The Young and the Restless - Season 36

Weekdays 12:30 PM on CBS Premiered Mar 26, 1973 In Season




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  • Ep. #9109
    Ep. #9109
    Episode 251
    Sharon explains to Jack how uncomfortable she is having Chloe and Billy at the mansion, and that she's prefer if they'd have the mansion all for themselves. Mary Jane introduces herself to Sharon. Jill talks business strategy with Mary Jane. Chloe informs Billy that her marriage to Cane is officially annulled. Cane tells Lily about the annulment, and proceeds to surprise her by proposing with a ring from a fortune cookie. Lily begins questioning Cane about his intentions for Delia and explains how she won't be the mother to the child since she's convinced Chloe wants to take care of her baby. Cane is disappointed, but urges Lily to hold onto the ring. Kay convinces Victor that she is the real deal, and the two of then along with Nikki continue to reminisce. Kay is surprised to learn Victor is back with Ashley. Jack is confused about Billy's animosity towards Sharon, which Billy shrugs off as being worried that Jack might end up hurt again. Sharon questions Chloe about how she met Billy and she seems unsettled when Chloe explains how she plans to sleep with Billy. Jill is taken aback when Victor reconsiders and decides to give her Jabot back free, but is then frustrated to learn Victor believes Kay is alive. Jill reluctantly accepts, thinking that this might have been one of the stupidest mistakes Victor has ever made. Nikki tells Kay about her plans to publish her story in Restless Style. Kay questions Nikki about her feelings for Victor. Victor informs Kay and Nikki that Jill came through. Sharon and Billy agree to keep their secret hidden forever. Chloe is disappointed when Billy doesn't show up at their special evening, but he comes in last minute and they immediately start having sex. A spark goes off between Sharon and Jack, as they go upstairs to make love.moreless
  • Ep. #9108
    Ep. #9108
    Episode 250
    Jill confronts Jack about Billy authorizing a huge salary for their newest hire, Mary Jane, but Jack won't discuss it since it was Billy's idea. Mary Jane surprises Jack with many amazing ideas for the future and they seem to be getting along well. Kay tells Murphy how happy she is to have him, and Murphy thinks of proposing to Kay. Nikki is now convinced that Kay is alive and she sets out to prove it. Along with Paul, she decides to exhume Marge's body and they ask Heather for help, who explains that they need to ask Jill for permission. Michael and Daniel reveal to Det. Sloan that they know Kevin. They set out to find Amber and Kevin, while they worry about what is going on with Jana. Amber screams when she sees Clint's body, so Kevin releases her. Kevin finally realizes that Clint is dead, but he still can't tell the difference between Clint and Tom. He decides to build a coffin for Clint and goes so far as to putting Amber inside when she makes him mad. Jill pleads Victor to sell the Jabot shares, but he refuses to. Jill is even more angry when Heather, Nikki and Paul ask her to let them exhume Marge's body, and she rejects them instantly. Murphy tries to propose to Kay, but they're interrupted by Nikki's and Paul's arrival. Nikki explains that she believes Kay and tells her they will prove her identity once and for all. Michael and Daniel find Clint's body in the closet, but Amber and Kevin are nowhere near. Jill promises to irritate Jack in the future. Nikki shows up at the ranch asking Victor for a favor regarding Marge, but Victor continues insulting Nikki until Kay steps in and confronts Victor for his behavior.moreless
  • Ep. #9107
    Ep. #9107
    Episode 249
    Nikki and Paul discuss about the possibility that Kay is a fraud, even though Nikki firmly believes Kay is alive. Kay arrives at Murphy's cabin and remembers a detail about the time they spent together. They take some time to talk and kiss. Paul seems them together and reports back to Nikki, who is then surprised to receive Kay's ring back. Daniel and Michael decide to go to Minnesota to track down Kevin after they hear a shot while on the phone with Amber. Amber finds Kevin and realizes he's wounded, then takes him back to his cabin, while a stranger sees them together and reports it to the police. Adam is trying to learn how to live at the ranch, but he's having trouble seeing. Victor asks him to leave him out of his self pity when Adam starts rambling. Nikki confronts Victor after he calls her a sucker for Marge. Jeffrey shows up at Crimson Lights trying to get back with Gloria and then learns about all the drama going on with Kevin. Gloria and Jeff slowly bond, while Jana continues freaking out. Upon seeing Kevin and Amber on the news, Jana has another terrible headache and slumps to the floor. Daniel and Michael learn that Kevin and Amber went away together. Adam apologizes to Victor for being a burden. Amber brings Kevin back to Clint's place where Amber tries to find a way to resolve Kevin's situation, but is surprised to learn just how far out of sound mind Kevin is. Kevin locks Amber in the closet, where she's shocked to find Clint's body.moreless
  • Ep. #9106
    Ep. #9106
    Episode 248
    Gloria tries to reach out to Katherine in the club, but Kay can't remember them ever being friends, and Nikki confirms it, then asks Gloria to leave when she becomes too tiring. Det. Wallace informs Amber, Daniel and Jana that he knows Kevin is robbing banks and that it would be better for them if they helped the police solve the case. Jana is worried when she learns another robbery was committed. Jack isn't pleased when Billy introduces a new head of PR for Jabot, a woman named Mary Jane Benson. Mary Jane explains to Jack how she plans to restore his image, but Jack doesn't seem to be interested. Jill puts a damper on Chloe's hope that Billy could change. Sharon rejects Billy again. Chloe plays games with Billy but ends up accepting his plea to move back to the Abbott mansion. Heather is frustrated that Victor didn't inform her of his intention to spring Adam out of jail, but Victor dismisses Heather's existence immediately. The judge grants Victor guardianship of Adam, who will have to stay at the ranch all the time during his sentence of 18 months. Clint is excited when Kevin returns with another stash of money, but his luck changes when he suffers a heart attack and collapses on the floor. Kevin, without knowing what to do, stashes Clint in the closet, then plans what his next move will be. Jill is irritated to learn that Nikki believed Katherine, and even more to learn about the DNA testing done behind her back. Kay is majorly disappointed to learn that yet another DNA test failed to prove her identity, so she leaves GCAC in a hurry and decides to leave Genoa City. Nikki is left doubting that she was conned again. Sharon accepts Jack's proposal to return to the Abbott mansion, but she's puzzled when she realizes that Billy and Chloe will also be living there. Gloria blames herself for Kevin's problems. Ashley and Adam have a heart-to-heart regarding his relationship with Victor, and Adam learns of Ashley's pregnancy. Mary Jane meets with Victor and tells him she enjoyed seeing Jack squirm. Amber goes snooping around the crime scene.moreless
  • Ep. #9105
    Ep. #9105
    Episode 247
    Adam is angry at Victor for getting him beat up by bringing an ophthalmologist in prison, but Victor thinks he deserves it after everything Adam had done to him. Ashley has more sympathy for Adam than Victor does, so she tries to convince Victor to have more mercy for his son. Sharon confronts Phyllis about playing games with Nick again and Phyllis immediately brings up the fact that Sharon is having an affair with Billy. They get into a fight which results in Sharon breaking down yet again, as a worried Phyllis watches Sharon trying to convince her not to say anything to Jack. Sharon steals a figurine from the tackhouse and later realizes she took it. Chloe walks into the GCAC dining room and confronts Billy, who is having dinner with Jack. She decides to move back to the Chancellor mansion due to Billy's latest move, and Jack confronts Billy about leaving Delia with Jill. Jack also learns that Billy was with a woman and calls her a tramp, which causes a reaction in Billy. Devon confronts Neil about seeing him have sex with Tyra, and Neil doesn't know what to say as Devon explains how disappointed he is in him. Karen and Ana wait with the social worker for Neil, who arrives at the very last minute. Karen is disappointed to learn that Neil didn't fire Tyra. Sharon calls Billy and tells him it's over between them because Phyllis found out. Billy goes to the Chancellor mansion and tries to seduce Chloe, who tries to resist his charms but is unable to and they end up in a passionate kiss. Jack arrives at Sharon's room and tries to persuade her to move back to his mansion. She tries to resist, especially after everything she had done, but eventually decides to go with Jack. They make love. Victor tells Adam that he will have to live at the ranch and be under his supervision, and Adam agrees, just as long as he gets him out of prison.moreless
  • Ep. #9104
    Ep. #9104
    Episode 246
    Daniel, Amber, Michael and Jana worry about what might have happened to Kevin and if his mental health is okay, as they all begin to suspect Kevin is being traumatized again. Det. Wallace questions them about news regarding Kevin, but they aren't willing to share their suspicions. Amber is keen on finding Kevin herself before the police can. Phyllis is irritated when she sees that Nick received a message from Sharon asking him to meet her in secret, but the message was actually sent for Billy. Chloe leaves Delia in Billy's care, but Billy uses the first chance to leave Delia at Jill's and go have sex with Sharon. Jill goes to meet Nikki and leaves Delia with Cane and Lily. Nikki vows to help Katherine regain her identity and the first step is to order another DNA test. Nikki calls Jill over to talk to her and uses the chance to get her DNA. Phyllis confronts Sharon about the message and Sharon swears it wasn't meant for Nick. On her way out, Phyllis is stunned to see Billy and Sharon kissing. Billy and Sharon are interrupted by Chloe's call, who had just been served with custody papers. Upon learning about the affair, Phyllis orders a man to call Nick and tell him to rush to Sharon's suite. Nick confides in J.T. that a little time away from Genoa City will be good for him. Chloe and Billy are both frustrated to find out that Delia was left with Cane and Lily, and they all begin fighting again, with Esther taking Chloe's side and Jill being on Cane's, as always. Jill tells Cane that she supports his decision to sue for custody. Chloe notices lipstick on Billy and berates him for it. Nick arrives at Sharon's place and she has to lie about why she apparently asked him to meet her. Just as Nick leaves the tackhouse, Sharon arrives on Phyllis' doorstep and explains that she knows what she's doing.moreless
  • Ep. #9103
    Ep. #9103
    Episode 245
    Nikki sends Kay away when she can't prove her identity. Victoria confides in Nikki that she would like to confront Victor about his changes in life, but Nikki reminds her of the trouble she went through with Sabrina. Daniel convinces Jana to keep hope alive for Kevin. Kevin returns to Clint and gives him the money then tries to confront Clint, but Clint manages to scare him into keeping quiet. Victor confides in Ashley about Adam's problems. Tyra realizes that Neil wants to fire her and she accepts her fate, but then talks about never leaving Ana. Victoria notices Karen is having trouble at home. Victor questions Adam about his health and wonders if it's real or another trick. An ophthalmologist checks Adam's eyes and tells Victor and Adam that it's not looking good. Adam is worried about his survival in prison. Amber takes Kay to the diner where she thanks Murphy for all the help he has given her. Nikki leaves both Ashley and Victoria in shock when she congratulates Ashley on her pregnancy. Tyra prepares to walk out of Indigo but Neil makes her stay and they soon start making love, with Devon walking in and seeing them kissing. Victor receives a phone call informing him that Adam was badly beaten in prison. Jana and Daniel recognize Kevin's scarf on the video of the robbery and Amber confirms that it's the scarf she gave to Kevin. Nikki runs into Kay again, but this time Kay explains how Nikki talked drunk on the phone when she was in Mexico. An emotional Nikki finally realizes that Kay is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9102
    Ep. #9102
    Episode 244
    Victor tries to reach out to Adam, but he is not cooperative. Kevin fantasizes about his past involving Tom locking him up in the closet and beating Gloria, while Clint plans to use Kevin for a robbery. Jill is emotional when Nikki shows her Katherine's ring that Victor helped her get back. Kay encourages Amber to spend some time with Daniel. Nikki thanks Victor for help with the ring, but he no longer wants to talk when she touches the subject of Ashley's pregnancy. Karen angrily confronts Neil when he refuses to fire Tyra. Neil apologizes to Victor for bringing his personal problems in the office, and the two men talk about how their family will affect the business. Karen confronts Tyra for trying to seduce her husband. Neil comes back and promises to Karen that he will fire Tyra. Jill confronts Kay about her demeanor, refusing to accept the possibility of Kay being alive. Amber and Daniel share a talk about her obsession with helping Kay and Daniel holds Amber when she explains how sometimes she ruins her relationships. Daniel promises to help find Kevin. Amber tries to talk to Jill, but she won't listen. Victor writes an emotional letter to Adam and brings it to jail, and then watches Adam being unable to read it. Kay tries to convince Nikki to believe her. Kevin, dressed in a chipmunk costume, arrives in an office and commits robbery.moreless
  • Ep. #9101
    Ep. #9101
    Episode 243
    Heather visits Adam in an attempt to help him out with his sight problems which he denies until Heather tricks him and makes it clear that Adam needs help. Adam, in return, worries that the inmates might do something to him if they learn of his problem. Victor and Nick discuss about the turn of events in Victor's life since Sabrina's death. Jill isn't happy when Billy tells her he believes Katherine is alive and that she's going to need Jill to help her out. Katherine is visited by a psychiatrist that is convinced that Kay is a fraud, a woman with problems. Amber asks the doctor to get Kay's dental records, but the doctor returns with news that they can't be found. Gina gives out an interview to a tabloid explaining that both Clint and Kevin are very dangerous men, and Colleen finds herself involved. Michael is sure that Kevin was forced to pose for the incriminating photos. Kevin is having hard time being locked up in the closet, while Clint plans his next move after learning that the police is looking after him and his accomplices. Roger and Annie use a chance to escape and leave Clint on his own. Det. Wallace explains to Kevin's family that all evidence found in Kevin's apartment and the coffee house indicate that he is a criminal. Billy finally convinces Jill to give Kay a chance, but they're both disappointed when they hear Kay telling the psychiatrist that she is Marge Cotrooke, when actually Kay was only lying to the doctor so she wouldn't be held at the hospital for a few weeks. Jana angrily confronts Colleen and Gina for their interview. Heather visits Victor and tries to talk about Adam, but Victor slams the door in her face. He overhears Heather yelling about Adam's sight problems, so he decides to go to prison, where he watches Adam without talking to him. Heather attempts to convince Nick to help out, but he won't listen. Gloria sadly makes it clear to Michael that Kevin could have had something to do with the explosion. She gives an interview about how fragile Kevin is, giving Clint another clue as to how he could use Kevin to his advantage.moreless
  • Ep. #9100
    Ep. #9100
    Episode 242
    Nikki arrives at the tackhouse to watch Summer and she flashes back to happy days she spent with Victor while coping with the fact that Ashley is now carrying Victor's child. Jill is outraged when Jack accuses her of intentionally refusing to believe that Kay is alive. Murphy tries to jog Katherine's memory but ends up realizing she doesn't remember anything that happened during the last couple of months. He sneaks out when Esther and Amber come to see Kay, who is shocked to learn that everyone thinks she is dead. Ashley is worried that something might happen to her or her baby and she explains that she feels she could not handle any loss. Victor comforts her. Billy makes it clear to detective Wallace that Kevin could have planted the bomb, but Kevin's family immediately negates the possibility. Billy goes to see Kay and realizes that she isn't an impostor, but Cane is convinced that she is, and he tries to offer her money to leave. Lily and Chloe insult each other. Estella is surprised when Ashley questions her about a piece of art Sabrina owned before and she feels like Ashley is accusing her of stealing. She shares her thoughts with Nikki and explains that she doesn't get along too well with Ashley, who is now supposedly getting married to Victor. Meanwhile, Ashley tells Victor that she is not ready to get married yet. Katherine tells Amber and Esther that she has to find a different way to get her life back. Phyllis and Nick informs Jack of Ashley's pregnancy and he tries not to make a big reaction, even though Phyllis knows it's bothering him. Jana is angered when she realizes Gloria thinks Kevin could be behind the bomb and she accuses Gloria of being the one to blame for everything bad that happened to Kevin. Pearl and Joe Jr. urge Murphy to go see Kay, but he decides not to.moreless
  • Ep. #9099
    Ep. #9099
    Episode 241
    Esther goes through the ruins and finds Amber, Gloria and Katherine unconscious. Nick leaves Sharon's room after realizing that he shouldn't be there. Michael talks to Daniel and Jana about how stupid it is for Kevin and Amber to still believe the impostor. Nick and Phyllis return home where Nick surprised Phyllis in the bathroom by passionately kissing her and leading her to have sex in the shower. Jack shows up to comfort Sharon and she convinces him to make love to her, but the moment is ruined when Sharon calls out Nick's name. Jill gets a call from Esther saying that she should get to the hospital, and Jill immediately informs Billy and Chloe. Annie, Roger and Clint are worried when they learn that there were no casualties in the explosion. Kevin is scared when Roger and Clint move him back into the trunk of the car. Murphy, Pearl and Joe Jr. learn about the accident over the radio and rush to the hospital. Gloria gives an interview claiming that she saved Katherine's life. Jana is worried because Kevin is still nowhere to be found. Esther snaps at Jill when she continues claiming Kay is an impostor. Michael and Daniel learn that Kevin wasn't near the motel during the explosion. Det. Wallace shocks everyone by showing them pictures of Kevin apparently setting up the bomb to explode. Sharon accidentally calls Nick's cell and Phyllis answers. She tries to apologize but Phyllis uses the chance to thank her for getting her husband fired up. Jack and Jill take some time to put their differences aside and share a normal conversation. Katherine finally comes to and the doctor checks up on her. Murphy, Pearl and Joe Jr. are shocked when Katherine doesn't seem to recognize them.moreless
  • Ep. #9098
    Ep. #9098
    Episode 240
    Amber shows up at Crimson Lights looking for Kevin, leaving both Gloria and Jana worried about his absence. Jana is frustrated with Amber's obsession with Kay and Amber tries to convince her that she's done with the investigation. Meanwhile, inside the trunk, Kevin continues panicking as he has torturous flashes from his childhood. Noah pretends to be dating a girl named Mia in front of Sharon. Sharon accidentally spills some liquid on Doris and zones out then steals a mobile phone on the counter. Doris confronts Sharon and asks her to admit that she has a problem. Paul is irritated after Heather admits that she's looking out for Adam, while Heather regrets telling him about it at all. Victoria, J.T., Nick, Phyllis and others join Victor and Ashley at Victor's birthday celebration, while Nikki feels left out even though she refuses to admit it. In a moment while Victor is away, Nikki asks him for a favor regarding Katherine's ring being auctioned off and Victor agrees to help out. Abby makes it clear to Noah that he can't fool her and that she knows he's still with Eden. Heather shows up at Adam's cell trying to help him out by hiring a new defender, but he rejects her help and orders her out. Nick and Phyllis spend time smooching and Nick tells Phyllis that nobody will ever come between them again, not even Sharon. Sharon overhears and looks at Nick disappointed. A confused Nick ends up visiting her in her room and kissing her, while Phyllis goes looking for him. Paul and Nikki discuss about Victor and Heather. Ashley surprised Victor by revealing that she's pregnant and he happily announces the news to the family even though Ashley asked him not to. Heather momentarily returns to the cell and witnesses Adam crashing into a chair he didn't see. Amber comes to the motel just in time to set Kay free before the bomb stops. Gloria also arrives and is shocked to see the bomb. The bomb goes off just as the women barely exit the room.moreless
  • Ep. #9097
    Ep. #9097
    Episode 239
    Lily and Cane tell Jill that they're back together. Ashley tells Chloe that she thinks Billy is nowhere near ready to settle down. Jack wants to drop the lawsuit against Gloria, leaving Ashley is total disbelief. Billy returns to his penthouse after a passionate night with Sharon and tries to ignore the calls from his family until Chloe shows up at his door with Delia. Lily and Cane follow soon after and Cane starts threatening them with taking away their child, which only prompts Billy to finally move to the Abbott mansion. Gloria finally signs the divorce papers after Jana convinces her to do so. Jeffrey and Jill end their affair. Clint plans to blow up the motel with Esther and Kay inside. Annie decides to stick around with Clint and Roger. Jana wants Kevin to stop trying to find the impostor, but Kevin won't drop it. He goes back to the motel after realizing that he saw Kay's jacket inside and he's caught by Clint, who then puts chloroform on his mouth and uses Kevin to make it seem like he was the one who set up the bomb. Jeff tries to get back with Gloria, but she knees him in the groin instead and explains that they are over. Jack tries to convince Jill to make him the CEO of Jabot now that Billy is occupied with the kid, and Jill isn't least bit surprised by Jack's move. Ashley shows up at the mansion too and both Jack and Ashley realize their family unity isn't as good as it should be. Lily tells Cane that she is ready to raise Cordelia with him. Esther and Kay are shocked when Clint explains how he plans to blow them up.moreless
  • Ep. #9096
    Ep. #9096
    Episode 238
    Kay desperately tries to convince Clint that she isn't Marge and goes to great lengths to remember the past, and she leaves Clint stunned when she finally remembers something that Marge could never have known. Clint orders Esther to go see Jill and give her a ransom note. Gina urges Amber to stop messing with Clint. Phyllis tells Nick that she saw Sharon swiping a picture from the ranch. Meanwhile, Sharon is surprised when she finds the picture in her purse. Jill tries to change Chloe's mind regarding moving to Jack's and the idea that she might have a family with Billy which prompts Chloe to have another talk with Billy. Billy reluctantly agrees to also move into the Abbott mansion. Daniel asks Amber and Kevin to stop trying to search after Kay and they both agree to cool it, but when Daniel leaves they're right back to planning how to find Kay. Gina informs Jill about Clint's presence in Genoa City. Phyllis visits Jack and asks him to reach out to Sharon because she seems to be on a downhill slide. Nick questions Sharon about the picture but she lies that she wanted to have it en graved for Victor's birthday. Esther meets with Jill and tries to ask her to help Kay out, but Jill is won't budge. Amber finds the motel where Kay is being held, leaving Clint furious that they've found them. He holds a gun to Kay's head while Annie lies to Amber that the place is empty. Chloe moves into the Abbott mansion, while Billy ends up having sex with Sharon yet again.moreless
  • Ep. #9095
    Ep. #9095
    Episode 237
    Jack urges Billy to convince Chloe to marry him. Jill tells Chloe that her house will always be open to her. Billy and Chloe come to an agreement regarding their upcoming marriage, and even though Chloe claims she doesn't expect Billy to fall in love with her, Jack promises her that they'll somehow get there. Noah takes Eden to the ranch hoping to spend some time alone with her, only to stumble upon a surprise party. Abby insults Eden various times and orders her to get out. Victor and Nikki seem to be getting along civilly at the party. Kay has to convince Annie to stick around with her, while Roger takes Esther to the bookstore to convince Jill to buy Esther's part of the house, but Jill rejects the idea. Victor isn't pleased when Jack shows up at the party. The others are surprised when Victor buys Noah a car as a birthday gift. Amber meets with Clint at Jimmy's bar and he tries to convince her that he saw Katherine leaving Genoa City. Gina arrives at the bar and recognizes Clint. She warns Amber and Daniel to stay away from Clint. Phyllis sees Sharon stealing from the ranch. Annie tells Kay that she believes her. Noah tells Eden that there is no way he will stay away from her no matter what his parents thing. Jack informs Jill that Chloe accepted Billy's proposal and that they'll be moving into the Abbott pool house, and Jill reacts negatively to the idea of moving.moreless
  • Ep. #9094
    Ep. #9094
    Episode 236
    Murphy arrives at Crimson Lights to find Kevin and Amber's campaign in full mode, while Jana and Daniel worry about his art career. Clint and Roger take Kay, Esther and Annie hostage after their failed attempt at running away, and Clint once again leaves the ladies in Roger's company. They manage to free themselves and Annie even throws a knife at Roger, as they prepare to run away. Victor gives Colleen advice on life which she immediately connects to a comment on Brad's seat, followed by Jack's comment that Colleen won't back down. Jack and Victor start bickering and Ashley bursts while listening to them, going so far as threatening to leave Victor if they don't stop. Chloe is overjoyed when Billy proposes, but the moment is gone once she realizes he is only marrying her for the baby and could care less about her. Lily happily accepts Cane's proposition and they end up making love. Jill is surprised when Chloe reveals Billy proposed and explains that she feels sorry for Chloe. Amber visits Chloe and gets to hold Delia in her arms, which brings memories of her losing her baby in the past. She informs the gang about the paternity news only to be left sad when Daniel comments that he is nowhere near ready to have children. Billy is discouraged when Ashley explains that she thinks Cane would be a better father to Delia, but Victor encourages Billy to do what he wants. Murphy, Amber and Kevin realize that Kay's goodbye note spells CLINT. Jack visits Chloe and tries to persuade her to marry Billy and move into the Abbott mansion. Billy is surprised when Jack explains how he talked to Chloe, who then calls Billy and tells him that she would like to talk to him again regarding the proposal. Victor meets with the mystery woman again and explains that he will take care of everything.moreless
  • Ep. #9093
    Ep. #9093
    Episode 235
    Kay notes how rude Clint is being to Annie, but Annie won't let Kay trick her into helping her out. Esther refuses to accept Jill's news regarding Roger. Chloe and Esther have a close family moment. Gloria decides to go see Jeff now that she is out of jail. Eden is touched when Michael and Lauren explain that they believe in her innocence. Cane convinces Neil to take some time to talk to him about Lily. Neil finds out the truth about the baby and how Cane wants to be with Lily again, and he warns Cane that he should not bring Lily into the custody mess. Billy asks Lily to help him out in convincing Cane to let him raise Delia with Chloe. Jill arrives at Jeff's suite and tries to brush him off, but it only leads into another passionate encounter, followed by a surprise visit from Gloria. Jill and Gloria fight for a brief moment before Gloria decides to just let go of Jeff. Roger isn't happy when Esther refuses to sell her part of the Chancellor mansion and even won't go on their honeymoon. Lily is stunned when Cane asks her to marry him and help raise Delia. Chloe is shocked when Billy shows up explaining that he wants to raise Delia with her. He tells her that they could get married to help them out in the custody case. Neil questions Karen about possibly causing Tyra to run, when Karen finally reveals that she saw the two of them kissing, then urges him to get his act together or their marriage will be over. Kay finally convinced Annie to run with her, but just as they are about to exit, Roger arrives and Esther follows. After reuniting with Kay, Esther slaps Roger for lying to him, but they're all interrupted by Clint's arrival.moreless
  • Ep. #9092
    Ep. #9092
    Episode 234
    Esther, Chloe and Jill try to prevent Cane and Billy from fighting, but the men refuse to listen. Cane punches Billy in the face and Billy decides to take the highroad and leave. Doris reminds Sharon that she had problems with her mental health in the past when Doris had her accident, but Sharon refuses to discuss the matter even though Doris constantly pressures her to face the facts. Sharon is surprised to find a figurine from Brad's house in her purse. Lauren and Michael arrive to find Eden accused of stealing from the bookstore. Phyllis reassures Noah that she is working on her marriage to Nick. Lauren and Phyllis try to persuade the bookstore manager to drop the charges against Eden, but he intends to make an example out of her. Jack meets with Nick at the Abbott mansion and starts giving him a lecture about messing with Sharon's mind, but Nick isn't able to recognize his blame as he continues claiming that Jack is the one that destroyed Sharon's life. Heather sits still as Michael gives evidence that proves that Gloria wasn't the one to blame for Emma Gibson's death. Judge Aldridge explains that he would like to put Gloria behind bars for tampering, but he can't, as Gloria is set free. Cane threatens Chloe about the baby and even goes so far to say that the baby doesn't need her. Sharon arrives at the bookstore and shouts at Eden for always getting Noah in trouble. She refuses to calm down and decides to forbid Noah from seeing Eden again, while Phyllis gets caught in the crossfire. Gloria tries to make contact with Jeff. Billy tells Jack that he fully intends to be Cordelia's father. Sharon enters Brad's house, returns the figurine which later falls, as Sharon breaks down on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #9091
    Ep. #9091
    Episode 233
    Heather visits Adam in prison and learns he has a problem with his health. She isn't sure what she should do about it, but decides to help him out. Victor and Ashley argue over the possibility of Jack being behind Colleen's determination to stay at Newman. Chloe tells Esther that Cane isn't the father of her baby. Esther sees Billy lurking around the hospital and realizes that he is Cordelia's father. Jill isn't convinced that Cane taking custody of Cordelia would be a good thing for the baby. Jack encourages Billy to fight for his child. Billy and Sharon act awkward when they see each other at the Abbott mansion. They both agree to keep their adventure a secret. Sharon apologizes to Jack for being too judgmental. He tells her she can still stop the divorce proceedings if she wants to give their marriage a try, but she runs out claiming she doesn't deserve him. Victor meets Eden at Crimson Lights while she's hanging out with Noah. Heather approaches Victor with the latest news on Adam, but Victor isn't a bit interested, and he uses the opportunity to remind her how Adam tricked them. Cane tells Chloe that she needs to talk to his lawyer regarding the custody of the baby. Jill angrily confronts Chloe at the hospital and Esther immediately jumps to Chloe's defense by threatening to throw Jill out. Billy meets with Rafe in order to get the info on what to do with Cordelia. Sharon encounters Noah and Eden at the bookstore and is deeply disturbed when Jack tries to reach her over the phone. She steals an item from the library and puts it in the bag, then receives a phone call about Doris ending up in a hospital. She rushes out of the bookstore and leaves the bag with Eden, who is stopped by a security guard while trying to exit the bookstore. Ashley makes it clear to Jack that she thinks he is pulling the strings where Colleen is concerned, but he tries to convince her otherwise. Colleen is moving out of the mansion into Brad's house and while collecting her stuff, Ashley explains that she doesn't believe she could have known about the Newman by-laws all by herself. Colleen snarks at Ashley before exiting, then Ashley repeats to Jack that she thinks he is using Colleen to get Victor. Esther, Chloe and Jill return to the Chancellor mansion where they talk about the baby and Billy comes along bearing a gift. Just as they are about to talk calmly, Cane enters.moreless
  • Ep. #9090
    Ep. #9090
    Episode 232
    Daniel is frustrated when Amber seems to be more focused on working with Kevin on Kay's campaign rather than caring for his failing career as an artist. Jana helps out Daniel with a possible buyer of his art, but Daniel is down on his luck when the buyer doesn't compliment his work. Roger happily announces to Clint that he finally married Esther. Annie shows signs of jealousy and explains to Kay that she was the very first Mrs Roger Wilkes. Jill explains to Esther that Roger is a bigamist, but Esther refuses to accept that and explains that Jill has no proof, then leaves on her honeymoon. Jeff visits Gloria in jail and says he wants a divorce since she didn't think of him when she sold the stock. Gloria imagines being attacked by her inmates, and she finally breaks down when Michael visits her. Nikki refuses to help Amber with finding Kay, but she hopes Amber will find something. Victoria and Nikki give a few pointers to Colleen as to what she could do at Newman. Nikki tells Victoria that she should consider aligning herself with Colleen. Jeff visits Jill and their flirty conversation leads them to the bedroom. Michael tells Gloria that Emma Gibson died from food poisoning and that she is finally free.moreless
  • Ep. #9089
    Ep. #9089
    Episode 231
    Annie reveals to Kay that she is a big fan of Katherine Chancellor, and Kay uses that to her advantage, even though Annie doesn't really believe her. Clint explains to Roger that he'll use Kay as his safety net in case the thing with Esther doesn't work out and Kay is proven to be alive. Paul spies on Roger as he tries to get a waiver for his upcoming marriage. Victor asks J.T. to determine why is Colleen keen on working at Newman. Ana calls Neil while at the station with Tyra and Neil overhears them talking about leaving town. He comes just in time to prevent them from leaving, but Gil also appears explaining that he has to take them to the station because and amber alert was issued for their disappearance. Cane blurts out to Jill that Billy is Delia's father just as Billy prepares to do the same. Chloe is irritated by Lily's presence at the hospital. Billy arrives and spends a few quality moments with Chloe and baby. Cane seems them and calls Michael to have him prepare the divorce and battle for the custody of Delia. Lily explains to Cane why she couldn't tell him the truth about the baby's paternity. Colleen insists to J.T. that she is honoring her father and that there is nothing more behind her stay at Newman. Victor tries to frighten Colleen into leaving Newman, but she flashes back to Jack encouraging her and sticks up for herself. Esther is overjoyed when Roger appears at the hospital and asks her to get married to him immediately. With Billy and Chloe as their witnesses, they finally marry, while Jill learns from Paul that Roger is a bigamist. She tries to warn Esther but is not able to reach her in time. Clint isn't happy with Annie when she releases Kay for a few minutes to work on her circulation. Neil lies to Marisol and Gil about meeting with Tyra and Ana at the station and they decide to keep everything quiet.moreless
  • Ep. #9088
    Ep. #9088
    Episode 230
    Victoria is deeply frustrated by her father when he announces that Ashley is taking over Brad's seat on Newman. She mentions what happened with Sabrina and Victor doesn't respond too well to that comment. Victor doesn't say much when Victoria says he should have made the decision with his children. Abby tells Ashley she thinks Victor giving her Brad's seat is a guilt gift. Jack urges a hungover Billy to step up as the father of Chloe's baby. Nick wakes up Sharon by knocking on her door. He tries to talk to her, but she reminds him that he decided to stay away from her, so she slowly sends him out of the room. Neil refuses to talk about adopting Ana, while Karen uses that to ask him if he has seen Tyra lately, but Neil claims he hasn't. Karen tells Tyra that Neil wants to adopt Ana, which prompts a worried Tyra to run away with Ana. Cane questions Chloe about why she went to the cabin. She tries to hide the truth, but then finally admits that Cane isn't the father of the baby. Billy enters the room while Cane finally connects all the dots and realizes that Billy is the father. Cane, however, refuses to stop being the baby's father. The board meeting at Newman is shaken by Colleen's announcement that she will be taking over Brad's seat. Colleen cites the Newman bylaws, leaving everyone surprised at how she could have known that. Jack visits Sharon and realizes she had been drinking and while helping her out, he finds another glass in the drawer. Lily lashes out at Billy.moreless
  • Ep. #9087
    Ep. #9087
    Episode 229
