apartment, Lily and Kevin get intimate as Kevin turns on the charm. A worried Neil tries to reach her on her cell phone but she doesn't answer. J.T plucks up his courage to ask Colleen to a concert but is crushed when Colleen's date, Eli, arrives. At the hideaway, J.T plays his guitar and sings but is surprised when Colleen enters.moreless
  • Ep. #7679
    Ep. #7679
    Episode 85
    Victor tells Michael that his job is to take away Jabot's top retail positions on the shelf. Jack becomes more frustrated with Phyllis when he realizes that Phyllis didn't tell him about Victor hiring Michael Baldwin. Damon finds Phyllis at Yves'. He suggests to her about how he did not enjoy the strict politics at Jabot. Lily tells Colleen and Sierra that she kissed Kevin and that she is going to his apartment before going to the concert with him. Wes tells Neil that Lily has a boyfriend. Later, Dru tries to clam Neil down about the news of Lily's new boyfriend. Victoria accuses Sharon that she is organizing the gala just to get back at Nikki.moreless
  • Ep. #7678
    Ep. #7678
    Episode 84
    Nick walks in on Victor and Sharon talking and becomes furious. Victoria proposes to Nick that they should try to find out why Victor has hired Michael Baldwin together. Michael threatens to quit working for Victor if he continues to give Michael no details about his job. Jack is encouraged by Nikki's confidence in Jabot's success and that jabot will take Newman down. Damon tells Brad that he can charm Phyllis and coax some Newman secrets out of her.moreless
  • Ep. #7677
    Ep. #7677
    Episode 83
    Brittany flaunts her $1000 tip to J.T, who grows curious because she only shows $200 to Raul. Brittany lies to Raul about being nervous to sing in front of her boyfriend when Raul tells Brittany he wants to see her. Jack's resentment grows towards Phyllis, but he gets a bridge loan to pay Victor. Dru frets to Neil about her job security. Damon is displeased when he finds out that Victor's been reviewing his work with Satine and Damon becomes aware that Victor knows of his financial situation. Later, he tells Jack and Brad that this battle between Newman and Jabot has become personal for him.moreless
  • Ep. #7676
    Ep. #7676
    Episode 82
    Chris has a nightmare about her struggling with Isabella and fears that she really murdered Isabella. Phyllis is interrogated by Detective Weber if Michael is trying to cover for Chris. Michael becomes fearful when he finds out from Weber informs him that an evidence team was searching at the lake. Victor, Nick and Victoria are informed by Neil that Satine's new name, Safra, is receiving positive results. Nick is shocked to discover that Victor hired Michael Bladwin. Victor tells Jack that there is no hope in renegotiating Jabot's $50 million loan payment and demands that Jabot pay the money by the morning.moreless
  • Ep. #7675
    Ep. #7675
    Episode 81
    Brittany tells Bobby that she wants to be called Marilyn at the Club. During her performance, Brittany begins to remove her clothing as she is goaded at by some of the men. After her performance, Brittany is delighted at how much money she's made in such a short time. She decides to perform again. Kevin and Lily kiss passionately at the park and invites her on a date at his apartment. Later, Lily tells Wes that there's a "way cool" guy in her life. Chris finds out that DNA tests prove that the blood found in her apartment was Isabella's. Detective Weber investigates Chris at Lake Michigan. Then he calls out an evidence team to search the area. Michael admits to Chris that he paid the fisherman to have his boat cleaned of the blood. Chris is furious at Michael for tampering with evidence. Weber interrupts on Diane and Phyllis and ask Phyllis about her involvement in the murder of Isabella Williams.moreless
  • Ep. #7674
    Ep. #7674
    Episode 80
    Lily meets Kevin at the park. Bobby reassures Brittany by telling her not to feel pressured to strip, but just to sing. Billy and Raul say their final good-byes. Michael complains to Phyllis that Diane turned the police against Diane, Phyllis decides to call Diane. Lauren gives advice to J.T about how to win Colleen's heart back. Chris drives to Lake Michigan after she has a nightmare about Isabella and finds Detective Weber, who followed her.moreless
  • Ep. #7673
    Ep. #7673
    Episode 79
    Billy shocks Jill when he tells her that he is leaving town. Jill continues to suck up to Kay so she will get the inheritance as Kay's daughter. Anita and Frederick are surprised to learn that Brittany had quit her job at the boutique and is now a singer. Raul convinces J.T to live in the vacant room against Brittany's wishes. Kevin gets angry when Bobby "teaches" Kevin how to treat women. Later, Kevin invites Lily to his apartment, to which Lily does not know how to respond. Brittany tells Bobby that she does not want to strip but Bobby inwardly thinks that she will change her mind. Wes gives Olivia two days to respond to his proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #7672
    Ep. #7672
    Episode 78
    Neil and Dru decide to make their wedding earlier to show Lily that they are serious about providing a stable family for her. Lily finally plucks up her courage to talk to Kevin, but as she is doing so, Neil and Dru take her to the patio to tell her the news. Neil and Dru are completely shocked when Lily completely opposes the idea of them getting married earlier. When Lily returns to the coffeehouse, Kevin has left. Lily apologizes to Kevin online, but is alarmed when Kevin threatens her. Michael agrees to work for Victor at Newman's but still has no idea what his exact job assignment is. Sharon turns down Nick's suggestion that they reunite to help Cassie out of her attitude problem. Nikki tells Jack that Sharon is turning everyone in the family against her.moreless
  • Ep. #7671
    Ep. #7671
    Episode 77
    Michael visits with Phyllis before his meeting with Victor, and she cautions him to be careful. Victoria can't believe that Victor is considering an alliance with Michael, and wonders if it is part of his secret strategy.
