The Young and the Restless - Season 37

Weekdays 12:30 PM on CBS Premiered Mar 26, 1973 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #9362
    Ep. #9362
    Episode 253
    Michael confronts Lauren about the incriminating photos, and they both realize that someone is setting up Lauren, with Daisy as the primary suspect. Ryder nearly lets Jana go. Victor confronts Jill about the article in Restless Style. Kevin goes on a date with a girl Gloria set him up with.
  • Ep. #9361
    Ep. #9361
    Episode 252
    Jana continues to have faith that Kevin won't give up on her. Michael gets a shock of his life. Tucker and Ashley spend some time together, and Neil seems to be jealous. Jana escapes.
  • Ep. #9360
    Ep. #9360
    Episode 251
    Victor promises Victoria that J.T. will not be allowed to take Reed away from her. Adam gives some info regarding his kidnapping. Emily attempts to prove that she isn't Patty, but nobody believes her.
  • Ep. #9359
    Ep. #9359
    Episode 250
    Paul schedules a hearing to keep "Emily" from treating "Patty." Cane shows up at Billy's trailer asking for his help. Phyllis ends up in a cast. Ashley makes an important decision.
  • Ep. #9358
    Ep. #9358
    Episode 249
    Adam attempts to make a connection with Heather, but she's determined to take him down once and for all. Ashley makes a decision regarding Faith. Cane escapes. Phyllis ends up in a car accident. Kay and Jill bond. Patty is having difficulty being a psychiatrist.
  • Ep. #9357
    Ep. #9357
    Episode 248
    Ashley decides to flee the country, but a last minute talk with Tucker changes her mind. Kevin finds the photos of Lauren and Paul kissing. Daniel makes one final plea to Lily to reveal to Cane the truth before it is too late.
  • Ep. #9356
    Ep. #9356
    Episode 247
    As Ashley recounts the night of her labor for Jack and Billy, they start to realize that there are holes in the story. Victor locates Adam. JT decides to fight for the custody of his son. Cassie makes another ghostly visit, this time to reveal that Faith is Sharon's daughter.
  • Ep. #9355
    Ep. #9355
    Episode 246
    Ashley and Sharon's worlds are turned upside down when Phyllis reveals the content of the letter Dr. Taylor left before he died. Adam refuses to admit what he did.
  • Ep. #9354
    Ep. #9354
    Episode 245
    Adam wakes up at the cabin to find Sharon, Nick, Victor, Billy, Victoria, Ashley and Jack eager to find out more about Adam's crimes, but he refuses to give anything away. Phyllis receives a key piece of information from Dr. Taylor that he left before he died. Kay tries to explain to Tucker that she had nothing to do with the article in Restless Style, but Tucker doesn't seem to trust her.moreless
  • Ep. #9353
    Ep. #9353
    Episode 244
    Tucker is shocked when he receives the newest release of Restless Style. Daisy decides to use the photo of Lauren and Paul together. Chloe and Amber are determined to help out Cane. Paul and Lauren agree to keep whatever happened between them a secret.
  • Ep. #9352
    Ep. #9352
    Episode 243
    Victor prepares to set his plan against Adam in motion, as various people including Heather and Rafe agree to help take down Adam. Adam is lured to the Abbott cabin. Sharon tells Nick that there's a chance their baby might still be alive.
  • Ep. #9351
    Ep. #9351
    Episode 242
    J.T. and Victoria agree to keep their divorce amicable but the proceedings get off to a rocky start. Ashley and Sharon try to find out more about what Adam did. Jack and Victor decide to team up. Jana is forced to phone Kevin with bad news.
  • Ep. #9350
    Ep. #9350
    Episode 241
    Michael is caught off guard by Lauren's overtly sexually behavior towards him. Lauren makes things worse for herself when she gets amorous with Paul, while Daisy takes a snapshot of them kissing. Ashley, Sharon and Jack try to find out the motive of Adam's actions.
  • Ep. #9349
    Ep. #9349
    Episode 240
    Ashley receives the forensics test results from the purple cloth. Victor learns about what was written in Skye's diary. Sharon walks out on Adam. Jill is disturbed by the fact that Kay and Tucker are getting closer.
  • Ep. #9348
    Ep. #9348
    Episode 239
    Sharon and Ashley both have terrifying dreams concerning their involvement with Adam and the latest events in their lives, including the baby switch, Skye, mental illness and more. Upon waking up, Sharon finds out Adam has returned home, and Ashley receives news that there was blood on the purple cloth she had tested.moreless
  • Ep. #9347
    Ep. #9347
    Episode 238
    Billy has to extract info from Cane. Daisy blackmails Jana. Kevin receives a letter from Jana, but doesn't believe a word it says. Kay and Tucker seem to come to a mutual understanding.
  • Ep. #9346
    Ep. #9346
    Episode 237
    Diane and Phyllis spar over their past. Patty has a hard time dealing with the fact that she's surrounded by the women Jack used to be with. Daisy leads Kevin on a wild goose chase for Jana. Sharon finally has to face the truth regarding Adam.
  • Ep. #9345
    Ep. #9345
    Episode 236
    Patty tries to kill Emily, but doesn't succeed. Nick and Phyllis find more evidence on Adam's crime. At the courthouse, everyone prepares for the hearing, all wondering where Adam is and what he is going to say in court. Diane catches up with Jack.
  • Ep. #9344
    Ep. #9344
    Episode 235
    On Delia's first birthday, everyone coos over Delia, and Billy spoils her with gifts. Kay and Tucker have a mother-and-son moment. Victor visits "Patty" in the hospital. Emily's plan for Jack finally goes through when Kyle appears on the doorstep.
  • Ep. #9343
    Ep. #9343
    Episode 234
    Phyllis and Nick fill Victor in on their latest Adam discovery. Victoria and J.T. continue arguing. Kay decides to spare her son. Ryder and Daisy argue over how to handle the situation with Jana.
  • Ep. #9342
    Ep. #9342
    Episode 233
    Mac finally feels the babies kick for the first time. Kay finally has the upper hand with Tucker. Cane has a mysterious encounter. Sharon makes a decision.
  • Ep. #9341
    Ep. #9341
    Episode 232
    Jack offers to have Adam come to work with him. Ryder arrives to offer Kevin his help with finding Jana. Adam denies his crimes. Jack confronts Victor.
  • Ep. #9340
    Ep. #9340
    Episode 231
    Ashley needs to rush off to help Abby, Sharon offers to stay with Faith. Victor finds Victoria and Billy getting closer. Kevin goes on a search after Jana. Phyllis finds out more info on Adam.
  • Ep. #9339
    Ep. #9339
    Episode 230
    Daisy informs Ryder that their mother has a plan on how to handle Jana and the rest of the Fishers. Patty tempts Jack with a new plan.
  • Ep. #9338
    Ep. #9338
    Episode 229
    Ashley confronts Adam about all of her suspicious regarding previous summer, and she asks him to leave the ranch. Sharon begins showing sings of suspicious regarding Adam after Phyllis talks about Dr. Taylor. Billy hires Jill to work at Restless Style. Cane acts self righteous in front of Malcolm.
  • Ep. #9337
    Ep. #9337
    Episode 228
    Michael is worried about Lauren's weird behavior. Daisy stages a clumsy fall in order to stay at the Baldwin apartment. Jack and Patty end up at the same resort as Adam and Sharon. Ashley continues remembering things about Adam.
  • Ep. #9336
    Ep. #9336
    Episode 227
    Emily and Jack get married, and Patty avoids all suspicions. Emily, lying in her hospital bed, realizes what Patty has done, but she isn't able to say anything. Lauren and Michael try to spend some romantic time together.
  • Ep. #9335
    Ep. #9335
    Episode 226
    The Abbott family prepares for the wedding, and nobody suspects Patty has taken Emily's place. Adam is worried that Phyllis might find out something about him that should be kept a secret. Cane surprises Lily.
  • Ep. #9334
    Ep. #9334
    Episode 225
    Patty successfully manages to switch her life with Emily's, as she learns to adapt to Emily's life. Ashley surprises Victor when she informs him that she will vacate the ranch. J.T. and Victoria discuss the terms of their separation.
  • Ep. #9333
    Ep. #9333
    Episode 224
    Patty corners Emily and knocks her out, then forces her to drink pills in order to get her life back. Paul shares his concern about Patty's mental health with Heather. Adam and Sharon enjoy their honeymoon. Billy agrees to be Jack's best man at the wedding. Victoria and J.T. come to an agreement that their marriage is over.moreless
  • Ep. #9332
    Ep. #9332
    Episode 223
    Billy and Victoria end up stranded together on an airport and they spend some friendly time together. Mac and J.T. bond. Amber wants to take care of Little D, while Daniel isn't ready to take on that responsibility. Daisy is smitten by Daniel. Victor promises to return Jabot to Kay in time. Jack isn't happy when Victor appoints Gloria as Jabot's new ambassadress. Tucker feels uneasy after a conversation with Kay.moreless
  • Ep. #9331
    Ep. #9331
    Episode 222
    Jill has a really bad day as both Kay and Tucker fight with her. Victor and Nick celebrate their win. Ashley and Jack are shocked to find out that Victor has bought Jabot. Noah leaves to Paris.
  • Ep. #9330
    Ep. #9330
    Episode 221
    At the hospital, Patty really begins to lose control as she destroys her room. Tucker dumps Jill. Jack wants Billy to help him out. Victor, Nick and Adam work on their plan.
  • Ep. #9329
    Ep. #9329
    Episode 220
    Jill comes crashing into Kay's room and wakes her up. The two share a tender moment. Patty finally cracks in front of Paul. Ashley and Tucker face off.
  • Ep. #9328
    Ep. #9328
    Episode 219
    Gloria approaches Jack about partnering with her to buy Jabot. Ashley wants Adam to move out of the ranch. Neil and Phyllis team up to find out more info on Adam.