    Sharon comes over to the tack house hoping that Nick will remember today would be their wedding anniversary, but he diverts the conversation to Noah, realizing that their son needs his freed. Noah is overjoyed to hear the good news, as Phyllis arrives and Noah learns that it was Phyllis' suggestion. Sharon steals an item from the tack house and leaves. Esther worries that Chloe might not survive. Jill wonders if this baby could help bring peace between Billy and Cane, while Lily rolls her eyes. Ashley and Jack joins Abby and Colleen at the reading of Brad's will. Ashley is surprised to learn that Colleen will take care of Abby's inheritance, and reads Brad's letter where he explains that he fears for her because she's with Victor again. Lily refuses to let Billy enter Chloe's hospital room and Cane arrives in time to try to kick Billy out. Eden and Noah are finally free to spend time together and when their make out session leads to undressing, Noah stops Eden. Phyllis and Nick try to have sex in their car, but decide not to do it after all. Jill, upset over Billy's appearance at the hospital, heads over to ask Victor to remove Billy as the CEO of Jabot, but Victor gets angry and refuses to let her do that. Jack has an idea when Colleen mentions that she will taking over Brad's seat on Newman. Chloe's health takes a turn for the worse, as the doctor explains that they need to try a different medication. Ashley informs Victor that she will take over Brad's seat on Newman. Billy finds Sharon at Jimmy's bar and they both end up getting wasted, which leads to a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9086
    Ep. #9086
    Episode 228
    Adam talks to a pastor about how life has been treating him since his mother died. Victor reminisces about the times he spent with Hope before going to jail to visit Adam. Adam isn't happy to see Victor and he brushes him off, leaving Victor impressed by Adam's change. Jack is convinced that Victor is plotting something when Ashley informs him of Victor's offer to be on the Newman board of directors. Ashley tells Jack that not everything Victor does is a plot against Jack. Karen wants to adopt Ana as soon as possible. Rafe informs the family that Yolanda has given up her parental rights to Ana. Lily is worried as Cane promises to Chloe that he will take care of the baby no matter what happens to her. Adam wants Frank to give him something they've been talking about. Tyra tells Olivia that she regrets not telling Neil the truth about how he feels, but Olivia warns her that Neil is now off limits because he's married. Lily warns Billy to tell Cane the truth about the baby's paternity, or she will. Cane questions Lily about the reason why Chloe went to the cabin, but Lily tells him to talk to Billy and Chloe about that. Tyra tell Neil that she loves him and she kisses him. Karen catches them kissing, but slips outside before they can see her. At Jimmy's bar, Billy gets drunk as Jack arrives to offer him advice on how to handle his situation.moreless
  • Ep. #9085
    Ep. #9085
    Episode 227
    Nikki interrupts Ashley and Victor while they're spending Valentine's together and learns that Victor has given Ashley the seat on the Newman board. Ashley tells Victor she hasn't accepted yet because of her brother, but he expects her to do it anyway. Annie wants to get rid of Katherine since she isn't anyone important, but Clint wants to keep her alive. Kay tries to make a deal with Annie, but she rats her out to Clint. Jill and Paul catch up on Kay's DNA results and then discuss Esther's blindness where Roger is concerned. Cane confronts Billy about being with Lily at the cabin and Billy does the same thing to Cane, but their fight is interrupted by Lily informing them that Chloe is hemorrhaging from inside. They take her to the hospital. Roger tries to get Esther to marry him as soon as possible, but Jill tries to prevent them, without much luck. They're all taken by surprised to learn that Chloe delivered her baby. Clint is mad at Roger for not marrying Esther yet. Paul and Nikki catch up at a bar and end up in bed, where they continue discussing Victor, with Nikki saying that Victor is no longer her concern. Kay flashes back to kneeing Clint in the groin and she tells it to Clint, who's flabbergasted to learn that Kay is alive. While in surgery, Chloe relives the happy moments she had spent with Billy. At the hospital, Dr. Okamura informs the relatives that Chloe may not survive.moreless
  • Ep. #9084
    Ep. #9084
    Episode 226
    Lily accuses Chloe of faking when her water breaks, but when she realizes it's true, both Lily and Billy start preparing Chloe for delivering the baby, although she is keen on not delivering it at the cabin. Cane asks for permission from the park ranger to get to the cabin, but when he doesn't get it, he runs out and goes anyway. Amber is shocked when Jill claims Marge is a fraud, while the rest of the team is questioning the possibility. Murphy shows up with info on Kay's sudden disappearance and he thinks she may have been kidnapped. Clint brings Kay to a house where she is being held prisoner. Kay overhears Roger talking on the phone to Esther. She is concerned when Clint brings in a woman named Annie to take care of her, someone that doesn't exactly look sane. Lily and Chloe fight over which one is more desperate before going back into reality and worrying about the baby coming. Olivia and Ashley catch up at Crimson Lights. Victor plays dumb in front of Neil, who is wondering who might have bought the stock from Gloria. Ashley is surprised when Victor gives her a seat at Newman as a present for Valentine's Day. She promises to think about it. Nikki interrupts an intimate moment between the two. Chloe is shocked to realize that Billy knew about the baby being his for a very long time. Lily calls Olivia on the phone, who is at the hospital with Neil. Lily gives Billy orders on what to do while questioning Olivia. Billy successfully helps deliver his baby. Cane arrives at the cabin and takes the baby in his arms. Esther learns about Kay and decides to go through with the wedding to Roger. Roger informs Clint about the DNA results.moreless
  • Ep. #9083
    Ep. #9083
    Episode 225
    Amber, Daniel, Jana and Kevin prepare a celebration party for Kay, while she waits for the DNA results to come in. Chloe finds out the location of the Abbott cabin then tries to talk herself out of going there, but ends up leaving anyway. Daniel asks Phyllis to loan him some money to get his career moving again. Sharon and Nick agree that they can't be around each other anymore and they contemplate the possibility of Sharon leaving Newman so they'd never see each other anymore. Nick tells Sharon that he loves Phyllis and that he wants to make his marriage work. He goes home and tells the same thing to Phyllis. Cane admits to Jill that Chloe has changed as a person. Lily and Billy get playful at the cabin, but Billy stops before things go too far. He finally admits to Lily that he isn't a good guy she thinks he is. Chloe arrives at the cabin just in time to hear Billy admitting to Lily that he was dating Chloe and that she is carrying his child. Gloria urges Kevin to continue trying to work Kay, but he refuses to. Kay talks to Gloria over the phone and praises her sons. A waitress approaches Kay in Crimson Lights with a message from Murphy to pick him up at his cabin, but Kay is shocked when she finds Clint waiting there instead. Murphy arrives at the same place later and finds a goodbye letter from Katherine. Sharon continues stealing. Cane realizes that he needs to fight for Lily no matter what and exits his house in a hurry. Jill informs the people at the party that Marge is a fraud. Chloe's water breaks as Lily unleashes her anger on both Chloe and Billy.moreless
  • Ep. #9082
    Ep. #9082
    Episode 224
    Sharon, Nick and Phyllis get together to discuss how to confront Noah about drinking on the lake with Eden. Lauren complains to Michael that Nick thinks Eden is the cause of everything Noah did. Noah and Eden spend some time together at Crimson Lights before being called away. Pearl and Joe Jr visit Kay and Murphy in order for Kay to reveal that she isn't Marge, but neither of the believes Kay and both think that Marge is hitting the bottle again. Esther agrees to leave immediately with Roger, but Jill is able to persuade her to stay by bringing up the possibility of Marge actually being Kay, even though Jill herself doesn't believe Kay one bit. Roger delivers the bad news to Clint, who decides to change their strategy and take care of Kay. Lily won't get into it with Cane regarding the fact that Billy is the CEO of Jabot now. Cane is saddened when Lily reveals that she already slept with Billy. Chloe visits Billy at Jabot and urges him to reveal that he cares for her, but he denies any possibility of that. Murphy and Kay spend some time together while talking about Kay being ready to go back home. Lauren and Michael tell Eden that Nick won't let Noah see her anymore. Nick, Sharon and Phyllis confront Noah, who then angrily talks back to Nick, berating him for going back and forth with Phyllis and Sharon. He tells his dad to take care of his life first before giving him a lecture, and then he storms out, leaving the three parents in shock. Phyllis tells Nick that she was civil to Sharon and is surprised when Nick calls her the voice of reason in the house. Noah calls Eden and tells her he won't quit seeing her. Lily and Billy depart to the cabin. Cane and Chloe become closer, but when the times comes to kiss, they both pull away. Jill asks Paul to do a background check on Roger.moreless
  • Ep. #9081
    Ep. #9081
    Episode 223
    Nick informs Phyllis that the police found alcohol on the lake where Noah almost drowned. Sharon shows up at the Abbott mansion only to realize that she wasn't suppose to pick Noah up yet. Jack wants to make her feel welcome and stay at the mansion, but she is trembling, although she claims she is fine. Det. Wallace drops by to ask her questions about the night Brad rescued Noah. Kay, Murphy and Amber are overjoyed when Michael tells them Kay can do the DNA test. Jill, meanwhile, refuses to do it. Roger asks Esther to marry him the following day. Lauren questions Daniel about the jacket he was wearing on the cover of Restless Style, and Amber is happy to learn that Lauren wants to put it up at the boutique. Phyllis confides in Michael about Nick's affair and shares her deepest feelings. Michael doesn't believe that Phyllis will be able to hold for too long without bursting. Jill is frustrated when Esther announces her wedding, but Esther is too involved to think clearly. The technician takes Jill's swab after she reluctantly accepts it as a way to get rid of any doubt that the woman is a fraud. Kay anxiously awaits for the results of the DNA test, and she's full of emotions when she learns that she doesn't have Alzhemier's or dementia. She happily informs Amber about the development. Lauren is upset when Nick blames Eden for everything that is going wrong with Noah. She and Michael both agree that it's stupid for Nick to just come out and forbid Noah and Eden from ever seeing each other. Phyllis calmly accepts Nick's idea to talk to Noah with Sharon. Roger promises to Clint that he won't let him down.moreless
  • Ep. #9080
    Ep. #9080
    Episode 222
    Jack is shocked when Gloria reveals that she sold her stock to someone, but won't reveal who that person is. Kevin visits Gloria, who asks him to help her out in convincing Kay to help her out, but Kevin isn't ready to help out his mother this time, worried that he might end up in jail one day for being in her schemes. Jill tries to convince Victor to change his mind about appointing Billy as the CEO of Jabot, but Victor won't back down. Chloe fights with her attraction to both Cane and Billy, but is convinced she made the right choice. Traci, Ashley and Colleen discuss about how life without Brad is so far. Billy is puzzled when Jill tells him she regained the control of Jabot and that she is appointing him the new CEO. Billy gloats as Cane arrives and learns the news, convinced that Jill doesn't trust him, even though Jill assures him that her hands are tied. Billy informs Jack, Ashley and Traci about Jill's announcement and Jack is sure that Victor is the one that bought Gloria's stock, but Ashley tells him there's no way Victor would do something to harm her in the process. At the Newman offices, Victor meets with a mysterious woman, tells her that he needs her for a job, informs her that Jack is still in Genoa City, then arranges to her her appearance altered if she agrees to do the job. Colleen decides to go see Rebecca in Italy. Lily and Billy agree to go to the cabin over the weekend. Chloe comforts Cane when he arrives upset home. Victor feigns being surprised when Ashley tells him about Jill taking Jabot back into the hands of the Chancellors. Jack visits Jill and gloats about Jill beings someone's puppet.moreless
  • Ep. #9079
    Ep. #9079
    Episode 221
    Victoria and J.T. reveal to Lauren and Michael that Brad died while saving Noah, and that it would be best if they don't bring Eden to Brad's house. Eden blames herself for Brad's death, but Michael convinces that she isn't the one to blame. Jack plays around with what happened at the cabin in front of Nick. Phyllis apologizes to Sharon at Brad's grave for not checking Noah's story. Sharon goes to Brad's house where Nick tells her that Phyllis knows about them, and Sharon thinks something is very wrong since Phyllis didn't mention anything. Phyllis says her goodbyes to Brad at his grave. Cane comes to Brad's house to express his condolences and Billy makes sure that Cane knows Lily is being taken care of. Victoria talks to J.T. about the time she spent living with Brad. Noah goes to see Eden after getting Nick's approval and he tries to comfort her. He ends up at Brad's grave along with a wandering Eden. Victor mentions giving money in Brad's memory to Abby and Colleen is ticked off at Victor for throwing around his wealth. She snaps at him, while Victor calmly says he knows she's in mourning. Jack applauds Colleen for stepping up against Victor. Traci and Lauren reminisce about the times they spent with Brad, and Lauren takes another chance to apologize to Traci for the way she treated her. Sharon steals a figurine from Brad's house. Victor calls Jill and asks her to go through with their plan. Cane informs Billy about Jill wanting to see them the following day. Nick is agitated when Det. Wallace reveals that Nick and Eden were drinking on the lake. Sharon shares her deepest feelings with her mother Doris.moreless
  • Ep. #9078
    Ep. #9078
    Episode 220
    The family reunites at Brad's grave to pay their respects, as each of his three ex-wives flashes back to the happy moments they had spent with Brad. Victor tells Neil that he will be forever grateful to Brad for saving Noah's life, but that it doesn't put away the fact that Brad was a liar, manipulator and many other things. Neil is shocked when Victor suggests putting Ashley on the Newman board especially because she works at Jabot. Jack and Sharon take Noah back to the Abbott mansion, where Sharon starts blaming herself for letting Brad get out of the cabin, but Jack reminds her that if he hadn't, Noah wouldn't have been saved. Sharon admits to Jack that she slept with Nick. Phyllis confronts Nick about sleeping with Sharon without even asking him and Nick admits that he is in love with both women. She tries to be calm, but later goes ballistic on Nick for cheating on her. She ends up breaking down in tears and asking Nick not to leave her. Colleen is irritated by Victor's presence at Brad's house. Jack tells Traci that Brad attempted to break up his marriage and Traci realizes that she encourages Brad to go after Sharon. Sharon talks to Brad on his grave and is surprised to find Phyllis standing near her.moreless
  • Ep. #9077
    Ep. #9077
    Episode 219
    The park ranger informs Nick and Sharon that they can safely return to Genoa City. The pawnbroker refuses to trust Kay when she confronts him about ripping her off when she came to his pawnshop, but when she confronts him in a way only Kay knows how, he realizes this just might be Kay. Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Jana work on a backup plan for Kay in case her meeting with the broker doesn't go well. Jana and Daniel are confused about Kevin and Amber's fast return to friendship and plotting. Amber gives Kevin a present since she was mad at him during Christmas. A young boy finds Brad's body frozen in the lake, and J.T. sadly informs Colleen about it, as she breaks down in his arms. The family slowly learns the news of Brad's death, and Ashley and Victoria take some time to talk about their experiences with Brad. Jack convinces Phyllis to remain calm after learning about Brad's demise and tells her to go home wait for her husband. Phyllis informs Nick about the sad news, while Jack tells Sharon about it at the hospital. A teary-eyed Sharon, with Jack's support, tells Noah that Brad died. Jack removes himself from the room when Nick arrives and cries on the bed with Sharon and Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #9076
    Ep. #9076
    Episode 218
    Nick refuses to let go of the letter Sharon had written to him and he asks her about her true feelings for him. She tries to make him forget he ever read the letter but he refuses to, as they begin to kiss passionately and end up making love. Kay is worried about her health when she can't remember a move she made while playing cards with Murphy. She realizes that she needs to find a way to have her old life back before she forgets everything, and she asks Murphy to help her out test her memory with cards. Ashley, Abby, Billy and Lily are stunned when they hear Victor's threatening message on Brad's voice machine. Colleen is frustrated because Brad is still missing and he left his things in his car. Abby and Colleen both confront Victor about the message they heard, but he reminds that that it's not the right time to discuss about that. J.T. tells Billy that there are very low chances to find Brad. Victoria asks the nurse to bring Noah's stuff back to his room, where Victoria finds a glove and asks Noah about it. Noah tells her it's not his and then Victoria says it reminds her of Brad's gloves. Noah flashes back to Brad rescuing him and informs Victoria, who is then worried about where Brad might be.moreless
  • Ep. #9075
    Ep. #9075
    Episode 217
    Ashley and Abby interrupt a heated discussion between Victor and Jack at the hospital. Abby tells Noah that Eden is to blame for the accident. Phyllis realizes that she can't reach Nick and that he's stranded in the cabin with Sharon. Sharon goes ballistic on Nick when she realizes he left Noah at the hospital to inform her about the accident, but he manages to calm her down. Lauren is frustrated and angry upon realizing that Eden vanished from the apartment. J.T. tracks down the location of Brad's cellphone and goes along with Colleen to find it, but they aren't able to go far during the storm. Phyllis returns to the hospital to sign papers for Noah and then tells Jack about not being able to reach Nick. Eden sneaks into Noah's room to talk to him, but they're interrupted by Abby who is mad at Eden for causing so much trouble. Michael and Lauren drag Eden out of the hospital and when back home, warn her of consequences that her childish actions might have. Jack takes Phyllis back to the tackhouse, where they start discussing their marriages. Phyllis is distressed over the fact that she seems to ruin every relationship she has and she's even more distraught when Jack insinuates that Nick and Sharon might be having an affair. Noah gets a memory flash of someone helping him out. Colleen and J.T. finally find Brad's car, but aren't able to find him. Nick finds the letter that Sharon left by the fireplace and reads it. Sharon finds him reading the last passage and he confirms that he read it entirely.moreless
  • Ep. #9074
    Ep. #9074
    Episode 216
    Colleen calls Lily and Billy over to Brad's place and informs them of Brad's disappearance, but neither can actually believe that something might have happened to Brad. Eden doesn't understand why she isn't being allowed to see Noah. Jana gives her advice on how to handle her brother, while Lauren talks with Michael about how hard it is to raise a teenager. Billy asks Lily to join him at the cabin on Valentine's Day, but Lily isn't able to put her feelings for Cane behind and fully commit to Billy on that day. The doctor decides that Noah can soon be released from the hospital. Phyllis is frustrated when Nick insists on going to the cabin to inform Sharon about Noah's accident. She desperately tries to find a way to make him stay, but he leaves anyway, so she decides to follow him, but is stopped by a police officer. Jack assures Noah that Sharon is okay. J.T. and Victoria spend a few minutes celebrating their first wedding anniversary before they are stopped by Colleen, who is worried about her father. Eden breaks down in Michael's arms when he hugs her instead of punishing her. Nick arrives at the cabin and informs Sharon about Noah, leaving her distraught. They decide to go back to Genoa City immediately, but are forced to stay at the cabin after the park ranger tells them the roads are closed.moreless
  • Ep. #9073
    Ep. #9073
    Episode 215
    Sharon emotionally falls apart as she's writing a letter to Nick confessing her true feelings for him and their past. Noah yells to Eden to get help as the ice starts to crack, while Lauren and Phyllis worry about them at home, and Michael and Nick are on their way to find the kids. Ashley and Jack join Colleen and Abby at the GCAC, where Colleen learns that she still has the job as the model for Jabot. Colleen is worried about Brad's absence. Jack tells Ashley that Abby might be hurt in the process of Victor and Brad fighting for her. Brad overhears yelling and goes to save him. Phyllis wants Lauren to admit that she is the one to blame, but Lauren only says that Nick already went through the same thing with Cassie, but this time Phyllis is to blame if anything happens. Ashley isn't pleased to learn that Jack wanted to buy Gloria's shares without consulting with her first. They learn of Noah ending up in the hospital and Abby immediately comments that it must be Eden's fault. Everyone arrives at the hospital as Eden reveals that she found Noah on the top of the ice after getting help and that she doesn't know how he was saved. Noah wakes up but doesn't remember what happened. Nick decides to go see Sharon at the cabin and tell her himself about the accident. Sharon puts the letter she wrote next to the fireplace. Meanwhile, at the lake, Brad's car is covered in snow, as his scarf lies on the top of the lake.moreless
  • Ep. #9072
    Ep. #9072
    Episode 214
    Eden and Noah arrive at the frozen lake and soon come to a conclusion that Eden has been tricked into believing that there would be a party at that place. Noah confides in Eden that he doesn't know how he'd feel if Nick and Sharon were sleeping together because he cares for both of them but also for Phyllis. Nick apologizes to Phyllis for trying to start a fight and they make up. At the cabin, Brad opens his soul to Sharon and apologizes for plotting with Phyllis. He expresses his regret and continues explaining how deep his feelings for her are, but his confession doesn't have much effect when Sharon admits that the only person she really cared for in her life was Nick. Before leaving the cabin, Brad promises to Sharon that he'll love her until the day he dies. Victor confronts Nikki about her comment to Ashley, but Nikki won't fight with him and instead she confides in him about Casey's illness. Victor puts their differences aside and compliments Nikki on being able to take care of her sister and even offers to send in specialists if it's need. Lauren is surprised when Michael tells her he's thinking of becoming a permanent guardian to Eden. Victor informs Ashley about finding out that Brad was the person that stole files from Newman. Ashley begs Victor not to sue Brad for the sake of other people before she can talk to him. Nick is worried when he realizes that Noah and Eden tricked both Phyllis and Michael. Nikki spends quality time with Paul before leaving town. Brad experiences car trouble on his way back from the cabin. Noah goes skating on the ice and ends up going too far away, as the ice cracks underneath him.moreless
  • Ep. #9071
    Ep. #9071
    Episode 213
    Kay and Michael meet with the gem dealer and are able to pursue him to give the ring to Kay so she'd be able to prove her identity. Kevin and Amber happily learn the news, but are worried because they still need to convince the pawnbroker to help them out. Noah and Eden are keen on spending some time alone away from their parents so they decide to lie in order to for their plan to work. Michael buys their story and so does Phyllis even though she tries to be mroe careful since the last time she did it she ended up getting the blame. Nikki learns Ashley and Abby are doing a family portrait with Victor and she makes another uninvited comment, which angers Victor into confronting Nikki. Victoria reveals to Victor that Brad was the person that stole files from Newman months ago. Victor demands that Brad resigns, but Brad refuses to settle. Brad warns Ashley that she'll end up hurt again. Traci and Colleen surprise Brad at the GCAC, where Brad and Traci end up having a heartfelt conversation about the past and Brad admits that Traci might have been "the one that got away." Traci urges Brad to follow his heart. Sharon is surprised when Brad shows up at her cabin. Nikki learns that her sister Casey has cancer.moreless
  • Ep. #9070
    Ep. #9070
    Episode 212
    Phyllis comments on Nick not being with Summer as a way to make him feel guilty for not sleeping home last night. Billy arranges an interview at Jimmy's bar for Lily. Chloe is worried about Esther's taste in men. Roger reassures Clint that their plan is working perfectly. Kay learns that the judge denied her to go through with the DNA test. Amber and Kevin worry that Amber's phone might have stayed at the pawnshop. Billy and Chloe are uncomfortable around each other at Restless Style. Chloe tells Phyllis that she thinks of her marriage to Nick as a perfect example of a good marriage. Nick and Phyllis seem to be closer again. Lily tries to become a waitress, but Jimmy doesn't hire her when Lily doesn't seem to able to do her job right. Roger proposes marriage to Esther who happily accepts even after the others warn her to wait. Cane tells Chloe that he is convinced Roger is up to no good. Kevin admits in front of Amber, Kay and Murphy that he took the money that Kay left at Crimson Lights and then explains what he did with the money. He refuses to accept Amber's apology for accusing him of murder, but Kay reminds everyone that they are all in this mess together. Gil questions Kevin about his car being spotted near the pawnshop and then questions Amber about leaving her cellphone inside. They both lie to the detective, who then promises to keep an eye on them.moreless
  • Ep. #9069
    Ep. #9069
    Episode 211
    Jana and Daniel keep watch while Amber and Kevin break into the pawnshop. Phyllis tries to justify her reasons for calling Brad to go see Sharon in front of Nick, but Brad won't let her hide the truth and he suggests that Nick gets rid of Phyllis, which causes Nick to punch Brad. Jack arrives at Sharon's cabin to help her fix the generator and talk about the divorce. They both come to conclusion that they are drifting away even more than before which prompts Jack to leave. Jeff tells Jill that he won't convince Gloria to sell him her shares. Gloria is intrigued when Victor makes a lucrative offer in exchange for her Jabot stocks. Jeff and Jill return to prison trying to convince Gloria to sell them the shares, but Gloria doesn't settle. Victor makes another big offer, this time to Billy, to help him take down Jack and to come work for Newman Enterprises. Phyllis shows more of her insecurities and Nick decides not to sleep home. Amber and Kevin are able to retrieve a bill from the show before the owner appears and realizes that someone broke in. However, they may have left something behind. Jeff walks off disappointed when Gloria tells him that she already sold the shares to someone. Brad searches for the location of Sharon's cabin. Billy doesn't say anything to Jack about his meeting with Victor. Jill accepts Victor's terms when he announces that he bought the Jabot shares from Gloria and explains his intention to humiliate Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #9068
    Ep. #9068
    Episode 210
    Jack files a civil suit against Gloria and tries to get her to give him the Jabot shares in exchange for dropping the suit, but she refuses to settle. Amber tries to convince Jill that Kay is alive, but Jill won't listen. Phyllis decides to keep quiet when Nick wants to send a fax to check on Sharon. At the cabin, Sharon reminisces about the moments she spent with Nick, Brad and Jack. Nikki shows up at Newman claiming she only wants to see Victoria, but Victor thinks she's there to check up on him. Heather tells Paul that she still thinks Victor is guilty of a crime. Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Jana all agree to break into the pawnshop together. Paul and Nikki go to Murphy's cabin, where Nikki is spooked at the possibility of Kay being alive, but she chooses not to believe in it even after Kay mentions the ring she pawned. Phyllis grabs a fax that Sharon sent to Nick and becomes worried, then calls Brad to meet her immediately. Jill and Jeff go see Gloria about the stock, but she refuses to settle with them either. In the middle of a pep talk with Noah, Jack is served with divorce papers. Paul is convinced that Kay is the real deal, but Nikki thinks they're being conned just like she was with David. Victor smirks when Heather tells him that she doesn't intend to stop investigating what happened to Walter Palin. Daniel, Amber, Jana and Kevin prepare to break into the pawnshop. Victor goes to see Gloria and try to work out a deal. Phyllis tries to convince Brad to go see Sharon, and Brad puts Nick on the phone to hear his wife plotting. Phyllis is stunned when Nick arrives at Jimmy's bar.moreless
  • Ep. #9067
    Ep. #9067
    Episode 209
    Victor is keen on ousting Brad from the Newman board of directors and he forbids access to him, who then threatens to sue. Paul offers help to Kay if she indeed is who she says she is. Kay agrees to go to see the doctor by Amber's orders. Brad tries to spend some time with Colleen and Abby and he's upset to learn that there is a parent-teacher conference at the school that he didn't know of. He rushes off and interrupts the meeting, demanding to go over the meeting again. Brad makes it clear to Victor that he has no intention giving up his daughter or his spot on the Newman board of directors. Daniel and Kevin realize that they need to break in to the pawnshop to get Kay's ring back. Paul goes to see Murphy pretending to be from the Census Bureau. Amber comforts Kay when the doctor tells them Kay might have Alzheimer's. Nikki agrees to go see "Marge" after Paul asks her to. Brad asks Colleen and Abby to move in with him, but Colleen takes off without saying anything, while Abby decides to stay at the ranch. Brad files for full custody of Abby. Victoria is worried about what might happen if Victor finds out that Brad was the one that stole files from Newman months ago.moreless
  • Ep. #9066
    Ep. #9066
    Episode 208
    Amber goes to the pawnshop to confront the clerk about ripping Kay off, but Daniel drags her outside. Nikki notices the tension between Nick and Phyllis. Lily tells Colleen that she's worried about the fact that Billy seems to have chemistry with anyone he comes in contact with. Billy tells Chloe that Lily was asking questions about whether they knew each other before coming to Genoa City. Jack tries to talk to Sharon, but she refuses to when the female escort appears. Brad wants to spend more time with Colleen. Sharon refuses to listen to Brad. Lily questions Cane about the weird connection Billy and Chloe seem to share, and she finds it insulting when Cane says Billy has chemistry whenever he's awake. Jack is worried when Shiva Rose appears at Indigo and recognizes Billy and Chloe as a couple. Nikki fills Paul in on the tension between Nick, Phyllis and Sharon. Shiva is confused when Chloe presents Cane as her husband. Clint lurks outside Murphy's trailer, as Kay and Murphy talk about how comfortable they are around each other. Phyllis and Sharon start bickering and insulting each other at Restless Style. Sharon comments on Phyllis's insecurities and the fact that she shouldn't try to manipulate Nick. Chloe asks Shiva to keep quiet about Billy. She is confused about Billy's and Chloe's behavior and then realizes Chloe is pregnant. Amber apologizes to Kevin once again. Jack gives Sharon the use of his cabin and Brad overhears. Phyllis and Nick make love at Restless Style.moreless
  • Ep. #9065
    Ep. #9065
    Episode 207
    Jill is stunned when Esther comes down the stairs with a flower in her hair after spending a passionate night with Roger, and even more surprised to learn that Roger is an accountant at Chancellor. Adam tries to reach Victor, afraid that he might not save him before he's taken to the state pen. Ashley questions Victor about his attitude towards Adam, and it seems like Victor has no interest in saving Adam. Karen brings up the adoption possibility while talking to Rafe, and Neil realizes that it might be the best resolution for Ana. Amber is surprised when Kay reveals that Kevin and Michael are helping her out. Clint reconsiders his plan of using Marge and decides to focus solely on getting Roger married to Esther. Jack tells Ashley that it would be best for Jabot if he took over as CEO, but Ashley doesn't agree. He blames Restless Style for breaking up his marriage to Sharon. Brad stays calm when Abby calls Victor dad over the phone, but then complains to Ashley about it. Victor visits Adam in jail but doesn't want to help him out. Jill fires Roger in front of Esther. Karen asks Ana to call her Momma Karen, but Ana isn't sure she should do it because of Tyra. Tyra kisses Neil in the heat of the moment, but he doesn't kiss her back, so she runs out of Indigo. Victor tells Ashley that he went to see Adam, but that he didn't change his mind. Amber and Kay realizes that they need to find the ring she pawned to prove that she really is Kay. Clint watches them outside the diner.moreless
  • Ep. #9064
    Ep. #9064
    Episode 206
    Jill is thankful to Cane for deciding to work at Chancellor. Chloe gives Esther a makeover and then suggests a date for her, which she reluctantly accepts. Meanwhile, Roger informs someone over the phone about the progress of his assignment. Gina and Nikki catch up on the news of Marge. Joe fires Kay, but she makes him realizes that she is irreplaceable at the diner. Amber finally apologizes to Kevin for being convinced that he killed Kay, and she begs him to let her know where Kay is. Cane and Chloe are happy when Esther and Roger seem to be bonding. Jill and Nikki end up dining together. They talk about their recent meetings with Marge and they tell each other how they sometimes dream of Kay being in the car wreckage. They agree to bury the hatchet between them. Jana tries to talk to Kay's spirit but isn't able to reach her. Kevin is convinced that Kay is alive. Daniel and Amber, who is in a "disguise," approach Kay at the diner, but when Kay doesn't recognize them, Amber is left disappointed. Amber returns alone to the diner and when Kay makes a comment about her cellphone, she realizes that Kay is alive. Kay recognizes Amber. Roger is revealed to be working with Clint Radison.moreless
  • Ep. #9063
    Ep. #9063
    Episode 205
    Gloria is irritated upon learning from Kevin and Jana that Michael will help Kay prove that she really is who she says she is. Nikki makes it clear to Michael that Gloria should respond for the crimes she had committed, but Michael is keen on defending his mother. Karen witnesses a moment between Neil and Tyra, and then suggests to Neil that they should adopt Ana, but Neil isn't so sure. Michael tells Lauren and Eden that he will pay for the newest bills from the Ashram, to make sure that Eden doesn't lose her other home. Eden is offended when Michael makes a comment on River's lies, but she decides to let it go. Kay decides to return to work at the diner. Nikki is stunned when Paul reveals that he is helping Gloria get off the hook. She asks him to make an excuse and stop helping, which he does. Tyra is angered when she learns that Karen and Neil are thinking of adopting Ana. Lily takes Karen's side in the discussion, while Devon thinks Ana should be Tyra's. Michael and Gloria discuss about how River had made a negative impact on their lives. Meanwhile, overseas, River is accepted in a church as a priest.moreless
  • Ep. #9062
    Ep. #9062
    Episode 204
    Michael and Lauren go to Murphy's trailer to talk to Kay, without either of them believing that it's actually Kay. Once inside, Michael explains to Kay that he will petition for a DNA test. Kay tries to remember the past, but she isn't able to. Amber tries to get Kevin arrested, but Gil explains that "Kay" died due to a high amount of alcohol in her blood. Kevin explains to Jana how Murphy returned the rest of the money he gave him. At the bookstore, Cane and Chloe and irritated by Lily and Billy having fun together. Nick confronts Phyllis about plotting to break up Jack and Sharon's marriage, and she gladly admits that she did it, all with the intention to save her own marriage. They end up fighting over who is to blame for their problems and they end up realizing that they will be together forever. Brad tells Phyllis that he knows she'll somehow ruin her marriage. While trying to mislead Billy, Chloe arranges a date for her mother, a Chancellor client named Roger Wilkes, who seems to be plotting against the family. Murphy admits to Kay that Kevin gave him the money for bail, so Kay decides to thank him. Michael admits to Lauren that he is reluctant to believe Kay after what happened with River, but he's sure that the DNA test will tell the truth. Amber faints when she sees Kay at Crimson Lights. She begs Kevin to take her to see Kay.moreless
  • Ep. #9061
    Ep. #9061
    Episode 203
    Nick questions Brad about his surprising appearance in New York, and Brad tells him to ask his wife. Nick calls Phyllis, but she makes up a lie to cover her tracks. Jack sees through her and realizes that she had arranged for Brad to be there with Sharon. He confronts her about her plotting. Rafe tells Adam that Victor refuses to talk about him. Heather tries to convince Victor to make a deal with Adam and go easy on him, but Victor refuses to go along with Heather's plan and he doesn't hide what he thinks of her. Brad admits to Sharon that his last few visits were not a surprise, and then he spills Phyllis' plot to Nick. Ashley doesn't like the fact that Victor bought a high-costing horse for Abby. Sharon defends Phyllis when Nick tries to deal with his wife's actions. Abby meets Eden for the first time but then proceeds to completely ignore her. Eden is stunned when she realizes how many people she could feed with Abby's horse. Heather makes it clear to Adam that Victor has no intention of going easy on him and then suggests that he should take 18 months in jail instead of 3 years. Ashley is caught off guard when Abby asks her if it would be okay to call Victor "dad." Phyllis is stunned when Brad tells her he told Nick and Sharon the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #9060