  • Ep. #7670
    Ep. #7670
    Episode 76
    Dru suggests to Lily that she spend more time outside enjoying the summer and less time on the computer. Nick and Sharon make sexual innuendoes over breakfast about their night of lovemaking. Jill goes to see Michael Baldwin to ask his advice on how she can arrange to obtain half of Kay’s estate.moreless
  • Ep. #7669
    Ep. #7669
    Episode 75
    Jill gripes about Kay to Jack. Jack councils her that Kay is very wealthy and Jill would be in for a healthy inheritance when Kay dies. He also explains the importance of being part of a family, and Jill promises to be more positive.
  • Ep. #7668
    Ep. #7668
    Episode 74
    Wes believes there may be a psychological reason for Christine’s memory loss, wondering if she really wants to find the answers she is looking for. Paul explains Christine’s situation to Michael, and Michael describes to Paul what he found at Lake Michigan.
  • Ep. #7667
    Ep. #7667
    Episode 73
    Nick tries to reason with Nikki about Sharon. Cassie accuses Sharon of pretending to act like everything is back to normal, vowing never to forgive her. Christine questions Mary about the night of Isabella's disappearance. Weber continues to hound Paul for information on Christine's whereabouts.
  • Ep. #7666
    Ep. #7666
    Episode 72
    It’s the Fourth of July. Nikki and Sharon agree to a truce for the day. Jill refuses to join Liz, Esther and Kay in the celebration. Larry arrives dressed as Uncle Sam, and Jill can’t help but give him a kiss. Neil, Dru, Olivia, and Wes are celebrating the holiday at Gina’s. Jack and Phyllis arrive with Kyle, and Victor is there with Noah. Gina sings "America The Beautiful."moreless
  • Ep. #7665
    Ep. #7665
    Episode 71
    Christine is distressed by the news of Isabella, and Paul gently comforts her. Paul questions where she was for the past twenty-four hours, and Christine is unable to remember. Brad chastises Colleen and Brad for lying to him, and staying out all night. They apologize, and Brad wants J.T. gone when he returns from upstairs.moreless
  • Ep. #7664
    Ep. #7664
    Episode 70
    Brittany tries to convince Bobby that she can be a great performer without taking her clothes off. Realizing that the last houses they saw were a few miles away, Colleen and J.T. decide to camp out for the night. Paul and Michael discuss the possibility of Isabella harming Christine.
  • Ep. #7663
    Ep. #7663
    Episode 69
    Brittany begins to fantasize about performing to a crowd with the approval of her friends and family. Brittany pleads with Bobby, who finally relents and she is thrilled. Neil meets Damon and reveals how Dru underhandedly stole his business card.
  • Ep. #7662
    Ep. #7662
    Episode 68
    Colleen lies to Brad about why she doesn't want to go to dinner, and then heads out with J.T., who has told Brittany where he's going, for a driving lesson. Brittany, meanwhile, stops by to see Billy, and finds out that he and Mac are cousins, and they're both leaving town. Jack hassles Phyllis about her asking Damon about his contract, and tells her not to do it again. Meanwhile, Damon meets Victoria, but rather than admit who he really is, he pretends he's just a tech guy. Neil convinces Dru to bring him along on her dinner with Damon. Michael is surprised when Victor offers him a job, and can't get details out of him. All Victor will say is that it is only Michael he is interested in, not his firm.moreless
  • Ep. #7661
    Ep. #7661
    Episode 67
    Victor seeks out Michael and offers him a position at Newman. Dru confronts Phyllis, warning that the trust is gone from her marriage with Jack. Billy and Mac share a painful last embrace and kiss passionately.