  • Ep. #9327
    Ep. #9327
    Episode 218
    Jana reveals to Kevin that she saw Ryder digging through garbage and Kevin immediately goes to find his brother. Nick questions Sharon. Ashley confronts Adam about what happened on the night she thought she hit Nikki.
  • Ep. #9326
    Ep. #9326
    Episode 217
    Chloe starts to tease Billy when he gets a text from Heather about a booty call. Ashley has an upsetting flashback to last summer. Victor and Adam face off. Lily receives a letter Harry left her.
  • Ep. #9325
    Ep. #9325
    Episode 216
    Mac feels envious when she witnesses Cane and Lily bonding. J.T. and Mac bond as they play with Reed. Adam is hurt when the interview with Victor hits the newsstands.
  • Ep. #9324
    Ep. #9324
    Episode 215
    Kay informs Jack that Tucker plans to sell Jabot and they need to make Tucker an offer, quickly. Victor overhears a conversation.
  • Ep. #9323
    Ep. #9323
    Episode 214
    Jana asks a homeless man to leave the coffeehouse and is stopped short when she realizes that it is Ryder. Tucker shocks a few people at a business meeting. Lauren and Michael argue.
  • Ep. #9322
    Ep. #9322
    Episode 213
    Lauren offers to let Daisy stay in Eden's room while in Eden is in Paris, and is shocked when she finds the stuff Daisy planted in Eden's room. Adam is hired by Tucker.
  • Ep. #9321
    Ep. #9321
    Episode 212
    Jill becomes determined to make Kay understand what happened between her and Tucker. Phyllis and Adam quit from Newman. Jack wants his money.
  • Ep. #9320
    Ep. #9320
    Episode 211
    Jack vows to help Ashley stay at the ranch when he learns that Victor never signed the papers that would have left the ranch to Ashley and her daughters. Noah and Eden make up just as she leaves for Paris. Daisy tries to replace Eden, just as Eden arrives in Paris and realizes that someone tricked her into coming there. Kay receives the DNA results confirming that Tucker is her son. Malcolm tells his family that he is engaged. Victor and Jack decide to put their differences aside and work together on getting rid of Tucker. Brock dispenses advice to his daughter. Kay catches Tucker and Jill in bed together.moreless
  • Ep. #9319
    Ep. #9319
    Episode 210
    Paul is extremely upset when Patty's behavior goes from bad to worse. Victor and Jack draw a line in the sand when Victor learns that Jack and Emily are engaged. Phyllis tries to convince Nick that they should move from the tackhouse. J.T. refuses to bow down to Victor.
  • Ep. #9318
    Ep. #9318
    Episode 209
    Kay and Tucker face off, and Kay demands Tucker take a DNA test to determine if he really is her son. Chance receives a warning from a mysterious person over the phone. Daniel and Amber argue regarding Little D. Eden decides to leave for Paris after Noah shows no big interest in keeping her in town.moreless
  • Ep. #9317
    Ep. #9317
    Episode 208
    Heather and Billy end up between sheets together. J.T. makes a decision regarding his work relationship with Tucker. Victor tells Ashley he wants his ranch back. Mac calls Brock and explains that Kay needs him.
  • Ep. #9316
    Ep. #9316
    Episode 207
    The Abbotts decide to pull together to help save Jabot. Jill learns that Tucker took over Kay's company and that he claims to be Kay's son. Victor has to deal with Nick and Adam. Neil and Ashley kiss.
  • Ep. #9315
    Ep. #9315
    Episode 206
    Jill learns that Jo-Jo is not Kay's daughter and Jo-Jo admits that she knew it all along. Tucker shocks Katherine and her friends. Sharon and Ashley learn that they have more in common than they think. Victor returns just in time to see Adam and Nick in a fight.
  • Ep. #9314
    Ep. #9314
    Episode 205
    Esther catches Jo-Jo trying to sell off all of Katherine's priceless antiques to complete strangers. Phyllis realizes that Adam is still knee deep in dirty business. Billy decides to do an expose on Adam.
  • Ep. #9313
    Ep. #9313
    Episode 204
    Jack is alerted when Emily makes it clear that they need to discuss Jack's involvement in Sharon's life. Adam argues with Dr. Taylor and Phyllis witnesses their conversation. Malcolm reaches out to his brother.
  • Ep. #9312
    Ep. #9312
    Episode 203
    Ashley gets a call that Dr. Taylor is back in town and he plans on paying the baby a visit. Lauren reacts badly after learning what happened to Eden. Murphy manages to take a DNA sample from Jo-Jo.
  • Ep. #9311
    Ep. #9311
    Episode 202
    Adam saves Noah and Eden from the fire. Kevin finally becomes fed up with Ryder. Daisy's real intentions are revealed.
  • Ep. #9310
    Ep. #9310
    Episode 201
    Amber tries to find out where she can find Little D. Sharon confronts Jack about his attitude. The analysis of the gym bag arrives.
  • Ep. #9309
    Ep. #9309
    Episode 200
    Kay wants to be positive that Jo-Jo is her daughter. J.T. says his goodbyes to Victoria, as she leaves to Dubai. Neil and Malcolm face off.
  • Ep. #9308
    Ep. #9308
    Episode 199
    Heather scolds Adam for tricking Sharon. Kay convinces Jo-Jo, her apparent daughter, to come to Genoa City with her. Chance gets hurt and arrested after trying to meet with Riggs. Billy apologizes to Mac.
  • Ep. #9307
    Ep. #9307
    Episode 198
    Several family members react to the news of Sharon and Adam getting hitched. Jack hires Chloe to plan his wedding. Emily tells Patty she won't be her doctor anymore. Patty hides her real feelings after learning about Jack getting married to Emily.
  • Ep. #9306
    Ep. #9306
    Episode 197
    Billy leaks Jack and Emily's engagement on, and the news soon hit Patty. Cane and Neil confront Malcolm about his return to town. Victoria and Billy try to remember what happened between them.
  • Ep. #9305
    Ep. #9305
    Episode 196
    John takes Billy on a trip to see his future after Billy breaks Delia's toy. Billy gets to see the changes that happened over the years, and ends up realizing he must change.
  • Ep. #9304
    Ep. #9304
    Episode 195
    J.T. and Victoria try one more time to reconnect. Neil confronts Malcolm. Sharon won't let Nick control her. Jack proposes to Emily.
  • Ep. #9303
    Ep. #9303
    Episode 194
    Sharon starts recovering from the plane crash. Nick learns that Adam and Sharon got hitched. Phyllis is in anguish over the status of her marriage. The Winters family is shocked when Malcolm makes a surprising arrival.
  • Ep. #9302
    Ep. #9302
    Episode 193
    Sharon and Adam exchange vows, and soon end up in serious danger. Kay is stunned by Jill's gift. Daisy wants Ryder to follow the plan.
  • Ep. #9301
    Ep. #9301
    Episode 192
    Everyone is stunned when Nikki shows up at the tack house in time to celebrate Christmas. Billy's behavior irritates everyone around him. Sharon makes a rash decision.
  • Ep. #9300
    Ep. #9300
    Episode 191
    Sharon admits to Nick that she loves Adam. Phyllis confides in Michael. Billy makes things worse for himself.
  • Ep. #9299
    Ep. #9299
    Episode 190
    Paul and Nina get the name of Kay's daughter and in their excitement end up in another kiss. Daisy reveals one of her secrets. Emily and Jack get closer.
  • Ep. #9298
    Ep. #9298
    Episode 189
    Jack pleads with Emily to stay with him and enjoy their holiday. Billy ends up being alone. Neil and Ashley bond as friends.
  • Ep. #9297
    Ep. #9297
    Episode 188
    Billy makes a hasty decision when he learns what Chloe did. Deacon is arrested when he realizes Phyllis, Daniel and Amber set him up to get caught. Michael checks Daisy's background and finds nothing on her. Victoria and J.T. fight over the care of their child. Jack and Emily decorate the Abbott house. Nick refuses to let Adam get involved in decision making regarding Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #9296
    Ep. #9296
    Episode 187
    Michael and Lauren celebrate their wedding anniversary and discuss their past, bringing up Sheila. Emily and Jack bond. Victoria threatens Billy. Billy and Daniel are released from jail. Phyllis sends Amber out to be taken away by Deacon.
  • Ep. #9295
    Ep. #9295
    Episode 186
    Chloe tries to help Billy get out of jail. Emily is worried Patty might be a closed case, while Patty appears to have a breakthrough. Victoria makes an important decision regarding her marriage.
  • Ep. #9294
    Ep. #9294
    Episode 185
    Jack asks for Nick's help dealing with Adam and Sharon's relationship. Phyllis lies to protect her son.
  • Ep. #9293
    Ep. #9293
    Episode 184
    Everyone bands together to help Daniel prove his innocence. Kay makes a deal. Phyllis does blackmail again.
  • Ep. #9292
    Ep. #9292
    Episode 183
    Mac gets the news that everyone has been waiting for. Billy goes to court. Tucker works on his business plan.
  • Ep. #9291
    Ep. #9291
    Episode 182
    Jill meets a mysterious man who is more involved with her life than she thinks. Paul confides in Murphy. Victoria and J.T. try to resolve their problems.
  • Ep. #9290
    Ep. #9290
    Episode 181
    Lauren has another run in with a rat. Billy receives a threat. Doris gives Sharon advice. Chance receives a phone call from the guy that stabbed him.
  • Ep. #9289
    Ep. #9289
    Episode 180
    Victoria and J.T. fight over the problems in their marriage. Phyllis hopes she can help out Daniel. Nick goes up against Adam.
  • Ep. #9288
    Ep. #9288
    Episode 179
    Kay worries about the future for the I.P.O. Mac's procedure goes underway. Adam and Nick fight.
  • Ep. #9287
    Ep. #9287
    Episode 178
    Adam sets up a plan to have Nick witness an intimate moment. Kay deals with Jack. Heather pushes Daniel's buttons.