    Ep. #9060
    Episode 202
    Lily is surprised to hear that Billy and Cane had a fistfight at the bookstore. Cane warns Lily to be careful with Billy. Jack informs Billy about his divorce and then comments on Billy's black eye and the fact that he's hiding the truth about the paternity of Chloe's baby. Phyllis asks Nick to cancel his plans in New York and rush to Genoa City to help out with Restless Style and then calls Brad with orders to get to New York, but Brad won't do it. Brad berates himself when remembering that he promised Sharon that he would never lie to her the way Jack does. Jack is stunned when Phyllis tells him that Sharon and Nick are on a business trip together. Jack calls Sharon to ask her not to say anything about his involvement in the forged diary fiasco. Lily confides in Devon about not fully trusting Billy. Chloe enjoys herself as she watches Billy and Cane pose for the magazine in boxing gloves. Billy reveals to Chloe that the fistfight in the bookstore was because of her, and she thanks Cane for defending her. Lily tells Billy that she wants to take things slow between them. Jack agrees to be in the magazine for charity. Nick's flight is canceled so he returns to find Brad near Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #9059
    Ep. #9059
    Episode 201
    At the bookstore, Cane and Billy start bickering in front of a reporter and their bickering soon turns into a fist fight. Daniel refuses to be on the cover of Restless Style when Phyllis won't agree with the clotches he's wearing. Phyllis eases up at the last minute. Kay goes to see Nikki with hopes of reuniting with an old friend, but things get tough when Nikki won't admit to herself that Kay is really alive. She kicks Kay out and asks her to leave her alone. In New York, Sharon and Nick start reminiscing about the past they shared in front of a client with hopes of working with her, and the client seems to enjoy their stories. Sharon asks Michael over the phone to start the divorce proceedings. Kevin tells Michael that he gave Kay's money to Murphy so he could bail Kay out of jail. Both Michael and Kevin are left stunned when Murphy arrives in Crimson Lights and returns the rest of the money. Michael is so surprised that he offers to represent Kay in court pro bono. Amber is freaked out by Kevin yet again, but this time she decides to report him to the police for murdering Kay. Murphy informs Kay about Michael offering to represent her. Sharon confides in Nick about divorcing Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #9058
    Ep. #9058
    Episode 200
    Paul informs Nikki about "Marge" ending up behind bars, and about his trip to Miami to work on Gloria's case. Nikki is irritated by Gloria getting away with too much, and Paul worries that "Marge" might upset Nikki even more. Gloria comes to a realization that Jack won't bail her out of jail and she asks an inmate to call Jeff, but Jeff won't do anything for Gloria. Kay and Murphy buy Kay's memoirs. Victor promises Ashley that from now on he will always make room for family. Sharon surprises Jack by bringing a sex therapist to work on his so-called addiction. Jill starts reading Kay's memoirs. Jeff follows Kay and Murphy back to the cabin. Kay realizes that she needs to speak to Nikki. Ashley tells Nikki to back off when Nikki comments on how fast Ashley and Abby moved to the ranch. Nikki claims to Paul that she isn't jealous. Olivia warns Ashley that Victor might hurt her again. Victor and Jill continue their plot against Jack. Jeff laughs when he finds out that Gloria didn't use her chance to get out of prison only because she wanted to talk to Kay. Gloria and Jeff both realize that Kay's will won't be valid if it turns out that Kay is actually alive, and then they agree to work together again. Jack isn't able to go through the addiction therapy and he sends the therapist away, then finally admits the entire truth about forging the diary with Adam to Sharon. He claims everything will be different, but Sharon finally snaps at him and tells him she's filing for divorce.moreless
  • Ep. #9057
    Ep. #9057
    Episode 199
    Michael is keen on finding out why Gloria intentionally blew her chances to get out on bail. Murphy tells Kevin that he is upset over the way Kay is being treated. Jill accepts Victor's business proposal and goes to see Jack, who is stunned when Jill starts talking about how good it is for Jabot to have Jack back. She surprises him by saying that her shares would be behind him if he chose to get more power at Jabot. Phyllis asks Daniel to appear on the cover of Restless Style, but Daniel refuses until he learns it's for charity. Kevin tries to convince Amber and Michael that Kay is alive, but neither believe him. Jeff wants to know about the newest scheme Gloria is plotting, but she won't say anything and she refuses to give him a divorce, her stock or any news on what her plan is. Jill confronts Amber about publishing the memoirs, but Amber blows her off. Jeff is surprised when he sees Kay in jail. Kevin gives Murphy the stolen cash to spring Kay out of jail. Jill talks to Jeff about Marge. Gloria tells Kay that she intentionally destroyed her chance to get our of jail just so she could help her regain her memories, and she's frustrated when Murphy arrives to get Kay out. Amber gets out of the bookstore just seconds before Murphy and Kay enter. Gloria calls Jack and claims that Kay is alive and that he has got to come and save her from prison. Jack tells Jill that Gloria will stay in prison for life.moreless
  • Ep. #9056
    Ep. #9056
    Episode 198
    Jeff is happy that Gloria might be going out of jail. Kay makes it clear to Gloria that it's weird that her friend would be someone that's in jail and she tries to distance herself from Gloria, but Gloria urges Kay to believe her by repeating that she's the only one that trusts her. Michael confronts Kevin about last night and Kevin admits that he and Jana stole the money that Kay had left in Crimson Lights. Eden admits to Michael that River came back only to get the money. Sharon and Victor catch up on the latest in their lives. Phyllis reminds Nick that he has committed himself to continue working at Restless Style even though he's doing double duty at Newman. Nick asks Phyllis if she has anything against him going on a Newman business trip with Sharon, and she starts reminding him of his past firings from Newman. Neil and Karen find out that Victor has officially returned to Newman. Victor notices Neil's disappointment when Victor notes that Victoria and Nick will both stay working at the firm. Sharon finds out that Noah lied to her again. Gloria intentionally ruins her chance to get out on bail, leaving Michael worried. Neil confides in Karen that he will refuse to respond to Nick or Victoria at Newman. Kevin goes to see Kay in prison and is stunned to realize that she actually is Katherine Chancellor when she reminds him of his debt. Eden tells Noah about the stolen money. Nick asks Victor to give him more freedom to work on both Newman and Restless Style. Phyllis comments on Sharon's parenting skills and asks her to keep her hands off Nick while on their business trip.moreless
  • Ep. #9055
    Ep. #9055
    Episode 197
    Victoria and J.T. visits Victor and Ashley at the ranch and are surprised to find out that Abby moved to Genoa City permanently and will be attending school there. Victoria worries that Victor could go back to his old ways, but Ashley assures her that she will take care of Victor. Billy comes over to Cane's house to take care of some Jabot stuff and ends up bonding with Chloe when their baby kicks. Jill urges Cane to try to get along with Billy, but Cane won't do it. Jana and Kevin attempt to break into the tackhouse to steal the money, and they even manage to stop the alarm, but they're forced to hide into a closet when Nick and Phyllis return with Michael and Lauren as their company. Michael is shocked when he goes to the closet and sees them hiding inside. He then helps them get out of the house without anyone noticing. Cane overhears Lily talking about Billy and he realizes that they're dating. He warns Lily that Billy is only using her, but Lily throws that idea off. Jill is stunned when Cane informs her of Lily's new boyfriend. A reporter confronts Jill about Kay and Cane slugs him. Chloe fantasizes of Billy spending time with her instead of Cane. Billy reassures Lily that Cane isn't the reason why he wants to be with her.moreless
  • Ep. #9054
    Ep. #9054
    Episode 196
    Tyra interrupts Neil and Karen on their first morning as a married couple to let them know about the possibility of bringing Ana back home. Rafe takes care of Ana, while Tyra thanks Neil and Karen for their help. Victor returns to Newman and takes over the company once again, then expresses his wish to run the company as a family again, but Nick isn't sure if he should stay now that Victor has returned. Gloria talks to Kay about Kay's past and Kay pleasantly listens to her, but when Murphy warns her that Gloria might try to trick her, Kay decides to be a bit more cautious. Ashley is terrified when Jack shows up at Jabot, but Jack won't back down this time and makes it clear to her that he doesn't care if anyone finds out. Lauren notices a difference in Michael's behavior. Elroy gives Heather the case against Gloria. Victor tells Ashley that he understands why Jack returned to Jabot. Jack tells Billy that he is going to make sure that the entire world knows he had nothing to do with the tainted face cream. Tyra bursts into tears outside the Winters apartment when she realizes she won't be able to spend as much time with Ana as she wants. Jack and Victor bicker about each others lives. Heather is angry when she realizes that she is going against Paul on Gloria's case. Billy votes against Jack staying at Jabot, but Ashley has a change of heart and decides to support Jack. Michael is puzzled when Gloria suddenly isn't in a rush to exit jail. Victor meets with Jill at the GCAC and proposes a deal to help him get Jabot back and take down Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #9053
    Ep. #9053
    Episode 195
    Jack informs Billy that Gloria is responsible for the face cream fiasco. Jack asks Billy to move back to the Abbott mansion because he's feeling lonely all alone in the house, but Billy rejects the idea. Jack warns Billy not to mess with Lily, but Billy tells him he likes to live dangerously. Sharon interrupts Nick and Phyllis while they are having dinner at the GCAC and they do small talk about Sharon moving out of the Abbott house. The waiter informs Sharon that there are no more places left for her to sit, but the Newmans don't offer her a place. Phyllis calls Brad to take care of Sharon. Olivia tries to convince Tyra to tell Neil how she feels about him before he marries Karen. Jana is irritated by her own enlightenment and Kevin tells her that he'll support her no matter how she chooses to look at life. Gloria is confused when someone reports that Katherine is in jail. She is shocked when she sees Kay, but Murphy interrupts her with a visit. Gloria won't believe that Kay is alive, but Kay remembers a moment when Gloria presumably found her car behind the coffee house. Kevin overhears Noah and Eden talking about the money River stashed in the teddy bear and which is currently in their possession. He is happy when Jana agrees to help him steal the money. While guests continue arriving, Olivia continues badgering Tyra. Jack sees Brad entering Sharon's room at the GCAC. Victor arrives at the wedding in the last minute and the wedding finally begins. The minister pronounces Neil and Karen husband and wife and the clock strikes twelve. Brad kisses Sharon, but she stops him from going any further. Jack finds himself back at the Abbott mansion, alone.moreless
  • Ep. #9052
    Ep. #9052
    Episode 194
    Karen asks Victoria to be her matron of honor at the wedding and Victoria accepts. Jana feels uneasy around Kevin after the mess with the money. Kevin isn't that happy when Jana tells him they have to go to Daniel and Amber's. Karen is a bit worried about getting married too fast and she offers Neil a chance to reconsider, but he doesn't. Amber and Daniel give each other gifts. Esther thanks Chloe and Cane for letting her spend Christmas with them. Jill is overjoyed when she sees Katherine at the mansion, but soon she realizes that it can't be possible for her to be alive and she claims that the woman is just someone that's trying to get money out of looking similar to Kay. The police arrests Kay. Olivia finds Tyra sobbing at Indigo and she tells her it's because of Neil, but Tyra denies it. Olivia insists that Karen isn't Neil's type and that Tyra should speak up before the wedding. Amber's behavior leads her to believe that Kevin is trying to kill her, while Daniel and Jana are tired of her insinuations, along with Kevin. Jana ends her friendship with Amber. Cane and Esther are worried when Jill tells them about "an impostor" at the mansion. Kevin asks Gloria to tell Amber about trying to get stock out of Kay and leave him out of it so Amber would finally stop thinking that he's a murderer, but Gloria won't do it. On his way out of jail, Kevin is shocked to see Kay in a cell.moreless
  • Ep. #9051
    Ep. #9051
    Episode 193
    Cane isn't thrilled when Jill invites Billy to spend Christmas morning with the rest of the family at his house, but he doesn't say much and lets the family enjoy their time together while opening their gifts. Lily reveals to Colleen that Billy was the mystery guy she was chatting with. Colleen warns Billy not to hurt Lily. Murphy brings Kay her obituary that he found on the net. Kay insists that Marge was the one that died and decides to go to the Chancellor mansion to find out more. The Newmans also spend their Christmas morning together. Colleen meets Rafe. Ashley comforts Victor because today would have been Sabrina's due date. Jack is crushed when Sharon tells him that she is leaving the Abbott mansion and moving to the GCAC for the time being. She insists that there is nothing he can do to save their marriage. Victor spends some quality time with Reed. Kay and Murphy find a key at the mansion and enter it. Kay remembers that she has a daughter and that the mansion is hers, and that's when Murphy decides to leave her there. Victor finds Nikki at the stables and they briefly chat and then Victor leaves. An emotional Esther is overjoyed when Chloe forgives her for not being there when she needed her the most. Victor returns back to the ranch to find Abby back home. Jill is shocked when she finds Katherine at the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #9050
    Ep. #9050
    Episode 192
    Michael wonders what it would be like if he was never born, and Paul as a guide shows him what would have happened. Michael is shocked to see Phyllis in a leather jacket sitting in a bar, having lost custody of Daniel, with Danny dead. He doesn't believe Paul when he claims that Fen was never born. In Crimson Lights, which is in bad shape, dressed in a rock outfit, Jana waitresses in a bad mood and tells Michael that Kevin is in an asylum. Michael is then taken to jail, where Victor is still being held in prison for the murder of Ji Min Kim. At Lauren's boutique, where a cranky Lauren is working with Amber, Michael realizes that they never hooked up and that Lauren spent her time focusing on her work. Ashley brings Traci to the store and Lauren insults her. At Jabot, Michael sees Gloria working as a cleaning lady with Jack as her boss. In an asylum, Michael visits Kevin who is out of touch with reality. Paul then takes Michael to the graveyard, where he sees tombstones with Paul's and Christine's names on them. Michael wishes for his life back and is then returned to reality, where he reunites with his family and celebrates Christmas.moreless
  • Ep. #9049
    Ep. #9049
    Episode 191
    Victor returns back to the ranch after being released from jail and finds Ashley, who had redecorated the place and moved in. Gloria asks Michael and Kevin why she isn't being released from prison yet, and the guys roll their eyes as she thinks of freedom. The Winters and Hamilton family celebrates Christmas together, as Ana is allowed to spend it with them. Cane, Chloe and Billy join Jill and Esther at the Chancellor mansion. Murphy takes Katherine back to his trailer, where a doctor takes a look at her. Later on, Kay is shocked when she realizes that her name is Katherine Chancellor. The Baldwin family spends the day at Crimson Lights, where Eden tells the story of how she spent her previous Christmases, and Michael is irritated by the fact that Gloria is behind bars and that River is out there somewhere. Jeff visits Gloria in jail with a few more jokes. Victor finally confides in Ashley about what happened in Mexico, but he doesn't reveal that he left Walter on the boat alone even though Walter begged him to help.moreless
  • Ep. #9048
    Ep. #9048
    Episode 190
    Esther and Jill note that Cane seems to be getting along better with Chloe. The two women open up the Christmas gifts that Katherine had sent them months before and they turn out to be a sexy negligee for Jill and a blue nurses outfit for Esther, leaving both of them furious and Cane laughing. Amber is frustrated that Kay isn't alive to see her book published. She daydreams of Kay's ghost blaming Kevin for her death. Kay falls on a patch of ice while on her way back to Murphy's trailer. Billy finally reveals himself to Lily as 'Sonny', leaving her hurt and convinced that he is only using her to get back at Cane. Billy reassures her that his feelings are true and they end up kissing in the snow. Adam tries to get Victor's help to get out of jail, but this time Victor refuses to help him out since Adam rejected his offer for a settlement days ago. Victor urges Adam to toughen up and show that he is Victor Newman's son.moreless
  • Ep. #9047
    Ep. #9047
    Episode 189
    Kay and Murphy decorate the tree together and spend time with the carolers, while Kay has another memory flash. The two kiss under the mistletoe. Billy continues to chat with Lily as 'Sonny', but he still doesn't reveal his true identity. Nikki and Victor manage to get along fine in prison for a few moments, but Victor's attitude ends up getting in the way yet again. Adam is worried when the judge refuses to drop the charges against him. He is heartbroken when Heather won't back down. Nikki tells Paul that she is keen on putting Victor behind her. Paul asks Nikki where they stand and she assures him that she is where she wants to be. The bartender from Mexico and his daughter visit Victor in jail. The man reassures Victor that his secret is safe with him. Adam cries in his cell.moreless
  • Ep. #9046
    Ep. #9046
    Episode 188
    Ashley forces Gloria to sit down and listen as she unleashes her anger on Gloria and promises that she will take away her money and her Jabot stock. Jana is frustrated by Kevin's behavior. Jack informs Sharon about Gloria being behind bars. Phyllis is still hurt by Nick's actions in Paris. Adam tries to change Heather's mind, but she won't listen. Paul comforts a crying Heather and tells her that she did the right thing. Nikki visits Victor to discuss about a frozen account and the conversation goes along fine until Victor, in a typical fashion, leaves without a goodbye. Eden asks Noah to hide the money, and she gives River the bear and plays dumb when he won't tell her why he needs the bear. Nick tells Sharon that Phyllis saw them kissing on the bridge. Phyllis is visibly upset when she sees the two talking again, as she unleashes her anger on Summer's birthday cake. Ashley confronts Jack about dragging her into a plot with Gloria. Jeff asks Gloria to sign the divorce papers. Victor laughs when Adam belittles him. Adam is stunned when the police arrests him. Sharon kicks Jeff out of the Abbott mansion. Gloria is angered when she learns that River is a conman after all and that her confession brought nothing but bad to her. Adam is certain that the prosecution won't be able to find anything against him, but he's stunned when the Mexican bartender and his daughter arrive. River goes crazy when he sees that Eden took the money out of the bear.moreless
  • Ep. #9045
    Ep. #9045
    Episode 187
    Ashley is surprised when Victor tells her he may be released from prison soon. Adam is questioned by Heather and Elroy, but he continues lying, so Heather confronts him yet again after the hearing. Jill donates for the food bank in Kay's memory. Kay goes to the pawn and negotiates with the clerk to raise the value of her ring. Murphy won't accept the money Kay got for it, but she convinces him to take it. Kay has no idea that the clerk ripped her off. Jeff visits Gloria in prison and brings and enraged Jack as a gift for her. Gloria tries to find an excuse for what happened, but Jack tells her he'll be in front row on her trial. Ashley and Jill are shocked when Jeff slyly tells them that Gloria was the one that tampered with the cream. Victoria and J.T. visit Victor in prison and learn that Victor is sure he'll be released soon. Elroy is surprised when Heather claims she wants to put Adam behinds bars. She returns the engagement ring to Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #9044
    Ep. #9044
    Episode 186
    Adam waits for Heather at the airport, while she has to decide what to do with her life. Jack reminds Billy for the thousandth time that he needs to listen to Jack's orders since Jack took care of Billy, and Billy lashes out at him for everyone trying to control him. He goes to see his mother, who then tries to get him to work at Chancellor, but Billy reminds her that Cane is her favorite son and that he can't work with her. John warns Jack that his life is being destroyed. River appears at the same diner where Kay is working. Pearl tells Kay about Murphy's financial problems, so Kay ponders helping Murphy by pawning the ring. Gloria wants to be released from prison, but Michael warns her that it won't be that easy. Jack returns to the Abbott mansion and finds it redecorated, as per Sharon's instructions. Michael rushes Heather to do something with Victor being behind bars. Michael is forced to tell Eden the truth about River's crimes and he admits that he reported him to the police. Lauren reassures Michael that even though Eden is hurt, he did the right thing. Heather arrives at the airport and shocks Adam by arresting him before he can leave. Jack is blown away when Jeff tells him that Gloria was responsible for the skin cream fiasco.moreless
  • Ep. #9043
    Ep. #9043
    Episode 185
    Adam urges Beatrice to push the wedding date even sooner, but she is reluctant until he tells her he is the son of Victor Newman. Heather meets with Frank in jail and questions him about working with Adam. Victor asks Frank to stop talking to other people about the case unless he tells him to. Kevin learns that Jeff ended up in a hospital and rushes over, only to find out that Jeff revealed Gloria's crime. Gloria is taken to the police station where she desperately tries to reach Michael. Kevin is worried when Gloria tells him the police have her confession on tape. Michael is heartbroken when River decides to leave Eden and his life behind. Lauren and Eden are shocked when Jana tells them what happened to Gloria. Heather asks Adam to tell her the truth about the forged diary but he continues lying, so she tearfully breaks off their engagement. She, however, lets him run away. Heather is surprised when Michael shows up at her office asking her to issue a warrant for River. Michael returns home, where Lauren informs him about Gloria's arrest.moreless
  • Ep. #9042
    Ep. #9042
    Episode 184
    Michael prevents Eden from leaving and ends up finding River at the warehouse. He confronts River about his crimes and reveals that he knows the truth, and River doesn't try to deny it. Michael refuses to let River drag Eden away with him. Lauren reassures Eden that she is free to stay in Genoa City and that all will be okay, but Eden knows River will be mad at her. Esther and Jill spat over what to do with Katherine's rooms at the house, but when they learn that Kay ordered Christmas gifts for them before she "died," they get sentimental and stop fighting. Kay starts getting flashbacks from her past when she accidentally calls Murphy "Phillip." She remembers Jill's and Esther's voice and realizes she had a baby girl, although Murphy tells her that Marge never had any children. Kevin is shocked when he realizes that the money is gone and Jana admits to giving it all away to River. Kevin goes crazy and confronts Jana about it then tells her that they'll end up poor. Tyra snaps at Karen when she promises that Ana will be home before Christmas. She learns that Neil applied for foster care again. The family goes through several possibilities of how to have Ana back, including either that Karen moves away or that Karen and Neil get married sooner.moreless
  • Ep. #9041
    Ep. #9041
    Episode 183
    Adam tries to convince Heather to get married immediately and go away, but she refuses to since she's so near to putting Victor behind bars. Victor meets with Heather and gives her the evidence that makes it clear that Adam was involved in the forgery. Jack continues lying to Ashley about being a sex addict. Lauren and Michael are stunned when they find tax assessment for the Malibu property in Eden's name. Michael questions River over the phone about it, but he avoids his questions, and later leads Eden to keep quiet too. River tells Eden that they have to leave Genoa City immediately. Paul berates Victor for the way he has been treating Nikki, but Victor asks him to put his personal feelings aside and investigate what happened in Mexico. Ashley questions Adam about Jack's involvement in the diary publishing, but Adam only redirects her to Jack. Paul warns Jack that he will find out the truth. Ashley is sad upon realizing that Jack continued lying to her and she confronts him about it. Jack is worried when Ashley tells him that he will have nothing to do with Jabot. Paul asks Adam to stop playing games or else he will hurt Heather. Michael is stunned upon realizing that he's been had, and that River actually did rob the bank all those years ago. Jeff plays games with Gloria's mind at the hospital and actually forces her to confess to her crimes, while trying to convince her that he didn't have the room bugged. Just as Gloria begins to feel comfortable, the police appears and arrests her.moreless
  • Ep. #9040
    Ep. #9040
    Episode 182
    The Baldwins continue celebrating River finally being released from jail. Eden receives a debt card in her name, but hides it. Gloria is worried about what Jeff might do and has no idea that he was taken into the E.R. with a side of his face destroyed by the face cream. Jana takes the money out of the bag and gives it River without informing Kevin. Phyllis warns Adam that he will go down for his crimes. Victor forces Frank to call Adam to the jail, where Adam is surprised to find Victor waiting for him. Victor gives Adam one last chance to work with him and help him convict Jack, but Adam refuses the deal. Esther shows up at the Ashby house willing to help out when Chloe needs her, but Cane wants to take care of Chloe alone. Billy reveals to Jack that he dated Chloe in the past and that the baby she is carrying is actually his. He talks to Lily about her past with Cane and then comes to a conclusion that he will take the truth about the baby's paternity to his grave. Phyllis surprises Jack by revealing to him that she saw Sharon and Nick kissing at a bridge in Paris. John gives Jack advice to start telling the truth to his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #9039
    Ep. #9039
    Episode 181
    Jack is hopeful that he might get a chance to talk to Sharon, but she puts his hope out by letting him know that it's time they told Noah about their separation. Noah takes the news without much emotion, saying that it's not as worse as the last time Sharon talked to him about separation. Phyllis admits to Nick that she was in Paris to shoot for the magazine, but she tries to avoid Nick's further questions. She is, however, forced to admit that she saw Nick and Sharon kissing in Paris, and the couple enters a long debate, ending with a promise that everything will be fine between them. Daniel and Amber rent Sabrina's old gallery for their new business space and then inform Nick and Phyllis about quitting Restless Style. Jana won't let Kevin use the money to fix the pipes at Crimson Lights. Kevin is irritated when Amber continues throwing hints that he might have had something to do with Kay's death. Murphy and Kay share a talk about his wife who died. Jeff threatens Gloria with the face cream, but she decides to recant on River's behalf. She tells Michael that she's doing it only for him, not River. Gloria takes the stand and delivers a great speech about River, ending with the judge releasing River into Michael's custody until a final decision is made. An angry Jeff returns home and rubs the tainted cream on his face.moreless
  • Ep. #9038
    Ep. #9038
    Episode 180
    Kay finds her missing ring in Pearl's purse and confronts her about stealing it, but Pearl explains that she got it appraised and that she learned it was an expensive ring. Murphy tells Kay that she belongs with him even though she can't remember him. Jeff and Gloria are stunned when they realize that they both tried to trick each other again and that they've both the exact same amount of stock behind each other's back. Lauren shows up warning Gloria that she might lose her family unless she testifies on River's behalf. Michael is irritated by River's easygoing attitude and worried that his father might end up in jail for a long time. Jeff forbids Gloria to recant. Lily informs Billy about Chloe's fall and he appears at the hospital. Lily and Cane come to an agreement to finally stop longing after the other and to move on with their lives. Billy questions a nurse about the baby's real conception date and realizes that he is the baby's real father. Cane promises Chloe that from now on he will take care not only of the baby, but also of her.moreless
  • Ep. #9037
    Ep. #9037
    Episode 179
    Phyllis deletes Sharon's messages from Nick's phone. Ashley is in disbelief when Sharon tells her Jack confessed to being a sex addict. Jack picks a fight with Nick, but Phyllis stops them before things get too far. Phyllis denies having anything to do with Sharon getting Jack's cheque report. Billy tries to convince Lily that he did what he had to do with the takeover, but she isn't as supportive. Chloe and Lily get into a fight over Cane again. Brad spends the day comforting Sharon, who is heartbroken over her failing marriage. Billy and Cane bicker at the Jabot offices. Victor informs Nick about the latest development in the forging case. Jack tries to lie to Ashley about being a sex addict, but she makes it very clear to him that she doesn't believe his lies. Sharon confides in Nick about Jack's lies and tells him her marriage is definitely over. Billy sees the ultrasound of Chloe's baby and flashes back to doubting that the baby could be his. Lily tries to apologize to Chloe at the house but their conversation turns to another fight. Cane comes home just in time to see Chloe crying and lying on the floor after having fallen off the ladder.moreless
  • Ep. #9036
    Ep. #9036
    Episode 178
    When Victor guarantees Frank that his requests will be taken care of, Frank reveals to him that Jack and Adam hired him to forge the diary and that he felt as if Jack was running the entire show and only using Adam. Sharon is confused when Jack lies about being a sex addict. Phyllis finds out that Sharon tried to call Nick, but hides it from him and continues their passionate night together. Brad takes Sharon away before Jack can find her. They leave to the mansion where Sharon admits that her marriage with Jack was a train wreck since the beginning. Jack finds Sharon and tries to talk to her, but she asks him to pack his bags and leave the mansion. Nikki accuses Ashley of setting her up to make her seem guilty in front of Victor. Victor informs Michael about Frank's confession, but Michael isn't sure they can prove that Frank is telling the truth. Brad returns to the mansion to comfort Sharon. Victor informs Ashley that Jack is behind the forgery plot.moreless
  • Ep. #9035
    Ep. #9035
    Episode 177
    Jack prepares for a celebration with Sharon, while Phyllis makes sure that her plan goes through without a mistake. Noah is grounded for breaking the rules again. Jack reassures Sharon that he is not lying to her anymore. Victor is frustrated when Michael informs him that the handwriting experts confirmed that he wrote the diary. Frank goes to see Victor and offers him a deal. Phyllis surprises Nick in a sexy outfit and they have a night full of passion. Eden visits Noah while he's babysitting Summer. Brad sits patiently and watches as Michael picks a fight with Jack, but they are interrupted by a bartender delivering papers to Sharon containing info on Jack's recent expenses. Sharon confronts Jack who is forced to make up a lie about being a sex addict.moreless
  • Ep. #9034
    Ep. #9034
    Episode 176
    Jill is extremely shocked when she realizes that Jack convinced Billy to go along with his plan to take over Jabot. Cane feels betrayed by Billy and makes it clear that he is ashamed of him. Both Jill and Cane believe that the company won't make it in their hands, but Ashley walks in and announces that she will be running Jabot. Daniel decides to start painting. Jana reminds Daniel and Amber that they didn't inform Phyllis of their decision to leave Restless Style. Kevin questions Amber about her insinuations that he might have had something to do with Kay's death. Jana keeps quiet about finding the stash in front of Daniel and Amber. Michael, Lauren, Phyllis and Nick chat about the latest in their lives and end up discussing about Noah and Eden, who continue sneaking around, but then end up confronted in Crimson Lights. Phyllis admits to Michael that she saw Nick and Sharon kissing in Paris, and Michael is confused as to why Nick would do that. Phyllis admits that she has something on Jack, but she won't say what. Noah and Eden refuse to stay away from each other. Ashley tells Jack that she will leave Forrester and work solely on Jabot. Jeff warns Jack that if he doesn't make him happy the deal could go away. Gloria and Jeff admit to each other that they both planned to betray each other once again, but that the takeover might have saved their marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #9033
    Ep. #9033
    Episode 175
    As the Jabot shareholds meeting is about to start, Jack worries that Ashley might not make it in time. Jill is suspicious when Jack, Gloria and Jeff show up. Cane learns of Ana's fate and goes to the Winters apartment to offer support, but he's soon shown out the door. Tyra is upset that she could only visit Ana under supervision. Nikki tells Esther that she can't find Kay's ring and that she fears Jill might have hidden it. Pearl notices that Kay has a real ring on her finger, but Kay thinks it's cheap. Pearl later steals the ring. Brad and Colleen also arrive at the meeting, just as Nikki confronts Jill about the ring, but Jill says that the ring is not on her list of priorities. Jack is surprised to realize that Nikki doesn't seem to care that much about Victor anymore. Olivia warns Lily that hanging out with Cane's brother might not be the best thing for her. Jill is stunned and shocked when Gloria announces that she is now the majority owner of Jabot. Gloria is then surprised when Billy says that he will be running the company. Nikki tells Esther that she plans to report Kay's ring as stolen. Ana explains to her family that the foster family didn't treat her bad. Karen reaches out to Ana and relates to her pain of being in foster care.moreless
  • Ep. #9032
    Ep. #9032
    Episode 174
    Jeff tells Jack he'd like to be appointed CEO once they take over Jabot and Jack grants his wish. Daniel takes a grieving Amber to Kay's gravesite. The Winters and Hamilton family is worried, as Billy promises to help them by hiring a lawyer specializing in family law named Rafe Torres. Tyra pleads with the social worker not to let Yolanda take Ana, but since Yolanda got married she has the rights to take her away. Gil tries to talk to Tyra, but she refuses to accept the fact that he had to turn in the information. Michael learns that Kevin is helping Gloria in a plot connected to Jabot. Gloria isn't affected by Michael's plea to help River. Ana is taken away by foster parents. Daniel agrees to go into business with Amber and leave Restless Style behind. Jana finds Kevin's stash of money and learns about the real owner and what Kevin used the money for.moreless
  • Ep. #9031
    Ep. #9031
    Episode 173
    Victor tells Victoria and Nick that he still won't have anything to do with their mother. Nikki and Paul bask in the afterglow after sleeping together. Sharon explains to Jack that things can't change overnight and that she still isn't ready to forgive him for the lies. Jill, Esther, Chloe, Cane and Billy eat dinner together and discuss about Katherine, and then about Chloe's baby. Katherine goes to work at Joe's diner and doesn't seem to recognize the place. Nick promises to take down Adam. Gil surprises the Winters family when he shows up at their door with Marisol Pena, a social service worker, and they inform the family that Ana was reported missing by Yolanda. Jack pays a visit to Victor in jail. Adam surprises Heather by suggesting they should get married at Christmas.moreless
  • Ep. #9030
    Ep. #9030
    Episode 172
    Phyllis gives Brad a proposition to work with her on distancing Sharon from Nick and bringing her closer to Brad, but Brad doesn't agree with the suggestion. Jack lies to Heather and the FBI regarding the reason why he helped Adam publish the diary. Neil acts weird when Tyra goes out on another date with Gil. Olivia stuns Neil by revealing that she thinks Karen isn't the right woman for him. Neil gives Karen an engagement ring. Victor accuses Nikki of bringing the diary from Mexico to Genoa City and giving it to Adam, which finally prompts Nikki to burst at Victor, promising that she's shed her last tear for the man. Brad offers Sharon comfort if she ever needs it. Nick tries to make a deal with Adam to admit he worked with Jack, but Adam doesn't bite. Sharon decides to give Jack one more chance to save their marriage and then asks him to tell her the entire truth. Jack claims that he isn't hiding anything else from her. Victor tells Nick that he isn't surprised that Adam and Jack worked together. Olivia is shocked to learn that Ashley is with Victor again. Brad calls Phyllis and accepts her proposition. Nikki and Paul talk about old times and end up in bed together.moreless