  • Ep. #7660
    Ep. #7660
    Episode 66
    Dru stops by to see Damon in the lab, and they make a date for a business dinner. Neil and Phyllis inform Victor and Victoria in on what they've learned on the Satine product placement and the eroding market. Billy breaks down to Jack over the loss of his relationship with Mac. Victoria is furious with Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #7659
    Ep. #7659
    Episode 65
    Phyllis informs Neil about Damon's short-term contract. Damon mentions to Jack and Dru that Phyllis tried to hire him away from Jabot. Jill thinks back to the days she spent confronting Katherine.
  • Ep. #7658
    Ep. #7658
    Episode 64
    Mac is stunned to learn that Katherine is Jill's birth mother, which immediately makes her and Billy related. Weber questions Paul, Lynne, and Mary about their alibis. Damon reveals his contract status to Phyllis.
  • Ep. #7657
    Ep. #7657
    Episode 63
    While Liz tells Brock that Kay is Jill's mother, Jill breaks the news to a shocked Billy, who verifies the truth with John. As his wife prepares for their wedding night in the bathroom, Billy wonders how he'll tell Mac that he's her first cousin. When questioned by Detective Weber, Michael tells him of Lynne, Paul, and Mary's animosity towards Isabella, but leaves out Christine's name. Paul worries when his mother returns with bruised arms, and she tells him she was mugged. Raul is worried about Brittany because she's been so unhappy lately. He asks her about her recent job interview, but she says she doesn't want to talk about it.moreless
  • Ep. #7656
    Ep. #7656
    Episode 62
    The wedding ceremony begins as Mac and Billy exchange vows. Jill refuses to take the blood test, but agrees to go with John and try to stop the wedding.
  • Ep. #7655
    Ep. #7655
    Episode 61
    Lynne notices the strain that Isabella has made on Mary. Jill still will not believe that Kay is her mother, and rants about how Kay's only purpose is to torment her.
  • Ep. #7654
    Ep. #7654
    Episode 60
    Mary expresses her frustrations to Paul about the divorce and little Ricky. Paul assures Mary that Isabella will not keep Ricky from them. He embraces Mary, and is furious at Isabella for doing this to them.
  • Ep. #7653
    Ep. #7653
    Episode 59
    Christine decides to pay Isabella a visit. Jill becomes frustrated as Liz tries to tell her the truth.
  • Ep. #7652
    Ep. #7652
    Episode 58
    Brittany complains about having to stand in for Colleen as Laird takes photos of everyone for his digital scrapbook. Mac decides that she doesn’t want a reception after the ceremony, because of Kay’s state.
  • Ep. #7651
    Ep. #7651
    Episode 57
    Charlotte tries to tell Jill that shes not her birth mother, but Jill runs off to speak with John before the wedding. Instead, Charlotte reveals the news to Liz. Liz begins to put all the incestuous pieces of the past together. She is furious, as Charlotte leaves her to be the one to tell Jill.moreless
  • Ep. #7650
    Ep. #7650
    Episode 56
    Brad joins Colleen for breakfast at the coffeehouse. She laments how every time she forgets J.T., something reminds her of him. They notice Anita, and Colleen lets it slip that she finds Anita nauseating.
  • Ep. #7649
    Ep. #7649
    Episode 55
    Nikki pays Kay a visit in the hospital. Mac and Billy are relieved when Olivia announces that Kay can return home tomorrow. Frederick and Jill reunite, and offer each other support with their problems. Frederick suggests that Jill accept Billy's decision.