  • Ep. #9286
    Ep. #9286
    Episode 177
    Michael tries to blackmail Heather. Phyllis works on plan b for Daniel. Kevin surprises Daniel. Chance receives his honor.
  • Ep. #9285
    Ep. #9285
    Episode 176
    Mac, Cane and Lily finalize their agreement. Kevin has to keep a secret. Kay is pleased with her company's future.
  • Ep. #9284
    Ep. #9284
    Episode 175
    Paul confronts Emily about her kiss with Jack. Phyllis learns about Daniel's problems. Nick tells Sharon about Phyllis' touching gesture.
  • Ep. #9283
    Ep. #9283
    Episode 174
    Jack flies off the handle when he sees Sharon and Adam together. Nick is moved by Phyllis' move. Ryder makes a promise to Kevin.
  • Ep. #9282
    Ep. #9282
    Episode 173
    Daniel is served with something unexpected for Thanksgiving dinner. Phyllis surprises Nick.
  • Ep. #9281
    Ep. #9281
    Episode 172
    The families gather for Thanksgiving. Abby takes her anger out at Emily. Adam and Sharon grow closer together.
  • Ep. #9280
    Ep. #9280
    Episode 171
    Chloe admits her true feelings to Chance. Nick confronts Jack. Adam wants to make himself clear.
  • Ep. #9279
    Ep. #9279
    Episode 170
    Phyllis informs Nick of what she found out. Patty has more secrets of her own. Chloe puts her two cents in regarding Mac and Billy.
  • Ep. #9278
    Ep. #9278
    Episode 169
    Phillip bids farewell to his family and has a touching goodbye with Chance. Cane and Billy argue, while Mac is stunned by Lily.
  • Ep. #9277
    Ep. #9277
    Episode 168
    Phyllis visits Patty at the mental hospital and they end up arguing. Phillip struggles with a decision.
  • Ep. #9276
    Ep. #9276
    Episode 167
    Jack makes an interesting offer to Nick. Michael lets Ryder know exactly what he thinks of him. Ashley talks to Kay and Neil.
  • Ep. #9275
    Ep. #9275
    Episode 166
    Lauren receives a disturbing gift, as an anonymous person watches the wedding reception from the rooftop of the next building. Ryder reaches out to Eden.
  • Ep. #9274
    Ep. #9274
    Episode 165
    Daniel and Amber prepare for the wedding, as the guests begin to arrive. Mac and Billy fight. Emily and Jack get closer.
  • Ep. #9273
    Ep. #9273
    Episode 164
    Jill tries to throw Kay off the trail of finding her long-lost daughter. Chance and Phillip reconnect. Billy issues an ultimatum to Mac about being a surrogate. Daniel and Amber decide to get married- really.
  • Ep. #9272
    Ep. #9272
    Episode 163
    Michael tries to check out Ryder's alibi. Deacon's frustration reaches new heights. Nick faces off with his half brother. Kay tells Neil she expects Jack to do something sneaky. Daniel tells Amber that he can't marry her.
  • Ep. #9271
    Ep. #9271
    Episode 162
    Abby tries, relentlessly, to flirt with Ryder. Chloe and Chance reconnect as a couple. Mac decides to go along with her plan.
  • Ep. #9270
    Ep. #9270
    Episode 161
    Phyllis doesn't believe that Patty has gone crazy and instead chooses to confront her, but gets interrupted by Emily. Chance goes into surgery. Billy learns about Mac's plans to be a surrogate for Cane and Lily.
  • Ep. #9269
    Ep. #9269
    Episode 160
    Ashley has interesting plans for the future. Friends and family come together in support of Lily. Mac makes a surprising offer to Cane and Lily. Chance ends up getting stabbed.
  • Ep. #9268
    Ep. #9268
    Episode 159
    Nina considers taking her screenplay in a new direction. Paul surprises Nina. Chance is forced to apologize. Lily is in a medical crisis.
  • Ep. #9267
    Ep. #9267
    Episode 158
    Chance finally lashes out at Phillip for abandoning his family. Cane and Lily ask for Neil's blessing. Kay makes her plans known. Jill hires Paul for a special assignment.
  • Ep. #9266
    Ep. #9266
    Episode 157
    Nick demands that Adam stay away from Sharon. Billy has to face the consequences of his actions. Cane and Lily get closer again.
  • Ep. #9265
    Ep. #9265
    Episode 156
    Billy's party turns into a bust. Victor and Nikki are ready to depart from Genoa City. Chloe makes her decision between Chance and Billy, but it may be too late when Billy makes a rash move. Victoria makes her decision regarding her marriage.
  • Ep. #9264
    Ep. #9264
    Episode 155
    Victoria is humiliated by an article that Billy writes. Abby sneaks into Billy's party. Victor warns Jack. Nick is surprised by seeing Adam at Sharon's again.
  • Ep. #9263
    Ep. #9263
    Episode 154
    Victor reflects on his life after he came to Genoa City the very first time. Ashley makes a decision. Kay gives Nikki advice regarding Victor. Billy decides to continue digging into the Newman past.
  • Ep. #9262
    Ep. #9262
    Episode 153
    Abby finds out that her parents are divorcing. Lauren grills Ryder on his past. Billy has to face the consequences of his newspaper publishing. Victor makes Nikki an interesting offer.
  • Ep. #9261
    Ep. #9261
    Episode 152
    Amber and Jana play with the Ouija board and find unsatisfying info. J.T. punches Deacon. Phyllis goes up against Amber. Victor decides to leave town.
  • Ep. #9260
    Ep. #9260
    Episode 151
    Paul pleads with Emily to stay in Genoa City to help Patty. Sharon asks for a job at Restless Style. Jack prevents Billy from making a mistake. Kay gives Nikki advice.
  • Ep. #9259
    Ep. #9259
    Episode 150
    Billy plans revenge against Victor. Sharon is tortured when she watches Faith gets baptized. J.T. decides to interview for the job in New York. Victor leaves the hospital.
  • Ep. #9258
    Ep. #9258
    Episode 149
    Emily confronts Victor and Jack about their influence in Patty's breakdown. Phyllis sells Restless Style to Billy. Chance isn't happy with the games Chloe is playing with Billy. Paul won't let Victor pay for Patty's treatment.
  • Ep. #9257
    Ep. #9257
    Episode 148
    Patty's psychiastrist, Dr. Emily Peterson, arrives in Genoa City to find out what has happened since Patty had plastic surgery to look like her, and Patty's friends and family are shocked by her arrival. Jack learns that Kay plans to reinstate Jill at Jabot. Ashley angrily confronts Victor. Traci gives Nikki advice regarding Victor. Ashley decides to loan Billy money to buy Restless Style.moreless
  • Ep. #9256
    Ep. #9256
    Episode 147
    Kevin springs Ryder from jail, but his family isn't ready to trust the man. Deacon isn't happy when he receives a new assignment. Lily learns about Devon's indiscretions. Michael agrees to represent Ryder.
  • Ep. #9255
    Ep. #9255
    Episode 146
    Victor decides not to go up against Ashley. Billy has an offer for Ashley. Victor wants Michael to handle his divorce. Jack is surprised by Ashley's decision.
  • Ep. #9254
    Ep. #9254
    Episode 145
    Victoria disappoints her husband when she chooses her family and work over J.T. and a chance to resolve their problems in a different city. Sharon bonds with Adam. Victor asks Nikki to stay in Genoa City.
  • Ep. #9253
    Ep. #9253
    Episode 144
    Daniel manages to win over Deacon. Amber's relationship with Daniel faces another obstacle. Adam undermines Nick and Victoria. Lily and Cane reconnect as a couple. Devon tries to apologize to Roxanne. Phyllis threatens Deacon.
  • Ep. #9252
    Ep. #9252
    Episode 143
    Billy makes fun of Chance for being a virgin, and Chance confronts Billy with the truth. Gloria ends up getting tricked. Victor surprises Victoria and Nick by hiring Adam at Newman Enterprises.
  • Ep. #9251
    Ep. #9251
    Episode 142
    Chloe and Billy face off at the cabin, each trying to get some time alone with their partners. Sharon decides to follow Jack's advice and buy Brad's house. Patty is recognized by a mysterious friend.
  • Ep. #9250
    Ep. #9250
    Episode 141
    Paul learns that Patty might never be sane again. Nick and Sharon say goodbye to their daughter. Ashley tells Victor about her future plans.
  • Ep. #9249
    Ep. #9249
    Episode 140
    Everyone gathers at a memorial service for Colleen. Sharon goes to the cabin. Victoria and J.T. fight.
  • Ep. #9248
    Ep. #9248
    Episode 139
    Billy handles the arraignments for Colleen's funeral. Adam swipes some ashes from the funeral home. Nick visits Victor.
  • Ep. #9247
    Ep. #9247
    Episode 138
    Gloria makes a deal with Deacon. Deacon presents Amber with a present. Gloria plots against Kevin. Chance and Chloe go out on a date.
  • Ep. #9246
    Ep. #9246
    Episode 137
    Nick holds Faith and is unaware he is holding his child. Billy makes an important decision. Victor's surgery ends.
  • Ep. #9245
    Ep. #9245
    Episode 136
    Nick admits to Phyllis that Sharon's baby was his. Traci says her final goodbye to Colleen. Sharon is released. Jack tells Victor about the decision the Abbotts made.
  • Ep. #9244
    Ep. #9244
    Episode 135
    Traci considers giving Colleen's heart to Victor. Sharon struggles to accept the fate, as she explains to Nick what happened with their baby. Adam and Victor share a moment.
  • Ep. #9243
    Ep. #9243
    Episode 134
    Adam fights with Nick over Victor. Sharon panics when she finds out her baby is dead. Ashley is convinced Nikki and Victor are bonding.
