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  • Ep. #8857
    Ep. #8857
    Episode 254
    Jack, Sharon, Phyllis and Nick toast to the beginning of the launch party. Ashley arrives to the party with Felicia Forrester, who comes face to face with a worried Amber. Jill realizes that something is wrong with Katherine. Sabrina and Victor bond while taking care of Reed. Gloria, Kevin and Jana hold a séance to see John's spirit, as Jeffrey hilariously informs Jack about Gloria's stupid plan. A drunken Alistair arrives at the house during the séance, leading Gloria to believe that John is alive. Gloria faints while Jeffrey knocks out Alistair. Daniel assures Phyllis that he is okay with Danny. Amber comforts Katherine when she asks her to come over because she had a dream about John Abbott. Felicia announces that Forrester will join Restless Style. Chloe urges Lily to do her best at the party. Nick fumes when Victor and Sabrina arrive at the launch party.moreless
  • Ep. #8856
    Ep. #8856
    Episode 253
    Gloria tries to convince Kevin that she saw John's ghost at the mansion. Jana believes Gloria and suggests she should do a séance. Alistair breaks into the mini-bar. Cane asks Lily if she'd like for him to get rid of Chloe. Amber and Nick urge Daniel to talk to Danny, and they soon come face to face. They talk about their past and then realize that they still have a bond. Victoria and Adam try to convince Victor to attend the Restless Style launch party, but Victor refuses and later joins Sabrina in babysitting Reed. Lily and Chloe fight while choosing a perfect dress for Lily to wear. Sharon and Jack find a drunk Alistair and manage to hide him before Gloria, Jana or Kevin see him. Gloria is shocked to see John's boots at the mansion and Jeff holds her close. Alistair decides to visit Gloria.moreless
  • Ep. #8855
    Ep. #8855
    Episode 252
    Sharon and Jack are stunned when a cleanly shaved Alistair enters the room looking like an exact replica of John, and he swears that he won't tell anyone about his assignment or his true identity. Gloria confronts Jeffrey about putting John's jacket in the room, but he claims he didn't do it. John's ghost appears to Jack, questioning his latest stunt against Gloria. Paul asks Nikki to give Heather a job at Jabot. Heather is worried when Nikki questions her about the case against Victor, but Nikki explains that she was only testing her, and she offers her the job. Amber tries to sway Daniel to see Danny. Danny confronts Phyllis about Daniel's attitude, and he claims Phyllis is the one to blame for it. Patrick has to correct a mistake in the press that accidentally connected Victor with Restless Style. Phyllis visits Daniel and tries to convince him to talk to Danny. Paul and Danny talk about their lives, and Heather meets Danny. Phyllis asks Danny to make things right with Daniel. Gloria screams when she sees "John" in the window at the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #8854
    Ep. #8854
    Episode 251
    Amber is speechless when Katherine gives her a very generous check. Danny accepts Phyllis' invitation to perform at the Restless Style party. Victoria tries to get Victor to attend the party, but he refuses. Nick asks Victoria to attend, and she agrees and invites Sabrina to come along. Gloria uses Lauren's presence at the mansion to continue avoiding having sex with Jeffrey. Lauren confronts Jeff about a phone call he made to Jack, but he makes up a silly excuse to cover himself. Gloria accuses Michael of sending Lauren to spy on her, but he convinces her otherwise. Amber realizes that Kay gave her the exact amount of money that she needs and she immediately confronts Daniel about talking to Katherine. Jeff asks Gloria to kick Lauren out of the house. Patrick talks Sabrina into modeling for the night. Daniel is angry when he sees Nick and Danny talking at Crimson Lights. Sharon and Jack are shocked to see how similar Alistair Wallingford is to John.moreless
  • Ep. #8853
    Ep. #8853
    Episode 250
    Gloria refuses to have sex with Jeffrey after finding John's book. Michael and Lauren are suspicious when Sharon and Jack inform them about moving out of the mansion. Cane and Lily spend some time together, and Chloe immediately makes a fuss about their relationship coming in between Lily's career. Sharon and Jack start looking for a perfect actor to portray John's ghost. Kevin, Jana, Michael and Lauren visit Gloria and Jeffrey at the mansion. Lauren and Michael pretend to fight so Lauren could spend the night in the mansion to spy on the Bardwells. Amber and Daniel turn the camera to film them while they are burning the stolen money. Esther witnesses a moment of weakness in Katherine. Daniel visits Katherine to discuss about Amber.moreless
  • Ep. #8852
    Ep. #8852
    Episode 249
    Jack informs Sharon that Jeff is on board with their latest scheme to scare off Gloria. Sabrina and her art friend Casey Spooner join Victoria for coffee and end up discussing Sabrina's relationship with Phillipe. Gloria begs Jeff not to turn her in. John acts as a part of Jack's conscience, accusing him of using John and Gloria's love for revenge. Victor tells Adam that Phyllis and Nick's relationship started as an affair. Victoria accuses Adam of undermining her, and Victor warns Adam not to make the mistake of excluding Victoria from the business again. Phyllis suggests calling Danny Romalotti to perform at the upcoming Restless Style event. Sharon and Jack put their plan into motion when they stage another fight and claim to have decided to move out of the mansion. Jeffrey then continues with the plan by pursuing Gloria to move into the master bedroom. The couple gets romantic, but Gloria starts shaking when a book that was meant to be buried with John is found on the nightstand.moreless
  • Ep. #8851
    Ep. #8851
    Episode 248
    Victor questions Adam if he feels cheated by his upbringing as opposed to Victoria and Nick, and he says no, but explains that they both had it much easier in life than he had. Jack notices the tension between Jeff and Gloria so he tries to get more info on the marriage from Jeff, but he won't talk about it. Kevin and Daniel plan to steal Amber's money and get rid of it. Lily is having hard time dealing with Chloe's constant remarks on her easting habits. She is then further distraught by her father meddling in her life. Nick learns that his line of credit is being held up. He confronts Victor about messing with him and then storms off angry, warning Adam to watch out. Gloria tells Kevin that she'll have to play the perfect with Jeffrey and then heads out to buy lingerie. Jeff admits to Jack the truth about marrying Gloria. Gloria asks Jeffrey for a second chance.moreless
  • Ep. #8850
    Ep. #8850
    Episode 247
    Sharon realizes that Jack is slowly letting go of his battle against Gloria and she urges him not to sell the mansion. Jeffrey is stunned when Gloria refuses to sign the divorce papers. She explains that she wants to be wooed the old fashioned way, and he challenges her to have sex with him. Jack and Sharon have dinner at the mansion alone, and Jack comes up with an idea to mess with Gloria's mind by making her think that John's spirit is haunting her. Jill confides in Cane about the problems with Nikki at Jabot. Lily's work once again interferes with her love life. Jill enters yet another discussion with Nikki, and Katherine questions them if everything around the office is fine. Kevin and Daniel confront Amber about the stolen money. Katherine takes a tour of the warehouse and later encourages Phyllis and Nick to give Amber a better job as a receptionist. Cane tells Lily that he would have asked her to move in with him, but he thinks it's too fast and he wants to gain Neil's trust first. Kevin interrupts a date between Gloria and Jeffrey at the suite, and Jeff tells them both that he finally had enough of them and that Gloria should prepare to go to jail.moreless
  • Ep. #8849
    Ep. #8849
    Episode 246
    Sharon and Jack are surprised to learn that their camera is missing. Jack threatens Gloria to go to court unless she puts the living room back in order. John visits Jack and urges him to give up the mansion, but Jack refuses. Jeffrey tries to make a deal with Kevin, and Gloria, after learning about it, decides to change her tactic. David tells Nikki that Brad canceled his business trip, and he's worried about Brad undermining him. Neil warns Nikki that Lily is being worked too hard at Jabot. Brad gives Walter money in exchange for info on David. Cane and Lily are unable to schedule a date. Chloe introduces Lily's new publicist Jessie. Amber tells Daniel that she'll use the stolen money to buy at space at Restless Style to promote her new clothing line. Lily confronts Neil about visiting Nikki and then tells her father that she's moving out of the house. Devon gives her a place to stay. Jill bursts at Katherine when Amber comes to visit. Cane informs Jill and Kay about buying a condo for himself. Kevin learns about Amber's money and advises Daniel to get rid of it. Nikki gives David a list of possible therapists to see. Jeffrey is shocked when Gloria refuses to sign the divorce papers.moreless
  • Ep. #8848
    Ep. #8848
    Episode 245
    Phyllis and Nick give Nikki a tour of the warehouse. Adam attends a dinner party with Nikki, David, Phyllis, Nick, Victoria and J.T., and they all question him about his past. After a bit of a workout at the gym, Victor and Sabrina go to the Club, but Victor quickly loses his appetite when he sees the party of seven. Adam wants to know how Phyllis and Nick met, but they carefully avoid having to answer that question. Amber tells Kevin that Daniel and her are now dating. Daniel confronts Amber about the stolen money. Heather tells Daniel that their date went well, but that he didn't seem like he was quite there. Amber begs Daniel not to tell Heather about the money he found.moreless
  • Ep. #8847
    Ep. #8847
    Episode 244
    Heather nervously refuses to listen to Paul's advice, and later when she apologizes, she admits that she's thinking of leaving Genoa City. Adam and Victoria have yet another spat. Jack shows Sharon the clock that includes a mini camera that they could use to spy on Jeff and Gloria. Kevin hires Paul to follow Jeff. J.T. urges Victoria to fight for her beliefs. Phyllis and Nick introduce Adam to Jack and Sharon, and Adam questions them about the possible awkwardness between ex-lovers. Nick and J.T. agree to have dinner with Adam. Victoria notices the change in Adam and she confronts J.T. about talking to Adam. Gloria returns back to the mansion, where Jeffrey once again assures her that he wants to divorce her and leave.moreless
  • Ep. #8846
    Ep. #8846
    Episode 243
    Neil asks Karen to move in with him. Although she wonders if it's the right thing, Neil explains that he is ready to commit to her fully. Phyllis and Nick enjoy playing video games, and then their talk turns to Adam, whom Nick bashes, but Phyllis tries to get Nick to see things from a different perspective. J.T. and Victoria discuss about Reed's illness while taking care of him. Adam daydreams about kissing Phyllis. He visits Victor and they discuss about Adam's involvement in the magazine advertising. Victor tells Adam that he has a choice to make someday to either be alone or claim his rightful name--Newman. Daniel confronts Amber about the stolen money he found and she claims she got it from Plus. They end up making love again, after which they discuss their plans for the future.moreless
  • Ep. #8845
    Ep. #8845
    Episode 242
    Over the phone, Phyllis informs Nick about the power outage and how Adam came to announce that the Beauty of Nature will advertise in their magazine. Sharon questions Nick about Victor and Adam. Adam confides in Phyllis that he still doesn't care about his new-found father. Phyllis accuses Adam of being jealous of Nick. Later, Nick thanks Adam for his help with the magazine. Jack eavesdrops on a private conversation between Gloria and Jeffrey, and he realizes that their marriage is a total scam. Kevin tells Daniel that it seems like he's in love with Amber, but Daniel denies it, although Kevin doesn't believe him. Daniel visits Amber and they flirt a bit, and then end up having sex. Later, Daniel finds a stash of cash in the apartment. Kevin is shocked when Gloria suggests killing Jeffrey and framing Jack for the murder, and Jana overhears the comment and immediately advises Gloria not to do it. Kevin refuses to help his mother. Gloria is then shocked when Jeffrey claims that he wants to win her over the normal way and then tells her he'll divorce her.moreless
  • Ep. #8844
    Ep. #8844
    Episode 241
    Neil questions Victor about his decision to allow Adam to pursue putting an ad in Nick's magazine. Victoria critiques Adam's ads. The doctor confirms Reed's staph diagnosis. Sharon and Jack inform Phyllis and Nick about Sharon joining them full-time in their business venture. Jack then informs them that Eric contacted Victor before declining their offer, and Nick heads to confront his father. David is surprised when Nikki decides to pay off his debt, and she shocks him by saying that they need to take a step back in their relationship because of all the lies. Brad overhears Nikki transferring money to David's account. Sabrina and Victor continue flirting. Victoria asks Sabrina to stay in Genoa City a bit longer, and she agrees. Adam informs Phyllis about convincing Victor to put an ad in the magazine, and then tries to help her with her job, but she refuses, and then suddenly the lights go off in the building. David bids farewell to Walter, who is then approached by Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #8843
    Ep. #8843
    Episode 240
    David asks for Nikki's forgiveness, but she says it's too soon for that. Nikki confides in Victoria about David's gambling debt. Adam and Victoria both agree that Victor should let Beauty of Nature advertise in Nick's magazine, and Victor finally agrees to the idea, but then explains that he agreed only because he wants to prove to them that they were wrong. David confronts Brad for going around to Nikki for business before going to him. Walter warns David that he has 24 hours left to acquire the money. Victoria asks Sabrina to stay in Genoa City forever. Chloe continues commenting on the so-called 'bad eating' habits that Lily has. At the Club, Nikki agrees to be by David's side while he fights his battle, just like he did when she was having a hard time. Nikki then secretly watches Victor and Sabrina having dinner at a nearby table. Sabrina and Victor continue flirting.moreless
  • Ep. #8842
    Ep. #8842
    Episode 239
    Phyllis, Nick and Adam have dinner together at the Club, and Phyllis realizes that Adam and Nick might have more in common than they thought. Nikki invites Walter to join her and David for dinner. David confronts Walter and they end up in a fight. Nick introduces Nikki to Adam. David finally cracks under pressure and decides to tell the truth to Nikki. Amber and Daniel joke about Daniel's hair finally looking good. Cane doesn't understand what Katherine sees in Amber, and she explains to him that she sees herself in Amber. Victoria, J.T. and Reed return back to the house to find Sabrina and Victor talking. Victoria is pleasantly surprised by her friend's visit. Phyllis and Nick take Adam to the warehouse and then offer him a job, but Adam refuses to leave Newman. Nikki is shocked to learn about David's gambling debt.moreless
  • Ep. #8841
    Ep. #8841
    Episode 238
    Gloria berates Jeffrey for loosening the railing on the stairs, but he pretends not to have anything to do with it. He tries to get Gloria to sell her part of the Abbott mansion and then even asks her to sleep with him, but she refuses both ideas. Jack accepts Sharon's idea to stop working on the foundation and join him in the business venture. Eric refuses to participate in Jack's venture, and Jack immediately realizes that something must have happened that changes his mind. Victoria and Adam continue disagreeing on the changes coming to the Beauty of Nature line. Victor tells Victoria that maybe Adam is right. Victoria is about to attend a meeting when she learns that Reed is sick and she immediately returns home, guilt-ridden over Reed's sickness. Ashley takes Sharon and Jack to a bikini beach in L.A., and Jack admits that Eric passed on his idea. He then informs Nick about it. Jeffrey opens a bottle of champagne and tries to get Gloria to agree on his ideas, and she tries to drag out the time while Kevin brings Jeff's Korean woman, but they end up learning that the woman never got off the plane. Adam's meeting goes great. He then asks Phyllis to celebrate with him, and she asks Nick to join them too so they could catch up. J.T. and Victoria have to take Reed to the hospital. Victor finds Victoria's house empty. He goes to open the door and finds Victoria's friend Sabrina standing there.moreless
  • Ep. #8840
    Ep. #8840
    Episode 237
    Phyllis and Nick offers Amber a job as a receptionist at their new office, and Amber glady accepts the offer. Daniel reminds Amber that this means they'll be seeing a lot more of each other, and then asks her if they could go back to the way thing were before they hooked up. Amber notes that she's like that too, and then they both agree that they feel weird around each other. Jack presents the new business venture to Eric, who's surprised to learn that Nick Newman is also working on it. Eric calls Victor and learns that Victor refused to invest in the venture because he feels like the group doesn't understand publishing. Jack catches up with Ashley while waiting for Eric's decision. Neil is surprised by Adam's amazing work skills. Victoria is even more surprised to learn that Adam already finished a task. Neil invites Adam to go to meet some friends at Indigo. Jill, Lily, Nikki and Cane are satisfied to see the photos from Lily's shoot, but Chloe isn't as satisfied about it as the others. Phyllis notices the tension between Amber and Daniel. Heather cancels her date with Daniel. At GCAC, Nikki and Victor try to have a normal conversation, but it soon turns into a blame game over Nick's behavior. At Indigo, an entire crowd of people arrives. Jill tells Chloe that her work will soon be over. Karen manages to put her fear behind and she performs at Indigo. Phyllis learns who Adam is from Victoria.moreless
  • Ep. #8839
    Ep. #8839
    Episode 236
    Victor confronts Nick over the phone about using money from his trust fun to purchase the warehouse, but Nick refuses to talk about his life or work with his father. Victoria searches for info on Adam over the net. J.T. isn't happy when Victoria decides to take Reed to the office. Phyllis and Adam chat in the gym. Daniel wants to attend a concert with Amber, but she points out that he should probably take Heather. Jana is worried about Amber's behavior, but Kevin warns her not to get in the middle of their mess. Jack overhears Sharon speaking about disappointing Jack, and Sharon promises to tell him about it on the plane. Gloria calls Kevin and tells him that she doesn't want to be left alone in the mansion with Jeffrey because she fears he might do something to her. Adam tells Victor that the Beauty of Nature sales aren't doing great and that he'd like to work on it, but Victor tells him that it's Victoria's line and that he'll have to join her. Adam suggests the idea to Victoria, who's offended by Adam's suggestion. Victor tries to talk to Nick a few times, but Nick refuses to listen to him. Adam and Nick are surprises to meet each other, and Nick immediately warns Adam to watch out. Kevin suggests that Gloria should change her tactic and try to make her marriage work. Daniel confronts Amber due to her weird behavior. In L.A., Jack arrives in Eric Forrester's office.moreless
  • Ep. #8838
    Ep. #8838
    Episode 235
    Victoria encounters Adam sitting in Victor's chair and they introduce themselves to each other and share small talk before getting interrupted by Victor. Nikki and J.T. secretly prepare to make a big move into the ranch house to surprise Victoria. Victoria tells Nick about Adam, but Nick has no interest in meeting him. Sharon tells Jack about seeing Jeffrey with the hidden camera the previous night. Nick thanks Phyllis for her support with the new venture, and they take a look at the warehouse where their office will be. Jeffrey laughs at Gloria's poor execution of the poisoning plan. The due then realizes that they need to work together on getting Jack and Sharon out of the mansion. Sharon confides in Phyllis about how she isn't as excited about the foundation that Jack gave her to run, and Phyllis encourages her to drop it and join them in their new venture full-time. Victoria is surprised to see that J.R. moved all of their stuff into the ranch house. She informs Nikki about meeting Adam. Nick tells Phyllis that he has no intention of dealing with either his father or his half brother.moreless
  • Ep. #8837
    Ep. #8837
    Episode 234
    Kevin pretends not to know anything about Gloria's health in front of Michael and Lauren. The trio informs Sharon and Jack about Gloria being in the hospital with her husband, but they are all surprised when the couple returns from the hospital claiming that there is nothing physically wrong Gloria. J.T. talks to Victoria about the possibility of moving into Nikki's ranch house. Vic tells Victor that coming to Genoa City is only a career move for him, and Victor has nothing to say against Vic's comment. Vic then asks him to call him by his middle name 'Adam', to avoid name confusion in the future. Adam meets Phyllis at the Club and they changes small talk after which Adam asks Phyllis out for a dinner, and she shows him that she's happily married. Sharon and Jack try to find out more about Gloria and Jeffrey from the video camera, but they notice it has been removed. After a meeting with Kevin at the coffee house, Gloria returns to the mansion, where Jeffrey confronts her about the poisoning plan and admits he knew about it all along and that's why he switched the poison with water. Victor tells Victoria that his son Adam will be taking over some of Nick's duties at Newman.moreless
  • Ep. #8836
    Ep. #8836
    Episode 233
    Neil is frustrated when Victor refuses to advertise the company in Nick's magazine. Brad arrives to talk to Victor, but Victor ends up ordering Brad to leave. Nick, Jack, Phyllis and Sharon agree to naming their magazine Restless Style. Nick confronts his father after learning about the dismissal. J.T. is surprised when Victor offers to buy the house Nikki is living in on the ranch for Victoria, Reed and him. At the family dinner, Jeffrey admits to sending money to a woman in Korea. Gloria and Kevin's scheme comes to a breaking point when Gloria collapses, but Jeffrey doesn't even blink. Heather and Maggie agree that they need to move on from the Ji Min case. Amber encourages Daniel to ask Heather out, and when the two leave together, Amber watches in jealousy. Sharon is thrilled when Jack learns that he is no longer a suspect in the Ji Min murder case. Victoria informs Nikki that Victor offered Vic a job at Newman. Nick urges Victoria to join him in the business venture, but she, once again, refuses the offer. Victor is surprised when Vic shows up at his office.moreless
  • Ep. #8835
    Ep. #8835
    Episode 232
    Neil agrees to a business deal Nick proposed. Phyllis tries to get Nick to contact Victor, but he tells her that Victor knows where he is if he wants to talk to him. Nikki gives expresses her condolences over for Hope's death to Victor. She tells Victor that she will soon be moving off his property. Michael informs Lauren, Gloria and Kevin about tracking down Jeffrey's mystery woman from Korea. Gloria invites the family to a dinner at the Abbott mansion, and later agrees with Kevin that it will be the perfect time for the conclusion of their poisoning plot. Sharon and Jack find the hidden camera and realize that Jeffrey was tampering with a bottle from Gloria's purse. Jack offers Jeff a large sum of money to convince Gloria to move out of the mansion, and Jeff is interested, but Gloria interrupts them. Victor informs Victoria about Hope's death and about meeting Vic. Victoria isn't happy to learn about Victor offering Vic a job at Newman. Victor talks big of Vic in front of Nick and Phyllis. Brad assures Nikki that he won't back out of their business deal. David tells Nikki that everything is ready for their moving to the new suite. He expresses his concerns over hiring Brad. Jack, Sharon, Phyllis and Nick decide to use the camera to film the Bardwells violating the law. Gloria tells Kevin that the poison doesn't seem to be affecting her anymore. Vic leaves Hope's farmhouse.moreless
  • Ep. #8834
    Ep. #8834
    Episode 231
    Victor asks Vic to come to Genoa City with him, but Vic is keen on returning to New York even after Victor offers to double the salary he's usually earning. J.T. prepares for his first day working at Newman. Katherine wants Amber to be her personal assistant in writing. Amber asks for Kay's advice on love. Victor informs Katherine over the phone about Hope's death. Nick questions Neil about putting the Beauty of Nature on the website that he is developing with Sharon, Phyllis and Jack, and Neil agrees to sleep on it, although he warns Nick about how Victor will react to the offer. Nikki and Victoria get into a disagreement about Victoria returning to work at Newman. J.T. assures Nick that he won't let anyone manipulate him. Vic is overcome with sadness when he reminisces about his mother. Victoria sends an e-mail to her friend Sabrina. Katherine informs Nikki about Hope's death, and they both discuss the possible change in Victor. Nick refuses to contact when Victor when Nikki fills him on the news. Jana tries to give advice to Amber about Daniel. Vic is surprised when Victor offers to buy the farmhouse to save it from selling, and Victor asks Vic to give Genoa City a chance.moreless
