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  • Ep. #8604
    Ep. #8604
    Episode 252
    Nick and Phyllis arrive at Indigo in time to hear Neil announce Jack and Sharon's engagement. Victoria and Nikki go the the Athletic Club and spend time away from their husbands. J.T. overhears Gina talking to a bellboy delivering Victoria's room service. Nikki agrees to come to Neil's party. Brad goes to the hotel to see J.T. and Victoria on the couch in each other's arms.moreless
  • Ep. #8603
    Ep. #8603
    Episode 251
    Sharon tells Dru the news that Jack proposed to her and that Phyllis is blackmailing her. Nikki is furious when Victor insists that she withdraw from the race for the seat on the board of directors. Cane wants an explanation on why Amber wants an annulment, Katherine and Jill then arrive and tell him that he is her son. David tells Jack that marrying Sharon is a bad idea and that he should rescind his proposal. Dru questions Sharon on whether or not she still loves Brad. Nikki and Neil are tied with two votes a piece and Victor votes for Neil and gets him a seat. Nikki later lashes out at Victor for voting against her. Neil offers to take everyone to Indigo to celebrate.moreless
  • Ep. #8602
    Ep. #8602
    Episode 250
    Colleen continues to have a "relationship" with Rocky. Jill and Katherine prepare to say goodbye to Cane as he leaves for Australia. Amber tells Daniel that she doesn't want to leave Genoa City. Kevin is irate when Michael tells him that the assault charges against J.T. where dropped. Katherine recognizes a picture of Violet Montgomery holding Cane as a baby and her ring on her finger, she immediately tells Jill that Cane could be her son after all. Michael stops Kevin from hitting J.T. over the head with a wine bottle.moreless
  • Ep. #8601
    Ep. #8601
    Episode 249
    Jack proposes marriage to Sharon. Victor asks Nikki if she is trying to convince him to vote for her and not Neil Winters. Jill and Gloria make a toast to Extreme Catwalk. Lily nearly stumbles upon what Amber and Daniel where doing on the net.
  • Ep. #8600
    Ep. #8600
    Episode 248
    Phyllis warns Brad that he should not have dragged Sharon into the campaign. Jack informs Victor that they can't fund Clear Springs without Neil on the board. Lauren helps Jill and Gloria prepare for Extreme Catwalk. Amber tells Daniel that she doesn't want to leave Genoa City. Jack tells Ji Min that he doesn't want Gloria on the show and that she could embarrass the Abbott name. Lily walks in on Daniel and Amber, while Daniel was convinced by Amber to put something on a web site.moreless
  • Ep. #8599
    Ep. #8599
    Episode 247
    Amber insists that Jill and Cane take another test. Brad tells Sharon that Phyllis knows about their affair and is blackmailing him. Korbel and J.T. face off about him reporting him and Colleen to Dean LaMont. At the Athletic Club, Korbel and J.T. look on as Colleen arrives at that she and Rocky go on their date.moreless
  • Ep. #8598
    Ep. #8598
    Episode 246
    Katherine is eager to have the DNA results to prove that Cane is Phillip's son. J.T. tells Colleen that he wants a second chance with her. Adrian shows Colleen that J.T. has Dean LaMont's number on his last number dialed and that he filed the complaint. Jill opens the DNA results and shocks Cane by saying that he is not her son.moreless
  • Ep. #8597
    Ep. #8597
    Episode 245
    Neil tells Victor that he wants a seat on the board of directors. David discusses Jack's political stategy with Nikki and Victor. Victoria shares with Brad that she is pregnant. Phyllis uses Brad's affair with Sharon to blackmail him into voting with Nick.
  • Ep. #8596
    Ep. #8596
    Episode 244
    Colleen meets with Dean LaMont and lies to her about her relationship with Adrian, hoping to salvage his career. Daniel checks out Ambers x-rated web page and lies to Lily and says he has homework to finish. Sharon tells Brad that Jack wants to take her to the hotel where they slept together. Phyllis then overhears Brad and Sharon discussing their affair at the Gina's.moreless
  • Ep. #8595
    Ep. #8595
    Episode 243
    Dru learns her fate from the judge after Ines takes the stand and testifies at her hearing. Victoria, Nikki and Phyllis go shopping at Lauren's boutique and Phyllis runs into Lauren. Korbel tells Colleen about the possibility of his suspension due to their affair. Phyllis fights with Nikki and Victoria. Once again, Amber uses Daniel to help her keep Cane. Finally, Cane admits that he fell in love with Amber.moreless
  • Ep. #8594
    Ep. #8594
    Episode 242
    Kay admits to Cane her own role in the baby switch and tells him to hate her and not Jill. Traci comforts Colleen by sharing her own experience of a love affair she had with her professor after Colleen has a fight with Brad. Neil asks David if he would testify on Dru's behalf at her competency hearing.moreless
  • Ep. #8593
    Ep. #8593
    Episode 241
    J.T. tries to apologize to Kevin for hitting him and assuming the worst, but Kevin isn't interested in listening to anything that the other man has to say. Victor agrees to support Jack's idea for giving away the NVP land. Nikki and Phyllis agree it's time to confront Jack, and Nikki wants Victor to expose Jack's secret. Now that he can stay in the country, Cane was to have his marriage with Amber annulled, so Amber asks Daniel to help her keep Cane married to her. Jill wants Cane to make a DNA test to so she'd be sure that Cane is indeed her son, but Cane feels offended by her offer.moreless
  • Ep. #8592
    Ep. #8592
    Episode 240
    Sharon visits Dru at the psych ward. Victor and Nikki continue plotting against Jack. After being caught by Neil and Devon, David pretends that he never met Ines Vargas, Carmen's cousin. Jack informs Phyllis and Nick about running for State Senate. Dru lashes out at Ines after Neil convinces her to go to the psych ward to see his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #8591
    Ep. #8591
    Episode 239
    J.T. learns from Michael that Kevin was innocent all along and Kevin is rushed to the hospital. Jill tells Cane that she is his birth mother as Amber overhears, Cane then tells her that since he is a U.S. citizen he and her don't need to be married. Brad tries to apologize to Kevin but he doesn't want to hear it. Maggie places J.T. under arrest for assaulting Kevin. Jana calls Kevin from his hospital room apologizing, but Kevin threatens to kill her when he finds her.moreless
  • Ep. #8590
    Ep. #8590
    Episode 238
    Colleen wakes up and tells her father, Victoria and her mother that it was Jana who tried to kill her and not Kevin. David tells the woman who looks like Carmen that she took a big risk and that she has to leave because Neil saw her. After seeing Kevin on the computer dragging something, he goes to find Michael and J.T. grabs something and hits him on the head with it.moreless
  • Ep. #8589
    Ep. #8589
    Episode 237
    After seeing Carmen entering an elevator, Neil realizes Dru isn't crazy and tries to get Dru out of the psychiatric ward, but she isn't allowed to leave. Jack decides to run for state Senate. Kevin is angry because everyone still believes he killed Carmen.
  • Ep. #8588
    Ep. #8588
    Episode 236
    Brad is hurt by what's happening to Colleen, so he seeks comfort in Sharon's arms. Victoria is upset that Brad doesn't want to talk about it with her. Adrian tells Colleen that he loves her, but she can't hear him. Kevin is being charged with Carmen’s murder, while Devon is finally free of all accusations. In a moment of desperation, Dru throws a camera against the wall, and the camera hits Lily. After that, Dru checks into the psychiatric ward. Meanwhile, Neil runs into Carmen.moreless
  • Ep. #8587
    Ep. #8587
    Episode 235
    Dru plants a surveillance equipment in her house to catch the person that's been stalking her. David thinks she's going crazy. Amber and Cane return to Genoa City. Jill goes to Cane's place to tell him that she's his mother, but when she finds Amber there too, she decides it's not the right time to tell him. Nick and Phyllis realize that Michael and Lauren knew about Sheila being in town long before they did.moreless
  • Ep. #8586
    Ep. #8586
    Episode 234
    Lauren and Kevin talk about Jana. Phyllis is upset that Nick gave Sharon a gift to commemorate what would have been their wedding anniversary. Kevin is arrested for the attempted murder of Colleen. Brad punches Kevin.
  • Ep. #8585
    Ep. #8585
    Episode 233
    Victor, Brad and Victoria are saved by the police officers after getting lost in the catacombs, and they are about to leave when the officers realize that the three took something they shouldn't. Amber and her friend Ali make Las Vegas memorable for Cane. They get him drunk and then married by Ali posing as Cane. Jack and Sharon arrive at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #8584
    Ep. #8584
    Episode 232
    Milan misleads Victor, Brad and Victoria, so they end up lost somewhere in the catacombs. Jill discovers that Cane is the missing son she has been searching for. Cane and Amber arrive in their Las Vegas hotel room. Kevin reveals that Jana is Carmen's murderer, and although Gloria believes him, J.T. and Michael aren't that convinced that it's the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #8583
    Ep. #8583
    Episode 231
    Dru's children worry about her increasingly fragile mental state. Victor, Brad and Victoria visit the catacombs without realizing that Milan, Jana's father, is watching them. While J.T. and Korbel are searching for Colleen, Jana sets a fire in the building so Colleen and Kevin would die.
  • Ep. #8582
    Ep. #8582
    Episode 230
    Dru is convinced that Carmen was recently in her apartment. When the mysterious person calls her again, she is convinced that it's Carmen. Jana leads Kevin into the freezer and surprises both Colleen and Kevin by revealing her secret---she killed Carmen.
  • Ep. #8581
    Ep. #8581
    Episode 229
    Colleen and Jana are tasered by a mysterious man and although Colleen declines to tell him about the anagram, she admits the truth to Jana. Amber suggests to Cane that they marry so that he can stay in the country long enough to find his biological mother. Kevin takes off, planning to drive around and clear his head, and is shocked when Jana appears in his car next to him.moreless
  • Ep. #8580
    Ep. #8580
    Episode 228
    Kay is encouraged to learn that Paul managed to track Violet Montgomery down to Arizona but devastated to learn that the woman died years ago. Dru has a nightmare about Carmen and when she wakes insists to Neil that Carmen has been in their apartment moving things around. Kevin is devastated when the police confirm that blood found at the lake matches Jana's DNA. Colleen is grabbed on her way to her car after fleeing Adrian's apartment and wakes up to find herself in a freezer with Jana.moreless
  • Ep. #8579
    Ep. #8579
    Episode 227
    Cane hooks Devon up with a young woman named Monica who doesn't seem at all bothered by the cochlear device. Brad asks J.T. to watch Colleen after Victoria convinces him to take her out of town with him. Kevin continues to worry about Jana's disappearance. Daniel, Lily and Amber spend Valentine's at Indigo. Colleen is shocked when, at Adrian's apartment, she finds a hair extension like Jana's and Carmen's driver license.moreless
  • Ep. #8578
    Ep. #8578
    Episode 226
    Colleen is surprised to find Adrian working on sussing out the answer to the leftover letters, and both are pleased to discover the letters spell the name of a Czech town. Victor, Brad and Victoria learn the same thing with Rebecca's help. Jack's co-workers congratulate him on bringing down Senator Bodi, and Victor suggests to David that he back Jack should he run for Bodi's postition.moreless
  • Ep. #8577
    Ep. #8577
    Episode 225
    Kay tells Jill that she gave her baby to a woman named Violet Montgomery. Michael worries that Maggie will tell the police about the role he and Lauren played in Sheila's incarceration. Amber and Cane get romantic at his apartment. Will questions Paul about what happened with Sheila.
  • Ep. #8576
    Ep. #8576
    Episode 224
    Lauren is forced to shoot Sheila, then is relieved when Phyllis proves to be the real Phyllis. Paul goes to see Maggie in the hospital, and asks her not to reveal Michael and Lauren's part. Phyllis is happy to be back home with her family, but obviously upset at her ordeal. Kevin tries to comfort Michael, but he's still worried about Jana.moreless
  • Ep. #8575
    Ep. #8575
    Episode 223
    Paul and Michael head off to find Sheila but before they do, Paul gives Lauren a gun in case she needs to protect herself. Sheila misleads the guys and laughs at their failure. Noah is upset to learn about the kidnapping. Kevin continues his search for Jana.
  • Ep. #8574
    Ep. #8574
    Episode 222
    Ji Min asks Sharon if she will model for the new Jabot ads. Colleen admits to Brad and Victoria that she solved the anagram with Adrian's help, then tells Adrian she wishes she could share her family's secret with him. Ji Min questions Jill about her background. Amber calls an immigration attorney after learning that Cane's visa is going to expire soon. Brad talks to Sharon about the Grugeon artifact.moreless
  • Ep. #8573
    Ep. #8573
    Episode 221
    Sheila contacts Paul via the walkie-talkie at the hospital and tells him he has five minutes to get Lauren there. Lauren wants to try to talking to Phyllis over the walkie talkie via her cell phone. Dru continues claiming that Carmen is stalking her. Daniel and Lily learn about Sheila's plastic surgery and the kidnapping. Sheila decides to make Phyllis look identical as her, so people won't know the difference.moreless
  • Ep. #8572
    Ep. #8572
    Episode 220
    Sheila takes Phyllis, Fen and Summer to a retirement home where she passes Phyllis off as her daughter and the babies as twins. Jack decides to take down Senator Bodi and tells Victor about his plans. A clerk postpones Carmen's murder trial. Victor tells Nikki about his plan to bring down Jack. Kevin talks to Daniel about Jana's disappearance.moreless
  • Ep. #8571
    Ep. #8571
    Episode 219
    Kevin accuses Korbel of being behind Jana's disappearance, but Colleen protects the professor. Lauren arrives to see Phyllis and Summer and finds Phyllis bound and gagged in the closet before Sheila pulls a gun on her. Colleen brings the translated code to Victor, Brad and Victoria. Jack works on setting Bodi up for Victor, but when Bodi starts talking about Victor he destroys the wire. Sheila ties Lauren up, then leaves the apartment with Phyllis and the two babies.moreless
  • Ep. #8570
    Ep. #8570
    Episode 218
    J.T. tells Kay and Jill that he found a V. Montgomery. Korbel and Jana argue at the coffeehouse. Jack agrees to wear a wire during his meeting with Bodi. Dru dreams of Carmen.
  • Ep. #8569
    Ep. #8569
    Episode 217
    Dru and Sharon are shocked to learn that David has been hired on at Newman. Sheila shoots Maggie and escapes, dying her hair so she looks exactly like Phyllis. Rebecca admits to Colleen that she's frustrated at how difficult it's proving to find the reliquary.
  • Ep. #8568
    Ep. #8568
    Episode 216
    Amber uses Daniel as a roundabout to get a date with Cane. Jill is devastated to learn that the man she raised as Phillip wasn't her biological son. Jack and Victor continue to scheme against Bodi. Brad is upset when he finds out about Colleen and Adrian's relationship.
  • Ep. #8567
    Ep. #8567
    Episode 215
    Paul has a nightmare about Sheila attacking him. Victoria warns Colleen that her relationship with Adrian could jeopardise her family's safety. Michael is distracted with Sheila's existence as Devon's trial approaches. Sheila convinces Maggie to get the key to set her free.
  • Ep. #8566
    Ep. #8566
    Episode 214
    A conversation with Jana has J.T. wondering if Adrian killed Carmen. Michael finds Lauren destroying the nursery after a panic attack and the two complete the job so that it looks nothing like the one Sheila designed. Gloria arrives at Indigo with Ji Min after Jana warns her that Jill and Will are there together.moreless
  • Ep. #8565
    Ep. #8565
    Episode 213
    Lauren is shocked to learn that Sheila is in Genoa City and looks exactly like Phyllis. Victor agrees to a trade with Lucas. Colleen goes to see Adrian, and their meeting turns passionate.