  • Ep. #9242
    Ep. #9242
    Episode 133
    Nikki causes a stir in the Abbott family, as they consider giving Colleen's heart to Victor. Kay wants to help out Jill. Adam steals Sharon's baby and gives it to Ashley.
  • Ep. #9241
    Ep. #9241
    Episode 132
    Traci considers donating Colleen's organs. Sharon goes into labor, and Ashley is convinced she is about to have her baby too. Victor wants his kids to be honest with him.
  • Ep. #9240
    Ep. #9240
    Episode 131
    Victor's condition goes from bad to worse. Colleen's friends and family arrive to say their goodbyes. Jeff is suspicious about Deacon and Gloria.
  • Ep. #9239
    Ep. #9239
    Episode 130
    Nikki returns to see Victor. Lily visits Colleen. Traci is faced with a tough decision. Ashley goes crazy.
  • Ep. #9238
    Ep. #9238
    Episode 129
    Ashley explains to Victor that she is leaving him. Victor doesn't take the news well. Paul locates Nikki. Amber steals.
  • Ep. #9237
    Ep. #9237
    Episode 128
    Amber impersonates Gloria in order to get into the safety deposit box. Nina confronts Chance about his intentions with Chloe.
  • Ep. #9236
    Ep. #9236
    Episode 127
    Victoria asks Paul to find Nikki and bring her to Victor. Traci is crushed. Nikki is revealed to be alive.
  • Ep. #9235
    Ep. #9235
    Episode 126
    Victor and Colleen are rushed to the hospital and their families wait for some news. Ashley is faced with a tough decision.
  • Ep. #9234
    Ep. #9234
    Episode 125
    Victor and Jack rush to help Colleen but it may be too late. Lily has a dream of Colleen. Billy tells the truth to Ashley.
  • Ep. #9233
    Ep. #9233
    Episode 124
    Colleen is visited by all her loved ones. Jack and Victor fight. Steve comes to support Traci.
  • Ep. #9232
    Ep. #9232
    Episode 123
    Nick and Victoria confront Victor about his involvement with Patty. Ashley is devastated.
  • Ep. #9231
    Ep. #9231
    Episode 122
    Daniel proposes to Amber. Adam hides Nikki's mail. Abby learns about Colleen's kidnapping.
  • Ep. #9230
    Ep. #9230
    Episode 121
    Traci worries about what might happen to Colleen. Daniel convinces Deacon to stop the wedding and he carries Amber out. Kevin confronts Ryder about his lies. Victoria admits having an affair with Deacon to J.T., but he decides to concentrate on finding Colleen instead of dealing with his problems.
  • Ep. #9229
    Ep. #9229
    Episode 120
    Ryder is visited in jail by a mysterious woman. Amber unwillingly prepares for the wedding ceremony with Deacon. Daniel struggles to stop the wedding by going against Kevin. Colleen leaves clues for others to find her.
  • Ep. #9228
    Ep. #9228
    Episode 119
    Adam's lawyer informs him that he is finally free from house arrest. Katherine confronts Deacon about his abusement of Amber. J.T. realizes that Colleen is in trouble, while Patty brings her to the woods.
  • Ep. #9227
    Ep. #9227
    Episode 118
    Daniel is keen on stopping Deacon. Gloria and Jeff are shocked when they receive their "money." Colleen tries to help Patty but Patty doesn't return the favor.
  • Ep. #9226
    Ep. #9226
    Episode 117
    Daniel tries to stop Amber from marrying Deacon by offering her marriage. Billy gives Colleen the keys to the Abbot cabin to get away for awhile after she fights with Jack over him using her for his war against Victor. Ashley tells Adam that she hit Nikki with her car.
  • Ep. #9225
    Ep. #9225
    Episode 116
    Ashley remembers what happened on the night she apparently hit "Sabrina." Nina gives Chloe a warning. Kay gives Victor advice. Colleen warns Victoria to not throw away everything she has with J.T.
  • Ep. #9224
    Ep. #9224
    Episode 115
    Billy tries to convince Mac that their love is real. Jeff and Gloria make deals with Jack and Victor. Paul angrily confronts Victor about bringing his sister back in town.
  • Ep. #9223
    Ep. #9223
    Episode 114
    Phyllis hopes Nick makes it to the airport in time to say goodbye. Jack receives bad news from Sharon. Patty realizes what Gloria and Jeff are up to. Mac confronts Billy.
  • Ep. #9222
    Ep. #9222
    Episode 113
    Victor manages to convince Ashley that Sabrina is truly dead. Sharon admits to Nick that the baby she is carrying is his. He rushes to tell Phyllis, but is unexpectedly prevented. Paul, Chance and Jack are worried when Mary Jane disappears. Gloria and Jeff bring Mary Jane to a safe place and are overjoyed when Jack gives a higher offer is Mary Jane is delivered safely. Jack confirms to Phyllis that Mary Jane put Summer in a coma. Ashley expresses her disappointment in Adam convincing her that Sabrina is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9221
    Ep. #9221
    Episode 112
    Jack has to reach out to Mary Jane after learning her real identity, and she has her set of the demands if he wants to make her happy. Paul fights to protect his sister. Jill and Jeff argue over money. Eden asks Michael and Lauren to let her go to Walnut Grove. Nick overhears Sharon telling Doris that Nick is the father of her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9220
    Ep. #9220
    Episode 111
    Billy struggles to make a decision as to if he should divorce Chloe or not. Lily realizes that she still isn't okay with all the lies Cane has told over the time they had been together. Chloe tells Esther that she's only using Chance to get to Billy. Jack is stunned to find out that Mary Jane is actually his ex-wife Patty.moreless
  • Ep. #9219
    Ep. #9219
    Episode 110
    Heather and J.T. learn that Mary Jane is really Paul's sister Patty. Paul jumps to his sister's defense and tries to find a way to protect her. Jill's day goes from bad to worse when Gloria shows up to get her manicure. J.T. confronts Victor. Victor has a new job for Jeffrey.moreless
  • Ep. #9218
    Ep. #9218
    Episode 109
    Phyllis demands to know from Jack the paternity of Sharon's baby, but Jack lies to her. Ashley manages to trick the doctor with Adam's help. Heather and J.T. try to determine Paul's whereabouts, as Paul and Mary Jane continues running from the law. Abby apologizes to Adam for not giving him a chance to prove that he's a good man.moreless
  • Ep. #9217
    Ep. #9217
    Episode 108
    Ashley learns that Jack has demanded that she submit to a psychiatric evaluation, and Jack stands by his decision. Cane admits the truth to Lily about why he can't go back to Australia. Phyllis is confused as to why Jack hasn't come to visit Sharon.
  • Ep. #9216
    Ep. #9216
    Episode 107
    Mary Jane reveals her true identity to Paul. Lily prepares for her first day in chemotherapy. Amber shows Jana her engagement ring from Deacon. Victoria confronts Colleen.
  • Ep. #9215
    Ep. #9215
    Episode 106
    Victor shows Victoria the pictures of Colleen and J.T. kissing. Paul is convinced he's seeing Patty. Jack and Billy are worried about Ashley's mental health.
  • Ep. #9214
    Ep. #9214
    Episode 105
    Billy and Mac have a strange encounter with Chance and Chloe. Amber makes an important decision. Kevin believes what Ryder tells him.
  • Ep. #9213
    Ep. #9213
    Episode 104
    Deacon has a final proposition for Amber. Kevin and Jana argue. Victoria and J.T. stop themselves from ruining their marriage. Victor and Ashley bond.
  • Ep. #9212
    Ep. #9212
    Episode 103
    Victoria and J.T. have an argument over Victor. Lily interrogates Cane about his past. Deacon is surprised. Tyra bids farewell to Neil.
  • Ep. #9211
    Ep. #9211
    Episode 102
    Lily makes an announcement to her family. Victor puts a tail on J.T. Sharon informs Nick about what will happen to her. J.T. is close to the truth.
  • Ep. #9210
    Ep. #9210
    Episode 101
    Mary Jane plants a note. Heather offers Sharon a deal instead of jail time. Abby discovers a hidden camera at the ranch. Sharon is confronted with an important decision.
  • Ep. #9209
    Ep. #9209
    Episode 100
    Devon and Tyra do the unthinkable. Mac hides Mary Jane at the bar. Billy and Chloe discuss divorce. Nina gives Chance a warning. Neil doesn't want to see Cane near Lily.
  • Ep. #9208
    Ep. #9208
    Episode 99
    Victor holds a memorial service for Zapato. Jack and Billy try to take Ashley away from Victor. Chance comforts Chloe. Gloria and Jeff scheme. Adam plays mind games with Ashley.
  • Ep. #9207
    Ep. #9207
    Episode 98
    Mac gets fed up with Chloe trying to set her up with Chance. Ashley's mental condition goes from bad to worse. Victor informs others about Nikki's departure.
  • Ep. #9206
    Ep. #9206
    Episode 97
    Sharon's arrested for grand theft. Paul pleads with Nikki to change her mind. Ashley sees Sabrina again. Nikki pays Victor a visit before leaving. Heather unleashes her anger on Adam after learning the truth about his affair with Rafe.
  • Ep. #9205
    Ep. #9205
    Episode 96
    Nikki breaks off her engagement to Paul. Victor tells Ashley that they need to find a way to get past what happened with Jabot. Ashley continues hallucinating. Sharon steals again.
  • Ep. #9204
    Ep. #9204
    Episode 95
    J.T. receives an offer. Nikki has to deal with her true feelings as her wedding to Paul approaches. Zapato dies after being poisoned.
  • Ep. #9203
    Ep. #9203
    Episode 94
    Kay warns Mac of the danger being around Billy. Amber packs her bags and leaves Daniel's place. Mary Jane takes advantage of a drunk Jack. Jill and Billy fight.
  • Ep. #9202
    Ep. #9202
    Episode 93
    Billy pays Victor a visit. Mary Jane finds out that her kitty has been ripped apart by Zapato and she vows revenge. Jack has to deal with the truth.