  • Ep. #7648
    Ep. #7648
    Episode 54
    Michael runs into Victor at the Lodge Bar, and they chat back and forth about women and big business. Michael confesses that hes always admired the underhanded way Victor works, and Victor tells Michael that he is no stranger to dirty pool himself. Cassie continues to be rude and unresponsive to Sharon's attempts at reconciliation.moreless
  • Ep. #7647
    Ep. #7647
    Episode 53
    Nikki is furious with Jack for axing the promotional budget on the anti-aging products, and he tells her that everything needs to go to the Tuvia line, which she reluctantly agrees to. As Victoria tells Raul he either needs to accept Brittany as she is or let her free, Brittany receives an offer to sing from the man who has been following her around. Neil doesn't want Victor to handle Dru, but Victor tells him to just relax. He confronts Dru, who is shocked when Ashley defends her. Anita tells Frederick about her affair, but swears it's over. The two can feel the old chemistry coming back.moreless
  • Ep. #7646
    Ep. #7646
    Episode 52
    Raul claims J.T. has no one to blame but himself. They break into a fist fight, and Brittany storms in. J.T. shrugs it off and exits, as Brittany sides with Raul. After Raul leaves for class, a man enters the boutique and offers Brittany a job that will make all her dreams come true.moreless
  • Ep. #7645
    Ep. #7645
    Episode 51
    Dru and Neil express their dismay about Lily not being thrilled about their engagement. Later, Dru runs into Wes at the coffeehouse and he wishes her nothing but the best. He offers to talk to Lily, and Dru thanks him for being such a good friend.
  • Ep. #7644
    Ep. #7644
    Episode 50
    Isabella thanks Diane for showing up to support her in case Paul gets violent. Paul states they are getting a divorce and he will file for joint custody of Ricky. Isabella tries to talk him out of it, warning it will be a long and drawn-out divorce.
  • Ep. #7643
    Ep. #7643
    Episode 49
    John introduces Charlotte to Billy and Mac. Charlotte agrees with Mac and Billys decision to get married, until she discovers Kay is Macs grandmother. Charlotte is stunned and knows they cant get married.
  • Ep. #7642
    Ep. #7642
    Episode 48
    Brittany is appalled that Anita would get it on with one of her friends, but Anita begs her to understand. Anita tries to explain how alone shes felt for the past couple months and that J.T. was sensitive to her feelings.
  • Ep. #7641
    Ep. #7641
    Episode 47
    Neil tries to convince Victor that they can put together an R&D department on their own, as Victor warns Neil that he never wants to see Dru inside Newman again.
  • Ep. #7640
    Ep. #7640
    Episode 46
    Brad hates to see Colleen hurting so much, and wishes she would tell him what happened with J.T. Colleen breaks down, and Brad comforts her in his arms.
  • Ep. #7639
    Ep. #7639
    Episode 45
    Sharon complains to Doris that she will never see her children again. Brad is furious because nobody asked him about returning Damon to the job, and the worries how will Ashley take the news.
  • Ep. #7638
    Ep. #7638
    Episode 44
    Jack asks Damon about his experiences with Satine, while Dru sells him on Jabot’s new vision for the cosmetics line. Both Paul and Christine realize that they have to start their lives from a scratch, and they begin making plans.
  • Ep. #7637
    Ep. #7637
    Episode 43
    Dru introduces herself to Damon Porter, and offers him a job as the new chemist for Jabot. Michael wants Christine to forgive him since he came clean about his deception.
  • Ep. #7636
    Ep. #7636
    Episode 42
    Jill argues with Mac and Billy over postponing their wedding, but she's ultimately defeated. Isabella is convinced that everything will be fine with Paul. Both Christine and Paul are worried over what will happen once they arrive back home.
  • Ep. #7635
    Ep. #7635
    Episode 41
    Having spent the night in the ER waiting room, Jill, Esther, Mac, and Billy hope for news on Kay's condition. Victor wants to increase the pressure at Jabot. Neil suggests hiring Damon Porter.
  • Ep. #7634
    Ep. #7634
    Episode 40
    Jill tries to hide her concern for Kay, while Esther frantically blames herself for what happened. At the ER, Olivia explains that Kay suffered a severe stroke. Ashley refuses to take some time off work.
  • Ep. #7633
    Ep. #7633
    Episode 39
    Kay is shocked to realize that Jill is actually her daughter. Jill finds her collapsed on the floor. Sharon understands that Nick is being tough with her because he wants to protect the kids.
  • Ep. #7632
    Ep. #7632
    Episode 38
    While Victor protects Sharon from Nikki, Nick tells his wife that Cassie wants nothing to do with her mother. In order to keep Brittany from blaming everything on her father, Raul tells her about J.T. and Anita's kiss. Colleen has just told Lily about J.T. and Anita's kiss when he arrives with a special gift for Colleen. As John tells Jill that Charlotte isn't her birth mother, Kay remembers troubled times in her past.moreless
  • Ep. #7631
    Ep. #7631
    Episode 37
    John seeks Frederick’s help in uncovering Jill’s real birth mother. Brittany continues to grill J.T. about what happened when she caught Frederick at the Lodge with Jill, but J.T. skirts around the answer and leaves.