  • Ep. #8564
    Ep. #8564
    Episode 212
    Paul calls Michael to the nursery where he warns him that Sheila has gotten much worse. Michael says he needs to talk to Lauren before he makes any major decisions. Victor and Brad end up on the wrong end of Karl and Andrew's wrath when they're tied up in a warehouse.moreless
  • Ep. #8563
    Ep. #8563
    Episode 211
    Paul leaves Sheila in the cell and comes home to find Maggie waiting for him at his door, drinking a beer. The night turns passionate for the two of them. Brad and Victor try to convince the art brokers that they are professionals. Amber tells Lily that she thinks Cane is "The One" for her. Sharon talks to Jack about Dru's strange behavior.moreless
  • Ep. #8562
    Ep. #8562
    Episode 210
    While talking with Victoria, Colleen admits that she cheated on J.T. with Korbel, and defends Korbel when Victoria believes he took advantage of her. Victoria tells Colleen about Brad and Victor's trip to Switzerland. The girls have no idea that there's a microphone recording their conversation. Jill and Kay learn that Phillip's body is going to be exhumed today. Amber realizes that Cane is Jill's son. Dru confronts David again, but he claims he had nothing to do with the strange phone calls she has been receiving lately. Later, Dru sees Carmen near an elevator and tries to catch her, but she can't. Sharon comforts her, claiming that she probably saw someone that looks similar to Carmen.moreless
  • Ep. #8561
    Ep. #8561
    Episode 209
    Amber is hurt when Korbel tells her he isn't ready for a relationship. Colleen tries to convince J.T. to forgive her, but he tells her to pack and leave. Lily comforts a sobbing Colleen. J.T. informs Korbel about breaking up with Colleen, and then he learns from Amber that Korbel broke off whatever they had. After J.T. leaves, Amber finds J.T.'s files and realizes he's looking for Jill's biological son. Nick is suspicious when both Brad and Victor clear out their calendars, and takes his suspicions to Victoria. Paul tortures a sick Sheila and then finally gives her antibiotics. He arrives late for his date with Maggie, who becomes suspicious.moreless
  • Ep. #8560
    Ep. #8560
    Episode 208
    After learning about Colleen and Korbel's affair, a furious J.T. fights with Colleen and then storms in Korbel's office. Lily comforts Colleen. Kay talks with William about Jill's son Phillip, and William warns her that if the body in the coffin isn't Jill's son, Kay is guilty of kidnapping. Amber continues seducing Daniel. Sharon and Dru find Dru’s car tires slashed. After Maggie Sullivan arrives to check out the scene, both Dru and Sharon are stunned when David appears at the garage, claiming that he went to the bank. Later, Dru receives a phone call from a mysterious person telling her that she'll pay for what she did.moreless
  • Ep. #8559
    Ep. #8559
    Episode 207
    Sharon is upset to learn that the more sensual photos are being used for the shoot, and later admits to Dru that she's unhappy at the good relationship Jack and Phyllis are developing. Lily stops Amber from flirting with Daniel. Michael and Paul try to help Sheila without letting her go free. Korbel and J.T. fight. Colleen finally admits to J.T. about sleeping with Adrian.moreless
  • Ep. #8558
    Ep. #8558
    Episode 206
    Michael and Paul discuss what to do with Sheila while both men wonder if the other is covering up evidence in the Carmen Mesta murder case. Brad, Victoria, and Victor make plans to go to Switzerland. J.T. reads Colleen's e-mails to Lily about Korbel, and then later asks Korbel if he'd like to shoot hoops with him. Jana suspects Korbel as Carmen's killer. Sheila shoves a shank in her stomach.moreless
  • Ep. #8557
    Ep. #8557
    Episode 205
    Colleen goes to Maggie Sullivan and points her in Kevin's direction, and he throws her crush on Korbel in her face. Dru tells Sharon she is scared of David. Neil warns David to stay away from his family. Michael interrupts William's dinner with Gloria. Jana questions Paul about serial killers. J.T. finds Colleen's notebook with Adrian's name doodled in it.moreless
  • Ep. #8556
    Ep. #8556
    Episode 204
    Lily and Colleen talk about David's accusations towards Dru. Amber finds Korbel's drawing of Colleen. Sharon and Dru call Maggie to check out Dru's apartment after someone destroyed Dru's clothes. Lauren calls Michael on the phone while he's in the same room with Paul and Sheila, but Michael pretends to be in a store. David shows up at Dru's door, and when Dru answers she refuses to cop to Carmen's murder. Amber meets with the online guy, Cane. Paul goes out on a date with Maggie.moreless
  • Ep. #8555
    Ep. #8555
    Episode 203
    Leanna Love's interview with David Chow airs on television and shocks the citizen of Genoa City when the videotape of Dru and Carmen's fight airs live too. Michael goes to visit Sheila. Lauren spends time with Fen and Phyllis. Paul asks Maggie out for a date. David visits and upsets Dru. Ashley talks to Nikki, Victor and Jack alone before leaving the town with Abby. Someone destroys Dru's clothes.moreless
  • Ep. #8554
    Ep. #8554
    Episode 202
    Jill taunts Katherine to remember more stuff about the baby switch. J.T. helps them. After a fight with Jack, Ashley goes to see Victor at Newman and tells him that she is leaving Genoa City for Hong Kong, and will be taking Abby with her. Colleen arranges a meeting with Adrian at the Crimson Lights. Brad and Victoria talk to Colleen and Rebecca about going with Victor's plan.moreless
  • Ep. #8553
    Ep. #8553
    Episode 201
    David Chow comes to Genoa City and seeks out Dru to confront her about Carmen's death. Katherine and Jill contact J.T. to help them find Jill's missing son. Paul, Phyllis and Doctor Okamura help Lauren relax. Sheila crushes a lamp and then crushes Paul while he's fixing it. Amber is chatting with a person on the net.moreless
  • Ep. #8552
    Ep. #8552
    Episode 200
    With Nikki at her side, Katherine confesses to Jill about switching baby Phillip. Sharon and Nicholas both try to cope with Cassie's birthday anniversary. Amber's search for a man raised by a woman named "Violet" finally progresses.
  • Ep. #8551
    Ep. #8551
    Episode 199
    Amber uses Adrian's computer to go online and look for information to help Katherine, and stumbles across a man looking for a woman named Violet. With Nikki's help, Katherine confesses the truth about switching Jill's baby all those years ago, but Jill doesn't believe her at first. Amber continues seducing Korbel, who isn't sure about what he feels anymore. Brad and Victoria stumble upon a man hired by Victor, so they end up visiting him. Brad tells Victor the truth about the two men he killed.moreless
  • Ep. #8550
    Ep. #8550
    Episode 198
    Colleen is about to leave J.T. for good when he kisses her and they end up having sex. Twice. Then Colleen decides to stay. Brad is upset that Nick confided in Phyllis about what happened in Ohio with Oscar Volkmann, then later worries that he is being followed. Phyllis is surprised by Jack's new gesture. Ashley comes seeking advice from Victor and almost discovers Jack's secret. Ashley tells Jack she decided to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #8549
    Ep. #8549
    Episode 197
    Michael is shocked to realize that Paul is holding Phyllis in a cell, and even more surprised to discover that it's really Sheila in there. After Ashley refuses to lie to her daughter for Jack, he suggests that Ashley moves to Hong Kong, because she seems very unhappy in Genoa City. Phyllis tries to get Lauren out of the apartment, but she makes up excuses why she can't go. Adrian suggests that Colleen applies for Mondavi art fellowship, and she is happy about it until she realizes that the fellowship is placed in Rome. Amber gets a flat tire, so Daniel helps her with it.moreless
  • Ep. #8548
    Ep. #8548
    Episode 196
    Korbel wakes up next to Amber. After he goes to get ready for his class, Amber reads his text messages, all from and to Colleen. Colleen wants to break up with J.T. Michael talks to Lauren about Paul's strange behavior. Kay talks to Nikki about her dreams, and admits her fears that she may have kidnapped Jill's baby and replaced him with somebody else's. J.T. seeks relationship advice from Victoria. Amber comes to Korbel's class and gloats when she tells Colleen about spending the night with Korbel. Michael realizes something is going wrong with Lauren. William and Maggie question Jack about his DNA being found on Carmen's earring. Michael follows Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #8547
    Ep. #8547
    Episode 195
    The person trapped in the nursery turns out to be Sheila (who had plastic surgery and now looks like Phyllis) begs Paul not to leave her locked up in the cell, and tries to pick the lock without success while talking to herself about her plans for Michael, Lauren and the baby. Lauren isn't ready to leave the apartment, so Michael cancels their plans for a night out. Later, Phyllis, Nick, and Summer arrive at Lauren and Michael's place. Phyllis realizes Lauren is having trouble coping with raising a baby. Jana goes to see a tarot reader named Feather and Amber joins her while researching the Chancellor family history. Colleen is hurt to see Korbel with Amber. Il Divo performs a song "Somewhere" at the Colonnade room. Will kisses Gloria, and then later Jill.moreless
  • Ep. #8546
    Ep. #8546
    Episode 194
    Victor cancels the investigation into Brad's past, not wanting to cause the family any more pain than he already has. Brad admits that he didn't tell Victor the entire truth. Michael reveals that both Devon and Jack's DNA was found on Carmen's earring. Lily comments on a sexy shirt Colleen decided to wear for Korbel's class. Amber invites Korbel to spend New Year with her. Phyllis and Jack finally make peace between each other. Phyllis is upset to hear that Nick covered up the real truth behind Sharon's kidnapping. Michael becomes suspicious of Paul's behavior lately and decides to follow him, but a red light stops him. Later, Paul arrives at a nursery. A woman turns around and its... Phyllis!moreless
  • Ep. #8545
    Ep. #8545
    Episode 193
    Ashley is angry with Jack for continuing to use her to hide his ownership of Jabot, yet agrees to take Sharon shopping while Jack meets with Ji Min. Rebecca, Victoria and Brad finally tell Victor the truth about their past, about Brad taking over his friend's identity and about Rebecca's painful experience in Auschwitz. Colleen tells Lily she decided to stay with J.T. and take some time away from Korbel, but when Korbel sends her a text message, Colleen decides to respond, although Lily advises her not to. William asks Jill to go out with him. Lauren tells Michael that Gloria convinced JoAnna to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #8544
    Ep. #8544
    Episode 192
    Colleen attempts to cut off all contact with Korbel, but learns it's too late to drop his class without getting a failing grade. As a gesture of thanks for saving their granddaughter, Victor and Nikki establish a scholarship fund in John Abbott’s name for a business student at G.C.U. Devon finds a parking ticket from the garage, and Dru tells him it's hers. Devon decides to rip it and throw it away before Neil sees it. Brad thinks about telling Victor the truth about his origin.moreless
  • Ep. #8543
    Ep. #8543
    Episode 191
    Phyllis and Nick spend the baby's first Christmas at the Newman ranch, and reveal that they've decided to name her Summer Ann Newman.
  • Ep. #8542
    Ep. #8542
    Episode 190
    Colleen, feeling guilty about sleeping with Adrian, tells J.T. that she wants to break up with him.
  • Ep. #8541
    Ep. #8541
    Episode 189
    Phyllis insists on going to see Daniel after Nick tells her he's in the hospital, and introduces him to his new baby half-sister.
  • Ep. #8540
    Ep. #8540
    Episode 188
    Brad thanks Sharon for listening to him talk about his sister. Colleen and Adrian make love. Jack helps Phyllis deliver her baby girl.
  • Ep. #8539
    Ep. #8539
    Episode 187
    The storm hits Genoa City in full force, stranding together a number of interesting duos. Adrian and Colleen, Brad and Sharon and Phyllis and Jack are all caught together. Nick comes across Daniel and Lily, who have gone off the road together. Amber, Jill, Kay and Esther wind up at the Chancellor mansion together with Sylvia Browne.moreless
  • Ep. #8538
    Ep. #8538
    Episode 186
    Nick leaves Newman to get Phyllis' hospital bag from home, but before she can get out of the building Phyllis goes into laboy while alone in the elevator with Jack.
  • Ep. #8537
    Ep. #8537
    Episode 185
    Jack is confronted by an angry John, who warns Jack not to get too cocky in his battle against Gloria.
  • Ep. #8536
    Ep. #8536
    Episode 184
    Adrian invites Amber to go to the gala with him, which upset Colleen when she hears about it from Lily.
  • Ep. #8535
    Ep. #8535
    Episode 183
    J.T. and Colleen again argue about the secrets he has to keep from her because of his job.
  • Ep. #8534
    Ep. #8534
    Episode 182
    Kay and Jill are relieved when the DNA test comes back proving that they are mother and daughter.
  • Ep. #8533
    Ep. #8533
    Episode 181
    Nick takes Phyllis to see Dr. Okamura, who wants her to take some tests to make sure that everything is still fine with the baby.
  • Ep. #8532
    Ep. #8532
    Episode 180
    Jack and Ashley serve Gloria with a court order requesting that she not use the Abbott name.
  • Ep. #8531
    Ep. #8531
    Episode 179
    Michael is touched when the Neil, Dru and Devon want him to arrange the paperwork for Devon's adoption. Nikki and Victor discuss the best way to bring Jack down, and Victor manipulates Jack into thinking he's not all there. Brad asks Ashley to change her ski trip so that Abby can be in Genoa City for Christmas with her family after they celebrate Hannukah.moreless
  • Ep. #8530
    Ep. #8530
    Episode 178
    Sharon is upset to see Noah bonding with Phyllis and the upcoming baby, and later is left speechless when Noah wonders if she and Jack will get married and have a baby like Nick and Phyllis.
  • Ep. #8529
    Ep. #8529
    Episode 177
    Adrian is disappointed when Victoria tells him that Rebecca has to cancel her interview because talking about the past brings up horrible memories for her.
  • Ep. #8528
    Ep. #8528
    Episode 176
    Nikki and Sharon argue about the end of her marriage to Nick, and Nikki accuses her of letting business get in the way of her marriage.
  • Ep. #8527
    Ep. #8527
    Episode 175
    J.T. calls Colleen to tell her what he's learned about Adrian, and says his family fled to South America after the war, and the two wonder if they were war criminals.
  • Ep. #8526
    Ep. #8526
    Episode 174
    Colleen appreciates Adrian thanking her for getting him an interview with Rebecca, then asks J.T. to look into him, since he won't answer her questions. Amber Moore arrives in Genoa City and Neil asks her to sing at Indigo after the band called and cancelled at the last minute.
  • Ep. #8525
    Ep. #8525
    Episode 173
    After trying to convince Jack not to pull out of the N.V.P. tie-in, Victor shocks the other man when he gives him a pair of old cufflinks that John had given him years earlier.
  • Ep. #8524
    Ep. #8524
    Episode 172
    Brad admits to Paul that Carmen overheard him discussing his past, and says he went to see her to find out if she planned to tell anyone else.
  • Ep. #8523
    Ep. #8523
    Episode 171
    Adrian was confused when Colleen warned him off of speaking to her grandmother. J.T. admitted he still hadn't learned a lot of information about Jana. Jack blew it with Sharon when he suggested that Dru may have murdered Carmen. Lauren and Michael shared Thanksgiving with Kevin, Jana, Will and Gloria. Jack faced John's ghost again.moreless
  • Ep. #8522
    Ep. #8522
    Episode 170
    Kevin and Jana find it hilarious when Gloria receives a frozen turkey from House of Kim, but Gloria is less than impressed. Devon is upset when he wakes up from his surgery and is still unable to hear. Ji Min and Jack stage a fight for the benefit of Phyllis and Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #8521
    Ep. #8521
    Episode 169
    Lauren was relieved when Jana was able to instantly calm Fen, and offered her a part-time job as their nanny. Victor suggested Jack run for the senate. Devon was arrested before he could go in for surgery.
  • Ep. #8520
    Ep. #8520
    Episode 168
    Brad interrupts a romantic interlude between Colleen and J.T. to demand answers from Colleen as to what she told Korbel and why.
  • Ep. #8519
    Ep. #8519
    Episode 167
    Jill enjoys a dinner with Will after an upsetting confrontation with Katherine, while Jana gives Gloria advise on how to impress Will.
  • Ep. #8518
    Ep. #8518
    Episode 166
    Victoria is nonplussed when Adrian casually mentions that Colleen told him about Rebecca and he'd like to talk to her before the benefit.
  • Ep. #8517
    Ep. #8517
    Episode 165
    Will wants to knows where the Winters family is going in such a hurry, and Neil tells him that they are going to go see an ear specialist for Devon.
