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  • Ep. #8352
    Ep. #8352
    Episode 253
    Nick and Phyllis are heartbroken that their affair has to end, but both realise that too many people have been hurt by their secrets. Daniel bribes the reverend to continue with the ceremony even though he realises their permission form isn't legal. Unbeknownest to Gloria, Jack convinces Ashley to send out early samples of GloAgain to special vendors. Sharon tricks Nick into admitting that he was at the Genoa City hotel, but he claims it was only for a lunch meeting.moreless
  • Ep. #8351
    Ep. #8351
    Episode 252
    Sharon becomes more and more suspicious of Nick and Phyllis after finding first a photograph then a receipt in Phyllis' office. Lily and Daniel fly to Vegas, where they prepare to get married Gloria spikes the GloAgain shipment with a mysterious chemical.
  • Ep. #8350
    Ep. #8350
    Episode 251
    Daniel and Lily agree to get married as Nick calls the apartment to let Daniel know he can always stay with him if he needs to, then sneak into Victor's office to notarize the certificate allowing them to get married while underage. Sharon is shocked to find that Nick has been calling Phyllis on a regular basis. Jack refuses to install Gloria as the Jabot spokesperson.moreless
  • Ep. #8349
    Ep. #8349
    Episode 250
    Phyllis stops by to see Michael to make sure she hasn't broken the law by allowing Lily to stay with her and Daniel. Lily suggests getting married after Daniel tells her about Phyllis and Nick. Gloria blows them away with a speech about John Abbott, then later calls Victor to thank him for his help.moreless
  • Ep. #8348
    Ep. #8348
    Episode 249
    Brad asks J.T. not to tell Colleen that it was Victoria that he slept with. Gloria makes it clear to Michael that she isn't going to let Jack and Ashley get away with treating her like dirt. Phyllis intercedes with Dru and Neil on Lily's behalf and suggests they let Lily stay with her and Daniel.moreless
  • Ep. #8347
    Ep. #8347
    Episode 248
    Nick stops by Phyllis' to leave a basketball for Daniel. He's not there, and he and Phyllis end up making love in the living room. They both agree that it's the last time, but are shocked when Daniel walks in on them.
  • Ep. #8346
    Ep. #8346
    Episode 247
    Victor tries to convince Victoria she can do better than Brad, but Victoria insists she loves him. Lily doesn't want to return home but Daniel isn't sure running away is the best idea. Gloria has a valuable ally in her battle against Jack and Ashley. Neil considers siccing the law on Lily and wonders why Dru is so afraid of a teenage girl.moreless
  • Ep. #8345
    Ep. #8345
    Episode 246
    Nikki is shocked to learn that Victoria slept with J.T. Brad wants to move on with their relationship, but Victoria has to be honest with him. Drucilla is furious to find Lily at Colleen's. Lily later heads over to J.T.'s for a makeout session. While out at dinner, Lauren is surprised that Ashley hasn't met Paul's mother Mary yet.moreless
  • Ep. #8344
    Ep. #8344
    Episode 245
    Mac finally comes right out and asks J.T. where he spent the previous night and he admits to her that he spent it with another woman, but says that it wasn't Colleen. Michael warns Gloria that sticking her nose into Jabot business may not be the best way to forge a relationship with John's children. Colleen is confronted by a frustrated Kevin, who wants to know why she keeps playing games with him.

  • Ep. #8343
    Ep. #8343
    Episode 244
    Jack and Ashley are upset when Kay forces them to have a meeting to determine whether or not Gloria will get a seat on the board. Victoria admits to Nick that she's still in love with Brad, and she is shocked when Brad resigns from Newman.
  • Ep. #8342
    Ep. #8342
    Episode 243
    Gloria sees red when Jack tells her that no matter what John wanted, she is never going to be part of his family's company and heads to Kay looking for help. Mac and Kevin believe J.T. may have gone to Colleen after learning about Mac's miscarriage, and Mac wonders if he cheated on her. Brad is believes that Sharon is trying to come between him and Victoria.

  • Ep. #8341
    Ep. #8341
    Episode 242
    Neil is fit to be tied after Lily tells him that she is still with Daniel, and Dru supports her daughter. Daniel is upset after learning that Lily overheard Phyllis and Dru talking about her paternity. Sharon is shocked to learn J.T. and Victoria spent the night together.
  • Ep. #8340
    Ep. #8340
    Episode 241
    Lily tells Dru that unless she and Neil accept Daniel, she's going to tell Neil that Malcolm is her father. Ashley and Paul start to get closer again. An emotional Phyllis realises that she has made a mess out of several situations and after sleeping with Jack she leaves as he tries to make their relationship more serious. John leaves a letter to Jack and Ashley saying that they have to accept Gloria into the family. Victoria and J.T. sleep together. Kay thanks Kevin for helping Mac with everything that is going on with her and J.T. and losing the baby. Colleen overhears the conversation.moreless
  • Ep. #8339
    Ep. #8339
    Episode 240
    Neil warns Brad to be careful about Colleen dating Daniel. Jill and Jack talk about strategies on how to deal with Gloria as part of Jabot. Kevin comforts Mac after her falling out with J.T. about not telling him about the baby. Meanwhile J.T. and Victoria hook up at the athletic club and start drinking together. J.T. ends up going home with Victoria and things start heating up with the more that they drink. Jack and Phyllis reconnect as they talk about their latest problems. Phyllis ends up sleeping with Jack. While she is there and alone she starts to think about Nick and cries. Lily confronts her mother about Malcolm being her real father. Neil comes in and wants to know what is going on between them.moreless
  • Ep. #8338
    Ep. #8338
    Episode 239
    John leaves Gloria a proxy to vote his Jabot stock while he is in jail. Jack is outraged by this and promises to make Gloria's life miserable. Gloria plans on working at Jabot and getting others to come over to her side against Jack. Phyllis continues to support Jack as he comes to terms with his fathers prison sentence. Sharon prepares a romantic evening with Nick. Mac tells J.T. that she had a miscarriage. Neil asks Nick to talk to Daniel about not bothering Lily. Daniel confesses his relationship with Lily to Phyllis who is very supportive. Phyllis threatens Dru by saying that if she harasses Daniel anymore she will come forward about the fact that Malcolm is actually Lily's father. Lily overhears this conversation and discovers the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #8337
    Ep. #8337
    Episode 238
    Victor comes to give John some advice about Gloria before he goes to jail. There is a trip down memory lane and a tearful goodbye with his friends and family before John leaves. John gives Gloria a sealed envelope to open when he is gone. Jack and Gloria continue to not get along. Kevin comforts Mac after she loses the baby while J.T. is supporting Colleen. Daniel is caught picking up Lily when they thought that the coast was clear. Dru threatens to send Lily back to boarding school and get a restraining order on Daniel. Phyllis is at the hospital with Nick and Sharon after Noah gets a concussion while playing basketball. Nick breaks things off with Phyllis, who is devastated.moreless
  • Ep. #8336
    Ep. #8336
    Episode 237
    John and his family prepare to say goodbye as he is about to go off to jail. He has heartfelt goodbyes with everyone inculding Kevin who he asks to keep him informed about Gloria and what is going on with her and his family while he is in jail. J.T. plans a romantic night with Mac but leaves in the middle of it to support Colleen with her family troubles. While he is gone Mac is with Kevin when something starts to go wrong with the baby. Noah gets a concussion while at basketball practice and Daniel takes him to the hospital. Nick and Sharon are called right as Nick was about to tell her about his affair with Phyllis. At the hospital after finding out that Noah will be all right Sharon wants to know what Nick was talking about earlier at that same moment Phyllis walks in.moreless
  • Ep. #8335
    Ep. #8335
    Episode 236
    Everyone in town is devastated by the news of John's seven-year sentence. Blame is put on Micheal and Gloria for the outcome. Ashley and Jack come up with a plan to send John to Ireland where there is no extradition treaty so that he doesn't have to serve his sentence. Devon catches Daniel and Lily together. They cover by pretending that Daniel was hassling her. Dru gives Daniel a lecture about staying out of their lives. Nick gets home after being with Phyllis while Sharon is preparing for them to celebrate their anniversary. Nick admits that there is something going on with him and is about to tell Sharon about his affair.moreless
  • Ep. #8334
    Ep. #8334
    Episode 235
    John's family and friends testify as to the type of person that John is, then John gives his own speech to the courts. Nick and Phyllis head in to stay at a motel once the weather starts getting bad, as Sharon discovers the S.U.V. that Nick got her for their anniversary. Devon tries to probe Lily to find out if she has any feelings for him and invites her to a movie, but is later hurt to see her with Daniel. Everyone is shocked when the judge sentences John to seven years in prison.moreless
  • Ep. #8333
    Ep. #8333
    Episode 234
    Lily and Sierra cover when Dru asks them how their studying went the night before. An angry Colleen blames Kevin for John's troubles with the law because Tom Fisher was his father. Jack tells the family Traci will be home as soon as her book tour is over. Jack and Ashley realise that John pled guilty in part to save Ashley. Mac appreciates Kevin supporting her during her pregnancy. Nick has to fill in for Nikki during a wellness center conference, putting the kibosh on his romantic plans for his and Sharon's tenth anniversary.moreless
  • Ep. #8332
    Ep. #8332
    Episode 233
    Colleen points out her 'stalker' to J.T. as J.T. erases the pictures in the guy's camera and asks him to leave Colleen alone. Colleen later thanks the 'stalker' and pays him for helping her out. Neil sits Devon down to talk to him about the crush that he has on Lily, and Devon tells Neil that he will move out if his feelings are a problem. Will Bardwell agrees to let John plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and to drop all the charges against Ashley. Daniel invites Lily to come back to his place as Phyllis will be out all night.moreless
  • Ep. #8331
    Ep. #8331
    Episode 232
    Things could hit a snag for the wellness spas when Phyllis doesn't want to use Newman-only products but after Victor, Nikki, Nick and Victoria discuss the issue with her more, Phyllis agrees. Kevin is shocked when Mac confesses to him that she is pregnant, but promises to be there to support her no matter what. Colleen tells Lily about a guy who has been following her, knowing that J.T. is listening, and J.T. offers to keep an eye on her until they catch up to this guy. Brad rails at Ashley for what she put him and Abby through, and blames her for losing Victoria.moreless
  • Ep. #8330
    Ep. #8330
    Episode 231
    Lily agrees to help Colleen snag J.T.'s attention. Mac tries to tell J.T. about the baby but loses her nerve when he tells her about John. Gloria is horrified when Jack wants to hire a new lawyer because he doesn't trust Michael but Kevin tells her not to rock the boat. Brad is shocked when Victoria tells him that John has been arrested because it means Ashley lied to him and Abby. Jill tells the Abbotts that stores are yanking Jabots products and replacing them with Newmans.moreless
  • Ep. #8329
    Ep. #8329
    Episode 230
    Everyone is furious to discover that Gloria has destroyed the evidence that could clear Ashley's name. Phyllis doesn't know quite what to do when Nick tells her that this is more than an affair for him now. After the pregnancy test turns out positive, Mac turns to Kay for advice. The police arrest both John and Ashley.moreless
  • Ep. #8328
    Ep. #8328
    Episode 229
    Gloria steals John’s jacket that is being D.N.A. tested at the lab. When John comes into the living room he discovers Gloria burning the coat in the fire place and pulls small remaining pieces out. Paul and Ashley get closer as he reassures her that she is doing the right thing about her father and the murder case. Phyllis comforts Jack as he is upset about the recent situation with his family. When Nick sees them close together he becomes jealous. Back at the office Nick and Phyllis have a heated discussion about their situation and Neil can hear them arguing in the hallway and comes into the office in the middle of it. Colleen and Gina continue to cover for Lily and Daniel as they spend time alone together at the G.C.A.C. They do have a close call though when Dru comes in looking for Lily. Daniel and Colleen have to kiss in front of Dru to try and cover up as Lily hides out. Colleen questions J.T. about being such a different person from when she knew him. Kevin comforts Mac because she doesn’t feel well. Mac buys a pregnancy test.moreless