  • Ep. #8833
    Ep. #8833
    Episode 230
    Phyllis, Nick, Sharon and Jack continue to make arrangements to put their new business into action. Nick surprises the gang by buying the warehouse for their office. Jack informs them that Forrester Creations are also on board to join them. Hope begs Vic and Victor to get along. Gloria tells Kevin and Jana that they'll get married at the Abbott mansion. Jeffrey finds out about Gloria and Kevin's scheme by playing the video device that he hid in the house. He also finds the poison in Gloria's purse. When she realizes that she didn't take her purse, Gloria rushes to the house to get it, and Jeffrey pretends not to know anything. Sharon, Noah and Jack returns to the Abbott mansion. Hope begs Vic to give Victor a chance to be his father, and then she dies. Vic holds her hand and cries, as Victor looks at them with tears in his eyes.moreless
  • Ep. #8832
    Ep. #8832
    Episode 229
    Hope thanks Victor for being there for her and their son, and they talk about how much alike Victor and Vic are. Vic still doesn't trust Victor. Gloria kicks Noah's dog Fisher out of the house for some time, and Noah, Jack and Sharon start searching for the dog, while Gloria takes another sip of poison. Pat gives Karen musical advice. Devon is dismayed to learn about the 'perfect night' Lily spent with Cane. Cane tells Neil that he spent the night with his daughter and that he might be in love with her, but Neil warns him to use the word 'love' properly because it means a lot to Lily. Lily confides in Colleen about falling in love with Cane. Neil is surprised to see Karen singing on-stage. He tells Karen that he is finally learning how to let Lily live her life alone. Pat and Spyder perform Everytime I Fall Back at Indigo.moreless
  • Ep. #8831
    Ep. #8831
    Episode 228
    Lily and Cane give each other gifts associated with Paris, and they end up making love. Nikki explains to Victoria how hard it was for her to contradict Victor and J.T. when they had to decide if they wanted to save her or the baby. Daniel and Amber agree to put aside their little fling, and they continue talking about their busy lives. Jana admits to Kevin that she left an anonymous Valentine's day card for Amber. Daniel is thrilled when Nick and Phyllis give him a job at their new business venture. He tries to suggest Amber as a good designer and describes how she doesn't have any money, only to learn that she's renting a penthouse. Amber offers to pay 6 months in advance to get the place. Daniel tells Amber that he hates the fact that she is having secrets, and that sex definitely ruined their friendship. Jana tries to get Amber to think that Daniel left the anonymous card. Nikki reminisces about her past with Victor. Karen is surprised when Pat Benatar and her husband Spyder come to hear her sing.moreless
  • Ep. #8830
    Ep. #8830
    Episode 227
    Hope explains to Vic how she kept his paternity a secret and that Victor stayed away only because she asked him to. Jack tells Sharon that there might be a way to get Gloria out of the mansion. Neil and Karen join Cane and Lily at Indigo. Cane gives Neil a gift. Neil and Cane tell stories from the past, and Neil admits to Karen that he's enjoying getting to know Cane. Gloria warns Kevin not to side with Jeffrey or she'll disown him. She goes home and takes another cup of poison. Jack and Sharon surprise Jeff and Gloria by announcing the new rules of the house. Jana is surprised to learn that Amber is moving out of the apartment. Vic refuses to have any contact with Victor. Hope begs Vic to give Victor a chance.moreless
  • Ep. #8829
    Ep. #8829
    Episode 226
    Phyllis agrees with Nikki that Nick should forgive his father, but Nick just doesn't want to deal with it. Devon watches as Chloe begins working on Lily, and he's worried when Chloe says that Lily is overweight for a model. Cane shares his concerns about Chloe with Jill. Victoria tells J.T. that she intends to return to work soon, although J.T. advises her not to rush things. Victoria asks her mother not to rush into a marriage with David. Nick gives Victoria a job offer, but she refuses it. J.T., Phyllis and Nick are forced to tell Victoria the truth about the birth of her baby. Jill is shocked to learn that Nikki made David Co-CEO of Jabot. Walter continues blackmailing David. Hope talks to Victor about raising their son Vic. Vic walks into the room and is shocked to learn that his mother has pancreatic cancer. He tries to get her to agree on a therapy, but she tells him there is nothing that anyone can do for her anymore. Victor learns that Vic got a full scholarship to Harvard Business School. Hope finally tells Vic that Victor is his father.moreless
  • Ep. #8828
    Ep. #8828
    Episode 225
    The morning after they slept together, Amber and Daniel realize that their friendship will never be the same. Jana urges Amber to choose if she wants to be Daniel's lover or if she'd like to forget about him, and Amber realizes that she needs to move out of the apartment. Sharon, Phyllis, Nick and Jack agree on getting a place to work at. Jack is surprised to learn that Nikki owns Jabot now. Victoria hesitates, but J.T. manages to convince her to move back into the loft with him. They inform Nikki and David. Victor arrives at Hope's house in Kansas, and is stunned to see the bad condition that Hope is in. He is surprised when Hope tells him that Victor Jr doesn't know about her condition, and Victor promises to take care of their son. Later, Hope tells Victor that she wants their son to know who Victor is. Gloria and Jeffrey continue bickering. Brad accepts a job offer from Nikki, and then shares the news with Neil. Gloria takes a first dose of poison and immediately feels sick. Jeffrey buys Kevin a car. Heather and Daniel make a dinner date.moreless
  • Ep. #8827
    Ep. #8827
    Episode 224
    The minister pronounces Victoria and J.T. man and wife, and the wedding guests congratulate them. Nikki and Katherine notice that Victor doesn't seem to look okay. Victor admits to Kay that Hope is dying of cancer. Brad questions Paul about the Ji Min murder case. Nikki catches Victoria's bouquet. Victor tells Victoria that he's leaving Genoa City for awhile. At the party for Heather, Daniel is jealous when Heather seems to be connecting with Adrian. The party takes a turn for the worse, and the guests leave. Amber and Daniel end up having sex.moreless
  • Ep. #8826
    Ep. #8826
    Episode 223
    Paul eavesdrops on a conversation between Jack and Sharon at the coffee house. Michael tells Jack he's glad that Jack's miserable. Sharon and Jack discuss about Amber's designs. Jeffrey wants to invest half a million dollars, and Gloria can't do anything about it. Michael wants to know about Gloria and Kevin's plotting, and he threatens to have Jeffrey imprisoned for blackmailing if they don't tell him about their plans. Sharon and Jack overhear an argument between Jeff and Gloria. The Hellstrom wedding begins.moreless
  • Ep. #8825
    Ep. #8825
    Episode 222
    Doctor Walters checks up on Katherine. Cane is surprised when Amber visits Kay again. Nick wants to invite Sharon and Jack to the wedding too, and he asks his mother not to worry if Victor will be uncomfortable by Jack's presence. Gloria is surprised when the police don't find any evidence that links Jack to Ji Min's murder. Sharon wants Jack to let her move Noah out of the mansion because the presence of the police seems too much for him. Jill introduces Chloe, a fashion coordinator, to Lily. Paul agrees to be J.T.'s best man. Jack accuses Victor of being threatened by Jack's friendship with Nick. Gloria tries to get Noah to believe that Jack is a bad man, and Sharon immediately warns Gloria to leave her son alone. Victor promises to Victoria that he'll be on his best behavior during the wedding. Victor offers Neil a co-CEO position at the Newman Enterprises, and then informs Neil about leaving Genoa City after the wedding. Jeffrey and Gloria play loud Korean music in the mansion, and Sharon and Jack end up leaving the mansion, which leaves Gloria surprised.moreless
  • Ep. #8824
    Ep. #8824
    Episode 221
    Paul and Heather discuss about the Ji Min murder case. Amber and Daniel catch up on recent events. Phyllis makes fun of Daniel's hairdo. Victor and Neil discuss about replacing Nick at Newman. Heather tries to get Elroy to let her work on the case again, but he refuses the idea. As Daniel tries to comfort Heather, Jana thinks that Amber is jealous while watching them. Gloria and Kevin continue plotting against Jeff. Nick assures Jack that he won't return to Newman. Victor thinks that the new business venture that Nick is joining is going to be a bust. Jeffrey and Gloria get a newspaper reporter to take shots of the entire Abbott mansion. Maggie serves Jack with a warrant to search the premises. Daniel decides to throw a party to cheer Heather up. Victor receives a call from Hope. J.T. invites Nick and Phyllis to the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #8823
    Ep. #8823
    Episode 220
    Jill advises Maggie and Heather to stop focusing on blaming Victor for Ji Min's murder, and asks them to investigate Jack. Noah is having hard time accepting the fact that Gloria and Jeffrey are moving into the mansion, but Jack assures Sharon that they can't let Noah leave, and then suggests that they should focus on making Gloria's life miserable to get her out of the mansion. Meanwhile, Gloria confides in Jeffrey about how she intends to bug Jack. Victor asks Elroy to fire Heather. Sharon talks to Nick and Phyllis about her plans. Elroy demotes Heather to a smaller case. Victor suggests Heather should redeem herself by proving that Jack is guilty for Ji Min's murder. Colleen witnesses a friendly moment between Heather and Adrian. Nikki thinks about giving David a Co-CEO job at Jabot. The man from David's past approaches Nikki and David. The war between Gloria and Jack starts when Gloria and Jeffrey finally arrive to move into the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #8822
    Ep. #8822
    Episode 219
    Victoria wants to get married, and J.T. gives her a new engagement ring. Nick and Phyllis discuss about possible job opportunities for Nick. Sharon and Jack worry about Gloria's upcoming move in. Victor warns Jack not to mess with him. Nikki accepts Katherine's proposal to be the CEO of Jabot. Kay wants to hire Amber as Nikki's personal assistant, but Amber realizes that she can't take the job because she will be too close to Cane. Victor refuses to give Brad the job that Nick used to have, and tells him that the only reason he's still at Newman is because he's good at what he does. Nikki and Kay learn about Victoria and J.T.'s marriage plans. Victor laughs off Nikki's new job. Jack is surprised when he realizes that Amber is a good designer. Phyllis, Nick, Jack and Sharon agree to start a new business venture together. Katherine urges Amber not to give up on her dreams. Brad learns about Nikki's new job.moreless
  • Ep. #8821
    Ep. #8821
    Episode 218
    Gloria shows Kevin the poison that was delivered to her. Jeff threatens Kevin to stop hacking through his files or he'll send his mother to jail. Jill sarcastically comments on the Bardwell marriage. Kay advises Cane to talk to Amber and explains how hopelessly in love with him Amber is. Victoria and J.T. agree to get married as soon as Victoria is better. Neil informs Victor that he lost a round in the suit against him, and that he has to pay 75 million dollars to Jack, Kay and Nikki. Nikki and Victor admit to Victoria that they are divorcing. Jana tries to cheer up Amber. Jill tells Gloria about Katherine's decision to leave Jabot, and Gloria boldly suggests that she should take over, but Jill doesn't share the idea. Victor offers J.T. a job of Head of Security at Newman. Nikki tells Victoria that she's engaged to David. Brad visits Victoria and accidentally tells her about Victor firing Nick from Newman. Cane comforts Amber and explains that he won't be a part of her life anymore. Neil catches them in a hug and warns Cane not to hurt Lily. Gloria visits Kay and tries to get her to give her the position at Jabot, but she turns her down. Later, Kay offers the position to a stunned Nikki.moreless
  • Ep. #8820
    Ep. #8820
    Episode 217
    Jill notices the change on Katherine, but she's interrupted by a visit from Amber, who pretends coming to get her scarf. Katherine confides in Amber, as she reminisces about her past loves and the fights she had with Jill. Karen wonders if she's moving too fast with Neil, but Neil assures her that Lily's reaction to news shouldn't bother her. Cane compliments Lily, as a jealous Devon looks on. Neil and Karen arrive at the photo shoot and Neil tells Lily he's proud of her. The doctor checks up on Katherine again, and Jill arrives to see Amber is still at the mansion. Kay surprises Jill by announcing that she's stepping down from Chancellor Industries and leaving everything to Jill. Jill suspects that something happened to Kay, but she simply explains that she wants to move on to the next stage of her life, and even start writing memoirs.moreless
  • Ep. #8819
    Ep. #8819
    Episode 216
    Nikki and J.T. are pleasantly surprised when Victoria awakes from her coma. They assure her that she's safe and inform Victor, Phyllis and Nick about his daughter's recovery. Victor asks Phyllis to stay and work for him at NVP, and she suggests Victor should give Nick the job back, but Victor won't make the first step. Dr. Webb comes to check on Victoria. Victor announces to his family that the murder charges against him have been dropped, and then berates them for not trusting him. Gloria wants Kevin to buy the poison with Jeff's money. Kevin fills Jana in on their newest scheme. Jack and Sharon try to find a loophole that can keep Gloria away from the mansion, and they later discuss the weird relationship that Gloria and Jeffrey share. Jeff wants to make love to Gloria, but she refuses. She then takes Jeff's credit card when he doesn't see it. Nikki and Victor realize that they need to keep their divorce and Nick's firing a secret from Victoria.moreless
  • Ep. #8818
    Ep. #8818
    Episode 215
    Amber is shocked when Katherine collapses and she tries to convince her to see a doctor, but Katherine refuses until she has another jolt. Michael informs Heather that the eyewitness from the club was paid to put Victor on the crime scene, and Heather is shocked when the D.A. and her boss tell her that she failed, and order her to drop the charges against Victor Newman. Maggie asks Paul to comfort Heather, but she blames Paul for interfering. Nick informs Phyllis about the changes including his firing and Nikki losing NVP. Neil and Lily discuss about Karen and Cane. Jill and Cane are irritated by Amber's stunt, and they both start tearing into Amber when they arrive at Kay's place. Victor is pleasantly surprised when Michael informs him that the charges against him have been dropped. Victoria's eyes start rolling when she's left alone with Reed.moreless
  • Ep. #8817
    Ep. #8817
    Episode 214
    The cameras flash as Cane removes Amber's wig who then starts sobbing. Michael confronts Heather about the eyewitness that she dismissed and then he asks her to drop the case against Victor, but she refuses to let go. Her boss gives her two days to find a new eyewitness or he'll pull her off the case. In Victoria's bedroom, Nick tells Nikki that he thinks she's moving too fast in her relationship with David. Reed is released from the hospital, and Victor gets to hold him for the first time. Sharon asks Gloria to give up her intention to buy the mansion, but Gloria refuses to give up. John tells Jack that it's time for him to move away and give the mansion to Gloria, but Jack refuses to listen to him. He is surprised when Sharon agrees that they can't leave the mansion. Michael confronts a waitress at the GCAC and learns that she way payed to put Victor on the crime scene. Jill suggests Cane should talk to Lily about their relationship. Katherine and Amber share a talk about boyfriends, and then Katherine collapses.moreless
  • Ep. #8816
    Ep. #8816
    Episode 213
    Jill is surprised when Jeff informs her about marrying Gloria. Amber teases Daniel about his new hair color. Kevin and Gloria continue planning their plot against Jeffrey. Amber and Lily separately prepare for the Fresh Face of Jabot conference along with their friends. Karen suggests Neil should try to give Cane and Lily a chance. Sharon tells Brad that they can't continue their friendship. Brad wants a promotion from Neil. Neil gives Karen a key to his place. Brad asks a co-worker out on a date. Gloria questions Jeffrey about his whereabouts after their wedding, but he only describes it as business. Gloria refuses to settle for Jack's idea and she wants to buy off a part of the Abbott mansion, and Jack refuses anything connected to that idea. Sharon tells Jack that she supports his decision. Jack seeks advice from John, but he can't give him an answer. Daniel learns that he got a job as a photographer. Jana and Kevin begin to make love. The conference continues as "Marina" poses for the camera, and a suspicious Cane pulls off "Marina"'s wig and exposes Amber in front of everyone. Sharon wants to talk to Gloria.moreless
  • Ep. #8815
    Ep. #8815
    Episode 212
    Lily acts as if though it doesn't bother her that Karen spent the night with Neil, but she confides in Cane about her father moving on so quick. Maggie tells Paul that Heather has been having nightmares. Paul makes a wrong suggestion while talking about the case against Victor Newman. Gloria tells Jack that she got married to Jeffrey, and then she suggests buying off a part of the Abbott mansion, but Jack refuses to even consider it. Michael tries to get Victor do choose a different approach in court, but Victor, disappointed by Michael, fires him. Lauren fears that Victor could actually be guilty for the murder. Heather meets with a man who claims to have info on the night Ji Min was murdered, but when she doesn't get any new info, she dismisses him. Later, Michael runs into the same man and realizes that he knows something. Lauren and Kevin investigate Jeffrey. Michael bursts into Victor's office and informs him about the alibi.moreless
  • Ep. #8814
    Ep. #8814
    Episode 211
    Lauren and Michael are shocked when Gloria informs them that she got married to Jeffrey. Lauren confronts Gloria, who claims that it will all make sense soon, and she says she's moving to GCAC to be with Jeffrey. David receives another mysterious phone call from a person claiming that David isn't his real name. Michael and Victor go over the details of the lawsuit. Karen and Neil discuss about the Newman lawsuit and Lily's modeling while having lunch at GCAC. Katherine advises Nikki not to rush into anything with David. David meets with the mystery man and promises to get him the money in two weeks, and the man calls David by his real name, "Clark." Nikki learns that Victor got Miguel to remove all of her stuff. Victor sits by Victoria's bedside and begs her to wake up.moreless
  • Ep. #8813
    Ep. #8813
    Episode 210
    Sharon and Jack enjoy their getaway at the Bahamas, and they make love, followed by an agreement to start over. Amber manages to convince Daniel to pose as "Marina"'s assistant on an interview. Nikki and Victor separately imagine apologizing to one another, but when they snap back to reality, they have to face the drama in the courtroom. They both make statements and the judge rules that Nikki will keep the lifestyle that she got accustomed to, and that Victor is now the owner of NVP as a repayment for the loan. Katherine and Jill catch Cane and Lily making out on the sofa, and they both have different ways of comparing her to Cane's ex lover Amber. Cane and Lily meet "Marina" and Daniel during the interview, and Amber does her best to keep the new identity safe.moreless
  • Ep. #8812
    Ep. #8812
    Episode 209
    Jack pleasantly surprises Sharon by taking her to the Bahamas for a romantic rendezvous. Amber thinks that Cane already knows the results of the Jabot Fresh Faces contest, but he assures her that he doesn't know. Nick visits his father and leaves him a framed quotation, and they bicker about it. Nikki visits Victor to try to stop the silly war between them, but he isn't ready nor will he ever be ready to forget her affair with David. Neil interrupts Cane and Lily at Crimson Lights and then talks about Lily's possible modeling career. Nick suggests that David shouldn't be in the courtroom with Nikki. The results of the contest come out with Lily as the first and "Marina" as the second finalist.moreless
  • Ep. #8811
    Ep. #8811
    Episode 208
    Kevin, Amber and Daniel are stunned when Heather tells them that she'll be withdrawing the charges against Jana. Nikki and David are stunned to realize how outrageous Victor's counter suit is. Michael confides in Lauren about the trouble that Victor is putting him through during the case, and then they discuss a bit about Gloria. Nikki confronts Victor and then offers to sell him NVP in exchange for dropping the charges against her, but Victor refuses her offer and tells her that he's looking forward to seeing her where he picked her up--on the streets. Michael tries to convince Heather to drop the charges against Victor, but she bravely refuses. Jana and Kevin happily embrace in prison. Jana is stunned to see the party that Kevin arranges for her at Crimson Lights. Nikki seeks advice from Kay. Kay is stunned to see Nick packing his things and leaving Newman. Kay tries to talk to Victor, but he refuses to discuss the matter with her. Michael tells Victor that there is new evidence against him, but a fearless Victor urges Michael to find a way to prove his innocence or he'll fire him.moreless
  • Ep. #8810
    Ep. #8810
    Episode 207
    Nikki reluctantly approves of David's idea to try to sell NVP to Victor. Neil brings Victor the files on the counter suit against Nikki and warns Victor that this might destroy Nikki because she will be left with absolutely nothing, and Victor says that it was his plan to do so. Nick confronts his father about the counter suit and a huge fight between them starts when Nick tells Victor that he never wants to turn out like him, and then Victor fires Nick. John urges Jack to find out what's going on in Chicago. Sharon tells Brad that she always needed him more than she actually loved him and that they should end their friendship. Brad tries to change her mind, but she is determined to end things between them. She later calls Jack and tells him that she took care of Brad. Neil and Karen catch Cane and Lily making out on the sofa. Neil gives Cane a warning, while Lily confides in Karen about her father being overprotective. Lily then tells Neil that it's time for her to get a place of her own. Nick informs Nikki about being fired from Newman, and then tells her that Victor will strip her of everything she ever owned.moreless
  • Ep. #8809
    Ep. #8809
    Episode 206
    Nikki, David and Victor visits Reed at the hospital. David confronts Victor about freezing Nikki's assets, and Victor tells Nikki that he'll return them if she dumps David, but she refuses to do so. Sharon is proud of Jack's new attitude. Amber questions Jill about the upcoming contest. Daniel asks out Heather again, but she declines him. Nikki tells David that she'd never let Victor control her life, and then she surprises him by accepting his marriage proposal. Colleen finds out that Brad is going to Chicago and she confronts his father about running around Sharon. Brad tells her that he knows what he's doing. Colleen tells Jack that Brad went to Chicago. Victor tells Heather that she's committing career suicide by pursuing the case against him. Sharon is surprised to see Brad in Chicago.moreless
  • Ep. #8808
    Ep. #8808
    Episode 205
    April accuses Paul of being selfish when it comes to their daughter, but he wants April to start dealing with the truth too. Maggie advises Paul to take things slow because Heather is under a lot of pressure. Kevin shows Jana the 'free Jana' leaflets he made for her. Gloria tricks Jeffrey into agreeing to marry her by eloping to Las Vegas. Lauren and Michael try to find a way to dig up dirt on Jeffrey. Korbel doesn't want Colleen to work on Jana's case. Heather tells April that she wishes she had never found out that Paul is her father, but April tells her to just deal with it. J.T. tells Nikki that he saw David arguing with an unknown man and then assures her that he isn't working for Victor anymore. Maggie and Paul overhear David talking loudly and rude to an unknown person on the phone. Heather tells April that she intends to stay in Genoa City. Nikki confronts David, but he lies to her. J.T. learns that Reed is finally strong enough to breathe on his own. Nikki is shocked to learn that Victor froze all her assets. Gloria lies to Lauren and Michael about her 'business plans', so they decide to follow her.moreless
  • Ep. #8807
    Ep. #8807
    Episode 204