  • Ep. #8516
    Ep. #8516
    Episode 164
    After an encounter with Ji Min, Victor realises Jack has lied to him yet again. Will suspects that the Winters clan may flee with Devon. Adrian hopes to convince Victoria to exhibit some of the Newman collection in the fundraiser. Victor hires Michael, then tells him Jack owns House of Kim.moreless
  • Ep. #8515
    Ep. #8515
    Episode 163
    Various residents of Genoa City speculate on the different scenarios where their neighbors could have killed Carmen. Neil, Paul,and Michael think about Dru, Neil, Michael, and Brad. Brad and Victoria think about Jana. Colleen and Korbel think about Kevin and Lily. Jana and Kevin think about Korbel.
  • Ep. #8514
    Ep. #8514
    Episode 162
    After learning Billy stole from her, Kay tells Jill she needs to control her son. Jack takes matters into his own hands by offering to cover Billy's losses if he goes to Hong Kong.
  • Ep. #8513
    Ep. #8513
    Episode 161
    Colleen is confused when she realises she's jealous that Adrian and Victoria are going to be working closely together on a project.
  • Ep. #8512
    Ep. #8512
    Episode 160
    Considering her own recent close calls with Adrian, Colleen is upset that he and J.T. are getting along so well.
  • Ep. #8511
    Ep. #8511
    Episode 159
    Dru is worried that Jack may say something to the police or the district attorney that will make her look guilty.
  • Ep. #8510
    Ep. #8510
    Episode 158
    Neil, Dru, Lily and Devon are all served with subpoenas regarding Carmen's murder, and Neil and Dru worry that Devon is a suspect.
  • Ep. #8509
    Ep. #8509
    Episode 157
    Kay, Jack and Jill try to find the best way to help Billy, who is wasting far too much money gambling on the Internet.
  • Ep. #8508
    Ep. #8508
    Episode 156
    Kevin and Jana make love at the coffeehouse, and are chagrined to realise the entire session was caught on the security tapes.
  • Ep. #8507
    Ep. #8507
    Episode 155
    Colleen is caught up in the moment when Adrian offers her comfort about the turmoil the Winters family is experiencing.
  • Ep. #8506
    Ep. #8506
    Episode 154
    Michael warns Neil that things could go down badly for Dru if he lets her mouth off to the cops about Carmen's death.
  • Ep. #8505
    Ep. #8505
    Episode 153
    Devon is happy to see that Dru and Neil have brought a sign language interpreter in so that he can enjoy Aaron Neville's performance even though he can't hear it.
  • Ep. #8504
    Ep. #8504
    Episode 152
    After having a nightmare about Sheila taking her baby, Lauren tells Phyllis that, before she died, Sheila had plastic surgery to look just like Phyllis.
  • Ep. #8503
    Ep. #8503
    Episode 151
    Carmen tells Jack she isn't going to take the position in Asia, but promises him she'll keep quiet about him being behind House of Kim.
  • Ep. #8502
    Ep. #8502
    Episode 150
    Will talks to Carmen about the upcoming case, wondering if she has any witnesses who can testify on her behalf.
  • Ep. #8501
    Ep. #8501
    Episode 149
    Brad is touched when Victoria uses her computer to touch up a picture of his younger sister, Stephanie, before framing it for him.
  • Ep. #8500
    Ep. #8500
    Episode 148
    Jack offers comfort to Carmen in the conference room, but accidentally grabs her cell phone by mistake when he leaves.
  • Ep. #8499
    Ep. #8499
    Episode 147
    Michael and Lauren decide to name their son Fenmore. Victor is surprised to learn that Jack tried to buy Jabot out from under Kay, and begins researching House of Kim. Billy shows Jana around the Chancellor Estate and tries to kiss her but she rebuffs him. Ashley demands Jack fire Gloria, but he refuses.moreless
  • Ep. #8498
    Ep. #8498
    Episode 146
    Jack tells Victor about Ji Min Kim's food poisoning, and Victor finds it interesting that Jack is spending so much time with the man who bought Jabot.
  • Ep. #8497
    Ep. #8497
    Episode 145
    Dru and Neil worry about Devon, who is out on his own, but they finally agree to let him live his own life.
  • Ep. #8496
    Ep. #8496
    Episode 144
    After hearing about the break-in to her car, Brad begs Victoria, for her own safety, to give up her quest for the reliquary.
  • Ep. #8495
    Ep. #8495
    Episode 143
    Adrian is intrigued when Colleen tells him she plans to do a paper on the Grugeon Collection, and is especially pleased to meet Victoria.
  • Ep. #8494
    Ep. #8494
    Episode 142
    Brad confides in Rebecca after a fight with Victoria about the Grugeon reliquary, and asks his mother for more details.
  • Ep. #8493
    Ep. #8493
    Episode 141
    The judge agrees to let Dru go home until the trial for Devon's sake, and sets a reasonable amount of bail.
  • Ep. #8492
    Ep. #8492
    Episode 140
    Lauren finds the e-mails about Jack and asks Michael about it, but Gloria covers for her son.
  • Ep. #8491
    Ep. #8491
    Episode 139
    With Phyllis' help, Noah records a special video message for Nick for his birthday.
  • Ep. #8490
    Ep. #8490
    Episode 138
    John's ghost appears to Jack wrapped in chains, trying to get Jack to see the error of his ways before it's too late.
  • Ep. #8489
    Ep. #8489
    Episode 137
    Lauren comforts Michael, who is devastated to learn that the remains of a woman in New Orleans were positively identified as his grandmother.
  • Ep. #8488
    Ep. #8488
    Episode 136
    The Winters family continues helping Devon deal with his deafness. Dru suggests that Devon should take a semester off to learn sign language, but he refuses the idea. Daniel decides to help out Devon by asking Billy and Colleen to attend Devon's classes and take notes for him. Colleen confides in Billy about how hard Professor Korbel's class is, and he suggests she should drop it, but she says she's intrigued by it. Gloria learns that Katherine sold Jabot to the House of Kim, and she informs Jill about it, who then informs Billy. With Sharon, Jack pretends to be devastated that Kay has sold Jabot to House of Kim, but he privately cheers to Ashley since he is the C.E.O. of House of Kim.moreless
  • Ep. #8487
    Ep. #8487
    Episode 135
    The doctors let Devon go home, where the Winters intend to get the program that could help them communicate with Devon. Neil tells Daniel that he considers him family. Kevin tries to start the program, but it fails. Jack tries to make another deal with Katherine to buy Jabot, but she refuses his offer. Michael has Kevin run a check on the corporations looking to buy Jabot, and tells Kay that House of Kim is clean. Gloria is stunned when Ashley wants to enter the next business perfume venture with her. Katherine decides to sell Jabot.moreless
  • Ep. #8486
    Ep. #8486
    Episode 134
    Devon is terrified when he can't hear anything after waking up, and the Winters family is devastated when the doctors tell them that Devon is now deaf. Brad celebrates Yom Kippur and he apologizes for his sins to Victoria. Jack continues using Billy in his latest scheme, so John's spirit visits him to show how ashamed of his son he is. Kevin finds the connections between Jack and Raaz Cosmetics, and Michael happily informs Katherine and Gloria about Jack's scheme. Kay tells Billy that she doesn't intend to sell Jabot, and then Billy goes to Jack with the new info.moreless
  • Ep. #8485
    Ep. #8485
    Episode 133
    Kay asks Michael to look into the deal when she receives an offer from House of Kim to buy Jabot. Jack acts like he has no idea about the company in front of Billy. Victor is shocked when Jack tells him that he has no intention of getting Jabot back, and he's even more surprised when he learns about the growing relationship between Sharon and Jack. Victor suspects that Jack might be up to something. Kevin shows Gloria a letter that Jack had in his e-mail box. When Jill is called away to work, Gloria stays at lunch with William. Dru tries to cheer up her family while Devon is recovering.moreless
  • Ep. #8484
    Ep. #8484
    Episode 132
    Brad is upset after learning that Victoria has fulfilled a prescription for birth control, but finally apologizes to her, telling her she's right that they're not ready for a baby yet. Michael wants Kay to give him time to investigate the company that Jack seems to know about. Kevin realizes that Jack has been deleting his e-mails. While the doctors are stabilizing Devon, Dru tells Neil that she should have payed more attention to her family. Sharon reveals to Brad that she and Jack are an item now.moreless
  • Ep. #8483
    Ep. #8483
    Episode 131
    The Winters are all reunited at the hospital, where Devon is going into cardiac arrest. Kevin informs Gloria about a new company trying to buy Jabot. Nick and Victor explain what epilepsy is to Noah. Jack is preparing Mr. Nair for the meeting with Kay. Michael tells Kay that he checked the company, and it's all OK. He also wants Kay to assure him that his mother will have a job if Jabot is sold. Will and Gloria bond when Will tells her about his wife dying two years earlier. Katherine meets with Mr. Nair. Kevin does an internet search on Raaz Cosmetics, and learns that Jack is somehow connected to the firm. Ashley and Jack discuss Mr. Nair, and Ashley is suspicious of Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #8482
    Ep. #8482
    Episode 130
    Kay is surprised when Mr. Nair calls her with an offer to buy Jabot, and she agrees with Jill on letting Michael look over the company. Korbel won't let Colleen take J.T. to class, so Colleen confronts him at the coffee house. Korbel offers her a job as his research assistant. Jack has another vision of John, who makes it clear to his son how disappointed he is in him. Victor is upset that everyone is treating him like an invalid. Devon collapses on the way to school. At the hospital, the doctor informs the family that Devon could have meningitis.moreless
  • Ep. #8481
    Ep. #8481
    Episode 129
    Ashley lets Brad have it over not telling her about Rebecca's existence and asking Abby to keep it a secret. Dru manipulates Devon into taking some spreadsheets to Neil at his office, then calls the receptionist to tell her that she forgot a file. Nikki turns down the chance to go out of town with N.V.P. because she doesn't want to leave Victor alone. Neil thinks Carmen is being a little too paranoid about Dru. J.T. suggests he and Colleen get tattooes to prove their commitment to each other and she suggests her ankle, but when he suggests her butt she gets upset and thinks he's insinuating that she's fat.moreless
  • Ep. #8480
    Ep. #8480
    Episode 128
    Sharon encourages Jack to get out on the beach with her while they are in Antigua, but Jack has a meeting with the man who will be fronting the EFO Corporation for him. Kevin is happy when Gloria returns from her trip from China happy. He explains how he hacked into the Newman server to learn if Jack has a plan to get rid of either of them. Ashley dumps a load of work on Gloria. Kay tells Jill about meeting with the people from EFO Corporation. Brad asks Colleen to come home and celebrate Rosh Hashana with him and Rebecca, and she agrees. While visiting Victoria, Nikki meets Rebecca, and immediately asks Victor to join them. Once Victor is there, Brad decides to tell truth about himself. Colleen and J.T. arrives to celebrate with them, and Rebecca is moved by the fact that the entire family is reunited. Neil and Dru attend another session with Dr. Lynch, and Dru wants Neil to admit having an affair with Carmen, but Neil denies it, and says he only kissed her once. They both agree not to see each other for two weeks and then see if their marriage can be saved.moreless
  • Ep. #8479
    Ep. #8479
    Episode 127
    Gloria presents her idea for Perfume on the Glo to Jill and Kay, and they are both impressed with what she has accomplished in such a short amount of time. Carmen informs Neil about Dru breaking the law by approaching her at the club last night. Neil thanks Carmen for not reporting Dru, and she is surprised at how can Neil still stand by Dru's side. Neil takes Victor to the jazz club and tells him he thinks of buying the place. Victor agrees with his decision. Sharon informs Dru about leaving to the Caribbean with Jack. Dru attends her first therapy session with Dr. Lynch, and is forced to admit some of the mistakes she did. After the session, Dru tells Neil that it was all for nothing, and that she won't go to any session anymore. Ashley and Jack are surprised when Kay decides to let Gloria work on a project. Nick realizes that Jack and Sharon left to a romantic trip together.moreless
  • Ep. #8478
    Ep. #8478
    Episode 126
    Neil questions Nick about how he was able to move on from his marriage with Sharon and confesses that while he and Carmen haven't crossed the line, he thinks his marriage to Dru may be over. Nikki helps Victor during the seizure. Jack invites Sharon to spend time with him at the opening of the N.V.P. spa in the Caribbean. Jack continues working on a plan with Jeff. Carmen informs Phyllis about what Dru did to her. Sharon convinces Dru to move on with her life. Nikki overhears Jack's conversation with Victor, and then finds out that Victor loaned money to Jack. She confronts Jack about taking advantage of a sick Victor, and then tells him that she is now sure that he has been working behind their back all the time.moreless
  • Ep. #8477
    Ep. #8477
    Episode 125
    Victoria is unhappy because Brad doesn't seem to trust her as much as he trusts Sharon. After a call from Paul, Brad arrives home to find his mother, Rebecca, and he is relieved to know she had simply kept moving for protection and wasn't actually in danger. Victor apologizes to Nikki for everything he did lately. Later, Victor's health is still in danger. Zapato, the family dog, starts barking when Victor collapses, so Nikki rushes to help Victor. Dru is having hard time coping with the fact that people now think of her as a crazy person. A few sorority girls comment on Dru's behavior, so Lily argues with them, until Colleen stops them. The girls comment on Colleen's weight.moreless
  • Ep. #8476
    Ep. #8476
    Episode 124
    After Michael tells him he wishes what he knew what Jack was planning for Jabot, Kevin installs tracking software at the N.V.P. website. Jack gets Billy to ask Kay if she'd sell Jabot to a third party, and then invites his banker Jeff Graham to a private conversation. Lily, Daniel, Devon and Colleen gather at the G.C.U. to prepare for the new semester. Just as Colleen is about to grab a drink, a rude guy takes it away. She is surprised later when the rude guy turns out to be her new professor, Adrian Korbel. During the class, Colleen is hurt by the fact that she was picked last, and that Korbel is so rude to her. The Newman family gather to greet Victor, who's operation went fine. The judge lets Victor go out of psych ward, so Victor can finally get back home. At home, after Nikki leaves the room, it seems like Victor is in a lot of pain.moreless
  • Ep. #8475
    Ep. #8475
    Episode 123
    Kay admits to Jill that part of her wants to sell Jabot to Jack just to get the failing company off her hands, but she's worried they could face a lawsuit. Michael wants to know from Phyllis about what is going on with Jabot. Phyllis tells him that Nikki and Victor wanted to buy Jabot, but things have changed since Victor landed in the psych ward. Michael worries that Jack will fire Gloria as soon as he gets a chance. Sharon has to deal with the fact that she is no longer an important part of the Newman family. Nick gives Phyllis tickets to the new N.V.P. retreat, so she could relax and get ready for the baby. Jack comes to Victor again and gets him to sign the papers to start the process of achieving money to buy Jabot. Jack informs Kay about the signature, but is then surprised when Kay decides not to buy Jabot. Victor is taken to the operating room.moreless
  • Ep. #8474
    Ep. #8474
    Episode 122
    Gloria goes to Kay after hearing from Kevin that Jack wants to buy Jabot, knowing that his first official act will be to oust her from the company. Carmen won't return Dru's phone calls. Neil warns her that Dru might end up in prison, but Carmen only cares for her safety. Neil informs Lily and Devon about Dru. On the court, Dru is sentenced to do community work, undergo counseling, pay for the damage she did to Carmen's things and stay five hundred feet away from her for 2 years. Jack tries to get Victor to sign papers to buy Jabot in the psych ward, but Nikki comes just in time to stop Jack. Ashley wants to send Gloria out to China on a business assignment, and informs Jack about the decision. While Jack thinks it's a good idea, Gloria refuses to go. Michael tells Kay that if she buys Jabot, the Gibson case could hit her. Sharon visits Victor. The doctor tells Victor that there are two options for him---either take medication every day or undergo gamma-knife radio-surgery. Victor chooses the surgery.moreless
  • Ep. #8473
    Ep. #8473
    Episode 121
    Sharon is surprised to find Phyllis at her home. Phyllis came there to info her about Victor's condition. Nick calls Phyllis and wants her to be at the hospital with him, while Sharon feels like an outsider, because she is no longer a part of the family. In the psych ward, a delusional Victor blames Nikki for everything that happened to him, while Nick and Victoria are surprised by how bad their father's health is. Later, when Victor comes to his senses, Nikki tells him he pointed the gun at her, and Victor is surprised to hear that. Neil is upset when Carmen when she calls him to say that she filed a police report against Dru, and wishes she would have let him take care of things. Dru comes to Sharon's place and that's where the police finds her. Neil arrives at Sharon's house too late, so both Sharon and Neil go to the police station, where Neil bails Dru out. In the car, Dru blames everything on Neil. Later, Neil visits Carmen and finally breaks off the friendship or whatever they shared.moreless