  • Ep. #9201
    Ep. #9201
    Episode 92
    Ashley is hallucinating about Sabrina in the car. Victor attacks Billy. Nick and Phyllis renew their vows. Daniel punches Deacon, who offers info on Amber's past.
  • Ep. #9200
    Ep. #9200
    Episode 91
    Sharon is confused when Jack lies to her over the phone that he's leaving the mansion and she finds him near her GCAC room. He explains that he's trying to protect her and explains how Mary Jane left a baby doll near her door. Ashley overhears Victoria and Victor talking about how Colleen was removed off the board after the scandal, and Ashley isn't sure if she should replace Colleen on the board. Nick and Phyllis kiss. J.T. talks to Mac about why he quit at Newman. Nina tells Mac that she doesn't know what to do regarding her storyline now that Phillip is back. Chance tries to talk to Phillip normally because he feels he owes it to his mother. Billy is angry when Jill admits that it was Victor who wanted her to put him as the CEO of Jabot. He is hurt that Ashley had to lose her job by Victor's orders. Jill and Phillip make up after a great conversation. Billy interrupts the Newman board meeting. Nina tells Chance that she thinks she will always love Phillip. Nick proposes to Phyllis. Jack is shocked when Sharon admits that Nick is the real father of her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9199
    Ep. #9199
    Episode 90
    Daniel tells Jana and Kevin that he never wants to see Amber again after what had happened with Deacon. They both try to convince him that Amber did what is best to let Daniel go free, while Daniel thinks he'd rather rot in jail than be with someone that stabs him in the back. Amber bursts into Deacon's room asking him to give the DVD to the authorities. Michael and Heather debate how to use the evidence to free Daniel. Ashley is confused when Victor presents her the board seat and he explains that Colleen resigned from her place at Newman. Victor comforts Ashley as she goes through mood swings. Billy decides to be there for Colleen when she's fired. J.T. is disappointed at Victoria for turning into her father, but she is keen on getting rid of Colleen. Colleen expresses her regret over J.T.'s attitude. Heather and Michael meet with Amber and Deacon, and Heather doesn't trust much of what Amber says. Michael warns Heather that she needs to release Daniel or she'll be on a big losing track. Michael releases Daniel from prison. Daniel calls Amber to meet with her. J.T. confronts Victor about what he had done and decides to resign.moreless
  • Ep. #9198
    Ep. #9198
    Episode 89
    Paul and Nikki talk about the anniversary of the car crash that killed Sabrina and David. Billy warns Cane to stay away from his family, but Cane thinks he is more loved than Billy will ever be even though he is not family. Billy is surprised when Billy tells him that Jill had promoted him to CEO position because someone ordered her to. Sharon tells Jack that she doesn't want him hovering over her. Cane visits Lily at the hospital and she allows him to stay. Mac finds Mary Jane in the alley again and tries to convince her to come to the shelter. Mary Jane refuses and instead, Mac brings her to Jimmy's so she could stay in the backroom. Victor and Jack agree to work together on finding Mary Jane after Jack brings the doll that he found in front of Sharon's room. Phyllis attacks a woman that looks like Mary Jane and Sharon helps her convince the woman not to sue. Paul, Billy and Jack discuss about Mary Jane. Phyllis is surprised when she comes home to find Nick and Summer watching the wedding video. Meanwhile, Sharon watches her own wedding video and cries. Nikki comes to see Victor and apologizes for bringing David into their lives. He notes that he also made a mistake.moreless
  • Ep. #9197
    Ep. #9197
    Episode 88
    Amber runs away from Deacon after he raped her the night before. Chloe celebrates her birthday with family and gets an idea to try to hook up Mac and Chance so she could have Billy for herself. Cane tells Phillip that he shouldn't leave his family again. Lily is devastated when she learns about what had to be done during surgery. Mac and Chance realize that they've been set up by Chloe and they agree to go along with it because it's her birthday. Nina wants Phillip to stay in town, and she asks Chance to work on the relationship with his father. Jill and Katherine forgive Cane for what he had done. Amber tries to excuse herself in front of Daniel, but he refuses to forgive what she had done. Tyra enters Lily's hospital room just in time to hear Neil's heartfelt plea for Dru to come back and help him with their family. Billy has to be peaceful when Jill brings Cane to Chloe's birthday party. Devon allows Cane to see Lily. Chance calls Phillip for a meeting. Phillip decides to stay in Genoa City.moreless
  • Ep. #9196
    Ep. #9196
    Episode 87
    Phillip tries to talk to Chance when he finds him having coffee with Katherine and Chloe, but Chance isn't interested in meeting the man he was dead for years. Chance tells Chloe that he would like to get to know her. Daniel tells Jana that he intends to propose to Amber when he's out of jail. Cane and Lily talk about the stuff that has happened since Lily was in the hospital, and Cane encourages Lily to have surgery. Mac and Billy finally make love in the trailer. Chloe is stunned when Chance confesses that he was never with a woman, meaning that he's a virgin. She kisses him. Daniel tells Amber that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Cane brings Lily back to the hospital and she agrees to go through with the surgery. Cane leaves after Neil doesn't want him there. Amber decides to help out Daniel by agreeing to whatever Deacon wants. Deacon rapes Amber and puts it on the phone for Daniel to hear. Kay tells Cane that he can't leave town. After surgery, Olivia cries as she explains to Neil that they had to remove everything.moreless
  • Ep. #9195
    Ep. #9195
    Episode 86
    Lily refuses to sign the papers Olivia gave her to allow the surgery and instead wants to harvest her eggs, even though her family disagrees with her. She sneaks out of the bedroom after everyone leaves. Mary Jane spies on Sharon and Jack, who are surprised by what Mary Jane did to Summer. Nikki informs Victor about seeing Adam and Rafe kiss. Mary Jane finds a baby doll in trash and leaves it in front of Sharon's room, for Jack to find. Billy is angry when he finds Cane at the trailer. Cane tries to convince him that he made Mac help him, but Cane knows it was Mac who brought Cane back. Heather and Adam spend a passionate day together. Rafe is extremely disappointed when Adam breaks up with him claiming he isn't gay. Billy confronts Mac about bringing Cane back to town. Mac finds Mary Jane outside and wants to help her. Tyra goes to see Lily and realizes she left the hospital. Lily arrives at Jimmy's and runs into Cane. Nikki warns Heather about Adam, and later Rafe tells Heather Adam is bad news. Victor tells Adam that he knows he's gay.moreless
  • Ep. #9194
    Ep. #9194
    Episode 85
    Kevin informs Jana about Daniel's arrest, as Amber and Michael meet with Daniel in jail. Nick and Phyllis bring Summer home and talk about her health progress. Victor tells Ashley that he's moving Adam to another place. Heather tells Adam that maybe Victor's idea is a good thing. Ashley asks Adam to be her baby's godfather. Adam overhears Paul and Victor discussing about Mary Jane. Michael tries to get Heather to help out with Daniel's case, but she explains that she doesn't have that type of power over her boss. Phyllis goes to see Daniel in prison. Amber confronts Deacon again, and this time he explains that he will get Daniel released if she spends on passionate night with him. Victor does a public announcement regarding Mary Jane. Adam intentionally sets off his ankle monitor when he warns Mary Jane to leave the Newman grounds. He ends up being the hero when he explains to his family that he apparently tried to chase a woman looking like Mary Jane. Nick is surprised when Nikki tells him that she saw Adam and Rafe kissing. Agent Grimes tries to question Jana and Kevin, but they refuse to answer. Mary Jane is left alone without anyone, worried about what's coming next.moreless
  • Ep. #9193
    Ep. #9193
    Episode 84
    Mac stops Cane from leaving and reveals that Lily has cancer. She brings him back to the trailer and asks him to stay there. Victor wants Gloria and Jeff to push the video to the internet. Daniel is puzzled when Amber continues acting strange around Deacon. Billy and Colleen keep Lily company. Gloria convinces Kevin to help her publish something and he doesn't know what it is until the job is done. They send the video of Colleen taking her top off to the entire Newman board and workers. Deacon's sidekick named Ryder approaches Jana and Kevin claiming he's impressed by Kevin's chipmunk storyline. Amber confronts Deacon and he tells her that he only wants one night with her. She rejects him, so Deacon decides to put Daniel behind bars. Amber rushes to Daniel, and they're both surprised when the police arrives at the apartment and finds the forged painting there. Daniel is arrested. Victor immediately takes Colleen off the board after he sees the video.moreless
  • Ep. #9192
    Ep. #9192
    Episode 83
    Chloe arranges a small birthday surprise for Billy, but he prepares to rush off as soon as he blows off the candles. He comes across Phillip but isn't rough on him. Michael is surprised by Kevin's business idea, but agrees to go along with it. Jana isn't exactly thrilled with the idea of cashing in on other people's misfortune. Neil, Olivia and Devon inform Lily that she has cancer and that she has 45% chance of survival. Billy and Mac meet in the trailer and try to have sex, but they're prevented with news of Lily having cancer. Mac rushes off to find Cane. Jill decides to change her will, but decides to include Cane anyway. Chloe and Chance meet and it seems as if there are some sparks between them. Nina and Phillip discuss about what Chance might do when he finds out his father is gay. Neil breaks down in Olivia's arms thinking of the possibility that Lily might not make it. Mac rushes to the bus station to stop Cane from leaving.moreless
  • Ep. #9191
    Ep. #9191
    Episode 82
    Kay, Jill and Nina are thrilled when Chance comes into the room back from his mission in Iraq. Chance is standoffish when he meets his father for the first time. Cane meets with Amber and encourages her to be honest with the people she cares for. Neil and Devon support Lily as she learns from Olivia that she might have cancer. Jack tries to find out if Mary Jane had anything to do with Summer's poisoning. He leads on Mary Jane until she escapes. Adam is frustrated when Victor asks him to move out of the ranch because he feels as if he might not be good for Ashley. He begins playing the blame game claiming that he never cared for him as his other children. The Chancellors learn that Phillip doesn't carry the Huntington's disease gene. Neil forbids Devon to contact Cane. Adam promises to Mary Jane that he'll serve her Jack on the platter.moreless