    Gloria wakes up with a hangover in Jeffrey's apartment. Jack wants Sharon to run a foundation in his father's name, and she tells him she'll think about it. Nick informs Sharon and Brad about Phyllis returning to NVP. Heather has an interview with Jana at the prison. Kevin tells Michael that he started a campaign to support Jana. Jeff tells Gloria that they didn't sleep together, and then tells her that they are a perfect couple. He tries to set a date for their wedding on Valentine's day. Gloria makes up a perfect plan to get rid of Jeffrey, but Kevin tells her that she needs to marry Jeff first if she wants the plan to work. Michael confronts Jeff about the blackmail, but Jeff makes it clear to Michael that he can't do anything about it. April suddenly appears at the Club while Heather, Maggie and Paul are dining, and Heather leaves the room. April tells Paul that he shouldn't have told the truth to Heather. Nick visits Victoria.moreless
  • Ep. #8806
    Ep. #8806
    Episode 203
    Karen and Neil interrupt Cane and Lily's kiss outside Indigo. Lily doesn't defend herself and she tells her father that she is old enough to make her own decisions, although Neil doesn't think so. Jeffrey manages to get Gloria drunk enough to tell him the story of her life, and she doesn't realize that Jeff is pouring his drinks into the plant near them. Nikki offers Phyllis her job back at NVP, and she asks to talk to Nick first. Victor realizes that Nick doesn't trust his innocence and then asks him to leave his office. J.T. explains to Victor how he doesn't want to be put in the middle of Victor and Nikki's fight, so Victor relieves him of his duty to investigate David. Phyllis and Nick make love. Lauren and Michael are about to get romantic when Victor calls. Michael and Victor discuss strategy of the case, and then Michael returns home, where Lauren waits for him in a sexy outfit. Amber is heartbroken when Cane asks Lily out on a date and kisses her again. Karen and Neil have some romantic time together at Indigo. Gloria passes out in Jeff's arms. J.T. sees David meeting a strange man.moreless
  • Ep. #8805
    Ep. #8805
    Episode 202
    Jill and Kay are surprised to learn that Gloria and Jeffrey got engaged. Lauren and Michael berate themselves for not realizing the trouble that Gloria is in, but Lauren wants Michael to concentrate on Victor's case and let Gloria handle the problems herself. Gloria wants to run away from Genoa City, but Kevin suggests she should try to beat Jeff at his own game. Neil learns that his new singer has the flu, so he asks Karen to sing at Indigo instead, and she reluctantly agrees. Devon and Roxanne continue planing a date for Lily and Alan. Katherine and Jill offer Cane a promotion to Director of Acquisitions. Cane is jealous when Lily introduces him to Alan. Gloria tries to get Jeff drunk to get more info, but he's more cunning than she'd ever think. Karen isn't able to perform, so Neil saves her by introducing another singer. She apologizes, and Lily catches them kissing. Outside of Indigo, Cane admits to Lily that he's jealous and they kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #8804
    Ep. #8804
    Episode 201
    Phyllis chases a newspaper reporter away from Nikki, who is surprised at how Phyllis has changed. Victor brushes off Nikki and Nick when they try to talk to him. Nick reminds Phyllis that they can't show their doubt in Victor's innocence. Jack warns Brad not to take advantage of Sharon. Nick warns Brad about the same thing. Jeff proposes to Gloria, as the shocked family wonders if it's all a joke. Gloria breaks down and tells Michael that Jeff knows about the tainted cream and is blackmailing her into marrying him. J.T. updates Victor on his investigation of David Chow. Nick and Phyllis go into Victor's office for a romantic interlude. Sharon tells Victor that she believes that he's innocent. Nikki questions J.T. when he starts asking questions about David.moreless
  • Ep. #8803
    Ep. #8803
    Episode 200
    Nick asks Phyllis if she thinks that Jack actually killed Ji Min. Ben tells Jack that he should write a book about his fallout. Lauren finds jewelry in Gloria's purse. Heather is stunned when Daniel asks her out on a date but she turns him down. Michael wants answers from Gloria regarding giving Jeff 50,000 dollars. Jack learns that Sharon has a meeting with Brad, Jack tells Ben that he almost lost her and can't risk that again. Kevin visits Jana and says that she's going to be out soon. Amber tells Daniel that she sent in her video to the Face of Jabot contest. Heather agrees to sit down and have a bite to eat with Daniel at Crimson Lights. Amber thinks that she can get Kevin to rig the contest. Kevin approaches Heather and says that Jana should be released. Sharon kisses Brad while in the conference room. Jack interrupts the kiss and asks why the door is locked. Heather tells Kevin not to get his hopes up in Jana getting released. Jeff shocks Michael by saying that Gloria has agreed to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #8802
    Ep. #8802
    Episode 199
    Lily asks Cane if he'd like to see a movie with her. Jeff tells Gloria that that he wants a public proposal and she can leave when she writes him a check for 50,000 dollars. Victor tells Michael to get him out and that he's not spending a night in jail. Jill thinks that Jack set Victor up for Ji Min's death which Gloria agrees. Nick pays Victor's bail. Lauren tells Gloria that she knows there's something more between her and Jeff. Victor calls Jack and accuses him of planting evidence framing him for Ji Min's murder.moreless
  • Ep. #8801
    Ep. #8801
    Episode 198
    Neil is surprised to see Victor back at work. Paul tells J.T. not to be in the middle of Victor and Nikki's divorce. Sharon assures Noah that they are staying at Jack's house. Neil warns Cane that he shouldn't deal with Victor. Neil wants Karen to take him anywhere but here. Maggie is determined to nail Victor for Ji Min's murder. Ashley talks to Victor about Jack before heading back to L.A. Heather tells Maggie that the surveillance has been tampered and the missing footage has been erased. Cane tells Lily that they're going to announce the winner of the Fresh Face of Jabot contest today. Sharon confides in Brad that she is staying with Jack. Maggie learns that she has enough for an arrest warrant. Devon tells Neil that Lily is still hung up on Cane. Jack sees Sharon and Brad together at the GCAC and then leaves. Ashley brings food for Victor and Maggie then arrives and places him under arrest.moreless
  • Ep. #8800
    Ep. #8800
    Episode 197
    Ashley is concerned with Jack's recent senate and a recent murder investigation. Brad sees Phyllis at the GCAC and offers a truce between her. Victor insists that he and Nikki finish their conversation before she goes to see Victoria. Ashley opens up to Jack about her engagement to Ridge and it ended when he went back to Brooke. Jack tells Ashley that what he's done is about to come out and is going to effect a lot of people in a bad way. Phyllis is shocked when Brad wants her to tell Sharon that Jack isn't good enough for him, she then tells Brad that she hopes his plan blows up in his face. Ashley tells Jack not to fight Gloria and to do what their father wanted. Victor tells Nikki to get rid of David and he'll forgive her debt. Ashley remembers some Christmas memories with her father. Ashley and Jack hug as John appears saying that to listen to his sister and forget about his hatred for Gloria. Noah comes down and lays next to his mother after having a bad dream. Nikki reads Victoria a poem and hopes that she wakes up.moreless
  • Ep. #8799
    Ep. #8799
    Episode 196
    Nick wants Victor to resolve his problems with Nikki. Phyllis and Nikki discuss about the lawsuit against Victor. Victor spends some quality time talking to Victoria. Noah tells Nick that he's sick of moving and wants to stay with him from now on. Sharon asks Jack when is this thing with Gloria going to end. Nikki wants some common ground with Victor, they then get stuck together during a snowstorm. Neil is impressed with Karen's singing and offers her the job at Indigo. Nick says to Noah that it isn't his fault for Sharon and Jack's problems. Jack is surprised when Ashley suddenly shows up at the house, and she says that she's here for her brother.moreless
  • Ep. #8798
    Ep. #8798
    Episode 195
    Victor wants Michael to prove that he didn't shoot Ji Min, but Michael, thinking that Victor has everything going against him, suggests that Victor should settle, but Victor immediately declines. Jeff blackmails Gloria into announcing their engagement on New Year's Eve. Jill suggests Jeff should stay away from Gloria. Victor tells J.T. he's glad that Victoria found someone like him. Michael realizes that Gloria is begin blackmailed and he confronts both Gloria and Kevin about it. Katherine tries to boost Nikki's confidence by encouraging her to go against Victor and other personal demons. Victor tells Kay he's disappointed because she joined the lawsuit against him. David talks on the phone with a mysterious person and it seems like he's having problems. Victor asks J.T. to investigate David Chow, and he takes the job.moreless
  • Ep. #8797
    Ep. #8797
    Episode 194
    Daniel tries to make Amber realize that Cane isn't interested in her, but she can't resist herself. Jack wants to show Sharon that he can change during their dinner, but she walks away. Nick confides in Phyllis about having hard time dealing with his father's behavior. Victor wants Paul to prove that Victor didn't kill Ji Min, but Paul refuses to do the job, but Paul suggests Victor should just let Maggie do her job. Nick advises Jack to give Sharon some space. Heather isn't ready to have a talk with Paul yet. Sharon seeks advice from Brad. Victor angrily confronts Nikki about the lawsuit against him. David asks Nikki to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #8796
    Ep. #8796
    Episode 193
    Daniel invites Amber to spend Christmas with Phyllis, but insists on holding out on an invitation from Katherine. John visits Jack and shares some memories of when he and Ashley where kids. Nikki and J.T. watch over baby Reed at the hospital. Lauren is crushed to learn hat Michael is snowed in St. Louis, but is determined to get home to her. Karen arrives and Neil watches and she helps Devon and Lily with the tree garland. Katherine, Jill and Esther celebrate Cane's birthday at the GCAC. Paul is moved when Heather embraces him as Maggie watches, and they sit down and all have dinner together. Amber gives Cane a gift which he appreciates very much. Jack tells Nick and Phyllis that he's joined the lawsuit against Victor. Michael surprises everyone by making it in time for the celebration. Jeff is looking forward to spending Christmas with his new fiancée and future stepson. Heather and Paul agree to work on their father/daughter relationship one day at a time, Heather then offers to go to midnight mass with him and Maggie.moreless
  • Ep. #8795
    Ep. #8795
    Episode 192
    J.T. tells Paul the good news that the tests prove that he's the father. David tells Jack that if Nikki loses NVP then Victor is his new partner in Clear Springs. Paul invites Heather over for Christmas but declines his offer. Victor tells J.T. that what he has to say concerns Clear Springs. Sharon struggles with telling Noah the truth. Katherine and Nikki persuade Jack to join the lawsuit. Victor tells Nick to get out after saying that Victoria and Reed wouldn't be in danger if he didn't do the drilling. Daniel tells Heather that some people deserve a second chance. Heather tells Paul that she would like to join him and Maggie.moreless
  • Ep. #8794
    Ep. #8794
    Episode 191
    Victor tells Neil of Nikki's intentions of her suing him. Daniel questions Amber when he finds several hundred dollar bills in her purse and wants to know where she got it all. Lily once again runs into Cane at the gym, but refuses his help as Karen watches. Nikki learns from David that they're going to be requesting half a billion dollars from Victor. Neil invites Karen to spend the holidays with him which she gladly accepts. Amber tells Devon that she's envious of him of his relationship with Lily and that he has someone to talk to. Katherine asks Victor to back down and if he's really serious about taking down Nikki and asks him to stop. Devon agrees to one day write a song with Amber. Lily sees Amber and Devon getting all chummy. Neil tells Devon and Lily about Karen joining them for the holidays. Victor gets an unexpected visit from Det. Sullivan and asks him how he got Ji Min to tell the truth about the fraudulent sale of Jabot and that his blood was found in his gym bag.moreless
  • Ep. #8793
    Ep. #8793
    Episode 190
    Gloria stuns Michael and Lauren by saying that she got an expensive present for Jeff. Lily tells Colleen that she's going to keep it friendly with Cane. Phyllis tells Sharon to read Jack's letter, the one he wrote while trapped at Clear Springs. Jack persuades Sharon to give them another chance. Noah then tells Jack that he made a picture frame for Summer. Everyone celebrates Summer's first birthday. Nikki arriving with David, causes Victor to leave the birthday party. J.T. tells Victor that he's going to use Victoria's suggestion and name the baby Reed. Kevin looks on as Gloria gives Jeff an exquisite watch. Lily tries to avoid Cane when she sees him at the GCAC gym.moreless
  • Ep. #8792
    Ep. #8792
    Episode 189
    Jill is delighted that Lily took her advice and entered the contest. Nikki is shocked when Victor requests the full amount for the loan. Katherine asks Amber that she told her that she loved him, Amber says that she'll love Cane until the day she dies. Cane tells Lily they can only be friends. David stuns Nikki by saying that he knew that Victor was asking for all the money and kept it from her. Sharon consoles Brad after learning he isn't the father, and tells her that he so wanted him to be his. Nikki tells Victor that she's suing him.moreless
  • Ep. #8791
    Ep. #8791
    Episode 188
    Sharon and Jack tell Noah that the trips to Paris is going to have to wait. Jana and Kevin learn that an inexperienced lawyer as been assigned to the case. Sharon tells Jack that a vacation is pointless and she doesn't think that she can trust him ever again. Victor tells J.T. that he would be upset if Brad turns out to be his grandson's father. Brad is confident that the test prove that he's the father. Phyllis goes and tells him that she's the reason that the letter came out, but Jack says that she isn't responsible. Kevin once again asks Michael to defend Jana, Michael then tells Kevin that he's confident Jana might hurt him again, Kevin then vows to get her out. Jack sees Brad and Sharon consoling each other. Kevin tells Jana the good news that Michael is going to represent her. The paternity test results are in and J.T. is the father, Brad is then devastated.moreless
  • Ep. #8790
    Ep. #8790
    Episode 187
    Daniel gets into a fender bender with someone's care. Lily tells Colleen to go and be with J.T. at the hospital. Amber and Daniel learn that it was Heather's car that he hit. Victor gets emotional after hearing Nikki play the piano. Heather blasts at Daniel after learning that the place that her car was going to was a chop shop, and goes and lays into Amber. Victor comes to see Nikki and David sees them kissing through the window, she then hears Zapato barking and goes to see but no one is there. Lily and Cane kiss while going through files at Chancellor but they are interrupted.moreless
  • Ep. #8789
    Ep. #8789
    Episode 186
    J.T. starts drinking while looking at some of Victoria's things in his loft. Colleen calls Brad to see what's happening with the baby. Michael thinks that something is wrong when he sees Gloria and Kevin stop talking when he and Lauren come into the room. Gloria calls Jeff and asks to meet him and that she'll agrees to marry him, but they're strings attached. Gabby tells Brad he isn't allowed to see Victoria unless Victor is home. Victor tells Neil that the baby had carbon monoxide in his blood and that Brad jumped at the chance of a DNA test. Colleen goes by to see J.T. and brings him some food, but he said that he doesn't want to eat. Michael, Kevin and Lauren walk into the GCAC and see Jeff kissing Gloria. Victor tells Brad he doesn't want him anywhere near the baby. Michael is against the idea of Gloria inviting Jeff for Christmas.moreless
  • Ep. #8788
    Ep. #8788
    Episode 185
    Jeff insists that Michael and Kevin knew that she tainted that cream and is keeping it a secret. Colleen insists that Daniel help her when her computer freezes, but she says no, Daniel comes along and helps anyway. Gloria tells Kevin that Jeff proposed to her. Cane and Lily run into each other at the GCAC and they reminisce about their childhoods. Sharon contemplates to Nick about leaving Jack after Christmas, Nick then says that Noah will see that she's miserable. Phyllis learns from Jack that someone named Todd Scheller, she then realizes that she mentioned something to Jana and it's possible that she talked to Kevin and Gloria. Daniel thinks that Amber is doing something by entering the contest wearing a disguise.moreless
  • Ep. #8787
    Ep. #8787
    Episode 184
    Brad asks Nikki to do a paternity test on the baby. Jack tries to explain to Sharon that he was only protecting his father. Gloria asks Kevin what she should do, after thinking that Jeff is going to reveal everything. Jack holds a press conference and he resigns as Senator. Jeff tells Gloria that he won't tell anyone unless she marries him.moreless
  • Ep. #8786
    Ep. #8786
    Episode 183
    Sharon tells Victor if she can stay at the Ranch and doesn't want to go home to Jack. Nikki calls David to join her at the GCAC. Jeff tells Gloria that he knows that she's tainted the cream that killed someone, he then shows Gloria what it did to her hand. Neil shares a story about Lily to Karen. Jack tells John that the man that he used to be is not who Sharon fell in love with. Karen suggests that Nikki join them for dessert until David comes along and joins her. Jack sets out to find Sharon and bring her home. Victor asks Neil to come over to deal with the insurance company regarding Clear Springs. Nikki asks David to take her to the hospital to see the baby. Jack pleads with Sharon to let him explain but doesn't open the door to him. Jeff promises that he has enough to nail Gloria and says that he will give the police the letter from William.moreless
  • Ep. #8785
    Ep. #8785
    Episode 182
    Victor yells at Nikki for the letter that David had written for her. Gloria and Kevin go to the GCAC and celebrate Jack's demise. Jack tells Ben that he's sure that the letter that Gloria has is a forgery. Sharon asks Jack if he took advantage of his father. Victor tells Nikki that she can't live at the Ranch but she can come and go as he pleases if it's necessary for Victoria. Lauren surprises Michael with an anniversary present. Jeff congratulates Gloria on a job well done on what she did in Madison. Lauren and Michael play a game of strip craps.moreless
  • Ep. #8784
    Ep. #8784
    Episode 181
    Gloria tells Lauren that she has a letter that was written by John, and Michael that they have what they need, Gloria then makes plans to head to Madison. Neil tells Victor and tells him that the police are at his office at Newman with a search warrant. Victor lets Det. Sullivan search his house. Ben tells Jack that someone has requested to say something. Victor tells Michael to get back to Genoa City as soon as he can. Nikki realizes that Jack is behind this search warrant. John tells Jack to be careful with what he says to his wife after learning that Gloria is the one wanted to say something. John tells Jack that he isn't going to like what's about to happen. Victor finds David's letter to Nikki. Gloria reads John's letter to the Ethics Committee.moreless
  • Ep. #8783
    Ep. #8783
    Episode 180
    Victor tells Victoria that they are releasing her and he is taking her to the Ranch and had her old room fixed up for her. Phyllis tells Nick that she is going to Madison to support Jack. Ben tells Jack that the ethics committee has more questions for him. Kevin delivers good news to Gloria, which delights her that they didn't like Jack's answers. John tells Jack to tell the truth while sitting in the room at the hearing. Nikki ends her relationship with David by telling him that she's back in with Victor to help take care of Victoria. Todd Scheller Jr. presents Kevin and Gloria a letter that John wrote her. Phyllis arrives and Ben thinks that it's a bad idea and that she should leave.moreless
  • Ep. #8782
    Ep. #8782
    Episode 179
    Phyllis and Nick share a romantic evening since her being released from prison. Lily is accompanied by Adrian to the Green Now dinner. Karen and Neil sees Lily with Cane at the GCAC. Victor tells Victoria that she has to wake up and name her baby. Dr. Webb suggests to Victor and Nikki that they move Victoria to a long term care facility. Dr. Okamura gives Brad the information about the baby's blood type. Nikki asks Victor that she is returning to the ranch. Cane and Heather come to the conclusion that there's no chemistry between them and they decide to remain friends.moreless
  • Ep. #8781
    Ep. #8781
    Episode 178
    Jack's hearing begins, Jack then gets a visit from his father's ghost. J.T. continues to watch over Victoria as she still lays there unconscious and her baby fights for his life. John tells Jack to tell the truth not just the part that makes him look good. Jill and Gloria each can't wait to testify against Jack. Daniel tells Jack what Jill is planning to do. Brad tells Nikki that he's holding off on the DNA testing of the baby. Jana tells Kevin that she'll be in prison for the rest of her life, and that she can't marry him and that he'll have to accept that. Kevin tells Lauren that Jana turned down his marriage proposal. Victor threatens to have Maggie demoted when she comes to discuss police business in the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #8780
    Ep. #8780
    Episode 177
    J.T. pleads with Victoria to wake up. Cane remembers talking with Lily and attempts to call her but hangs up the phone. Colleen tells Lily about the hearing being stopped and Nikki and Victor agreed to allowing the c-section. Amber enters the Fresh Face of Jabot contest in disguise and tests it out on Kevin first. Amber then tries her disguise out on Cane which he seems not to recognize Amber. Sharon tells J.T. that Noah was premature at just 28 weeks. Jack tells a disappointed Sharon that Ben is taking the tape to the police. Maggie tells Paul that the dog hair from Zappato is almost a definite match from the hair that was found on Ji Min's body.moreless
  • Ep. #8779
    Ep. #8779
    Episode 176
    Jack tells Ben that he is calling off the plan after hearing Sharon's plea for him not to. Brad reads a letter written by Victoria to the court. Nick doesn't like the idea of a complete stranger deciding the fate of Victoria's unborn baby. Cane shows Lily the Jabot website with the contest on it. Amber wonders what Cane, Lily and Kevin are discussing. Colleen drops by Crimson Lights and tells everyone that there's no change in Victoria's condition. Ben confronts Maggie about Victor. Cane tells Amber that Jill wants her nowhere near the contest. Victor makes an announcement that he still thinks that Victoria needs a c-section. A man at the payphone secretly records Ben and Maggie's conversation. Jill lets Amber know that her being in the contest is never going to happen. Nikki and Victor come to an agreement and explain to the judge that a c-section is what they have to do. Jack is informed that a the video of Ben and Maggie talking is on the internet. Victoria is rushed to surgery. Ben shares with Jack that he has an audiotape of Victor pressuring Ji Min to record his conversation with him.moreless
  • Ep. #8778
    Ep. #8778
    Episode 175
    J.T. thinks that Nick doesn't care about Victoria's well being, Nick says that he doesn't want his sister nor the baby to die. Nick is frightened when Victoria's blood pressure rises. Jill approaches Gloria with a contest idea that she got from Lily to look for real women of all shapes and sizes, Gloria thinks the idea is brilliant. Cane realizes that the clean up and rebuild of Clear Springs is going to cost millions of dollars, and thinks when Victor is going to take responsibility for the collapse. Victor lays into Nikki for her lawyer tearing into her on the stand. Gloria tells Kevin that she's going to make Jeff believe that William was investigating Jill and not her. Lily finds Cane's PDA and returns it to him, and Jill thanks her for giving her the idea and asks her to enter the contest.moreless
  • Ep. #8777
    Ep. #8777
    Episode 174
    Jill tells Gloria and Kevin that she heard that Jack is being dragged through the ethics committee. Colleen tells Lily to give Cane time before professes his love to her. Heather tells Cane if he's using being at the courthouse as an excuse just to see her. Jack holds a press conference to help with the negative publicity that he's been receiving lately. Jana calls Kevin and tells him that she's going to the hospital. Heather agrees to give Phyllis probation if she pleads guilty and get time served. Gloria and Kevin meet with Todd Scheller's son, he tells them that he has an envelope that John had left for Gloria.moreless
  • Ep. #8776
    Ep. #8776
    Episode 173