  • Ep. #8472
    Ep. #8472
    Episode 120
    After berating her for what she did, Neil sends Dru home. Jack and Sharon kiss, and Sharon wonders if Jack is doing this just to get back at Phyllis and Nick. Noah refuses to sleep at the tack house. Victor pulls a gun on Nikki when she comes home, surprising him, and she finally manages to talk him down. She calls an ambulance to get there as soon as possible, and informs Nick about what happened. Gloria stops William and Ashley from leaving, and then takes everyone to continue the party on the basketball court, where she dances with Will. Dru is also there, and she sees Neil and Carmen together. She starts destroying Carmen's stuff, and Carmen finds her. Neil follows Carmen and then he can't believe in what he sees. The family arrives at the hospital to check on Victor, who is having side-effects from a medication. He tries to leave the hospital and then struggles with Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #8471
    Ep. #8471
    Episode 119
    Jack brings Sharon flowers when he picks her up for the N.V.P. gala. Victor's paranoia gets worse. Jack and Ashley are furious to see Gloria at the party. Gloria makes sure Jack overhears her congratulating Phyllis on her engagement. Gloria, Jill and Ashley vie for Will Bardwell's attention. Dru makes a fool out of herself.moreless
  • Ep. #8470
    Ep. #8470
    Episode 118
    Will offers Gloria his condolences about John, then she learns from the bartender that Will recently inherited a great deal of money. Carmen takes Neil to an old building that she suggests he buy and convert into the jazz club he has always wanted to own. Sharon is upset to learn that Nick and Phyllis will be living in the tack house. Gloria overhears Will on the phone with Ashley and tells Jill. J.T. gifts Colleen with a 'going back to college' necklace.moreless
  • Ep. #8469
    Ep. #8469
    Episode 117
    Nick sees Sharon and Jack kissing through the window and reports his upset to Phyllis. Sharon confesses in Dru about her kiss with Jack, and Dru warns her to be careful. Billy forms an alliance with Jack after Jill refuses to give him a cushy office job and insists he start in the mail room. Dru tells Lily that Neil is cheating on her with Carmen, then tries to cover for her words. Ashley asks Will to escort her to the N.V.P. Spa opening.moreless
  • Ep. #8468
    Ep. #8468
    Episode 116
    At Jack's suggestion, Victor contacts Kay to discuss NVP buying Jabot to sell it back to the Abbott family, but Kay isn't interested. Jill registers Billy for classes at G.C.U. against his wishes, and tells him he has no choice in the matter. Nick and Sharon meet with their lawyers, and Sharon tells Nick that she wants to stay in their house with Noah. Jill and Kay create a position for Gloria -- Vice President of Creative Affairs. Jack takes Sharon home, and the two kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #8467
    Ep. #8467
    Episode 115
    John's vision appears to Jack twice, trying to convince Jack to do the right thing and admit that he pushed John into writing the will. Nick wants to tell Sharon that he and Phyllis are going to get married, but Noah beats him to the punch. John's spirit is angry with Jack, who refuses to come clean, after the judge honors the second will and rules that Gloria gets nothing. Sharon and Jack run into each other at the G.C.A.C. where they toast to John's memory, while a disapproving John looks on.moreless
  • Ep. #8466
    Ep. #8466
    Episode 114
    While in court, Michael attempts to prove to the judge that John had every intention of being legally married to Gloria. The handwriting experts prove that John wrote the will. Ashley admits on the stand that the existence of the second will shocked her too. Nick and Phyllis tell Noah about the baby, and when Noah wonders if this means Nick is going to marry Phyllis he says yes. Victor has a schizophrenic episode while at the gym with Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #8465
    Ep. #8465
    Episode 113
    Dru and Sharon commiserate about their troubles; Dru tells her about Malcolm and Lily, and Sharon tells her about being kidnapped. Daniel and Lily begin working their way toward reconciling and spend the day together, enjoying a romantic picnic lunch in the woods. Nick and Phyllis help Noah with a school project and decide to put off telling him about the baby until the next day. Dru and Sharon see Neil and Carmen together at the G.C.A.C. and assume they are on a date, not realizing that she started the night off with Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #8464
    Ep. #8464
    Episode 112
    Gloria and Kevin show up at Michael's apartment, and he and Lauren agree to let them stay while Michael tries to work this out. Kay is suspicious of John's 'new will', but both Jack and Ashley claim that John probably saw through Gloria. Daniel and Lily tentatively work their way to make uo. Jack throws out any proof that Gloria was ever part of the Abbott household.moreless
  • Ep. #8463
    Ep. #8463
    Episode 111
    The judge determines that John's will is valid because it was dated before his mental status deteriorated, and Gloria returns home to find Jack has already evicted her and changed the locks. Phyllis agrees to Nick's suggestion that they move in together, but he later takes that idea off the table when he realizes Noah needs help adjusting. Victor and Sharon discuss her on-going concerns after her kidnapping, and he suggests she contact a therapist.moreless
  • Ep. #8462
    Ep. #8462
    Episode 110
    Victor arrives home early, but promises Nikki he'll be surprised at the party she tells him the kids are throwing for him. Neil reads Dru the riot act for involving Devon in her manipulations, then heads to Carmen's hotel suite. A devastated Dru watches the two of them kiss. Gloria is stunned when Jack reveals to her that her and John's updated marriage license was never filed, which means she was never legally John's wife. Phyllis and Nick arrive for Victor's welcome home party, and Sharon is visibly uncomfortable to have her there. Phyllis offers to leave, but Nick says they'll have to get used to her being there. A prison chaplain shows up with an envelope for Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #8461
    Ep. #8461
    Episode 109
    Colleen and Billy decide they don't want to go to the funeral and remain at the house preparing a buffet for those who did. When Gloria doesn't show up for the funeral, Jack convinces the minister to go ahead. John's friends and family share memories of his life. Gloria, Michael, Lauren and Kevin show up for the funeral only to learn they are too late. Gloria is furious that Jack changed the time of the funeral so that she could not say goodbye to John.moreless
  • Ep. #8460
    Ep. #8460
    Episode 108
    Nick calls Sharon to check up on Noah after Phyllis suggests they spend some time together. Dru spots Carmen and Neil together and manipulate Devon to get him over to the house to interrupt their night. Christine reveals that John left Gloria half of everything in his will, and then Jack claims that Gloria will always be part of their family. Lauren gives Michael his grandmother's restored diary.moreless
  • Ep. #8459
    Ep. #8459
    Episode 107
    Colleen tells Lily about having slept with J.T. the night before, and Lily tells Colleen about Daniel being at the dinner with her and her family. Nikki asks Victoria if she's sure trying to have a baby with Brad is the right thing to do right now. Sharon is forced to try to reprimand Noah after he steals an MP3 player from Casey. Billy tells Kay and Jill that he plans to leave town again after the funeral.moreless
  • Ep. #8458
    Ep. #8458
    Episode 106
    Gloria blames Jack for John's death, because he was the one who insisted they turn off the ventilator. Colleen goes to J.T. for comfort, and tells him she wants to sleep with him. Victoria and Brad work on getting the physical side of their marriage back on track. Lily invites Daniel to celebrate her graduation with her family.moreless
  • Ep. #8457
    Ep. #8457
    Episode 105
    John's family and friends stop by his hospital room to say goodbye once Gloria finally agrees to let Jack and Ashley pull the plug as per John's wishes. An embittered Victoria speaks first with Nicholas and then Nikki about the state of her marriage, and Brad's relationship with Sharon. Lily shares her graduation news with Neil and he and Dru plan to throw her a special celebration dinner, neither being pleased when she shows up with Daniel. Phyllis prepares to go in for an ultrasound, which Nick shows up for just in time. Jack is by his father's side as John passes away.moreless
  • Ep. #8456
    Ep. #8456
    Episode 104
    Dru interrupts Neil and Carmen's dinner at the G.C.A.C. and apologizes for thinking that they could be away from each other for longer than one night, and then Neil apologizes to Carmen for Dru's behavior. Nick wants to stay with Sharon after her ordeal, but after a short nap she awakens to tell him she doesn't need him, and she wants him to go be with Phyllis. Dru arrives at Sharon's and wants to talk to her. She confides to her about what happened with Neil and Carmen. Gloria wants to set up a care room for John in their house when John wakes up one day, and John doesn't say anything against it, although he knows that the doctors already marked John as a dead man. Billy confides in Colleen about how painful John's condition is for him. Ashley and Kevin talk about John. Gloria tells Jack she'll respect his wishes.moreless
  • Ep. #8455
    Ep. #8455
    Episode 103
    Brad wants J.T. and Paul to keep quit about what happened with the kidnapper. Gloria struggles to find a way to keep John alive no matter what, as Jack promises his father that he will find a way to honor his D.N.R. When the second doctor checks on John, Jack begs Gloria to calm down. Brad updates Rebecca, Colleen and Abby about what happened in Parma and then Rebecca tells him it's time for her to return to Italy.moreless
  • Ep. #8454
    Ep. #8454
    Episode 102
    J.T. and Paul stop the bomb in the right time, but they still can't find Sharon. Nick tries to exchange Sharon for himself, but the mystery man won't hear about it. The man discovers that Sharon is held in the confessional. He soon realizes that J.T. and Paul entered the church too. Then Brad enters and wants the kidnapper to let go of Sharon. However, Victoria informs them that Sharon has a bomb attached on her body, and that the kidnapper has the trigger. They give him the fake reliquary and the man believes it's real. He goes to the exit and shoots at Brad, but Nick saves his life. The kidnapper reveals that he is doing what he is because his father, a Nazi officer, was killed because of Rebecca's testimony as Brad faces him down.moreless
  • Ep. #8453
    Ep. #8453
    Episode 101
    The family waits for the news of John's condition. Dr. Campbell informs them that John has had a massive stroke. Kay cries by his bedside. Neil is upset after fighting with Dru and talking with Michael and Lauren only reminds him that he isn't Lily's biological father. Michael thanks Lauren for helping him with get in touch with a guy who might help him with his grandmother's diary. At home, Dru wonders if she should call Neil, but she doesn't. J.T. and Paul inform Brad, Nick and Victoria that Sharon is probably held on a construction site in Cleveland, and they all head out there. Victoria finished working on the reliquary replica and Brad, although their plan could fail, realizes this is the only way to go. Nick calls the person, arrives at the Parma church and then someone suddenly shoves a gun at his back.moreless
  • Ep. #8452
    Ep. #8452
    Episode 100
    Gloria, Ashley and Jack each spend time with John in his hospital room after they hear that he has suffered a stroke, but his situation worsens as Jack is with him. Neil and Dru comfort a heartbroken Lily, who feels betrayed by her loved one. Neil suggests annulling her marriage, and Lily isn't happy with her parents already trying to meddle in her life. They family starts fighting, so Lily leaves. Dru blames Neil for everything. Kevin tries to lighten up Daniel, but he's crushed too until Lily arrives and lets Daniel comfort her.moreless
  • Ep. #8451
    Ep. #8451
    Episode 99
    J.T. and Paul try to trace numbers they found written in dirt on the video. Brad reveals a possible alternate reason why the kidnappers wants the reliquary. Although Victoria still works on arranging a fake reliquary, Brad tells the mystery man that the reliquary is ready, only to assure that Sharon is OK. Jack, Gloria and Ashley prepare to visit John for his birthday in prison, and Michael surprises him with news of John getting out of jail soon. Gloria tells John the good news, and then Kay tells John she'd like for him to run Jabot when he recovers. Jill is upset by this news, but Kay assures her she'll be fine. Lauren finds someone who can decode Michael's grandmother's journal, and later she and Michael tell Gloria they want to find Lowell Baldwin to get any health information for the baby. Jill goes to see John and the two reminisce about their happy life in the past. John tells her this is the best birthday of his entire life. Later, when Jack visits him, John gets a strong headache and then later loses the vision in his right eye.moreless
  • Ep. #8450
    Ep. #8450
    Episode 98
    Brad is worried because things are going slow, and Sharon's life is in danger. Victoria realizes there is much more she needs to learn about Brad. Paul arrives and the three of them head out to confront the mysterious kidnapper/s. Paul and J.T. go over the information they collected once again, but they seem to be unable to figure out where have the people held J.T. and Sharon all this time. Nick calls Phyllis to assure himself that she's fine. Brad, Victoria and Nick meet with an art dealer and arrange to get the reliquary. The mysterious man calls Nick again and a gun shot is heard. Sharon frees herself finally and is about to leave when she sees a shadow of a person. Dru apologizes to Carmen and Neil for her behavior, but once alone with Neil she tells him that whatever is between him and Carmen is over. Carmen apologizes to Neil. Neil threatens Daniel, and then later Dru also confronts him.moreless
  • Ep. #8449
    Ep. #8449
    Episode 97
    Brad is mad at Nick because he arranged a deal with the kidnappers and possibly put Sharon's life in danger. He explains to Victoria that the kidnappers don't want money. Suddenly, Brad finds a tortured J.T. delivered to his door. He explains the entire event to J.T. and asks him to cooperate and help them save Sharon. Both Victoria and Brad blame J.T. for what happened. If he hadn't been digging into Brad's past, none of this would have happened. Later, Brad receives a phone call from the mysterious person who warns him to give him what he wants or he'll start taking more people from his life. Nick suggests that Phyllis go to Arizona to make sure that she and the baby stay safe. Kevin and Jana bond. Lily talks to Devon about Daniel. Devon ends up attacking Daniel, but Neil stops them. Phyllis tells Neil she thinks Daniel and Lily can get over this. Lily reminisces about the past with Daniel. Daniel goes to the hideaway, but Lily walks away without a word. Dru and Neil continues fighting over Carmen.moreless
  • Ep. #8448
    Ep. #8448
    Episode 96
    Neil and Dru order Daniel out of Lily's life and while Lily tells them she wants to be back home with them, she doesn't seem eager to file for divorce. Jack and Gloria both visit with John a the prison and talk to him about Jabot. Jack tries to be there for Daniel after realizing that the young man has told Lily the truth. Nikki worries because she hasn't heard anything from Victor, who is recovering from another seizure while spending time with Hope. Nick tells the kidnappers that it's their wife they have and not Brad's. Jana refuses to accept any form of compensation for her role in catching Alex.moreless
  • Ep. #8447
    Ep. #8447
    Episode 95
    Paul, Victoria, Brad and Nick meet at Nick's place where Nick informs them that the family that had the reliquary no longer has the object. Paul shows them the tape he found at Brad's house, which shows Sharon bound and gagged. Brad fears that they might not save Sharon. The time is running out. Hope helps Victor with his injury and then talks to him about why he came. He confides in her about everything and then tells he is still amazed by her. He thinks she's the only one that can actually understand him and tells her that he thinks of giving up his job and everything. Hope asks if his family knows about his trip, and Victor is disappointed by her question. Later, after Hope returns home, she trips over Victor, who had a seizure. Neil is surprised to see Lily isn't with Daniel, and she says only that Alex is in town, omitting that she walked out on Daniel after he told her the truth. Neil informs the police, although Lily asked him not to. Daniel tells Phyllis about the confession. Kevin threatens to charge Alex (using the footage of Alex attacking Jana), and although it seems like Alex is fearless, Kevin wins the fight. Jana and Kevin celebrate the victory. Kevin informs Daniel about the entire event, but Daniel won't talk. Later, Daniel tells Kevin that he told the truth to Lily, who called the police.moreless
  • Ep. #8446
    Ep. #8446
    Episode 94