  • Ep. #8327
    Ep. #8327
    Episode 228
    John and Ashley tell Gloria and Jack about going to the D.A. to try and set things straight. Gloria is furious with Ashley especially after she learns that John took a lie detector test and that there is evidence of Tom's blood on his jacket. Gloria calls the lab where the jacket is and lies by telling them that she is working for Paul and needs to come and pick it up to take to the judge. Nick and Phyllis make arrangements to meet for lunch in a hotel room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Sharon sees Phyllis buying lingerie at the department store and assumes that despite their problems she and Jack are back together. Sharon tells Nick this and Phyllis cancels her plans with Nick to comfort Jack. Dru and Neil debate what high school to put Lily in. Gina helps Lily and Daniel meet in private at the athletic club. J.T. brushes Colleen off after Mac tells him that she is becoming more insecure about J.T.'s past with Colleen. Colleen blames Kevin for her family's recent problems. Mac has to leave work at the coffeehouse after feeling sick.moreless
  • Ep. #8326
    Ep. #8326
    Episode 227
    Valentine's day in Genoa City. Paul presents evidence that there is type-A blood (Tom's type) on John Abbott's jacket to the D.A., John, Lauren, Ashley and Michael. Until they can prove that the D.N.A. is Tom's they will not drop the charges on Ashley. Because of the latest evidence, Michael does not confess to Will Bardwell. Lauren and Michael share Valentine's day at the boutique. The Newmans have a family dinner for Valentine's day as Victoria mourns her relationship with Brad. Brad sends her flowers saying that he is not giving up on them. Nick leaves the dinner to go and see Phyllis. While he is at the office with her she receives flowers from Jack trying to make amends. Nick becomes jealous and goes back to the ranch and gives Sharon plane tickets to Paris as a present. Phyllis and Jack drink champage and agree to "bury the hatchet" and promise to always be there for each other. Colleen helps J.T. pick out a present for Mac. Later that night at the athletic club Mac and J.T. are together, Colleen and Daniel, and the Winters family are all there. Colleen tries to make J.T. jealous and tries to cause turmoil between J.T. and Mac. Colleen and Daniel are together so that Daniel and Lily can be in the same room together. However everyone is suspicious of them.moreless
  • Ep. #8325
    Ep. #8325
    Episode 226
    Michael is just about to confess the truth about the drug charges and Tom to the D.A. when John and Ashley come into his office to try and clear everything up and prove that John was actually the one who shot Tom. John demands to take a lie detector test to prove his statement. Paul and Lauren discuss Michaels confession when Lauren learns that Paul found blood on Johns jacket. Lauren wants to go to the D.A. and tell Michael this to try and stop him from confessing but Paul says that it is not real evidence because they still don't know who's blood it is.moreless
  • Ep. #8324
    Ep. #8324
    Episode 225
    Phyllis and Nick risk being seen together in public by holding hands at the roof top patio. Daniel and Lily meet secretly and are obviously still together as they share a kiss in private. Ashley and Paul argue about Paul working on John's case. John talks Ashley into going to tell the truth to the D.A. about Tom's murder. He believes if they work together Will Bardwell will believe them. Paul finds a spot which may be blood on John's jacket. Michael goes to Will Bardwell to confess about setting up Tom. Victor and Nikki aren't happy about Victoria's wedding plans with Brad. After Brad tells Victoria that he isn't divorcing Ashley right now and wants to postpone their wedding Victoria feels that she can't be engaged to a married man and breaks off the engagement.moreless
  • Ep. #8323
    Ep. #8323
    Episode 224
    Lauren learns the whole truth about Michael's involvement with the drug bust and Tom. Bardwell thinks that Ashley and Tom were drug dealing together and were a couple. Michael doesn't know how he would prove this wrong and decides that he has to confess about his and Ashleys involvement with Tom and the drugs found on his bike. Lauren is devastated by this. Michael calls Paul to get him to find new evidence to prove Ashley's innocents but he informs him that he is already on it for John. Paul looks for evidence on John's clothing and sends his clothing to the lab to get tested. Ashley finds out that Paul is helping her father and gets mad at him. Lily and Daniel see each other at Crimson Lights. Lily still has no idea that Daniel didn't get the letter so when he sees her he rips into her. They fight and Lily says that after seeing the way that he just acted she is happy that he never got the letter because she doesn't want anything more to do with him. Brad talks to Will Bardwell. He informs Brad about Ashley's involvement with the drugs and tells him that self defence won't fly because there is no evidence to prove it. Brad sees Ashley and they agree not to go ahead with the divorce because of Ashley's legal situation. Nikki warns Victoria about Brad because of the situation that he is in with Ashley right now but Victoria refuses to listen. She says that she is strong enough to deal with it. She decides that an August wedding would be perfect, but Brad tells Victoria he is not divorcing Ashley.moreless
  • Ep. #8322
    Ep. #8322
    Episode 223
    Brad is upset with Ashley for discussing her case with reporter Leanna Love. It is suppose to be the day that their divorce is finalized but Brad thinks that the divorce would look really bad for her case and tries to convince her that they should stay married. John comes home from the hospital and tries to convince Ashley that he thinks that it is a good idea for them to stay married as well. Ashley doesn't think that it is fair to Brad and won't go for it. Brad discuss his situation with Sharon and tells her how in love he is with Victoria but thinks that it might be best to stay married to Ashley for her and Abby's sake. Will Bardwell questions Brad about Ashley's case. Nick cancels his plans with Phyllis when Sharon's business trip is cancelled. Phyllis and Nick meet later in her office and he apologizes for not meeting earlier. Phyllis tells him that their relationship is just for fun and there are no strings attached so there is no need to apologize. At the coffee shop Colleen makes a deal with Daniel to help him get into NYU. Daniel thinks that he needs to go away for college to forget about Lily. Meanwhile Sierra, Devon and Lily are at the coffee shop as well where Lily questions her friends about Daniel.moreless
  • Ep. #8321
    Ep. #8321
    Episode 222
    Paul and John meet in the hospital to discuss how Paul can help prove John shot Tom. Paul is hesitant because he has never had to prove a client guilty. Paul discovers that there might be some evidence on John because Tom fell into John when he was shot. Victoria and Brad announce their engagement to Ashley who takes it rather well and gives them her blessing to go public. Ashley gets talked into an interview with reporter Leanna Love who promises to show Ashley's side of the story but in the end turns against her and Brad and suggests that Ashley could be a cold blooded killer. Victor tells Victoria that she and Brad are moving too quickly and tries to convince her to postpone announcing their engagement. When Lauren finds out how Michael was involved with Tom's drug charges she thinks that Ashley is paying that price for his hatred of his step-father. Michael learns from Will Bardwell that Ashley's finger prints are on the drug bags found on Tom's motorcycle. Sharon is going on a business trip and questions Nick about what he will be doing while she is gone. Phyllis runs into Nick and Sharon in the hallway on Sharon's way out. After she leaves Phyllis tells Nick about Victor becoming the new business partner of her and Nikki on the spa project. They agree to meet at the hotel later. It's Devon's 18th birthday and Neil and Dru surprise him by having Lily home (and wrapped in a box). She will stay a few days for his birthday. After Neil and Dru leave Lily pressures him about Daniel and the second letter which he never admits to not giving to him.moreless
  • Ep. #8320
    Ep. #8320
    Episode 221
    Jack, Ashley, Gloria and Will Bardwell are in John's hospital room when they learn that John has just confessed to murdering Tom Fisher. Will Bardwell doesn't believe him and thinks that it is a desperate attempt of a father trying to save his daughter. The charges against Ashley are not dropped and Bardwell learns that Ashely's finger prints are on the drug bags. Michael tells Ashley his defence strategy for her. John calls Paul and hires him to prove that he shot Tom. Paul and Lauren have lunch and Lauren somewhat learns about Michael and Ashley's involvement with Tom's drug charges. Mac dresses up for J.T. to make up after fighting about Colleen. Colleen tells Jack that they need to get rid of the Fishers and all of their problems would go away. Nick and Phyllis are getting hot in her office when Sharon comes in looking for her keys. Nick hides in the office bathroom and they both agree that it was way too close of a call. Sharon and Nick have a private dinner at the ranch and Sharon suggestions that they take Noah on a ski vacation and bring Daniel and Phyllis along. Daniel brings Phyllis home dinner figuring she must be by herself and upset about Jack. Sharon leaves Nick at home to do something for business and Nick calls Phyllis saying that he has to see her tomorrow at the hotel.moreless
  • Ep. #8319
    Ep. #8319
    Episode 220
    Colleen and Daniel are ready to head somewhere else to eat when Colleen spots Mac and J.T. and suggests they say. Mac is upset and jealous to learn that J.T. spent the afternoon with Colleen and didn't tell her. Sharon apologizes to Phyllis for putting her in such an awkward position and leaves the office, not realising she left her keys on the table. Nick comes in and, after locking the door, he and Phyllis begin to kiss passionately, not realising Sharon is on her way back up for the keys. Victor and Nikki talk about the spas and Victor's regret about walking away from Newman, and Victor agrees to join in on the wellness project. Gloria is horrified to learn that Will Bardwell is questioning John and rushes to the hospital, demanding Bardwell leave John alone.moreless
  • Ep. #8318
    Ep. #8318
    Episode 219
    John confesses to Will Bardwell that he was the one who shot Tom Fisher. Gloria is frantic after learning that John is in the hospital. Michael tells Lauren about his role in the Abbott cover-up. Colleen tries to bring up memories from her and J.T.'s past, but he brushes her off. Phyllis and Nick try to agree on some ground rules for work.moreless
  • Ep. #8317
    Ep. #8317
    Episode 218
    Victor offers his lawyers to help Nikki and Phyllis fight the injunction, but privately suggests to Nikki that she drop Phyllis as a partner. Colleen apologizes to Daniel for making a scene and tells him that she's prepared to give Kevin a chance. Jack sides with Ashley after Reese tells them that John is a good candidate for a heart attack. After a visit to the school with Victoria, Abby asks Brad if she can go back to class. Phyllis demands answers from Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #8316
    Ep. #8316
    Episode 217
    Victor is furious to receive court documents that state that Jack has filed an injunction against the wellness spa. Nick nixes the idea of using Newman products at the wellness spas. Daniel's friends show up to cheer him, but after Colleen makes a scene about Kevin and he leaves to keep the peace, Daniel kicks them all out. Michael and Jack both realise that the other knows who truly shot Tom as John tells Ashley he knows what he did.moreless
  • Ep. #8315
    Ep. #8315
    Episode 216
    Michael asks John not to tell anyone he has his memory back until they can figure out what to do. Dru worries about Devon after Neil tells her what happened with Yolanda. Sharon calls Nick on his cell phone shortly after he and Phyllis finish making love. Victoria admits to Brad how badly she wants to tell the world about them.moreless
  • Ep. #8314
    Ep. #8314
    Episode 215
    John remembers everything about the night of the shooting while in the alley with Michael. Jack realises that John shot Tom after Gloria lies to Hawkins about John's whereabouts. Nick isn't thrilled about the idea of Phyllis having office space at Newman, but still goes to the hotel to meet her. J.T. tells Kevin that they know which bank the safety deposit box is in, and Mac worries about what the contents of the box will do to Kevin.moreless
  • Ep. #8313
    Ep. #8313
    Episode 214
    Victoria shows up just in time to catch Nick with a hotel room key in his hand that Phyllis had given him. Daniel and Colleen talk about J.T. and Mac's relationship. Ashley worries that John, who is at Michael's office, will remember what happened.
  • Ep. #8312
    Ep. #8312
    Episode 213
    Nikki assumes that Phyllis' cheerful demeanor is thanks to Jack. John continues to have more flashbacks of the night that Tom was shot. Devon talks to Sierra after Daniel tells him he's getting over Lily.