  • Ep. #9029
    Ep. #9029
    Episode 171
    Sharon rushes out of the Abbott house when she witnesses yet another of Jack's lies surfacing. Nick asks Nikki to move in to the house, but she rejects the idea. Heather warns Adam that the FBI will be investigating everyone involved with Victor's diary. Adam suggests they should move to Europe, but Heather isn't ready to just drop the life she has in Genoa City. Paul comforts Nikki. Michael gives Victor the journal that he supposedly wrote, but Victor realizes that he had it in Mexico and there's no way Adam could have found it at the ranch. Ashley asks Nikki to come and see Victor. Nikki is pleasantly surprised when Paul asks her to come and stay with him. Phyllis confronts Jack about Sharon and Nick becoming more closer and she makes it clear that she isn't joking around. Jack thinks she's paranoid, so she tells him she knows about the business he conducted in Mexico and the motel room plus hooker bill he made. Nick and Sharon mutually agree that their kiss was only because of Cassie's memory. Ashley tells Victor she's going to London to get Abby. Sharon finds out that the Abbott family got back in control of Jabot, but she knows it must have been yet another shady move. Phyllis appears at Brad's doorstep looking for help with Jack and Sharon's marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #9028
    Ep. #9028
    Episode 170
    Karen and Neil inform Lily, Devon, Roxanne, Tyra and Ana about their engagement. Michael is surprised when Gloria changes her mind and refuses to recant for River's case. Ashley is furious when she finally learns that Gloria is Jack's silent partner, but at the end of the day she realizes that this would be the best way to get the Abbotts back in control at Jabot. Amber is still convinced that Kevin is hiding something, and even Jana notices a change on her husband. Michael informs River about Gloria's change of mind. Billy tries to reveal himself as "Sonny" to Lily at the bookstore, but the appearance of Chloe and Cane stops his plan. Cane sees Lily and Billy hugging. Kevin surprises Jana with a high-costing gift.moreless
  • Ep. #9027
    Ep. #9027
    Episode 169
    Gloria is surprised when Jeff insists on attending Katherine's will reading with her. Kay is demented from her accident as she continues trying to adapt in her "new" life while Murphy doesn't know who she really is. John's ghost gives advice to Billy, Traci, Ashley and Jack, all separately, as the family finally comes together. A crowd of people reunite at the Chancellor mansion, where Mitchell Sherman reads the contents of Kay's will, and it comes as a great surprise when Esther learns she got 50% of Kay's estate. She also leaves Daniel and Amber money to finance their business, a few shares to Danny, Gina and Brock, Jill gets the remainder of the estate, Nikki gets Kay's jewelry, and Gloria finally gets her wish when Kay leaves her 5% of Jabot stock. Gloria and Jeff happily inform Jack about the change of events. John confronts Jack about his actions again, but Jack is convinced that he is doing the right thing.moreless
  • Ep. #9026
    Ep. #9026
    Episode 168
    Phyllis tells Nick that Brad was the person that informed Heather about Victor's return. Victor accepts being hauled off to jail. He tells Heather that she was wrong when she pursued him for Ji Min's murder, and that she is wrong yet again. Noah and Eden's private time is interrupted by Jack and Sharon's return to the mansion. Sharon asks Noah to stay away from Eden, but he won't hear of it. Adam confirms to Nick that he was the one that found the diary and when he insults Victor, Nick slugs him. Brad and Traci catch up on the latest in their lives. Phyllis accidentally learns that Jack was in Mexico collecting info on Victor and then learns a few more things Jack did. Nikki asks Paul to investigate Victor's case. Victor and Nick bond as Victor realizes that Nick punched Adam. Adam won't go see Victor, but Victor's thugs force him to. Jack gives Noah love advice, as a pleased Sharon listens. Adam tells Victor about how his family rejected him again, but Victor claims he got only himself to blame for that. Ashley warns Nikki that Victor still blames her for Sabrina's death.moreless
  • Ep. #9025
    Ep. #9025
    Episode 167
    Sharon is frustrated, as Jack tries to reach Ashley to explain what is going on between Victor and her. Nikki is comforted by her family as they discuss Victor's return. Victor and Ashley return to the ranch, where Victor rehires his staff and asks Estella to pack Nikki's things. Nina and Cane are officially introduced to each other. Karen and Neil share the news of their engagement. Murphy assumes that Marge is still drinking when Katherine starts talking about being unable to remember being at his place before. Amber still suspects Kevin is hiding something. Victoria reunites with her father. Victor is stunned to learn that Adam found and published his diary. Brad informs Heather that Victor is back in town, and Heather confronts Paul with the info. Liz tells Jill that she's glad she told her the truth about her paternity so she had spent time with Kay as her mother. Sharon confronts Lauren about Eden being a bad influence on Noah. Jack makes up another lie to Sharon. Noah gives Eden back her necklace. Lauren and Traci take some time to talk to each other, and Lauren finally apologizes to Traci for all the things she had done to her in the past. Phyllis realizes that Brad told the authorities about Victor's return. Mitchell tells Gloria and Jeff that Kay left Gloria something in her will. Heather arrives at the ranch to see Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #9024
    Ep. #9024
    Episode 166
    Murphy stumbles upon Katherine near the bridge and decides to take her back to the cabin, thinking it's Marge, while Kay is disoriented. Michael and Lauren go to pick up Kevin and Jana, but they are busy with a burst pipe at the Crimson Lights. Heather tells Adam that the FBI is trying to make a deal with Frank to release him in case he gives them valuable info. Kevin questions Heather about legal procedure concerning money, and contemplates keeping the money he found for himself without telling anything to his wife. Heather and Adam celebrate together. The crowd at the funeral is shocked when Victor enters. Brock breaks down while doing an eulogy at the funeral. Liz Foster also arrives at the funeral, while Gloria and Jeff are late. Different people make their speeches about Katherine, and Devon and Ana sing at the end. Nikki nearly collapses after the ceremony and Paul takes her home.moreless
  • Ep. #9023
    Ep. #9023
    Episode 165
    Marge's ghost appears near the casket. Noah continues disrespecting Sharon. Jack tries to pin his marriage problems to Nick, but Sharon makes it clear that Jack is the only one to blame. Their fight is interrupted by Traci's and Dina's arrival. Daniel and Amber arrive at Nick and Phyllis' place to prepare for the funeral. Brock arrives back home and comforts his loved ones. Nikki realizes Ashley is back in town, but she's frustrated when Ashley refuses to answer any of her questions about Victor. Nina also arrives at the funeral and finally meets Cane, but she says he's no Phillip. Danny, Gina and Mitchell Sherman also arrive. Marge's ghost reappears and realizes that everyone thinks Kay is the one that died in the crash. Phyllis keeps quiet about what she saw in Paris. Jill and Nikki continue fighting at the funeral. Phyllis and Amber make a truce. Everyone at the funeral is shocked when Victor arrives and sits near Ashley. Marge's ghost finds Kay's body lying and moving near the bridge.moreless
  • Ep. #9022
    Ep. #9022
    Episode 164
    Adam tries to get Heather to get him out of a meeting with the FBI, but Heather won't do it. Adam meets with Agent Dillon, and he's stunned when he sees Frank Ellis arriving arrested nearby. Jack and Phyllis separately arrive to give their condolences to Esther. Jack tries to stop Phyllis to ask her about Nick and Sharon being in Paris together, but she just gives a short comment and leaves. Victor asks Ashley to stay with him in Paris, but she's keen on going to Genoa City and she asks him to come with her. Tyra and Gil begin dating. Karen and Neil discuss about life after hearing of Kay's death. Neil proposes to Karen and she accepts. Daniel tries to comfort Amber, who's heartbroken over Kay's death. Nikki and Jill spar while making arrangements for Kay's funeral. Jack visits Phyllis at the tack house and questions her about Sharon and Nick looking more chummy lately, but she disses the idea and he leaves. Phyllis finally freaks out and goes ballistic. Adam and Jack realize that Frank Ellis was brought to the FBI on a different charge. Paul supports Heather getting engaged. Nick arrives home and takes Phyllis in an embrace. Nikki takes some time to talk to "Kay" in a casket. Jill freaks out when she hears of Amber's idea to publish Kay's memoirs. Victor appears at Ashley's doorstep just as she finishes packing.moreless
  • Ep. #9021
    Ep. #9021
    Episode 163
    Jack tries to locate Sharon, but she doesn't want to speak to him when he finally reaches her. Nick and Sharon are shocked when they learn that Noah isn't with his tour group. John offers support to a mad Jack. Victoria comforts her mother when she comes at the house shocked by Kay's death. Nikki blames herself for everything. Esther and Jill hug each other while crying, as Cane tries to reach Billy. Ashley shows Victor the newspaper claiming that he confessed to murdering Walter Palin in his diary. Victor refuses to admit that and he refuses to go back to Genoa City to straighten things out. Nick and Sharon arrive to bail Noah out of jail when Eden arrives. Nick calls Michael and Lauren to give Eden a lecture about her behavior. Upon hearing the news about Kay, John prompts Jack to hold onto Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #9020
    Ep. #9020
    Episode 162
    Ashley and Victor make love, and later bask in the afterglow. Phyllis is frustrated when she can't find Nick, while Nick and Sharon continue touring through Paris. Esther is perplexed as to why she couldn't see that Kay was drinking again. Chloe tries to comfort Cane and fears that she can't show emotion, but Cane compliments her on trying. Amber and Daniel arrive at the Chancellor mansion, just as Esther receives a fax informing her that Kay ordered a service at the alcohol rehab center. Noah and Eden run into trouble while taking some time off in Paris and Noah ends up arrested. Nick and Sharon discuss about Cassie and they end up kissing, just as Phyllis walks by and sees them. She goes back to Nick's room, takes her things, and leaves without leaving a trace of her arrival. Nikki and Jill are full of emotions when they drag Marge's body out of the car, thinking it's Katherine. They inform the others at the Chancellor mansion that Kay died.moreless
  • Ep. #9019
    Ep. #9019
    Episode 161
    Kay and Marge end up in a car accident, while Jill and Nikki inform the cops about Kay's disappearance. Esther is confused as to how "Kay" could have hidden falling off the wagon. Daniel and Amber confront Kevin about his weird behavior again, but he brushes them off. Victor is stunned when Ashley appears in front of him and he tries to leave, but Ashley stops him by saying that she believes in his innocence. Sharon and Nick continue spending quality time together in Paris, while Phyllis goes to arrange the photoshoot of the new cover of the magazine. She is worried when she isn't able to reach Nick. Noah and Eden spend time walking around alone in Paris. Nikki calls Kevin to find out where Kay is, but Kevin doesn't know. A bloody hand emerges out of the crashed car. Ashley refuses to let Victor walk away after he asks her to leave and not reveal where he is to anyone. She refuses to let him go and they kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9018
    Ep. #9018
    Episode 160
    Nick and Sharon meet up in Paris, while Phyllis arrives to find Nick's room empty. Jack quizzes Adam about how he will answer when the feds question him. Kevin tries to reach Kay, but Marge answers her phone and confuses him again. Kay takes Marge back to Murphy's cabin, where they prepare to go to the facility when suddenly Kay remembers forgetting the money, and Marge tells her that a guy named Kevin has it. Jill, Nikki and Esther worry about Kay's whereabouts, but Kay informs Nikki that she is okay. Gloria and Jeff surprise Jill when they tell her that "Kay" has been drinking a lot lately and they all end up at Jimmy's bar, where the bartender tells them that "Kay" is a regular there. Amber worries about Kevin's odd behavior, while Daniel doesn't think it's anything serious. Kevin goes to deliver the money to the Chancellor house, but he ends up taking it. Eden challenges Noah to go around Paris with her without supervision. John shows up to lecture Jack about his diary plot. Ashley finally finds Victor on the streets of Paris. Kay and Marge end up in a car accident.moreless
  • Ep. #9017
    Ep. #9017
    Episode 159
    Nikki is deeply worried when Kay starts talking as if David was still alive and having a gambling addiction. Jill asks Nikki to help her convince Kay to take the tests, and Nikki gives Kay advice on how to handle her situation. Kay asks Nikki to help her delay a checkup for one more day. Phyllis gives Billy the keys to the penthouse and buys Amber's sketches for Daniel. Kevin lies to Amber about where he got the money and then ends up fantasizing about what could happen if he kept the money. He opens up to Jana about his idea of life and decides to return the money back to Kay, but when he calls Kay and Marge answers, he is even more confused. Ashley continues her search after Victor. Daniel asks Phyllis to let him go along on the trip to Paris, but she won't let him because she wants to surprise Nick. Lily and Billy chat over the net under their aliases. They both open up to each other about their troubled past relationships. Kay realizes Marge is still drunk. Jill is worried when Kay disappears.moreless
  • Ep. #9016
    Ep. #9016
    Episode 158
    Kevin tells Gloria about his money problems. Michael realizes that in the past, Gloria sold information about Lowell to the police. Kay finds Marge drunk again. Victor learns from Father Dominique that Victor left and that there was a blond woman looking for him. A bartender recognizes Victor from the picture that Ashley gives to him. Neil reassures Karen that he wants to be with her even though she can't have kids. Det. Wallace asks Tyra out on a date, and Olivia makes sure that she can attend it. Daniel and Amber reject Phyllis' offer to move back to the penthouse. Michael angrily confronts Gloria about selling info to the police and she breaks down while confessing everything. Gloria and Michael learn that River knew what Gloria did. Amber notices Kay's memory lapses. Kay accidentally leaves a bag of money at Crimson Lights and Kevin finds it. Phyllis is worried when the covermodel for the next issue of Restless Style can't make it to Genoa City, so she decides to go to Paris and shoot there, and use the chance to surprise Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #9015
    Ep. #9015
    Episode 157
    Esther informs Kay that Jill, Billy and Cane are thinking of putting her into a home, and Kay immediately confronts them, but Jill refuses to admit that's what they were talking about. She tries to remove Esther from the room, but Kay wants her to be close. Jill tells another story of how hurt she is by Kay's behavior. Lily is irritated by Chloe when she joins her and Ana at the table in Crimson Lights. Billy questions Lily about "Sonny." Eden leaves to Paris. Ashley shows up at the church where Victor stayed, but learns from Father Dominique that Victor already left to an unknown location. Phyllis and Victoria learn that Adam was the one that sold the journal to the newspaper. Michael and Lauren are shocked when they realize that the witness named Tanya that testified against River in the past was actually Gloria. Gloria denies involvement, but Michael sees through her lies. Victoria confronts Adam about selling the journal, while Phyllis informs Nick about Adam's actions. Esther hugs Kay and promises to always stick by her side.moreless
  • Ep. #9014
    Ep. #9014
    Episode 156
    Nick, Sharon and Victoria are shocked after reading the excerpts from Victor's diary, and they agree that Victor could not have written that. Nikki begs Ashley to reach out to Victor, claiming that Ashley is her only hope to get Victor back or else his family will lose him forever. Ashley is disturbed and confused, but eventually realizes that Victor would have done the same thing for her. Kay refuses to go along with Jill's plan, so she calls Billy and Cane to come over to the Chancellor house for a discussion about Kay's health. Esther overhears them talking and informs Kay about them plotting to get her into a home. Marge is troubled after the AA meeting and ends up falling off the wagon. Sharon is happy when Jack gives Noah good advice concerning Victor, but their reunion is cut short when Sharon realizes that Jack helped Adam publish Victor's diary. She decides to go to Paris without him. Adam admits to Heather that he found Victor's diary, but then explains about thinking of the future. He proposes to Heather and she happily accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #9013
    Ep. #9013
    Episode 155
    Heather informs Adam about Victor's diary and he pretends being shocked in front of her. Jack lies to Sharon again and she walks out on him. Kay questions Nick about Nikki's absence. Jill confronts Kay about a business decision and it leads into another fight when Jill reveals her plan to legally remove Kay from the company. Kay refuses to settle down, and even claims that Jill only wants power, which later prompts Jill to call her contact and say that they're going to have to force Kay out. Father Dominique informs Nick that Victor is staying at his church in France. Sharon visits Heather with news of Adam and Jack's sudden friendship and later uses the opportunity to steal classified documents when she hears of Victor's diary. Heather confronts Adam about his partnership with Jack, but he lies to her again. Sharon brings the diary to Nick. Marge calls Kay asking for help. Heather manages to get a warrant for Victor. Nikki is pleased when Ashley shows up at her door in London.moreless
  • Ep. #9012
    Ep. #9012
    Episode 154
    Amber, Daniel, Lily, Colleen, Kevin, Jana, Chloe, Cane, Devon and Roxanne arrive at the dive bar for the Halloween party, and are surprised when Billy appears to be the host of the party. Lily worries about who her chat buddy might be and she daydreams about him turning out to be Cane. Colleen has an unpleasant talk with Amber. Kevin is irritated by a lack of funds. Noah and Eden spend the night together trying to get into a club, but end up stopped. After a bit of bonding, Eden kisses Noah. Karen confides in Olivia about her problems and then decides to finally tell the truth to Neil. Neil is shocked when Karen admits that she had a hysterectomy. Tyra isn't pleased when Det. Wallace hits on her. Victoria and J.T. arrive with Reed at the tackhouse to spend the night in the company of Nick and Phyllis. Victoria starts thinking that a ghost might be haunting the house, but nobody believes her. The crowd is shocked when the rattle that Sabrina gave Reed comes rolling down the stairs. When the room in empty, a shadow of Sabrina's ghost walks through the house.moreless
  • Ep. #9011
    Ep. #9011
    Episode 153
    J.T. informs Victoria and Nikki that all three houses on the ranch were bugged. Phyllis and Nick catch up on what Summer had told in front of Heather. Nick reassures Phyllis that everything is okay between then when Phyllis tells him that she knows he went to see Sharon before her left. Jill is irritated when she realizes Amber and Kay are still working on Kay's memoirs. Heather takes Jill and Brad into a room to inform them that the case against Brad was dropped since both David and Walter are dead. Brad promises to Jill that he will get his revenge. Marge meets with an old friend reminding her that she needs to go back to work or she'll lose her job. Nikki comes up with an idea how to approach Victor, but doesn't reveal anything to her family, only asking them to help her make it seem like she's on a Restless Style trip. Brad and Sharon catch up on the latest events in their life and Phyllis catches them holding hands, but they brush off her attempt to make it seem like something more than a friendship. Jill tells a doctor over the phone that she fears Kay's health might be taking a turn for the worse.moreless
  • Ep. #9010
    Ep. #9010
    Episode 152
    Adam is furious when he realizes there is nothing on the tape that was suppose to contain Jack's voice. Frank defends himself and realizes that Jack also tricked him by paying a girl to entertain him. Nick plays mind games with Agent Aguilar while on the plane to Buenos Aires. Jeff informs Gloria about seeing 'Kay' drunk at the bar. Sharon questions Jack about his odd behavior during the last few days. Heather tries to extract info from Phyllis by mentioning Sharon in front of her, but Phyllis won't reveal any info. She's surprised to learn that Nick went to see Sharon before he left to Argentina. Summer wakes up and talks about being scared of the bugs, prompting Heather to realize that the Newmans knew about the bugs and tried to mislead the police investigation. Gloria tries to mess with Kay's mind, but Kay won't let Gloria trick her again. Adam angrily confronts Jack about the trick he played on him, but Jack suddenly claims he never had anything to do with Adam. Sharon is shocked to see Adam threatening Jack, and is then even more surprised when Jeff mentions a deal he had with Jack in front of her. Jack tries to sweet-talk Sharon into letting it go, but she makes it clear that she doesn't know if she wants to stay married to him anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #9009
    Ep. #9009
    Episode 151
    Kay enters the pub and finds Marge drinking alone. The women catch up on the events in their lives since they last saw each other, and then spend some time reminiscing about their past. Jack hires a girl to fake interest in Frank so Jack would be able to go through with his plan to destroy the tape that contains his voice on it. Adam blindly believes that he has Jack where he wants him. Nikki and Victoria talk about Victor while seeking advice from Jana about an art piece found in the remains of the chateau. Jill is upset when Kay won't reveal who she met with earlier. Gloria and Jeffrey reunite and end up in bed, but the happiness ends when Jeff reveals that he still has the face cream. A priest offers Victor a place to stay. Jack tricks Adam into giving Frank the money instead of meeting with Frank personally. Jeff is stunned when he thinks he saw Kay drinking at the pub, when it's actually Marge.moreless
  • Ep. #9008
    Ep. #9008
    Episode 150
    Nick discovers a bug at the tackhouse and realizes that the police is listening in on the family's conversation. Phyllis starts faking conversations while Nick goes to warn Nikki. Sharon tries to spend more time with Jack, but he can't commit. Frank is confused as to why Adam's partner won't ever meet with him, so Adam puts Jack on the phone. Jack continues making silly excuses for his absence, until Frank asks him to meet him personally. Adam is worried when the publisher refuses to publish his article. Jack tries to convince him that it's all okay, but Adam suspects Jack might be doing something behind his back. Jack reminds Adam that he is also involved because Frank has his voice taped. Heather tells the police officers that there might be a chance the Newmans realized they were bugged. Nikki informs Victoria that the ranch is bugged. Victor goes to confession. Jill learns that Kay canceled her doctor's appointment, so she convinces her to go again, but Kay is sidetracked by a phone call from an old friend. She goes alone to a bar where she finds her double, Marge, drinking.moreless
  • Ep. #9007
    Ep. #9007
    Episode 149
    Gloria and River continue taking a trip down memory lane while Michael listens to their story, confused about why Gloria never vouched for River in the past. Esther tries to become closer to Chloe. Chloe forces Cane to take her to Indigo. Neil is surprised when Olivia returns back home along with Lily. Karen and Olivia realize that they know each other from the past, and they both agree to keep what they know a secret since Karen used to be Olivia's patient. Lily is irritated by Cane's and Chloe's presence at Indigo. Noah and Eden become closer so Eden decides to go on the trip to Paris. Sharon is upset when Noah makes a rude remark to her, but he later apologizes and she realizes her boy isn't little anymore. Billy, Colleen and Lily joke around about dating and Cane realizes that Lily might have a thing for Billy. She makes it clear to him that he doesn't have a say in who she's dating.moreless
  • Ep. #9006
    Ep. #9006
    Episode 148
    Jill stops Kay before she can sign over a part of her shares to Gloria. Kay leaves disturbed, while Jill tears up the papers. River refuses to identify a woman in a picture that Michael brings over, but Michael realizes it's Gloria. Gloria joins the guys in the room and Michael listens as Gloria and River take a stroll down memory lane. Nick and Phyllis are stunned when Amber and Daniel make it clear that they are back together. Phyllis tries to get back in control by offering them to stay at the penthouse, but they refuse, and they decide to live together at Daniel's place. Jana and Kevin join Amber and Daniel in a moving in party, but things get rough when Jana can't drop the fact that Kevin is messing with Kay's mind. Kevin admits to Jana that he was the one who parked Kay's car to a different place and then promises never to do it again. Jill and Kay share a heartfelt conversation where Kay realizes that she needs help. Phyllis realizes that she needs to let Daniel and Amber live their own life. At a pub, Kay's lookalike continues downing shots of alcohol.moreless
  • Ep. #9005
    Ep. #9005
    Episode 147
    Cane is irritated when Jill continues micromanaging him. Jill tells Kay that she is doing the same thing to her. Jack gives Gloria a deadline to get the shares from Kay. Victor fires Michael as his lawyer and tells everyone that he's leaving where they can't find him. Nikki and Michael prevent Heather from running a trace on Victor. Michael admits to Nikki, Victoria and Nick that Victor was in France. Victor throws his cellphone in a basket. Cane and Billy discuss their lives, and Kevin warns Cane not to trust Billy. Paul is suspicious of Adam when he finds him near a shady motel room, but Adam makes up a lie to cover it. He warns Heather about the meeting and it causes another heated discussion between Heather and her father. Kevin and Gloria continue messing with Kay, trying to make her believe that she is losing her mind. Poor Kay gets so confused that she decides to sign over shares of Jabot to Gloria. Jack warns Jill that Gloria and Kay seem to be becoming cozy. Billy expresses his frustration over Cane leading Jabot to Jack, but Jack warns him to be patient.moreless
  • Ep. #9004
    Ep. #9004
    Episode 146
    Michael convinces Eden that he believes in River's innocence and asks her to keep her attitude down for the sake of the trial. Nick berates Nikki for her plan after she returns from Rio and tells her that the next time he'll go ahead and sacrifice himself. Nikki and Nick both think that Victor killed Walter. Heather confronts Paul for lying to the feds and protecting Nikki, but Paul explains that he only tried to warn Nikki. Heather doesn't trust him, and Paul is worried because Heather is too cold to him. Jack makes up a lie to cover for the hotel room charge on his credit card after Sharon confronts him about it. Heather goes to question Nikki, who takes Michael by her side. Victor calls Michael in order to talk to Nikki. Michael lies in front of Heather that it's Nick on the phone. Nikki warns Victor about the ongoing investigation and Victor promises that the truth will come out soon. Before breaking off, Victor tells Nikki that she shouldn't mistake his phone call for affection or anything similar. Noah gives Eden a suggestion to go on a class trip to France. He later asks Sharon to talk to Nick about the possibility of going to France. Nick tells Victoria that the chateau Victor bought for Sabrina burned to the ground. Adam writes a set of bad comments about the Newmans and has no idea that Jack is taking him for a fool. Paul runs into Adam. Heather figures out that Michael is on the phone with Victor, so Victor orders Michael to put Heather on the phone.moreless
  • Ep. #9003
    Ep. #9003
    Episode 145
    Phyllis is deeply frustrated upon learning that Nick asked Sharon to come back to work at Newman Enterprises, but she pretends to be find with it in front of Nick. Sharon begins her first day back at the company. Paul makes his presence in Mexico known to Nikki, who then explains that she's trying to mislead the authorities. Paul jumps to Nikki's help when the authorities show up at the hotel room. Victor takes some time to reminisce about Sabrina at the chateau he bought and he ends up lightning the curtains on fire. Heather is surprised to learn that Paul is also in Rio with Nikki. Jack continues making fake entries, as Adam listens on. When Adam mentions that the forger will arrive at the room, Jack flees before he can see him. Nick expresses his concern about Nikki to Victoria and J.T. Phyllis and Sharon have another confrontation when Sharon has to do a task at the Restless Style office, but they both end up agreeing that they should try to get along for Nick's and Noah's sake. Sharon learns that Jack booked a room at the hotel.moreless
  • Ep. #9002
    Ep. #9002
    Episode 144
    Victoria expresses her concern for Nikki and their plan, as J.T. executes a part of the plan by setting things up in a hotel room. Devon and Neil continue pressing Tyra to stay in Genoa City, but she seems too reluctant. She eventually decides to stay in town. Karen notes that Neil wasn't thinking of her when he offered Tyra a place to stay. Daniel and Amber set up new rules for their relationship. Amber and Billy agree that the thing between them didn't mean anything. Daniel apologizes to Colleen for leading her on. Heather introduces the Mexican authorities to Paul. Adam and Jack meet in a hotel room to make fake entries in Victor's diary. Adam is stunned when Jack starts talking in Victor's name. Paul urges Nikki to stop helping Victor hide something, but Nikki won't listen to Paul's pleas. Paul informs Heather that he couldn't get anything from Nikki. Amber and Daniel spent quality time together at the penthouse. As Nikki leaves to continue her plan, someone follows her.moreless
  • Ep. #9001
    Ep. #9001
    Episode 143
    Neil is surprised when Karen notes that the reason why Tyra wanted to leave could be because she started to have feelings for Neil. Tyra surprises them both by rushing into Indigo looking for Ana, who had taken off at the train station. Ana is brought in by a police officer and reunited with Tyra and the rest of the family, including Devon. Tyra still insists on going to Seattle, but Neil tries to change her mind. Devon gives Lily a suggestion to ask Olivia for help and Lily makes plans to visit her. She's shocked when Cane tells her it could be a good thing, as he officially tells her they're over. Chloe is surprised when Cane gives her a gift, and later they talk about a name for their baby. Daniel tries to sort out his feelings and Chloe urges him to go see Amber. Colleen is frustrated by Daniel's confession. Amber seeks advice from Kay and ends up meeting with Daniel at her penthouse. Jill urges Kay to confide in her about her possible health problems and Kay eventually confides about her senior moments.moreless
  • Ep. #9000
    Ep. #9000
    Episode 142
    Upon learning that Billy is staying with Amber at the penthouse, Phyllis decides to kick Amber out and then thinks of firing her, but Daniel prevents her. Amber calls Loveline again and finds herself in a battle with Phyllis. They continue to trash each other until Daniel takes over. The listeners, including Billy and Colleen, are shocked when Daniel says he still loves Amber. Jill is concerned about Katherine after she overheard her talking about Phillip. Esther talks to Jill about Kay's "senior moments." Lily's internet buddy asks to meet her, and Lily has no idea it's actually Billy. Lily is hurt when she sees Cane touching Chloe's belly to hear the baby kick. Billy informs Chloe about the kiss he witnessed between Cane and Lily. Kevin is worried about what is going to happen to River. Michael manages to convince River to go along with his plan. He explains that he believes in his innocence and that he will prove it. Once home, Michael is shocked when Eden hugs him out of gratitude for saving their father. Nikki packs a suitcase with Victor's stuff and spends some time at the ranch reminiscing about the days she spend with Victor. J.T. arrives to pick up the things and continue a plan Nikki hatched to help Victor. Katherine is shown drinking at a pub alone.moreless
  • Ep. #8999
    Ep. #8999
    Episode 141
    Michael and Lauren are stunned when the authorities inform them that River has escaped from the hospital. Eden flips out when River refuses to take her along to the underground. River calls Gloria to come pick up Eden. Jeff goes crazy about River's presence in his life and decides to pack his bags and leave Gloria. Esther, Kay and Jill prepare a party for Billy's return, and Cane, Chloe, Jack and Sharon attend the gathering. Heather presents the Mexican authorities to Nikki, Nick and Victoria. The three then catch Adam snooping in the ranch house. Gloria comes to take Eden, as River runs off into the unknown. Michael confronts Jeff about what he said to River in prison. Lauren informs Michael that the police surrounded River. Jeff packs his bag and makes sure that he takes the cream too. Gloria is stunned when Jeff tells her he's leaving her. Jill is shocked when she finds Katherine talking about waiting for Phillip before they get dessert. Adam meets with the forger and gives him the letter from Victor. Michael arrives at the warehouse surrounded by the police and asks them to let him try to talk to River first.moreless
  • Ep. #8998
    Ep. #8998
    Episode 140
    River swallows some pills as a part of a plan he hatched up with Eden. Noah is disappointed when Eden brushes him off. Lauren and Michael find out that River was taken to the hospital. Victoria holds a press conference at Newman to inform them about Nick's return to the company. Sharon is surprised when Nick asks her to come work for Newman again, but she doesn't make a decision before consulting with her husband. Nikki admits to Nick and Victoria that she didn't tell them who Walter is because she was afraid of everyone finding out that Victor could have killed him. Eden puts a bobby pin in River's hand and he uses it to spring himself free of the handcuffs. The police arrives just as River jumps through a window. Nick comes asking for Michael's help in finding Victor, but Michael doesn't know where Victor is either. Sharon asks Jack for his opinion on if she should take the job at Newman. Jack tells her that it would be a good thing for her. Noah is worried that this might affect Sharon's marriage. Heather ruins Adam's meeting with a forger when she recognizes the man as one of the people she prosecuted in the past. Adam manages to convince the man to go along with the plan.moreless
  • Ep. #8997
    Ep. #8997
    Episode 139
    Katherine watches as Heather confronts Nikki about what Victor did in Mexico to Walter. Nikki warns Heather to leave her family alone, but Heather won't stop. Kay notes that Nikki is hiding something. Jeff and Gloria have a fight concerning River. Michael is frustrated when Lauren gives him the newspaper with an article in which River claims he's a political prisoner. Gloria offers Michael help with River's case. Lauren refuses to go along with Gloria's idea to ship Eden off to a boarding school. While she's holding Reed in her arms, Karen confides in Victoria about her decision not to have children due to a possible illness. Devon receives a letter from Ana saying that she doesn't like the art school. Michael laughs and sighs when River continues believing blindly that the court will be able to recognize that he's innocent. Jeff pays River a visit and starts berating him for everything he's done to the family. Michael brushes off Nikki when she comes asking for help with contacting Victor. Howard Sullivan, a witness from River's case, shows up to talk to Michael. Howie explains how things really happened with River taking the blame for something he didn't do. Kay tells Neil that Ana and Tyra disappeared from the art school. Heather warns Victoria to co-operate with her on the Victor case. Nikki refuses to tell Kay about what happened in Mexico.moreless
  • Ep. #8996
    Ep. #8996
    Episode 138
    When Jack shows her the magazine, Sharon admits that Nick already gave her the heads up about the lies Phyllis wrote in it. Nikki blames Brad for David's actions but Brad turns the tables on her by saying that she never should have used David to prove to Victor that she can live without him. Heather sees Palin's photo and Adam explains that he got it from Mexico. Jack urges Adam to reconsider their deal, but Adam refuses to get involved. Nick, Phyllis and Nikki learn that the magazine sales aren't as good anymore, but still okay. Nikki makes it clear to Phyllis that she doesn't like the way she blasted Sharon and Jack in the magazine. Phyllis threatens to fire Nikki. Adam makes another desperate move to return to Newman, but neither Neil nor Victoria want him there anymore. They both decide that they should try to lure Nick back to Newman. Jack tells Phyllis that eventually Nick will see what she's really like. Adam tries to manipulate Nikki into getting back at Newman, but Nikki refuses to help him out and she reminds him that he should stop manipulating people. Heather informs Brad that Walter was found dead and Brad refuses to talk any longer without the presence of his lawyer. Adam informs Jack over the phone that he decided to go through with their plan. Nick informs Phyllis and Nikki that he agreed to return to Newman.moreless
  • Ep. #8995
    Ep. #8995
    Episode 137