    Michael and Lauren look through the items he brought back from New Orleans, including a cracked photograph and a mostly illegible diary. Lauren comforts Michael and promises to help him. After celebrating Dru's birthday, Daniel and Lily return to the hideaway, where Daniel finally admits to Lily about being the person who arranged Alex to attack her. Lily starts crying in disbelief. Daniel finally admits that Alex is back in town and that he was the one who sent her the scary notes. Lily storms out. Gloria suggests using Jana to beat Alex, but Kevin refuses to involve her. Then later, Gloria gives Alex a poisoned drink and he passes out. They get him undressed and Jana accidentally catches them. Gloria covers by saying that Alex is blackmailing her by using her old nude photos. As soon as Jana learns the entire plan, she agrees to help them with the plan. Neil and Dru finally bond again, but their bonding time is over when Devon and Lily enter the place.moreless
  • Ep. #8445
    Ep. #8445
    Episode 93
    Daniel is worried that he will not get the money to pay Alex off in time. He asks Kevin about the money and Kevin assures him not to worry. Daniel meets with Alex, who once again, threatens him with the tape. Phyllis suggests to Daniel to grow up and be a man about it. Victoria, Brad and Nick seem to be unable to find the Grugeon Reliquary. Victoria lies to Noah about working on an important business project. Nick informs Nikki about the hostage situation and then asks her to take care of Noah for a while. Brad is mad at Nick for telling everything to Phyllis and the two start fighting, but Phyllis and Victoria stop them before things get ugly. Paul informs them about finding blood at the construction site, and Nick takes this as a sign to inform the F.B.I. Victoria receives a phone call from her art dealer who informs her about finding the Reliquary in someone's private collection. Jana wants to become closer to Kevin. Neil gives Dru a birthday gift and then makes a silly excuse about not being able to go to dinner. Dru checks Carmen's schedule and realizes she's having business dinner with Neil that night. Dru confronts Carmen about it, and Carmen claims she doesn't have dinner scheduled with Neil. When she comes home, Dru is surprised to see Lily, Devon and Neil decorating for her surprise birthday party.moreless
  • Ep. #8444
    Ep. #8444
    Episode 92
    Hope is curious as to why Victor has come to see her, and he admits that he was getting tired of the petty bickering amongst his family, and that he believes she might help him find his path of enlightenment. Colleen blames herself for J.T. and Sharon's kidnapping, and Rebecca comforts her. Brad (a.k.a. "George") talks to the mysterious man who wants him to recover an artifact called the Grugeon reliquary. Brad tells Victoria he wants the person who is behind this to believe that Sharon is his wife. Victoria wants to get the F.B.I., but Brad refuses to do so. Brad talks to Paul and promises to tell the entire truth. Nick and Phyllis' relaxing day together is interrupted by a call from Victoria, who them comes with Brad and informs Nick about Sharon. Nick blames Brad for everything, but Victoria wants them to focus on what's important. Nick is surprised to learn that the artifact is worth only $30,000. Brad tells Colleen she has to stay in Hawaii. Victoria learns that the address in Belgium which Rebecca gave them is no longer where the family (who has the artifact) lives. Nick informs Phyllis about the situation. Paul arrives to a construction site and finds empty chairs. He realizes Sharon and J.T. were there.moreless
  • Ep. #8443
    Ep. #8443
    Episode 91
    Nikki wants Nick to take things into his own hands when it comes to his son, now that he's divorcing Sharon. Jack wants to continue working with Nick. They both agree to bury the hatchet and continue working together. Nikki is stunned when Victor announces he's leaving on a temporary retreat. He lies about feeling better and how the medication helped him. Jack distracts Nikki so Victor could leave in peace. In Kansas, Victor arrives at Hope's house. Colleen, Abby and Rebecca are on their way to Hawaii. Colleen talks to Rebecca about what she knows of Brad's past. Brad finally tells Victoria the truth about his past and that he never told Traci or Ashley, but Victoria is angry with him for not telling her sooner. Brad receives a phone call from an anonymous person who tells him he took his wife. Brad is surprised to learn that the man kidnapped Sharon. Sharon wakes up next to J.T., who is tied up to a chair, just like her. He says they are probably places in Cleveland, and warns her that Brad might be the kidnapper. A man enters the place, tells J.T. that he's no longer of use to him, and then stick a needle in J.T. and J.T. faints.moreless
  • Ep. #8442
    Ep. #8442
    Episode 90
    Noah is having hard time dealing with his parents divorcing. Sharon wants to know if Nick is now with Phyllis. Dru books a dinner for Neil and herself, but Neil claims he's too busy to go. They both realize things got way out of hand in their relationship. Paul worries that Brad is trying to keep his past secret from everyone. Colleen is stunned as Brad tells her the truth about himself, his mother's past, and stealing the real Brad Carlton's identity. A mysterious man enters Newman Enterprises and is looking for George Kaplan. He goes through Brad's drawers, and Victoria catches him. She calls Brad to inform him about the mysterious man. Brad surprises everyone with a trip to Hawaii. They all go on a plane, where Brad introduces them to his mother, Rebecca Kaplan.moreless
  • Ep. #8441
    Ep. #8441
    Episode 89
    Nick and Phyllis are happy to wake up next to each other. Nick informs Victor and Nikki about deciding to divorce Sharon and to be with Phyllis. Victor tells Sharon he will always support whatever she does. After Nikki reminds Sharon of her own infidelities, Sharon tells her that the best thing about divorcing Nick will be leaving Nikki behind. Jack wants to expand N.V.P. as soon as possible, but Phyllis doesn't agree with his plan, and Victor supports her opinion. Jack doesn't like Phyllis confronting him and then later returns to Victor's to talk to him, but he accidentally sees Victor hallucinating and then tries to manipulate Victor into doing something he'd never do. Colleen and Paul go through the info on the Kaplan family, and Colleen finally realizes that her father is actually George Kaplan. Then later, Colleen returns to Genoa City and confronts Brad about the identity theft.moreless
  • Ep. #8440
    Ep. #8440
    Episode 88
    Gloria tells Kevin that the secret to dealing with Alex is to convince him he's done something so horrible he has to leave town for good. Then later, Kevin and Daniel are horrified by Gloria's suggestion. When Daniel leaves, Gloria tells Kevin she lied. Alex calls Lily pretending to be someone else. Dru feels left out when Carmen seems to have handled everything without her, and then tries to flirt with Neil, but he rejects her. She then confronts Neil about Carmen and tells him she knows they'd been flirting. Brad informs Sharon of his difficult family situation, and she says she's there for him. He asks her to deliver a suitcase for him, and Sharon agrees to do it. Nick tells Victoria about his divorce proceedings, and then wonders how can she leave Brad off the hook so easy. She's glad that Sharon is getting away from their family. Victoria talks to a divorce lawyer. Nick informs Phyllis about the divorce, and about moving to the apartment at the Athletic Club. They comfort each other and then later, Nick comes to Phyllis' place with his suitcases and they begin kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #8439
    Ep. #8439
    Episode 87
    Colleen brings J.T.'s documents to Paul, and he comes to the conclusion that the photograph of the baseball team is linked to the baseball bat that was used to murder the Kaplan family. Colleen fears Brad might have murdered the entire family. Then later, someone calls Colleen and she can only hear weird sounds. She figures out it's J.T. Sharon tells Brad about her divorce and then wishes to elope with Brad, but their conversation is interrupted by Victoria, who fires Sharon from Newman Cosmetics. Later, Jack wants Sharon to continue working for N.V.P. and is then surprised to learn that Sharon no longer works for Newman Enterprises. Jack thanks Brad for letting Sharon go, and Brad has no idea what's going on. Sharon talks to Dru, who then goes to visit Neil, but they end up in a fight. Jack advises Daniel to tell the truth to Lily about Alex. After talking to Lily, Dru realizes Neil was happier than ever before while she was gone.moreless
  • Ep. #8438
    Ep. #8438
    Episode 86
    Nick and Sharon finally sit down for a decent talk and come to the realization that it's time to end their marriage. Brad admits to Victoria about Nick catching him with Sharon, and then says he's think he's still hurt by her night with J.T. Later, Victoria tells him it's time to move on with their lives. Lauren decides to help Michael find his father, and Michael is surprised and happy that Lauren is there to help him. Jack talks to a doctor to find out more about Victor's condition. Victor admits to Jack about replacing the medication with Aspirin. Colleen and Paul are worried about J.T., who seems to have disappeared. Colleen tells Paul about what she said to Brad. Later, it appears someone bounded and gaged J.T.moreless
  • Ep. #8437
    Ep. #8437
    Episode 85
    After Dru unexpectedly arrives home, Neil calls Carmen to tell her that it would be a good idea if they didn't see too much of each other. Sharon realizes Nick is watching her and Brad and then decides to continue doing it. When Nick leaves, Sharon tells Brad about Nick. Nick talks to Michael about Phyllis and the baby. He goes to the G.C.A.C. and is about to tell Victoria what he saw when Brad appears.moreless
  • Ep. #8436
    Ep. #8436
    Episode 84
    Sharon and Nick argue over Nick's decision to stand by Sharon and Noah, and let Phyllis raise the baby on her own. Sharon realizes Nick only wants to be with her because of Noah, and then says she doesn't want to be in a charity case marriage. Sharon goes to her car and Brad comforts her there. They start kissing and ripping clothes off each other until they realize Nick is watching them. Jack tells Phyllis he really wanted the baby to be his. Phyllis informs Daniel about the test results. Alex demands $25,000 from Daniel and Kevin. Kevin asks Gloria for money, but she refuses to give him any until he explains the whole story to her about Alex and his attempts at blackmail. Then she refuses to give him the money. Daniel informs Jack about Alex. Neil teaches Carmen how to shoot hoops and then things start to heat up. Neil returns home to change and is about to leave to Carmen's place when suddenly Dru returns home early from her trip.moreless
  • Ep. #8435
    Ep. #8435
    Episode 83
    Colleen admits to her father that he is being investigated by Paul and J.T., but Brad continues to lie about his past. Nick informs Phyllis that the baby she's carrying is definitely his. They enter an elevator together and halt it to talk, but they only end up fighting. Phyllis decides to raise the baby by herself because Nick won't leave his family. Nick informs Sharon about the test results. Phyllis informs Jack about the results, and he walks out immediately. J.T. tells Paul that the investigation of Brad Carlton isn't as fast as he thought it'd be. Later, J.T. meets with Cindy, a woman from Brad's past, who confirms that the Brad we know is actually George Kaplan. Kevin asks Gloria to loan him ten thousand dollars and lies about why he needs it. He informs Daniel about the money and then meets with Alex. Alex gives him the tape, but then later says he made a copy and demands more money.moreless
  • Ep. #8434
    Ep. #8434
    Episode 82
    Carmen invites Neil up to her room and the two start to flirt heavily, so Neil is relieved to get a break while setting up her telescope. Kevin realizes Jana is talking to someone at the coffee house, and it turns out to be Alex. Alex threatens Kevin to be nicer to him, or he'll speak about their past. Alex demands $10,000 from Daniel or he'll tell Lily the entire truth. Daniel thinks he can't prove it, but Alex shows him he's been taping their conversation. Victoria informs Nikki about Victor's epilepsy. Victor informs Jack about his condition. Later, Nikki is happy that Victor is taking his medication, but it turns out he switched the pills with some aspirin.moreless
  • Ep. #8433
    Ep. #8433
    Episode 81
    Jack agrees to take a paternity test to see if he is the father, but walks out after realizing that Phyllis wants Nick to be the father. A tarot card reader Feather reads Kevin's future. Later, Devon, Neil and Carmen have their futures read too. Colleen confides in Daniel about the threating letter she's been getting, and then later Daniel receives a letter and realizes it's from Alex, who threatens to tell Lily the entire truth. Daniel talks about it to Kevin. Victor continues talking to a vision of Hope, but is soon interrupted by Abby and Victoria. After Victor gives them another shocking act, Victoria brings Dr. Morse to check on him.moreless
  • Ep. #8432
    Ep. #8432
    Episode 80
    Colleen and Lily hang out together at the loft, and Colleen is upset when she gets a phone call from a breather. In his office, Brad pulls a baseball card out of his briefcase and fingers it as he flashes back to dragging a body through the woods. Phyllis learns that Nick received the paternity results but when she goes to his office, it turns out that he's taken off. J.T. and Paul meet with Kara in Cleveland and think they have a lead on Brad's past. Sharon and Phyllis both receive message from Nick, who says he needs time to think.moreless
  • Ep. #8431
    Ep. #8431
    Episode 79
    Nick confesses to Victor that Phyllis is pregnant and the baby just might be his as Sharon makes the same confession to Nikki. J.T. asks Lily to stay at the loft with Colleen after Colleen admits to him that she is afraid to stay alone. Carmen runs into Neil and gives him a book. Nick and Phyllis share a passionate moment, but are interrupted. When the lights go out, Victor sees a mysterious woman who tells him that everything will be okay. Jack and Carmen go to lunch, which ends up with them making love in a hotel room. Noah gets into a fight at school over his parents potential divorce. Lily finds a threatening note on her car.moreless
  • Ep. #8430
    Ep. #8430
    Episode 78
    Devon and Carmen find a common bond when she admits to him that she didn't have the greatest childhood. Victoria wants to know Neil's opinion on keeping Dru working in Europe for a while. Jack visits Phyllis at the hospital, and she says she's pregnant and that the baby might be his. Phyllis then tells Daniel about the baby, and he promises to stick out for her as long as she needs him. Sharon doesn't know how to react if Phyllis' baby is Nick's. Nick informs Victoria about the baby. Jack arrives and wants to know when will the test results arrive.moreless
  • Ep. #8429
    Ep. #8429
    Episode 77
    Colleen confronts Kevin about the note she found at her table, but he has nothing to do with it, and Jana confirms Kevin was her all night. Brad finally tells Victoria about his real identity, and Victoria is upset. Later, Brad learns J.T. hacked into his computer. Meanwhile, Paul tells J.T. that Brad knows they're researching him. J.T. gives him new information about Brad's army days and they both realize they must return to Cleveland to gather more information. Colleen gives J.T. the scary note and he promises to help her as soon as possible. They kiss. Carmen and Neil spend some time together. Dru calls home and tells she'll be coming home tomorrow. Carmen goes to the office and asks Victoria if she can expand Dru's trip. Nick rushes to the hospital and, after arguing with Sharon, goes to see Phyllis who admits she is worried about the baby. Nick tells Sharon he doesn't want Phyllis' baby to be his, and that the baby might be Jack's. Sharon is surprised to learn that both Michael and Lauren knew about Phyllis' condition.moreless
  • Ep. #8428
    Ep. #8428
    Episode 76
    Brad confronts Victor on why he was investigating him, and he says he was only looking over for his daughter, but he didn't even read the report he got. Brad tries to probe Paul for information on why Paul is investigating him, but Paul stonewalls. Victor tells Nick about his hallucinations. Colleen tells Jana she's glad that Kevin got a job at Jabot, which means he will no longer be around the coffeehouse so much. When Kevin can't decide what to do with the coffeehouse, Jana suggests she should run it. Phyllis is angry at Sharon after surviving a car crash and blames her for being stresses out and causing the accident. She wonders if her baby is OK. Eventually, the women are taken to the hospital. A mystery woman comes to Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #8427
    Ep. #8427
    Episode 75
    Neil invites Carmen back to the apartment for dinner when he notices she's bogged down with work, offering to help her out. Victor's condition is worse. Brad realizes Paul was investigating him and wonders why would he do it. Phyllis lies to Sharon at Newman Enterprises so Nick could do a DNA test to determine who is the father of Phyllis' baby. Phyllis and Sharon leave to take care of the business, and during their small-talk conversation, the girls realize they're lost. The car suddenly takes a wrong turn and crashes.moreless
  • Ep. #8426
    Ep. #8426
    Episode 74
    Michael asks Gloria about his biological father, Lowell, just in case he needs to tell his own family about him someday. Katherine is surprised to see Victor as a totally changed man, and Nikki shares her fears with her. Lauren isn't OK with Nick and Phyllis meeting at their place, because she hates to hide anything from Sharon. When Sharon visits her at the boutique, Lauren feels even worse when Sharon says she's thinking of having an another baby with Nick. Meanwhile, Nick and Phyllis meet at Michael's place and they talk about their baby. Nick tells Phyllis about Sharon's baby proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #8425