  • Ep. #8311
    Ep. #8311
    Episode 212
    Colleen talks to John, who welcomes her back to town and admits that he does agree that Kevin has changed for the better, as Kevin admits to Mac that he's worried that he isn't completely a better person. Yolanda decides to stay with her cousin in Seattle after everything that has happened and asks Devon to come with her, but he wants to stay with the Winters family. Victor is convinced that Ashley is hiding something, and later she blurts out that she shot Tom in self-defense.moreless
  • Ep. #8310
    Ep. #8310
    Episode 211
    Phyllis returns home after making love with Nick and is upset to find Jack there with dinner. After Daniel leaves, Phyllis lashes out at Jack, telling him he can't make everything better between them. Daniel heads over to see Noah, looking to play basketball, but Noah is out, and Nick offers to play. Neil is shocked when a naked Yolanda offers herself to him, believing that he is interested in her. Devon walks in just after Neil tells her to put her clothes back on. Sharon and Dru have a heart to heart talk about their relationships while in Denver. J.T. assures Mac that Colleen knows all about their relationship while Kevin tries to assure a disbelieving Colleen that he's changed.moreless
  • Ep. #8309
    Ep. #8309
    Episode 210
    After a 'family' dinner at G.C.A.C., Yolanda comes out of the shower wearing her robe, which she drops when she sees Neil. Phyllis and Nick take a ride around the ranch, and after returning to the stable, their talk about Cassie turns passionate. Mac tries to surprise J.T. with sexy lingerie, but Kevin is the one who gets the shock. Daniel admits to Jack that he hopes he and Phyllis can work things out. Colleen is surprised to learn that J.T. has moved in with Mac and they are dating.moreless
  • Ep. #8308
    Ep. #8308
    Episode 209
    Neil looks for answers from Yolanda after he learns she is seeking an advance on her paycheque, and she tells him she's trying to make things simpler at his home. He tells her she's welcome to stay until she earns the money for a new place. Jack tells his father that Phyllis quit her job over the wellness center, which John agrees might be an interesting, although costly, idea just as Gloria finds the papers in John's office and pumps Jill for information. Colleen and Daniel catch up at the coffeehouse, and Colleen is in the process of offering to call Lily's school and pretend to be her mom so that Daniel can talk to her when J.T. walks in. Sharon admits to Dru how hard it is to be away from home right now, especially in Denver.moreless
  • Ep. #8307
    Ep. #8307
    Episode 208
    Brad is shocked to open the door and find Colleen standing there. She says she came home to lend Ashley and Abby her support. Gloria panics after Jack tells her that John always had the key to the gun cabinet on him and rushes to the dry cleaners to get it back. Victoria tells J.T. about her engagement, but asks him to keep quiet for now. Phyllis explains to Nikki what Jack had been planning, and Nikki sees why Phyllis quit her job. Devon tells Yolanda he's thinking of going to that school in Boston. Phyllis breaks the news about Jack and her job to Daniel. Sierra wants to show Daniel the other letter from Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #8306
    Ep. #8306
    Episode 207
    Phyllis is furious that Jack was looking into legal ways to block her and Nikki's wellness spa, then heads off to make sure the presentation goes well. Afterwards, Phyllis tells Jack that she quits. J.T. tells Mac that they both have their first loves after seeing her reaction to a postcard Jill received from Billy, but that they moved on. Michael tries to help Ashley by getting Glenn Richards to drop the charges, but his plans go awry when Ashley claims she shot Tom in self-defense. Nick and Sharon light a candle together in Cassie's memory, then Sharon admits that she's considering going on the trip.moreless
  • Ep. #8305
    Ep. #8305
    Episode 206
    Gloria admires Ashley for taking the fall for John and later when Victor stops by the house he offers Ashley a home at the ranch as a way to get away from all the paparazzi. Sharon is touched to see that Noah made a card for Cassie at Daniel's suggestion and thanks Daniel for helping Noah get through the hard day, and tells him she doesn't blame him anymore for Cassie's death. Phyllis tells Nikki she wants to back out of the spa project after Jack offers her the job of creative coordinator for Chancellor Industries. Dru is upset when Neil asks Yolanda to run some errands Dru had asked him to run but he was too busy to do.moreless
  • Ep. #8304
    Ep. #8304
    Episode 205
    An emotional Kevin has to identify Tom's body at the morgue and wishes he had just one good memory of his father. He is curious when he finds a safety deposit key in Tom's personal effects. A depressed Daniel gets an older kid to buy him som alcohol but pours it out after he runs into Nick who reminds him that he's on probation and the next day would have been Cassie's birthday. Lauren is thrilled to see that Michael has turned their apartment into a beach so that they can finish their interrupted honeymoon. Sharon and Nick agree not to make a big deal out of Cassie's birthday if Noah doesn't want to. Sierra wants to tell Daniel about the second letter from Lily despite Devon's reluctance.moreless
  • Ep. #8303
    Ep. #8303
    Episode 204
    Kevin and Gloria end up at the police station, where Gloria tries to convince Michael that Ashley shot Tom in self-defense. Michael is curious where she got her information, since Ashley hasn't even talked to him about the crime yet. Victoria is surprised to hear from Nicholas that Lauren is alive and well, but isn't pleased when Nick wonders if Brad will have room for Victoria right now since Abby is his primary concern. After pumping Sharon for information about how strong her marriage is, Phyllis goes to Jack to ask if there is any chance they'll get back together. Yolanda and Devon talk at the coffeehouse, and Yolanda tries to convince Devon to go to the University of Boston to thank the Winters'.moreless
  • Ep. #8302
    Ep. #8302
    Episode 203
    Michael and Lauren put Scott in charge of finding Kevin and cancelling the memorial service, then head down to the police station to make sure that Sheila is really locked up only for Lauren to realise that the woman behind bars is actually Sugar! Dru tries to convince Yolanda that the best thing for Devon is to go to university in Boston, but Yolanda makes it clear she will not force Devon into a decision. Mac and Kevin are shocked but pleased to learn that Lauren is alive, but Kevin is unsettled by the news that Lauren is only alive because of Tom. Neil wonders why Devon doesn't want to go to away to school any more, but Devon keeps his motivation to himself.moreless
  • Ep. #8301
    Ep. #8301
    Episode 202
    Scott is shocked to find Sheila waiting for him, and initially pretends he doesn't know about what she did. Sheila knows he betrayed her, though, and holds a knife to his throat. Luckily for Scott, Hawkins bursts in and arrests Sheila in the nick of time. Scott then shares a touching reunion with Lauren and Michael. Abby wakes up from a nightmare, prompting Brad to call Ashley. When Ashley arrives, Abby wants to know if her mother really did shoot Tom. Dru and Neil are thrilled to learn that Devon won a full scholarship to the University of Boston, but he surprises them when he runs out after telling them he didn't want them to know. John is determined to remember what happened to him.moreless
  • Ep. #8300
    Ep. #8300
    Episode 201
    Michael is shocked to see Lauren and for a moment isn't even sure if she is real, but she tearfully assures him that she is. The two embrace, both amazed to have each other back. Gloria confronts Ashley about Tom's shooting, having realised it was really John who pulled the trigger. The two are interrupted when they hear John arguing loudly, and realise that Esther inadvertantly told John the truth. Mac continues to argue with J.T. about having Scott and Kevin move out and when Kevin tells Mac he and Scott are moving in with Michael, both Mac and J.T. assure Kevin he is still welcome with them. Brad and Victoria are saddened when Abby is uninvited to a birthday party because of what is going on with Ashley.moreless
  • Ep. #8299
    Ep. #8299
    Episode 200
    Neil gives Daniel both the break-up letter from Lily and the Christmas gift Daniel gave to Lily, telling him that Lily wants nothing to do with him. Victoria thanks Sharon for being like a sister to her when Sharon agrees to put in a good word for her with Abby. Sheila helps Lauren when she is nearly knocked out and assists Lauren in getting out, which shocks her former enemy. Gloria doesn't believe Ashley's story. Nick and Sharon make love. Michael grieves for Lauren in the chapel and is shocked when he turns around and sees her standing there.moreless
  • Ep. #8298
    Ep. #8298
    Episode 199
    Nick is uncomfortable when Victor praises him for how he has stood by Sharon through everything that has happened, unable to forget about having sex with Phyllis. Lauren and Sheila continue their attempts to escape their prison, but aren't sure what to do when the room begins to collapse around them. Ashley agrees to let Michael defend her. Yolanda asks Dru how she feels about her working at Newman, and Dru lies, telling her it's okay. Devon refuses to give the break-up letter to Daniel.moreless
  • Ep. #8297
    Ep. #8297
    Episode 198
    Neil pushes Devon into giving Daniel a letter from Lily where she breaks up with him, but Devon admits to Yolanda that Lily gave him a second letter stating that the first letter was a fake. Ashley is touched when Victor promises her that he'll be there for her if she needs him. Michael takes Ashley's case off of Christine's hands, telling her that there's information she doesn't need to know. Lauren and Sheila nearly bond as Sheila tells Lauren about her difficult childhood.moreless
  • Ep. #8296
    Ep. #8296
    Episode 197
    Kay advises Mac not to let J.T. make her decisions for her. Lauren wants Sheila's help, but Sheila tells her she'll have to untie her first. John's family tells him that he had a car accident and must have lost his memory. Ashley and Brad tell Abby about Ashley's arrest, and Brad is upset with Ashley for putting their daughter in this position. Kevin offers himself and Scott up to Michael as roommates.moreless
  • Ep. #8295
    Ep. #8295
    Episode 196
    Nikki is surprised to see Brad's ring on Victoria's finger, and Sharon is furious to learn that Brad and Victoria are engaged. Scott wants to become the bait to catch Sheila, but Michael insists that Lauren wouldn't want that. J.T. is upset to find Mac and Kevin sleeping on the couch, with Kevin's head in Mac's lap. Brad is shocked to learn Ashley has been arrested for Tom Fisher's murder. John finally wakes up.moreless
  • Ep. #8294
    Ep. #8294
    Episode 195
    Nikki is surprised to see Brad's ring on Victoria's finger, and Sharon is furious to learn that Brad and Victoria are engaged. Scott wants to become the bait to catch Sheila, but Michael insists that Lauren wouldn't want that. J.T. is upset to find Mac and Kevin sleeping on the couch, with Kevin's head in Mac's lap. Brad is shocked to learn Ashley has been arrested for Tom Fisher's murder. John finally wakes up.moreless
  • Ep. #8293
    Ep. #8293
    Episode 194
    Lauren and Sheila remain trapped in the bomb shelter, where Lauren starts to worry that Sheila's swelling ankle may be broken. Sharon explains to Brad that she is committed to her marriage, and the two agree that there can never be anything between them. Sharon later invites Phyllis and Daniel to have dinner with her, Nick and Noah, which Phyllis accepts after seeing how much fun Daniel and Noah are having. Jack threatens to take Victor to court if he goes through with the spa wellness idea. An urgent call from Paul interrupts Mac and J.T.'s romantic plans. Jack tells Gloria that John bought a gun to protect the family, then heads down to the station to bail out Ashley.moreless
  • Ep. #8292
    Ep. #8292
    Episode 193
    After Gloria calls to let Ashley know that John has been in an accident, Christine manages to get Ashley released from jail so that she can go to the hospital to be with her father. Michael goes to see Tom and can't believe it when Tom wants him to be his lawyer. Tom tries desperately to tell Michael where Lauren is, but flatlines before he has a chance. Phyllis tells Jack that Victor is willing to bankroll the spa idea, but Jack shocks her when he tells her that if Victor's involved, she's fired. Sharon meets Yolanda at the boutique and offers to see if there's anything available for her at Newman considering the boutique's shaky future. Brad shocks Sharon by telling her that he's in love with her.moreless
  • Ep. #8291
    Ep. #8291
    Episode 192
    Paul shows Scott a photograph of Sheila, and Scott is horrified to realise that the story 'Brenda'/Sheila was telling him was her own, and that he indirectly played a role in his mother's death. Ashley is found in the alley standing over Tom, gun in hand, and is arrested. She calls Christine to defend her. Michael gets to the alley in time to see Tom taken away and tries to force Tom into admitting he blew up the yacht. Jack is furious to learn that Phyllis went to Jill to pitch the spa idea, and Phyllis calls Nikki, who tells her that Victor can help them out. Gloria gets a call that John has been in an accident.moreless
  • Ep. #8290
    Ep. #8290
    Episode 191
    Lauren and Sheila both try to bargain with Tom, but Tom is sick of both of them. He calls Gloria and tells her to meet him behind Roman's Steakhouse. Victoria doesn't want to take no for an answer when neither Brad nor Sharon want to go on the west coast tour she wants them to. Nikki and Phyllis talk to Jill about their spa idea, and while she is disappointed that they talked to Jack before they talked to her, she agrees that Katherine needs to hear about it. J.T. brings a fax to Paul that they had been waiting for and Paul is shocked to realise that he's looking at a picture of Sheila Carter. John, Ashley, Gloria and Michael all know where Tom will be.moreless
  • Ep. #8289
    Ep. #8289
    Episode 190
    Daniel invites the Newmans to the coffeehouse to show them what he and the other teens created to give Noah his Christmas wish -- part of the coffeehouse dedicated to remembering Cassie, with a plaque in her honor. Michael, Kevin and Scott remember Lauren after finding a bag of Christmas gifts she had earlier set aside for all of them. Yolanda is grateful for the offer to come to New Hampshire but has to turn it down because she has just gotten a job in Genoa City. Nikki is touched when Victor has so much faith in the spa idea that he offers to build them all over the country. Nick promises to fight for their marriage, and gives Sharon a special ring to commemorate their tenth anniversary. Sheila and Lauren form an unusual bond in the bomb shelter. Jack, Phyllis and Daniel spend Christmas together.moreless
  • Ep. #8288
    Ep. #8288
    Episode 189
    Tom is able to capture Lauren after her escape attempt and throws her back in the bomb shelter with Sheila, who tells Lauren the story of how she managed to avoid the institution by having her former keeper, Sugar, committed in her place after plastic surgery. Scott tells Michael, Paul and Hawkins about the photograph he found of Brenda taken at the Genoa City hospital after Paul admits that he believes Jennifer Smith and Brenda Harris to be one and the same. Mac comforts Kevin when he breaks down at the coffeehouse. Phyllis gives Nick a telling Christmas gift, but covers for her presence there when they're spied together. Devon is shocked when Neil and Dru announce that Yolanda will be joining them in New Hampshire. Victor encourages Phyllis and Nikki to tell him about the spa idea that Jack rejected. Brad is angry to learn that Sharon told Nick about St. Louis, and she tells him they shouldn't be alone together anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #8287
    Ep. #8287
    Episode 188
    Devon is unhappy to learn that Lily won't be coming home for Christmas, but is shocked when the Winters' tell him that they've made arrangements for all of them to go to New Hampshire. He's pleased, until he realises that means his mother will be all alone. Mac feels awful for Kevin after learning that he is in Florida because Lauren went missing, then furious with J.T. when she realises he knew about it but didn't tell her. Both Lauren and Sheila try to make deals with Tom to ensure their individual safety, but Lauren ruins any headway she made when she tries to escape. Dru is concerned when Sharon admits how close she got to Brad, but Sharon tells her that she told Nicholas all about it.moreless
  • Ep. #8286
    Ep. #8286
    Episode 187
    Michael tries to comfort Scott over Laurens' disappearance, but Scott remains angry. Michael is desperate to believe in a miracle, but has to accept that Lauren may be gone when the coast guard calls off the search. Nikki and Phyllis get together to tell Jack all about their idea for a wellness spa for Jabot, but are disappointed when he vetoes it. Although they have verified proof that Tom puchased a one-way ticket to Miami, Paul isn't so sure he's guilty, especially after he realises that Jennifer Mitchell and Brenda Harris are the same person -- and Sheila Carter may be involved. Daniel, Sierra and Devon are working on the childrens' letters to Santa, and are touched by Noah's request, which is to always remember his sister. Tom reveals to Sheila that they are in the farmhouse in Genoa City, and shocks her when he shows her that Lauren is alive too.moreless
  • Ep. #8285
    Ep. #8285
    Episode 186
    J.T. promises Kay that he won't hurt her granddaughter, then suggests to Mac that they make up a contract detailing what the expect from each other. Michael tells Kevin about Lauren and he manages to keep it together while John and Gloria renew their vows, but loses it once he's alone with Paul. Nick finally apologizes to Sharon about jumping to conclusions where she and Brad are concerned. Phyllis is unable to stop thinking about the night she spent with Nick. A coast guard officer gives Lauren's purse to Michael. Sheila wakes up.moreless
  • Ep. #8284
    Ep. #8284
    Episode 185
    John and Gloria invite Jack, Ashley and Kevin to the Abbott mansion so they can watch them reaffirm their commitment to each other. Nick and Sharon argue over the distance that has been between them lately and Sharon admits to seeking comfort from another man, whom Nick realises must be Brad Carlton. Michael finally accepts that there was no way Lauren could have survived the explosion and calls Genoa City to tell Kevin the bad news. Brad and Victoria bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking.moreless
  • Ep. #8283
    Ep. #8283
    Episode 184
    Phyllis and Nick talk about their night together and agree that they both should forget about it. Lauren tried to get through to Tom that Sheila will kill them both. Michael looks back at the boat from the beach and sees an explosion. Sharon and Brad come home from their business trip.moreless
  • Ep. #8282
    Ep. #8282
    Episode 183
    Lauren begins reading Scott's manuscript and realises that it's her story that he's telling, and wonders where he got all those details. Both Phyllis and Nick are nervous and jumpy when they encounter each other, and Phyllis promises Nick that last night was their secret. Yolanda announces to the Winters' family that she is going to get a job, and privately tells Devon that once she gets an apartment he can come back home with her. John is shocked to receive a letter in the mail that reveals that Tom and Gloria were never divorced.moreless
  • Ep. #8281
    Ep. #8281
    Episode 182
    In St. Louis, Brad and Sharon kiss passionately, but pull back before going further. Yolanda and Devon are surprised when Dru comes home early and has words with Devon about fighting. Ashley is surprised to learn John has a gun. Kevin kisses Mac. Phyllis and Nick play video games, drink wine and have sex.moreless
  • Ep. #8280
    Ep. #8280
    Episode 181
    Sharon and Brad share a close moment in St. Louis while remembering Cassie. Paul warns Scott about dealing with Brenda and learns that Scott never saw Brenda with Jennifer. Victoria feels that Victor isn't confident in her abilities when he doesn't introduce her to Eric Forrester. Kevin gives a touching toast to Michael and Lauren. Trumpeteer Chris Botti plays as Lauren and Michael begin their lives together.moreless
  • Ep. #8279
    Ep. #8279
    Episode 180
    Tom admits to Ashley that he knows what she tried to do to him. Paul tells Ashley that 'Jennifer Mitchell' isn't who she seems. Abby blames Victoria for Brad's absence, and Nikki accuses Ashley of bad-mouthing Victoria in front of Abby. Gloria is excited that Eric Forrester is coming to the wedding. Michael and Lauren exchange vows, and are pronounced husband and wife.moreless
  • Ep. #8278
    Ep. #8278
    Episode 179
    Paul and Jack wonder if Brenda Harris and Jennifer Mitchell are the same person. Tom warns Michael that he will never be happy with Lauren. Victoria continues to push Nick to go to St. Louis, but he sees through her manipulations.