    Nick confronts Phyllis about the nasty letter she wrote about Sharon in the magazine and claims that his only concern is how is Noah feeling about it. Phyllis explains that she's tired of seeing Sharon running to Nick, but he explains that he went to see Sharon. They make love. Jack and Sharon try to sort to their problems and also end up between sheets. Jana confronts Kevin about messing with Katherine, but they conversation is interrupted by Daniel and later by Amber, both of whom are stuck there due to the storm. Jana reads the tarot cards for each person. Billy wants to know if Chloe's baby is his, but she claims the dates don't match up. Chloe is insulted when Billy reminds her that she was stalking him in the past and that he thinks she worked on her plan to get the Chancellor fortune all along. Once alone, Chloe tells her baby that Billy is the father. Lily and Cane end up stuck together in an elevator. They begin bonding and eventually end up kissing. Billy sees them.moreless
  • Ep. #8994
    Ep. #8994
    Episode 136
    Billy is taken aback by Gloria's presence at the Abbott mansion. Jack refuses to reveal his silent partner to Billy. Gloria tries to walk around the subject of getting shares from Katherine. Jill makes an excuse as to why she promoted Cane to CEO of Jabot instead of calling Billy. Billy tries to dig more info on the company named Agreeing Lovers. Sharon and Jack enter a heated discussion about their marriage, but end up making up. Nick is mad at Phyllis when he realizes that she wrote a nasty edition of the Editor's Letter in the newest issue of their magazine. Gloria convinces Kevin to remove Katherine's car from its usual spot so Katherine would be confused. Kevin reluctantly does so, as a worried Jana looks at the two plotting. Eden confronts River about the real reason why he's behind bars. Michael wants to bring Eden to the witness stand at River's trial, but River refuses to let Eden be affected by the trial in any way. Nick brings Sharon the magazine and apologizes for Phyllis. Billy realizes that Agreeing Lovers is a company Jack's silent partner used to buy Jabot stock. He's confused when Jack refuses to talk about the possibility of Gloria being his silent partner.moreless
  • Ep. #8993
    Ep. #8993
    Episode 135
    Amber tells Daniel that it's obvious he's mentioning Colleen every time she mentions Billy. Colleen tells Lily that she decided not to accept the job at Jabot, and Daniel comments on how great it is that they are ready to give up something to keep their friendship. Chloe is jealous when Amber joins Billy and Cane at their little gathering. She makes sure that Billy keeps quiet about their past. Billy is surprised to learn that Chloe is Esther's daughter. As Phyllis lies in bed alone, Nick arrives at the Abbott mansion to find out why Noah isn't back yet. Nick and Sharon call Noah and overhear the group talking about a keg. They head over to the party and bring Noah back home. Nick and Sharon then spend some time discussing about parenting. Meanwhile, a jealous Phyllis decides to publish a nasty version of the Editor's letter in the magazine. Daniel accuses her of intentionally trashing Jack and Sharon. Eden is frustrated when she returns home to find Michael waiting for her. She gets tired of his threats and decides to head back to the Ashram, but is stopped by Michael who yells out that River was arrested for murdering a man. Nick and Sharon hug after their talk, and both Noah and Jack see them.moreless
  • Ep. #8992
    Ep. #8992
    Episode 134
    Lily tells Colleen that she doesn't like the fact that she accepted the spot at Jabot. Eden is invited to a party by a girl named Hannah. Lauren and Michael learn that Eden isn't going to school. Sharon is surprised when Billy shows up at the Abbott mansion. Adam has a change of heart and he decides to pass on the plan to publish fake entries of Victor's notebook. Phyllis writes a nasty comment on Sharon's and Jack's departure from Restless Style in the Editor's letter section. Nick and Sharon allow Noah to attend a party. Cane invites Billy to visit him at his house. Chloe lays a guilt trip on Colleen, who then decides not to take the spot at Jabot. Michael forbids Eden to attend the party, but she sneaks off anyway. Chloe tries to find a way to not see Billy since she seems to have a history with him, but Cane talks her into it. When Billy arrives at the house, Chloe tells him that he needs to keep their past quiet. Sharon calls Nick while he's sleeping and informs him that Noah isn't home yet.moreless
  • Ep. #8991
    Ep. #8991
    Episode 133
    Billy tells Jill that he's returning to Genoa City permanently and then questions her about why Cane got to such a high spot at Jabot so soon. Lily is shocked when Colleen informs her that Cane offered her a spot as the new Fresh Face of Jabot. Karen finally reveals some intimate info on her past to Neil. Amber makes a rude comment to Phyllis who then threatens to fire her. Nikki makes it clear to Phyllis that she didn't do a good job supporting Nick's decision to commit Victor. Ruby Aldridge arrives for a photo shoot at Restless Style. Lily vents out her frustrations about Colleen to Devon and Roxanne. Billy is confused when Cane happily hugs him. He later moves in with Amber. Jill tries to make it clear to Cane that he can't hire Colleen to work at Jabot for various reasons. Lily tells Colleen that their friendship will be affected if she chooses to accept the job at Jabot. Victor listens as Nikki leaves him a message. Colleen accepts Cane's job offer.moreless
  • Ep. #8990
    Ep. #8990
    Episode 132
    Cane encourages Chloe to go talk to her mother. Katherine confides in Esther that she might have health problems since she doesn't remember Jill's phone number. Esther and Chloe share a talk about the past and end up bonding with stories of Chloe's long lost love. Chloe tells Esther that she doesn't love Cane. Gloria wants Kevin to sweet-talk Kay into giving him a few shares of Jabot since she knows Kay is having health problems, so her Jabot takeover plan would succeed. Kevin visits Kay, but after a talk he ends up realizing that there's nothing wrong with Kay. Lily resigns from her job at Jabot and explains to Cane that it's the best for both of them. Cane tells Kay he somehow wants to stay connected to Lily. Jack explains to Billy, Ashley and Traci how they could get Jabot back in their hands, and Ashley is the only one that doesn't know if she wants to go along with the plan or not. Alone, Billy accepts Jack's idea to move back permanently to Genoa City and be the snitch in Jabot. Lily tells Chloe that she resigned. Cane offers Colleen a job as the Fresh Face of Jabot. Esther is even more worried when Kay doesn't remember Kate is back. John gives advice to Jack on how to handle Billy. Jill is overjoyed when Billy appears on her doorstep.moreless
  • Ep. #8989
    Ep. #8989
    Episode 131
    Jack meets with Ashley and Traci in New York and tries to convince them that they need to have the Abbotts back in control at Jabot. Cane is disturbed when Jill supervises his board meeting. Nick, Nikki and Victoria search through the ranch house to find clues on Victor's whereabouts. Jeff is shocked when Katherine tells him that she didn't give Gloria any stock of Jabot. Gloria admits to Jeff that she was afraid he'd be disappointed in her and that Jack wouldn't go along with their plan if she hadn't lied. Lauren tries to reach out to Eden, who is having hard time facing the fact that she has to go to school. River refuses to let Michael take over his case unless Michael can sincerely say that he believes River is innocent. Michael won't let Nick know where Victor is headed. Kay makes it clear to Jill that she got what she deserved now that she can't control Cane. Billy surprised Ashley, Traci and Jack. Gloria and Jeff overhear Katherine babbling about the Carmen Mesta investigation and they realize that they might use Kay's health problems to their advantage. River accepts Michael's offer. Victor is shown on a jet, landing to an unknown location.moreless
  • Ep. #8988
    Ep. #8988
    Episode 130
    A psychiatrist goes to evaluate Victor to determine if Victor should be committed or not. Nikki disagrees with Victoria's suggestion, but Nick decides to stick by Victoria's side. Eden says goodbye to River, who tries to make her realize that Michael and Lauren are good people. Phyllis tells Sharon that Ashley isn't in Los Angeles, and Sharon worries about Jack lying to her. In Mexico, Jack and Adam try to find out who Tony Amato is, but the bartender throws them out of the bar. Michael manages to save River before he's taken to Ann Arbor. Victoria and Nick manage to convince Victor that he needs to be committed to deal with the pain. They later realize that Victor tricked them. Sharon confronts Jack over the phone about his whereabouts, but she's surprised when Ashley actually answers the phone. Adam informs Jack that Victor is headed to the psych ward.moreless
  • Ep. #8987
    Ep. #8987
    Episode 129
    Adam and Jack chat about their past experiences with Victor and Nikki. Heather thinks Paul might be hiding something about Mexico to protect Nikki and then almost faints again. Nick takes Victor to the hospital where he realizes that Victor intentionally starved himself, and he informs Nikki and Victoria. Eden wants Michael to represent River in court but Michael refuses. Michael angrily confronts Jeff about turning in River, but Jeff couldn't care less. Back at the hospital, Heather is diagnosed with Epstein-Barr disease. Victor refuses to have visitors in his hospital room and he doesn't miss a chance to blame Nikki for the death of his wife and unborn child. Victoria wants to have Victor committed, but Nikki disagrees, so it's up to Nick to decide. Paul offers comfort to Nikki and then kisses her on the cheek. Eden goes to visit River in prison. River tries to convince Lauren that he's innocent. Gloria apologizes for Jeff turning in River, but then storms out of the building when she finds out Eden is River's daughter. Heather visits Victor and tries to discuss about Adam, but Victor won't give Adam another chance. Victor orders Michael to release him from the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #8986
    Ep. #8986
    Episode 128
    Phyllis listens in as Sharon questions Jack over the phone about why he left town without informing her first. Jack reassures Sharon that he isn't angry and then lies that he's in Los Angeles with Ashley, when in fact he's in Mexico with Adam. Nick finds Victor at Sabrina's gallery and realizes that Victor spent the night there. Dick gives Michael and Lauren the papers to sign to take over the guardianship of Eden. Kevin wants to know if Gloria is really happy with Jeff and she admits that Jeff sometimes scares her. Adam and Jack try to collect as much info as possible on Victor's time in Mexico. The bartender's daughter leads them to the place where Victor stayed, and they find Walter Palin's real name on a notebook. Noah tries to make friends with Eden but she rudely brushes him off. Michael asks River to change his lawyer. Sharon tries to convince Jack to go to L.A., but he makes up a silly excuse. Phyllis calls Forrester Creations and learns that Ashley is out of town on business, which means Jack has been lying. Eden overhears Kevin saying that Jeff reported River to the police. Victor spaces out and is visited by Sabrina's ghost. He asks her to take him away, but she refuses to. Nick finds Victor unconscious on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #8985
    Ep. #8985
    Episode 127
    Daniel confides in Colleen about having hard time dealing with Billy's return in their lives. She offers him support as he tries to deny the fact that he still has feelings for Amber. Amber is disturbed by the thought of Daniel and Colleen being together. Lily and Billy discuss about Cane. Jill feels uncomfortable when Chloe accuses her of trying to avoid spending time with her, so she decides to stay with Chloe. Michael's sister Eden accuses him of being guilty for River's arrest. River explains to Michael how he ended up on the run with Eden's mother who later died due to drug abuse. He asks Michael to take care of Eden. Michael is stunned when a hippie lawyer named Dick Denter arrives to represent River. Cane shows the ultrasound photo of the baby to Katherine and Esther. Kay mistakes Chloe's baby for Lily's. Jill confides in Cane about the SEC ruling in her favor. Cane offers to help Chloe with her hands. Lily tells Daniel that she has nothing against Colleen, but that he shouldn't spend time with a person he isn't crazy about. Esther is disturbed when Kay doesn't remember seeing the ultrasound photo, and Kay makes Esther promise not to say anything to Jill. Billy and Amber spend quality time together. Daniel keeps one of Amber's photos for himself.moreless
  • Ep. #8984
    Ep. #8984
    Episode 126
    A young woman questions the waitress at the diner about River, just as the man is taken away in handcuffs. Michael is bothered by Jeff's comments on River. The Baldwin family is surprised when the news of River's arrest hits the news. Billy explains to Amber that Liam is short for William, his full name. Daniel, Lily and Colleen make bad comments on Billy, plus Kevin and Jana are not at all pleased to see Billy there. Chloe is worried when Cane shows up at her doctor's appointment, but when Cane shortly leaves, Chloe makes sure that nobody finds out the real date of the conception of her unborn baby. Lily tells Billy that she was dating Cane. Kevin warns Amber to stay away from Billy. Colleen asks Billy to help her keep Daniel away from Amber. Billy confirms to Colleen that he got over his gambling problems. He offers to buy the sketches of Amber, and then considers moving back to Genoa City. Jeff confesses to Gloria that he got River arrested. Michael is stunned when his sister shows up on his doorstep.moreless
  • Ep. #8983
    Ep. #8983
    Episode 125
    Jack tries to talk to Victor by threatening to post the pictures of Sabrina in the car crash, but Victor sends the pictures back and refuses to have any contact with Jack. Heather arrives to see Adam in jail, but she isn't able to help him out. Jack then arrives and decides to post bail for Adam. Nikki and Phyllis agree that they could work well together even though they shared a rocky history together. Daniel, Colleen and Lily are surprised when Amber shows up at Daniel's art show in New York. River wants to see Fenmore before he leaves town. The authorities show up at Michael's place and warn him that he could be disbarred if he's keeping a prisoner hidden. Jack and Adam agree to work together to take advantage of Victor's public exile. Amber is hurt when Daniel tells her that he is trying to make things work with Colleen. Lauren, Michael and Fenmore see River for the last time before he's taken away by the authorities. Victor tells his guard that he plans to go out. Amber is surprised when Liam arrives at the art show, but not as surprised as Colleen, Daniel and Lily when they realize that Liam is actually Billy Abbott!moreless
  • Ep. #8982
    Ep. #8982
    Episode 124
    Sharon admits to Jack that she went to see Victor to ask him to hire Nick at Newman, but that she didn't expect Victor would give Nick the money to buy Jack out of Restless Style. Phyllis tells Daniel she won't be able to make it to his art show in New York. Amber tells Jana that Liam can't make it to the art show, but Jana urges her to attend anyway. She changes her mind when she sees Amber and Daniel bickering again. Adam expresses his anger to Heather when he learns that all major companies won't hire him. Nick threatens Adam when he makes a rude remark on Nikki sabotaging him at Jabot. Phyllis is worried about the future of the magazine because Nick wants to go back to where the magazine was at the beginning, and the magazines are pulling out now that Jack left. Nick agrees with Phyllis' idea to hire Nikki as the Interim Editor-in-Chief. Adam tries to visit Victor, but instead ends up in jail after attacking the bodyguard. Nikki calls out Brad on his bad behavior while David was working at Jabot. Brad asks Heather to find Walter Palin. Nikki is shocked when Nick and Phyllis tell her they want to hire her. Jack threatens to publish the photos of Sabrina in the wreckage unless Victor comes out of hiding.moreless
  • Ep. #8981
    Ep. #8981
    Episode 123
    Jill refuses to admit that she put Brad behind bars. Adam gives Cane his resume. Gloria tells River that it was his fault Michael ran away from home when he was young. Nikki flashes back to seeing Walter's dead body on the picture, but she keeps it quiet from Kay. Jeffrey finds Gloria and River chatting in a diner and immediately accuses Gloria of spending the night making love to River, but she denies it and claims River is leaving town anyway. Nikki tells Cane that hiring Adam would be a bad idea. Sharon admits to Nick that she went to ask for help from Victor. Jack interrupts them and hands Sharon's letter over to Nick. Talk turns to their exes, as Jack admits to Sharon that he's angry at his ex, but that he doesn't despise Phyllis. He confronts her about the letter but they eventually make up. Daniel adds Colleen's sketch to his portfolio. Phyllis and Nick disagree about Sharon's motives to write the letter. Kay barges through the ranch and confronts Victor about his behavior, but Victor refuses to talk to her about why he's hiding. She reminds him that everyone wants to know what went on in Mexico. She returns to Jabot, where she makes it clear to Cane that he can't hire Adam at Jabot. Cane then tells Adam he can't hire him. Adam informs Brad that Nikki is talking about him to the SEC agent.moreless
  • Ep. #8980
    Ep. #8980
    Episode 122
    Jeff learns Gloria didn't return home last night. Jack finds the letter Sharon wanted to send to Nick expressing her disappointment over what happened at Restless Style. Colleen notices Daniel has nude sketches of Amber. Kevin reminds Daniel that he shouldn't invite Colleen to New York if he wants to see Amber there, but Daniel eventually decides to ask Colleen to attend the art show. Sharon arrives in the courthouse hallway to learn that Brad was arrested for his involvement with David. Karen teaches a self defense class at the basketball courtyard and uses Neil as a volunteer. Neil asks Karen to return to Newman, but she doesn't know if she wants to go back there. Gloria is ashamed to wake up next to River after spending the night reminiscing. River tells Michael that they were always a good couple, but Michael doesn't want to talk about the past, and instead urges River to leave town. Nick doesn't tell Phyllis about Sharon asking Victor for help. Jack gives Phyllis the letter Sharon wanted to send Nick and worries that there might be feelings behind it. Nick goes to leave the letter for Victor at the ranch and he's surprised at how bad things are going there. Gloria lies to Jeff that she spent the night watching Fen. Brad advises Colleen to take things slow with Daniel. Karen is surprised when Neil asks her to move back in him, but she accepts. Sharon worries that Jack might have found her letter. River asks Gloria for a talk. Nick questions Sharon about visiting Victor. Brad learns that Jill sold him out to save herself. Jeff realizes that Gloria lied to him about last nightmoreless
  • Ep. #8979
    Ep. #8979
    Episode 121
    Daniel walks out on Amber when she continues claiming that Liam is a real. Katherine pressures Chloe and Cane into deciding if they want to continue their sham of a marriage or not, as Lily, Jill and Rocco listen to their bickering. Chloe starts crying over the fact that nobody believes she wants only what's best for her baby. Sharon writes a letter to Nick. Nick writes a letter to Victor apologizing for the way Sabrina was portrayed in the magazine. Sharon comments on Nick's idea about a tribute for Sabrina and Nick blasts her for trying to change his mind. Noah tells Nick that Sharon went to Victor asking him to help out Nick. Gloria and Jeff discuss about scheming behind each others back. Michael is surprised by River's arrival in Genoa City and he makes up an excuse to get out of the apartment. Kevin reminds Michael that his career might be in jeopardy because he's hiding a criminal. Gloria finds River at Michael's apartment and the two take a walk down memory lane. Amber seeks advice on Loveline again, while Daniel lets Colleen enter his apartment. Nick apologizes to Sharon. Lily decides to walk away from Cane to make sure Cane and Chloe's marriage stays alive.moreless
  • Ep. #8978
    Ep. #8978
    Episode 120
    Upon finding out that Chloe lied, Lily tells Cane that they should have a future together. Katherine advises Chloe to leave Cane, but Chloe wants to make it work. Amber shows up at the Chancellor mansions and she breaks down crying about her relationship with Daniel. Kay urges her to stop playing games with Daniel. Colleen tries to get herself invited to Daniel's showing but he carefully refuses. Heather and Jill meet up with an FBI agent. Jill offers to give them the full story on the link between Brad and David and in exchange wants the FBI to convince the SEC to stop the investigation against her. Chloe is jealous to see Cane with Lily. Colleen questions Lily about a possible relationship with Daniel, and Lily makes it clear that it doesn't bother her. Brad is confronted by the FBI agent and handcuffed. Michael and Kevin meet up with a SEC agent to resolve the issue on the Jabot files that are missing. Katherine is freaked out when Cane and Chloe return to the mansion and continue playing games when Chloe brings Rocco, a new boyfriend, to the mansion. Amber lays out her feelings to Daniel and prepares to walk off when Daniel stops her and they decide to try to be together again. Cane calls Lily over to the mansion, where Kay demands that Cane and Chloe finally face the facts. Michael is surprised when River shows up at his doorstep.moreless
  • Ep. #8977
    Ep. #8977
    Episode 119
    Amber is keen on proving that Liam is real, but she isn't able to. Colleen flaunts her hookup with Daniel in front of everyone, but Amber puts her in her place. She's surprised when Amber tells her Daniel invited her to the showing. Jack makes it clear to Gloria that he'll talk to his family about Jabot only if Gloria manages to get more stock from Katherine. Brad tells Jill that the feds will be contacting her soon. At Jabot, Cane has to deal with the guys from SEC, and Jill immediately wants to do damage control, but Cane believes the best thing would be if Jill stepped down as the CEO of Chancellor Industries. Gloria tries to apologize to Kay for her behavior with a gift, and Kay accepts it but refuses to give Gloria stock. Jack gets a visit from John and they talk about their past times spent at Jabot. Gloria catches Jeffrey trying to talk to Jack and they both realize they've been working behind each others backs. Jack refuses to work with them anymore, but Gloria intrigues Jack by claiming she got the shares from Katherine. Kevin confides in Daniel that he wants to do something bigger with his life. He also urges Daniel to make a move on Amber until it will be too late. Kay is impressed to learn that Cane managed to convince Jill to step down. Jill makes a deal with Heather that includes revealing info about Brad to the FBI. Daniel tells Colleen that he isn't over Amber.moreless
  • Ep. #8976
    Ep. #8976
    Episode 118
    Victor hires a security guard at the ranch. Victoria confides in Nikki that she doesn't want to accept Victor's job offer until she talks to Nick because he might feel left out, but Nick reassures Victoria that she needs to take the job. Phyllis tries to convince Nick that leaving Restless Style would be a good thing for them. Michael delivers a letter from Victor to Nick. Adam asks Heather to move to New York with him, but she makes it clear to him that if he moves their relationship will be over. Jack is stunned when Nick buys him out of Restless Style with a check Victor sent him. Noah realizes that Sharon is the one to blame for Jack losing the magazine, but he promises not to say anything. Adam tries to reach Victor, but Victor doesn't answer his pleas, and the security guard throws Adam out. Heather tells Paul that she decided to investigate Victor's strange behavior since Sabrina's death. Jack promises to Nikki that somehow he'll find out what was Victor doing in Mexico. Phyllis makes it clear to Nick that he won't be the only one making decisions at Restless Style. She tells him that she also has an opinion and that she isn't ready to just stand and nod her head like Sharon does. Jack visits Adam with an offer bring down Victor, and Adam happily agrees.moreless
  • Ep. #8975
    Ep. #8975
    Episode 117
    Nikki and Victoria are worried about Victor becoming distant from his family. Estella informs them about Victor firing his entire staff at the ranch. J.T. informs Neil that Brad was the person responsible for the system breach a few months ago and Neil uses the info to fire Brad without a payout. Adam tries to make a deal with Jack, but Jack refuses to deal with a rookie. Sharon, Jack, Phyllis and Nick agree that the control over Restless Style has to be settled, and they're intrigued when Sharon suggests flipping the coin to decide. Jack ends up winning and he leaves a figure for Nick to decide on. Victor tells Neil that he'll move out of his office at Newman Enterprises, and that Neil is free to move in there and hire whoever he wants. Heather helps out Adam with his living arrangements, and they both realize that Adam might have to leave Genoa City to find a good job. Neil tells Victoria that Victor had a request to rehire her at Newman, and Victoria is pleased to hear that. Nikki tries to talk to Victor at the ranch, but he refuses to answer her questions. She smashes the window and enters the place, but even then Victor doesn't want to communicate.moreless
  • Ep. #8974
    Ep. #8974
    Episode 116
    Jack agrees to let Noah have an internship at Restless Style. Phyllis informs Jack and Sharon about Victor's return from the dead, and Jack immediately decides to post the news on the website. Adam tells Neil that he hopes there are no hard feelings between them, but Neil orders J.T. to escort Adam out of the Newman building. Victoria and Nick reunite with Victor, but later they're worried when Victor refuses to have any more contact. Jeff and Gloria discuss about their honeymoon with Jana and Kevin. They admit they were separate for awhile and doing their own business. Kevin wants to get involved in the Jabot takeover, but Gloria refuses to let him get involved. Phyllis and Nick talk about exploring other options beside Restless Style. Sharon and Noah visit Victor, who refuses to reunite with the family. Sharon asks Victor to rehire Nick at Newman because the tension at Restless Style is becoming unbearable. Victoria informs Nikki about Victor's return. Victor's videotaped statement runs on the television. In it, Victor says that Neil is the new CEO of Newman Enterprises, and then explains that he wants some peace and quiet away from the press and his family and friends. He then proceeds to dismiss his entire staff.moreless
  • Ep. #8973
    Ep. #8973
    Episode 115
    Victoria daydreams about a forgiving conversation with her father. Heather and Adam are shocked when Victor interrupts them during an intimate moment. Adam tries to talk to Victor, but he refuses to listen and instead invites Michael over. Michael explains to Victor the drastic changes that Adam made in his absence. Neil learns that Victor is alive. Jill is upset at Kay for not realizing who Chloe is. Kay questions Esther about Chloe. Chloe explains to Cane that she changes her name legally. Cane tells Jill that he'll handle Chloe in his own way. Estella informs Victoria and Nick that Victor returned to the ranch. Victor reinstates Neil at Newman Enterprises and even promotes him to the head of the company. Victor berates Adam for his bad decisions. He fires him and evicts him from the ranch. Chloe doesn't hide the fact that she's embarrassed of her mother being a maid. Devon informs Neil that he quit his job to focus on music, and for one, Neil agrees with him. Cane kisses Lily, but she pulls away. Kay is shocked when Jill tells her that she offered money so that Chloe would leave the baby. Chloe arrives at the Chancellor mansion and demands to move in.moreless
  • Ep. #8972
    Ep. #8972
    Episode 114
    Victor informs Brad that the Newman Enterprises will live on without his siblings. The two call a press conference, where Adam gladly calls himself Victor Adam Newman. Nick and Victoria discuss about the letters Victor left them. Nikki tells the bartender's daughter to tell Victor she decided to go home. Paul finds Nikki, who then informs him about finding Victor. Jack asks Sharon to explain why she took Nick's side in their latest argument. Daniel pressures Amber into admitting that Liam isn't real, but she makes another phone call to the mystery man, leaving Daniel worried. Nick allows Noah to go to public school. Nikki informs Sharon, Nick, Victoria and Noah about Victor's reappearance and his refusal to return to Genoa City. Jack approaches Adam with a proposal to advertise Newman at Restless Style again and Adam plays tough, but eventually gives in. Nick stops Jack while he's writing an article about Newman Enterprises with news of Victor being alive, but Jack refuses to stop writing the article until Victor approaches him. Victor returns to his ranch and runs into Adam and Heather together on the sofa.moreless
  • Ep. #8971
    Ep. #8971
    Episode 113
    Katherine, Jill and Cane are shocked as Esther welcomes Chloe into the Chancellor home. Chloe explains why she didn't want anyone to know she was in town, but both Cane and Jill suspect that Chloe was targeting their family since she first came to Genoa City. Victoria is surprised when the letter from Victor turns out to be quite sweet. Nick reads his letter and learns that Victor still thinks he's quite similar to him. He ends up in tears after reading that Victor knows he wasn't a good father, but that he thinks Nick has been a great father to his kids. Sharon and Noah show up with Noah wishing to go to public school, but Nick refuses to accept that idea. Nikki desperately tries to convince Victor to return back home, but he refuses. He insults her in every possible way, but Nikki still keeps trying to make him come back. Adam throws his letter from Victor into the trash before reading all of it, and Heather tries to pick it up, but Adam roughly orders her to leave it alone. Heather ends up reading the letter anyway, and she tries to convince Adam to get along with Victoria and Nick, but Adam isn't ready to share his fortune with anyone else beside Heather. Jill makes it clear to Cane that he needs to do everything to get rid of Chloe. Esther happily hugs Jill saying that they will be grandmothers. Back at home, Cane goes ballistic on Chloe.moreless
  • Ep. #8970
    Ep. #8970
    Episode 112
    Victoria is convinced that Brad and Neil will run the company into the ground. Kevin and Jana return from their honeymoon and they're shocked when Michael and Lauren inform them about Victor's death. Jana gets worried about the Ouija board and decides to get rid of it. Lauren tries to talk to River, but she learns he's no longer at the Ashram. Adam treats Heather as a queen at the ranch. Katherine tries to convince Jill that she can't prove the article was incorrect. Chloe tries to get out of attending the wedding reception, but Cane seens through her. Jack has to attend the reading of Victor's will on Abby's behalf. Esther receives an proposition to talk about Jill behind her back for a lot of money, as Kay worries about Jill. At the reading of the will, Victoria and Nick are surprised when it turns out that Victor left Newman Enterprises to Adam. Victor also left a couple of letters to each of his children. Esther is shocked when Cane and Chloe arrive at the party and she realizes that Chloe is actually her daughter Kate! Nikki is shocked when she stumbles upon Victor at the beach!moreless
  • Ep. #8969
    Ep. #8969
    Episode 111
    Sharon is furious at Jack for not being able to stop playing dirty in the magazine business and she refuses to continue disappointing Noah or Nick. Jill insists on having a wedding reception at the Chancellor mansion and she won't take no for an answer even after Chloe begs her not to. Brad gladly accepts Adam's offer to be the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. Kay and Jill are worried about the continuing drop of the Jabot stock. Victoria, J.T., Phyllis and Paul learn that Nikki stayed in Mexico and Paul decides to go back there. Jill confronts Nick about the article in the magazine and Nick tells her it was all Jack's doing. Cane and Chloe agree to try to get along for the sake of their baby. Brad informs the people at Restless Style about his new spot at Newman, and Jill fires Brad, but is then shocked to learn the news. Jill accuses Jack of publishing the article because he's jealous of her position at Jabot. Adam fires Victoria from Newman. Paul expresses his concern for Heather regarding her dating Adam. Katherine makes it clear to Jill that she doesn't trust her anymore. Heather is surprised when Adam asks her to move to the ranch. Nikki questions the bartender about Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #8968
    Ep. #8968
    Episode 110
    Jack gives an interview to the press regarding the article about him in Restless Style. Sharon is furious at Phyllis when she tells Noah the truth about Victor's death. Nick and Nikki learn about Adam's decisions regarding Newman Enterprises, but Nikki choose not to care and instead wants to stay in Mexico. Nikki learns that Victor was on the boat with Walter and then thinks there still might be hope for Victor. Tyra announces to Neil, Karen, Devon and Lily that she'll be moving to New Hampshire along with Ana. Karen listens as Neil asks Tyra to stay because he is very fond of her. Lily is disturbed when Cane informs her that he married Chloe. Devon reassures Neil that he won't quit school. Karen tries to convince Neil to spend some romantic time together, but he's too disturbed by Ana's and Tyra's departure. Phyllis and Sharon continue bickering, while Jack puts himself in an uncomfortable situation in front of Noah when he continues badmouthing Nick and Phyllis. Cane tries to assure Lily that he'll divorce Chloe as soon as the baby is born. Nick falls asleep on the Newman jet and doesn't know that Nikki decided to stay in Mexico.moreless
  • Ep. #8967
    Ep. #8967
    Episode 109
    Nick arrives at the Mexican bar to take Nikki back home, but Nikki refuses to listen to him, and doesn't accept even after she talks to Victoria over the phone. The bartender stops Nick and Nikki by informing them that they need to identify the body that was found dead. Michael is frustrated when Adam refuses to calm dawn at Newman. Adam takes over the control of the company and Neil disagrees with Adam's decisions, which results in Adam firing Neil. Cane and Chloe prepare to get married at City Hall, with Cane terribly frustrated and Chloe trying to make the best out of it. Cane insults Chloe and it pushes her into tears. The two bond over their childhood memories. Devon confides in Lily that he thinks Ana should go to New Hampshire, and Ana overhears the conversation, but later agrees that it would be the best for her to leave. Michael warns Adam about the possible glitches in Victor's will. Neil gives Adam another chance to change his mind, but Adam refuses to listen to reason, so Karen confronts him with insults and then decides to also quit. Cane and Chloe return home after getting married and Cane tells Chloe that he wants their baby to have everything that both of them never had in their lives.moreless
  • Ep. #8966
    Ep. #8966
    Episode 108
    Jack and Sharon are shocked when the realize that there's an article about Jack in the newest issue of the magazine, and Phyllis admits that it was all Nick's idea. Nick is worried when the pilot can't land in Puerto Vallarta tonight, so he is forced to ask for help from a local to get to his mother's side as soon as possible. Nikki calls Katherine on the phone and tells her that she's drunk, and then starts rambling about her past with Victor, while Kay begs her to stop drinking. Paul arrives at the hospital and learns about Heather's low blood cell count. Karen embraces Neil as he's faced with the possibility of Victor's death, whom Neil considers to be like his father. Nikki continues rambling to Kay, while Kay informs Nick about Nikki's condition. Nikki hangs up on Kay and walks out into the rain sobbing. Paul is worried about Heather because the doctors still don't know exactly what's going on. Adam breaks down when he learns Victor might be dead. Jack tells Sharon that he won't believe Victor is dead until he sees his corpse. Adam is insulted realizing that nobody intended to inform him about Victor's death. He decides that he's now running Newman.moreless
  • Ep. #8965
    Ep. #8965
    Episode 107
    Nick informs Paul over the phone that there is a mob hit out on Walter and that Victor, Nikki and Paul might be caught in the middle of it, but Paul doesn't say anything to Nikki. Amber fakes having a phone call with Liam in front of Daniel, but is deeply embarrassed when her phone rings during the so-called conversation. Nick asks Daniel to scare Noah out of drinking. Lily talks to Ana about her experience with learning about her biological parent. Ana and Devon spend some quality time together, but when it comes to Tyra, Ana completely shuts her out. Jill asks Brad if he plans to leave Jabot, but he says he'll stick around for awhile. Chloe and Jill aren't getting along too well. Heather is shocked when Adam tells her that her problems don't even compare to his, and she leaves her date with Adam, refusing to listen to his stories anymore. Noah tells Daniel that he never planned to drink the beer and that Nick is overreacting. Heather collapses at Restless Style. Chloe continues making problems for Cane and Lily. Daniel and Colleen have a date at the GCAC, where Amber planned to have her date, but Daniel feels embarrassed for her and Amber leaves. Daniel later learns that Amber in fact had a date with Liam. Adam rushes to Heather's side when he learns of her collapse. Chloe wants to spare Cane of the trouble and suggests they should elope. Nikki informs Nick that Victor was presumed dead after a piece of boat he was on washed up on the shore.moreless
  • Ep. #8964
    Ep. #8964
    Episode 106