    Ep. #8425
    Episode 73
    Kevin's first day on a job turns into a nightmare when Jill gives him a deadline, but both Ashley and the J.T. refuse to help him log in. However, Kevin finished the task in time, and both Ashley and Jill are shocked. Devon, once again, witnesses a moment of closeness between Carmen and Neil and fears it might grow into something bigger. Phyllis informs Michael about telling the truth to Nick. Brad is surprised when Sharon says Nick and her are thinking of having an another baby. Sharon reluctantly agrees with Jack's suggestion that she and Phyllis go on a promotional tour together.moreless
  • Ep. #8424
    Ep. #8424
    Episode 72
    Neil wonders about his romantic future when Devon tells him he thinks Carmen was checking him out. After having another round of medical checks done on him, Victor storms out of the house saying he won't let Nikki control him. When Jack tells her Victor handed the N.V.P. shares to him by his idea, Phyllis doesn't trust him. Sharon informs Phyllis about being the new spokesmodel for N.V.P. Jack apologizes to Phyllis for his recent behavior. Sharon arranges a special dinner for Nick and herself at the coffeehouse and after sharing a few words together, it seems like Sharon is finally ready to let go of the past and move on. She says she wants to have another baby.moreless
  • Ep. #8423
    Ep. #8423
    Episode 71
    Phyllis shares her fears about the baby with Nick and asks him if he'll stand by her the entire time. Sharon tells Brad she's preparing dinner for Nick to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Nick's proposal. She chose to trust Nick ad Phyllis and she tells Brad how close they have come to each other. Nick asks Phyllis if she'd like to take a DNA test. Victor continues surprising Nikki and the entire family when playing with kids, and then wants to dance with Nikki. The dance turns into an another collapse. Brad reads a newspaper article about a family in Cleveland being slaughtered.moreless
  • Ep. #8422
    Ep. #8422
    Episode 70
    Victoria and Brad meet with the security team to rearrange security around their house, and Victoria suggests they should hire Paul to investigate the break-in. Suddenly a cop brings Victoria's jewelry and purse and says a waitress named Jana Hawkes found it in the trash can. After Victoria leaves to thank Jana, Brad takes his childhood photo and burns it. Colleen informs Lily about J.T.'s investigation and Brad's identity. After finally going to the doctor, Victor and Nikki learn that Victor is OK, and then Victor refuses to take any other tests. Nikki realizes Victor isn't himself at all. Nick notices Phyllis had been crying, and then later on the plane, Phyllis finally admits she's pregnant. They talk about her fears and she says that Jack could also be the father of her baby. Nick promises to support her the entire time.moreless
  • Ep. #8421
    Ep. #8421
    Episode 69
    After their agreement, Dr. Walker tells Nikki and Ashley that they didn't find anything wrong with Victor, and then later, Victor tells Nikki to back off. Carmen thanks Neil for his support. Jack invites Neil to join his birthday celebration. Ashley arrives too and informs them about Victor's condition. Will asks out Ashley again. Paul feels left out during the birthday celebration, and then later talks to Ashley about her strange behavior. Jill and Will go out on a date. After saving her from a guy named Jake, Nick and Phyllis take a little time to remember the old times. Jack tells Ashley he planned to propose the Phyllis on the same night he found out about Phyllis sleeping with Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #8420
    Ep. #8420
    Episode 68
    Sharon is shocked to find Victor lying on the floor, so she immediately calls an ambulance, but Victor refuses to go. Eventually, he gives up. At the hospital, Victor wants the doctor to tell him about his condition, but not to say anything to his wife. On the plane, Nick and Phyllis talk about Jack buying the shares of N.V.P., and soon turbulence strikes. The weather gets worse, so the pilot is forced to land in New Mexico. Victoria is shocked to find Brad's house robbed. She takes Abby out of the house, calls 911 and Brad. After the police determines what was stolen, Brad goes to his closet and gets a flashback of his past---standing over the real Brad Carlton in a pool of blood.moreless
  • Ep. #8419
    Ep. #8419
    Episode 67
    Brad confronts Carmen for informing Neil about the Graville Global, and then says she was dropped as the head of publicity, and that she'll have to watch out if she wants to continue working for Newman Enterprises. Kay is surprised when Jill informs her that Will was her internet guy and then Will comes to their table. Carmen thanks Neil for giving her the job back. Neil has a fantasy of kissing her. William invites Ashley out of dinner, but she isn't available, so he decides to call Jill. Victoria is surprised when Victor asks if she thought of having a baby soon. Nikki is furious when Victor asks Ashley to be nicer to Ashley now that Nikki is angry because of everything that happened lately. On a N.V.P. meeting, Nikki tries to prove her theory about customers, but both Jack and Ashley overrule her. Victor gets another headache and falls on the ground. Kevin signs the contract for Jabot.moreless
  • Ep. #8418
    Ep. #8418
    Episode 66
    Both Nick and Phyllis are surprised to find each other on the same plane. During their conversation, Phyllis dreams of three ways to tell Nick about the baby she's carrying. Sharon talks to Brad, who claims that Nick is doing his best to get back his family. Kevin goes on an interview to Jill and Ashley, and later Jill visits him to tell him he's hired. Victor gives Nikki the shares of the company, but she takes this as a bad thing, but Victor explains he did this only to be able to spend more time with his family. Jack invites Carmen out for dinner, because he's celebrating now that Victor sold him his shares at N.V.P. Nikki arrives and confronts Jack about it. Jack offers Sharon a job as his spokesmodel, and after the video conference, Sharon accepts the offer.moreless
  • Ep. #8417
    Ep. #8417
    Episode 65
    J.T. and Colleen start calling Carltons in Cleveland to get more information on Brad and find out if anyone there knew him. Brad arranges for Nick to go to Arizona in his place just as Nikki is arranging for Phyllis to take her place in Arizona. Nick calls J.T. in after Brad tells him someone hacked into his computer, and Brad asks J.T. to investigate for him.moreless
  • Ep. #8416
    Ep. #8416
    Episode 64
    Daniel and Lily make up after Neil gives her advice about how it takes two people to fight. Jack convinces Victor not to talk to Phyllis and Nikki about him taking over N.V.P. until it's a done deal. Nikki is upset to find a drawerful of paper snowflakes in Victor's office. Nick wants to give their marriage another chance, but Sharon is afraid to get hurt again.moreless
  • Ep. #8415
    Ep. #8415
    Episode 63
    Colleen decides to help J.T. investigate her father after realising he's been living a lie for many years. Phyllis tries to talk to Victor about her concerns about Jack, but he cannot hear her due to a ringing in his ears. Lily tells Daniel she doesn't want to go to college right away when the two realise how much it will cost. Noah becomes upset at the barbecue when Abby tells him how Brad and Ashley got a divorce even though they had told her they weren't going to. Nick and Sharon share a passionate kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #8414
    Ep. #8414
    Episode 62
    Nikki and Phyllis are both upset with Jack's activities concerning N.V.P. Will and Jill are surprised to realise that they are each other's blind dates, but try to have a good time. Colleen is upset when J.T. shows her a photograph of the 'real' Brad Carlton. Jana and Victoria discover that they have something in common as both have lived in Italy. Nikki and Victor enjoy salsa lessons.moreless
  • Ep. #8413
    Ep. #8413
    Episode 61
    Phyllis has a nasty encounter with Ashley at Gina's, then Kevin sits down with her to pump her for questions about the Jabot website. The two realise that they could serve a purpose for each other -- Kevin can use Phyllis' help in getting the job as the new webmaster, and Phyllis can stick it to Ashley by helping Kevin get the job. Jack visits John in prison, and John warns him against treating Phyllis too harshly in his new job position. Kay is less than thrilled to hear that Jill has posted her profile online. Colleen asks Brad about the Carlton family, and he tells her that his parents came from Italy and changed their name, and that he knows nothing about his family before then.moreless
  • Ep. #8412
    Ep. #8412
    Episode 60
    Genoa City celebrates Father's Day. Nikki has gifts for Victor, but he surprises her by bringing out a puppy he has named Zapata. Gloria and Kevin celebrate Father's Day with Lauren and Michael, but Kevin spoils the mood when he keeps bringing up memories of Terrible Tom. Phyllis gets stuck working at the office when Carmen and Jack assign her to a long task, but goes maternity shopping with Lauren and overhears as Jack tells Lauren he doesn't want to be a father again. Neil presents Daniel and Lily with a gift of matching place-settings and narrowly misses seeing Lily's Father's Day card for Malcolm. Kevin dumps Tom's ashes down the sink at Michael's place. Victor gets confused while talking with Abby, and calls the dog Spot.moreless
  • Ep. #8411
    Ep. #8411
    Episode 59
    J.T. confronts Colleen about taking the files from his computer, and Colleen counters by asking why he's investigating her father. Lauren and Michael are relieved to learn that everything is going well with her pregnancy. Victoria invites Sharon to bring Nick and Noah to a special Father's Day celebration for Victor at the ranch. Victor becomes confused during a meeting with Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #8410
    Ep. #8410
    Episode 58
    Noah plays his parents against each other when he wants to illegally download music by getting Sharon's permission when Nick says no, and his parents explain to him why his actions were wrong. Victoria is surprised to find an old Navy uniform in Brad's closet and asks him about it. Jana proves to Kevin that she wasn't lying to him about having to help a friend move, and the two play basketball together. Jack and Carmen end up in a passionate kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #8409
    Ep. #8409
    Episode 57
    Daniel is surprised to learn that Jack is now Phyllis' boss at Newman. Brad is upset with Neil at Neil's attempt to block him from joining the board at Newman. Daniel is upset to find Lily and Colleen attempting to hack into J.T.'s files. After a talk with Jack, Sharon tells Nick that she no longer wants a divorce.moreless
  • Ep. #8408
    Ep. #8408
    Episode 56
    Nick reminds Sharon that he forgave her for her infidelities. Michael invites Phyllis to dinner with he and Lauren, and Lauren is surprised to learn of Phyllis' pregnancies and the two possible fathers. Colleen enlists Lily's help in copying the contents of J.T.'s computer. Daniel takes Lily to the coffeehouse, where her family is waiting to throw her a surprise birthday party.moreless
  • Ep. #8407
    Ep. #8407
    Episode 55
    Jill talks to Ashley about Gloria's business idea, and Ashley turns it down, explaining that John did the same thing in the past. Gloria is crushed by the news, and ends up in Michael's apartment, dreaming of being poor and both Ashley and Jack laughing at her. Colleen wonders what J.T. is trying to hide from her when he buys her a brand new laptop. Neil and Phyllis go out on a dinner, and accidentally end up sitting next to Jack and Carmen. They celebrate the N.V.P./Jabot partnership. Neil notices Phyllis doesn't drink any champagne, but he won't say anything. Phyllis is in pain, so she calls Michael to come and help her. Jana claims she didn't cancel her date with Kevin because of what Colleen said, but he won't believe her. Kevin confronts Colleen again. Nikki isn't happy to work with Ashley again, so Victor decides to put Jack in charge. Nikki is amazed by Victor's decision, but then later Victor isn't able to hear what Nikki is talking about.moreless
  • Ep. #8406
    Ep. #8406
    Episode 54
    Sharon tells Nick she made her piece with Phyllis so they could work together. Nikki isn't happy to hear about Jack accepting Victor's job offer. She wants Jack to refuse to accept the offer. Phyllis is surprised to hear from Victor about Jack. Jack talks to Nick and they both agree to put everything that happened with Phyllis behind them. Michael gives Kevin an advice on flirting with Jana. Colleen warns Jana to stay away from Kevin because he tries to kill her a long time ago, and although Jana claims that Kevin is no longer the same man he used too be, she makes up an excuse and leaves the date. Kevin realizes Colleen told Jana about what he did and becomes furious. Gloria and Jill are doing business together, and Jill is satisfied with her work. Gloria explains it's much better to work with her, and not with Jack. However, when Gloria wants to be in charge of a new women line, Jill is reluctant. Gloria informs Kevin about the new line, but he isn't happy for her and ends up blaming her for his bad childhood.moreless
  • Ep. #8405
    Ep. #8405
    Episode 53
    Sharon tells Nick he should be able to handle being around Brad if she can handle being around Phyllis. Victor persuades the board members to join him, Nikki and Victoria in voting for Brad. Sharon and Phyllis finally make piece between them. Jack is convinced something is going on with Victor. Meanwhile, Victor continues surprising everyone around him. Ashley informs Jack about Victor's day with Abby. Neil, Lily, Devon and Daniel vow goodbye to Dru, who goes on a business trip. Daniel comforts Lily when she worries that Dru's business trip will be the end of her family.moreless
  • Ep. #8404
    Ep. #8404
    Episode 52
    When Brad returns home early, Victoria shares the news of her new art job, and then says life couldn't be better for her. Sharon thanks Nick for the flowers and asks if he is jealous about her spending time with Brad. Michael tries to reassure Lauren everything is going to be OK with their baby. Phyllis tells Nikki she changed her mind, and that she can't wait to leave Genoa City. Jack and Carmen are having an interesting dinner date. J.T. copies Brad's complete hard drive. Victoria almost catches him, but he lies to her about the reason he's there. Victor helps a waiter during his dinner with Nikki, whicch raises suspicion in Jack's mind. He asks Nikki about Victor's condition.moreless
  • Ep. #8403
    Ep. #8403
    Episode 51
    After a night full of passion, Brad and Sharon continue spending time together, until Victoria calls Brad to inform him that his flight for Boston has been booked. Sharon receives delivered flowers from Noah and Nick, and realizes how much Nick wants their family to be together again. Victoria is happy to find a love letter from Brad. Lily tells Neil she won't graduate this year and he's disappointed, but happy that she's going to the ceremony to support Daniel and Devon. Lily informs Dru about her grades. Michael and Lauren are at Dr. Thompson's office. Jack asks out Carmen in front of Phyllis. Gloria is happy to learn that John is normal again, and then she asks Michael to find a medicine which could help John's health so he could be out of prison as soon as possible.moreless
  • Ep. #8402
    Ep. #8402
    Episode 50
    Jack learns about another fight John got into today. Gloria is worried about his condition. Dr. Campbell finally checks on John and tells the family that John could have a reaction to the prescriptions. Phyllis talks to Nick about how hard it will be to work near Sharon, but she has to try to handle the situation. Noah calls Sharon and tells her how amazing it is to have his father back home. Nick tells Victoria he won't hook up with Phyllis if the divorce goes through. Brad ends up at Sharon's in New York, and after an entire day together, the two end up kissing passionately, and then having sex. Victor and Nikki talk to Phyllis about her new assignment, but Phyllis isn't pleased to hear about it. Victor gives Nikki three gifts to show how much he loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #8401
    Ep. #8401
    Episode 49
    Devon thanks Neil for his support, and Neil is surprised to learn about Devon's high grades. Then Dru enters and Devon learns about Dru's business trip. Daniel finds a gown for Lily sent by Dru. Devon talks to Lily about Dru's trip and shares his concerns about the possibility that Dru and Neil won't work things out. Lily is surprised to learn she won't be able to graduate at all. Nikki and Victor talk about Phyllis' job. Lauren is surprised to run into Phyllis in Dr. Thompson's office, and then Phyllis shares her concerns with Michael about the father of her baby. Brad's flight to Boston is diverted due to fog.moreless
  • Ep. #8400
    Ep. #8400
    Episode 48
    Neil and Dru decide to tell Devon and Lily about the European trip after the benefit. Brad helps Sharon with the benefit. J.T. and Paul return from Cleveland. Daniel thinks Phyllis's new job at the N.V.P. is a really bad idea. Victor promises to change his ways to Nick. Sharon and Nick lead the benefit together, and then Jewel performs her first song. Daniel and Noah bond and then Daniel talks about how he is guilty for everything that happened. Jewel continues performing.moreless
  • Ep. #8399
    Ep. #8399
    Episode 47