  • Ep. #8277
    Ep. #8277
    Episode 178
    J.T. tails Tom and 'Jennifer'/Sheila while Jack and Paul break into the room and find her wig and realise 'Jennifer' isn't who she seems. Dru confides in Sharon her situation with Yolanda and Devon, and worries that Devon won't be able to be himself if he's always worried about Yolanda. Scott gives his mother the first ten chapters of his novel to read while she's on her honeymoon. Mac is touched when Kevin gives her a dress to the wedding and explains that Daniel will cover for her so she can go. Ashley, Joanna and Gloria each give Lauren a special gift for her wedding day.moreless
  • Ep. #8276
    Ep. #8276
    Episode 177
    Tom is surprised to learn why 'Brenda'/Sheila hates Lauren so much. Michael thanks Christine for everything she taught him, then promises Scott not to interfere in his relationship with Lauren. Dru and Sharon do a little girl-talk in the hotel room and Dru grills Sharon about Brad. Abby forgets about her anger at her parents when Lauren wants her to be the flower girl. Joanna's nitpicking forces Lauren to tell her mother to stay out of it. Paul, J.T. and Jack decide to check out Jennifer Mitchell's hotel room.moreless
  • Ep. #8275
    Ep. #8275
    Episode 176
    Jack disappoints Phyllis by telling her he can't accompany her to the wedding because of a business commitment, but when he later asks her, she turns him down. 'Jennifer'/Sheila claims to have found the seating chart on the floor and returns it to Joanna and Gloria. Neil agrees to keep Yolanda's excursion into Dru's closet their little secret. Michael assures Paul that Tom won't get near the wedding with all the security he has around. 'Brenda'/Sheila is furious when she finds out Tom wasn't able to grab Lauren, but after he slips about her and Michael's Caribbean honeymoon, she gets a new idea. Devon punches Isaac when he hassles Yolanda at the coffeehouse. Abby wants her parents to go to the wedding together.moreless
  • Ep. #8274
    Ep. #8274
    Episode 175
    Nick admits that he and Sharon are having problems, and says they'll go for couples therapy when she gets back from St. Louis. Lauren is shocked to see her mother, Joanna. Neil tries to get Dru to give Yolanda a break, but he's concerned when he finds Yolanda trying on Dru's clothes. Nikki realises that Victoria has gotten involved with Brad, and warns her about taking the relationship public. 'Brenda'/Sheila continues to lay her plans out for Tom, who buys every word she says. After 'Jennifer'/Sheila steals the seating chart for the wedding, Gloria and Joanna panic.moreless
  • Ep. #8273
    Ep. #8273
    Episode 174
    Scott tells his mother that it's unfortunate that Brenda can't be at the wedding, but Lauren is quite happy with that turn of events. 'Brenda'/Sheila reveals her plans for Lauren to Tom, which include kidnapping her and ransoming her. Michael and Kevin teach each other a couple of different dances as they get ready for the wedding. Devon is surprised when Yolanda is able to help him with his math homework. Brad and Victoria finish making love in the Newman conference room. Sharon wants Nick to go with her to St. Louis, but he turns her down.moreless
  • Ep. #8272
    Ep. #8272
    Episode 173
    Victor encourages Neil to come to him if Nick and Victoria have trouble. Phyllis suggests to Nikki that Jabot consider wellness spas. Dru and Victoria congratulate Sharon on the shoot. 'Jennifer'/Sheila refuses to revoke Tom's bail. John asks Paul to get him a gun.
  • Ep. #8271
    Ep. #8271
    Episode 172
    Phyllis is hurt when she realizes that Jack went behind her back to get the CDs with the backdoor files on them from Kevin and then accused her of going behind his back. Victoria is upset that Victor views both her contributions and Nick's as equal in terms of the company. Gloria begs 'Jennifer'/Sheila to revoke Tom's bail and, when she refuses, John goes to see her. At the Beauty of Nature photo shoot, Nick notices the closeness between Sharon and Brad. Paul and Ashley make plans for dinner, and she kisses him passionately. Nikki tells Victor she thinks he favors Nick over Victoria.moreless
  • Ep. #8270
    Ep. #8270
    Episode 171
    Sharon can't understand why Nick went along with Phyllis and Daniel sharing Thanksgiving when them, but Nick explains that having them around is a comfort. Tom asks Ashley to be his date for Michael and Lauren's wedding, and is taken aback when she says she needs to 'think about it'. Jack is angry with Phyllis for taking the backdoor out of the Newman website before he could use it. Michael is furious to hear that Gloria had Kevin cook the books for her. Daniel offers to help coach Noah's basketball team.moreless
  • Ep. #8269
    Ep. #8269
    Episode 170
    After Yolanda and Devon make too many of his grandmother's cookies, they take them over to the coffeehouse to share with Kevin, Mac and J.T.'s dinner. Victoria invites Brad to dinner, and when Daniel and Phyllis drop in with a pie, Sharon invites them in to join as well, although seeing Daniel at the table has her briefly fleeing. Lauren calls the hotel to invite Brenda to dinner, but "Brenda"/Sheila pretends they have a bad connection. Ashley is upset to find the flowers and poem Tom left on the doorstep.moreless
  • Ep. #8268
    Ep. #8268
    Episode 169
    John demands answers from Gloria about the money, and she admits that she paid Tom off to keep him away from her new family, and Ashley backs her up, telling her father how much Tom disgusts her and how determined they all are to get him out of their lives. None of them realise Tom has snuck into the kitchen to bring Ashley flowers and is devastated to overhear. Victor approaches Kevin at the gym to demand a progress report, and when Kevin hesitates, Victor fires him on the spot. Sharon is hurt when she learns that Nick missed the webcast because he was busy at the office with Phyllis.moreless
  • Ep. #8267
    Ep. #8267
    Episode 168
    John is furious when he learns that Gloria has been padding the books and he's out $50,000. He asks Ashley to take a look at the books, and when she confronts Gloria, Gloria admits to having paid Tom's bail. Nick takes Phyllis with him into Newman to fix the computer, and she takes out the backdoor she had installed in the software. Victoria offers Sharon comfort after seeing how upset she got when Cassie was mentioned during the webcast. "Brenda"/Sheila tries to convince Scott to fictionalise the story more, as it's too close to the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #8266
    Ep. #8266
    Episode 167

    Tom offers to negotiate with Michael on the necklace if the drug charges are dropped, but there's no need for a deal as the necklace (which has been completely cleaned by Sheila) is found in the hospital laundry. Lauren comes close to telling Scott about her past with Sheila, but realises she just isn't ready to deal with the pain the memories will bring, even though she does plan to tell him eventually. Kevin admits the truth about Phyllis' backdoor into the Newman servers when Jack promises to make sure he is accepted into the Abbott family. The webcast goes well until a viewer calls in about Cassie, which prompts Brad to step in to protect a flustered Sharon.

  • Ep. #8265
    Ep. #8265
    Episode 166
    Michael realises that if Brenda and Jennifer know each other, Tom could easily have accessed the necklace as Tom warns "Brenda"/Sheila that she had better help him clear his name or he'll expose her. Nikki apologizes to Sharon for misunderstanding the situation with Abby when Sharon explains that she was only trying to help Abby deal with her emotions. Jack continues to try to get Phyllis to sabotage the Newman server, but Phyllis begs Jack to give up on the vendetta and refuses to use what she has. Brad helps Sharon get ready for the webcast.moreless
  • Ep. #8264
    Ep. #8264
    Episode 165
    Abby is at the center of the controversy as Victor suggests Brad give Ashley up for the sake of his job, Victoria tells Nikki that Sharon is trying to sabotage her attempts at a relationship with Abby, and Nick wants to have another child with Sharon so that Sharon can stop bonding so much with Abby. Paul is disappointed to learn that Ashley joined up with Michael to frame Tom, but agrees to be there for her if she needs him. Scott worries about Brenda after Michael tells him that he think she may be in danger from Jennifer. Gloria realises that Tom is only begging for her forgiveness so that he can score points with Ashley.moreless
  • Ep. #8263
    Ep. #8263
    Episode 164
    Kay is furious to learn that Jack sent Phyllis in to work on the Newman website and put her company in jeopardy to continue his war with Newman. Lauren and Gloria are surprised to realise that "Brenda Harris" and "Jennifer Mitchell" are staying in the same room. Lauren leaves a voicemail on Scott's machine asking him to bring Brenda so that they can meet. Ashley is disgusted when Tom shows up with a birthday present for Abby. Kevin hides from J.T. his worry that he won't do Victor justice.moreless
  • Ep. #8262
    Ep. #8262
    Episode 163
    Sharon comforts Abby, who finally accepts that her parents will not get back together, then gets a tongue-lashing from Victoria who blames her for trying to sabotage any relationship she could have with her half-sister. Nicholas is furious to hear from Victor that he has hired a private investigator to prove that Phyllis sabotaged the Newman site. “Jennifer”/Sheila is furious to find Lauren in her room reading the manuscript.moreless
  • Ep. #8261
    Ep. #8261
    Episode 162
    Despite all of the computer malfunctions at Newman, sales for the Seasons collection are well over what everyone expected. After Brad asks Sharon to tell Abby that he may not be able to make it to her birthday party, Nick gets upset that Brad sent their spokesperson on a “personal errand.”moreless
  • Ep. #8260
    Ep. #8260
    Episode 161
    Scott tells Brenda that he has been in contact with a publisher about the book that they have been writing. When he tells her that the publisher is interesting in their book, Brenda starts to panic and tells him that he can not get it published. Everyone at Newman and Jabot believe that Phyllis is responsible for the computer problems at Newman.moreless
  • Ep. #8259
    Ep. #8259
    Episode 160
    As Sharon is preparing for her first broadcast as the new spokeswoman for Newman, the servers crash and things get chaotic at Newman. Tom tries to get even more money out of Gloria, but she tells him that she can no longer give him money as John is starting to get suspicious.moreless
  • Ep. #8258
    Ep. #8258
    Episode 159
    Michael presses Gloria for information on 'Jennifer Mitchell' and she disavows all knowledge of the woman, then heads to Kevin's to pick up the cooked books. Jill orders Jack to contact Phyllis to have her undo the sabotage to the Newman website and tells him she doesn't want to win that way. Tom tries to get Mac on his side in talking to Kevin, and Lauren blows up when she finds him alone with her at the coffeehouse. Scott is thrilled to sign the paperwork from his new publisher, Adrian. Abby wants to have both her parents together for her birthday.moreless
  • Ep. #8257
    Ep. #8257
    Episode 158
    'Brenda'/Sheila confronts Scott about the photograph that he stole and is hurt that he would steal from her, then later goes to the hospital in an attempt to reclaim the photograph before anyone else can see it. J.T. agrees to look into possible computer sabotage for Victor and to investigate Phyllis, then goes to see Kevin to get information on just how someone would hack a website. Paul and Michael burst in on Tom and Ashley's 'date' and demand Tom leave Ashley alone, but Ashley defends Tom, who is touched because he says no one has ever defended him before. Nick tries to make peace with Victoria but makes things worse when he suggests she lets Brad control her.moreless
  • Ep. #8256
    Ep. #8256
    Episode 157
    Victor thanks Phyllis for her work on the Newman website, then brings in J.T., who recently overheard an argument between Nick and Victoria, and asks him if he knows any experts in computer espionage. Scott leaves the photograph with the nurse, Noreen, but ends up in the hotseat when 'Brenda'/Sheila asks him where the photograph he took is. Tom takes Ashley to the park on his motorcycle where he surprises her with a romantic picnic. Michael and Paul worry when they can't find Victoria.moreless
  • Ep. #8255
    Ep. #8255
    Episode 156
    Victoria admits to Victor that she wasn't thrilled that Nick brought Phyllis in to oversee the repairs on the website, but that she is learning to work with her brother. Kay and Jill talk about all the regrets that Jill has concerning her sons, and how she wishes they were still part of her life. Sheila is worried when she realises that the photograph of her taken at the hospital during her nursing days is gone. Michael brings Lauren home and they discuss the security procedures that Paul has had put in place. Ashley meets with Paul and Michael to talk to them about her plans with Tom that night.moreless
  • Ep. #8254
    Ep. #8254
    Episode 155
    At Sierra's suggestion, Daniel logs on to a Shakespeare chat site where he is able to speak to Lily through quoting the bard's plays. After a pep talk from Jill, Brittany announces that she has talked to her parents, and will be moving to New York to be with them. Victoria and Brad burst in as Phyllis is putting the finishing touches on the website and accuse her of sabotaging Newman. The Winters family tries to make Yolanda feel welcome.moreless
  • Ep. #8253
    Ep. #8253
    Episode 154
    Scott is intrigued when a young nurse at the hospital confirms that the photo in his hands was taken there, and later he pumps 'Brenda'/Sheila for information, but she swears she was never in Genoa City. Daniel begs Dru to allow him to write to Lily, even offering to let her read the letters, but she refuses. Nick calls Phyllis for help when the Newman website goes down, but she refuses to help him because of her job with Jabot. Brittany tries to seduce J.T., and is devastated when he pushes her away gently, reminding her he loves Mac.moreless
  • Ep. #8252
    Ep. #8252
    Episode 153
    'Brenda'/Sheila apologizes to Scott for blowing up at him, and later manipulates Tom, telling him that Ashley is lying to him. Brad, Ashley, Sharon, Nick, Victoria, Noah, and Abby gather at the G.C.A.C. for the Halloween costume contest and when Abby wins she gives her trophy to Noah. Brittany is devastated when she calls her parents to tell them about Bobby's death and they still want nothing to do with her.moreless
  • Ep. #8251
    Ep. #8251
    Episode 152
    Ashley starts to have regrets about being part of Michael's plans to get Tom in jail, as Tom threatens to make Michael and whoever else was involved pay for putting him in jail. Scott finds a picture of 'Brenda'/Sheila and he takes it.