    Phyllis and Nick put their plan of revenge against Jack and Sharon into motion. Sharon confronts Jack about his promise to kick Gloria out before Noah returned from summer camp. Chloe and Amber try to make Daniel jealousy by mentioning the surfer dude she spent the night with, but Daniel is convinced Amber made the character up. Phyllis makes Amber give her the keys to the penthouse, and Daniel apologizes to Amber. Gloria talks too much about Jabot in front of Katherine, and Kay is not at all pleased by Gloria's rude comments about Cane. Tyra and Neil learn that Ana knows about her paternity, and Karen walks in just as Neil embraces Tyra. They inform Karen about the recent developments and Karen hugs Tyra out of sympathy. Devon comforts Ana, who confides in him about her bad experience with Yolanda in the past. Jack agrees to go along with Gloria's plan to take over Jabot, but it is up to Gloria to convince Kay to give her a few shares so they'd have more than 51%. Tyra is frustrated when Ana can't even talk to her. Nick catches Noah and his buddies drinking beer by the pool. Daniel asks Phyllis to let Amber stay in the penthouse, and Phyllis actually has a change of heart. Karen tries to confide in Neil, but is interrupted by Devon. Sharon thinks Nick reacted angrily to Noah's party because of the experience they had with Cassie. Gloria tries to be nice to Katherine, but she doesn't want to have anything to do with Gloria.moreless
  • Ep. #8963
    Ep. #8963
    Episode 105
    Victor pretends to be a foreign captain in front of Walter, while the bartender warns him that a storm is approaching. Nikki and Paul are on their way to Mexico. Jeff wants to go on a honeymoon with Gloria, but she seems more interesting in overtaking Jabot. Neil and Tyra comment on how close Ana and Devon are. Katherine tries to convince Tyra to accept her offer to send Ana to the school of arts in New Hampshire. Victoria gladly kicks Adam out of the ranch, but Adam warns her of the consequences once Victor returns. He then temporarily decides to stay at Heather's. Victoria refuses to let Adam go to Dubai and instead decides to go herself, and she even decides to change the name of the product back to Beauty of Nature. Gloria and Jeff both continue working behind each others back. Ana accidentally learns that Yolanda is her biological mother. Katherine learns about Ana's true paternity. Paul and Nikki arrive at the same bar Victor was at and they question the bartender about Victor. Ana runs into Devon's arms upon learning the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #8962
    Ep. #8962
    Episode 104
    Amber packs her bags and leaves the Ashram after seeing Daniel and Colleen together. Jill urges Cane not to punish Chloe because their child will know it. Nikki finds out that Victor went to Mexico looking for Walter. Victor gives the little girl Sabrina's earring. River asks Michael to spend a few more days at the Ashram so he could get to know him better, but Michael explains River had enough opportunities of that. Lauren gives River a picture of Fenmore. Michael and Lauren leave, with Michael saying that he won't be contacting his father. Victoria prevents Adam from a business deal at Newman. Adam and Heather spend some time together at the pool, and Nick doesn't miss a chance to make a remark about Adam not caring about Victor. Amber confides in Katherine that she tried to hook up with a surfer guy but couldn't. She lies to Daniel that she did in fact sleep with the guy. Nikki orders Paul to go to Mexico with her on the Newman jet. Kay tells Jill that she feels Cane isn't ready to be the CEO of Jabot. Victoria tells Nick that she is now the landlord of the ranch and that she plans to evict Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #8961
    Ep. #8961
    Episode 103
    The wedding is about to be disturbed when Michael learns that River is there, but Kevin and Jana insist on continuing their wedding. After exchanging their vows, River pronounces them husband and wife. Tyra is forced to reveal to Devon that Ana is actually his sister, and an upset Devon doesn't know what to do. Lily is worried when Chloe shows her the engagement ring. Jill learns about Chloe and realizes that she's the same as Jill was in her age. Michael is having hard time facing his father who claims that leaving Gloria was something that had to be done. Devon tells Lily about Ana. Lily tells Neil that Chloe's ring should have been hers. Jill tells Chloe and Cane that she plans to throw an engagement party for them at the Chancellor mansion. Colleen and Daniel start making out, without realizing that Amber is watching them.moreless
  • Ep. #8960
    Ep. #8960
    Episode 102
    Tyra asks Neil to keep her secret quiet from the others. Devon is irritated by Cane. Lauren, Michael, Jeffrey, Gloria, Kevin, Jana, Amber and Daniel arrive at the Ashram and are surprised when the hostess asks them to turn off their cellphones and take off their shoes. Amber and Daniel begin bonding again, but they're interrupted when Colleen unexpectedly arrives to the wedding. Walter appears at the same Mexican bar as Victor. Nick is thrilled when Neil decides to support Victoria to oversee Newman Enterprises in Victor's absence. Cane gives Chloe an engagement ring and tells her that she'll move in his house. J.T. finds a lead on Victor. Adam is shocked to learn about Victoria's plans to oversee the company. Victoria asks Adam to leave the ranch, but he refuses to. Devon overhears Tyra and Neil talking about him. The wedding begins, and a shocked Gloria realizes that the guru is actually Lowell.moreless
  • Ep. #8959
    Ep. #8959
    Episode 101
    Amber is irritated by Daniel and Colleen's presence at Indigo. She convinces the ladies from the bachelorette party to move to her place. Kevin cheers up Michael while he worries about the reason he keeps losing track of his father. Cane watches sadly as Neil and Devon help Lily move out of the new house. Daniel and Colleen realize that they aren't ready to start dating again. Tyra makes a confession to Neil that Ana isn't really her daughter, but actually Yolanda's. Kevin crashes Jana's bachelorette party and manages to successfully entertain the guests. Daniel admits to a sleeping Amber that life without her isn't fun. Chloe asks Cane to come to the doctor's office with her, but he isn't sure what he wants to do with his life currently.moreless
  • Ep. #8958
    Ep. #8958
    Episode 100
    Phyllis insults Sharon by saying that Jack only brought her to the magazine out of pity. Sharon wastes no time to insult Phyllis back. Amber tells Phyllis that she and Daniel broke up, and Phyllis happily gives her 72 hours to move out. In Mexico, Victor questions the bartender about the whereabouts of a certain person. Amber decides to make a bachelorette party for Jana. Jana is worried when the Ouija board continues saying "goodbye." Katherine berates Jill for the decision to make Cane the CEO of Jabot. Cane reluctantly agrees to go along with Jill's suggestion. Traci shows up at the Jabot shareholders meeting. Gloria and Jeffrey also attend. Brad is frustrated when Jill appoints Cane as the new CEO in front of everyone. Nick is surprised when Noah suddenly returns home, having heard of the tragedy Victor has been going through. Jack is stunned when Gloria and Jeff approach him with the suggestion to help them remove Jill and Cane from Jabot and take over the company. Cane informs Kay that Lily returned the engagement ring and that she will probably marry Chloe, but Kay tells him that he doesn't need to marry her. Phyllis tells Daniel that she evicted Amber from the penthouse. Daniel and Colleen go out together. Noah is reunited with his mother.moreless
  • Ep. #8957
    Ep. #8957
    Episode 99
    Cane explains to Jill how he ended up in a confusing situation with Chloe. Jill neglects Brad. Lily tells Colleen about the DNA results. Adam disagrees with Nick's thoughts regarding calling the FBI. Nikki confronts Adam about his behavior, but is then shocked when Adam reveals that David killed Skye after losing in a poker game at Brad's house. Heather arrives to comfort Adam. Devon learns about the DNA results from Chloe and then tells Neil about it. Lauren questions Michael about finding his father. Nikki angrily confronts Brad about using David's gambling addiction to his advantage. Nikki tells a policeman that she is Mrs. Newman. Colleen insults Chloe. Devon makes it clear to Cane that he doesn't like him anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #8956
    Ep. #8956
    Episode 98
    Cane reassures Neil that he didn't sleep with Chloe. Lily and Cane are irritated by Chloe's behavior in the hospital. Nick, Michael and Neil are having tough time getting along with Adam, who continues acting like the owner of Newman Enterprises. Adam insists on not contacting the FBI, but the guys decide not to listen to him. Victoria continues blaming herself for Victor's disappearance, while Nikki continues being tempted by alcohol. In Mexico, Victor buys the epilepsy medicine. Lily warns Amber to be careful around Chloe. Adam calls the press conference, but Neil comes in time to stop him. Victoria slaps Adam for his irritating behavior. Cane informs Lily that he is the new CEO of Jabot. The couple is shocked when they find out that Cane isn't excluded as the father of Chloe's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #8955
    Ep. #8955
    Episode 97
    Adam is taken aback when Neil tells him that Victor put him in charge before he left. Jack suggests using Nikki's marriage to David as the theme of the next issue of the magazine, but Sharon is worried about the feelings of their friends and family. Cane tells Jill that Lily agreed to marry him, and Jill surprises him by promoting him to CEO of Jabot. Nick and Phyllis offer Brad a place as a partner at Restless Style in order to kick Jack out, but Brad doesn't accept the offer, believing that he still may have a shot at Jabot. Nikki is furious at Jack when he suggests running her story at the magazine, and Nick is mad when he learns about Jack going behind his back again. Brad learns that Jill gave Cane a job as the CEO, and immediately contacts Jack. Neil questions Lily and Cane about Chloe's pregnancy. Adam tells Heather that he liked the way Victor used to treat Sabrina. Paul and J.T. find Victor's personal stuff in Sabrina's grave. Nick and Phyllis confronts Jack. Nikki is worried when Paul informs her that he found Victor's wallet, cellphone and epilepsy medicine. Jack is intrigued about Brad's offer to make an expose about Jill. Victor is revealed to be drinking tequila at a Mexican bar somewhere.moreless
  • Ep. #8954
    Ep. #8954
    Episode 96
    Paul, J.T., Adam, Victoria and Nick continue searching for Victor. Nikki assures Katherine that she isn't drinking again, and the women share a laugh when Nikki tells Kay she dumped David's ashes in horse manure. Katherine reluctantly accepts Nikki's resignation from Jabot. Chloe and Cane take a DNA test to determine if Cane is a match for Chloe's baby. Lily accepts Cane's marriage proposal. Michael and Kevin meet up with Lowell at the prison, only to realize that it's actually Lowell's friend Richard that's posing instead of Lowell. Adam and Nick end up in a physical fight until Neil and Paul break them up. J.T., Victoria and Jana visit Sabrina's grave, where Victoria apologizes to Sabrina. Adam shocks Neil by refusing to let him lead Newman during Victor's absence. Jana blurts out in front of Neil that Chloe might be carrying Cane's baby. Nikki tries to reach Victor by calling his cell, but she doesn't know that the cell is inside Sabrina's grave.moreless
  • Ep. #8953
    Ep. #8953
    Episode 95
    Nikki, Victoria, J.T., Nick and Phyllis prepare for Sabrina's funeral. Adam confides in Victor about the pain he feels about Skye's death, but Victor isn't ready to share anything with him. Katherine talks to God about being unfair. Paul gives Michael more clues to Lowell's whereabouts, but both Michael and Lauren agree that they'll take it one step at a time, even though Kevin urges them to go an meet the man. Daniel questions Jana if he should give Victor the portrait of Sabrina he drew. Karen is irritated when she sees Tyra fixing Neil's tie. Devon and Ana come up with a new song. Nick and Phyllis ponder selling out their share of the magazine, but Nick later changes his mind. Lauren, Kevin, Michael, Brad, Jill and Katherine also arrive at the funeral. Adam starts stirring up trouble by blaming Nikki for Skye's death. Karen tells Neil that she gave Tyra the idea to move out. Everyone at the funeral is shocked when the minister tells them that Victor already had a private funeral for Sabrina earlier that day. Paul informs Nikki about Skye's death. Adam continues fighting with Nick. Michael tells Lauren that he's decided to go see his father. Karen bursts into tears when Ana sings a childhood song for her. Nikki dumps David's ashes all over the crime scene. Victor boards a bus and leaves into the unknown.moreless
  • Ep. #8952
    Ep. #8952
    Episode 94
    Jana makes preparations for Sabrina's funeral. Michael and Adam are worried about Victor, who suddenly decides to get rid of Sabrina's things. J.T. shows up to support Victor and ask him about Nick and Victoria, but Victor doesn't seem to care for anything. Kevin tells Amber that Daniel is having hard time not being with her. Chloe is surprised when Lily, Devon and Cane agree that Chloe should take a DNA test to determine if the baby she's carrying is in fact Cane's. Tyra tells Devon that he shouldn't quit school, and Neil is impressed to learn about the good advice Tyra gave to him. Tyra ponders moving out of the apartment, but Neil asks her to stay. Paul finds a dead female body without fingers or teeth buried underneath Athena's place at the stables. Adam and Heather go through the person's stuff, and Adam is deeply shocked to find Skye's Harvard ring. Adrian tells Amber that he's leaving Genoa City. Colleen asks Daniel out on a date. Kevin tells Jana that their wedding preparations are over and that they'll get married in Malibu in a week.moreless
  • Ep. #8951
    Ep. #8951
    Episode 93
    Victor angrily accuses Nikki for Sabrina's death and tells her that he wishes Nikki would be the one who died, leaving his kids stunned. Jack is convinced that Victor wouldn't accept his apology even if he tried to talk to him, but Sharon tries to convince him that Victor indeed has a heart. Karen is surprised when Devon asks her for advice about his future regarding his music career. Neil opens to up to Tyra about Dru's death, and Karen sees them in an embrace. Devon talks about school with Neil, who refuses to let him quit school. Karen makes a hint to Tyra that she needs to find her own place to stay. Jack sees Victor in Sabrina's art gallery listening to opera.moreless
  • Ep. #8950
    Ep. #8950
    Episode 92
    Adrian angrily confronts Jack about rewriting his article, but Jack doesn't care about Adrian much. Phyllis agrees that Adrian was put in a tough spot and she continues worrying because Sharon and Jack are making decision without consulting with Nick and her first. Jack tells Phyllis that he can buy them out if they aren't happy at the magazine. Michael tells Lauren that Sabrina lost the baby. Heather informs Adam that she was reinstated at the D.A.'s office. Sabrina dies after cardiac arrest. Nikki has a nightmare of David and Sabrina near a little girl. Genoa City learns of Sabrina's death. Sharon warns Phyllis that she is the last person that should be judging Jack. Adam tells Heather that he decided to change his name back to Victor Adam Newman. Victor thinks about the person that caused his wife to die, just as Nikki makes her way to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #8949
    Ep. #8949
    Episode 91
    Amber pleads Daniel to stay with her, but he is keen on remaining only friends. Just as they are about to reunite, Adrian ruins their moment. He wants to know who rewrote his article and Amber suggests he should go talk to Jack. Victor tells Sabrina that she seems to be getting better. Jill tells Nikki that David murdered Ji Min and she's alarmed to learn that Nikki knew David was a gambler. Jana visits Sabrina at the hospital, and Sabrina explains that the only reason she's still on dialysis is because of Victor. Adam asks Heather to ask Paul to search after Skye. Nikki tells Katherine that she's resigning from Jabot. Jill sobs after Ji Min, as her mother comforts her. Paul tells Heather that Walter was the one who caused the road accident. Heather meets with Elroy, who is pleased with Heather's performance, and he gives her the old job back. Nick takes Nikki to see the horse David bought her.moreless
  • Ep. #8948
    Ep. #8948
    Episode 90
    Paul informs Heather that David was a hired hitman and that he probably killed Ji Min. Heather remembers seeing Walter at the gala talking to the limo driver. Daniel isn't ready to forgive Amber after having sex. Victoria continues blaming herself for Sabrina's accident. Katherine and Nikki are shocked when Jill presents herself as the interim CEO of Jabot. Jeffrey and Gloria continue plotting to take over Jabot. Chloe informs Amber about her pregnancy. Victoria manages to get some alone time with Sabrina and they start reminiscing about the times they spend together in Florence. Victor learns that Walter put a hit on David. Nikki asks Paul not to say anything about David to Victor because she wants to be the one to tell him. Heather informs Jill that it looks like David murdered Ji Min. Gloria and Jeff both buy secret shares of Jabot stock and keep it a secret. Phyllis calls a truce between her and Amber. Daniel shocks Amber by asking her to be just friends again. Chloe shows Lily the ultrasound photo she stole from the net, but Lily angrily tells her that Cane didn't even sleep with her.moreless
  • Ep. #8947
    Ep. #8947
    Episode 89
    Victor confides in Katherine that he thinks Nikki is responsible for Sabrina's accident. Nick shows up to show support for his father, but Victor doesn't even care. Nikki is released from the hospital. Brad and Jill learn about the accident, and after thinking that Nikki must have been in the car, Jill appoints herself the interim CEO, angering Brad who thought he would get the position. A photographer offers Jack the exclusive rights to the photos the accident Sabrina and David were in, and Jack decides to buy them so no other magazine could publish it. Adam asks Neil to go to New York to look for Skye, but Neil tells him he doesn't work for him. Katherine learns that David drugged Nikki, and Paul informs them that a vial of morphine was found in David's pocket, and then explains that David is connected to Ji Min's murder. Nikki confides in Katherine that her heart broke when she saw Victor with Sabrina, and Kay tells her that Sabrina was pregnant. She explains that Victor quietly had his vasectomy reversed. Victor brings in specialists to help Sabrina.moreless
  • Ep. #8946
    Ep. #8946
    Episode 88
    Michael informs Victor about Nikki and David's limo crashing. Victor is worried about Nikki, but at the scene of the crime, he learns that Sabrina was in the car with David, not Nikki. At the hospital, Paul informs Nikki that David drugged her. Daniel asks his mother to stay out of his life. Nikki doesn't know how to react when Paul informs her that David died. The doctor informs Victor that Sabrina lost her baby, and that even she doesn't have much time to live. Victoria tries to see Sabrina, but Victor kicks her out of the room. Sabrina wakes up and realizes that she's dying, with a sad Victor looking over her. Daniel prevents Amber from leaving to Los Angeles, and they decide to give it another shot at happiness.moreless
  • Ep. #8945
    Ep. #8945
    Episode 87
    Nikki drinks the ginger ale David poisoned. Cane and Lily refuse to believe that the father of Chloe's child is Cane. Nick asks Sharon for her help against Jack, but she refuses to put down the only person that made the magazine a success. Paul informs J.T. that David was included in the picture of Ji Min and Walter, and that David probably killed Ji Min. David tells Kay that he thinks Nikki might be drinking again. Walter asks Heather if she knows him from somewhere before, but she quickly dismisses him. Kay sees Nikki drunk and David tries to get her into a car, but Nikki goes to the bathroom, where J.T. makes sure that she's safe. Jill learns Nikki "fell off the wagon." Michael and Victor meet with Phillippe and learn that Jack wanted information from him. J.T. takes Nikki home, where Paul shows proof that David is a killer. Nikki refuses to believe it, but then collapses, so the guys take her to the hospital. Ana and Devon perform at the gala. Victoria is shocked when Nick reveals that Jack is the reason why Phillippe came back to town, and she rushes off to find Sabrina. Amber angrily confronts Phyllis about messing in her life. Sabrina accepts David's invitation to take a ride home. As the car starts the driver makes a call to an unknown person, and it crushes into an oncoming vehicle.moreless
  • Ep. #8944
    Ep. #8944
    Episode 86
    Heather gives Paul a box of Ji Min's things. Phyllis and Nick tells Jack that he should be at the gala after what he's done. Victor tells Sabrina that he wants to tell everyone about her pregnancy. Nikki assures Victoria that she is over with David. Katherine criticizes Victor's skills as a father. Cane tells Kay and Jill that he'll propose to Lily again. Adam tells Victor that he arranged a story about David to run on the news. Victoria tells Nick that she doesn't want to stay on the ranch if he won't be there. Phyllis tells Michael that the Sabrina article incident being written about Jack. Paul informs J.T. that he found a picture of Walter and Ji Min together. Amber tells Kay that she's moving back to L.A. Jill and Brad confront David about his gambling problem. Gloria and Jeff discuss about buying shares of Jabot, and they're even more excited about it when the coverage of David's gambling is broadcasted live. Victor asks his children to come to the ranch the day after the gala. Walter approaches Heather. David drugs Nikki's drink. Chloe tells Lily and Cane that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #8943
    Ep. #8943
    Episode 85
    Chloe and Amber talk about their love lives. Chloe learns from Ana that Lily and Cane are moving in together, and tries to convince Devon to let her friend stay at his place, but Devon refuses to have anything to do with Chloe. Daniel and Amber both end up on Loveline and soon realize that they're talking about each other. Their conversation turns into a fight and eventually they start defending each other, until they both separately decide to move away to Los Angeles. Cane and Lily happily move into the new house. Nikki reminds David that they'll be over as soon as the gala ends. Victoria confronts Victor about kicking Nick and his family out of the tackhouse, and their fight turns big when Nikki intervenes, calling Victor a horrible father during their children's entire lives. Nikki informs Victoria about leaving David. Walter continues threatening David, as he informs his boss that they need to do something about him. Victoria tells Sabrina that it's obvious Sabrina only wants Victor's fortune. David picks up liquid morphine from someone. Ana and Devon decide to sign a duet. Paul and J.T. discovers a new piece of information about David and they inform Victor about it.moreless
  • Ep. #8942
    Ep. #8942
    Episode 84
    Jeffrey expains to Gloria that he couldn't find either the cream or Kyon, but he assures her that they don't need the cream or the help of Michael to succeed in their plans. Gloria listens as Jeff explains how he created an account in the Cayman Islands that they won't be able to trace to them. David confesses to Nikki that his real name is Angelo Serafini. Having lost track of all the times she's forgiven him, Nikki tells David that it's finally over between them. Paul and J.T. continue digging to find more dirt on Walter. Nick gives Victor the keys to the tackhouse and explains his disappointment in having to move Summer away from the only home she's ever known, but Victor doesn't seem to care much. Brad admits to Jill that David has a gambling problem. Adam asks Heather to attend the gala with him. Nikki warns Heather about getting involved with a Newman. Nick and Phyllis share a talk about moving out and Nick's childhood. David begs Nikki to tell everyone about the divorce after the gala. Sabrina urges Victor not to continue betraying his children. She then asks Adam to talk to Victor, but he won't do it, and Sabrina accuses him of having a personal interest. Victor shows up at the tackhouse, willing to give Nick a chance to stay, but Nick won't do it.moreless
  • Ep. #8941
    Ep. #8941
    Episode 83
    Victor pulls the advertising from the magazine. Chloe arrives at Restless Style for her first day on a new job. She promises Amber to take care of her problem with Daniel. Nikki, Victoria and J.T. go to Indigo to check out Ana's singing skills. Victor tells Victoria that he cut her and Nick out of the will. Nikki finds Paul's note containing info on Angelo Serafini, David's other identity. Victoria confides in Nikki about Victor's will, and Nikki then angrily confronts Victor about the way he's treating his children. Walter threatens David. Lily agrees to move in with Cane. Cane shows Neil the ring he plans to propose Lily with again. Sabrina disagrees with Victor's decision to cut out Nikki and Victoria out of the will. Paul learns that Walter is involved in racketeering and murder. Nikki confronts David about changing his identity.moreless
  • Ep. #8940
    Ep. #8940
    Episode 82
    The Restless Style crew is pleased with the sales, but Nick and Jack continue butting heads over the leading of the magazine. Victor comforts his wife. Nikki and David sign the paperwork to buy a new house. Paul and J.T. find Mina's letter to David. Neil goes to Indigo with Karen to check out how is Tyra doing her job. Nick tries to explain to Sabrina that he had no idea about the article, but Sarina won't take his apology. Victor decides to sue the Restless Style magazine, and then cuts out Victoria and Nick from his will. Victoria tries to talk to Sabrina, but she won't even listen to her. Victoria explains to Sabrina that she still thinks she's been lying ever since she came to Genoa City. Jana continues playing with the Ouija board. Nick tells Phyllis that he plans to oust Jack from the magazine. Adam pulls the ads from the magazine and Sabrina thanks him. Sharon explains to Jack that she refuses to fight with the real Jack Abbott anymore. She realizes that he will never change, but she decides to stick by him, and they celebrate the success of the magazine. David hangs up on Walter. Paul finds out about David's real identity.moreless
  • Ep. #8939
    Ep. #8939
    Episode 81
    Nick confronts Jack about the article mismanagement and wants to have him gone from Restless Style, but Jack explains he couldn't afford it, and that the sales went up because of him. Victor angrily confronts Phyllis, Sharon, Victoria and Nikki, and doesn't even stop to think that the article might be truthful. Phyllis decides to post the original interview on the net, even though Sharon disagrees. Victor warns Nikki about how dangerous David is. Colleen continues defending Adrian. Lily and Colleen try to kick Chloe out of Crimson Lights, but she warns Colleen that she'll stay in Genoa City forever. Colleen overhears Kevin telling Jana that Adrian slept with Amber. Paul questions David about Mina and informs him that Mina was found dead. Kevin is annoyed when Jana thinks the Ouija board is telling them that doom is coming. Victor confronts Jack at the Abbott mansion. Colleen angrily confronts Amber about sleeping with Adrian, but Daniel jumps to stop the fight. Chloe and Amber take some time to get to know each other. The Restless Style crew is overjoyed when they learn that the magazine is doing amazing in sales. Jack hires Chloe. Katherine admires Sabrina. Nikki tells David she bought them a house.moreless
  • Ep. #8938
    Ep. #8938
    Episode 80
    The new issue of the magazine hits the newsstands in Genoa City. Sabrina and Victor are shocked when they realize that the article about Sabrina contains info that Sabrina didn't know was going to be there. Katherine, Nikki, Victoria, J.T., Kevin, Colleen, Jana, Daniel and others are also surprised while reading the article. Victor shows up at the Restless Style office and angrily confronts his son about the content of the article, and Nick is also surprised to learn that this isn't the version of the article he had seen. Sharon confronts her husband about tampering with the article. Katherine shows up at the ranch and offers support to Sabrina. Daniel threatens Phyllis that he won't speak to her ever again if she fires Amber. Daniel tells Amber that Phyllis blocked all of her e-mails while he was gone, but he reminds her that they aren't getting back together, and asks her not to say to anyone why they broke up. Sharon tells Phyllis that she didn't know about the changes. Sabrina surprises everyone by arriving at the Club. Nick goes to confront Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #8937
    Ep. #8937
    Episode 79
    Daniel confronts Korbel about sleeping with Amber, and the three get into a fight. Jeffrey explains to Gloria and her sons that he no longer has the cream, and he tries to assure them that he's telling the truth. Gloria reluctantly agrees that Jeff should go to Korea to see if Kyon took the cream. Victoria and Sabrina apologize to each other for their child-like behavior. David and Jack discuss working together again. Nick asks his mother to stop trusting David because he believes he's trying to control her, but Nikki desperately wants to believe David. Daniel tells Kevin that Amber slept with Korbel. Adrian comforts Amber and agrees to go to Australia so she'd have time to straighten things out with Daniel. Daniel catches them hugging. Victoria and Nick make it clear to David that they have trouble working with him. Amber cries as Daniel packs his bags and leaves the penthouse.moreless
  • Ep. #8936
    Ep. #8936
    Episode 78
    Victoria tells Nick and Phyllis that she no longer trusts Sabrina. Jill learns that Katherine hired a new person to work at Chancellor and she doesn't like it. Katherine is beside herself when Jill continues thinking about what could Jeffrey have over Gloria that they don't want anyone to know. Michael, Lauren, Kevin and Jana learn that Gloria and Jeffrey plan to buy stocks of Jabot, and they want Michael to create a dummy corporation, and Michael agrees under one condition---Jeffrey needs to give him the tainted cream he has. The group is shocked when Jeff tells them the cream is gone. Amber tells Daniel that Adrian was the guy she slept with. Katherine shows up at Amber's penthouse and gives her advice on how to handle her situation. Kay warns Amber that ultimately it was her fault that she slept with Adrian, not Phyllis'. Jill approaches Brad with an interesting business proposition. Jack tries to ship Adrian off to Sydney. Daniel confronts his mother about meddling in his life. Jack and Nick are worried about the future of their magazine. Katherina and Jana are caught in the middle of another fight between Victoria and Sabrina.moreless
  • Ep. #8935
    Ep. #8935
    Episode 77
    Nikki convinces Victoria to be on the cover of the new edition of Restless Style. Daniel reassures Amber that he believes her, while she feels uncomfortable around him or Adrian. Jack informs Amber that they have to momentarily drop the "Restless Amber" idea. Skye wins the poker game, and David loses big time without realizing that the game was rigged. Ana has stage fright and Karen gives her advice on how to handle it. Cane tells Lily that he fired Chloe. Chloe asks Lily to forgive her, but then starts rambling about how Cane isn't perfect. Adam tries to convince Victor to use David's gambling problem to get ahead in the war against Jabot, but Victor fears this might hurt Nikki and Victoria. Sabrina asks Victor to confront Victoria about Philippe. She heads over to the Restless Style office and angrily confronts Victoria about messing in her life. Jack secretly adds a piece of text into Adrian's article about Sabrina that shouldn't be there. Amber finally admits to Daniel that she slept with someone else, and he leaves the penthouse. At the airport, Skye informs Adam over the phone that Brad rigged the game so David would lose. When she hangs up, a mysterious person approaches her.moreless
  • Ep. #8934
    Ep. #8934
    Episode 76
    Daniel reassures Amber that he'd never cheat on her, and he explains how the things were going on the tour. Sabrina tells Victoria that Victor has made her forget about Philippe. Jack meets with Philippe and learns more about Sabrina. The Restless Style crew has to find a new model for the cover, and when Sharon agrees that she shouldn't be on it, the idea comes that Victoria could do it. David explains to Nikki that their night together didn't change anything. Brad tries to invite David to a poker game, but Nikki interrupts him. Victoria is surprised to run into Philippe, and she shares the news with Victor. Philippe visits Sabrina at the gallery and tries to convince her to return to him, but she refuses. Victor questions Sabrina about Philippe. Skye and Brad flirt while waiting for David to arrive. Nick asks Victoria to be on the cover of the magazine, but Victoria refuses. Daniel confronts his mother about trying to break up him and Amber, and Phyllis explains that she doesn't see a future for them.moreless
  • Ep. #8933
    Ep. #8933
    Episode 75
    Victor joins J.T. and Paul in the investigation against David, and they're all stunned to learn that David's step-daughter Mina was found dead. She was fed pills by someone, and earlier that day she was in contact with David. Nikki convinces David to stay with her. Kevin and Jana reunite at Crimson Lights. Cane refuses to believe that he had sex with Chloe. Amber is pleasantly surprised when Daniel returns home and surprises her at the Restless Style office. Karen is surprised when Neil tells her he'll offer Tyra a job as the manager of Indigo, and she's even more surprised to learn Tyra will be living with Neil. Lily is hurt when Chloe blurts out that she had sex with Cane. She yells at Chloe and then kicks Cane out of the apartment too. Devon tells Lily that he thinks Cane would never sleep with Chloe, not even if he was drunk. Kevin, Jana, Amber and Daniel spend some quality time together. Tyra accepts Neil's job offer. Karen and Neil kiss. Cane tells Chloe that she's fired from the company, and that he wants her gone. Nikki and David spend the night together. Cane returns to Lily's place and explains to her that he'd never cheat, and that he was set up again. They embrace. Chloe tells someone over the phone that she can't do booty calls, and that she's pregnant with Cane.moreless
  • Ep. #8932
    Ep. #8932
    Episode 74
    Jack and Sharon are surprised to learn that Elise, a new advertiser, wanted to meet with the Restless Style crew after Gloria had a talk with her. Gloria asks Nikki for her old job back, but Nikki doesn't approve. Jeff tells Gloria he has a plan that might give them a chance to own both Jabot and Chancellor. Nick still won't talk to Victor about Nikki's marital life. Phyllis gives Amber her camisole back, but Amber warns her that she knows she's trying to ruin her relationship with Daniel. Nick complains to Nikki about Jack as a business parter, and he's surprised when Kathy Hilton and Jamie Whitfield arrive at the office. Chloe learns that she's pregnant. She joins Cane and his buddy Ethan and realizes that Cane is drunk. Taking advantage of the situation, Chloe takes Cane to the car and starts undressing him. Adam asks Skye for more info on David. Amber panics about the possibility of Daniel realizing that she's been with Korbel. Nick takes advantage of Jack's absence to shoot the models in his own vision, and Jack is worried when he realizes that his vision wasn't incorporated. Nick warns Phyllis that she'll be sorry if she continues to mess in her son's life. Victor warns Nikki that she's playing with fire.moreless
  • Ep. #8931
    Ep. #8931
    Episode 73
    Cane is forced to take care of Chloe when they end up stranded. Nikki is worried when Brad informs her that Jill decided to take Lily as the model for Jabot and didn't inform her about it. David confided in Brad that he and Nikki are separating. Adam tells Victor that he won't stop seeing Heather, but that he won't take her to the ranch. Amber and Adrian wake up next to each other at Restless Style, and immediately both agree that nothing should have happened, and that they were only consoling each other. Nick confronts Jack about investigating Sabrina. Amber talks to Daniel over the phone and learns that the groupie thing was nothing, but Phyllis later warns Amber that she saw her with Korbel. Cane tells Nikki that Lily can deal with her busy schedule. Victoria admits to Victor that Nikki and David are having marital problems. Adrian continues interviewing Sabrina. Victoria learns that Sabrina didn't tell Adrian about her affair with Phillippe. Heather is distraught when she witnesses Adam and Skye kissing. Brad asks Skye to play poker with him again. Phyllis finds a lacy camisole in the office. Victor warns David that he will be watching him closely from now on. Adam explains to Heather that Skye means nothing to him, and that she was leaving. Korbel promises to Amber that he'll never tell anyone about their night together.moreless
  • Ep. #8930
    Ep. #8930
    Episode 72
    Amber confronts Phyllis about intentionally leaving the picture of Daniel with the groupie on her computer, but Phyllis refuses to admit that she did it. Victor angrily confronts Adam about bringing Heather to the ranch for a swim, feeling hurt because Heather tried to put him away for murder, and he forbids him to bring Heather back again. Adam refuses to take orders and leaves. Chloe tries to go to Jack and Sharon's party with Cane, but he won't take her along. Sharon is annoyed when Jack lets Gloria and her family stay at the party. Gloria tells Michael and Lauren about eloping with Jeffrey. Colleen and Korbel feel awkward around each other. Jana warns Amber not to hook up with Adrian. Michael questions Gloria about marrying Jeff again, and Gloria tells him they're actually happy together. Heather suggests to Adam that he should apologize to his father. Nick confronts Jack about trying to lead their magazine again, and Sharon backs Nick up. Adrian and Amber go to the Restless Style office, where they continue drinking and eventually end up having sex. Chloe feigns pain to keep Cane by her. Adam tries to talk to Victor, but Victor only threatens him. Jack learns more info about Sabrina's past.moreless
  • Ep. #8929
    Ep. #8929
    Episode 71