    Victor thinks that Nikki is hiding, Michael tells him not to assume the worst. Gloria and Kevin find out a way to e-mail the ethics committee. Nikki tells Brad that if she doesn't show up then they would have to reschedule the hearing and that would mean a chance that Victoria's baby would survive. Jack tells Gloria that he made sure that none of her e-mails will get through to the committee. Victor finds Nikki and asks why she's avoiding receiving a summons. Jack learns from Ben that the ethics committee have called a meeting to determine his ability to retain office. Brad gives Victor a heads up that he is requesting the court to be the guardian of the unborn fetus.moreless
  • Ep. #8775
    Ep. #8775
    Episode 171
    Lily is upset with her Thanksgiving meal didn't turn out like her mother's and that she doesn't think that she can do it without her mother being there. Devon calls Neil tells her that Lily is upset about her cooking and took off and asks him to look for her. Daniel offers Amber to spend Thanksgiving with him and his mother since she's going to be all alone. While Neil is talking to Gina about ordering takeout, he sees Lily and that she says that she doesn't think that she's ready. Karen tells Lily about the tradition and that Dru wouldn't care if the food wasn't perfect. Lauren and Michael learns that he plans on popping the question to Jana. Jack, Sharon and Noah arrive for dinner at the Winter's. The Newman's gather at the hospital and pray for Victoria. Brad tells Victoria that he's made some mistakes and that he's sorry. Gloria brings Jeff for dinner at Lauren's house, Michael tells her that Kevin is having dinner elsewhere. Kevin goes to visit Jana and then gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #8774
    Ep. #8774
    Episode 170
    Lily tells Daniel that he hopes that his day is good despite their differences. Amber tries to get Cane to help with the free dinner at Crimson Lights, Cane tells Amber that he'll try to get away. Warden McQueen tells Phyllis that her appeal has overturned her conviction and is released from jail. Karen tells Lily that she overheard her and Devon talking. Victor and Nikki share with the mediator, their theories if Victoria has a c-section could save her and the baby or could be life threatening. Michael and Lauren tells Nick the good news that Phyllis is being released from prison. Brad tells J.T. that this could be the last chance that Victoria could have a baby, Brad then says that he would never the baby's life in danger. Nikki explains to Victor that she knows what Victoria wants. Lily confides in Devon that she made a mistake with Karen. Daniel, Lauren and Michael arrive to take Phyllis home. Karen and Cane have Thanksgiving dinner with the Winter's Family.moreless
  • Ep. #8773
    Ep. #8773
    Episode 169
    Nikki and Victor argue over whether or not Victoria should have a c-section. J.T. tells Colleen and Adrian that it's up to Victoria if she lives of dies. Victor tells Brad that he doesn't have a say in Victoria's treatment. Nikki sings the lullaby that she sang for Victoria when she was a baby. A guard tells Phyllis that Warden McQueen found contraband, Jana then says that it wasn't her and that it was a set up. Nick says that he can't decide Victoria's fate or the baby's. Victor tells Dr. Webb to do the surgery, Nikki says to Victor that she will fight him for this.moreless
  • Ep. #8772
    Ep. #8772
    Episode 168
    Dr. Webb says that the sooner they perform a c-section the faster they can save Victoria. J.T. can't face the fact that they might have to terminate the pregnancy. David confronts Neil about papers that he received about the overdue loan. Neil asks Lily and Devon if it's alright to invite Karen to Thanksgiving dinner and they say that's it's a good idea. Victor tells Nikki that this is not the place for business. Neil asks Karen and she says yes. Gloria discovers something about Jeff that she can use to her advantage. Nick catches Nikki and David together. Lily tells Karen that she plans on using all of her mother's recipes and she shouldn't bring a thing. J.T. goes to get help as Victoria's blood pressure begins to rise. Karen overhears Lily tells Devon that she isn't happy that Karen is coming over. Victor tells Dr. Webb to go ahead and deliver the baby. Karen then tells Neil that she is going home for dinner after all. Nikki says to Victor that they have to wait for the baby to get stronger first.moreless
  • Ep. #8771
    Ep. #8771
    Episode 167
    Daniel tells Phyllis that he thinks he has a way for her to listen to the hearing, but calling in on his phone and listening. J.T. tells Colleen that he discovered that the baby could be in fact his. Nikki tells Brad that if Victoria gets worse and if they don't deliver the baby she could die. Daniel once again tries to tell Heather to be fair to Phyllis. Sharon tells Jack that she can't go to the courtroom, she'll be at the hospital to be there for Victoria. Brad tells Sharon the list of health problems that they baby will possibly have if he's delivered early. Nick and Phyllis listen to the hearing via Daniel's cell phone. Nikki shares with Colleen that Victoria talked to her while she unconscious, and urged her to wake up. While in court the guard informs the Judge and he then confiscates Daniel's cell phone and is escorted out of the courtroom. Dr. Webb tells everyone that they have no choice but to deliver the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #8770
    Ep. #8770
    Episode 166
    Gloria tells Kevin to keep Jeff distracted while she searches for the cream in his hotel room, but Jeff goes back and Kevin calls Gloria to say that he's coming back. Michael tries to reassure Phyllis that he's going do his best at her appeal tomorrow. Lauren tries to talk Gloria out of doing what she's going to do. Daniel explains to Amber what happened when he found Heather alone and crying. Lauren tries goes and tells Heather that if it weren't for Paul, Sheila would've succeeded in killing her and also to forgive Paul. Gloria works a plan to seduce Jeff. Heather learns that Phyllis never raised Daniel as a kid. Maggie tells Paul that it's a good thing and that Heather might come around. Heather tells Paul that she isn't going to prosecute him. Gloria calls Kevin and asks him to come over before things with her and Jeff go too far.moreless
  • Ep. #8769
    Ep. #8769
    Episode 165
    Phyllis tells Brad that he'd better get used to seeing her around the office. The doctor explains that he doesn't think that the baby would live outside the womb at this point. Jeff secretly records his conversation with Gloria. Abby visits Victoria at the hospital. While taking a phone call Gloria goes through his coat pocket and discovers the tape recorder. J.T. tells Kevin the seriousness of Victoria's condition and that she's going under some testing. Kevin gets a text from Gloria saying that he's taping her.moreless
  • Ep. #8768
    Ep. #8768
    Episode 164
    Daniel is ecstatic to learn that Phyllis' appeal has been granted. Heather tells Paul that she thinks that he is playing the father card to keep her from having him reported. Michael learns that Heather is Paul's daughter and that if Heather does go after him, they'll all go down with him. Neil backs out of his dinner date with Karen when she mentions they're going to watch a movie which was Drucilla's favorite. Brad tells J.T. that he'd like to be informed if there's a change in Victoria's condition and not being kept in the dark. Heather catches Phyllis with Summer in her office and says that's a violation, but doesn't when Daniel says something that keeps her from calling and reporting her. The doctor tells everyone that Victoria's hands are becoming swollen again and is ordering more tests. Neil tells Karen that Sharon is going to handle the relief and he would love to go to dinner with her. Daniel warns Phyllis that he overheard Heather and that is requesting random spot checks.moreless
  • Ep. #8767
    Ep. #8767
    Episode 163
    Paul tells Maggie that he's prepared to reveal all to Heather. Heather goes to Lauren and asks her about what happened when she shot her. Everyone becomes concerned when Victoria's monitor's start going off. Jana tells Kevin that John's confidante in prison was Todd Scheller and shares the news with Gloria. J.T. leaves the room after almost losing it in Victoria's room. Heather then goes to Phyllis and tells her part of Sheila's reign of terror. Paul reveals to Heather that she is his daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #8766
    Ep. #8766
    Episode 162
    J.T. and Nikki worry as Victoria's blood pressure rises. Lauren suffers a panic attack and Michael and Paul calm her down. Victor ponders over Victoria and then goes to see her. Lily wants to help her father clean up with backs out when Karen is going to be there as well. Lily looks as and realizes that she is all alone and goes to Colleen for companionship. Heather wonders what to do with the information that she heard Paul tell Lauren. Adrian tells Victoria that he will keep her vision at Clear Springs alive. Lauren is outraged to learn that Victor was responsible for the collapse. While dancing Neil and Karen share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #8765
    Ep. #8765
    Episode 161
    Neil tells Karen that tonight is going to be different and not like the other night. Michael manages to convince Lauren to go to Indigo to see Enrique Iglesias perform. Michael is beside himself when Paul learns that the collapse was caused by the drilling the Victor was doing nearby and doesn't want to tell Lauren. Amber laughs at Daniel when he unknowingly chooses to get with Heather. Michael confronts Neil and learns that he knew about the mining all along. Lauren is taken aback when Maggie mentions Sheila. Lily tries to hide her jealousy of seeing Heather and Cane together. Neil questions Lily's relationship, Lily says that they're just friends. Heather eavesdrops on Paul, Michael and Lauren's conversation about Sheila and how Paul trapped her. Enrique Iglesias arrives at Indigo and sings Somebody's Me for the people of Genoa City.moreless
  • Ep. #8764
    Ep. #8764
    Episode 160
    Tension grows between J.T. and Brad as he talks about possible treatments for Victoria. Jack tells Heather and Det. Sullivan to test the hair on Victor's dog to see if it's a match. Noah tells Sharon that he had a nightmare about being trapped in the garage. Victor decides to hold a press conference. Jack goes to see Victor and takes some of Zappato's hair when Victor isn't looking. Lily asks Cane if he would accompany her to see Enrique Iglesias at Indigo but is crushed when Heather already asked him to go. Jack tells Det. Sullivan to test the hair that he got but she throws it in the garbage after Jack leaves. Sharon tells Victor that she reassured Noah that it wasn't Victor's fault. Brad threatens Victor if anything happens to the baby. Victor sits by Victoria's bedside and asks for her forgiveness.moreless
  • Ep. #8763
    Ep. #8763
    Episode 159
    Victor learns that he could be the one responsible. Katherine vows to make Victor pay dearly, thinking he only did the drilling to spite Nikki. David tells Nikki that they finally know what caused the parking garage to collapse. Nick can't believe that his father is to blame for Clear Springs. Nikki goes to Victor and says that if is to blame for what happened to Victoria she will never forgive him. Cane explains to J.T. that the methane gas explosion was caused by the drilling a company that Victor owned. Sharon and Jack become concerned when Noah doesn't show any interest in taking Fisher for a walk. Neil explains to Katherine that everything was followed by the book and nobody predicted that this would happen.moreless
  • Ep. #8762
    Ep. #8762
    Episode 158
    Neil tells Devon that he's going to be working with Phyllis today. Sharon and Jack bring a tired Noah home from the hospital. Nick tells Nikki that if Chancellor Industries has anything to do with Victoria being hospitalized he'll make sure that there is nothing left Chancellor. Kevin tells Jana to find out whatever she can about the so called forged will that cut Gloria out of it. Paul tells Victor his suspicions regarding Clear Springs. Jack approaches Victor about his involvement in the death of Ji Min. Paul tells Maggie that he called April and she doesn't think that he should tell Heather. Phyllis begins her own investigation by contacting one of John Abbott's old cell mates. Paul calls Heather and asks to meet her to discuss something in person. A man tells Cane and Katherine that he knows what caused the collapse at Clear Springs.moreless
  • Ep. #8761
    Ep. #8761
    Episode 157
    Paul explains to Maggie that he plans to tell Heather that he's her father. Maggie stops by and asks Jill if she had anything to do with the leak to the press regarding Jack. Cane realizes that Jill did in fact leak the story, Jill said that she wanted answers of who killed Ji Min. Michael is against the idea of Gloria going on a date with Jeff. Michael comforts Lauren has a nightmare about Paul, Michael then calls Paul and Lauren asks him to come over so she can see for herself that he's okay. Heather and Cane enjoy drinks at the GCAC. Kevin flat out asks Jeff in front of Gloria what are his intentions towards his mother. Jill learns from Cane that he had drinks with Heather, Jill asks him if he likes her. Paul calls April and tells her that it's time to tell Heather the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #8760
    Ep. #8760
    Episode 156
    Jack gets another visit from his father's ghost, and tells him that he's thinking of stepping down as Senator, John tells Jack that he didn't raise no quitter. Jack and Victor accuse Maggie of leaking information. Everyone surprises Noah since that he can't go out for Halloween. J.T. lays into David and says that he'll pay if he finds he's responsible. Jack is determined to find out who leaked him to the press as the prime suspect to Ji Min's death. Nick takes Noah trick-or-treating around the hospital. Jana tells Phyllis that it's possible that John could've been not in the right mind when he cut Gloria out of the will. Victor goes the chapel and prays for Victoria. Jack comes to the conclusion that the dog hair may have come from Victor's dog Zappato.moreless
  • Ep. #8759
    Ep. #8759
    Episode 155
    The Newmans continue to worry about Victoria and Noah. Victor wants J.T. to tell him everything he saw in the garage before it collapsed. Amber checks in on Katherine to see how she's doing, Katherine then gives Amber a brooch that resembles the one that she put on her coat but was lost. Cane tells Amber that he feels bad for what he did by making her think that he wanted her back. Brad tells Logan if she can tell him some information about Victoria and the baby. Victor questions David about the kickbacks at Clear Springs. Maggie tells Jill that if there's a break in the case she'll be the second to know. Victor confronts Katherine and Cane and why they didn't shut down the garage.moreless
  • Ep. #8758
    Ep. #8758
    Episode 154
    Phyllis starts her first day in the work release program, Warden McQueen explains the rules about contact with her husband. Nick and Sharon learns that Noah could be released tomorrow. Victor calls in a specialist to look at Victoria's chart. Cane tells Katherine and Jill maybe the collapse was his fault. Sharon begins to show concern when Noah starts to forget things. Cane explains to J.T. that he will find out what happened at Clear Springs. Jill tells Jack that she knows what he did and that she won't let people forget it. Cane tells Lily that he thinks that he sealed Victoria's fate. Lauren tells Michael that her hands can't stop shaking. Victor explains to Jill and Katherine that he couldn't save his own daughter. Noah wants his father when he starts to have stomach pains.moreless
  • Ep. #8757
    Ep. #8757
    Episode 153
    Noah regains consciousness and Sharon tells him that they had to remove his spleen. Neil thanks Karen for showing up and lending him a helping hand. Dr. Ryan tells Nikki, Victor and J.T. that he's not sure when Victoria will ever wake up. Sharon learns from Jack that Brad's eyes where damaged in the explosion and she goes to check on him. Adrian asks Colleen if Victoria is alright. Paul and Maggie enjoy a romantic evening to keep their minds of their predicament. Nikki asks Dr. Ryan to do whatever it takes to bring Victoria back to them. Jack tells Noah that he's proud of him because of the way he handled things while being trapped. Lauren tells Michael the she almost lost it, if it weren't for Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #8756
    Ep. #8756
    Episode 152
    Nikki and Victor console each other when Victoria's purse was found in the debris. Nick and Sharon wait to hear news about Noah's surgery. Sharon anxiously awaits the identity of the dead body that was found which turns out to be Joe Boddington. Victor uses some of his technology to locate Adrian and Victoria. A explosion and everyone quickly takes cover. Victor then goes down and finds Jack and brings him out and that he is alive. The doctor says that Noah's surgery was successful and that witout a spleen he has to be monitored for the rest of his life. J.T. goes back down and finds Adrian and Victoria and she makes it out and a piece of rock hits her on the head and she falls down as Nikki and Victor watch.moreless
  • Ep. #8755
    Ep. #8755
    Episode 151
    Cane and J.T. tend to Katherine's shoulder. Amber comes to and starts to get out of the debris that's around her. Jill arrives and tells Nikki that Katherine and Cane are down there. J.T. and Cane find an elevator and they make it out. Amber is delighted when she finds Katherine and the two sit tight while waiting to be rescued. J.T. asks Nikki if she's seen Victoria yet. Cane tells the Incident Commander that he is more than qualified to go back down there and help with the rescue. Jack continues to scramble around looking for a way out, he then writes a goodbye letter to Sharon. Cane manages to reach Amber and Katherine, and since her shoulder is hurt she's lifted by a harness. Jill is relieved that Katherine is alright and is mad at Cane for making the whole thing up about being in a rescue team. Daniel and Kevin make a deal with Amber not to get in situations like this again.moreless
  • Ep. #8754
    Ep. #8754
    Episode 150
    Victor tells Nick to leave the rescuing to the professionals. Maggie tends to a injured Noah. Brad and David try to locate Victoria. Jack continues to gas for air while still being trapped. Lauren calls Michael and tells him that she and others are trapped in Clear Springs then the phone goes dead. Maggie watches as Paul tries to calm Lauren down while she has a panic attack. Michael feels helpless not being with his wife, Gloria tells him it's going to be alright. Jana distracts a guard while Phyllis makes another call. Rescue workers find Paul, Maggie, Lauren and Noah and everyone is glad that they are safe. Daniel and Kevin learn that Amber could be trapped down there. Katherine is shown as she regains consciousness.moreless
  • Ep. #8753
    Ep. #8753
    Episode 149
    Rescue attempts to save those who are trapped at Clear Springs. Jack and Nick put aside their differences in an attempt to save Sharon. Nikki and David hurry to go and see who is coming out of the collapsed structure and it's Nick and Sharon, they're even more shocked when they learn that Noah is down there.moreless
  • Ep. #8752
    Ep. #8752
    Episode 148
    Katherine can't believe when Nikki tells her that Victor is calling in his loan. Nick lays into Victor for treating his mother like this. Lauren is pleased that Amber came through with delivering the plans for her store. Maggie is surprised to learn from Lauren when she says that she and Paul used to be married. J.T. finds a crack in the cement at the parking garage at Clear Springs. Nick questions Jack on whether or not he killed Ji Min. Victoria is shocked at what Victor has done. J.T. shows Cane and Katherine the cracks and that fixing could cost a fortune. Nikki and David watch as the construction begins to collapse in front of them.moreless
  • Ep. #8751
    Ep. #8751
    Episode 147
    Phyllis is granted work release. Katherine tells Nikki to fight with every last ounce of courage that she has. Neil and Nick decide who Cane should call if there's an emergency. Phyllis shares her good news to Nick and Jack that she'll be at work very soon. Lauren tells Amber to deliver some important documents as she heads up to Clear Springs. Nikki is enraged when Victor tells her that he's calling in his loans. Nick is moved when Victor says that they will build that cradle for Victoria's baby. Michael tells Lauren that she has to wait until tomorrow before he can come up. Paul tells J.T. that Joe made a rather large deposit recently and is digging to see if there's a connection between him and David Chow.moreless
  • Ep. #8750
    Ep. #8750
    Episode 146
    Amber attempts to record her album by booking some studio time with some of the money that didn't "burn" at the GCAC. Victoria is touched when Victor gives her a baby naming book. Daniel enlists Amber to help him with something. Lily is saddened by memories of Daniel. Daniel tells Colleen that Amber says that Heather and Cane are together. Heather tells Lily that she and Cane are spending time together. J.T. talks with a foreman at Clear Springs and says it going along nicely. Jill tells Cane that age shouldn't be a problem if you really love someone, he then calls Lily, but Lily doesn't answer.moreless
  • Ep. #8749
    Ep. #8749
    Episode 145
    Maggie tells Jill that dog hair was found on Ji Min and it's possible that it came from Jack's dog, Fisher. Jill confronts Jack about the evidence against him. Michael is shocked when Gloria accepts a date with Jeff. Sharon questions Jack that Jill's accusation that this could ruin his career. Jeff confesses to Jill that William made the wrong choice in marrying Gloria. Phyllis asks Rev. Anderson to tell her about the last weeks of John Abbott's life. Jack gets as visit from his father and asks his advicemoreless
  • Ep. #8748
    Ep. #8748
    Episode 144
    Heather and Cane challenge Daniel and Amber to a two on two basket-ball game and the winners get the court. Jack tells Daniel that Phyllis' appeal was denied. Amber sneaks into the janitors closet and opens the vent and there is the rest of the missing money, she then sees Cane and Heather kissing outside. Jack is thrilled and tells Sharon that the ethics committee has delayed the investigation indefinitely. Warden McQueen tells Phyllis, Jana and the rest that the common room is now closed. Maggie stops by to see Jack and asks him why his dog's hair was on Ji Min's body.moreless
  • Ep. #8747
    Ep. #8747
    Episode 143
    Heather talks with Paul about her abusive stepfather. Maggie then tries to persuade Paul to tell Heather the truth. Jack sees the Chaplain while visiting Phyllis and realizes it's the same one that found his father's will in his pocket, the one he had John rewrite. David visits Jana in jail as to her request. Heather calls Macey's parents and they don't recall ever giving Adrian that particular piece. Michael and Jack go to Victor to try to get him to get Phyllis out of jail as soon as possible. Adrian admits to Heather that Macey's parents didn't give him that, and that she brought it to class one day.moreless
  • Ep. #8746
    Ep. #8746
    Episode 142
    Jeff tells Maggie that he's wondering what William wanted his help with. Lauren throws a surprise party for Nick. Michael tells Phyllis the good news that she could be home within a few hours. While Colleen helps Heather with Gothic Architecture she spots a porcelain figurine that her roommate Macey had before she committed suicide, Adrian says that her parents gave it to him. Gloria goes to see Jeff at the GCAC and admits to her that he has been lying to her. Kevin tells Jana that he has a plan to get her out of jail.moreless
  • Ep. #8745
    Ep. #8745
    Episode 141
    Victor and Nikki tell Nick and Victoria that they are getting a divorce. Dean LaMont approaches Adrian to teach Gothic Architecture. Brad tells Colleen that he will no longer take away any financial support from her. J.T. tells Paul that David is our "Shark" to wait and see if he takes the bite. Heather helps Colleen when she accidentally spills something on someone's jacket. Adrian is then surprised when Heather say that she is going to be one of his new students.moreless
  • Ep. #8744
    Ep. #8744
    Episode 140
    Lily and Devon are upset that Neil invited Karen to ice cream night, when Karen arrives wearing a hat that looks like Dru's, Lily leaves the room. Karen is then speechless when she realizes that it actually is one of Drucilla's hats that Neil gave to a thrift store. Jack meets with Katherine at the GCAC and to pretend to be the innocent victim in all of this, and later shares with Jill what Jack just told her. Karen decides to give the hat to Lily. After Karen leaves Neil then yells at Lily and Devon for treating Karen unfairly. Jack sits down with Maggie and Heather and says that he was with Ji Min the day that he died. Maggie tells Paul that dog hair was found on Ji Min and Jack has no idea that we know.moreless
  • Ep. #8743
    Ep. #8743
    Episode 139
    Victor tells Nikki that he will keep their divorce private for now. Jack tells Det. Sullivan that he isn't answering anymore questions without a lawyer present. Nick tells Brad how much he really hates him.