  • Ep. #8250
    Ep. #8250
    Episode 151
    Lauren is excited to get released from the hospital so she can get married. The doctor tells Michael that he thinks it would not be a wise idea for so much activity for Lauren to endure so soon after her release, so Michael postpones the wedding. When 'Jennifer'/Sheila learns of this news, she goes into a psychotic fit and destroys their wedding cake.moreless
  • Ep. #8249
    Ep. #8249
    Episode 150
    Sheila gets nervous when Scott tells her that he is trying to get Lauren to change the date of her wedding. Lauren tells Michael that she thought she saw Tom in her hospital room, but people convince her that it was all in her head. Nick reveals his plans to come back as CEO of Newman.moreless
  • Ep. #8248
    Ep. #8248
    Episode 149
    Tom manages to get the necklace while he is in Lauren’s hospital room. Tom then runs right to Sheila and tells her that he has successfully gotten the necklace. Jill tries to comfort a devastated Brittany.
  • Ep. #8247
    Ep. #8247
    Episode 148
    Gloria does her best to cheer up Lauren as the two plan the wedding. Phyllis is surprised to see Devon working at the coffehouse, but it pales next to Dru's fury. Sheila convinces Tom that he needs to go to the hospital to get the necklace back before they find out about the poison. J.T. continues his efforts to cheer Brittany up after Bobby's death. Victor is pleased to hear that Nick wants to work alongside Victoria.moreless
  • Ep. #8246
    Ep. #8246
    Episode 147
    As Lauren continues to get better at the hospital, Michael inadvertently puts her at more risk by putting the necklace back on her. Sheila is upset with Tom for asking for her help, and she thinks that he knows too much, and she may have no more use for him. Brad tells Victoria that he has filed for divorce, and the two kiss passionately. J.T. assures Brittany that he will always be there for her.moreless
  • Ep. #8245
    Ep. #8245
    Episode 146
    Sheila and Tom make a plan to work together to try to destroy Michael. Brad and Ashley continue on the path of getting a divorce. Phyllis is relieved when the judge only sentences Daniel to probation and community service. The press insinuates that the auditions were just a publicity stunt to get Sharon the job as spokeswoman, but Brad assures everyone that an independent firm will be making the final decision.moreless
  • Ep. #8244
    Ep. #8244
    Episode 145
    Jill is heart broken for Brittany when she takes a message for her, and the person on the other end of the phone tells her that Bobby has been killed. When she tells Brittany, she doesn't believe her, and starts to freak out. Victoria suddenly changes the script for the Seasons spokesperson auditions, which does not set well with Sharon, who ends up nailing it. Tom blackmails Gloria into sending Jennifer (Sheila) down with his bail money.moreless
  • Ep. #8243
    Ep. #8243
    Episode 144
    Lauren hallucinates more about Shelia. Michael learns that she is up on the roof planning a surprise dinner for him, and goes up there to join her. When he finds her in an unsound state of mind, he gets her off of the ledge and tries to calm her down before getting her to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #8242
    Ep. #8242
    Episode 143
    Everyone is having a great time at Michael's bachelor party, even surprisingly, Nick. Phyllis beats the guys and poker, but her happiness soon dims as she learns that Daniel faces even more legal trouble for leaving town when he was out on bail.
  • Ep. #8241
    Ep. #8241
    Episode 142
    As Kevin and Scott are throwing Michael a bachelor party, Lauren starts to become more ill. Yolanda seems to be telling the truth about wanting to clean her life up, as she shows up to her rehab meeting, cleaned up and eager.
  • Ep. #8240
    Ep. #8240
    Episode 141
    Lauren begins to feel ill, but she is determined to have a romantic evening with Michael, not matter what. Tempers flare with Brad and Ashley as they argue over Brads new relationship with Victoria. Ashley reminds him that Victoria is his daughters sister. Brad seems to be determined to continue his relationship with Victoria, no matter Ashley's concerns.moreless
  • Ep. #8239
    Ep. #8239
    Episode 140
    Tom realizes that something is up, and is sure that Michael is the one behind him being in jail. Phyllis is worried when she learns that Daniel is being bullied at school. Neil starts to have second thought about Phyllis' offer, and considers the possibility of working at Jabot.
  • Ep. #8238
    Ep. #8238
    Episode 139
    Ashley starts to get concerned for Abby when she learns of Brad involving her in his and Victoria's new relationship. Phyllis tried desperately to get Neil to work at Jabot, but he insists that will never happen. Devon and his mother seem to have a bit of a breakthrough as she tells him that she wants to clean her life up.moreless
  • Ep. #8237
    Ep. #8237
    Episode 138
    Sheila (in her 'Jennifer' disguise) follows Scott to the spa and eavesdrops as Lauren and Michael talk and is pleased to learn that Taylor Forrester is alive, because she is no longer guilty of murder. Ashley plants a bag of white powder Michael had given her earlier in the saddlebags of Tom's motorcycle, and feigns surprise when the police show up. Brittany, J.T., Jill, Joshua and Kay all say their goodbyes, but after 'federal agents' take the baby from Jill, Brittany realizes that the wrong people have her son. Alone with Sharon, Nick admits that he doesn't trust much of what his sister has been doing lately.moreless
  • Ep. #8236
    Ep. #8236
    Episode 137
    Jill pleads with Brittany to stay, as she has grown attached with Joshua and is afraid that thing may to awry if they are back with Bobby. Shelia is excited with anticipation when Scott gives the necklace that she poisoned to Lauren. While on their date, Ashley puts something in Tom's motorcycle.moreless
  • Ep. #8235
    Ep. #8235
    Episode 136
    Sharon and Brad both agree that she would be a wonderful spokesperson for Seasons, but Victoria tells her that she'll have to take her chances with the rest. Sheila calls Scott to let him know he left the necklace he bought Lauren at her place, and doesn't reveal she's already dipped it in poison. Phyllis is shocked to learn of Brittany's living arrangements and cannot believe the danger the family is in. Victoria isn't thrilled that Abby will be going along to dinner with her and Brad. Scott doesn't understand when Kevin is adamant about his hatred for Tom.moreless
  • Ep. #8234
    Ep. #8234
    Episode 135
    Brittany is stressed when she learns that there have been two attempts on Bobby's life, and she is more determined than ever to be with him. Scott turns down Sheila's invitiation to dinner, and doesn't notice how upset she is, or that she took the necklace he bought for Lauren. Kay apologizes for interfering so much when Jill was raising Philip Jr., and wishes she could have been there for Kay's childhood. Sharon wows the magazine editors, then she and Brad get stuck in Chicago due to bad weather.moreless
  • Ep. #8233
    Ep. #8233
    Episode 134
    Sheila is jealous that Scott bought Lauren a beautiful necklace until a messenger brings the day planner he bought for her. Gloria reveals to Ashley that Tom threatened her and John, and Ashley vows to get him out of their lives for good. Nicholas is upset that he was the last person to learn that Brad now owns stock in Newman, and isn't happy with that. Brad sets up a meet with some editors and when Victoria can't go, he decides to take Sharon instead.moreless
  • Ep. #8232
    Ep. #8232
    Episode 133
    Brad and Victoria stop after their kisses, not sure how far they want to go. Mac tries to sneak back into the house after spending a night with J.T., but is caught by her family and friends. Brittany is shocked when the FBI calls and says she has to be ready to leave the next day. Ashley accuses Brad of trading the stock so that he can get more time with Abby, which he denies. Dru is touched and worried to realize Neil spend the night at the rehab center with Yolanda.moreless
  • Ep. #8231
    Ep. #8231
    Episode 132
    Sheila and Tom make a deal -- he'll tell her about poison if she clears out of the room for awhile so he can have 'company' over. Nick is shocked to learn that Victor gave Brad some Newman stock in exchange for his Jabot stock. John punches Tom at the G.C.A.C. and when he leaves, Ashley goes with him back to his motel. Brad and Victoria start off the night with a few glasses of wine, but it quickly turns passionate. Mac assures J.T. he did the right thing by telling Victor about Nikki's condition.moreless
  • Ep. #8230
    Ep. #8230
    Episode 131
    Victor finally realizes how bad Nikki is doing when she nearly loses it after stopping J.T. from talking to Victor, but she still wants to go on the cruise. Neil admits to Dru that he's upset that after all his years working for the company he hasn't been able to buy any stock, yet Brad was able to trade for his. Devon thanks Daniel for buying Yolanda breakfast, but is less than enthusiastic when Daniel asks him to pass a message along to Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #8229
    Ep. #8229
    Episode 130
    Tom strong-arms his way into the Abbott mansion to demand more money from Gloria. Victor is disappointed that Nikki already knows about the party that night, but is pleased when she still wants to go through with it. As part of her plan with Michael, Ashley approaches Tom with the suggestion that she help him mend fences with his family. Nikki is worried that Kay or J.T. could spill her secret.moreless
  • Ep. #8228
    Ep. #8228
    Episode 129
    Ashley is angry to learn that Victor now has possession of Brad's Jabot stock. Nikki goes to see Kay to ask for pills, but Kay turns her down and Nikki tries to shrug it off, but later heads to see Dr. Thompson to get a prescription for anti-anxiety medication. Mac wishes she and J.T. could be as close as he and Brittany. Sheila talks Scott out of digging too deeply into his past. Ashley is surprised when Michael wants to team up against Tom.moreless
  • Ep. #8227
    Ep. #8227
    Episode 128
    Scott is angry with Kevin when Kevin won't give him the information about Lauren's past, and later vows to Brenda that he will find out no matter what. Nikki covers up her own worries by telling Paul she's worried about J.T.'s new job. Sharon and Dru brainstorm ideas for Seasons and Dru goes to Phyllis to ask her to come back but Phyllis, fresh from a love-making session with Jack, tells her she's working for Jabot now. Jack is furious to learn that Victor now has possession of Brad's Jabot shares.moreless
  • Ep. #8226
    Ep. #8226
    Episode 127
    Brad tells Victoria that he did his best to unload his Jabot stock but no one is interested, so she counters by offering a dollar-for-dollar trade for Newman stock. Although Mac and J.T. kiss passionately, she pulls back before going too far. Kevin stops by Fenmore to get a gift for Mac, but assures Lauren it's only a friendship gift. Brittany panics when she wakes from a nap to find Josh gone, and rails at Jill when she learns Jill had taken the baby for a walk so she could sleep. After spending the afternoon with Scott, a now-alone Sheila has an odd conversation with a meaner mirror version of herself.moreless
  • Ep. #8225
    Ep. #8225
    Episode 126
    Mac is initially angry to learn that J.T. moved out, but when she finds out that he has pitched a tent in the backyard, she surprises her with a kiss. Sharon takes Brad to Crimson Lights to try to talk him out of quitting while Victor urges Victoria to compromise with Brad. After Yolanda urges Devon to try again with Daniel, Devon convinces his mother to go into rehab. Scott realizes that the character of the selfish woman's victim in Brenda's book is actually Brenda herself. Gina gives Lauren advice on wedding stress.moreless
  • Ep. #8224
    Ep. #8224
    Episode 125
    After learning Reese can't let her stay in the hospital anymore, Yolanda announces that she is ready to return to rehab, and has already left the hospital by the time Devon gets there. Jack is upset when he learns that Jill asked Brad to come back to Jabot, and warns her he doesn't want Brad working for the company. Sharon tries out some of the products in the new Seasons line, and then eavesdrops while Victoria demands Brad sell off his Jabot stock.moreless
  • Ep. #8223
    Ep. #8223
    Episode 124
    Michael agrees that he and Lauren need to focus on the wedding, but suggests to Lauren that she should tell Scott the truth. Victoria continues to demand that Brad sell his Jabot stock, but he's not interested in the sale. Jack and Phyllis get romantic while playing a videogame.