    Jack and Gloria meet with Dr. Campbell, John's physician, to inform him about John's condition. Then they learn about John's unacceptable behavior in prison. Sharon confronts Nick, but Noah stops their fight. Later, while reading Noah's song, Sharon is hurt to learn how much the fights are affecting Noah. Nick learns about Victor's offer to Phyllis. Victor introduces Neil to Carmen, and then later she meets Dru. Dru talks to Neil about deciding not to attend the Beauty of Nature tour, because she wants to spend more time with her family. However, Neil doesn't take this news very well.moreless
  • Ep. #8398
    Ep. #8398
    Episode 46
    Jack finds out about John's condition. Bardwell tells Ashley there isn't much they can do to help John, unless his condition is serious. Gloria is determined to convince Michael of John's condition, so she takes him to prison, but then John seems to be perfectly fine. An excited Noah tells Daniel and Lily about his parents getting back together. After informing Michael about the firing, Ashley talks to Jill, who then goes to talk to Ashley and wants her to apologize to Phyllis and tell her she isn't fired. Sharon and Phyllis have an another fight, so Phyllis decides to take Victor's job offer.moreless
  • Ep. #8397
    Ep. #8397
    Episode 45
    Nick pleads Sharon to not start the divorce procedure, and she says she'll do it after the benefit. Ashley confronts Phyllis, saying she doesn't want her to work for Jabot anymore. Phyllis reacts, so Ashley fires her. However, Nikki and Victor ask Phyllis to become a full-time employee of N.V.P. Jack informs Christine about John's health, and when Gloria starts confronting Jack, Christine gives them an advice. Sharon talks to Nick about Brad. Sharon tells Victoria she's scared of going to New York on a fashion trip. Victoria wants Brad to go with Sharon, but Brad claims he has too many meetings, so he can't help her.moreless
  • Ep. #8396
    Ep. #8396
    Episode 44
    After Ashley rejected her, Gloria asks Jill to help her get a job at Jabot. Jill makes her a fashion consultant. Gloria visits John in prison to share the good news, but it seems like John has gone mad. He keeps calling her Dina. Gloria is angry when the doctor refuses to help him, saying that this problem comes with old age. Jack doesn't accept Victor's job offer. Victor suspects Nikki is using a lot of pain medication, but she assures him she isn't abusing the prescription. Phyllis and Sharon clash. Later, Sharon overhears Nick talking to Noah about plans for Saturday and then accuses him of trying to make everything normal and not consulting with her. She decides to file for divorce.moreless
  • Ep. #8395
    Ep. #8395
    Episode 43
    Nick is surprised when Cassie appears in front of him and he wishes to know what would happen if things were different. Cassie takes him on a journey back to the day she had the accident, and Nick sees himself as a happy man with Sharon; Jack proposing to Phyllis; Daniel as a happy teenager; the Winters having a different life as a happy family; Sharon and Brad kissing; Victoria returning from Italy with a husband. The two share kind words and vow goodbye, as Nick returns to Sharon's place and tells her he's moving back in.moreless
  • Ep. #8394
    Ep. #8394
    Episode 42
    Phyllis tries to schedule a paternity test to determine whether Nick or Jack is the father of her baby but hits a snag. Victoria informs Brad about Colleen's new job as a waitress, and how she refused to accept her offer to work at Newman Enterprises as an intern. Lily and Daniel attend a prom dinner at the G.C.A.C. Jack is mad at Nick for lying to him all this time. Ashley and William go out on a dinner which ends with a passionate kiss. Later, Jack informs Ashley about Victor's job offer. He believes Victor is just playing mind games. Victor informs Nikki about the offer, and she's surprised by his strange, yet amazing move. Sharon is upset with everything that's happening, so she ends up in Brad's arms, kissing. Phyllis comforts Nick. After going back to the office, Nick is about to leave when he suddenly hears a music box and Cassie appears in front of him.moreless
  • Ep. #8393
    Ep. #8393
    Episode 41
    Nick and Sharon are preparing everything for the benefit in Cassie's name. Daniel realizes Noah is hurt by everything that's been happening lately. Noah makes a silly excuse for Nick to come and see him. Daniel tells Nick that his affair with Phyllis is affecting everyone. Lauren arrives home from a business trip and learns that Michael painted the nursery. Jack confronts Sharon for not telling him about Nick and Phyllis. Ashley worries about John's mental status after she pays him a visit in prison. She asks Will if there's a chance John could be let out of prison early. After talking to Nikki, Jack visits Victor, who offers him a job at N.V.P.moreless
  • Ep. #8392
    Ep. #8392
    Episode 40
    Neil is hurt after Victor tells him that he's appointing Brad to the board of directors, and Victor tries to make amends by having Nick give Neil a plumb assignment. Daniel asks Lily about her prom, but she brushes him off and then later hangs up on Dru when she asks to buy her new dresses. Colleen talks some sense into Lily, so Lily finally gives in, and calls her family to see her graduate. J.T. and Paul are in Cleveland, investigating Brad's past, although Victor stopped the investigation. The guys learn that Brad Carlton isn't the same man, it's someone else. However, they find Brad on the same picture with the original Brad Carlton. Victor tells Nikki he has finally accepted Brad into his family, mostly because Victoria is so happy with him. Nick talks to Victoria about his affair with Phyllis, and she advises him to wake up, because he hasn't been himself lately at all. Jill and Kay won't accept Ashley offer. Katherine visits John in prison and tells him all about how she is forced to fire Jack to keep the company in shape. John agrees it's the right thing to do. After meeting Katherine, Jack visits John in prison, and finally realizes he must accept the resignation proudly.moreless
  • Ep. #8391
    Ep. #8391
    Episode 39
    Jack is shocked to learn of Nick and Phyllis' affair from a fighting Nick and Brad and punches Nick after he confirms that he slept with Phyllis. Then Nick calls Phyllis to let her know Jack found out. Jack confronts Phyllis. Phyllis finds out from Michael about Jack's firing. Victor tells J.T. to stop investigation Brad, because he's no longer a threat. Victoria gives Brad a vintage bicycle as a gift. J.T. informs Paul about Victor's decision, but they both decide to go to Cleveland to investigate anyway. Ashley and Jack talk about Katherine's order and Phyllis's affair. Ashley lets Katherine know she wants to resign in Jack's place.moreless
  • Ep. #8390
    Ep. #8390
    Episode 38
    Jack is stunned after Katherine asked him to resign his job, or she'll fire him. Michael warns Gloria that her "cream" incident has gone way too far. Mac and Kevin say a final goodbye to each other and Kevin is sad to see her go as she returns to the Chancellor mansion to say a final goodbye to her grandmother. Sharon talks to Brad about their night together. She informs Brad and Victoria about her divorce. Phyllis almost tells Nick about her pregnancy. Nick stops her before she can say anything, and tells her he has already accepted the fact that she's getting back with Jack. Michael and Phyllis talk about the long friendship. Brad confronts Nick about his behavior and their conversation turns into a fight. Jack tries to stop them, but he's stunned when Brad reveals that Nick has been sleeping with Phyllis last few months.moreless
  • Ep. #8389
    Ep. #8389
    Episode 37
    Kay is left with no choice as Andrew Gibson (after an anonymous tip from Gloria) demands that Jack be removed from Jabot and Chancellor Industries. Mac gives Kevin papers which say he is now the only owner of the coffeehouse. She runs into Colleen and J.T. and informs them she's leaving to New Orleans. She warns both of them to stay out of trouble. Daniel confides in Phyllis about what happened to Lily, and then she apologizes, once again, for not raising him right. Nick takes a suitcase and finally moves it. Noah is hurt after realizing they will never be a real family again. Nick and Phyllis decide they can continue being friends.moreless
  • Ep. #8388
    Ep. #8388
    Episode 36
    Victor has Nick and Victoria reinstated as co-C.E.O.'s of Newman Enterprises, but neither one of them believes he is on the up and up. Gloria makes an anonymous call to Andrew Gibson, telling him to ask Jack to resign his job. Carmen tells Kay she should fire Jack, and she does so. Neil and Dru continues fighting about Lily. Daniel reminds Neil that Lily still needs a family, no matter what happens. Dru accuses Lily of sending the e-mail on purpose, only to distract them from her bad grades. Phyllis reveals to Michael that she's pregnant, and that she doesn't know if the father of the baby is Jack or Nick. She decides to hide her pregnancy as long as possible.moreless
  • Ep. #8387
    Ep. #8387
    Episode 35
    Kevin tells Gloria that he told Mac that he's in love with her, but that she is leaving town anyway as Gloria tries to comfort her son. Nikki is happy when Victor tells her he made a donation to the G.C. Memorial Hospital Women’s Center as a perfect Mother's Day gift. Daniel and Lily visit Phyllis to wish her a Happy Mother's Day and she is stunned. Gloria prepares a brunch for Ashley, Abby, Jack, Katherine, Kevin, Michael, Lauren and Mac. Michael and Lauren announce that Lauren is pregnant and everyone is happy for them. Nick asks Sharon if she'd like to participate in a benefit in Cassie's name and she is thrilled. When Nikki warns her that she should try to work on her marriage, a furious Sharon storms out of the room. Victor informs Nick that he's giving back the CEO position to him and Victoria. Nick isn't sure what to think of the sudden change. Daniel and Lily visit the Winters' place, but they leave after Dru starts fighting with Lily. Neil is disappointed in Dru's behavior. Later, Dru finds a gift Neil wanted to give her, in the trash can.moreless
  • Ep. #8386
    Ep. #8386
    Episode 34
    Carmen Mesta issues a press release apologizing on Jack's behalf for his behavior in dealing with Andrew Gibson, but later sees Jack speaking directly with Gibson. Phyllis is stunned after learning she's pregnant, although it was medically impossible for her to get pregnant. After learning she's eight week pregnant, Phyllis realizes she slept with both Nick and Jack at that time. Neil informs Devon about what he found out. Devon hopes this won't affect Neil and Dru's love. Mac returns to Genoa City to say goodbye to Katherine and Kevin. Kevin tells her he loves her, but she doesn't love him like he loves her. Dru hopes Neil can forgive her.moreless
  • Ep. #8385
    Ep. #8385
    Episode 33
    Neil finally realizes that Malcolm is Lily's father and then confronts both Lily and Dru about it. Dru tells him Malcolm wanted to take a paternity test. Lily confesses that she used the info to make Dru leave her and Daniel alone. Neil asks Lily to be alone with Dru. J.T. tells Paul he isn't comfortable with researching Brad's past now that he wants to make thing OK with Colleen. A file from Cleveland arrives and Paul realizes that Brad has the same info as Bradley Carlton (the one on the file), but it's not the same person. Victoria and Brad finally get married. Victor makes a toast. Jack agrees to go along with Carmen's plan to publish the entire truth about Jabot. Nick informs Nikki about his divorce. Phyllis wishes Nick the best of luck with Sharon, and both he and later Jack tell her that she's their best friend. She's shocked when a call from her doctor reveals that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #8384
    Ep. #8384
    Episode 32
    Jack informs Phyllis that he won't be doing much work at the firm until the media frenzy passes. Dru is furious at Lily. She knows it's just a matter of time until Neil figures out the truth. Victoria is surprised when Victor decides to take Nikki to the wedding. Nick tells Brad he will fight to save his marriage. Neil tells Dru he couldn't contact Malcolm, and then asks her if there's something else she's hiding from him. Sharon seeks out Brad at the chapel and wonders if he's taken any time to think about what she said yesterday, but he tells her that he's going through with the wedding. The wedding begins.moreless
  • Ep. #8383
    Ep. #8383
    Episode 31
    Neil confronts Dru with the e-mail Lily sent to him and Dru finally confesses that she did sleep with Malcolm one time many years ago, but that she never meant for it to happen. Kay introduces a new crisis P.R. rep, Carmen Mesta, who arrives in Genoa City and stars working on the company recovery immediately. Jack doesn't like her plan, but decides to do what's best for their firm. Victoria tells Brad she doesn't want Colleen at their wedding. J.T. tells Colleen there is no way he is going to attend the wedding with her, after the scene she made at Victoria's bridal shower. Sharon tells Brad about her divorce and then professes her love for him. He says he's getting married. Victoria enters the office and asks Sharon to be her maid of honor. Sharon, reluctantly, accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #8382
    Ep. #8382
    Episode 30
    Nick and Sharon come in together to see a recovering Nikki, but later he takes her to task for telling Noah they were separating without him there. Kay hires the top crises P.R. expert in the country to help their firm. Victor warns Victoria and Nick that Nikki's accident should make them realize that they should stop conspiring against him. Nikki apologizes to Victor. Victoria wants to postpone her wedding so Nikki could recover, but she doesn't want to hear about it. Colleen tells J.T. she's sorry for what she said to Victoria at the bridal shower, but she still doesn't want Brad to marry her. J.T. tells her to grow up. Dru confronts Lily about her school grades and her future. Lily sends an e-mail to Daniel's e-mail about her conversation with Dru, but she accidentally sends it to Neil. She asks Daniel to delete it off Neil's computer because Neil absolutely can't see the e-mail. Daniel comes in Neil's office, but Neil catches him and starts reading the e-mail. Lily arrives at the office and Neil confronts her about what she wrote.moreless
  • Ep. #8381
    Ep. #8381
    Episode 29
    After Nikki was shot, Victor calls 911 and Nikki is rushed to the hospital. Brad forces Colleen to apologize for the insult on Victoria, and reluctantly, she does. Victor informs Victoria and Nick about the situation, and Victoria thanks Victor for saving Nikki's life. The family learns that Nikki will have to be operated immediately. Jack is horrified to hear how he sounds on the tape playing on Leanna Love's website with the way his words were jumbled. Brad doesn't know how to react to what Colleen said, but she tells him he won't have to do anything because she's moving in with J.T. Brad wonders how can Colleen forgive J.T., and not Victoria. Noah questions Sharon about Nick, and she confesses that they won't be living together anymore. Noah starts to cry.moreless
  • Ep. #8380
    Ep. #8380
    Episode 28
    Lily convinces Colleen to go to Victoria's bridal shower as a goodwill gesture but, once there, Colleen makes a toast and suggests Victoria get an H.I.V. test after her extracurricular activities. Sharon and Phyllis agree on both staying at the bridal shower. Jack talks to John in prison about his plans to bring down Gibson. Gloria visits him too, and John advises her to listen to Jack, because he can trust him. Ashley tells Will there's a rat in their firm that's giving away information. Will receives a phone call from someone and rushes to the computer to check out the site set up by Kevin (by Gloria's orders). After overhearing Brad's conversation with Victor, Nikki rushes off to the parking lot where she's being attacked by a carjacker. The person shoots, and then Victor knocks him out. Victor realizes Nikki has been shot.moreless
  • Ep. #8379
    Ep. #8379
    Episode 27
    Kevin and Gloria eavesdrop on Jack's board meeting with Jabot to find out what evidence is stacking up so far. Jack accuses Gibson of trying to profit out of his wife's death. Later, Gloria wants Kevin to put the tape of the board meeting conversation on the net, to fire up Jack. Nikki lets Victor know that she'll be standing by Victoria and Nick's side, because she doesn't want him to take over the control of the Newman. Michael informs Phyllis about Lauren's pregnancy. Colleen lets Brad know that she will never support his relationship or marriage with Victoria. J.T. buys a key ring and goes to see Colleen. He gives her the ring and the keys and invites her to come live with him.moreless
  • Ep. #8378
    Ep. #8378
    Episode 26
    Nikki agrees to work with Nick to bring down Victor. Sharon questions Nick why no one told her about Victor. Victor calls Brad in and demands to know if Brad is going to be with him or against him. Victoria does her best to convince Colleen just how much she loves Brad, but Colleen doesn't believe her. She asks Sharon to help her break up Victoria and Brad. Neil takes Daniel to the Fenmore's to pick out an outfit for him. Lily realizes Neil started to accept them as a couple. Kay and Jill talk about Jack's recent actions, and then they find the newspaper with the stunning headline which prompts Kay to call an executive board meeting. Gloria confesses to Kevin about calling Gibson. He realizes that she's the guilty one for publishing the newspaper headline.moreless
  • Ep. #8377
    Ep. #8377
    Episode 25