  • Ep. #8742
    Ep. #8742
    Episode 138
    Lily calls Colleen for advice about Cane. David tells Nikki that Victor bought into the mineral drilling at Clear Springs. Amber asks Kevin if someone can cover her shift to cover for her, so she calls Daniel and says that she is free. Nikki confronts Victor about his deception regarding Clear Springs. Victoria doesn't know what to say when she gets a text message from J.T. asking her to marry him. Victor and Nikki agree to divorce. Lily, Colleen, Cane, Amber and Daniel all end up having dinner at the Athletic Club. Victoria says yes to J.T.'s proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #8741
    Ep. #8741
    Episode 137
    Jill asks Jeff if William was close to solving the Jabot case. Lily calls Colleen and tells her that Neil invited Cane to have dinner with her family. Gloria tells Kevin that he has to steal that jar of cream before Jeff can put the pieces together. Jack apologizes to Sharon for his behavior and they both order a pizza, but Sharon gets a call from Brad and she says that she can't talk right now. Michael tells Gloria that Jeff plans on fighting her for the right to her inheritance.moreless
  • Ep. #8740
    Ep. #8740
    Episode 136
    Sharon tells Phyllis that she'll handle her marriage and that she should focus on her own. Victoria is delighted that Abby is visiting Brad for a few days and learns that Ashley is engaged to Ridge Forrester. Victor tells Jack that he should hand over his casino to him in case he might need money for his legal fees. Nikki tells Cane that they should hold off on borrowing any more money. Colleen says that she do a school project on Cane in order to spend time with him. Lily begins to see a charming side to Cane. Victoria says that she isn't ready to receive baby clothes from Nikki, Nikki says that she'll keep them until she's ready. Sharon enlists Noah's help in helping in surprising Jack with a gift.moreless
  • Ep. #8739
    Ep. #8739
    Episode 135
    Jack and Nick get into it with each other. Sharon confides in Neil that she and Nick kissed, but Sharon is surprised when Neil told Nick to back off. Colleen tries to persuade Lily to get involved with Cane despite their age difference. Colleen invites Brad to come and have dinner with her and Adrian, but it turns out to be disastrous. Noah wants to know why Nick and Jack are fighting. Lily becomes jealous when Cane is seen to be training another girl and tells Colleen about it.moreless
  • Ep. #8738
    Ep. #8738
    Episode 134
    Phyllis is devastated when Nick tells her that he kissed Sharon when they where locked in the vault. Neil and Karen embark on a kickboxing rematch. Noah shows Jack the present that he made for his screensaver on his computer which shows photos of them as a happy family. Brad tells Victoria that when J.T. goes out of town that she can call him if she needs anything. J.T. secretly makes plans to propose to Victoria. Jack goes to see Phyllis and she asks him if he can forgive Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #8737
    Ep. #8737
    Episode 133
    Jill is horrified to learn that Ji Min may have been murdered. Jana proves herself to Phyllis when she helps her put a call through to Nick, Nick learns that Jana is Phyllis' new cell mate. Jana tells Kevin that she wishes that she where dead and that Carmen was the killer. Jack calls out for his father hoping to get some advice when he thinks that Sharon betrayed him. Phyllis tries to get Warden McQueen to consider getting a new cell mate other than Jana. Jack tells Sharon that he overheard her and Brad's conversation and that he knows about the kiss with Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #8736
    Ep. #8736
    Episode 132
    Michael questions Gloria on where Victor got the DVD. Determined not to let her out of his life, Brad makes certain that Jack hears Sharon admitting to her kiss with Nick. Lauren is upset with Michael, and issues him an ultimatum. Victor tells Nikki that he will leave her with nothing. Warden McQueen sees Phyllis score a phone card from Charlene. Jeff brings the stuff that William sent him, Gloria is hoping the jar of cream is in the box.moreless
  • Ep. #8735
    Ep. #8735
    Episode 131
    Kevin and Gloria try to destroy the evidence that would connect them to the Glo-by-Jabot scandal. Jeff shocks Gloria with the news that William left a package with him.
  • Ep. #8734
    Ep. #8734
    Episode 130
    Jack says that he is going through with the press conference. Kevin learns that Jana was transfered to Jackson Penitentiary. Victor watches Jack's possible downfall. Nikki tells David that she's worried that she's going to lose everything if the project fails. Kevin tells Jana that he'll get her out of jail if he has to break her out. Jack sees as Traci shows up for the press conference to lend him some support.moreless
  • Ep. #8733
    Ep. #8733
    Episode 129
    J.T. and Paul discuss him being undercover at Clear Springs and that their fight at Indigo was all a ruse. Victoria and J.T. spend a passionate afternoon not talking about work. Noah tells Jack that he's never going to forgive him for lying to him. Noah says to Jack that he still loves him and then forgives him. Jack and Sharon are shocked when the DVD is being shown on the news.moreless
  • Ep. #8732
    Ep. #8732
    Episode 128
    Michael learns that Gloria gave Victor the DVD of Jack admitting that he owned Jabot, he then pours water all over Kevin's computer as Kevin watches. Phyllis tells Nick about Victor's offer to get her an early release from prison if she turns on Jack. Jack prepares a live press conference to tell the truth about owning Jabot. Nick then goes to Victor and says that if he can get his wife out of jail then to do it right away. Cane offers to take Lily to a concert and then to a club and is then surprised when Cane realizes that she's only 19 years old.moreless
  • Ep. #8731
    Ep. #8731
    Episode 127
    Phyllis encourages Jack to come clean about the Jabot scandal while visiting her in prison. Victor tells Neil that he is certain that Jack will be found guilty. Sharon secretly meets with Brad at the GCAC to have dinner. Gloria can't wait to see Jack get exactly what he deserves with the help of the DVD that Kevin. Brad tells Sharon that what they shared together is real and is still there. Phyllis is surprised when Victor visits her and tells her that she can get an early release into a work release program if she testifies against Jack. Sharon is happy when Jack decides to tell the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #8730
    Ep. #8730
    Episode 126
    Jack shares Sharon's disappointment. Jill vows to discover the cause of Ji Min's death. Michael informs Daniel, Kevin and Amber that each have two years probation and 90 hours of community service. Phyllis is ecstatic to learn that Daniel isn't going to jail. Nick continues to find a way to see his wife. Gloria wants the disc of Jack admitting the he owned Jabot anonymously so it won't get traced back to her.moreless
  • Ep. #8729
    Ep. #8729
    Episode 125
    Amber and Daniel are saddened by Cane's intimate moment with Lily. Devon tells Neil to pursue Karen. Colleen wants Amber and Daniel to leave Lily's divorce party. Heather tells Amber, Kevin and Daniel that the stolen money was in a fire at the hotel. Lily gives Colleen some advice Devon becomes jealous when he sees Lily and Cane at the piano. Neil goes back to Indigo and he and Karen share kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #8728
    Ep. #8728
    Episode 124
    Paul fires J.T. after seeing him at Indigo with Victoria instead of being on a stakeout and doing his job. Jana tells Kevin that she decides to give up her will for freedom. Daniel refuses to crash Lily's divorce party. Jill thanks Amber for rescuing her from the steam room. Daniel and Amber go to the party and they see Cane and Lily kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #8727
    Ep. #8727
    Episode 123
    Victor becomes angry at Nikki when she cancels a meeting. Cane invites Heather to the party at Indigo. Lily and Colleen try to think of a theme for the party. Amber sets the shredded money on fire and goes back to the hotel, where she puts the burned money back in the heat duct and lights a match. Victor, Nick and Victoria see David and Nikki in their robes as they leave the hotel. Amber rescues Jill from the steam room.moreless
  • Ep. #8726
    Ep. #8726
    Episode 122
    Michael says to Amber, Kevin and Daniel that if they don't pay they got to jail. Nikki and David make love. Amber lies to Daniel about finding the money. Jack gets a visit from his father's ghost. Victoria tells Victor that if he isn't careful he's going to lose Nikki for good. Gloria stuns Amber when she announces that she is going to give her the share of the money.moreless
  • Ep. #8725
    Ep. #8725
    Episode 121
    Lily comes by and thinks that she caught Daniel and Amber while into something. Adrian gets nervous when Heather comes into the Athletic Club and talking with Gina, he then asks Colleen to leave with him. Amber and Daniel make a pact that they are through with relationships and sex. Lily and Daniel sign divorce papers. Brad tells Sharon that he is going to give her love and support. Amber tells Daniel her theory that Ji Min had the money. Amber and Daniel to get the same room that Ji Min was in, but run into Carson in the hotel lobby. Lily goes to Colleen for a shoulder to cry on as she says that she saw Daniel and Amber, Colleen says that things will get better. Amber goes into Ji Min's hotel finds the stolen money in the heat duct.moreless
  • Ep. #8724
    Ep. #8724
    Episode 120
    Victor gloats as Jack is put in a miserable position. Nick wants Noah out of the Abbott mansion. Nikki asks Victor about releasing the tape. Jack announces the recording is a fake. Katherine wants to hold a press conference claiming that she bought back Jabot not knowing that Jack owned it. Victor tells Jack that he is going to be investigated for his conduct as a senator.moreless
  • Ep. #8723
    Ep. #8723
    Episode 119
    Noah tells Nick that he doesn't want to do anything else today except see Phyllis. Nikki realizes that Jack is only out to protect himself. Jill goes to Victor and asks him to release the tape of Jack admitting that he owned Jabot. Nikki and Katherine try to figure out a way to keep the tape from being released to the press. Warden McQueen tells Michael that Nick is to be banned from the prison indefinitely after learning that Nick is Phyllis's husband. Victor watches as the tape is played on the news.moreless
  • Ep. #8722
    Ep. #8722
    Episode 118
    Nikki, David and Jack are stunned to learn of Ji Min's death. Jana learns that not all of the tumor was removed and that it looks like she's out of the woods, Kevin is pleased with the news. Nikki and David try to cover their tracks by trying to get Carter Campbell not to publish what he told him earlier. Kevin and Jana make plans to go on a cross country trip. Det. Sullivan tells a horrified Jill that Ji Min's larynx and windpipe where crushed and that he suffocated. Jack tries to comfort Jill, but Cane tells him to get out and that he isn't wanted.moreless
  • Ep. #8721
    Ep. #8721
    Episode 117
    A jailed Phyllis awaits news about Summer. Amber calls Michael for help, while Cane and Katherine comfort Jill. Logan gives Nick good news that Summer's fever broke. Phyllis attempts to make a call to Nick but Warden McQueen hangs up the phone.
  • Ep. #8720
    Ep. #8720
    Episode 116
    Phyllis is arrested at the hospital. David and Nikki continue flirting. Jack shares his concerns with Sharon. Summer is diagnosed with an infection. Jill finds Amber standing over Ji Min's body.
  • Ep. #8719
    Ep. #8719
    Episode 115
    David encourages Jack to confess. Katherine tries to convince Jill to halt Ji Min's interview. Phyllis decides not to report to jail when Summer's health worsens. Michael tells Phyllis that she has to report to the authorities. Amber calls Katherine to tell her that Ji Min stole the money but she tells her not to call her. Amber then realizes that Carson took the stole 100 dollar bill from her bag. Katherine approaches Amber about proving that Ji Min took the money.moreless
  • Ep. #8718
    Ep. #8718
    Episode 114
    Amber asks Daniel to aid in her search for the missing money. Phyllis has a goodbye barbecue with her family. Kay is becoming suspicious of Victor's recent actions.
  • Ep. #8717
    Ep. #8717
    Episode 113
    Heather offers Amber a deal one that she can't refuse. Jill offers to take Ji Min back. Amber visits Gloria to acquire the missing money. Cane cautions Ji Min to stay away from Jill and if he does he'll break his legs. Jill tells Jack that she hates him for bringing Ji Min into her life.moreless
  • Ep. #8716
    Ep. #8716
    Episode 112
    Noah is angry at Sharon and Brad after reading about their affair online. Phyllis and Nikki argue over who will be taking care of Summer. Michael informs Kevin about what happened in the court. Phyllis is sentenced to six years. Jana panics before her surgery. Noah tells Sharon and Jack that until Phyllis gets out of prison he'll be living with Nick. Nick tells Nikki not to speak a bad thing about Phyllis in Summer's presence or else she'll never see her again. Paul tells Maggie that Heather can never find out that he is her father. Brad tells Colleen that she has a friend in surgery and offers to be there for her. Jana has a setback while in surgery. Phyllis is speechless when Summer calls her Mama.moreless
  • Ep. #8715
    Ep. #8715
    Episode 111
    Lily can't understand why Sharon would defend Phyllis. Noah calls Phyllis to see that she is alright. Phyllis makes a video for Summer. Sharon explains to Neil why she defended Phyllis on the stand in court. Nick offers to help With Daniel's finances when he heads to trial. Kevin gives Jana the good news that she will be operated on. Adrian offers Colleen to move in with him. Kevin calls for help as Jana has another seizure.moreless
  • Ep. #8714
    Ep. #8714
    Episode 110
    Phyllis tells Nick that she doesn't want him at her sentencing. Daniel and Nick take the stand and speak to Judge Robert Chong on Phyllis's behalf. Brad, Nikki, Neil and Lily give statements against Phyllis. Lily tells Neil and Devon that she wants to stay for the outcome of Phyllis's sentencing. Phyllis takes the stand and says that she admits that she's guilty and probably should go to jail.moreless
  • Ep. #8713
    Ep. #8713
    Episode 109
    Katherine preps Cane on the meeting with Victor. Victor tells Neil that if Nikki had any self judgement that she would come alone to the meeting. Nikki admits that she obtained a loan from Victor by using her marital assets. Noah asks Sharon if she would take him to see Phyllis in prison if she goes. Sharon tells Neil that she is falling for Nick again. Jill confides in Cane that it's possible that Ji Min has been lying to her this whole time, Cane then tells Jill that his marriage to Amber wasn't real and that she faked the whole thing also that she knew that he was her son. Ji Min confesses the truth to Jill which completely devastates her and tells him that it's over. Sharon surprises Jack with a new video camera. Phyllis says to Nick that if she gets the maximum sentence she wants Nick to divorce her and move on with his life.moreless
  • Ep. #8712
    Ep. #8712
    Episode 108
    Katherine tells Michael that she wants to change her will and disinherit Jill. Michael assures Kevin that if Jana dies due to complications there will be a lawsuit. Nick asks Nikki what the real deal with her and David. Jana calls Korbel and asks to meet with him.