  • Ep. #9190
    Ep. #9190
    Episode 81
    Jack and Sharon are surprised when Det. Wallace approaches them with Victor's wallet that was found in Sharon's room. Nick and Victor discuss about Ashley's mental state. Mary Jane and Adam continue working together even though they don't trust each other. Kay, Jill and Nina are shocked when Phillip tells them that he would leave all over again and that he has no regret. They berate him for not caring about their feelings. Lily and Cane face each other. Cane admits that he's glad she isn't pregnant because it would only cause trouble. Lily is in pain when Devon returns and he takes her to the hospital. Victor tells Det. Wallace that he won't press charges against Sharon. Sharon tries to reassure everyone that she didn't steal the wallet. Nick comes to see Sharon and she asks him to stay away from her for the benefit of his family. Cane goes to the Chancellor mansion to say goodbye to the entire family. Lily learns at the hospital that she isn't pregnant. Mary Jane goes to meet Jack at Crimson Lights. Dr. Taylor tries to convince Victor to remove Adam from the ranch. Phillip IV surprises everyone by showing up at the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #9189
    Ep. #9189
    Episode 80
    Lily asks Devon to save her from her father because he's not giving her any time alone. J.T. finds Colleen getting tipsy on her date with Aidan. Gloria and Jeff discuss about their plot to discredit Colleen. Gloria finds out Ashley is having a wedding and she reveals it to Jack, who is angry that Ashley never called him. Adam prepares Mary Jane for his plan. Victoria is surprised to find out Victor is having a wedding. She decides to stay even though she wasn't invited. Tyra wants to spend alone time with Neil, but he is too worried about Lily to care. Aidan makes Colleen take her shirt off and Jeff takes footage of it and brings it back to Gloria. Lily tells Devon that she might be pregnant. She calls Cane. Colleen is upset to realize what she had done. Victor and Ashley exchange their vows. Ashley faints when she sees "Sabrina" in the window.moreless
  • Ep. #9188
    Ep. #9188
    Episode 79
    Adam promises to help out Mary Jane. Nick tells Phyllis that he'll stand by her side when Summer gets better and that Sharon understands if he wants to return to his family. Sharon makes it clear to Nick that she knows he needs his family. Victor sends Colleen on her way when she tries to give flowers to Summer. Heather is confused when Rafe visits Adam, but he lies to her about the real reason he is there. Rafe urges Adam to come clean to Heather. Ashley and Zapato almost find Mary Jane. Victor makes a deal with Gloria and Jeff to discredit Colleen. Rafe and Colleen catch up. Ashley is taken aback when Victor asks her to marry him the same night. Dr. Han informs Nick and Phyllis about Summer's treatment. Jeff and Gloria ask the bartender to help them out with their plan. Adam informs Mary Jane that Victor is getting married and that he needs to her to wear Sabrina's dress for his next scheme.moreless
  • Ep. #9187
    Ep. #9187
    Episode 78
    Cane tells Phillip that he's angry that he hurt the Chancellor. Billy, Mac, Jill and Nina visit Kay at the hospital to bring her back to the mansion. Mary Jane talks to her kitty about the pros and cons of trusting Adam. Adam orders Taylor to rig the sonogram to make it seem like Ashley's baby is okay. Ashley and Victor are overjoyed when the fake sonogram shows a baby. Cane decides to sell Jimmy's to Mac and they talk about what had happened to Cane. Billy jumps at Cane for talking to Mac. With Nina's persuasion, Phillip admits to Kay and Jill that he's gay. He explains how his life was back in the 80s and why he had to run. Kay and Jill confront Phillip about never giving them a chance to react to who he really is. Ashley asks Victor to spend the night alone. Adam gives Mary Jane more stuff to be more comfortable in the potting shed.moreless
  • Ep. #9186
    Ep. #9186
    Episode 77
    Amber explains to Jana that her old boyfriend Deacon Sharpe might be behind Daniel's troubles. Jana wants Amber to admit the truth to Daniel, but Amber isn't ready to reveal parts of her past. Deacon explains his enthusiasm for art to Victoria and lies that he was framed just like she was. Adam catches on to Mary Jane's presence at the ranch and asks her to join forces. Phyllis, Nikki and Nick find Summer's photo in Mary Jane's room. Victor is worried when he learns Mary Jane is nowhere to be found, and is even more disturbed when he learns of what his family found. The family asks Heather to drop the charges against Phyllis, but Heather isn't able to do it. She, however, allows Phyllis to see Summer when Summer finally wakes up from her coma. Amber is shocked when Daniel introduces her to Deacon. Paul informs the Newmans that Heather suspended the investigation. Nick asks Paul to go investigate Mary Jane even though Victor asked him not to.moreless
  • Ep. #9185
    Ep. #9185
    Episode 76
    Victor confronts Mary Jane about her enemies list and forces her to leave town immediately. Sharon wonders if she made the right choice by lying to everyone about the paternity of her baby. Ashley and Jack talk about how their babies will be born around the same time. Jack warns Adam not to mess with his sister. Nikki confides in Victoria about seeing Adam and Rafe kissing. Kevin's fame as the Chipmunk continues growing. The two mystery men escape after Daniel answers their phone call. Daniel and Amber find the location of the place and run to the office. Nikki questions Heather about confidential information. Victoria spends some time with Summer. Mary Jane interrupts Jack's business meeting with news of her departure. She accuses him of leading her on even though he explained to her that their time together was with no strings attached. Mary Jane tells Jack that he'll love her some day and leaves. Ashley confides in Adam about not feeling the baby anymore. Amber finds an important clue as to who might be framing Daniel. Nikki tries to tell Victor about seeing Adam and Rafe kiss, but they're interrupted by a call informing Victor that Mary Jane never made her flight to Brazil. Meanwhile, Mary Jane shows up at the ranch. In Sharon's room, the cleaning lady finds Victor's wallet. Victoria meets with the mystery man who was framing Daniel, Deacon Sharpe.moreless
  • Ep. #9184
    Ep. #9184
    Episode 75
    Noah and Daniel come to visit Summer at the hospital and learn about Phyllis and Nick not being able to see their daughter. Victor orders Rafe to find out who stuck a needle in Adam's eye in prison. Victor sends Mary Jane away when she arrives at the hospital. Nikki learns that Jack is the father of Sharon's baby. Rafe comes to see Adam at the ranch and he confronts Adam about his lies, but Adam plays the part of the victim perfectly. Sharon comforts Phyllis in the chapel and explains how she felt when Cassie died. Daniel tells Noah that he doesn't approve of his idea to emancipate from his parents, especially since such an action won't stop his parents from being in his life. Amber is visibly upset over something but won't share with Daniel. Mary Jane steals Victor's wallet and plants it in Sharon's bedroom. Sharon goes to see Summer and to sing her a song because Phyllis asked her to. Mary Jane is surprised when she arrives at her suite to find Victor holding her book of enemies. Nikki is flabbergasted when she sees Adam and Rafe kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #9183
    Ep. #9183
    Episode 74
    Heather arrives at the tackhouse to question Phyllis about what happened to Summer and her interrogation pushes Phyllis to slap her across the face. Kay is having hard time dealing with all the changes in her life and she asks everyone to stop fighting. Cane is angry at Phillip for returning to Genoa City. Kay berates Cane for lying to the entire family, and she confides into Jill about not being able to trust Phillip. Phillip shows up at the Chancellor pool to talk to Nina. He reveals the details of how he left the country and shocks her by admitting that he's gay. Lily sneaks off to Cane's place where he tries to convince her that what he did was for the best. Neil interrupts them and takes Lily away. Heather assures Mary Jane that nobody knows she was the person who reported Phyllis. Kay tells Jill that they're faced with having to tell Phillip IV that his dad isn't dead after all.moreless
  • Ep. #9182
    Ep. #9182
    Episode 73
    Everyone is shocked at the sudden appearance of the supposedly dead Phillip Chancellor III. He arrives to try and help Cane, who has been found out as an impostor, much to the dismay of Jill, Lily and Kay in particular, as she collapses at the sight of Phillip. Billy and Mac take an opportunity to meet up and secretly hook up at the hotel. Just as they start to reconnect, they are interrupted by news of Kay's collapse and the fake DNA results...moreless
  • Ep. #9181
    Ep. #9181
    Episode 72
    Everyone gathers at the Chancellor estate for a 4th of July party and Jill is thrilled to learn that Cane is her true son. She takes every opportunity to rub it in Katherine's face. Paul tells Nina that there's a problem with the results as the blood appears to have been frozen and can't possibly be Cane's. Nikki and Victor remain at the hospital with Summer as Phyllis and Nick stay with the police, and they plead with Michael to get the judge to release Summer into their temporary custody. Agent Aucker arrives at the coffee shop and issues a search warrant for the missing phone much to Jana, Amber and Daniel's confusion, and when nothing is found Daniel agrees to take a polygraph test proving his story. Billy and Mac both make their excuses and leave the party. Nina arrives at the party and demands answers from Cane over his DNA test and the location of Phillip's body. When Michael is able to get the judge to release Summer into Nikki and Victor's care, Nikki says that she should stay with her and initially Victor is against the idea but later agrees. Feeling that his time is up Cane finally admits that he's not Jill's son or the real Phillip Chancellor III. At the coffee shop Daniel returns and tells everyone that he passed the polygraph and Agent Aucker tells them all not to leave town. Kevin stuns everyone by collecting a cake and revealing its true contents stunning everyone, the missing cell phone that Daniel needs to clear his and Jana's name once and for all. As Jill, Lily, Nina and Katherine demand answers all he can do is apologize for his deception but, no one is prepared for the sudden arrival of the real Phillip Chancellor III, who arrives to clear Cane's name.moreless