    Nick tells Victoria that they should kick David out of Nikki's life. Nikki desperately tries to stop David from leaving, but he refuses to stay. He then leaves the place, with Victor looking suspicious. Heather reluctantly agrees to go swimming with Adam. Victoria is furious at J.T. for not admitting before that he had been investigating David. Korbel is upset to see Colleen with a new date, and he tries to discredit him by saying that he wasn't too bright in class, but Colleen doesn't care about it. Amber is worried because Daniel hasn't been contacting her recently. Victoria softens and asks J.T. to continue investigating David. Victor questions Nick about Nikki, but Nick won't say anything. Phyllis receives a photo from Daniel partying with Kevin and various women, and then leaves it so Amber could see it. Victor is furious to see Heather at the Ranch with Adam, and he tells Adam that she isn't welcomed there. Nikki turns to Paul for comfort, and David sees them hugging.moreless
  • Ep. #8928
    Ep. #8928
    Episode 70
    Gloria informs Nikki about seeing David in the Las Vegas casino, but Nikki doesn't believe her. After getting tempted by alcohol, Nikki tries to reach David, but he doesn't answer her call. Sharon and Jack spend some intimate time together at the mansion. Neil tells Cane he wishes to know more about Tyra. Gloria and Jeff announce to a stunned Jack and Sharon that they eloped, and Sharon happily thinks this means Gloria will move out, but Jack surprises her by suggesting that they let Gloria stay at the mansion. Chloe destroys the photos of other models to make room for Lily, and then starts trying to convince Jill to let Lily take a huge modeling job for Jabot. Devon learns that Tyra lost her job. Ana performs at Indigo. Neil suggests Tyra and Ana should move in with him, and then tells Karen that this could complicate things between them. Victoria and Nick worry about Nikki, who doesn't want to give up on David yet. Jeff reveals to Gloria that he asked Jack to let her move in, and then shocks her by revealing that he has her diamonds from Cayman Islands. David agrees to work for Walter again to pay off his debt. Chloe happily informs Cane that he will be working along with her on the Fresh Faces of Jabot campaign, as Lily will be the only model. David admits to Nikki that he was in Las Vegas, and then yells at her to let him go.moreless
  • Ep. #8927
    Ep. #8927
    Episode 69
    Heather is disturbed by Jill's complaints, and Victoria reminds her that dating Adam might be the reason Jill has an eye on her. David is worried when he realizes Gloria and Jeff have seen him at the casino. Walter is surprised to learn David has feelings for his wife. Katherine suggests to Nikki that Sabrina should co-chair the Charity Ball this year. Victoria reminds Nikki that David could still be lying to her. Nikki asks Victoria to let Sabrina be her co-chair at the Ball. Gloria wants to warn Nikki about David gambling, while Jeff is worried because Gloria can't concentrate on their honeymoon. Sabrina accepts Kay's offer to co-chair the Ball. Paul gives Heather advice on how to handle Jill, and Heather decides she will re-open the Ji Min case and work on it privately. Nikki tries to convince Sabrina that she decided not to participate in the Ball for personal reasons, but Sabrina is convinced that she quit only because of her. Victoria informs Sabrina about working together on the Ball. Jill finds Heather going through Ji Min's files, and she's relieved to learn that Heather plans to find the murderer. Gloria arrives at Jabot to tell Nikki about David. Jill slaps Jeffrey when he informs her about getting married in Las Vegas. Walter reminds David of covering up a murder, as David flashes back to murdering Ji Min!moreless
  • Ep. #8926
    Ep. #8926
    Episode 68
    Nikki reminds David that their marriage will end if he ever lies to her again. She confides in Katherine about her problems and asks her not to say anything to Jill. David turns up in the same Las Vegas casino where Gloria and Jeffrey have arrived to get married. Little Richard performs and marries the Bardwells. Korbel tells Amber that Colleen left him. Victor explains his animosity towards Jack to Sabrina. Brad insults the Restless Style cover, so Jack lies that it's a success. David loses a lot of money gambling and Walter offers him a job to pay him off. Gloria is stunned to see David. Colleen gives Adrian the key of his apartment back. Sharon and Jack decide to let Colleen move into the Abbott mansion to replace Gloria. Korbel shares the details about Sabrina's time in France with Jack. Victor thanks Nikki for convincing Victoria to attend his wedding. Colleen informs Brad that she's moving to the Abbott mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #8925
    Ep. #8925
    Episode 67
    Paul informs Michael about his father's crimes. Jill pushes Gloria to do her job right, but Gloria can't contact Nikki by her orders. Jill informs Lily that Forrester wants her to go to L.A. to be in a photoshoot for them, and Chloe urges Lily to accept the amazing offer, but doesn't miss a chance to bother Cane. Gloria informs Jana that she's back with Jeffrey, who then calls Gloria and tells her that he's leaving town. Phyllis still can't deal with Amber being a spokesmodel. Adrian learns more about Sabrina's background. Victor and Sabrina return from their honeymoon. Kevin informs Amber about Daniel sending them cards for a concert. Paul informs Michael that Gloria was the one that bailed Michael's father out of prison, and Michael confronts Gloria about it. Jeffrey asks Gloria to marry him again and suggests leaving to Vegas. Chloe interrupts an intimate moment between Cane and Lily. Amber is put in a tough spot when she has to decide between her job and the concert. Phyllis makes a rude comment about Sharon, and Sharon overhears. Victor asks Nikki about David, but Paul interrupts before Nikki answers. David asks Walter to meet him in Hollywood.moreless
  • Ep. #8924
    Ep. #8924
    Episode 66
    Nikki refuses to talk to David, and she doesn't back him up when he doesn't do his work at Jabot. Nikki and Jill grill Gloria, but Gloria is happy that at least she has Jeffrey back. Jack hesitates renovating the mansion, but assures Sharon that he'll get over it. Neil questions Devon about Tyra. Sharon and Phyllis continue disagreeing with each other at Restless Style. Michael tells Lauren he's finally ready to search for his father, and that he hired Paul to investigate. Nikki tells David she doesn't trust him anymore. Jack visits Jabot and takes some time to fantasize about being the boss again. Neil questions Tyra and learns that she's okay, but he still suspects something might be going on. Phyllis isn't pleased when Nick doesn't side with her on a business decision. Paul informs Michael that his father, now known as River Baldwin, is wanted for murder.moreless
  • Ep. #8923
    Ep. #8923
    Episode 65
    Victor and Sabrina spend their honeymoon in Paris. Sabrina is pleasantly surprised when Victor tells her he bought a Chateau. Nikki is torn when David tries to explain why he left. He asks her for another chance, but she looks too hurt after all David's done. He asks for some time apart and Nikki agrees. David exits, leaving Nikki tempted to take a drink. Devon is surprised when his aunt Tyra shows up with her daughter Ana. Chloe isn't happy to see how close Lily and Cane are. Ana performs a song at Lily's birthday party. Katherine suggests flying Amber to see Daniel, but Amber refuses. Jill has Gloria picking up coffee at Crimson Lights, and Kay tells Gloria that she could have just asked for a delivery. Karen and Neil begin making love. Kay and Amber continue working on Kay's memoirs, much to Jill's chagrin. Jill sees Gloria and Jeff together at Indigo. Neil and Karen meet Tyra and Ana.moreless
  • Ep. #8922
    Ep. #8922
    Episode 64
    Nikki has to deal with David's absence while working. Zara tries to videotape a tour of Victor's house. Nikki confides in Victoria about David's departure. Chloe tries to invite herself to Lily's birthday party, but Cane doesn't want to talk to her. Jana and Kevin continue planning their wedding. Adam puts Karen on probation at Newman, replacing Victor's duties while he's out of town. Brad irritates Gloria, who's having hard time on her new job as the Jabot receptionist. Chloe steals Jill's sunglasses and gives them to Lily as a birthday gift. The family prepares a surprise for Lily, but they're all nervous when Chloe tags along with Lily. Adam ships Zara out of Genoa City and erases the tape she intended to sell. David surprises Nikki by showing up at the apartment, willing to fight for their marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #8921
    Ep. #8921
    Episode 63
    The minister pronounces Victor and Sabrina husband and wife. Victoria warns Zara not to take pictures at the reception. Victor asks Neil to keep a close eye on Adam and Heather while he's on the honeymoon. The others discuss about Heather and Adam's relationship. Victor tells Michael he'd like to change his will. Victoria learns that Zara plans to sell the wedding photos, so she makes a plan to steal the memory card, but she isn't able to remove it in time. Katherine surprised Victor by guessing that Sabrina is pregnant. Paul tells J.T. about his dilemma to tell Nikki about David's upcoming departure to Vegas. Nikki is shocked when David tells her he's leaving her and that she doesn't deserve to be treated the way he treated her. He explains how he continued gambling and then leaves, leaving Nikki heartbroken. Paul arrives with a warning about David, but Nikki slams the door in his face.moreless
  • Ep. #8920
    Ep. #8920
    Episode 62
    Paul isn't thrilled when Heather and Adam tell him that they'll attend the wedding together. Sabrina is frustrated with her mother's presence at the wedding preparations. Brad continues secretly pushing David to gamble, while Paul continues investigating David's addiction. Victoria desperately tries to decide if she wants to attend her father's wedding, as Phyllis, Nick and J.T. try to offer her advice. Brad and Ashley catch up with each other, and Brad suggests Ashley should move back to Genoa City. Jill and Brad learn about Heather's relationship with Adam. Victoria and J.T. show up at the wedding. Katherine offers support to Nikki. David shocks Nikki by asking her for a divorce. Sabrina angrily confronts her mother. The wedding begins.moreless
  • Ep. #8919
    Ep. #8919
    Episode 61
    Victor asks Nikki to convince Victoria to attend his wedding. Korbel is furious after Colleen breaks up with him. Lily catches up with Colleen. Gloria informs Kevin about getting her job at Jabot back. Karen explains to Neil that she's still confused and she refuses to attend the wedding with him, but she agrees to take things slow again. Ashley and Abby show up at the Abbott mansion, and Ashley is immediately shocked to learn that Jack allowed Gloria to stay at the pool house, but she later congratulates Jack on trying to make things right and atone for his past mistakes. Sharon is frustrated when Ashley tells her she isn't impressed with the new decorating in the house. Devon and Cane are worried when a half-drunk Chloe hangs around them. Cane rents Chloe an apartment and gives it to her under the condition to stay away from him. Lily puts Neil and Karen in a weird position when she implies they're back together. Victor prepares a romantic dinner for Sabrina at the gallery. Sabrina is surprised to learn that her mother Zara arrived in Genoa City for the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #8918
    Ep. #8918
    Episode 60
    Gloria has a nightmare of being street trash, and then realizes she needs to do something with her life. Adam and Sabrina bond over being outsiders. Colleen returns to Genoa City and admits to Brad that she didn't tell Korbel she's back. David gives Brad a check and tells him that he's done gambling, while Victoria witnesses their exchange. Jill doesn't like Victoria's new business idea. Korbel learns that Colleen is back in town and they being fighting. He is stunned when Colleen tells him she's moving on with her life without him. Nikki and Victor have another unpleasant exchange. Neil warns Victor about Adam revamping Beauty of Nature. Jill is frustrated when Katherine and Nikki re-hire Gloria at Jabot. Gloria is, meanwhile, surprised that she'll be working as a secretary. Nikki is thrilled when David gives her a horse. Neil is surprised when Karen returns to Genoa City.moreless
  • Ep. #8917
    Ep. #8917
    Episode 59
    Victoria pitches a good business idea to Heather. Adam wants to pull the Beauty of Nature ad from Restless Style due to the revamping and Nick tries to convince him to take a different approach, but Adam refuses to even think about it. Gloria and Jeffrey continue fighting and then make up, but the moment is gone when Gloria realizes that Jeff was at the Cayman Islands. Neil informs Lily and Devon that Karen thinks there isn't a future for them together. Victor asks Victoria and Nick to attend his wedding. Lauren and Jana help Sabrina pick out a wedding dress. Nick tells Victoria he decided to go to Victor's wedding, but she still refuses to go along. Adam asks Heather to be his date to the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #8916
    Ep. #8916
    Episode 58
    Gloria sells a $2,000 bracelet for $200 and a furious Lauren tells her to go ironing in the stockroom. Neil shows up at Karen's place in New York, trying to convince her to return to Genoa City with him. He asks her to marry him, but Karen realizes she can't do it. Sabrina asks Victor not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until she is further along and he agrees. Jill asks Katherine to stay away from her relationship with Jeffrey. Brad informs Victoria that Adam is revamping Beauty of Nature. Cane admits to Lily that Chloe kissed him when she was drunk, and an angry Lily asks Chloe to move out of her apartment. Jana accepts Sabrina's proposal to be her Maid of Honor. Jill confirms that she and Jeff don't love each other. The Jabot building is evacuated when smoke is suspected in Lauren's boutique. A furious Lauren fires Gloria in front of everyone after learning that she left the iron on in the stockroom. Chloe angrily confronts Cane for telling Lily about the kiss. Jeffrey shows up at the pool house and kisses Gloria.moreless
  • Ep. #8915
    Ep. #8915
    Episode 57
    It's Father's Day in Genoa City. Michael continues reading the second volume of his grandmother's diary. Neil gets a call from Karen. Devon and Lily urge Neil to pay Karen a visit. Victoria gives Victor a gift for Father's Day. Heather and Adam both realize that it's their first Father's Day with a father they didn't know about before. Nick, Phyllis, Summer, J.T., Victoria, Reed, Nikki and David celebrate the day together, while Victor refuses to attend because of Nikki. Paul sees David watching a horse race. Michael, Lauren and Fen spend Father's day with Gloria. Michael seeks answers about Lowell from Gloria, and later realizes he should look for him in Canada. Sabrina shocks Victor by informing him that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #8914
    Ep. #8914
    Episode 56
    Victor decides to reward Adam after the lawsuit and he gives him the permission to change Beauty of Nature into anything he'd like. An excited Adam shows Victor and Sabrina a portfolio of ideas he already got and they plan to run it together. Adam and Sabrina bond. Sabrina worries that Victor gave Adam a reward in a way to punish Victoria, and she worries Vikki and Nick might not come to their wedding. Lauren keeps getting frustrated when Gloria accuses an innocent woman of shoplifting. Jill and Jeff arrive at the boutique for a little shopping and Gloria intentionally spills coffee on Jill. She then lies to Jeff that she slept with Alistair. Jack, Nick, Sharon and Phyllis continue bickering while worrying about Katy Perry coming to Restless Style. After the photo shoot, Jack tells the gang that he wants to scrap the cover because the advertisers don't like seeing a pop star on the cover, but Nick immediately refuses to do it. Jana, Lauren and Kevin are worried that Gloria might be planning another scheme. Katherine urges Jill to let Jeff be with Gloria. Jill seduces Jeffrey at the office.moreless
  • Ep. #8913
    Ep. #8913
    Episode 55
    Jack plots to get rid of Alistair by giving a chance to star in a play in Alaska. John berates Jack for meddling in Gloria's life. Nikki assures David that she isn't troubled by his confession. Lauren's patience is tested when Gloria begins her first day working at the boutique and things aren't going wall. Sharon intentionally spies on Alistair and Gloria. Paul tells J.T. that he's going to keep investigating David, even though Nikki asked him not to. Nikki comes up with surprising results when she Googles a combination of David Chow and murder. Brad tricks David into making yet another bet. David and Sabrina find themselves in the middle of Nikki's and Victor's bickering again. Paul is surprised to learn that Adam is Heather's new love interest. After talking with his wife, J.T. asks Paul to stop investigating David.moreless
  • Ep. #8912
    Ep. #8912
    Episode 54
    Gloria interrupts a private moment between Jack and Sharon, and later shocks both of them by going skinny-dipping with Alistair in the pool. Michael starts reading the second volume of his grandmother's diary. Chloe worries about Lily's career as a model now that Lily decided to continue studying. Kay wants to read Jeff's love note to Jill, but Jeff interrupts. Devon realizes that Chloe is into Cane, but Chloe, in an effort to divert him from her true intentions, tells him that she actually wants to be with him. Amber and Korbel discuss about their loved ones. Jack tells Sharon they need to get rid of Alistair. Jeff punches Alistair when he tells him that Gloria is a tigress in bed. Kay wants Jill to face the fact that Jeff loves Gloria. Cane and Lily have a bubble bath together. Michael and Lauren arrive at the pool house to find Gloria wasted. Lauren tells Gloria that she can work at her boutique.moreless
  • Ep. #8911
    Ep. #8911
    Episode 53
    Jill tries to learn more about Gloria's previous poisoning incident. Michael is worried that Gloria's confession could ruin the lives of their entire family. He realizes that Jill could be faking having the knowledge of the crime. Adam tells Victor he'll quit if they lose the case. David explains to Nikki about how his wives died and about his third wife's jealousy, while Nikki doesn't know who to believe. Jeff tells Jill that he lied about Gloria committing a crime. Esther finds Jeff's note shred to pieces. Gloria tries to visit Jeff, but Jill refuses to let her in. Sharon and Nick spend some quality time with Noah before he leaves for camp. Esther gives Jeff's note to Kay. The judge rules in favor of Newman. Jill is mad at Nikki for not settling. Kay confronts Jeff about writing a love letter to Gloria. Nikki asks Paul to stop investigating David. Gloria invites Alistair to the pool house, and Jeff sees them together inside.moreless
  • Ep. #8910
    Ep. #8910
    Episode 52
    David is worried about Paul's presence at Jabot. Gloria tries to get info on Jeff from Esther, but Jill takes the phone and lies to Gloria that Jeff died. Jill suggests Jeff should sue Gloria, but he defends her. Gloria asks Sharon to check if Jeff is dead, and she reluctantly agrees. Brad assures David that he won't let Paul reveal his gambling problem. Noah tells Jack that he worries about Sharon and Fisher being around Gloria. The court case between Jabot and Newman begins, and Nikki and Victor can't settle. Paul questions Walter, who then informs David that Williams questioned him about David. Jill tricks Gloria into revealing that she already poisoned someone before, but she has no idea that Jill doesn't know the entire story. Victor tries to make Adam learn a lesson from his mistakes. David tells Nikki that Paul is investigating him and that she should be prepared for lies like he's a killer, a gambler or similar. Paul learns that Walter is a loan shark and that he has a criminal past. Gloria tells Michael that Jeff told Jill about the cream fiasco.moreless
  • Ep. #8909
    Ep. #8909
    Episode 52
    Kevin fires Gloria, who is worried about Jeff's health. Amber suggests Korbel should come by Restless Style. Kevin informs Michael about Jeff's allergy reaction. Victoria tells Nikki that she feels bad about rejecting Sabrina. Phyllis, Jack and Sharon try to convince Nick to let Sabrina be featured in the magazine. Victor asks Adam to be his best man at the wedding, and he rejects the possibility of Nick being there. Nikki comes to the ranch to get a memento for Miguel, who won't be returning to work anymore because he has to take care of his sick aunt. Jeff, worried about possibly dying, writers a love letter to Gloria. Amber informs Sharon and Jack about Gloria poisoning Jeff. Korbel comes looking for a job at the Restless Style office. Jeff is taken back to the mansion, where Kay tells Jill that Gloria would no have done anything to Jeff if she hadn't been fired from Jabot. Jeff tears up the letter he wrote and then tells Jill that this isn't the first time Gloria poisoned someone. Gloria asks Lauren for a job at the boutique. Victor tries to reconcile with Nick, but Nick doesn't have the same intention. Phyllis tries to hook up Amber and Korbel.moreless
  • Ep. #8908
    Ep. #8908
    Episode 51
    Victor wants to set the wedding date for the wedding with Sabrina and he questions her a about her family. He then wonders if he should make Adam a part of the ceremony. Cane wants Jill to change Lily's contract with Jabot so she could take other projects as well, and Jill warns him that his relationship with Lily might be threatened if Lily becomes a success. Devon worries that Lily won't be able to finish school due to her modeling career. Cane informs Lily about the contract changes, but she surprises her family by announcing that she intends to finish school first. Sharon and Jack tell Noah that Gloria moved back to the mansion. Jill and Jeff gloat at Crimson Lights, making fun of Gloria as the waitress. Gloria spikes their coffee for revenge, but accidentally ends up poisoning Jeffrey, who's allergic to sauce. Nick informs Jack about making a decision without consulting with him first. Sharon asks Sabrina if she wants to have an article in Restless Style. Sabrina asks Victoria to be her matron of honor, but Victoria immediately declines the offer. Nick tells Sharon that he won't allow Sabrina being featured in the magazine. Adam tells Sabrina he's sorry that Victoria rejected her. Victor asks Victoria to reconsider being Sabrina's matron of honor.moreless
  • Ep. #8907
    Ep. #8907
    Episode 50
    Gloria surprises Michael and Lauren by announcing that she's moving back to the Abbott mansion. Sharon decides to redecorate the house with the help from Martyn Lawrence Bullard, an interior designer. Nick meets Ivo Marks, who tries to make Nick agree on having Katy Perry's CD included in the next issue of Restless Style. Nick realizes he can't make the decision without his partners, but is pressured into accepting the deal. Sharon is frustrated when Jack tells her about letting Gloria live near the mansion, and she worries that his decision, which he made without consulting her, might tear them apart. Phyllis learns that Adam is sleeping with Heather. Chloe and Cane discuss about Lily's modeling career, but they are interrupted by Lily and Devon, who inform them that Lily's flight was canceled. Sharon tries to hide her frustration when Gloria arrives at the mansion. Cane and Amber catch up on the latest events in their lives. Jack is finally visited by John's ghost again. John tells Jack that he did the right thing by giving Gloria a place to stay.moreless
  • Ep. #8906
    Ep. #8906
    Episode 49
    Chloe feigns being sick, so Lily has to go to New York alone. Nikki is surprised when Kevin reveals that Jill fired Gloria from Jabot. Paul confronts David about his gambling problem and mentions his step-daughter Mina, but David claims he loved all of his ex-wives, and that Mina didn't like him because she had a drug problem. Gloria makes plans for her future, and Michael suggests she should take a job as a waitress at Crimson Lights. Jill asks Jeff not to pretend in front of her, but he assures her that the only thing he cares for is Gloria's money, and not Gloria. Jack questions Kay about the possibility of her giving a huge donation to the foundation, but she says she had nothing to do with it. Amber tells Kay that her business isn't going good. Jack and Jeff fight over Gloria, and Jack states that Jeff is obviously still in love with her. Jana convinces Kevin to give Gloria a job. Paul learns more about Mina's drug abuse problem and then confronts her about it, but assures her that he still believes David isn't a good man. Jack realizes that Gloria donated the money to charity. Nikki confronts Jill about firing Gloria behind her back, but Jill refuses to discuss it. Katherine sides with Nikki. David loses another horse race and then begs Walter for another chance. Chloe makes plans to have Cane visit her while pretending to be sick. Michael punches Jeffrey in the face. Jack learns about Gloria getting fired at Jabot, and then surprises her by offering her to stay in the pool house. Gloria happily accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #8905
    Ep. #8905
    Episode 48
    Gloria tells Lauren and Michael that Jeff will send her to jail if she decides to contest the divorce. Heather and Adam wake up happy next to each other. Devon wants Chloe out of his apartment. Chloe tells Lily that they have to leave tonight to go to New York. Gloria is furious at Jeff, who seems to enjoy every moment of the divorce settlement. Lily tells Cane that she is ready to make love to him again. Adam and Heather are surprised to learn that they are on the opposite sides of the Jabot vs. Newman court case. Nikki tries to settle the case, but Michael is against it. Paul meets with Mina, David's former stepdaughter, and learns that David ripped off her mother, but Mina doesn't have any evidence about it. Heather and Adam have sex again. Gloria bursts in tears in front of Lauren, but she then realizes she can't play the victim. Paul arrives at Jabot looking for Nikki.moreless
  • Ep. #8904
    Ep. #8904
    Episode 47
    David gives Brad $10,000 and Nikki witnesses the exchange. To divert her, David makes up a lie saying that they talked about settling the court case against Newman. A furious Nikki realizes that it must be the best thing to do. Paul tells J.T. that David's granddaughter believes the death of his second ex-wife wasn't an accident. Michael and Lauren tell Gloria that they are turning their third bedroom into a home office, as a worried Gloria realizes she won't have a place to sleep, but Michael doesn't seem to care. Brad tries to flirt with Heather, but she completely rejects him. Jill shocks Gloria by firing her for her lack of time spent in the office and sloppy work. J.T. wants to discuss the case with Adam, but Adam ends up insulting him. David isn't comfortable when Nikki and Paul take a stroll down memory lane. Gloria interrupts an intimate moment between Michael and Lauren. Jill informs Jeff about firing Gloria and as they prepare to leave for dinner, Gloria tries to make one last attempt to sweet talk Jeff, but he refuses to listen to her. Adam and Heather meet for the first time in the gym, and proceed to talk about their lives until Heather takes Adam to her apartment and they begin to kiss passionately.moreless
  • Ep. #8903
    Ep. #8903
    Episode 46
    David wants Nikki to let Heather take over the Jabot vs. Newman proceedings, but she wants to overlook the proceedings on her own. Victor and Adam meet up with Michael to discuss saving the company. Gloria informs Kevin that her diamonds are worth nothing. Jill wants Gloria to come to work immediately, but she refuses to come. David decides to payoff Brad. J.T. and Paul continue discussing about David. Jill, Brad and Heather tell Nikki and Victoria that they need to settle the court case immediately, but Nikki disagrees. Michael wants Victor to settle too, but Victor won't hear of it. Sabrina shows Jana how to work, while Victor agrees to buy yet another high-costing piece of art. Kevin is still having hard time working at Crimson Lights without Jana's help, so Alistair intervenes. Adam thanks Victor for giving him a chance to redeem himself. Jill tells Nikki that she's taking the court case too personal, and Nikki is offended. Paul decides to contact David's stepdaughter. Michael is furious at Gloria for not insuring her diamonds. Alistair realizes he made a big mistake by telling Jeff about Gloria's diamonds, but Jeff refuses to admit he has anything to do with it.moreless
  • Ep. #8902
    Ep. #8902
    Episode 45
    Nick tells Phyllis about finally remembering everything that happened to him before the plane crashed, and she comforts him, saying that he was a great father to Cassie and that he did all he could to protect her. He finally remembers more details about their marriage, as a happy Phyllis embraces him. Sharon tells Jack that she's glad Nick has Phyllis to help him go through the tough times. Cane notes that it's Phillip's death anniversary and he questions Jill about his life, but when Jill starts the conversation by saying that Katherine was a total drunk, Cane refuses to continue with the conversation. Amber puts on a brave face in front of Danny, but she admits to Jana that she's terrified because Daniel's leaving. Nick apologizes to Daniel. Daniel worries that his departure might be the end for his relationship with Amber. Katherine and Jill continue badmouthing each other, as a furious Cane finally cracks up. Kay has a dizzy spell. Jana leaves to work for Sabrina, and Kevin has hard time dealing with a huge number of guests, so he is forced to call Gloria to help him take care of the business. Gloria is shocked to learn that her diamonds are all cubic zirconia.moreless
  • Ep. #8901
    Ep. #8901
    Episode 44
    Elizabeth explains to Paul how David handled each of his ex-wives. Phyllis is informed that Nick was in a car accident. Sharon wants Noah to open up about his feelings. Danny asks Daniel to be the main photographer on the tour. Nikki, Victor, Phyllis and others arrive to see Nick at the hospital, and he explains that he's okay. Noah asks Jack to take him to the cemetery. Nick suddenly gets a flashback of the day Cassie had her accident, but he doesn't say anything. He asks Victor to take him home, and then calls to see Sharon. Paul realizes that Elizabeth might be crazy, and he's worried because he has no real evidence of David's misdoings. Sharon arrives at Nick's, and he immediately apologizes to her for shutting her out after Cassie's death. Gina assures Amber that Daniel will be fine. Daniel informs Phyllis that he decided to go on tour with Danny. Adam and Victor share a bittersweet talk about Cassie. Sharon and Nick cry at Cassie's gravesite.moreless
  • Ep. #8900
    Ep. #8900
    Episode 43
    Daniel thanks Kevin for putting Cassie's picture up in Crimson Lights, and then talks about how hard it is to deal with the accident even after all the time has passed. Gloria refuses to remain anonymous when giving money to the charity. Nick tells Phyllis that he didn't visit Cassie's grave because he doesn't remember the night of the accident, and then tells her he prefers to go to the gym. Victor and Nikki share a sad talk about Cassie that leads into a short talk about what happened to their marriage. Just as Victor takes Nikki's hand, David interrupts them. Paul finds David's ex-wife Elizabeth in Bermuda. Danny is surprised by Phyllis' over-protectiveness with Daniel, and she reminds him that she is no longer a groupie. Jack and Sharon are informed by Al Franklin that an anonymous donor gave away 2 million dollars to the Jack's Foundation and Cassie's Challenge, not realizing that it was Gloria. David talks to Walter again. Adam tries to excuse his business mistake, but Victor refuses to talk about it, and then decides to reduce his workload at Newman. Amber and Daniel share an intimate conversation. Gina and Danny meet up. Gloria receives her diamonds, as Alistair approaches. Nick is in a car accident while driving to the Club.moreless
  • Ep. #8899
    Ep. #8899
    Episode 42
    Paul informs J.T. about leaving to Bermuda to find David's ex wife Elizabeth. Neil informs Victoria about Adam's business mistake. Victor warns Adam never to buy a company again before consulting him. Danny shows up at the Restless Style office, asking Daniel if he wants to go on tour with him, and Phyllis isn't happy with the idea. Amber is concerned because she didn't get any good response from the magazine ads. Nick wonders why he can't remember the day Cassie died. Daniel informs Amber about the tour offer and she doesn't like the news. Victoria gives Adam some advice on how to handle the Jabot vs. Newman court case. Nikki and Victor continue insulting each other. Sharon cries at Cassie's gravesite.moreless
  • Ep. #8898
    Ep. #8898
    Episode 41
    Paul tries to track down David's third ex-wife. David desperately tries to add Nikki to his credit card and push up the limit. Lauren brings clothes for Sabrina to choose, but she doesn't like any of the dresses. Victor offers to buy her all the dresses, but Sabrina explains that she loves Victor for who he is, and not his money. Brad asks Heather out, but she refuses his invitation, while Nikki overhears their conversation. Paul questions Neil about David's past, including Elizabeth and Carmen Mesta, and Adam listens in on the conversation as Neil explains that he doesn't trust David. Victoria talks to Brad about dating policy at Jabot. Adam questions Neil about Paul's presence at Newman. Paul and J.T. manage to track down Elizabeth in Bermuda. Brad learns that David quit playing poker, and he desperately tries to think of his next move. Neil informs Victor that Adam made a huge business mistake.moreless
  • Ep. #8897
    Ep. #8897
    Episode 40
    Chloe asks Cane not to say anything about their last night kiss to Lily. Brad grills David about the wedding ring, and then asks him for the payment. Alistair informs Jill about the stash of diamonds Gloria owns. Nikki and David are irritated when they learn that Brad made an important business decision while they were away. Jeffrey arrives at Gloria's place to pick up his passport, but he's suddenly intrigued by a fax Gloria receives from the Cayman Islands. Gloria refuses to let him see it, so Jeff later enters the apartment, but doesn't find anything. On his way out, Jeff runs into Alistair, who is willing to give him info on Gloria. Chloe is satisfied when Nikki approves of Lily's proofs. Brad continues acting in front of David, claiming that he doesn't have to pay him right away. David tries to get a joint account with Nikki, but she wants to pay for the wedding in checks. Jeff decides to go to the Cayman Islands.moreless
  • Ep. #8896
    Ep. #8896
    Episode 39
    Nikki and Victor continue insulting each other in front of David and Sabrina, until they're finally able to come out of the elevator. J.T. informs Paul about David and Nikki's sudden wedding, and Paul reveals that he learned David was married three times, with two wives dead, all connected by one detail-money. Jill advises Jeff to pursue Gloria. Michael, Lauren and Kevin find Gloria and Alistair naked in bed together. Gloria accuses Michael of pushing her away from him, and even suggests returning to Detroit since everyone seems to not care about her, but Michael asks her to stay. Victor tells Nick he is proud of him. Kay asks Nikki if she got married so fast to spite Victor, but Nikki refuses to admit it. Paul contacts David's third ex-wife, who seems to hate David from the bottom of her soul. Victor tells Sabrina that he still feels the magazine will fail. Jeff packs his bags, determined to go far away from Gloria.moreless
  • Ep. #8895
    Ep. #8895
    Episode 38
    Victor tells Sabrina that he worries David might hurt Nikki. Sabrina tells Victor to go congratulate Nick on the launch of the Restless Style magazine, but Victor has his doubts. A worried Gloria shares her concerns about losing her entire fortune with Kevin, Jana and Michael, who are all shocked to hear that she gave away half of her fortune and that she might lose the rest in the divorce settlement. Katherine makes it clear to Jill that she doesn't like Jeffrey. Jeff admits to Jill that he can't live without Gloria, and Jill offers to help him win her back. David, Nikki, Victor and Sabrina end up stuck together in the Restless Style elevator, as the crew of the magazine celebrates the launch. Nikki and Victor start bickering, while both Sabrina and David feel uncomfortable. Gloria and Alistair meet up in the park and then decide to get back the Club, where they start drinking and kissing. Gloria calls Alistair John and later Jeff. Lauren is worried that Gloria might do something stupid.moreless
  • Ep. #8894
    Ep. #8894
    Episode 37
    As the Restless Style website crashes, Phyllis immediately accuses Sharon of opening up an e-mail containing a virus, and Nick jumps to Sharon's defense. Amber admits that she was the one who opened up the e-mail titled "Make $50,000 from home," and Daniel quickly warns her to stop trying to make money quickly. Katherine tells Jeffrey that he should be with Gloria. Devon and Lily are having hard time coping with Chloe living at their place. Gloria learns that Jeffrey wants half of her estate, containing $25 million. Jill confronts Kay about trying to divert Jeff from her and sabotaging her love life, but Kay tries to assure her that she's only doing what's right for her. Jeff learns that Gloria gave away half of her estate to charity, but he still decides to go through with taking away the rest of her money. Phyllis apologizes to Nick for saying that he always sides with Sharon. A drunk Chloe kisses Cane.moreless
  • Ep. #8893
    Ep. #8893
    Episode 36
    Nikki worries that all the signs are telling her she shouldn't get married to David yet, but when a resident hippy mentions a nice garden at their burned-down chapel, Nikki and David decide to go through with the wedding. Nick confronts Jack about acting as the boss of the company and even comparing him to Victor. Sabrina tells Phyllis that Daniel is a good photographer. Daniel brings the copy of the first issue of the magazine to the Restless Style office. Jack is concerned when he learns that the magazine might not make it to the stand on Friday, but later he receives good news. Suddenly, the magazine website is shut down. Katherine confronts Victor about causing Victoria's resignation, but he immediately blames the family crisis on Nikki's affair with David. Sabrina meets Kay and Jill for the first time. Kay can't help but inform Victor about Nikki's and David's sudden marriage rush. Jill tries to convince Katherine that Nikki isn't a good CEO.moreless
  • Ep. #8892
    Ep. #8892
    Episode 35