    Nick believes his and Sharon's lovemaking is the first step to a reconciliation, but she warns him that she can never trust him again after his affair with Phyllis. Nikki catches Victor comforting Ashley and then later lets Victoria know she will support the plan she built with Nick and Brad. Phyllis lets Daniel know she will always be there for him. Colleen isn't ready to forgive J.T. for sleeping with Victoria. Brad calls Sharon to ask about Nick's plan to bring down Victor and Sharon is shocked because Nick didn't tell her about it. Gloria calls an unknown person and says she has info that might be of the person's interest. Kevin visits John in jail and tells him about moving into the house to keep an eye on the entire family. Gloria brings Jack and Ashley the morning newspaper with a thrilling headline: "Dead Woman’s Husband Says Jack Abbott Is Trying to Buy His Silence."moreless
  • Ep. #8376
    Ep. #8376
    Episode 24
    Sharon doesn't know what to do with her life, but the only thing she knows is that she doesn't want to be lonely on the anniversary of Cassie's death. Nick tells her he still lover her and wants to make their marriage succeed. They end up making love. Michael sets up a meeting with Andrew Gibson's lawyer after Paul reveals that the Gibsons wanted to sue the restaurant, but decided to go up against Jabot after learning they could make more money. Nikki doesn't want to choose between Victor and her children after Victoria asks her to support Nick's plan. Jack brings food to Daniel and Lily. A hurt and angry Colleen calls Victoria up and warns her that she knows exactly what she and J.T. did and there is no way she is going to marry Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #8375
    Ep. #8375
    Episode 23
    Kay and Jill discuss Jack's reaction to the latest crisis at Newman and both agree that he just isn't up to handling it. J.T. blames Daniel for everything that happened to Colleen and him. Colleen tells Brad about J.T.'s one night stand with Victoria, hoping he'll cancel the wedding, but Brad tells her he already knew about it. Victoria and Brad agree on letting Victor think Nick is ready to take back over the control of the company. Nikki talks to Victor about her fear of his job destroying their life again. Victoria informs Nikki about the agreement she formed with Nick and Brad. Sharon returns from Paris and is surprised to learn that Nick is ready to get a divorce.moreless
  • Ep. #8374
    Ep. #8374
    Episode 22
    Nick and Victoria are both shocked and horrified when Victor gathers the two of them together to tell them that he is taking control of Newman again. Daniel and Lily invite Colleen and J.T. over for dinner, but the dinner comes to an abrupt end when Lily tells Colleen about J.T. sleeping with Victoria. Colleen rips into J.T. and runs away. J.T. is furious with Daniel for revealing the secret. Neil reveals a business secret to Brad. Victoria reveals Victor's announcement to Brad. Nick is angry because he feels like Victor is still trying to tell him how to live his life. At the G.C.A.C., Lauren and Paul end up having dinner. Paul asks Lauren if she's pregnant and she confirms his question. She tells him all about Michael's big life change, but Paul knows that Michael is still keeping secrets from her. William revels to Gloria, Jill, Michael, Ashley and Jack that the autopsy report didn't show anything new. They still don't know what caused Emma Gibson's death. Jill informs Gloria and Ashley about the Gibson family suing Jabot for $35 million for causing Emma's death.moreless
  • Ep. #8373
    Ep. #8373
    Episode 21
    Daniel overhears Brad confronting J.T. about sleeping with Victoria, and then he shares the news with Lily, who can't wait to tell everything to Colleen. Daniel regrets telling Lily about it. Ashley and Will are able to form an interesting truce while stuck in the elevator and Ashley later admits to Paul that he's not all bad. Victoria, Colleen and Abby are picking out the dresses for the wedding at Lauren's boutique. Victoria gives the girls bracelets, as a start of a great friendship. Michael arrives at the boutique with a scrapbook which he gives to Lauren, and which they will use to mark all the memories of his or her childhood. Paul revels to Michael that Emma Gibson might have died of food poisoning, not because she used the Jabot cream. Nikki finds a room full of flowers in the living room. Victor apologizes for what he did with Phyllis. After a little arguing, the couple makes up. Then Victor calls Nick and Victoria to come over to the house to make an important announcement---he's taking back the control over the Newman Enterprises.moreless
  • Ep. #8372
    Ep. #8372
    Episode 20
    Nick informs Nikki about Sharon leaving with Noah to Paris. An angry Victor confronts Nick about doing nothing in the firm lately. Ashley isn't sure how to take Jack's announcement that he has hired Phyllis to work at Jabot again. Neil receives an interesting job offer, a CEO position at a different firm, and informs Victor about it. Victor makes a new deal with him. Nikki is frustrated after Phyllis left the company, but Victor won't accept her sloppy work. He suggests she should use Jabot products at the N.V.P. spas, but she is reluctant. Gloria tells Kevin about Lauren's pregnancy. Michael is mad because Gloria doesn't seem to be able to keep her mouth shut. After having an interview with Gloria (in which Gloria blames Ashley for not doing her job well), William Bardwell enters an elevator with Ashley. The elevator ends up stuck.moreless
  • Ep. #8371
    Ep. #8371
    Episode 19
    Nick is devastated when Sharon takes Noah and leaves for Paris as planned and calls Phyllis looking for solace, but she has to go because Jack is there. Neil is furious after Brad offers him to work with him on the Granville deal after he stole it away from him. Brad wants Victoria to make it look like she didn't give him a new position because he is her fiancé. Victor tells Victoria he hopes that her love for Brad isn't making her do stuff she usually wouldn't. J.T. tells Paul about investigating Brad by Victor's wishes and then Paul gives him the files he collected about Brad while he was researching Brad's past for Jack years ago. Victor is angry to learn that J.T. didn't find any new info on Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #8370
    Ep. #8370
    Episode 18
    Gloria lies to Lauren about the reason why she and Michael were arguing. Michael gets Paul to do a little digging into Will Bardwell's evidence and warns Gloria that a Jabot security guard saw her in the lab that night. Nikki is angry after Victor pulled all of their funding from N.V.P. only because Phyllis. Phyllis informs Jack about Victor's move. Nick wants Victor to keep funding N.V.P., and after Jack confronts Victor, Phyllis wants Jack to give her a job at Jabot. Phyllis informs Victor about leaving the company. Although Phyllis no longer works near him, Sharon tells Nick she still wants the divorce.moreless
  • Ep. #8369
    Ep. #8369
    Episode 17
    When Nikki supports Phyllis remaining with N.V.P., Victor calls the bank and pulls all the funding out of the project. Neil tells Dru about a deal with an info-tech company Newman Enterprises tried to buy, but Brad manages to steal away the deal and tells Victoria about it. Victoria is frustrated after a talk with Victor. She decides to make Brad a head of the new division. Neil storms out of the office after learning about Brad closing the deal with the info-tech company. Jack and Ashley confront Gloria, but after Gloria becomes furious, they back down. Later, Gloria wants Michael to continue covering for her. Another fight ensues.moreless
  • Ep. #8368
    Ep. #8368
    Episode 16
    Sharon tells Nikki about the Nick and Phyllis affair. Victor warns Phyllis that he can't work with a person that he can't trust and later Nikki shows up to let her partner know how disappointed she is in her. Michael tells Gloria that the investigation is in progress, so it would be the best for everyone if she'd just confess what she did, because he doesn't want to cover for her anymore. Jack tells Ashley he thinks Victor was the one who mixed the cream with the solvent, but she doesn't believe him and later remembers seeing Gloria at the lab. Brad and Victoria agree on Abby being the flower girl at their wedding. Colleen and J.T. kiss, but J.T. pulls away as soon as he remembers the task Victor gave him. Later, J.T. questions Jill about Brad's past. Colleen tells Brad she might be getting back with J.T., but he isn't happy about it. Victoria wants Victor to walk her down the aisle at the wedding, but Victor tells her he'll never give her away to Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #8367
    Ep. #8367
    Episode 15
    Colleen flirts with J.T. when they share take-out at the loft and she is pleased when he admits how much he missed her. Victor is angry after learning about the affair Nick and Phyllis were having. Nick tries to defend himself, but Victor won't let him and he later expresses his sympathy for Sharon, who only wants to see Phyllis away from the Newman tower. Michael is confused after learning that Gloria was the one that mixed the cream with the solvent. Ashley decides to take a polygraph test to prove that she wasn't the one that mixed the cream. After she turns out to be innocent, William Bardwell brings a list of all possible suspects.moreless
  • Ep. #8366
    Ep. #8366
    Episode 14
    Lily and Daniel are ecstatic about their first day at work. Neil stops by the boutique to thank Lauren for giving Lily the job there and is surprised to learn that she did it at Dru's request. Michael is happy to learn that Lauren is pregnant. He thinks of it as a chance to correct all the wrong he did in his life. Kevin accidentally blurts out in front of Michael that Gloria mixed the solvent with the Jabot cream. Daniel tells Phyllis he wishes he had never found out about her sleeping with Nick. Victor overhears the conversation.moreless
  • Ep. #8365
    Ep. #8365
    Episode 13
    Michael tells Gloria what could happen if the police finds out about the solvent mixing with the Jabot cream. Gloria tells Kevin she's really scared. Lauren tries to drop hints for Michael all day, but after he fails to get what she's trying to say, she finally comes out with it -- she's pregnant. Brad asks Victoria if she'd like to go to South Pacific for their honeymoon and she says yes. Later, Colleen accepts Victoria's offer to be her bridesmaid. Nick wants Phyllis to quit her job at the N.V.P., but she won't quit. Later, Phyllis visits Sharon and apologizes for her behavior.moreless
  • Ep. #8364
    Ep. #8364
    Episode 12
    Sharon wants Nick to kick Phyllis out of the Newman Tower, and he ends up telling Nikki and Phyllis he found a new headquarters office for them. Daniel refuses Victor's offer of an internship at Newman, but later reconsiders when Sharon asks him to take the job. Colleen tells Lily she'd like to find out who J.T. had a one night stand with so she'd know who her competition is. She asks Victoria if she has any idea who is that person. Jack and Ashley are surprised to find out William Bardwell and the forensics team are sniffing around the Jabot lab. Gloria doesn't want to talk about Emma Gibson, and when Kevin realizes she isn't good, he decides to move in with her. Michael calls Paul to inform him about Emma's autopsy report.moreless
  • Ep. #8363
    Ep. #8363
    Episode 11
    Victoria notices that Brad hasn't included anyone from his childhood on their wedding list, but he doesn't want to talk about it. J.T. gives Lily and Daniel a toaster for their housewarming gift. When Lily and Daniel leave, J.T. and Colleen bond. Ashley is devastated to learn about Emma Gibson dying due to the effects of the Jabot lotion. William Bardwell warns Ashley and Paul not to interfere in the investigation. Victor tells Phyllis he wants Daniel to work in his firm. Sharon and Nick fight again. Jack tells Nick he should fight for the woman he loves, and Nick decides to do so.moreless
  • Ep. #8362
    Ep. #8362
    Episode 10
    Victoria demands J.T. quit or she'll fire him, and when he reminds her that he doesn't work for her, she goes to Victor and asks him to get rid of J.T. Brad talks to Sharon about Victoria. Victor talks to J.T. and realizes J.T. is a good person. He hires him to investigate Brad's past. Sharon doesn't accept Nikki and Phyllis's decision to make her the N.V.P. spas spokesmodel. Michael, Jack, Ashley, Jill, and Gloria prepare for the Jabot press conference. Mac tries to cook for Kevin, but it all turns into a disaster. She asks Kevin to cover for her while she goes to the Indian reservation to find peace in her life.moreless
  • Ep. #8361
    Ep. #8361
    Episode 9
    Jack introduces Michael to the board at Jabot as their official legal counsel in matters regarding GloAgain, and the two go to see Andrew Gibson to make a deal. Sharon wants Phyllis to admit she has feelings for Nick. Brad catches Nick with a sleeping bag in his office. Colleen invites J.T. to Daniel and Lily's party. Brad wants Victoria to fire J.T. Gloria talks to Kay and Jill about Jack's stunt.moreless
  • Ep. #8360
    Ep. #8360
    Episode 8
    Gloria overhears Jack saying that he is going to tell John about the problems with GloAgain by Jabot so she sneaks out of the house to get to the prison first and tell him herself. After asking Brad to move out of the apartment, an angry Sharon arrives at Phyllis's office. Devon receives his first payment for working at the G.C.U. Dru asks Lauren to give Lily a job at the boutique.moreless
  • Ep. #8359
    Ep. #8359
    Episode 7
    Daniel and Dru agree that the only way she and Lily can get on with their relationship is for Lily to forgive Dru for not being honest about her paternity. Ashley announces to Jack, Gloria, Jill, and Kay that they must stop the production on the lotion. Nick tells Sharon he bonded with Phyllis only because he was looking for comfort after Cassie's death. He wants her to forgive him, but she says it's too late. Brad tells Victoria that he knows Victor hired J.T. to be around the office only so he could know what he's doing all the time, and Victoria tells him he shouldn't let her father win and try to pretend he doesn't care about Victor's games at all.moreless
  • Ep. #8358
    Ep. #8358
    Episode 6
    At the hotel Sharon continues to question Nick about his affair with Phyllis while Phyllis waits downstairs. Once she sees Sharon leave the hotel she goes upstairs to support Nick who doesn't want anything to do with her. Later Nick goes home to work things out with a very upset Sharon. Gloria tells Kevin that there is no way that she can be caught for sabotaging the new cream. Jack and Ashley ask Paul to investigate after they discover that an additional ingredient was added to the cream after all the initial testing was done. Michael warns Kay and Jill of the legal ramifications that could come as a result of tampered cream that they distributed. Lily and Daniel meet Neil and Dru for dinner.moreless
  • Ep. #8357
    Ep. #8357
    Episode 5
    Phyllis tries to warn Nick that Sharon knows about their affair. Sharon sets Nick up using their tenth anniversary celebration as a decoy. She confronts him about his relationship with Phyllis. Ashley searches for answers about what went wrong with the new cream. Jabot tries to get back all the promo kits that have the cream in them but some people have already used it and been hospitalized. Daniel works things out with his parole officer after Neil covers for him. Lily and Daniel get used to life together and alone. Neil has Paul investigating the wedding and gives him the paperwork that was used. Neil questions why Lily used Malcolm as her father on the paperwork.moreless
  • Ep. #8356
    Ep. #8356
    Episode 4
    Victoria talks to J.T. about her talk with Victor. Mac and Kevin kiss. Gloria stuns them with her rash. Later, Gloria talks to Mac about Kevin. J.T. and Colleen flirt and they are about to kiss, but a visit by Mac interrupts them. Ashley and Jack talk about what to do now that the new moisturizer turned out into a complete disaster. Nikki and Phyllis both don't like the idea of Sharon being the N.V.P. Retreats spokesmodel. Sharon rents a room at the Genoa City motel and tells Nick it's time for them to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Phyllis realizes that Sharon knows about her affair with Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #8355
    Ep. #8355
    Episode 3
    Sharon tells Nikki that she would like to be the official spokesperson for N.V.P. Retreats. Both Nick and Phyllis believe that Sharon shouldn't be involved in the new N.V.P. product line. J.T. informs Victoria that Victor knows they slept together, but he didn't say anything about it. Victor visits Victoria, who tells him that she and Brad plan to get married. Lily and Daniel inform Colleen about getting married. Colleen continues taunting J.T. until says that she will forgive them. Jack is stunned to see Gloria with a rash on her face, and when she goes to the hospital, Abby and Ashley are also there, for the same reason-the Jabot moisturizer effect.moreless
  • Ep. #8354
    Ep. #8354
    Episode 2
    Brad wants Victoria to take the engagement ring back, and the gladly accepts it. Mac realizes that J.T. was with Colleen at the coffeehouse. Both Gloria and Abby take the new Jabot moisturizer. Lauren and Michael flirt. Kevin interrupts them to talk about a wonderful night he had with Mac. Gloria overhears the conversation. Phyllis realizes that the photo of her and Nick from the wedding is missing from the office. Nikki announces that N.V.P Retreats will first open at the Genoa City Athletic club. Sharon congratulates Nikki and Phyllis.moreless
  • Ep. #8353
    Ep. #8353
    Episode 1
    Neil, Drucilla and Phyllis try to deal with Lily and Daniel's announcement that they are now married. Colleen asks Victoria to put a good word in with her dad where J.T. is concerned. Mac tries to hunt down Kevin. Sharon's suspicions are further confirmed when she realises one of Phyllis' gloves was found on the grounds.moreless