  • Ep. #8222
    Ep. #8222
    Episode 123
    Sheila (as Jennifer) saves Gloria from choking but takes off before anyone gets the chance to thank her. Jill is frustrated with Brittany's inability to look after Joshua and insists on doing it herself. Kevin's extended family comes to see his new purchase. J.T. prepares a romantic dinner for Mac.
  • Ep. #8221
    Ep. #8221
    Episode 122
    Kevin and Mac celebrate their new ownership of Crimson Lights, and J.T. is disappointed that Mac won't be working with him. Neil and Dru try to encourage Devon to focus on his schoolwork. Michael and Lauren set a date for their wedding. Gina hires 'Jennifer' (Sheila) to work at the G.C.A.C.moreless
  • Ep. #8220
    Ep. #8220
    Episode 121
    Sharon agrees to sell the coffeehouse to Mac and Kevin after Mac shares with her some memories of Cassie. J.T. chases after Nikki, who admits that she can't forget what happened. While Dru comforts Devon over Yolanda, Neil pushes to woman to admit that she needs help. After turning down dinner with Scott as 'Brenda', Sheila applies for a job at the G.C.A.C. as 'Jennifer'.moreless
  • Ep. #8219
    Ep. #8219
    Episode 120
    Devon turns hostile when Dru and Neil want to put some distance between him and Yolanda, until Neil promises to do his best to get Yolanda into rehab. J.T. offers Mac a job working with him since their plans to buy the coffeehouse fell through. Nick, Sharon and Noah share a moment as a family. Michael and Lauren through a welcome home party for Scott, and he's thrilled to reconnect with friends and family. J.T. notices Nikki's hands trembling.moreless
  • Ep. #8218
    Ep. #8218
    Episode 119
    Tom threatens to blow Gloria out of the water and to have Michael disbarred if Gloria doesn't come through with some cash. Sharon is disappointed when she returns to Newman and learns that she won't be working with Brad. Jill has a change of heart and agrees to help Brittany with the baby, and even agrees to watch him for her. Ashley shows up looking for Tom and was interested to learn that Gloria was there too, but 'Jennifer' (Sheila) covers for Gloria, saying she's an old friend.moreless
  • Ep. #8217
    Ep. #8217
    Episode 118
    Tom is shocked to see his date remove her wig and teeth and reveal herself as Sheila, and turns down her proposal until she convinces him with a violent kiss. Daniel brings Phyllis a video game system (a Microsoft® Xbox), and suggests that it can be something the two can do together. Mac agrees to go out with J.T., but has to give him a rain check when Kevin reveals that Nick and Sharon want to see them. Jill is furious to learn that Brittany plans to bring the baby back to the house.moreless
  • Ep. #8216
    Ep. #8216
    Episode 117
    Still disguised as Jennifer, Sheila again meets Tom at the bar, and encourages him to get back at the people who have done him wrong. Sharon has a fantasy of Cassie at the coffeehouse, but comes back to reality when Brad comes in and tells him about the offer. Phyllis brings Daniel to the new apartment, and is shocked to see that Jack has paid to have it decorated. Ashley is shocked to learn that her Tom is really Gloria's ex-husband Tom, and that Michael knew the entire time.moreless
  • Ep. #8215
    Ep. #8215
    Episode 116
    Jack worries that Phyllis is moving out to put some space between them, and tries to sour her on an apartment to keep her with him, but she takes it anyway. Gloria pretends to be shocked when John tells her that Tom is in town, was dating Ashley, and has been in contact with both her sons. Nick and Sharon discuss Mac and Kevin's offer to buy Crimson Lights, with Nick in favor, and Sharon against. Devon is horrified when his mother, still tripping on meth, needs to be restrained at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #8214
    Ep. #8214
    Episode 115
    Tom reveals both himself and his marriage to Gloria to Tom, then destroys Michael's credibility with John by telling him that Michael knew he was there and knew he was dating Ashley. Devon is shocked when the paramedics reveal that his mother's condition is due to her crystal meth addiction. Kevin approaches Michael to get his share of the lottery winnings so he can buy Crimson Lights. Sharon wonders if Nick cares about anything at all anymore. Phyllis tells Jack she and Daniel are moving out.moreless
  • Ep. #8213
    Ep. #8213
    Episode 114
    Sheila offers Tom some advice on how to handle his problems. Lily and Daniel say goodbye before she leaves for boarding school in New Hampshire. Gloria has a fantasy about life without John, with herself as a homeless woman whom John barely recognizes.
  • Ep. #8212
    Ep. #8212
    Episode 113
    Tom is furious when Michael puts him in the hot seat, then later runs into a disguised Sheila at the G.C.A.C. Daniel thanks Nick for saving his life. Lily admits that she wishes Malcolm were her father because she's convinced he wouldn't send her away. Isaac gives Yolanda a bag of crystal meth.moreless
  • Ep. #8211
    Ep. #8211
    Episode 112
    Gloria hangs out with Scott and Kevin, and after she leaves, the two continue to talk about their families. Kevin says that his father is out of the picture, and when Scott talks about wishing he had a father, Kevin agrees with him. Scott wants to live with Lauren while he is in town, but Kevin suggests he move into the loft with him. Neil and Dru tell Lily that the only way the courts agreed to drop the charges was if she went away, and tell her that a school in New Hampshire is holding a place for her. Brad wonders whether or not Nick is okay with Sharon coming back to work, and she admits that lately, she and Nick don't share things the way they used to.moreless
  • Ep. #8210
    Ep. #8210
    Episode 111
    Michael shows up at Kevin's apartment and tells him that he is sick and tired of all of them letting Tom get away with blackmailing Gloria and is going to take him to John. Separately, Daniel and Lily admit to Phyllis, Neil and Dru that they slept together. Neil and Dru talk and decide that the best thing to do might be to send Lily away after learning she was expelled from school. Lily doesn't understand when Daniel wants to cool things down.moreless
  • Ep. #8209
    Ep. #8209
    Episode 110
    Nick admits to Victor that he doesn't know if he'll ever be able to deal with what has happened. Phyllis stops by to see Nick and thanks him for saving her son, and promises to be there for him and his family if they ever need her. Dru panics when Lily is not at home and heads over to see Phyllis only to run into Jack in the afterglow. Daniel isn't there. Daniel and Lily reaffirm their feelings for each other and make love, only to have Dru, Phyllis, Neil and Jack walk in on them the next day. Mac and Kevin talk about their ideas for the coffeehouse, and after Kevin returns home, Tom shows up on his doorstep with his bags.moreless
  • Ep. #8208
    Ep. #8208
    Episode 109
    After he is found not guilty, Daniel tells Phyllis that this is not something to celebrate over. Chris tells Phyllis that she should not have any anger towards Nick, and that what he did for them must have took a lot of courage. Lily and Daniel reunite tearfully. Michael and Lauren arrive at the mental institution, and Lauren is terrified when she sees who she believes to be Shelia. Later on, the real Shelia, who is posing as Brenda, gets a phone call from someone who works at the institution, saying that Lauren and Michael were there, and they think that the fake one really is her. After this, Shelia reconsiders going to Genoa City with Scott.moreless
  • Ep. #8207
    Ep. #8207
    Episode 108
    Mac invites Kevin to move into the mansion. At first, Kevin think that Mac is just inviting him to move in, so she can try to make J.T. jealous. After Kevin realizes that she actually wants him to be near her, he gets emotional and agrees to move in. Nick arrives at Daniel's sentencing with the clothes that Cassie was wearing on the night of the accident. After reviewing this new evidence, Daniel is found not guilty.moreless
  • Ep. #8206
    Ep. #8206
    Episode 107
    After thinking about what has happened to her and her family in recent times, Nikki breaks down and has a panic attack. The Judge tells Chris that she can only have 15 minutes to try to get together some more evidence for Daniel. All Chris can do is prove that Cassie's friend Ali lent her shoes the night of the accident, and has not seen them since. Chris tells the Judge that the rubber sole that they found could very well be from that shoe. The Judge makes his ruling, and finds Daniel guilty.moreless
  • Ep. #8205
    Ep. #8205
    Episode 106
    Nikki is frightened when she has delusions of two mod members killing her. After she has these delusions, she has a full blown panic attack. Chris is terrified for Daniel when the Judge tells her that he will not wait for Paul to arrive with any new evidence.
  • Ep. #8204
    Ep. #8204
    Episode 105
    Scott tries to get "Brenda" to come to Genoa City with him to work on their book. Chris gets an idea about the trial when she overhears Lily talk to her parents about how her and her friends trade clothes all the time. Michael tells Kevin that he went to see Shelia, and is satisfied.moreless
  • Ep. #8203
    Ep. #8203
    Episode 104
    Nick has delusions that Cassie is with him, and he is living some big moments in her life with her. He is there with her while she goes to prom, he watches her go off to college, and he even tears up when he is watching her in a white gown on her wedding day. Kay tells J.T. and Brittany that they should move into the mansion with her and Mac.moreless
  • Ep. #8202
    Ep. #8202
    Episode 103
    Mac complains to Kay about the J.T. and Brittany situation, and Kay tells Mac to call J.T. and Brittany right away and to tell them both to meet Mac and Kay at the mansion. Brittany tells J.T. that she is excited that she will be with her husband again soon, but admits that she will miss J.T. dearly. Nick goes to see Alice to get more of an insight to Cassie's life. Lauren invites Scott to her wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #8201
    Ep. #8201
    Episode 102
    Chris tells Lily that she should not speak at Daniel's trial for her own sake. After Lily leaves, Paul remembers something he wrote down a while ago that may help their case, so they go to the Winters' to try to convince Dru to let Lily tell that story on the stand. Scotty tells Brenda (Sheila) that he would like to work out more of the story of the kidnapped baby. Shelia looks up information about Michael on the internet.moreless
  • Ep. #8200
    Ep. #8200
    Episode 101
    Neil is furious with Brad after learning that Brad went behind his back to take his ideas to Victoria. Sharon testifies in the courtroom about what an obedient daughter Cassie was, but admits to Nick that she's not sure if she told the truth. Jack wonders to Ashley if Brad is dangling full custody in front of her as a way to distract her. When Phyllis wonders why Christine didn't cross-examine Sharon, Christine completely loses it with her. Devon brings Yolanda back to the Winters' apartment with him.moreless
  • Ep. #8199
    Ep. #8199
    Episode 100
    Devon finds his mother begging for money in the park. She doesn't realize who he is, and asks him for money for her kid. At Daniel's trial, there is a heated fight between Nick and Phyllis, which leads to Nick leaving the courtroom. The doctor says that Cassie leaving the hospital could have contributed in a big way to her death. Nick has a flashback of Cassie's last words to him, telling him how the accident wasn't Daniel's fault, and it was actually her own fault.moreless
  • Ep. #8198
    Ep. #8198
    Episode 99
    Sheila spins a tale for Scott about baby-napping which he finds fascinating, not realizing she's telling him the story of his own life. Nikki and Victor wonder what Nick's real reason is for refusing to turn the clothes over to the police. Daniel's trial begins, with Glenn Richards determined to put him behind bars, and both he and Christine give their opening statements.moreless
  • Ep. #8197
    Ep. #8197
    Episode 98
    The police search Sharon and Nick's home to try to find Cassie's clothes, but find nothing. Lauren tells Gloria that she wants to have a small ceremony with Michael. Eric Forrester comes for a visit, and he tells Michael to let things be with Lauren. Eric tries to reassure Michael that Sheila will spend the rest of her life in the mental institution that she is currently in.moreless
  • Ep. #8196
    Ep. #8196
    Episode 97
    Mac tries to get Kevin to start dating again. Phyllis goes over to Nick and Sharon's, and pleads with them to turn in the evidence that they are hiding. J.T. and Bobby save Joshua, then Bobby tells Brittany that he is leaving for the witness protection program.