  • Ep. #8711
    Ep. #8711
    Episode 107
    Jana tells Adrian that Brad's real name was George Kaplan. Jack sets up a treasure hunt for Sharon throughout Genoa City. Colleen confirms to Adrian that what Jana told him was the truth. Logan tells Brad that she has taken a job in Malawi. Nick tries to calm Phyllis down at the possibility that she might go to jail. Colleen tells Adrian that it's up to her if he can use certain information in Adrian's book. Jack's surprise for Sharon is a trip to Paris, to go on their honeymoon that they never had, another surprise is that he is allowing Noah to come along as well. Kevin sneaks into Jana's hospital room and the two get cozy on her bed.moreless
  • Ep. #8710
    Ep. #8710
    Episode 106
    Noah tells Sharon that he wants to be with Phyllis and not to play with his friends. Colleen that Brad donated that painting to get him from getting the curator position. Noah tells Daniel that he thought that he didn't want to hang out with him since his Mom testified against his. Phyllis tells Judge Chong that he coming back should count for something.moreless
  • Ep. #8709
    Ep. #8709
    Episode 105
    Sharon assures Ben that she would never do anything that would hurt Jack. Jack suspects Sharon. Jana wants Kevin to help her get a great attorney. Ben warns Jack that he's losing the popularity in the polls. Phyllis learns from Michael that Heather knew about her trying to escape from the law. Jana learns that the risk of having the surgery could kill her.moreless
  • Ep. #8708
    Ep. #8708
    Episode 104
    Phyllis is found guilty of blackmailing Brad. Judge Robert Chong says that Phyllis will stay released on bail and that she surrender her passport. Gina consoles Daniel in his time of need and he sees Lily and she tells him that she's glad it's overwith. Noah bursts at Sharon and says it's her fault that Phyllis might go to jail and that he doesn't want to live with her anymore. Neil, Devon and Lily remember Dru. Devon tells Neil that Phyllis should be charged for Dru's death. Jack becomes suspicious of Sharon of wanting Phyllis to actually go to jail. Brad reveals to Heather that the reason that Phyllis was late for the verdict is that she left town and wasn't planning on returning.moreless
  • Ep. #8707
    Ep. #8707
    Episode 103
    J.T. learns the gender of Victoria's baby, he then has some fun keeping her from finding out. Michael cuts a deal with Heather. Phyllis shows up in court. Cane takes measures to make sure that his marriage never happened. Phyllis learns that Daniel was fired from Newman and Nick explains the reason for it. Katherine confides in Amber that she was on to her from the moment that she first met her and that it didn't stop her from liking her.moreless
  • Ep. #8706
    Ep. #8706
    Episode 102
    The Judge tells Michael to produce his client or he'll face contempt charges. Kevin calls for help as Jana has another seizure. Katherine agrees to help Nikki. Kevin blackmails Gloria.
  • Ep. #8705
    Ep. #8705
    Episode 101
    Cane tells Nikki that he is stopping the construction on Clear Springs. Nick and Sharon kiss while still being trapped in the vault. Lily asks Devon to help her find a date. Victoria is furious with Victor for the way he treated Nikki. Sharon and Nick are freed. Devon's feelings for Lily continue to grow as he makes plans for him and her, but he is devastated when he learns that she already has a date. Michael gets a phone call saying that the verdict is in.moreless
  • Ep. #8704
    Ep. #8704
    Episode 100
    Cane puts his authority into motion. Daniel asks Jack for a personal favor. Sharon and Nick end up trapped in a old vault, as the tensions between them rises. Lily asks Devon to fix her up with one of his friends. Neil learns that Daniel is working for Jack Abbott.
  • Ep. #8703
    Ep. #8703
    Episode 99
    Gloria meets William's twin brother Jeff Bardwell. Lily, Colleen decide to go to Indigo to have some fun. Daniel and Amber see Cane and Lily together. Jill tells Katherine that she is starting a new venture with Ji Min. Cane tells Amber that she doesn't want him as her enemy. Katherine offers Ji Min money if he never sees Jill again. Daniel gives Lily the keys to the apartment and that he isn't going to contest the divorce and that he is sorry for everything. After Jeff leaves, Gloria tells Michael and Lauren that she thinks the only reason he's in town is cause he's after the money that William left her.moreless
  • Ep. #8702
    Ep. #8702
    Episode 98
    Amber asks Neil if she can sing in his club, but he refuses. Daniel goes to Nick for a job and that he is desperate and will do anything. Kevin lays into Michael when he learns that he is helping Heather convict Jana. Amber is heartbroken as Cane reveals that he was just pretending that he still cared for her, Cane tells her how she likes being treated that way. Kevin stuns Michael when he says the he is selling Crimson Lights to pay for Jana's surgery. Gloria faints when she sees someone that resembles William enters the party.moreless
  • Ep. #8701
    Ep. #8701
    Episode 97
    Lily talks to Colleen about her marriage. Amber is shocked when all things go wrong -- Cane doesn't want to hear from her, her membership from the club has been cut off, and Gina doesn't give her a job at the bar. Katherine is shocked when Jill tells her she got engaged to Ji Min, and she refuses to have anything to do with the man. Jill won't listen to her. Cane breaks off the fight between the three. Kevin visits Jana at the hospital and learns that they put her in restraints, and that she won't be needing surgery. Gloria continues preparing William's party. Kevin is shocked when his mother won't give him any money to pay for Jana's surgery. Colleen visits Jana in the hospital. While visiting a porn site in the Newman offices, the server crashes and Daniel finds himself trapped so Neil fires him.moreless
  • Ep. #8700
    Ep. #8700
    Episode 96
    Amber questions Jill about the money that was buried on the Chancellor Estate. Nick is trying to find out if Phyllis is actually guilty or not. Nick makes a call to see if he can get custody of Summer if Phyllis is thinking of skipping town. Daniel still wants to work on their marriage, but Lily is convinced that it's over between them. Cane lays into Amber for accusing Jill of keeping the money. Lily tells Devon that she is filing for divorce from Daniel. Daniel goes to Michael for some legal advice. Michael tries to get Daniel to admit that he is an addict, when he won't Michael tells him to get out, Daniel screams out that he is an addict and that he does need help.moreless
  • Ep. #8699
    Ep. #8699
    Episode 95
    A videotape of Phyllis blackmailing Brad is played for the jury. Micheal tells Phyllis to take the stand to do some damage control. Lily asks Cane if Amber, Daniel and Kevin are keeping the money some where. Brad tells Victor that going public with Phyllis' extortion was Nikki's idea. David accuses Victor of trying to run him off the road, Victor tells David if he wanted him dead he would be. Brad is beside himself when Victor takes him off the project and gives it to Devon.moreless
  • Ep. #8698
    Ep. #8698
    Episode 94
    Kevin calls Det. Sullivan and tells her that if you locate John Bonacheck you'll find Cane. A scared Amber lies to Bonacheck and says that the money is in an old abandoned silo. Daniel tells Bonacheck that he has the money and to come to Kevin's apartment only if he doesn't harm Amber. Jack and Sharon come to dinner at Neil's. Paul and Det. Sullivan learn that Kevin and Daniel's GPS where disarmed. Paul then realizes that they're up to something. Cane, Amber and Carson quickly try to untied so they can find away out before Bonacheck comes back. Nick lays into Phyllis about her not giving him a straight answer about Daniel's misdeeds and tells her he's sick of it. Ji Min consoles Jill as she afraid that Cane might end up getting hurt. Cane and Amber able to get loose and leaves Carson. Bonacheck tells Daniel to give him his money, Maggie and Paul arrive and tells Bonacheck to drop his weapon. Daniel and Kevin are arrested. Jill lashes out at Amber for taking advantage of Cane and embarrassing her family's name, she is then arrested. Sharon comforts as Neil is heartbroken by memories of his past with Dru. Michael is able to get Kevin, Amber and Daniel out on bail. Daniel calls Lily, but she doesn't want to hear him say that he loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #8697
    Ep. #8697
    Episode 93
    Michael tells Phyllis that Heather doesn't have a piece of evidence against her. Cane does his best so save Amber, and prepares to exchange the ransom money. As Phyllis' trial continues, Neil, Sharon and Nikki take a stand. Nick tells Sharon that he had everything with her and that he threw it all away. David tells Nikki that he has found a way to make sure that Phyllis goes to jail for a long time. Cane sees Amber and learns that her kidnapper is John Bonacheck.moreless
  • Ep. #8696
    Ep. #8696
    Episode 92
    Opening statements are exchanged at Phyllis's trial. Devon tells Daniel that he'll be glad when Lily finally dumps him. Cane asks for Jill and Katherine's help with finding money for a ransom. Daniel is able to get that GPS off his ankle. Neil confronts Carson and tells him why he has a file on Daniel, Amber and Kevin. Daniel finds a note that says get rid of the Federal Agent and give him the money or else Amber dies, Daniel then asks Kevin when the note was planted.moreless
  • Ep. #8695
    Ep. #8695
    Episode 91
    Phyllis informs Michael and Lauren that Nick won't be attending her trial. Gloria plans a fancy funeral for Will. John Bonacheck investigates the money used in Genoa City, and both Kevin and Daniel lie. Colleen returns from a visit to her mother. Adrian gives her a word of advice. Neil confronts Daniel after Lily tells him the entire truth about Plum. A locked Amber screams for help.moreless
  • Ep. #8694
    Ep. #8694
    Episode 90
    Kevin informs Daniel and Lily that Amber has been kidnapped. Kay is surprised to learn that Nikki left Victor. Phyllis is glad when Nick agrees to be at the trial. Neil warns David to watch his back around Victor. Nick tells Sharon he's not going on their trip. Phyllis and Sharon have an another fight. Victor blames Michael for letting Kay buy Jabot at the wrong time. Kevin and Daniel inform Cane about Amber's disappearance. They find out that their money has been dug up. Nick refuses to choose between Victor and Nikki. Phyllis is hurt by Nick's action and wants him far away from her trial.moreless
  • Ep. #8693
    Ep. #8693
    Episode 89
    Lily, Daniel and Devon report a crime at their place to Maggie. Carson tells Kevin that someone broke into his place. Cane finally confronts Amber about her little marriage-trick, and refuses to forgive her. Kevin pays a psych ward employee to bring him a daily update on Jana. He returns home and finds his place trashed too. Michael urges Phyllis to call Nick and Daniel to the trial. Daniel finally admits the truth about Plum to Lily. Phyllis and Cane get to know each other. Michael confronts Nick about not attending Phyllis' trial.moreless
  • Ep. #8692
    Ep. #8692
    Episode 88
    Cane finally realizes that Amber tricked him into marriage. Victoria and Brad sign their divorce papers. Amber, Daniel and Kevin are worried over the fact that Carson knows so much about them, and they find out more info about his past. Meanwhile, Carson continues plotting against them. Brad asks Logan out for a drink. Jill tells Amber about eloping with Ji Min. Jana wants to talk to Kevin, but when Kevin arrives, she becomes delusional. Kevin finds out about Jana's whereabouts after what she did to him, and it makes him even more mad. Daniel wants to attend therapy with Lily. They return home and find their place trashed and an unconscious Devon lying on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #8691
    Ep. #8691
    Episode 87
    Victor works against Nikki, but then later decides not to do anything. Nikki rejects David's offer for dinner. Brad and Logan get stuck in an elevator and suddenly become much more closer. Nick and Phyllis start making out, but Nick backs out before anything else can happen. Amber snoops through Carson's stuff and learns more about his plans. Meanwhile, Kevin tries to distract Carson so Amber and Daniel would have enough time to research Carson's place.moreless
  • Ep. #8690
    Ep. #8690
    Episode 86
    Carson tells Amber and Cane that he just found out that Plum is dead, and also says that he recognized Amber from the web site. Cane continue investigating Amber. Jill and Ji Min decide to elope together and get married. Gloria is trying to deal with William's death. Nick wants not to Phyllis be in the Cassie-benefit, so she tells Jack about it. Sharon gives Logan a rent-free house. Daniel tries to confess the entire truth to Lily, but she won't listen to him. Kevin wants to take down Jana. Victor is mad at Michael for ruining the plan to bring down Jack, but Michael blames Victor's disappearance as a reason for failure.moreless
  • Ep. #8689
    Ep. #8689
    Episode 85
    Jana tries to persuade Michael to represent her at court. Michael tells Heather that he will do everything in his power to put Jana behind bars. Kevin learns that Jana is not fit to handle trial due to her tumor. Cane continues investigating the day he got married to Amber in Las Vegas. Carson shows Cane a picture of Garrett/Plum and says that he is Amber's ex. Amber makes up another lie and Cane seems to believe her. Nikki tells Victor that she is going to leave him. Then Victor tells Nick that he is going to take down N.V.P. and strip Nikki of everything she ever had.moreless
  • Ep. #8688
    Ep. #8688
    Episode 84
    Nikki acquires money from Kay to buy Victor's shares of N.V.P. and finally becomes the owner. David and Nikki say goodbye to each other as he leaves town. Victor confronts Jack about owning Jabot, but he turns the tables on Victor by saying that he sold Jabot to Kay, and Victor is surprised to realize that Nikki didn't say anything about it. Nikki is angry to learn that Victor sold her his shares of N.V.P. only to get revenge on Jack, so she rushes to stop David from leaving and asks him to work on her Clear Springs project. Victor confronts Ji Min about betraying everyone. Michael, Kevin, Paul and Maggie deal with William's death. Gloria realizes William has a lot of money left.moreless
  • Ep. #8687
    Ep. #8687
    Episode 83
    Kevin and Amber plot on how to get rid of Carson. Daniel wants out of their deal and offers to give them his share of money. Amber finally admits who Plum actually is. Neil doesn't like Karen's business ideas, but when Victor stands by Karen's side, Neil apologizes and asks Karen out to dinner. Victor still refuses to sell his shares of N.V.P. to Nikki. Nikki and David almost kiss. Gloria tells William she will confess everything if he gets better, and then William surprises everyone by writing that he loves Gloria. When they return home, Gloria is shocked to find William dead in his chair.moreless
  • Ep. #8686
    Ep. #8686
    Episode 82
    Lily confides in Neil about Daniel's problems, and he offers help if she wants to divorce the guy. Brad wants his family to keep quiet about his secrets around Korbel. J.T. gives Victoria a present and they have sex. Michael wants William to know that he is protecting his family, and he is surprised to find weird notes from William.moreless
  • Ep. #8685
    Ep. #8685
    Episode 81
    Kevin lies to various people about the suitcase full of money that Jana mentioned. Jana informs Kevin that she has a brain tumor. Korbel is mad at Colleen for being a part of Kevin's plan. Amber, Kevin and Daniel are worried when Carson continues searching for Plum. Korbel tells Colleen about finding out that Brad Carlton's mother is actually dead. Lily realizes Colleen kept a secret from her. Daniel attends another therapy session.moreless
  • Ep. #8684
    Ep. #8684
    Episode 80
    Paul is excited to learn that his daughter Heather Stuart arrived in Genoa City. He tells Maggie that Heather doesn't know that he is her father. Michael, Colleen and Daniel try to convince Kevin to let Jana live, and even Kevin can't get himself to kill Jana. Maggie arrives and arrests Jana, who finally decides to tell the truth. At the hospital, Kevin thinks Jana is faking her injury. Michael informs Phyllis that the trial is still active. Cane shows Amber the marriage certificate and shows the signature that can't be his, but she tells him he was too drunk to remember writing it, and he actually believes her. Later, in the bar, Cane shares a drink with Logan, who decides to go back into medicine.moreless
  • Ep. #8683
    Ep. #8683
    Episode 79
    Jana tries to convince Kevin to play by her rules, but he decides to make things go his way. He lets Colleen out of the closet and then she suggests they should burn the place down with Jana inside. Jana panics and has a seizure. Michael pressures Daniel into discovering where Kevin is. They arrive just in time to stop Kevin from shooting Jana. Neil helps Karen to settle in Dru's old office. Logan learns that her apartment burned down. Nick decides to move back in with Phyllis.moreless
  • Ep. #8682
    Ep. #8682
    Episode 78
    Sharon and Jack search for Noah, who ran away. Phyllis finds Noah at the ranch and shares a story from the past to convince Noah to return home. Once they get back home, Noah tells Sharon that he wants to stay with Phyllis. Ji Min proposes to Jill and she's enthused, but Kay doesn't share the same opinion. Jana meets with Kevin and points a gun at him when she realizes Colleen is there too. Kevin locks Colleen in the closet and hugs Jana, and then chloroforms her face.moreless
  • Ep. #8681
    Ep. #8681
    Episode 77
    Kevin is furious because Jana won't meet him. Karen meets Neil at Indigo for a date. Victor offers Karen a job at Newman. Devon learns that Daniel was caught in a strip club. Cane continues researching Amber's past.
  • Ep. #8680
    Ep. #8680
    Episode 76
    Kevin tells Jana about the money he has for them. Colleen catches Kevin, Amber and Daniel digging up the money and they make up a lie to convince her to keep quiet. Nick tells Logan he'd like his old life back. Jack realizes there is still attraction between Sharon and Nick. Lily tells Devon she'd like to have Daniel back in her life.moreless
  • Ep. #8679
    Ep. #8679
    Episode 75
    Maggie shares with Victor and Nikki her suspicion that Nick's accident was no accident. Later, Victor is furious to hear that David and Nikki implied Jack had connections to organized crime, believing that, since Nikki was originally supposed to be using the plane, she may have been the target. Nick stops by to see Phyllis, asking her what they have in common. Phyllis tells him about their video game time together, and they challenge each other to a game. An injured Kevin tries desperately to reach Jana from the warehouse, and finally manages to connect with her. She begs him to return to the hospital. Maggie and Paul head over to see Gloria and Will in the search for Kevin, and Michael is happy to accept their help.moreless
  • Ep. #8678
    Ep. #8678
    Episode 74
    After questioning Lauren about it, Cane calls Brooke Logan and learns more about Amber's past. Daniel goes to see a therapist who suggests bringing Lily to a session too. Maggie tells Kevin that she put up security around the hospital to prevent Jana from visiting him. Kevin tells Jana he's coming for her. Korbel and Colleen make up.moreless
  • Ep. #8677
    Ep. #8677
    Episode 73
    Nick moves in with Logan in his and Sharon's old house. Nick apologizes to Sharon and Jack. Jack comforts Sharon. Nick tells Logan he'd like to get back with Sharon. Colleen and Korbel argue over Kevin's plan to bring Jana back to Genoa City. Jana doesn't believe that Kevin had an accident, but Colleen makes sure she realizes it's true. Lily is caught red-handed. Although she's mad at him, Gloria decides to help out her son. Lily thinks of getting back with Daniel, but she still isn't sure if she should trust him. Cane finds Daniel's bail ticket in the car.moreless
  • Ep. #8676
    Ep. #8676
    Episode 72
    Kevin pleads with Colleen to take a picture of him in the car accident. A skeptical Colleen listens to him, and then Kevin is taken away to the hospital. Kevin tells Gloria that he had the accident only to bring Jana back to Genoa City. Colleen informs Lily about the accident and Kevin's plan. After Nick tells Phyllis that he can't move in with her, Nikki tells Phyllis that she thinks Nick is happy without her in his life. Lily tells Daniel that she misses him and asks him to move back home. William wants Gloria to confess, but she pretends not to know what he's talking about. Also, William writes 'You know' to Lauren.moreless
  • Ep. #8675
    Ep. #8675
    Episode 71
    Kevin plans to stage a car accident, only to draw Jana back to Genoa City. Daniel is seen at at bar and asks a woman named Caper to sit at his table. David wants to know where does he stand with Nikki now that Victor is back. Daniel gets caught underage drinking. Lily helps Amber get a sale at the Boutique. Nick tells Victor that Phyllis is trying too hard to jog his memory of their life together. Daniel calls Amber saying that was arrested at a strip club and asks her to bail him out.moreless
  • Ep. #8674
    Ep. #8674
    Episode 70
    Amber tries to persuade Kevin to let her have some of the buried money. The fight between Victor and Nikki is delayed as they take care of their son. Noah learns that Nick is alive. Amber wants 1,000 dollars from Cane and she is then told that he gave his bonus check to his Uncle in Australia. Phyllis tries to make Nick remember their marriage with a video. Victor comes face to face with David.moreless
  • Ep. #8673
    Ep. #8673
    Episode 69
    Korbel disapproves of Colleen and Kevin's plan. Victor appears at the hospital. Abby takes the blame for Victoria and Brad's divorce. Brad thanks Victoria for calming Abby down. Phyllis brings Summer to see Nick. Kevin and Colleen think of a way to lure Jana back to Genoa City but getting her to think that Kevin is seriously hurt. Brad finds Victoria's appointment card with Dr. Okamura on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #8672
    Ep. #8672
    Episode 68
    Nikki learns that her son is alive. Sharon is shocked to learn that Nick thinks they are still married. Maggie and Paul try to contact William. Phyllis arrives at the hospital and kisses and is then shocked when he pushes her away and asks for his 'wife', Sharon.