  • Ep. #7630
    Ep. #7630
    Episode 36
    Victor notes to Nick that he would like to train him to take over Newman Enterprises, but Nick refuses the offer. John disapproves of Billy and Mac's wedding. J.T. assures Lauren that things are over with Anita.
  • Ep. #7629
    Ep. #7629
    Episode 35
    J.T. tells Anita that they cannot sleep together again, and she is very understanding. They kiss, and Colleen catches them. Raul accepts Billy's offer to be his best man. Christine and Paul kiss.
  • Ep. #7628
    Ep. #7628
    Episode 34
    Frederick tells Jill that he wants to end their fictitious affair before Anita can get any more ammunition. Paul is shocked when Christine tells him about the entire plan Michael and Isabella worked on them.
  • Ep. #7627
    Ep. #7627
    Episode 33
    Diane thinks she’s in denial, but Isabella insists the past can’t hurt them now. Christine walks up to Paul. Liz convinces Jill to go to dinner with John.
  • Ep. #7626
    Ep. #7626
    Episode 32
    An angry Isabella confronts Michael, who tells her that he couldn't marry Christine without clear conscience. Kay gives Billy an old family ring for his wedding with Mac. Mac asks Brittany to be her maid of honor, but she refuses the offer. Liz tells Jill that Charlotte might not be the person she thinks she is.moreless
  • Ep. #7625
    Ep. #7625
    Episode 31
    Wes arranges a special dinner at Brad and Ashley's place for Olivia. Neil proposes to Dru, and she promises to think about it. Christine confronts Isabella, and Isabella finally realizes that Michael told Christine the truth. John questions Charlotte.
  • Ep. #7624
    Ep. #7624
    Episode 30
    Christine is hurt when Michael finally confesses what he did, and she rushes off to confront Isabella. Paul arrives in L.A. Olivia is surprised when Dru shows how much she cares for her.
  • Ep. #7623
    Ep. #7623
    Episode 29
    Sharon pleads with Nick to give her some time with Cassie. Victor forbids Nikki to talk to Sharon until Nick can decide about their relationship. Neil and Dru learn about Lily having difficult time at school, and Neil believes it's all his fault.
  • Ep. #7622
    Ep. #7622
    Episode 28
    Michael is overwhelmed with feelings of guilt when his alter-ego visits him. Lynne tells Paul that he is making a big mistake, but he thinks he is doing the right thing. Paul learns about Christine and Michael eloping together.
  • Ep. #7621
    Ep. #7621
    Episode 27
    Marissa finally makes Lynne see that there is nothing they can do about Michael and Isabella, but Paul's head is still filled with thoughts of his ex-wife as he packs for California. Isabella is thrilled when Paul says he wants to have another baby, but worried that he only married her to have a family. At Chris' office, Michael is shock when Chris wants to elope to Illinois, but agrees, even though she admits it is connected to Paul leaving for California. Isabella offers Michael her congratulations when he calls her, but warns him against telling Christine the truth about their plans to break up Paul and Chris, because it will ruin both their lives.

    Jack stops by Crimson Lights to ask about Cassie, and during a talk with Nick, the two discuss his confrontation with Victor, and his threats against Jabot. Jack has finally agreed with Nick about Victor's motivation and the recent acquisition of Satine. Jack is confident that he will be able to hold his own against Victor, but Nick warns him that his father often plays dirty. Elsewhere, Victor is questioning Phyllis' loyalty to Newman once again. She swears she won't let her marriage to Jack interfere with her job, and seal their deal with a hearty handshake.

    Victoria is furious to find that Sharon has returned, and expects things to be the same as they were when she left. Victoria tells her to leave; Nick has moved on with his life. Sharon refuses to leave, and begs to see her daughter. Victoria reluctantly tells Sharon about what happened the day of Cassie's accident. Sharon again begs to see her daughter, and Victoria refuses...considering the circumstances, she wants Cassie to see a doctor first, to make sure everything is alright. A tearful Sharon agrees.moreless
  • Ep. #7620
    Ep. #7620
    Episode 26
    Brittany feels that her leaving caused her parents separation, but Fredrick states it wasn’t her fault.
  • Ep. #7619
    Ep. #7619
    Episode 25
    At the boutique, Lauren confronts Anita, accusing her of using J.T. to forget her unfulfilling marriage.