  • Ep. #9180
    Ep. #9180
    Episode 71
    Jill reassures Cane that he is her son no matter what. Lily and Nina agree to put their differences aside for Katherine's benefit. Mary Jane is disappointed when Jack doesn't note why this day is important to her. She locks herself in her suite and looks at the invitation for her wedding to Jack, revealing that she is in fact Patty Williams. Paul is shocked when Heather mentions the possibility of Phyllis feeding Summer peanuts to get attention. Nick reassures Phyllis that she's a good mother. Mary Jane is upset after a short visit from an inquisitive Paul and she angrily searches for her pills. She lays down and remembers her version of the events that happened when she was married to Jack. Sharon comforts Noah over Summer's illness. Victor offers support to Nick, whos world is crumbling. Cane, Jill and Lily are happy when Cane reads the results confirming that he is Jill's son. Nina is deeply disappointed by the results and doesn't know what to do anymore. Sharon asks Jack to give her time and space to sort out her life. Phyllis is angry when Heather and Gil force her to exit Summer's room. Kay doesn't hide the fact that she hates what Jill did to her the day before. Nina is confused when Paul shows up revealing that there is something wrong with Cane's blood sample.moreless
  • Ep. #9179
    Ep. #9179
    Episode 70
    Amber tells Michael that she may be the one to blame for what is happening to her friends. Daniel urges Kevin to commit felony for him. Devon and Tyra get into another fight over Neil. Jill rages at Kay and doesn't realize that Kay's health is taking a turn for the worse. Neil and Mac help get Kay to the hospital. Billy tells Mac that he will no longer try to win her over. Olivia tells Kay that she had a mini-stroke. Mac overhears Billy praying at the chapel and decides to forgive him. They kiss. Jana is granted bail. Michael tries to get Daniel released but isn't able to. Jill overhears Kay telling Murphy that she's glad she isn't related to Jill. Roxanne doesn't understand why is Devon so angry at Tyra. Neil explains to Tyra that he isn't ready to move in with her. Kevin steals the cellphone at the courthouse.moreless
  • Ep. #9178
    Ep. #9178
    Episode 69
    Jill is angry at Kay for trusting Nina. Lily is suspicious of Cane's behavior. Nikki, Paul and Victor arrive at the hospital to comfort Phyllis. Victor is worried when someone sends him a photo where he's in a hug with Mary Jane. He goes to Jimmy's and meets with Jeff who tries to blackmail him, but Victor ends up threatening Jeff himself. Neil tells Nina that he trusts Cane. Phyllis reveals to Nick that Jack is the father of Sharon's baby. Cane manages to switch his blood sample with Phillip's without anyone seeing him. Victor reveals to Jill that Gloria and Jeff tried to blackmail him, and Jill claims she had nothing to do with it. Mary Jane pretends to talk to herself about Phyllis' attitude in front of Heather. Nick promises to Phyllis that he will concentrate on Summer only. Kay is having health difficulties but Jill refuses to let her go and instead chooses to fight with her. Victor informs Mary Jane that their connection has been discovered by someone.moreless
  • Ep. #9177
    Ep. #9177
    Episode 68
    Adam sleeps with Rafe in order to fool him into thinking that he has feelings for him. Mac leaves after Chloe reveals that Billy could be the father of Sharon's child. Sharon learns of Summer's illness. Phyllis urges Nick to open up when it seems as if Nick can't handle watching his daughter in the hospital. Nick promises to be there for her, while Sharon realizes she can't reveal the truth about her baby's paternity to anyone. Adam sleeps with Heather in an attempt to forget about what happened with Rafe. Sharon lies to Nick about not reading the results of the test. Chloe explains to Mac that she won't be able to change Billy, no matter how much she tries. Rafe calls Adam and admits he has feelings for him. Nick and Phyllis learn that Summer could have brain damage. Mary Jane witnesses Sharon telling Jack and Billy that Jack is the father of her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9176
    Ep. #9176
    Episode 67
    Nick and Sharon prepare to receive news of who is the father of Sharon's baby. Mary Jane is jealous when she sees how close Jack and Phyllis still are, and in a desperate moment she shoves cookies with peanut butter in her mouth and goes to kiss Summer, who is apparently allergic to peanuts. Adam shows sings of regret as he talks to his mother. Mac shows up at the GCAC bedroom to see Billy, who tries to convince her that they are meant for each other. Rafe tries to search through Adam's room in search of evidence that might prove he framed his aunt, and Adam resorts to desperate measures to protect himself - he pretends to have feelings for Rafe. Phyllis is shocked when she finds Summer lying unconscious on the floor. Chloe interrupts Mac and Billy and reveals that Billy could be the father of Sharon's baby. Sharon opens up the test results and is overjoyed to learn that Nick is the father of her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9175
    Ep. #9175
    Episode 66
    Victor tells Ashley that he feels as if he failed Hope and Adam in some way. J.T. tells Nikki that Victoria has been very upset lately over Sabrina. Noah asks Rafe for advice on how to go through emancipation. Nick and Sharon attempt to talk to Noah about building a life together, but Noah turns the tables on them by saying that he'll seek emancipation, but neither of them take him seriously. Mary Jane daydreams of Jack telling her he wants to be with her after they make love, but in reality Jack leaves as soon as he can. Adam plays the perfect victim in front of Heather. Victoria is touched when Victor asks her to run an art foundation in Sabrina's name. Victor is suspicious of Mary Jane's presence at the ranch. Ashley shows up at the courthouse to see Estella's arraignment. Estella is let go on bail. Jack tries to give Noah advice when he overhears him going off on his parents. Mary Jane promises to Victor that she had nothing to do with the gaslighting. Nikki informs Rafe of the evidence that's pointing to Adam as the person who framed his aunt.moreless
  • Ep. #9174
    Ep. #9174
    Episode 65
    Abby warns Ashley to be careful around Adam. Daniel tries to write a list of his enemies but can't think of anyone. Amber suspects her past might be coming back to haunt her. Kevin is surprised when a support group of his robbing days arrives at Crimson Lights. Adam acts as if his life is ending when Heather comes to visit. Michael tells Eden not to hurry on growing up. Daniel wants Kevin to steal Balfour's cellphone from the evidence box so he could trace the person that framed him. Noah confides in Abby about getting emancipated from his parents, and Abby immediately blames Eden for Noah's decisions. Dr. Donahue reveals to Victor that Adam has been injecting his eyes with something and Victor attacks Adam, who then blames the entire thing on the convicts that were apparently injecting his eyes in prison. Victor reluctantly believes Adam, who is then shocked when the doctor reveals that Adam will become permanently blind after this. Jana is worried when Michael reveals that Heather intends to connect her old murder case with the new one. Ashley comforts Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #9173
    Ep. #9173
    Episode 64
    Victoria expresses her anxiety over forgetting Sabrina to J.T. Dr. Taylor is sickened by Adam's future plans. Nick and Sharon spend the day in bed talking about their future together. Daniel is released on bail after the hearing, but Jana doesn't have the same luck when the judge learns of her past crimes. Phyllis goes to see Nick to ask him to take money to pay Daniel's bail, and explains her anger of Nick running away from his family. Ashley goes out to give Victor some space on the anniversary of his wedding to Sabrina. Victor says goodbye to Sabrina's memory and decides to have her statue, picture and other stuff removed from the ranch, which visibly upsets Victoria. Adam is worried when his glass of botox breaks and he has nothing to inject his eyes with. Daniel tells Amber that someone must have set him up, yet he doesn't have any enemies. Meanwhile, in an unknown location, a guy informs a man about what happened to Daniel and Jana in court.moreless
  • Ep. #9172
    Ep. #9172
    Episode 63
    Adam comes downstairs to witness the shock of the others after Ashley received the scary gift from someone. Paul and Nina are absolutely shocked to find out that Phillip's body is not in his coffin. Kay and Jill are just as shocked when Paul gives them the news. Billy and Mac get closer again, but Mac pulls away. Adam claims he had nothing to do with the gaslighting. He watches as Estella and Rafe join Ashley, Victor and Nikki in the living room and discuss about what has happened. Det. Wallace arrives and Estella agrees to give him her fingerprints. Back at the Chancellor mansion, Paul informs the ladies that there was never any body lying in the casket, which means that the DNA test Cane took when he came to Genoa City was fake. Nina forces Jill to convince Cane to do a DNA test, or she will. Jill goes to see Cane and asks him to submit his blood. Lily is worried that Cane is keeping a secret. Estella is arrested after the police determines that her fingerprints were on the box. Rafe promises to Adam that he will make the person who framed his aunt pay. Cane opens a freezer and takes a vial of Phillip's blood out. He leaves a message for an absent Phillip.moreless
  • Ep. #9171
    Ep. #9171
    Episode 62
    Mary Jane apologizes to Paul for putting up a restraining order against him and she makes up a story of being stalked by a man years ago to cover her tracks. Paul is surprised at the sudden turnover and this makes him even more interested in who Mary Jane really is. Rafe approaches Nikki with a plea to help out Estella. Ashley refuses to speak to Adam. Adam catches Victor checking his computer for possible clues, and when Adam won't submit himself to another eye test, Victor finds it even more suspicious. Lily tells Cane that she feels as if there is something he isn't telling her. Nina, Kay and Jill enter another fight over their love for Phillip before Nina leaves to get Phillip's body exhumed. Kay informs Jill that Paul found other discrepancies in the case. Jill refuses to believe that Kay still loves her like a daughter. Ashley tells Nikki about suspecting Adam, and Nikki immediately jumps on the blame-Adam bandwagon. Nina asks Paul to allow her to see Phillip's body when it's exhumed, and she confides in him about having a secret DNA test done. Cane doesn't know what to do, and he receives some advice from Mary Jane. Adam orders a special gift for Ashley. Downstairs, Nikki, Victor and Ashley stare in shock when Ashley opens a box and a baby's head falls out. Nina is flabbergasted when Phillip's coffin turns out empty.moreless