  • Ep. #8671
    Ep. #8671
    Episode 67
    Jana calls Colleen hoping that she'll talk to Kevin for her. Logan shares her past memories with Nick. Adrian tells Kevin to stop using Colleen in order to find Jana. Karen tells Nikki that this isn't the first time that David has kissed another one of his candidates. Nick's health takes a turn for the worse. Jack Abbott is named the newly elected Senator.moreless
  • Ep. #8670
    Ep. #8670
    Episode 66
    Maggie and Paul turn to William after the DNA test shows no matching results. Amber surprises Cane with a new motorcycle. Jack learns from Ben that he is in the lead by two points on the poll. Neil helps Karen get into her car after leaving her cell phone and key in it. Nikki learns that Jack lost the lead and that she is winning. Amber goes to Katherine for a loan to make a new demo, but she turns her down. Karen questions Victor's whereabouts. Jana calls Kevin at Crimson Lights and says that she's sorry for killing Carmen and also for trying to kill him and Colleen. Gloria goes back to the hospital and sees that William had wrote 'Murderer' on the note pad.moreless
  • Ep. #8669
    Ep. #8669
    Episode 65
    Cane and Amber have Katherine's house all to themselves and decide to play numerous games. Jim Moret is the moderator for Nikki and Jack's debate. Nikki brings up Jack owning the Clear Springs property, which leaves Jack speechless and Nikki winning the debate. Brad later scolds Victoria by saying that she's the one who told Nikki. A package arrives containing a DVD, Amber starts to worry that Plum mailed it to Cane before he died. Cane surprises Amber with a picnic on the grounds of the estate and realizes that it's near where she, Kevin and Daniel buried the money. Victor sees the video of Nikki and David kissing in his office.moreless
  • Ep. #8668
    Ep. #8668
    Episode 64
    Nikki and David see a video of their kiss on the internet. Katherine asks David if he's still on Jack's payroll. Cane tells Amber that he's onto her and that she doesn't want to see the body. Daniel tells Kevin to call him in a half hour with an excuse. Amber misidentifies the body of Garrett in order to leave. Daniel, Kevin and Daniel are almost caught by the security guard that is walking the Chancellor Estate. Jack and everyone watches Nikki make a statement on television, and is shocked when she doesn't drop out of the race like he hoped she would. Daniel, Amber and Kevin are able to make it back to their homes before the ones they love got suspicious.moreless
  • Ep. #8667
    Ep. #8667
    Episode 63
    Sharon learns that Jack once owned Jabot and immediately confronts him about confiding in Phyllis rather than her. Daniel comes clean to Lily about someone making fraudulent charges to their credit card, and then they share a tender moment. Cane confronts Amber about the Timeshare not giving her the tickets to Vegas. Amber admits that she pawned her ring to pay for the trip. Brad tells a reporter, in front of Nikki and David, about his divorce. Jack tells Phyllis to upload the video of David and Nikki kissing on the internet, even though Ben thinks it's a bad idea. J.T. tells Victoria that Brad sold the Clear Springs properties. Daniel tells Kevin that he can't bury the money and that he's spending an evening with Lily. Cane brings up a dead body, it matching Garrett's description and requests they go and see for themselves.moreless
  • Ep. #8666
    Ep. #8666
    Episode 62
    Katherine tells Cane that maybe what happened with Amber and Extreme Catwalk wasn't a misunderstanding. Daniel, Amber and Kevin decide to bury the money. Logan tells Nick that he's too weak to hike down to notify his family that he is okay. Michael tells Gloria that the company that William inherited is in debt for millions of dollars. David plants another kiss on Nikki. Kevin tells Det. Sullivan and Paul that Jana has contacted him via a web cam, he then gets a text message from her saying that she can't come back. Sharon goes into Victor's office and gets the camera, Phyllis fakes a back spasm in order for Karen not to see her. Sharon looks at the footage and sees the kiss and thinks they have what they need. Cane decides to surprise Amber and realizes that the company that gave her those tickets.moreless
  • Ep. #8665
    Ep. #8665
    Episode 61
    Lily tells Cane that she and Daniel where doing just fine until Amber came into town. Neil tells Brad that he is officially off the project. Kevin, Daniel and Amber think of a way to get rid of Plum's body. Phyllis sets up the camera in Victor's office, while Sharon keeps a look out. Brad tells his lawyer that he's not going to give into what Victoria wants that easy. Jana talks to Kevin on his webcam, and Kevin wants her to come back to Genoa City. He says he'll talk to the D.A.'s office, and Jana tells Kevin that she'll think about it. Jack receives a another visit from his ghost dad and they have a conversation. Jack doesn't realize that he is being recorded, and admits to tricking Katherine into selling him Jabot. Amber and Daniel get out of the car and ask Kevin to dispose of the body while they go talk to Lily and Cane.moreless
  • Ep. #8664
    Ep. #8664
    Episode 60
    Nikki accepts Jack's idea for a political debate. Phyllis warns Jack that Nikki might bring up him being the owner Jabot. Daniel and Kevin hide Plum's body, as Amber and Cane stop by. Amber, Daniel and Kevin continue to look for the videos, with no luck. Karen tells David that his feelings for Nikki are interfering her campaign. Kevin gets another message from Jana saying she loves him and to forgive her. Phyllis and Sharon agree to set up the Nanny Cam in Victor's office, hoping to catch Nikki and David in a compromising position.moreless
  • Ep. #8663
    Ep. #8663
    Episode 59
    Nick has a vision of Cassie while being lost in the woods. Daniel and Kevin are unaware of Plum's dead body in the next room. Det. Sullivan comes to question William at the hospital. Daniel doesn't tell Lily the truth about begin scammed and that their money is gone. Gloria is worried that William might never recover. Amber tries to locate Plum, with no luck. Lily agrees to attend another marriage therapy session with Dr. Farr. Logan locates Nick lying on the ground. Kevin, Daniel and Amber discover Plum's dead body after the door is kicked in. Amber tells Kevin not to call 911 until she finds the tapes that Plum had. Daniel finds a bag full of money on top of the cabinet in the room.moreless
  • Ep. #8662
    Ep. #8662
    Episode 58
    Victoria and Brad tell Abby that they are getting a divorce, which leaves her mad at her dad. Amber has a way for Plum to get a good reference by getting Daniel to pretend to be one his former employers. Kevin is stunned when Jana goes online saying that she's sorry, and quickly goes to inform Paul about it. Jack thinks David and Nikki had something together. Phyllis finds the camera that Sharon put there and changes it quick before she got back. Jack offers Paul to go to Nikki and see if he can get something by pretending to be a part of her campaign. Cane tells Daniel once again to stay away from Amber when he catches him sitting with her. Brad is furious when he learns that Victoria has frozen his assets, and then finds her at J.T.'s. He comments on how they deserve each other. Kevin knocks on the bedroom door and Plum is shown dead on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #8661
    Ep. #8661
    Episode 57
    Cane tells Amber that 'Garrett's' references are bogus. Plum wants Amber to convince Cane that his references are legit. Michael reassures Gloria that he'll stand by her side no matter what happens, like a son or a lawyer. Gloria visits William and realizes he can't speak. William tries to write something, but he can't do it right. Kevin tells Paul that he promises to find Jana. Nick introduces himself to the woman named Logan, but has no memory of the plane crash. Logan goes to get more water, and then Nick gets up and goes to get help. Daniel finds that all his money was transfered to an account in Tulsa, as a part of a scam connected to the website. Lily confronts Amber. Sharon realizes Phyllis never made an appointment at the MRI, and after learning that Phyllis managed to shower, she builds in a camera in the apartment to finally learn the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #8660
    Ep. #8660
    Episode 56
    William is rushed to the hospital and Gloria informs Michael that Will found out that she tainted the cream. Amber suggests Cane should give her "cousin" a job at the Clear Springs construction site. Jack tells Noah that his father collected rocks when they went to Yellowstone before. Sharon thanks Jack for sharing a story about to Nick to Noah. Phyllis and Sharon learn that Jack is purchasing the Clear Springs land from Brad. Daniel and Lily have their first therapy session, and she later says that she is not going to attend the session again and that it's his problem, and he should learn how to deal with it. Kevin gives Michael the analysis that William had done on Gloria and that no one else but him knows. Nick is shown to be alive somewhere and is being taken care of by someone.moreless
  • Ep. #8659
    Ep. #8659
    Episode 55
    Nikki tells David that the kiss can never happen again. William confronts Gloria and tells her that he knows that she tainted the cream, which she later admits. Sharon's testimony hits the newspapers which sends an uproar in Jack's campaign. Jack tells Brad that he is willing to purchase the Clear Springs property. Michael catches on to Phyllis and tells her that he knows that she is faking her injury. William collapses in the living room of a stroke, and then Gloria quickly performs CPR. Michael comes home and tells Gloria not to panic. Phyllis gets up to hold Summer, and Sharon comes down the stairs and sees her standing. J.T. offers his place to Victoria to use as her safe haven. When she goes to the shower, J.T. looks for a pen and finds her pre-natal vitamins. Jack overhears Karen talking to David about his flirting with Nikki.moreless
  • Ep. #8658
    Ep. #8658
    Episode 54
    Brad tells William that he's willing to testify against Phyllis and requests immunity from something else as well. David and Nikki share a kiss. William gets the results from Gloria's hair sample he had tested. Abby is still in the dark about Brad and Victoria's pending divorce after she continues to asking where she is, and tells Colleen that he will tell her soon. Lauren has second thoughts about having her store in Clear Springs, but changes her mind when she sees the picture of what it'll be like. Michael breaks the news to Phyllis that Brad is testifying against her. Brad tells Jack that he wants to sell him the buildings that he purchased.moreless
  • Ep. #8657
    Ep. #8657
    Episode 53
    Abby arrives to spend quality time with Brad. Victoria asks Brad to resign from the board of directors at Newman. Jack tells Phyllis and Sharon that more of the wreckage of the Newman jet has been found.
  • Ep. #8656
    Ep. #8656
    Episode 52
    Karen notices a little flirtation between Nikki and David and asks David to stop. Plum continues to expose Amber's secrets, so she calls Daniel to get him to help her deal with him. Phyllis falls and ends up confined to the couch at Jack's place, much to Sharon's chagrin. Kevin tries to persuade Daniel to do what Lily asked him to do and that would be seeing a therapist. Ben comes up with a way to get the voters to back off Nikki by telling a story that she is going to legalize prostitution.moreless
  • Ep. #8655
    Ep. #8655
    Episode 51
    Brad wants Victoria to move out as quickly as possible. Sharon comes home to find that Phyllis spent the night. Nikki couldn't be more happier to find out that Victoria and Brad are divorcing. Phyllis asks Daniel if what Lily said in the video is true. Amber tells Lauren that she can handle working with Lily. Victoria secretly tells J.T. to take her to the hospital thinking there's something wrong. William takes a hair sample from Gloria and arranges to test it against the DNA on the latex gloves. Evan continues to blackmail Gloria. Daniel makes one last attempt at fixing things with Lily, but she tells him to get therapy. Garrett tells Amber that even though she's married to Cane, he wants her back. Dr. Okamura informs Victoria that she is pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #8654
    Ep. #8654
    Episode 50
    Jack tells Phyllis that Daniel has been visiting a porn site on the company's computer. Daniel attempts to give Lily her birthday present but she says that she doesn't want it and tells him to get out. Neil tells Daniel that he has hurt and humiliated his daughter. Amber and Lily have it out at work and Lauren tells Amber that if she can't get along with Lily she'll have no choice but to let her go. Cane tells Daniel to stay away from Amber. Amber's old boyfriend arrives in Genoa City. Phyllis tells Jack about her dream of Nick and him telling her it's her fault that Dru is dead. Michael delivers good news to Amber that he has got the restraining order to get the clip taken off the Extreme Catwalk website and offers to offer her a settlement and be taken off the show. William and Gloria are married. William then sees Evan at the bar using the same trick that he saw Gloria use with her DNA sample and begins to wonder.moreless
  • Ep. #8653
    Ep. #8653
    Episode 49
    Daniel tells Kevin that Lily kicked him out, and Kevin asks if that really was Amber's picture on his phone. Daniel calls Lily, but she won't talk to him, and the only thing she tells him is to come and get his things. Noah states that his mother and Jack are liars, when they ask him to move in to his house again, and then he shows them the statistics about people who have survived plane crashes. Victoria heads to J.T.'s and the two end up dancing to a song on the radio. Kay and Jill want Michael to try to stop the photo shoot from airing on Extreme Catwalk. Phyllis has a dream of opening the door and seeing Nick. Sharon tells Jack that he shouldn't encourage Noah into believing that Nick is still alive. Jack tells her it'll give Noah something to hold on to. A note for Nick is left on the door from Noah saying that he is at Jack's house. Jack presents Noah with a dog and says that he has to name him. Colleen shows up and asks Lily if she can stay, thinking she probably won't want to be alone.moreless
  • Ep. #8652
    Ep. #8652
    Episode 48
    Colleen learns that her father was arrested for perjury and rushes to be with him. Amber is shocked when the argument she had with Lily backstage was recorded and played during the taping. Daniel tries to explain himself to Lily but she doesn't want to hear it. Cane asks Amber to tell him the truth, but she insists that she didn't send the picture of her to Daniel. Amber tells Daniel that he can't tell Lily the truth about the picture. Jill tells Amber that she is off Extreme Catwalk after they complete their investigation. Lily says that she wants Daniel out of the house. Brad meets Victoria at Crimson Lights and tells her that he is willing to let her go.moreless
  • Ep. #8651
    Ep. #8651
    Episode 47
    William leaves Brad with three hours to decide what he will say on court. He also warns him that the jury might charge him with perjury. Cane tries to convince Amber that she will do fine on the reality show. Daniel informs Amber that Lily has forgotten about the whole porn thing. Colleen helps Lily find the numbers from which Daniel received the naked pictures. She is surprised to learn that Amber's phone is on the list. Gloria wants Kevin to get her some stranger's saliva swab so she'd be able to give it as her sample. Jill seeks revenge by putting powder into Gloria and Evan's drinks. The two drink the coffee and then end up getting close. Meanwhile, Jill calls William and tells him to come and see "the taping." William arrives, but Kevin warns Gloria about it before William can catch her with Evan. Amber warns Daniel that Lily is still researching Daniel. Michael makes Phyllis promise that she won't leave the country. Phyllis doesn't listen, but Daniel convinces her to stay. Phyllis is scared when Brad visits her before the trial. Later, Brad is charged with perjury. Gloria and Jill are co-hosting the Extreme Catwalk show, and Jill doesn't hide her anger towards Gloria. During the break, William asks Gloria to submit her DNA sample. Kevin pretends to be taking a sample of Gloria's saliva, but secretly gives Gloria the sample of another person, while William is watching the entire thing. When Amber mentions a mole on her breast, Lily realizes that Amber is the person who's breasts Daniel had on his mobile. The girls start arguing, and the camera is filming the entire event.moreless
  • Ep. #8650
    Ep. #8650
    Episode 46
    Nikki is beside herself with anger after watching a press conference and learning that Katherine re-purchased Jabot from The House of Kim. Katherine appoints Ji Min as CEO of Jabot Cosmetics and tells Ji Min that she is keeping a close eye on him. Evan tells Gloria to give him some money after she gains access to his bank account. J.T. and Victoria meet at the Athletic Club and start to make out in one of the tents. David tells Nikki that Victor should be here for her. Gloria is able to hold off on submitting her DNA sample until after taping the episode of Extreme Catwalk. After meeting Evan, Jill quickly informs Ji Min that he is the man for their little payback for what Gloria did to them. Nikki confesses to Katherine that she knows that she bought Jabot from Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #8649
    Ep. #8649
    Episode 45
    Gloria tells Michael and Lauren about her engagement to William. The she is served with a subpoena requiring her to give a DNA sample. Brad confronts Victoria on having J.T. investigate him, and Victoria tries to warn J.T. that Brad is looking for him. Cane and Amber try to convince the Extreme Catwalk producer that her being on the show with her mother-in-law as the judge would bring in an audience with high ratings. Jill and Ji Min figure out that Gloria had their drinks laced with Libido enhancers, and then she sets a plan in motion to get even with Gloria. Nikki realizes that Phyllis is helping with Jack's campaign, and then gloats by saying that she can't lose. J.T. approaches Colleen and tells her that it wasn't her place to tell her father about his and Sharon's affair, and then Colleen tells him to stay out of her life. The producer tells Amber that the network loved her ideas and and that she is definitely on the show. Nikki offers to look after Summer if Phyllis goes to prison.moreless
  • Ep. #8648
    Ep. #8648
    Episode 44
    Noah gets mad at Jack when he does the basketball move that his father taught him and Cassie. Evan gives Gloria a ring and William walks out of the Athletic Club which makes Gloria speechless. Amber nabs an audition forExtreme Catwalk, it doesn't go well until Cane gets her another one. Jack gets a visit from his Dad and he gives Jack a message from Cassie to give to Sharon. The producer confronts Cane and Amber and that they are married and disqualifies Amber from the show, which crushes Amber. Katherine tells Jill that Ji Min can stay at Jabot. Sharon is able to calm Noah down and he asks Jack if he wants to play basketball. William drops by Michael and Lauren's asks for Gloria's hand in marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #8647
    Ep. #8647
    Episode 43
    Lauren overhears Gloria and Evan on the baby monitor and learns that Evan is pretending to be her boyfriend to make William jealous. Adrian says that Victoria input is important for his book. Victoria then tells Brad that Adrian is writing a book about the treasure that was found in Kutna Hora. Brad learns from Neil that Devon will head his first major project at Newman which Brad doesn't approve of. Colleen learns from Kevin that J.T. was investigating Brad under Victoria's request. Victoria tells J.T. that Colleen and Adrian are still together. J.T. and Adrian have a intense rematch on the basketball court. Jill wants to know why she is buying back Jabot from Jack and to let Ji Min stay where he is. Michael tells Jack that he is representing Katherine to make sure that she doesn't get screwed. Katherine tells Jill that she is the owner of Jabot Cosmetics and that Ji Min is out. Colleen blasts her father for cheating on Victoria and for criticizing her relationship with Adrian.moreless
  • Ep. #8646
    Ep. #8646
    Episode 42
    Victor presents Nikki a gift that she will be in charge of NVP. Nikki tells Victoria and Brad that she'll be running NVP. J.T. almost sees Kevin going through his e-mail. Jill asks Ji Min to be honest about his feelings. Phyllis tells Michael that she could be out of a job, after learning that Jack sold NVP to Victor who gave it to Nikki to run. Karen and David tell Nikki that buying Jack's company is a political liability and that Victor should be the acting President for the time being. Nikki tells Phyllis that she plans to make her leave from the company permanent. Victoria tells Nikki that she lost the baby before the plane crash. William asks Gloria to meet him at Crimson Lights and tells her that Evan isn't who he says he is. Ji Min confesses to Jill that Jack bought The House of Kim and that he owned Jabot and that Katherine told him to leave town without her. Victor tells Nikki that he is leaving Genoa City to look for Victor, Jr.moreless
  • Ep. #8645
    Ep. #8645
    Episode 41
    Sharon thinks Jack knows something that he isn't telling her when he informs her about selling NVP back to Victor. Victoria tells Brad that J.T. is her friend. Victor tells Michael that he wants Jack to end up with absolutely nothing. Colleen distracts J.T. so Amber can get his PDA away from him and gives it to Kevin to download whatever is on it, so Colleen can get the proof that J.T. turned her and Adrian into the Dean. Katherine tells Ji Min that Jill won't be going overseas with him and that she is buying back Jabot. Then she tells Ji Min that his services will no longer be needed once the sale is complete. Kevin gets the password, and Colleen and Amber are able to get J.T.'s PDA back in time before he even missed it.moreless
  • Ep. #8644
    Ep. #8644
    Episode 40
    Everyone gathers for Nick Newman's memorial service. Nikki tells Victor that she doesn't think she can go to the memorial, so Katherine agrees to stay and keep her company. Everyone shares their memories of Nick. Ji Min later expresses his deepest sympathy to Victor, which he is grateful.