    David gives Nikki a wedding ring and suggests they elope in the night. He later learns that the purchase put him over his limit. Victoria informs Kay about Victor's engagement to Sabrina. Nikki confides in Kay about her plans with David. Victoria confronts Sabrina and Adam at the Ranch, suggesting that Sabrina seduced Victor to get further in her career and calling Adam a manipulating backstabber. Karen tells Neil that she realized he's still in love with Dru, and that she can't be Dru. She informs him about leaving to New York, and he confesses that he still loves Dru. She leaves in tears. Phyllis is irritated when Jack continues leading the magazine in his own way, with Jamie at his side. Kathy Hilton arrives with Samantha Cresswell, and they continue discussing business. Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Jana are having a double date at the penthouse, and a worried Jana thinks her karma changed because she took a job at the gallery. Daniel calls Amber his girlfriend. Lily shocks Devon and Cane by asking Chloe to move in with them after learning that Chloe's place was flooded. Jack continues doing everything to make Jamie satisfied. Sharon tells Lily that her cover was pulled from the magazine. David and Nikki aren't happy when an old lady prevents them from sitting together in the plane.moreless
  • Ep. #8891
    Ep. #8891
    Episode 34
    Sabrina accepts Victor's proposal. David is furious after learning he lost another bet. Victoria wants to work on the Glow By Jabot campaign, but both Brad convinces Nikki not to approve of the idea. The Restless Style magazine receives a new logo, but hostility continues to surround the building. Jamie advises the crew to dump Lily as the cover model for the first issue. Colleen packs her bags to leave to China. Korbel learns his book deal is officially dead. Colleen informs Kevin about the book, and then explains her departure from Genoa City. She goes to see Brad and says goodbye, and then later meets up with Lily. Victor asks Nick, Victoria and Adam to come over to the Ranch, where he officially announces the engagement. Brad asks David to pay the first installment, but David isn't able to pay it, and Brad pretends to forgive him for the moment. Jack informs the gang that they've got a line on Samantha Cresswell as the model for the cover. Adam lays another insult on Sabrina's expense. Victoria informs Nikki about Sabrina and Victor's engagement. Nick is frustrated when Phyllis, Jack and Sharon inform him about changing the cover. Brad arrives at Korbel's to pick up Colleen and take her to the airport, and Korbel makes sure that Colleen lives with guilt over what she did to him. Sabrina prepares dinner for Victor, but he has to leave for business. Worried over Sabrina and Victor's engagement, Nikki asks David to speed up the wedding date and get married as soon as possible.moreless
  • Ep. #8890
    Ep. #8890
    Episode 33
    Sabrina is surprised when Victor informs her that Adam is moving into the Ranch. Brad reminds David that he needs to pay the first installment of the debt. Michael helps Brad put a hold on Adrian's book. Korbel is frustrated to learn the news and he realizes that he might never be able to publish a book in his life. Colleen cries in front her father, fearing for her relationship. She then tells Adrian that she intends to leave to Shanghai. Amber and Daniel celebrate living together. Kevin is relieved when Michael informs him on the newest development surrounding Adrian's book, and Kevin is then forced to tell Jana about it. Adam moves into the Ranch. Sabrina and Victoria share a short talk. Victoria is stunned when Adam reveals that he's living at the Ranch now. Sabrina is shocked when Victor asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #8889
    Ep. #8889
    Episode 32
    The Restless Style building is filled with tension as the debut of the first issue nears. Jack brings Jamie Whitfield to help out with the preparations, while Sharon and Phyllis continue clashing over business decisions. Nikki confronts Victor about pushing away Victoria, but he won't listen to her, thinking that she got everything wrong as usual. David and Nikki then run into Adam, who tries to defend his actions, but Nikki blames him for Victoria's resignation. Brad gives Korbel the advanced copy of the book back. Colleen tells Kevin about her fight with Korbel. Kevin asks Michael to stop the book publishing. Brad talks to Michael about the same problem. Daniel asks Phyllis to give him an extra key to the penthouse so he'd surprise Amber, who had invited him to live with her. Sharon and Jamie fight over the decisions at the magazine. Brad surprises Michael by showing him another copy of Korbel's book and then he asks him to stop it from publishing because the book is filled with inaccuracies. Victor gives Sabrina an original Barbie doll from 1959. Adam calls Victor and accepts his proposal to move into the Ranch. Amber is pleased to find Daniel at the penthouse. Phyllis and Sharon both agree that they can't stand Jamie. Jack warns Nick that they need to make all the changes that Jamie insisted on, or there will be no second issue of the magazine.moreless
  • Ep. #8888
    Ep. #8888
    Episode 31
    Lily invests herself in work with Chloe, while Cane worries that she is hiding her grief in her work. Kevin tells Colleen that they need to contact Michael to handle Korbel's book release. Jana informs Colleen about her job offer as Sabrina's assistant, and Colleen tells Jana that she is leaving to Shanghai. Victor buys an art piece for Sabrina's office. Victoria starts working at Jabot, but Jill doesn't like her first business idea. Nikki is thrilled when David comes up with an interesting project, and even Jill thinks it's good, but Brad warns her that things might not be as good as they seem. Victoria reminds Brad about stealing the files from Newman. Nikki tells David that she'd like to set a wedding date in four months, but she isn't as happy when David suggests getting married at the Colonnade Room. Brad contacts the bookie to mess with David. Victoria isn't happy to learn about her mother setting a wedding date. Colleen tells Adrian that she gave a copy of the book to Brad and he angrily confronts her about it. Adam doesn't feel comfortable moving in Victoria's office at Newman, but Victor makes it seem like it's okay. Cane surprises Lily by bringing Madame Chauvin to talk to her. Lily pretends like nothing is wrong with her, but Madame encourages her to admit the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #8887
    Ep. #8887
    Episode 30
    Victoria and J.T. inform Nick about Victoria quitting her job at Newman. Sabrina convinces Victor that Victoria only left the company, and that she didn't leave him. Neil is surprised to learn about Victoria's resignation. Jill isn't happy to learn that Nikki already hired Victoria to work at Jabot. Nikki confronts Jill. Colleen tells Kevin that Korbel's book includes info on her family and Jana also. Jana tries to pursue Jeffrey not to quit his battle for Gloria. Colleen confronts Adrian about the book, asking him to stop the publishing, but Korbel angrily leaves. Jana accepts a job as Sabrina's assistant. Victor contemplates firing J.T., but J.T. manages to convince him to stay. Nick asks Victor to stop Victoria from leaving, but Victor refuses to do so. Victoria leaves her office at Newman. Skye leaves Genoa City. Adam warns Phyllis that Beauty of Nature might pull their ad from the magazine. Victor offers Victoria's office to Adam, and he accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #8886
    Ep. #8886
    Episode 29
    Skye wins the poker game, leaving David to ask Brad for a loan because he can't cover the check he wrote. Paul warns Nikki that all the things she loves about David don't matter if he's lying to her face. Gloria questions Esther about Jeffrey's presence in the Chancellor mansion. Jill and Jeff start flirting and soon Jeff decides to give Jill a foot massage, but they're interrupted by Gloria. Jill insists that Jeff is still in love with Gloria, but he refuses to admit it. Adam insults Sabrina yet again. Victoria confronts Victor about being undermined since the day Adam arrived at Newman, and she quits. She goes to see Nikki and asks her to work at Jabot, and Nikki happily agrees. Skye informs Adam about her success at the poker game, and they make love. David tells Nikki that he'll prove to her that he loves her. Skye reveals to Adam that David was gambling, and Adam wonders if he should informs Nikki.moreless
  • Ep. #8885
    Ep. #8885
    Episode 28
    Jeff admits to Gloria that he initially approached her because all of his brother's money went to her, and then he asks her to decide if their relationship is worth saving. Gloria, however, decides that she can live without Jeff. Phyllis and Nick are frustrated when their special night turns into a series of problems. Skye questions Adam about his romantic entanglements in Genoa City, and then realizes Adam is eying someone unavailable. Nikki confronts Jill to stop micromanaging Jabot, but Jill refuses to listen to her. Brad vows to help Jill keep Jabot in the same way John Abbott would have wanted. David books a massage appointment for Nikki to distract her from the upcoming poker game he intends to attend. Paul and Lauren bond while talking about Heather and their past together. Lauren gives advice to Gloria about how to handle the Jeff situation. Nikki confides in Paul that she doesn't trust David. Skye joins David and Brad at the poker game, and David starts to feel nervous. Trace Adkins performs for Phyllis and Nick's special night. Jeff tells his lawyer that he wants half of Gloria's fortune. Gloria tells her lawyer that she wants to donate half of her fortune to charity.moreless
  • Ep. #8884
    Ep. #8884
    Episode 27
    Phyllis and Nick celebrate their first anniversary. Nick leaves a trail of clues for Phyllis to follow, while Sharon watches them from afar. Victoria disagrees with Adam's business idea and when Victor takes Adam's side, Victoria confronts him about it, while Adam accuses Victoria of not being able to handle competition. Neil is worried that Lily isn't giving herself enough time to grieve after the baby. Lily insists to continue working on her modeling career. Neil warns Victor that he might lose his daughter. Kay informs Amber that Lily lost the baby. Alistair sees Jeffrey at the Chancellor mansion, and he immediately informs Gloria that Jeff is living there now. A jealous Gloria goes to check the news and she confronts Jeff. Sharon leaves the office and goes home, where she confides in Jack that it bothers her to see the anniversary show. The couple bonds over realizing that Nick and Phyllis' relationship came at their expense. Amber informs Daniel that Lily lost the baby. Alistair tries to talk to Jack, but he slams the door in his face.moreless
  • Ep. #8883
    Ep. #8883
    Episode 26
    David is frustrated by Nikki's lack of trust in him, but he decides to wait until she's ready to get married. Jack returns from his trip in Chicago. Gloria replays the passionate night she spent with Jeff in her mind, but later confronts Jeff about his absence during the morning. David wants to participate in another poker game at Brad's. Nikki questions David about the constant phone calls he was getting, and David suddenly loses his appetite. Jill and Brad discuss about Nikki and David. Skye and Adam catch up on the latest in their lives. Brad flirts with Skye and then invites her to a game of poker. Adam and Victoria continue disagreeing over business decisions, and Victor doesn't approve Adam's latest idea for the Beauty of Nature line. Skye and Adam make love. Nikki and Victor reminisce about the old times they shared, but they're interrupted by Sabrina's arrival. Paul asks J.T. to give him the file he has on David. Gloria informs Michael and Lauren about deciding to adopt the baby, and Michael forbids her to do anything that stupid. Jeff asks Jack to let Gloria live at the mansion, but Jack refuses to listen to Jeff. Gloria's lawyer explains that the overseas adoption will take years, so Gloria decides not to pursue her idea.moreless
  • Ep. #8882
    Ep. #8882
    Episode 25
    Amber urges Daniel not to act casual around her anymore, but he thinks that the freedom they have is the reason why they are so good together. She fears that Daniel only sees her as a sexual object. Phyllis and Sharon disagree over an article on vintage clothing. Cane informs Jill and Katherine about Lily not being pregnant, while Lily updates Karen on the same news, and then decides to focus on her work. Nick and Victoria explain to Nikki that Adam is the only person who learned how to work with Victor in harmony. David meets with a man named Oliver and explains to him that Jabot will go on with the original supplier. Adam leaves a christening gift for Reed at Victoria's doorstep, and Victoria is touched when she finds it. Victor tells Neil that he wants to promote Adam, and then asks Neil to be his mentor. Neil implies that Karen is being heartless. Nikki confronts David about his behavior, but he makes up another lie to cover himself. Victoria is surprised when Victor gives her the Beauty of Nature line back, but is then shocked when she learns that Adam will be taking over her position at mergers and acquisitions. Daniel and Amber make up. Phyllis isn't happy when Nick goes along with Sharon's decision. Adam is surprised when his ex-girlfriend Skye arrives at his doorstep. Neil holds Lily as she breaks down in tears.moreless
  • Ep. #8881
    Ep. #8881
    Episode 24
    Lily learns that things aren't great between Karen and Neil. Victoria continues complaining about Adam and Sabrina's presence in her life. Nick is put between two fires when Sharon and Phyllis continue to disagree on doing business. Adam insults Sabrina, who then comments on Adam's attraction to a married woman. Lily and Cane are shocked when the doctor informs them that Lily isn't pregnant. They then returns home and give Neil and Devon the bad news. Victoria is irritated when Victor insists on having Sabrina at Reed's christening. Phyllis, Nick, Nikki, David, Sharon, Noah, Victor and Paul also arrive. Sabrina tries to renew her friendship, but Victoria isn't ready to forgive. Nick blows off Sabrina, and Victor realizes he needs to confront Nick about his attitude. The christening continues, as Nick and Phyllis take the pledge of responsibility of looking out for Reed. Paul notices that David is constantly on the phone. Sharon sees Nick, Noah, Phyllis and Summer together and then leaves. Across the town, Adam sits alone watching the picture of his mother.moreless
  • Ep. #8880
    Ep. #8880
    Episode 23
    Karen informs Neil that she'll be moving out, realizing that they've moved in together too early in the relationship. Daniel and Amber have a first date at Indigo, but they soon end up back in the bed. Cane gives Lily a necklace. Victoria asks Phyllis to be Reed's godmother and Phyllis happily agrees. Jeff is skeptical when Gloria explains why she wants to adopt a baby. Phyllis tells Adam that she saw him with a brunette in New York, but Adam denies it. J.T. admits to Nick that he fears Victoria might be under a lot of stress. Jeffrey visits Gloria at the apartment and things finally start to heat up between them. J.T. promises to find out more about Adam's past, while Nick decides to become Adam's friend. Victor takes Sabrina horseback-riding. Adam sees Sabrina at the house and warns Victoria not to come in, but she does anyway and finds Sabrina half-dressed. Adam tells Vikki that he saw Sabrina kissing Victor weeks ago and accuses Sabrina of setting Victor up, but Victoria isn't in the mood to talk to Adam. Lily tells Cane that she'd like to name the baby "Drucilla" if it's a girl, and Cane adds "Jill" to it, and "Phillip" if it's a boy. They say "I love you" to each other. Karen moves out of Neil's place.moreless
  • Ep. #8879
    Ep. #8879
    Episode 22
    Sharon wants to re-shoot the photos for the magazine, but Phyllis disagrees with her decision and cancels the re-shoot. Victoria invites Sabrina to her house only to inform her that she doesn't want her as Reed's godmother anymore. Lily informs Neil that Cane proposed to her and that she rejected the offer. Katherina and Cane discuss about Lily's baby. Cane tells Lily that he'd like it if she could move into the Chancellor mansion. Jana tells Amber about Lily's pregnancy, but Amber doesn't seem to care about it until she informs Daniel about it. Kevin is frustrated when Jana decides to postpone the wedding because the karma won't be right, but he agrees to go along with Jana's plan. Jill angrily confronts Nikki about switching the suppliers for the essential oils. Brad badmouths David while talking to Jill. Victor comforts Sabrina, who is distraught over Victoria's rejection. He offers to take her horseback-riding, and Nikki is clearly bothered by Victor's suggestion, since it's the horse that he bought for her.moreless
  • Ep. #8878
    Ep. #8878
    Episode 21
    An uninterested Gloria is thrilled when Jana tells her how karma works, encouraging her to do more good in her life. Jill thinks that the only reason Jeffrey is dining with her is because he's trying to make Gloria jealous. Sharon notices that Jack is distracted, and he explains that he's hung up on his past. Michael drops the lawsuit again Jack, and Lauren informs Jana and Kevin about it. Jill learns that Nikki made a huge change at Jabot without talking to her first. Jeff learns that Gloria is leaving to a yoga retreat. Lily explains to Cane that she can't marry him, but everything is fine between them. Chloe surprises Lily by making plans of resurrecting her career after the pregnancy. Cane informs Jill about the failed proposal. Jeff tells Kevin and Jana that when he gets the settlement, he'll return the cream to Gloria and then leave city, but Jana urges him to stay in town. Gloria and Jack call it a truce. Michael is skeptical when Gloria explains how much she will change soon. Jack learns that Michael dropped the lawsuit. Jeff is shocked to overhear Gloria talking about adopting a child.moreless
  • Ep. #8877
    Ep. #8877
    Episode 20
    Jeffrey questions Alistair about his presence in Gloria's room. Gloria doesn't care when Jeff tells her he wants to file for divorce and she keeps being uninterested even when he hints on the secret he's keeping. Lauren tells Michael to drop the lawsuit against Jack. Jeff asks Michael to let Gloria stay at his place. Felicia tells Adam that he's definitely his father's son. Sabrina confides in Victor that Adam insinuated she might have slept with him in order to get further in her career. Victor gets the cold shoulder from Victoria. Nick tells Victoria that he doesn't care about his relationship with Sabrina. Alistair informs Jill about Jeff having something on Gloria that might place her behind bars. Jack tries to summon John again, with no results. Jeff asks Jack to let Gloria back into the mansion, but Jack refuses. Felicia continues flirting shamelessly with Nick. Adam is thrilled when Victor decides to give him an expanded role in the company after he returns from New York. Jeff informs Jill about separating from Gloria, and then asks her out to lunch.moreless
  • Ep. #8876
    Ep. #8876
    Episode 19
    Gloria uses Alistair to make Jeffrey jealous. Nikki is surprised when Nick informs her that Victor owns the Restless Style building mortgage. Felicia wants to extend Lily's contract with Forrester. Victor urges Sabrina to forget about Victoria's anger. Nikki confronts Victor about not thinking of his children's feelings. J.T. tries to help Victoria calm down. David's bookie calls him on the cellphone and Nikki answers it. J.T. confronts Sabrina about betraying her friend, but Sabrina reminds him that he slept with Victoria while she was married. Victor wants Adam to take a little time off, but he refuses to take it, and then impresses Victor with resolving another business problem. Felicia continues flirting with Phyllis at the Club, as Adam walks by. Later, Adam and Felicia admit to each other that they like Phyllis and Nick, and then make a pact to try and break the couple apart. Jeff and Gloria head back to Gloria's room, but Jeff is taken aback when he overhears Alistair still being in her room. Jeff walks away, and Gloria kicks Alistair out of the room.moreless
  • Ep. #8875
    Ep. #8875
    Episode 18
    Gloria asks to live with Lauren and Michael, promising that she's a changed woman, but they refuse to let her live with them, and Kevin also refuses to give his mother a place to stay. Jack realizes that he can no longer speak to his father's ghost, and Sharon urges him to concentrate on a new life with his family. Neil wants Lily to move back to his place, but she refuses to do so. Cane tells Jill that he really wants to have the baby with Lily. Jill informs Kay about Lily's pregnancy. Alistair scares a receptionist at Jabot, thinking that he's John. Lily informs Devon and Colleen about deciding to keep the baby. Cane tells Neil that he wants Lily to move into Katherine's house, but Neil doesn't agree with the idea. Gloria has dinner with Alistair to make Jeff jealous. Colleen is surprised to meet Alistair. Michael is surprised when Gloria asks him to drop the lawsuit against Jack. Cane proposes to Lily at Madame Chauvin's place and they kiss, but then she runs away.moreless
  • Ep. #8874
    Ep. #8874
    Episode 17
    Chloe urges Lily to go see a doctor, and Lily finally breaks down, confessing that she's pregnant. Chloe immediately tells Lily it's the end of her modeling career. Cane tries to comfort Lily, who then leaves to a ballet studio, where she encounters Dru's old ballet teacher Madame Chauvin, who gives her a few advices. Victoria and Nick are going crazy over their father's constant interference in their lives. Sabrina is worried about Victoria. Adam makes a rude remark on Sabrina's constant presence in Victor's office. Brad invites David to a social game. Victoria informs Nikki about Victor and Sabrina's affair. Nikki questions David about not being able to reach him for days. Neil and Karen get into an argument when Neil brings up the possibility of raising Lily's child. Karen makes it seem like she'd rather break up than raise someone else's child. Adam and Phyllis engage in an awkward conversation. Nick informs Phyllis about Victor and Sabrina, and Victor owning the mortgage. Nick heads to Newman, where he confronts his father. Cane tells Jill about Lily's pregnancy.moreless
  • Ep. #8873
    Ep. #8873
    Episode 16
    Neil informs Karen about Lily's pregnancy, and Karen makes a strange comment that causes a fight between them. Lily tells Cane about Neil's disappointment and about the offer to raise her child if she decides to have the baby. Cane tells Lily that he won't let anyone raise his baby. Chloe tells Jill she believes Lily is bulimic. Adam tries to get Victor to let him change the title of Beauty of Nature, but Victor refuses to discuss the idea again. Phyllis and Nick discuss about Felicia's flirting. Adam informs Victor about going to New York. Sabrina asks Nick about renting a part of the building for the art museum, and Nick later agrees with the idea. Phyllis decides to go to New York to find a model for Restless Style. Phyllis offers to go to New York with Adam. Victoria is heavily shocked when Sabrina admits that she's in love with Victor. She calls Sabrina a tramp and throws her out of the house. Nick meets with Victoria and they both realize that Victor gave Sabrina the job to keep her in town. He is stunned when Victoria tells him that Victor owns the mortgage on the Restless Style building.moreless
  • Ep. #8872
    Ep. #8872
    Episode 15
    Alistair updates on Jill on their scheme against Gloria. Jill questions Jeff about his marriage. Jeff is surprised to see that Gloria is moving out of the mansion. Gloria kisses Alistair to make Jeff jealous. Jana asks Kevin to let Gloria stay at their place, but he refuses the idea. Lauren and Jana agree that Gloria has changed, but both Kevin and Michael don't share the same opinion. Cane lies to Chloe in order to spend time with Lily. Cane confides in Jill about the problems with Lily. Jack, Sharon and Noah move back into the mansion. Gloria wants to stay at Michael and Lauren's. Jack shares the final moments with his father's ghost. Lily tells Neil about her pregnancy and then shocks him by saying that she might not keep the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #8871
    Ep. #8871
    Episode 14
    Gloria desperately tries to find someone to have lunch with and then comes up with an interesting idea. Adam tells Jack that he'd rather work with him on the Beauty of Nature line because both Phyllis and Nick are having hard time coping with his presence in town. Phyllis calls Adam's decision to work with Jack and Nick demeaning and ridiculous. In Los Angeles, Felicia continues trying to seduce Nick, while Chloe can't stop commenting on Lily's bad performance, and she even calls her bulimic. Felicia doesn't tell Nick that Phyllis called him. Jack is surprised to learn that Victor is creating a museum for Sabrina. Michael and Kevin refuse to talk to Gloria, but Jana manages to arrange a sudden meeting where Gloria asks her sons to come by the mansion later because she has an important announcement, and she even calls Jack. Sabrina is stunned when Victor tells her that he owns Nick's mortgage. Nikki still can't reach David. Devon questions Lily about her future decisions, and Lily then calls Neil. Jana, Kevin, Michael, Jack and Sharon watch in shock as Gloria tells them that she is returning the mansion to Jack and his family.moreless
  • Ep. #8870
    Ep. #8870
    Episode 13
    Nikki reminds Victoria that neither she nor Victor have any intention of getting back together. Sabrina accepts Victor's job proposal and they kiss. Adam learns about Sabrina getting a job as a museum curator in Genoa City. Heather and Brad have dinner together at the Club. Korbel gives Colleen his book and tells her that Brad probably won't be happy with the content of it. Jeffrey tries to avoid talking to Kyon. Sharon confronts Michael about the feud he has with Gloria and then compares Michael to his mother, which he doesn't take too well. Jana visits Gloria and tries to help her win her son's trust back. Gloria wonders if she should call Jeff. Nikki isn't pleased to learn that Sabrina got a job offer from Victor and a place to stay. Colleen isn't happy to learn that Adrian is leaving town for some time. Nikki can't reach David. Paul talks to Nikki about David's gambling problem and she wonders if she should let Paul investigate David. Sabrina hides her affair with Victor in front of Victoria.moreless
  • Ep. #8869
    Ep. #8869
    Episode 12
    Sharon is outraged when Jack informs her that Michael is suing him for $2 million dollars. Nick confronts Adam about flirting with Phyllis and Adam tries to defend himself, but Nick won't let go. Phyllis is surprised when Adam calls her, apologizes and informs her that he'll be working on the ads with Jack and Nick from now on. Alistair intentionally locks himself in the cellar with Gloria, but the two manage to release themselves. Gloria kicks Kyon out of the mansion and then confronts Jeffrey, accidentally blurting out that she would rather go to jail than spend any more time with him. Alistair questions Gloria about prison, but she claims it was only an expression. Victoria wants Victor to let her work on the Beauty of Nature, but Victor refuses to give her the old spot back. Jana and Kevin are appalled when Michael suggests they don't invite Gloria to their wedding. Nick and Phyllis discuss about Adam. Jack confronts Michael about the lawsuit. Jeff orders Kyon to leave town. Victoria informs Adam that he is now running the Beauty of Nature line alone. Sabrina accepts Victor's job offer.moreless
  • Ep. #8868
    Ep. #8868
    Episode 11
    Kyon locks Gloria in her wine cellar while Jeff is picking up lunch at the Club. Victoria still doesn't realize that Sabrina and Victor are much closer than she thinks. Lily confides in Colleen about being pregnant and how she isn't ready to be a mother yet. Karen moves in to Neil's apartment. Adam and Victoria confront each other and they finally agree to try and work together. Victoria is shocked when Victor tells her that he'll move her to a different position at the firm and she promises her father that he'll regret it. Sabrina is surprised when Victoria asks her to be Reed's godmother. Nikki learns that Felicia wants to use Lily as a model for Forrester, and Lily receives the good news. Kyon tries to seduce Jeffrey and Alistair sees them together. Neil and Karen are pained by memories of Dru. Devon learns about Lily's pregnancy and embraces her. Victor offers to start a gallery in Genoa City for Sabrina to work in.moreless
  • Ep. #8867
    Ep. #8867
    Episode 10
    Adam and Victoria continue arguing over the Beauty of Nature line. Victoria tells Sabrina that she doesn't want her parents to move on with their lives, unaware of the growing attraction between her father and Sabrina. Felicia wants the Restless Style crew to get Lily to appear as a model for the Forrester ad. Cane comforts Lily, who isn't able to cope with the fact that she is pregnant. Sharon and Nick meet Felicia at the Club, where Felicia starts flirting with Nick, and Sharon is shocked to realize it. Adam visits Phyllis at the house claiming that he didn't know Nick wasn't home. Daniel accuses Amber of flirting with Adam and their fight turns into another passionate embrace. Phyllis accuses Adam of intentionally visiting her at home and she asks him to leave the house just in time when Nick returns. Sabrina and Victor flirt at the ranch and then decide to continue their adventure upstairs.moreless
  • Ep. #8866
    Ep. #8866
    Episode 9
    David anxiously asks Nikki to set a wedding date, but she still thinks they need time and urges him to keep seeing a therapist. David talks to a bookie and rejects him at first, but then later seems to be changing his mind about gambling, as Brad looks on. Kyon is furious to learn that Gloria is Jeffrey's wife, while Gloria accuses Jeff of trying to get rid of her and flying off with Kyon. Jeff enjoys Gloria's jealousy. Lily refuses to believe that she might be pregnant, and Cane urges her to buy a pregnancy test. Devon accidentally sees the test, but doesn't say anything to Lily. Victor returns from his trip in Los Angeles, and Victoria immediately questions him about hiring Sabrina. Nikki confides in Victoria that she doesn't intend to marry David anytime soon, and Victoria tells the news to Victor, who isn't least bit interested. Jeff and Gloria decide to have a first date.moreless
  • Ep. #8865
    Ep. #8865
    Episode 8
    Victoria calls Victor in the middle of his museum tour with Sabrina in Los Angeles, asking for help on yet another disagreement with Adam, and Victor urges her try to get along, but Victoria refuses to discuss the matter until Victor returns. Jill asks Alistair to keep her and Kay's involvement a secret from Gloria. Gloria gladly invites Alistair into the mansion, and he apologizes for the prank he had to pull on her. Chloe insists on Lily taking another photoshoot, but Cane refuses to let Lily work too hard. J.T. decides to listen to Victoria's plea to do a background check on Adam. Michael is irritated when Kevin explains how hard it is for him to stay away from their mother. Alistair leaves the mansion when Jeffrey returns, and Gloria and Jeff passionately kiss and proceed to lay on the sofa, but they are suddenly interrupted by a Korean woman entering the mansion. Brad asks Heather out for dinner, but she rejects the invitation. Nikki warns Chloe to let Lily breathe. David finishes his first session with the addiction counselor, but then later asks Brad for another poker night. Cane is stunned when Amber tells him Lily might be pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #8864
    Ep. #8864
    Episode 7
    Jill and Katherine urge Alistair to find out why did Gloria marry Jeffrey, but they are both worried about Alistair's drinking problem. Gloria blames Jeff for her sons abandoning her, but he tells her to take a look in the mirror, and then he professes his love for her. Victoria tells Nick and Phyllis that she can't put up with Adam anymore. Victor leaves to Los Angeles. Adam gives Phyllis a gift, but she brushes him off urging him to stop hitting on her. He tells her that he only considers her a friend. Phyllis confronts Daniel about Amber. Sharon comforts Jack who's having hard time dealing with abandoning the mansion. Gloria tries to talk to Kevin and Michael, but they both refuse to have any communication until she changes for the better. Adam and Victoria have yet another series of confrontations in the office. Victoria wonders why Victor didn't inform her about his trip. Victor arrives in L.A. and joins Sabrina. Jana asks Amber to be her maid of honor and she happily accepts. Kevin tells Michael that he doesn't want to have the wedding reception at the mansion because it will be all about Gloria. He then asks Michael to be his best man, and he accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #8863
    Ep. #8863
    Episode 6
    Michael wants Gloria out of his life, but Lauren lets her spend the night, and then Michael tells her that she has less than 24 hours left in his home. Gloria tells Lauren about the kiss she shared with Jeff, but Lauren advises her to get it out of her head. Jeff tells Kevin that he'll wait as long as he has to be with Gloria. Michael warns Kevin to stay away from Gloria and save himself, but Kevin doesn't share the same opinion. John visits Jack and urges him to find a new place to live. Adam and Victor share a meaningful talk on Hope's birthday. Victor recalls the days he spent with Hope and he tells Adam the entire story about their life together. Sharon is surprised when Jack gives in to Gloria's demands. He goes to the mansions and throws the key of the mansion on the floor near Gloria. She thinks there's a catch, but Jack tells her that he's finally had enough.moreless
  • Ep. #8862
    Ep. #8862
    Episode 5
    David asks Brad not to tell Nikki about the poker game, and Brad plays innocent when David admits that he has a gambling problem. Brad calls his bookie and learns more about David's gambling problem, and then asks the guy to call David and ask him to get back into the game. Neil and Victor discuss about their children. Katherine and Jill fill Alistair in on more info about Gloria, and then they discuss about helping Alistair. Katherine is against it, and she accuses Jill of being drawn to Alistair for wrong reasons. Nikki and Adam talk about Hope and Victor's life. Jeffrey and Gloria's fight leads into a passionate kiss, but Gloria quickly runs away. Nikki is suspicious of David. Gloria is shocked when Michael tells her that she is no longer welcome in his home.moreless
  • Ep. #8861
    Ep. #8861
    Episode 4
    Sharon, Jack and Jeff unsuccessfully hunt after Alistair. Brad plays innocent while David wins all the money during a poker game with Korbel, Cane and Brad. He later meets up with Nikki, but doesn't say anything about the poker game. Brad then tries to trick David into accepting a poker tournament invitation. Sabrina calls Victoria from New York to brag about the perfect weather, and then calls Victor to inform him about the excitement over the contemporary art collection. Adam and Victor dine together. Michael finally confronts Jack, Sharon and Jeff in front of Gloria and Kevin at the Abbott mansion and the truth about hiring Alistair comes out. Katherine is shocked to see how similar Alistair and John are, and she invites him to the mansion. Jill is even more shocked to see Alistair. The women laugh as Alistair explains how he fell in love with Gloria. Sharon desperately tries to talk to Lauren.moreless
  • Ep. #8860
    Ep. #8860
    Episode 3
    Jeffrey finds Lauren lying at the bottom of the staircase, claiming that she had seen someone who resembles John Abbott. Gloria fills in Kevin and Jana on seeing Sharon and Jeff together. Neil tells Adam that neither him nor Victor believe that he had anything to do with the security breach. Nikki is surprised when Brad delivers good documents from Newman, and David warns her that hiring Brad might not have been the best choice. Lily and Colleen move in together. Devon wants to tell Neil about Lily's collapse at the party, but she urges him to forget about it. They are further surprised when Lily learns she flunked her last test. Victoria apologizes to Adam, but later when Adam tries to suggest an idea for the Beauty of Nature line, Victoria dismisses it immediately. Michael learns about Lauren's fall and he realizes that Jack and Sharon are trying to scare Gloria out of the mansion. He presents Jack with the papers for the house, and Jack wants to have his lawyer look it over. Michael is surprised to see Alistair. Chloe urges Lily not to eat a muffin Cane bought her. David is put in an uncomfortable position when Brad organizes a poker night with the guys.moreless
  • Ep. #8859
    Ep. #8859
    Episode 2
    Danny sings a song to Daniel that he wrote based on their real life situation. Amber and Daniel kiss. Alistair fights with Jack and Sharon, claiming that his role is beneath him and that Gloria could easily fall in love with him. Adam is insulted when Victoria suspects he might have caused the breach in the Newman security, and he defends himself, but Victoria is keen on proving that Adam is guilty. Nick and Victor finally share a civilized conversation in which Victor tells Nick he's proud of him, but he still believes his project will fail. Nick looks forward to proving Victor wrong. Sabrina's flight has been delayed. Gloria tells Kevin that she still believes she's being haunted. Lauren realizes that Jeff and Jack are working together. She informs Michael about the newest development and then returns to the mansion where she runs into Alistair and, thinking that it's John, Lauren falls down the stairs and lands unconscious. Phyllis isn't thrilled when Adam visits her to congratulate her on a good party. Sabrina and Victor kiss. J.T. tells Victoria that he thinks Adam is innocent, and Victoria immediately realizes that Brad might have organized the breach.moreless
  • Ep. #8858
    Ep. #8858
    Episode 1
    Nick isn't thrilled to see his father attending the Restless Style launch party. Gloria is convinced that John's ghost visited her. Katherine confides in Amber about the recent events in her life. Paul meets Felicia. Nikki can't keep her eyes off Victor and Sabrina. Lily is showing sings of exhaustion. Nikki confronts Victor about ruining Nick's night, but Victor isn't interested in Nikki's comments. Danny performs at the party. Jill returns home to find Amber and Kay fraternizing, and once Amber is gone, Katherine finally comes clean. She tells Jill about having a mini stroke and she admits wanting to return back to Jabot. Michael informs Gloria that he had seen Jeffrey talking to Jack. Lily collapses but Devon catches her, but he doesn't say anything to Neil. J.T. learns that there has been a security breach at Newman. Gloria follows Sharon to the hotel room, where Sharon meets Jeffrey. J.T. informs Adam that the breach was an inside job.moreless