  • Ep. #8195
    Ep. #8195
    Episode 96
    Bobby realizes something is wrong when he finds Angelo holding the new Marsino baby boy in his arms. Tom blackmails Gloria into paying for his room at the Athletic Club. Sharon denies to Christine that they still have the clothes that Cassie was wearing that night.
  • Ep. #8194
    Ep. #8194
    Episode 95
    Michael finds out the real story of what happened to Lauren by looking up old newspaper articles. Mac tells J.T. that she will not make a quick choice where he is concerned. Paul learns that Nick lied, and he has had Cassie's clothes the whole time. Scott and Sheila talk, and he calls her 'Brenda'.moreless
  • Ep. #8193
    Ep. #8193
    Episode 94
    J.T. tells Mac that Brittany's baby isn't really his, and the baby is actually Bobby's. Lauren goes to visit Scott, and has more flashbacks of when Sheila kidnapped her. When Lauren leaves, Sheila walks out from another room in Scott's apartment.
  • Ep. #8192
    Ep. #8192
    Episode 93
    Scott tells Lauren that Michael went to see him, and she gets really upset at Michael for this act. Lauren has memories of Shelia kidnapping her. Brittany and J.T. keep trying to get in contact with Bobby.
  • Ep. #8191
    Ep. #8191
    Episode 92
    Victor finds Nikki, but instead of rescuing her, gets held as a hostage himself. J.T. tries to get a hold of Bobby to tell him about the baby, but cannot reach him. Tom visits Kevin and Michael.
  • Ep. #8190
    Ep. #8190
    Episode 91
    Nikki leaves a clue for Victor, Paul, and Bobby that she is being transported to Marsino's. Phyllis tells Neil and Dru that it was her idea to disguise Lily, and she is willing to take full blame for it. Mac and J.T. deliver Brittany's baby.
  • Ep. #8189
    Ep. #8189
    Episode 90
    Nikki tries to escape from Vinny, but fails. J.T. takes Brittany to the Newman Ranch, when she suddenly goes into premature labor.
  • Ep. #8188
    Ep. #8188
    Episode 89
    Paul finds the bug that was planted in his office. Victor and Bobby try to locate Nikki, who is being held hostage by one of Vinny's men.
  • Ep. #8187
    Ep. #8187
    Episode 88
    Christine again tries to get Daniel to try to remember the party. Lily finds out that she will have to stay overnight in jail.
  • Ep. #8186
    Ep. #8186
    Episode 87
    Lily covers for Phyllis, saying that Phyllis had nothing to do with her disguising herself to see Daniel. J.T. tells Bobby that Nikki seems to know what is going on. Bobby then goes to Victor to warn him to try to keep Nikki out of the situation.
  • Ep. #8185
    Ep. #8185
    Episode 86
    Nikki tells J.T. that she saw Brittany and Bobby together, and knows that J.T. is just helping them. Lily goes into disguise to see Daniel. Michael attacks Tom.
  • Ep. #8184
    Ep. #8184
    Episode 85
    Tom and Gloria have some nasty words. Michael gets back to town, and learns that Scotty is Christine's nephew. He also learns that Tom now knows about the legal notice.
  • Ep. #8183
    Ep. #8183
    Episode 84
    Mac and Kevin start to get a little closer and even plan to take a trip together. Lauren calls Kevin and asks that he come to her right away, so Kevin cancels with Mac and goes to Lauren. Michael and Scott talk for a while, then they come to an agreement that neither of them will tell Lauren about the visit. A battered J.T. tries to calm Nikki down when she starts yelling at him, telling him that he got what he deserved.moreless
  • Ep. #8182
    Ep. #8182
    Episode 83
    Gloria places an ad in the local newspaper, trying to declare her husband, Tom Fisher, as legally dead. Tom is near Lauren when she reads the ad, and he reacts. Lauren then realizes that Tom, Ashley's ex-boyfriend, is actually Terrible Tom. Devon confesses to Lily that he still loves his mother, and all he wants to do is help her get clean, and to stay clean, once and for all.moreless
  • Ep. #8181
    Ep. #8181
    Episode 82
    Devon gets in the cops faces when they hassle Yolanda. Christine pumps Daniel for more information. Neil worries about his job at Newman.
  • Ep. #8180
    Ep. #8180
    Episode 81
    Victor calls district attorney Glenn Richards out to the ranch to push him into fast-tracking Daniel's trial. Christine and Paul realize after looking at the accident photos, that it will be hard to prove Daniel wasn't driving. Neil understands why Devon wants to help his mother, and accepts that he can't stop it.moreless
  • Ep. #8179
    Ep. #8179
    Episode 80
    Daniel tells Phyllis that he remembers Cassie facing him while she was turned around, meaning he would have been in the backseat, and she had to have been the one who was driving on the night of the accident. Neil brings Lily to the station to await her charges. Neil goes to Michael to see if he will be Lily's representation. Paul gets J.T. to drop the gun. Bobby says that he knew J.T. never had it in him to actually use the gun.moreless
  • Ep. #8178
    Ep. #8178
    Episode 79
    Dru meets with Yolanda and they both agree that Devon should not be seeing Yolanda at all. Nick fires Phyllis, but Victoria doesn't agree with it. Phyllis ends up quitting. Michael offers Tom money to leave Genoa City for good. J.T. goes into the Athletic Club beaten, and pulls a gun on Bobby.moreless
  • Ep. #8177
    Ep. #8177
    Episode 78
    The district attorney in Los Angeles drops the murder charges against Lily and Daniel. Bobby and J.T. get into an argument about how to deal with Vinny. Bobby thinks that he should beat J.T. up to make the situation look real, but J.T. does not like that idea. Once again, Sharon confides in Brad. This time, Sharon tells him that Nick coming home wasn't as she expected.moreless
  • Ep. #8176
    Ep. #8176
    Episode 77
    Nikki tries to get Bobby to confide in her, but with no luck. Gloria visits Victor, and she asks him if he would consider being part of Michael and Lauren's wedding. Mac, still upset about J.T. having a baby with Brittany, tries to talk to J.T., but she gets nowhere when he reminds her that he is having a baby with Brittany. Michael tries to get Paul to tell him about Scotty.moreless
  • Ep. #8175
    Ep. #8175
    Episode 76
    Devon is upset when he learns that Yolanda used the money that he gave her for drugs. Although he is disappointed, he offers to help get her to a homeless shelter. Victoria gets a little worried about her new position at Newman, when she learns that Nick is on his way home. Michael does an internet search on Scott, but comes up empty handed.moreless
  • Ep. #8174
    Ep. #8174
    Episode 75
    J.T. and Nikki get into a spat over Brittany. Nikki lets her subconscious take over when she reveals that she thinks Bobby is a great man. She says that Brittany wouldn't sleep with J.T. when she has a man like Bobby. Vinny tells Bobby that he needs to beat up J.T. for sleeping with Brittany. Nick calms down and decides to leave Daniel's punishment up to the law. Dru and Sharon are both excited when they hear the good news that their loved ones are coming home soon.moreless
  • Ep. #8173
    Ep. #8173
    Episode 74
    Neil goes to the beach to try to find Lily, and to his surprise, he spots her coming towards him. When Nick spots Daniel, he runs after him and starts to beat him up until Phyllis gets there and gets him to stop. Brad agrees to Victoria to take the position that she offered him at Newman. Nikki gets suspicious as she sees Vinny closely watching Mac and Brittany fight.moreless
  • Ep. #8172
    Ep. #8172
    Episode 73
    Malcolm goes to Chris and Paul to tell that what Lily told them about Daniel remembering Cassie being the one who was driving on the night of the accident. A police officer tells Neil, Nick, and Phyllis about a robbery, and explains that two people that fit the description of Lily and Daniel were spotted leaving the crime scene.moreless
  • Ep. #8171
    Ep. #8171
    Episode 72
    Paul talks to Bobby and offers to help with his problem. Sharon tells Victoria that she should hire Brad at Newman. Daniel tells Lily what he has been remembering about the night of the accident, and she tells him that they need to tell Malcolm, since he is the only one who she really trusts. When they are at a market calling him, the store worker gets shot during a robbery.moreless
  • Ep. #8170
    Ep. #8170
    Episode 71
    When Paul learns about J.T. being the father of Brittany's baby, he suspects something is right. After he spots Vinny talking with Bobby, he knows that his intuition was right, and he tries to get Bobby alone to talk to him. Daniel starts to remember more of the night of the accident, and he remembers Cassie driving that night, not himself.moreless
  • Ep. #8169
    Ep. #8169
    Episode 70
    Mac tries hard to not believe what is happening in her life with J.T. and Brittany, but when Brittany asks her to move out, she starts to get the picture that her and J.T. will never have a future together. Brad tries to console a crying Sharon. Victor and Nikki share a romantic evening.moreless
  • Ep. #8168
    Ep. #8168
    Episode 69
    After Nick tells Sharon that he can't come home yet, a depressed Sharon goes to a bar where she runs into Brad, who offers to cheer her up.
  • Ep. #8167
    Ep. #8167
    Episode 68
    Mac laments how every time she ever falls for a guy he turns out to be a loser, but Kevin tells her not to let J.T. have such a strong hold over her.
  • Ep. #8166
    Ep. #8166
    Episode 67
    Jack tries to shake Victoria's confidence in her abilities to lead Newman, but Victoria knows his game and tries to get him to say he wants her to fail.
  • Ep. #8165
    Ep. #8165
    Episode 66
    Dru is still angry with Malcolm for helping the kids the first time, but Malcolm reminds her that Lily trusts him.
  • Ep. #8164
    Ep. #8164
    Episode 65
    Tom taunts Michael with a secret that would ruin Gloria's marriage, but refuses to tell him exactly what it is.
  • Ep. #8163
    Ep. #8163
    Episode 64
    When Tom and Paul meet, Paul conveys that he does not trust Tom one bit. Ashley assures him that she doesn't need his help with Tom though. J.T. talk to Katherine, and tells her that she will need to be there for Mac in the upcoming weeks and to support her. Bobby and Brittany meet secretly.moreless
  • Ep. #8162
    Ep. #8162
    Episode 63
    J.T. assures Mac that him being the father of Brittany's baby is completely possible. Tom and Brad meet for the first time. While talking about Michael and Lauren's upcoming wedding, Gloria adds in her two cents, and says that they should have the wedding at the Abbott mansion. Michael then asks Kevin to be his best man.moreless
  • Ep. #8161
    Ep. #8161
    Episode 62
    Phyllis learns from Danny that Daniel may be on his was to L.A., so she decides to take a chance and look for him there. Victoria feels insecure about her place in Victor's life after in sets in that she is no longer Victor's only daughter. Vinny tries to find out why Bobby was so upset with Brittany, and Bobby tells him not to worry about it. Brittany talks to J.T. in private, and when Mac returns, a worried J.T. tells her that he just found out that he is actually the father of Brittany's baby. Neil talks to Victor about getting a leave of absence while he leaves to try to find Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #8160
    Ep. #8160
    Episode 61
    Phyllis and Nick put aside their differences and work with each other in finding Lily and Daniel. Dru calls Lily and Phyllis answers Lily's phone, and she tells Dru that she found the phone, but not Lily. John expresses interest in meeting Tom, Ashley's new friend. Brittany and Bobby are talking when Vinny walks into the club, and out of nowhere, Bobby screams at Brittany.moreless
  • Ep. #8159
    Ep. #8159
    Episode 60
    Victoria is shocked to hear the details of Abby's conception from Brad. Brittany is terrified when Bobby gets into it with Vinny and his thug. Nick waits for the kids in a cheap hotel room, only to encounter Phyllis. Lily cuts Daniel's hair to change his appearance.
  • Ep. #8158
    Ep. #8158
    Episode 59
    Before they leave the motel, Lily cuts Daniel's hair, so people will have a harder time realizing who he is. When Bobby opens up the present, he finds a tiny casket and a warning that it is for his child. Terrified, Brittany tries to call the police, but Bobby refuses to let her, saying that it is just to scare him. Nick is more concentrated on finding Daniel then he is about his own family, which frustrates Sharon and Victor. Nick gets a call on the whereabouts of Daniel and Lily, and heads out. At the same time, Kevin also finds where they are and Phyllis heads out as well. Brad accidentally tells Victoria that Abby is actually Victor's daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #8157
    Ep. #8157
    Episode 58
    Victoria tells Jill and Jack that she cannot work for Jabot, as she will be in charge of Newman while her brother is preoccupied. Upset by this news, Jack tries to get her to reconsider, but with no luck. J.T. and Mac share an intimate moment. Phyllis asks for Kevin's help with finding Daniel and Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #8156
    Ep. #8156
    Episode 57
    Victor asks Victoria if she will fill in as CEO of Newman while Nick is in mourning. Ashley is not pleased when she learns that John and Gloria are officially back together. While Daniel is out, Lily calls Devon and he tells her how worried Neil and Dru are.
  • Ep. #8155
    Ep. #8155
    Episode 56
    Tom gets offensive when Ashley grabs his phone while it is ringing. He tries to make up for his action with a romantic dinner for her, but she still had doubts about him, now that she has seen a mean side to Tom. Jack offers Victoria a job at Jabot to replace Brad. Lily and Daniel stay the night at a run down motel outside of town.moreless
  • Ep. #8154
    Ep. #8154
    Episode 55
    Sharon tries to think about her family in this troubled time, but all Nick can concentrate on is Daniel. Sharon pleads with him to leave Daniel alone and to trust that the police will give him what he deserves. Victoria tells Brad that she is staying in town while she is needed. Gloria slips a "little blue pill" into John's drink after she tells him that she wants to have 'relations' with him and he is unsure of that.moreless
  • Ep. #8153
    Ep. #8153
    Episode 54
    Lily and Daniel go on the run when they learn that the police are looking for them. Chris tries hard to get Nick to back off and stop looking for Lily and Daniel, and she assures him that J.T. and Paul are working hard to try to find them. John and Gloria start to get a little closer as he invites her to dine with him at the Athletic Club.moreless
  • Ep. #8152
    Ep. #8152
    Episode 53
    Larry comes back to Genoa City to help Sharon Cope with the death of Cassie and gives her the ride of her life on his motorcycle.