  • Ep. #8643
    Ep. #8643
    Episode 39
    Brad tells J.T. to stay away from Victoria. Michael asks Katherine to keep the fact that she is buying back Jabot a secret. Lauren tries to calm Phyllis after she becomes a nervous wreck (thinking that she'll be all alone). After making love, Lily checks the computer while Daniel is taking a shower thinking whether or not she can still trust him. Nikki and Victoria ignore all of Phyllis' suggestions about Nick's memorial. Victor blasts Brad for trying to take Nick's place at Newman Enterprises after learning that he did the tax papers without his permission and Brad learns that Neil will head up the company along side Victoria.moreless
  • Ep. #8642
    Ep. #8642
    Episode 38
    William can't hide his jealousy when he sees Gloria and Evan at the G.C.A.C. together. Phyllis pleads with Michael to make sure she doesn't go to jail. After learning that William is the D.A., Michael bolts from Crimson Lights and later comes back (when Paul tells him that he is loaded with millions). Paul gives Kevin a list of Jana's friends and relatives and tells him to wait 'till she contacts someone and then they'll make their move. Brad goes to J.T.'s loft and asks him if he has seen Victoria. He's surprised when Victoria comes out of the bathroom. Phyllis tells Lauren that if anything happens to her, she wants her to raise Summer. Maggie lays into Paul for not having a moment to pick up a phone and call her. At home, Brad demands answers from Victoria as to whether or not she is sleeping with J.T. Michael is told by William that he is moving forward with Phyllis' trial.moreless
  • Ep. #8641
    Ep. #8641
    Episode 37
    Katherine tries to console Nikki by mentioning the possibility that Nick may not be dead. Victor goes to the crash site to help in the search for Nick. Sharon tells a devastated Noah that the plane that his father was on crashed. Daniel apologizes to Lily and insists that the arguing is over. Jack ends his deceptions by giving Jabot back to Katherine, thinking Sharon can't go through another scandal. David embraces Nikki after hearing the news that there were no surivors. Daniel and Lily start to make love on the couch, but she is then reminded of the e-mail and then says that she can't do it and goes upstairs. Victoria ends up back at J.T.'s and ends up having a drink.moreless
  • Ep. #8640
    Ep. #8640
    Episode 36
    Nikki and Victor await for news on whether Nick and Sharon are alive or not. J.T. breaks the news about Nick to Victoria, after hearing it from Brad. Phyllis becomes hysterical when learning that Nick could possibly be dead and wonders what she is going to tell Noah. Everyone is delighted when Sharon comes into the house, saying that the photo shoot was canceled, and then she learns that Nick went ahead on the jet. Nikki blames Victor by saying that if he didn't fund the Clear Springs project, Nick would still be here. Sharon goes to see Jack and at first he thinks she's a ghost, but is then relieved to realize she isn't. Phyllis can't bring herself to tell Noah about his father.moreless
  • Ep. #8639
    Ep. #8639
    Episode 35
    Katherine shows Cane the ropes at Chancellor. Colleen tells Lily that she should not have sent Daniel that fake e-mail. Daniel tells Amber that he screwed things up with Lily big time. Amber and Colleen decide to do something to get Daniel and Lily back together, by getting them to see each other at Crimson Lights, which doesn't go as planned. Jack tells Phyllis that Victor has been playing him since day one. Sharon realizes that even though she's married to Jack, she still loves Brad. Jack confronts Ji Min about his betrayal and asks him if he made a deal with Victor, but then the man quickly covers by saying the room is bugged. Katherine is outraged when Jack confesses that he went behind her back and bought Jabot from under her, and he tells her that he wants to sell it back to her, because he wants to make things right. Victor gets a disturbing phone call, and then tells Nikki that the Newman jet went down with Nick and Sharon on board.moreless
  • Ep. #8638
    Ep. #8638
    Episode 34
    Daniel answers Luscious Lips's e-mail, and Lily becomes livid when Daniel says that he doesn't have a girlfriend. Victor gives Michael Jack's confession of owning Jabot and The House of Kim, and wants him to find out if it's admissible in court. Lily tells Daniel that she is Luscious Lips and blasts him for trying to hook up with another woman. Victoria tells Nick and Phyllis that she had a miscarriage, and then confides in Nick about sleeping with J.T. Brad tells Sharon that he lied to Michael by saying that maybe he misinterpreted Phyllis' threat of exposing him. William lashes out at Michael when Sharon says she has nothing to say, and that two key witnesses refuse to testify, and if he had any part in it, and threatens to put him in jail. Sharon tells Phyllis she didn't testify for her, but for Brad. A speechless Jack hears his confession as Victor plays it for him. Daniel goes to stay at Kevin's.moreless
  • Ep. #8637
    Ep. #8637
    Episode 33
    Colleen gives Lily her credit card to register at and use a fake name to send Daniel an e-mail hoping that he will take the bait. Victor gives Ji Min till the end of the day to reach a decision. Jack tries to get Phyllis to plead guilty. Jack and Nikki each tell Phyllis in front of Nick that she is suspended from NVP, which displeases Nick. Brad tells Colleen that Victoria lost the baby yesterday and asks her not to tell anyone. Ji Min gives Victor the ammunition to bring down Jack, him admitting that he owns The House of Kim and Jabot. Lily sends Daniel an e-mail using the name Luscious Lips.moreless
  • Ep. #8636
    Ep. #8636
    Episode 32
    Jack approaches Daniel about him visiting a porn site on the company's computer. While worried about the baby Victoria turns to J.T. Victoria insists that J.T. stay while Dr. Okamura tells a heartbroken Victoria that her baby died in utero. While having dinner with Cane and Katherine, Amber takes her house keys and goes in to her house and takes a few things and ransacks the place so Cane will reconsider moving in. Victor gives Ji Min till the next day to reconsider his offer. Lily finds a X-rated DVD in Daniel's backpack but doesn't believe him when he said it was a joke for Cane. Esther calls Katherine and tells her that there was a burglar in the house. Victoria breaks the news to Brad that their baby didn't make it.moreless
  • Ep. #8635
    Ep. #8635
    Episode 31
    Victor and Michael continue to try to get Ji Min on their side to go up agianst Jack. Ji Min tells Jack that he wants out of their arrangement, but Jack says that he isn't going anywhere cause he covered his tracks well. Daniel gets a bad review at work which he shares with his mother. Adrian learns that Brad donated Rebecca's painting to the museum as a favor to have his job offer rescinded. Jack hires Ben Hollander as his campaign manager. Lauren lashes out at Gloria for tainting the cream, as she mentions someone died because of it. Michael later gets an earful from Lauren for keeping another secret from her. Colleen is surprised when he father invites her back on the Clear Springs project which pleases Adrian. Gloria slips something in William's drink and proposes marriage to him. Victoria asks Brad to take her to the hospital cause she thinks she going into labor. Phyllis lets Lily about the bad review he got at work today. Victor and Michael discover something very interesting in the Jabot books on how Ji Min's offer to buy the company is the same as Jack's. Daniel locks a door and watches an X-rated movie on his computer.moreless
  • Ep. #8634
    Ep. #8634
    Episode 30
    Michael tells Lauren that he may have proof that Jack owns Jabot and not the House of Kim. Katherine tells Jill that Cane declined her job offer. Amber and Cane thank Daniel and Lily for paying their lunch bill. Kevin distracts William so Gloria can put the file back in his office. Jack blasts Ji Min for pitching the idea of bringing the Jasmine fragrance to Jabot and orders him tell Jill that it's a bad idea. Cane swallows his pride and accepts the job as head construction supervisor of Clear Springs, but later reveals his agenda to someone on the phone. Lauren sees Kevin and Gloria on the computer monitor and is shocked when Gloria admits that she's the one tainted the face cream. Victor and Michael approach Ji Min at the Athletic Club and tells him that they know that Jack is really his boss and they request that he help them bring Jack down.moreless
  • Ep. #8633
    Ep. #8633
    Episode 29
    Gloria brings William a basket of muffins and is able to get file out his cabinet. Nick is outraged to learn from Victoria that his mother was behind Phyllis' arrest. Michael wants the truth from Gloria in where she got the file on the Jabot tainted cream case. Phyllis is beside herself when Nikki says that she can no longer trust her.moreless
  • Ep. #8632
    Ep. #8632
    Episode 28
    Michael demands an answer from William Bardwell on who filed the complaint against Phyllis. Victoria learns from Brad that he's the one the turned Phyllis in for extortion. Neil then refuses to give up his seat on the board as to Victoria's request. Nick goes and has it out with Brad at Newman. Brad and Nikki each discuss the plot to turn Phyllis into the police. Jack is ouotraged once again when Sharon didn't mention that Phyllis was blackmailing Brad. Nikki gives permission for David to use Phyllis' legal problems to further her campaign.moreless
  • Ep. #8631
    Ep. #8631
    Episode 27
    Noah tells his mother and Jack that he doesn't want to leave his home. Victor tells Nikki that he doesn't want David to make a mockery of his wife when he learns that Nikki hired him to consult on her campaign. While at the church Jack remembers his wedding to Phyllis. Nick and Phyllis exchange vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Det. Maggie Sullivan arrives and places Phyllis under arrest for extortion.moreless
  • Ep. #8630
    Ep. #8630
    Episode 26
    Jack and Sharon learns that David posted a tape of Nikki during her stripping days on the internet and Jack tells David that he is off his campaign. Phyllis tells Lauren that maybe Nick is marrying out of obligation. Michael tells Gloria that she promised to stay away from William. Sharon tells Nick that she is moving in with Jack and wonders what Noah will think. Nikki sees the opportunity and hires David as a consultant on her campaign. John visits Jack and tells that releasing David cause he didn't want to play dirty is exactly the son that he raised and is very proud of him.moreless
  • Ep. #8629
    Ep. #8629
    Episode 25
    Victor punches Brad about and lashes out at him for cheating on Victoria with Sharon. David learns that Jack and Sharon are married. Nikki tells Phyllis that she has messed with the wrong family after learning that Phyllis blackmailed Brad into voting for Neil on the board. Noah wants to go to a birthday party instead of going to the rehearsal, but Nick says he can go if he comes back to be there. Adrian tells Colleen that something is wrong when he discovers that the Paris job position is still available. Nikki and Victoria decide to keep the blackmail from Phyllis a secret.moreless
  • Ep. #8628
    Ep. #8628
    Episode 24
    Neil goes to the apartment for the first time since Dru's accident. Sharon tells Jack that she doesn't want an annulment and that marrying him is what she wanted to do. Adrian and Colleen both e-mail his acceptance to the job in Paris. Gloria invites William out to dinner after telling Michael that she wouldn't. Nick tells Phyllis that he doesn't think there's anything she can do to make things right again. Gloria puts something in William's drink toget him to open up about the Jabot case. Lily, Daniel and Devon see Neil packing up get rid of Dru's clothes when he says that she is not coming back. Brad tells Sharon that she should take Jack up on his offer of an annulment. Phyllis tells Michael that she reverted back to her old ways again. After running into Sharon at the Athletic Club he invites back to the apartment to help with Dru's things. Adrian tells Colleen bad news that the job offer is Paris was rescinded and that they are not going anywhere. Brad thanks someone in Paris for accepting an old painting. William tells Gloria that they found a rubber glove with DNA on and that it would lead him to the culprit and is going away for a long time.moreless
  • Ep. #8627
    Ep. #8627
    Episode 23
    Colleen tells her father that she is moving to Paris to be near Adrian, Brad tells her that she is making a mistake, he is then furious when he learns that Victoria gave Colleen and Adrian that she wished them the best. Phyllis tells Nick that she know about Sharon and Brad's affair and used that to blackmail, Nick gets angry at the fact that she has not changed at all. Jack tells Sharon that maybe it's best that they get an annulment since they've been married a day.moreless
  • Ep. #8626
    Ep. #8626
    Episode 22
    Nick learns from Victoria that while engaged to Brad, he slept with Sharon while she was still married to her brother. Nikki tells Victor after he thinks she's dropping out of the race that she is in this to win. Victor is stunned when Jack repaid the loan of 250 million dollars back to him. Sharon stuns Brad by saying that she and Jack got married last night. Katherine gives Cane a proposition to overlook the construction of Clear Springs but he refuses the job. Nick lashes out at Brad for hurting his sister the way he did. J.T. tries to console Victoria which resorts to them having sex. Sharon stuns Jack by saying that she slept with Brad one time.moreless
  • Ep. #8625
    Ep. #8625
    Episode 21
    Noah starts talking back when Phyllis asks him to do his homework. Victoria demands the truth from Brad concerning him and Sharon. Brad admits that he slept with Sharon, an irate Victoria says that she doesn't want to have this baby with Brad. Jack asks Sharon to get married tonight, she then invites Noah and shares her good news. Nick then tells Phyllis about Jack and Sharon nuptials. John appears and asks if can be invited to the wedding and watches as his son and Sharon exchange vows and become husband and wife.moreless
  • Ep. #8624
    Ep. #8624
    Episode 20
    Lily tells Neil that Daniel has been visiting a swingers porn website and feels that Daniel doesn't love her anymore. Daniel thinks about taking Amber's advice on getting Lily gifts. Nick tells Sharon that Noah is making sure that none of his parents will leave. Cane agrees to help Amber bring Lily and Daniel together again. Neil arranges an A.A. meeting which pleases Lily very much. Amber still leaves Cane in the dark about her past in L.A. After having a bad dream about Abby, Jack calls Ashley in L.A. and lets Noah talk to Abby. J.T. calls and says that he found out something about Brad and Sharon. Cane tells Lily that he was the one who gave Daniel that porn site idea. Jack tells Sharon that he doesn't want to wait to get married and wants to elope.moreless
  • Ep. #8623
    Ep. #8623
    Episode 19
    Daniel confides in Amber that he doesn't think Lily is going to trust him again. Jack is bedside himself when he finds out that Brad bought a alot of property where the Clear Springs project is supposed to be. Adrian tells Colleen that he is considering taking a job in Paris, and after having a fight with her father she offers to move there with him. Lily learns that Daniel paid a membership on StrangersByNight with his credit card and tells Neil that she knows about his drinking and she tells him she thinks she is losing her husband. Brad realizes that while talking to Phyllis about him and Sharon, Victoria was standing at the door. Jack goes to see Sharon but she refuses to answer the door.moreless
  • Ep. #8622
    Ep. #8622
    Episode 18
    Daniel and Lily have an argument after Neil leaves about, and wants to know who's been sending these pictures and doesn't let her know that it was Amber. Nick and Neil find out that a magazine is going to publish the photos of Dru's accident, but they get a judge to seize the publication. Nick realizes that someone posted them online and reveals that Sharon was the reason Dru fell. Daniel comes by Indigo and gives Lily his computer as a peace offering and she says that she can't trust him right now. Back at the house Daniel reveals to Lily that Neil has been spiking his coffee with alcohol. Victor and Jack approach Katherine about a business proposal which she considers. Nikki can't imagine why Katherine is considering it. Neil confronts Sharon and tells her that Dru is gone because of her.moreless
  • Ep. #8621
    Ep. #8621
    Episode 17
    William walks in on Ji Min and Jill kissing. Neil comforts Lily and tells her that he will fix her doll for her. Sharon shares her doubts about marrying Jack with Neil. At Crimson Lights, William tells Jill that he never want to see her again. Devon receives a visit from Kaylee who gives him a collage of Drucilla. Kevin helps out Daniel by erasing whatever was on the flash drive. Lily stumbles upon the website.moreless
  • Ep. #8620
    Ep. #8620
    Episode 16
    Kevin decides to kick it up a notch by putting some more libido enhancers in the coffee and the tea in the boardroom at Jabot for Jill and Ji Min. Sharon goes to Indigo to check on Neil who's continuing to drown his sorrows in alcohol. Lily becomes hysterical when she accidentally breaks a doll that he mother gave her. Kevin calls Gloria and tells her that they are making out. Devon gives Lily the flash drive that he found and stumbles upon the porn sites that he has been visiting. William and Gloria walk in on Jill and Ji Min as to their plan.moreless
  • Ep. #8619
    Ep. #8619
    Episode 15
    Genoa City gathers to remember Drucilla. Neil assures Olivia that he won't drink anymore. Daniel tells Phyllis not to blame himself. Nikki tells Victor that she will do whatever it takes to get that Senate seat and wonders that he is not backing his wife instead of Jack. Katherine tells Jill if there's any hope for the two of them. Later on at Indigo Neil looks at a picture of Dru and then takes a drink.moreless
  • Ep. #8618
    Ep. #8618
    Episode 14
    Olivia Winters returns to Genoa City to deal with a family crisis and discovers Neil at Indigo and begins to see the signs that he has been drinking again. Jill is outraged when she reads an interview that Amber gave to a reporter. Michael tells Amber and Cane to come to the Jabot boardroom for damage control. Amber asks Daniel if he can hide her profile so Cane can't find it. At Victor's request Jack calls Ji Min to discuss getting N.V.P. and Jabot back together again. Kevin and Gloria almost hear Jack admit the truth about Jabot but they lose the signal.moreless
  • Ep. #8617
    Ep. #8617
    Episode 13
    Michael is livid to learn that Gloria and Kevin broke their promise when they said they wouldn't snoop in Ji Min's e-mail. Gloria puts something in the coffee to get Jill and Ji Min aroused. Sharon tells Brad that she is marrying Jack and that she doesn't want to fight her feelings for him anymore. Much to Lauren's dismay Michael asks Kevin to find out the connection between Ji Min and Jack, Lauren then agrees when she reads what Jack wrote about Gloria.moreless
  • Ep. #8616
    Ep. #8616
    Episode 12
    Lily wants to know why is Daniel like such a jerk, and they have a disagreement, so she leaves with Colleen. A frustrated Neil goes to Indigo and has his first drink in a long time. Daniel learns from Cane that Neil is at the bar, so he goes to help. Neil then tells Daniel that he shouldn't tell Lily about him having a drink. Amber tries to convince Lily that the picture of the girl is nothing to worry about, and Lily tells Daniel that the whole computer thing is nothing to argue about. Noah overhears Jack and his mother discussing their wedding. Phyllis tells Michael about her blackmailing Brad and says that he can't tell Lauren. Sharon reveals to Brad that she maybe doesn't love Jack and that she probably can't marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #8615
    Ep. #8615
    Episode 11
    Lily finds a picture of a girl's breasts on Daniel's cell phone. Jack almost hears Brad and Sharon discussing their affair. Neil reminisces about meeting Dru for the first time on top of the cliff where she fell. Nick brings Noah to see his mother in the hospital. Neil calls Phyllis a pathetic excuse for a human being, after learning from Sharon about the blackmail.moreless
  • Ep. #8614
    Ep. #8614
    Episode 10
    Lily tells Daniel that if it wasn't for his mother starting a fight with Sharon, then her mother would still be alive. Everyone goes to the hospital to see who is the survivor. Det. Sullivan tells everyone that Sharon Newman was the one taken to the hospital, and that Drucilla is still missing. Phyllis leaves out a few details while talking to Det. Sullivan. Nick explains to Noah that his mother was in an accident, that she is going to be fine and that he can see her tomorrow. The search for Dru has been changed from rescue to recovery. Sharon tells Brad that the reason they where fighting over the phone was because Phyllis threatened to tell Jack about their affair.moreless
  • Ep. #8613
    Ep. #8613
    Episode 9
    Nick gets news of Sharon and Dru's accident and leaves Noah and Summer with Lauren and tells her not to let Noah turn on the tv or the radio. Phyllis is overwhelmed with guilt over what happened to Dru and Sharon, Nick then tells her that it wasn't her fault. Neil realizes that all of this was because of Phyllis. Neil tries to calm Lily down as search and rescue team search for Dru and Sharon. Nick learns from Noah that he heard about his mother's accident. Det. Sullivan gets word of a survivor but is unable to tells the who the woman is.moreless
  • Ep. #8612
    Ep. #8612
    Episode 8
    Daniel lies to Lily about the porn sites being just spam mail. Brad comes across Sharon's wedding vows to Jack. Dru and Neil prepare to go to Japan. Sharon and Dru are shocked by Phyllis' methods during the photo shoot. Gloria asks Kevin to make sure that Jill is busy so that she can't have dinner with William. Ji Min and Jill go to Gina's, where Jill sees William and Gloria having dinner. Lily and Daniel drop to pick up Dru at the photo shoot. Phyllis and Sharon get into an argument, and Lily and Daniel watch is horror as Dru falls off the cliff.moreless
  • Ep. #8611
    Ep. #8611
    Episode 7
    Michael tells Katherine that he will represent her if her case goes to trial. Dru and Neil are glad that the whole "Carmen Mesta" fiasco didn't affect Lily and Devon's grades. Daniel tells Lily that he is failing big time. Jack tells Sharon that Nikki can't go on the shoot and Phyllis will go instead. Michael goes to Cane and tries to convince him to tell the D.A not to prosecute Katherine, Amber then tells Cane a "story" to help change his mind. Cane then decides to punish his grandmother, but Jill says that she should be punished. William Bardwell tells a devastated Jill that he is not pressing charges against her mother. Jack offers to pay for Colleen's tuition after learning that Brad cut her off financially. Lily discovers the porn sites on Daniel's computer.moreless
  • Ep. #8610
    Ep. #8610
    Episode 6
    Victor tells David to make sure that Jack gets elected and not to discredit Nikki. Sharon breaks Colleen's confidence and tells Brad that she saw Colleen and Korbel kissing. Brad tells Colleen that pretending to dating Korbel will have dire consequences. Dru proposes that Sharon makes Phyllis think that she is still in love with Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #8609
    Ep. #8609
    Episode 5
    Amber helps Daniel enter a new adult website. Sharon catches Colleen and Korbel kissing when she comes downstairs, and then agrees to keep it quiet. She almost tells Jack about it at the office. Will suggests Katherine should hire an attorney. Cane tells Jill that her conversation with Ji Min was being taped. Kevin wants Colleen to go on a date with him, as a way to get back at J.T.moreless
  • Ep. #8608
    Ep. #8608
    Episode 4
    David tells Jack that he's going to need something to discredit Nikki the race. Colleen has no choice but to serve both J.T. and Korbel at the Athletic Club. Nikki and Victoria each discuss strategy. Victor tells David and Jack not to underestimate her. Lily nearly sees Daniel on the Strangersbynight website, so Daniel makes sure that Lily can't access it by storing it on a flash drive. Korbel learns that J.T. is taking a forensics class at G.C.U.moreless
  • Ep. #8607
    Ep. #8607
    Episode 3
    Amber and Cane's wedding party is underway at the Athletic Club. Jill tells Katherine it's probably a good idea that she doesn't attend the party. Jack learns that Nikki running against him. Amber tries to persuade Katherine to come to the party. J.T. keeps a close eye on Colleen and Korbel at the party. Amber is thrilled that Katherine changed her mind about coming. Jill then gets the DNA test back which proves that Cane is her son. Victor is irate when he learns that Nikki is running for the State Senate and tells her to withdraw her candidacy.moreless
  • Ep. #8606
    Ep. #8606
    Episode 2
    Emily Stewart arrives in Genoa City to look for Alison, and talks with Amber. Victor and David tell Jack that he's a shoo-in to win the Senate seat. Katherine tells Nikki that she's determined to make things right with Cane and Jill. Brad threatens Phyllis to make sure that Victoria never finds out about him and Sharon. Katherine tells Nikki that she should run against Jack in the Senate race and offers to give Nikki her first campaign contribution. Nikki then vows to beat Jack at his own game.moreless
  • Ep. #8605
    Ep. #8605
    Episode 1
    Kevin and Gloria find something disturbing in Ji Min's e-mails even though Gloria promised Michael she wouldn't snoop. Brad returns and settles things with Victoria by saying that they should have a fresh start. John's ghost visits Jack about his engagement to Sharon. Daniel tries to cover when Lily, Colleen and Devon see that e-mails from a sex site are in his inbox. Colleen lies to Lily, telling her that she and Adrian are through. Daniel goes down to his computer and registers by using his credit card.moreless