  • Ep. #7618
    Ep. #7618
    Episode 24
    Victoria accuses Victor of holding grudges, and is sick of his rivalry with Jack.
  • Ep. #7617
    Ep. #7617
    Episode 23
    Brad worries about the new cosmetics line causing added stress to Ashley.
  • Ep. #7616
    Ep. #7616
    Episode 22
    Christine arrives looking for Lynne while Paul confirms that he is moving to L.A. They put on a good front, supporting each other’s decision to move on.
  • Ep. #7616
    Ep. #7616
    Episode 22

    Lynne accuses Michael of using Isabella to break up Christine and Paul. They are stunned when Lynne reveals how she uncovered their secret past.

  • Ep. #7615
    Ep. #7615
    Episode 21
    Mary is upset that Paul is moving to Los Angeles with Isabella, and assumes this is his way of escaping his true feelings for Christine.
  • Ep. #7614
    Ep. #7614
    Episode 20
    Worried that they may be too late, Lynne and Marissa explain to Paul that they have proof there is a link between Michael and Isabella.
  • Ep. #7613
    Ep. #7613
    Episode 19
    Lily tries to convince Neil that it is in her best interest if Neil and Dru would break up.
  • Ep. #7612
    Ep. #7612
    Episode 18
    Brittany is reluctant to buy herself a pregnancy test, so Raul goes to buy one for her. He assures her that if she’s pregnant, they will get married.
  • Ep. #7611
    Ep. #7611
    Episode 17
    Victoria confides to Nikki how lonely she is, wondering if there will ever be another man in her life.
  • Ep. #7610
    Ep. #7610
    Episode 16
    Competition is rampant between Jack, Phyllis, Neil, and Dru. Both couples dance and each take it as a challenge to out do the other.
  • Ep. #7609
    Ep. #7609
    Episode 15
    Both Anita and Frederick plead with her to come home, but Brittany only promises to call again tomorrow.
  • Ep. #7608
    Ep. #7608
    Episode 14
    Lauren fears that J.T. isn’t ready to deal with Colleen because of his guilt over sleeping with Anita.
  • Ep. #7607
    Ep. #7607
    Episode 13
    After having had sex, things are awkward between Anita and J.T. She realizes he feels guilty, and mentions his girlfriend must be a problem.
  • Ep. #7606
    Ep. #7606
    Episode 12
    Michael proposes to Christine once again, and she accepts.
  • Ep. #7605
    Ep. #7605
    Episode 11
    Frederick tries to assure Jill that everything is not her fault, and goes to kiss her.
  • Ep. #7604
    Ep. #7604
    Episode 10
    Cassie responds to Noah’s feeding her ice cream, and they decide to stimulate her with music.
  • Ep. #7603
    Ep. #7603
    Episode 9
    Mac questions Billy, wondering if their passion drove him to propose marriage. Billy assures her that he’s ready for marriage, and hopes she is too.
  • Ep. #7602
    Ep. #7602
    Episode 8
    After Billy storms out, Kay rips into Jill that she will lose her son if she continues to alienate Mac.
  • Ep. #7601
    Ep. #7601
    Episode 7
    Nikki counsels Victor that Sharon is self-centered and not worth the efforts put forth to save her marriage to Nick.
  • Ep. #7600
    Ep. #7600
    Episode 6
    Dru explains to Ashley that she’s at the top of her game, and will not do anything to place herself or Jabot at risk.
  • Ep. #7599
    Ep. #7599
    Episode 5
    Phyllis is upset that she’s being shut out of the Abbott family due to her employment at Newman.
  • Ep. #7598
    Ep. #7598
    Episode 4
    Michael stuns Isabella when he reveals that Christine was disguised as Kelly Simmons.
  • Ep. #7597
    Ep. #7597
    Episode 3
    Michael is completely disgusted when he learns that Paul essentially raped Christine. During their meeting, Jill figures out that Charlotte, her real mother, has been drinking one drink after another, and now is drunk.
  • Ep. #7596
    Ep. #7596
    Episode 2
    Jill meets her real mother. Fred and Anita continue to have marital problems. Colleen tells J.T. that her parents are allowing her to see him, but on a restricted basis.
  • Ep. #7595
    Ep. #7595
    Episode 1
    Nikki gives Nick the note that Sharon had sent. Nick is devastated to learn that Sharon is the one who kissed, not Victor kissing Sharon, but still does not forgive Victor for his part. Jill is excited to meet her real mother. J.T., even though he is dating Colleen, flirts with Anita Hodges.moreless