  • Ep. #8151
    Ep. #8151
    Episode 52
    Malcolm tried to get Lily to confide in him about Daniel's location. Lily admits that she knows where Daniel is, but she refuses to tell Malcolm where Daniel is. Frighten about what she saw with Kevin being "possessed", Gitta runs out of the room and goes downstairs where she tells John that she quits. Paul and Brad have a talk, and Paul tells Brad that he has been dating Ashley for a while. Brad tells him to be careful with Ashley, and to not hurt her.moreless
  • Ep. #8150
    Ep. #8150
    Episode 51
    Nick wonders if Sharon blames him for Cassie’s death, because he pressured Sharon into agreeing to let Cassie go out that night. Sharon tells him that she does not blame him, but he is still not completely convinced. Jill offers Malcolm a job at Jabot. He tells he that he is not interested. Chris tells Phyllis that she should not go to Daniels hearing, and that her emotions could be bad for him. Kevin, feeling betrayed by Gitta, decides to dress up and act like he is possessed, knowing that she is superstitious and believes in the supernatural.moreless
  • Ep. #8149
    Ep. #8149
    Episode 50
    Brad is shocked when he finds Nick at Newman, working. Nick assures him that he is fine. Mac and Brittany get into a fight about J.T. and Mac being a couple. Brittany tells Mac that she does not think that J.T. is right for Mac because he is too experienced, unlike Mac. When Gloria takes a message for Gitta about her visa expiring, she tells Kevin. Kevin then realizes that Gitta was just using him to try to get a Green Card.moreless
  • Ep. #8148
    Ep. #8148
    Episode 49
    Tom abruptly ends his date with Ashley after spotting Michael, but Michael doesn't let Tom get away that easily, and warns him to stay away from Gloria and Kevin.
  • Ep. #8147
    Ep. #8147
    Episode 48
    Bobby and Brittany are awed to see their baby during the sonogram, and when the doctor reveals it will be a boy, Bobby is moved by Brittany's plans to name him Joshua.
  • Ep. #8146
    Ep. #8146
    Episode 47
    Jack tries to defend Phyllis when Victoria tells him that Phyllis should resign her position at Newman, telling her that Phyllis is just as devastated as they are.
  • Ep. #8145
    Ep. #8145
    Episode 46
    Friends and family gather for Cassie's funeral, and Nick makes a heartfelt speech on how Cassie changed his life.
  • Ep. #8144
    Ep. #8144
    Episode 45
    In hiding, Daniel continues to puzzle over what Cassie wanted to tell him. After ignoring a call from Phyllis, he says a prayer for Cassie.
  • Ep. #8143
    Ep. #8143
    Episode 44
    Kevin is confused when Gitta all of a sudden shows interest in him, not realizing she needs to marry an American to stay in the country.
  • Ep. #8142
    Ep. #8142
    Episode 43
    Bobby makes it clear to Vinny that he's not going to help him, and later offers his sympathy to Nick in regards to Cassie's death.
  • Ep. #8141
    Ep. #8141
    Episode 42
    Jack shows up to support Phyllis, and after they learn that Daniel has taken off and Cassie has died, she needs that support more than ever.
  • Ep. #8140
    Ep. #8140
    Episode 41
    Olivia has to tell the Newman's that Cassie is going to die, and Sharon and Nick stay behind to say goodbye to their daughter.
  • Ep. #8139
    Ep. #8139
    Episode 40
    Daniel wonders why Cassie risked her life to come and see him, and figures that whatever her reason, it must have been worth it to her.
  • Ep. #8138
    Ep. #8138
    Episode 39
    Bobby promises Vinny he'll pay back the money when he can, but Vinny threatens to go after Brittany if Bobby doesn't get him the money quickly.
  • Ep. #8137
    Ep. #8137
    Episode 38
    Jack and Brad put aside their differences to spend the evening eating lasagna with Victoria and trying to cheer her up about Cassie.
  • Ep. #8136
    Ep. #8136
    Episode 37
    Cassie tries desperately to get to Daniel to tell him that he is not responsible for the accident, but passes out at a bus stop.
  • Ep. #8135
    Ep. #8135
    Episode 36
    Mac finds J.T. at the apartment having prepared a Mexican fiesta. She's upset when he claims it's part of welcoming his new roommate.
  • Ep. #8134
    Ep. #8134
    Episode 35
    Michael treats Lauren to a fabulous night of dancing and gambling, and then asks her to marry him.
  • Ep. #8133
    Ep. #8133
    Episode 34
    Kevin goes to talk to John, but although John is grateful to Kevin for having saved his life, he tells him it won't make up for everything that happened in the past, especially Colleen's near death experience.
  • Ep. #8132
    Ep. #8132
    Episode 33
    Ali tells Cassie that Daniel has been arrested, and Cassie is determined to protect him, convinced he would not have hurt her on purpose. After having a dream about the accident, she realizes a shocking truth.
  • Ep. #8131
    Ep. #8131
    Episode 32
    After J.T. discovers Mac has moved out, Paul tells him to let her make her own decisions, and Mac admits to Kay that she's not good at manipulating people.
  • Ep. #8130
    Ep. #8130
    Episode 31
    Phyllis is furious that Daniel is still being held even though she has paid his bail.
  • Ep. #8129
    Ep. #8129
    Episode 30
    For Mother's Day, Devon reads Dru a poem he wrote especially for her, and she thanks him for making this one of the best days she's ever had.
  • Ep. #8128
    Ep. #8128
    Episode 29
    Malcolm tries to convince Neil and Dru that they can't force Lily to stay away from Daniel, and after Neil leaves, Malcolm tells Dru he deserves some say in how his daughter is raised.
  • Ep. #8127
    Ep. #8127
    Episode 28
    Brittany demands that Bobby returns the diamonds to Vinny, which he does, but when Vinny wants his money back, Bobby can only give him three thousand.
  • Ep. #8126
    Ep. #8126
    Episode 27
    Phyllis grills her son about what happened the night before, but defends her son vociferously when Weber shows up to question him.
  • Ep. #8125
    Ep. #8125
    Episode 26
    A frantic Nick and Sharon try to get more information about Cassie, and Olivia finally comes to tell them that she is unconscious.
  • Ep. #8124
    Ep. #8124
    Episode 25
    Michael tells Tom that if he ever threatens Kevin again, he'll have him to deal with -- then offers him ten thousand dollars to leave town.
  • Ep. #8123
    Ep. #8123
    Episode 24
    Nikki talks to Victoria in the hopes that she will stay in Genoa City, but Victoria is determined to return to Italy.
  • Ep. #8122
    Ep. #8122
    Episode 23
    While at the hospital, Tom starts a conversation with Ashley. Kevin tells Michael that Tom was at Michael's residence the previous evening. Michael and Lauren both notice how flustered and terrified Kevin is acting. Victoria feels betrayed when she learns that Victor has had a conversation with Katherine and they both agree that Victoria should not be made CEO of Jabot.moreless
  • Ep. #8121
    Ep. #8121
    Episode 22
    Jack apologizes to Victoria for not being able to instill her as C.E.O. at Jabot, and both Jack and Victoria are furious with what they assume was Victor's doing.
  • Ep. #8120
    Ep. #8120
    Episode 21
    Tom confronts Kevin and demands some of his lotto winnings, and Kevin is horrified to realize he is still afraid of his father.
  • Ep. #8119
    Ep. #8119
    Episode 20
    Brittany is worried when Genoa City Memorial Hospital calls to tell them that the bill is overdue, not realizing it's actually Vinny on the other end of the line.
  • Ep. #8118
    Ep. #8118
    Episode 19
    Victor demands to know if Jack plans to hire Victoria as the new C.E.O., and Phyllis tells him that Jill has already taken the job.
  • Ep. #8117
    Ep. #8117
    Episode 18
    Michael tries to tell Gloria about his good fortune, but she is too upset to enjoy their fancy breakfast.
  • Ep. #8116
    Ep. #8116
    Episode 17
    Brad tells Ashley that Jack gave the C.E.O. position to Jill, and he is leaving Jabot.
  • Ep. #8115
    Ep. #8115
    Episode 16
    Neil talks to Dru and tells her that he also believes that Lily should not be dating Daniel. Victoria tells Victor and Nick that she is not interested in a position at Newman. After Kevin saved John's life, John still calls the hospital security team when Kevin tries to visit him.moreless
  • Ep. #8114
    Ep. #8114
    Episode 15
    Victoria goes to see Jack, to ask if he is still willing to make her CEO of Jabot. Kevin visits Neil and tries to convince him that he and Daniel are not friends, and that Neil should not take out his anger for Kevin onto Daniel. John gets through his surgery, and Ashley stays the night at the hospital with him. Jack and Gloria start to bond as they try to clean up from John's accident.moreless
  • Ep. #8113
    Ep. #8113
    Episode 14
    Neil spots Daniel with Kevin and he tells Daniel that he does not want him seeing Lily if he is going to be friends with Daniel. Victoria admits that she regrets her return to Genoa City. Sharon tells Nick that he should offer Victoria a high position at Newman.
  • Ep. #8112
    Ep. #8112
    Episode 13
    Even though Kevin saved John's life, Jack and Ashley still don't trust Kevin completely. Jack thanks Kevin for helping John. The doctor tells Jack and Ashley that John needs a hip surgery. Michael is very proud of Kevin when he learns what happened with John. Dru makes her concern for Lily where Daniel is concerned known again.moreless
  • Ep. #8111
    Ep. #8111
    Episode 12
    Jill toasts to her new CEO position after Jack orders a bottle of champagne. Ashley calls him though, telling him about John's fall. Jack says he'll be right over and tells Jill he has to leave. Over at the bar Gina asks Gloria if she's okay and Gloria says she will be.moreless
  • Ep. #8110
    Ep. #8110
    Episode 11
    After Nicholas is stunned to see Victoria he gives her a big hug. He asks her about Italy and how long she'll be in town. Victoria turns the tables on him since she knows he's really asking when she will be leaving. At the bar, Brittany watches Bobby make drinks while Angelo asks Bobby if he wants to come back to Marsino's.moreless
  • Ep. #8109
    Ep. #8109
    Episode 10
    Jill tries to elicit Kay's sympathy with a fake letter from Billy cutting Jill out of his life, but Kay sees right through her. Nevertheless, Kay tells Jill she can apply for any position she wants.
  • Ep. #8108
    Ep. #8108
    Episode 9
    After making it clear to Ashley that he will leave Jabot if Jack doesn't give him the C.E.O. position, Brad demands Jack give him his answer.
  • Ep. #8107
    Ep. #8107
    Episode 8
    Nick encourages Sharon to call Cassie's health teacher to check on her story about the condom. When Sharon learns that Cassie lied and also skipped school, she heads to the coffee shop and finds Cassie hanging out with Lily, Devon, Daniel and Sierra. She orders Cassie into the car, but she takes off.moreless
  • Ep. #8106
    Ep. #8106
    Episode 7
    Brittany and J.T. talk about everything that has happened in the last few days, including Brittany's worries about the baby, and J.T. feels awful for ever telling her about Bobby and Nikki's kiss. J.T. finally accepts how much Brittany and Bobby love each other.
  • Ep. #8105
    Ep. #8105
    Episode 6
    Phyllis is surprised when Victoria enters the tack house, and wonders if this means she and Daniel will have to move. She and Victoria strike a deal -- they'll share the place as long as Phyllis keeps quiet about Victoria's presence in Genoa City.
  • Ep. #8104
    Ep. #8104
    Episode 5
    John is furious with Gloria when he realizes that she has lied to him about Michael and Kevin being her sons. Kevin tries to protect his mother from John's anger, only to have it turn on him. Kevin can't help but be surprised when his mother defends him, and surprises her when he also stands up for himself.moreless
  • Ep. #8103
    Ep. #8103
    Episode 4
    Nick confronts Phyllis about sending Victoria the e-mail from his computer, and she promises to play by the rules from now on. Later, Victor demands answers from Nick about why he put Drucilla on contract without her having to go through the probationary period that all other hires have to go through.moreless
  • Ep. #8102
    Ep. #8102
    Episode 3
    Brad pushes Phyllis for answers, trying to find out what she knows about Jack's plans to choose the new C.E.O. of Jabot, but Phyllis has little to say on the issue. Later, Phyllis has coffee with Daniel, and warns him against spending time with Lily.
  • Ep. #8101
    Ep. #8101
    Episode 2
    Michael shows how much he has changed as he comforts Gloria, who is worried about losing John. He suggests telling her about his and Kevin's father, suggesting that John might be more understanding if he understands the abuse she suffered.
  • Ep. #8100
    Ep. #8100
    Episode 1
    Ashley warns Gloria to tell John the truth the same night, or else she will. Michael suspects that J.T. is somehow involved in the discovery about his family's past. Phyllis confronts Jack after learning that he lied to her about Victoria. She sends Victoria a letter in Nick's name.