  • Ep. #9170
    Ep. #9170
    Episode 61
    Sharon and Nick decide to take Summer house-hunting with them. Amber, Daniel, Jana and Kevin watch as Aucker searches Daniel's apartment for possible clues in the Balfour murder mystery. Jill and Kay are shocked when Nina reveals that the person that was in charge of Phillip III's lab results a few years back was fired for falsifying documents. Nina is keen on resolving the problem by exhuming Phillip's body, and Jill reluctantly accepts it but asks Nina not to perform any DNA tests. Lily reassures a worried Cane. Mary Jane apologizes to Sharon for getting physical with her the other day and Sharon accepts the apology. Jack assures Sharon that he has no real romantic intentions with Mary Jane. Michael meets with Daniel and Jana to work on their case. Amber and Kevin find the money stashed at Crimson Lights and are helpless when the FBI shows up to search the place. Daniel and Jana come in just in time to get arrested. Phyllis is surprised at how fast Nick and Sharon are moving. Mary Jane takes care of Summer when Phyllis and Nick learn about Daniel. Cane calls Phillip and tells him that things are going okay. Nina calls the lab and orders to have the DNA tests done secretly.moreless
  • Ep. #9169
    Ep. #9169
    Episode 60
    Victor and Ashley walk into Adam's room as Adam tries to remove the voice of Sabrina from his computer. Adam makes up a silly lie about receiving an e-mail from someone, and Victor actually trusts him after making several threats. Chloe doesn't hide the fact that she asked Raul to come to Genoa City to see Mac, but she makes it clear to Mac that no woman is going to change Billy for the better, no matter how much they try. Raul tells Billy he's sorry that Chloe won't give him another try. Nina explains her reservations regarding Cane to Kay, and Jill walks in angry that Cane is not being trusted. Cane walks in just as Nina announces that she's going to have Phillip's body exhumed. Kay sends an irritated Cane away, and Nina explains through tears that her son could have Huntington's disease. Jill and Kay offer to call the lab that has Phillip's blood from the last time he was exhumed, but they're all in shock when the lab reports that there is no record of Phillip's from before. Mac tells Raul that she can't marry him, but he makes her promise to hold onto the ring. Cane and Billy spend time blowing off steam at the basketball court. Adam goes out of his room to continue his plan. Mac walks in on Billy and Chloe having a good time with Delia.moreless
  • Ep. #9168
    Ep. #9168
    Episode 59
    Nina is suspicious when Paul reveals that Violet Montgomery wasn't in Genoa City at the time Cane was born. Neil tells Kay that hiring Jill at Chancellor could be a good idea, but Jill's behavior after overhearing makes matters worse. Victor compares Nick's situation with Sharon and Phyllis to his own past with women. Ashley isn't pleased when Estella and Rafe arrive at the ranch. Tyra tries to talk to Devon, unsuccessfully. Adam urges Heather to find a loophole and get him out of the ranch. Olivia reveals to Lily that she is having problems with getting pregnant, which upsets Lily because she won't be able to give good news to an already troubled Cane. Cane wants Kay to have Nina ease off on questioning him. Nina tells Kay that she won't give up and that she will fight for herself and her son. Rafe hands Adam the polygraph test papers that prove that Estella isn't lying. Jill makes a final attempt at getting a great job and when the interview fails, she goes to get a job as the manicurist. Neil assures Tyra that Devon will change his mind regarding their closeness. Devon daydreams of kissing Tyra when he kisses Roxanne. Cane reassures Lily about her not getting pregnant. Heather informs Paul that Mary Jane dropped the restraining order. Mary Jane dreams of Paul knowing the truth about her identity. Adam temporarily falls asleep and accidentally knocks the laptop on the floor, as the voice of Sabrina's podcast begins playing. He attempts to turn it off but it seems as if it broke. Meanwhile, Victor rushes upstairs to Adam's room after Ashley tells him that it's the same voice she heard before.moreless
  • Ep. #9167
    Ep. #9167
    Episode 58
    Billy and Mac begin undressing until they are interrupted by Raul's arrival. Chloe rehearses talking to Billy when he gets home. Jack is surprised to find Mary Jane babysitting Summer, and he bonds with Mary Jane over how wonderful Summer is. Phyllis returns in time to tell Jack that Mary Jane would be a great woman for him. Victor and Ashley meet with Dr. Taylor, and Olivia accidentally sees them together. She preaches Dr. Taylor's work as amazing and explains to Ashley that she's in good hands. Billy comes back to the poolhouse to find Chloe there and they end up about to make love when Billy realizes he can't do it. Chloe has finally had enough and she throws the wedding ring away. Jack reveals to Phyllis about how stupid he was when he was married for the first time to Patty. Victor visits Mary Jane and wants her to continue doing their work even though he wanted nothing to do with her. He orders her to drop the restraining order on Paul and be more focused. Mac tells Raul that she doesn't know who she is anymore. Ashley tells Victor that she would like to call the baby "Hope."moreless
  • Ep. #9166
    Ep. #9166
    Episode 57
    Sharon packs her bags to leave. She reminisces about the fun times she had with Jack and he asks her to stay, but she realizes her future lies with Nick. Mac thinks of making herself a bit more fun. Chloe takes another stab at Billy's mistakes and puts him in an uncomfortable position when she overhears them talking about Sharon, but decides to keep quiet. Gloria and Jeff continue following Mary Jane. Michael offers support to Phyllis while she's going through these tough times. Nick arrives and wants to have Phyllis begin the divorce proceedings. She is shocked that he is doing everything so fast and ends up asking him to leave. She fights back tears when she has to explain to Summer that her dad won't be living with them anymore. Nick arrives at the Abbott mansion to pick up Sharon and Jack asks him to take good care of Sharon. Eden explains to Lauren how Noah is being affected by all the mistakes his parents are making. Jack sleeps with Mary Jane, but won't spend time with her when they're done. Billy helps Mac become more of a fun person at the bar and they end up kissing. Chloe reads passages from Mac's diary and learns more about how deep her relationship with Billy was. Jeff informs Gloria that he saw Jack kissing Mary Jane. They're both convinced that she's a slut. Noah is unpleasantly shocked when Nick and Sharon tell him that they're going to try to make their relationship work. He tells Eden that he plans to file for emancipation. Mary Jane ruins a project for Restless Style and then informs Phyllis who has to take care of things, so Mary Jane ends up being Summer's nanny. Jack is surprised to find Mary Jane at the tackhouse.moreless
  • Ep. #9165
    Ep. #9165
    Episode 56
    At the hospital, J.T. informs Nikki of how Victoria got harmed. Daniel, Jana, Amber and Kevin try to figure out a way to get out of the messy situation, and a visit from Aucker makes things even more complicated. Paul talks to Heather about his suspicious of Mary Jane Benson, and she advises him to stop snooping in her life. Mary Jane appears and slaps Paul with a restraining order. Adam is freaked out when Ashley claims she can feel the baby kicking. Dr. Taylor explains that Ashley is probably having a hysterical pregnancy. Ashley sees the doctor, who then has to fake coming over to check up on her. Victor learns at the hospital that J.T. caught Mary Jane snooping around the ranch. Aucker questions Victoria briefly before J.T. and Victor ask him to get out. Paul informs Victor and Nikki about the restraining order Mary Jane filed. Daniel decides to tell Aucker the truth, but his future looks grim when Aucker confirms that Daniel's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon. Daniel explains that the pushed the gun away from Balfour, and Aucker warns him that he better pray the money doesn't show up in his belonging. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure drops off the suitcase with money in the backroom of Crimson Lights. Nikki shares her concerns about Adam and Ashley with Victor. Mary Jane struggles with having to put Paul's photo in her scrapbook of enemies.moreless
  • Ep. #9164
    Ep. #9164
    Episode 55
    Nina meets with Cane at Crimson Lights in order to dig up more info on his past, but Cane tries to avoid having to answer most of her questions and ends up excusing himself at the end. Chloe makes it clear to Billy that getting her back is practically impossible after having learned that he slept with Sharon on their wedding day. J.T. lets Mary Jane go after she explains why she was at the ranch. Amber and Kevin arrive at Jimmy's with Jana in order to find Daniel, who calls out for Aucker in the alley nearby. Chloe meets with Katherine at the Athletic Club and they discuss about Billy. Kay notes that Chloe will never be able to change Billy, and she offers to be help out Chloe whenever she has the need to run to Billy. Mac is forced to admit that she has feelings for Billy, but she won't do anything about it. Chloe overhears Billy telling Mac that he's free. Paul questions Mary Jane about her mysterious identity and she gets so angry that she files a stalking charge. Daniel is shocked when a masked figure kills Balfour in front of his eyes, and he makes the mistake of having his fingerprints on the gun. Victoria walks in the alley, finds Balfour dead and ends up trapped under a pile of crates. J.T. finds her and assures Aucker that he'll pay if Victoria dies. Daniel returns to the apartment and Amber, Jana and Kevin soon follow. Mary Jane talks to her cat explaining that she killed a bird that was irritating her. Mac admits to Kay that she still loves Billy. Cane calls Phillip and tells him that Nina hasn't forgotten about him.moreless
  • Ep. #9163
    Ep. #9163
    Episode 54
    Nikki arrives at the ranch just in time to see Ashley being examined by Dr. Taylor, a man Adam used to know at Harvard. Nikki has her reservations regarding the doctor. Amber distracts Daniel from going out to face Balfour. Daniel sneaks off after having slept with her, and Amber wonders what he's hiding. Mary Jane catches up on what's new with Phyllis and later hides near the door to see what is going on. J.T. is worried when Victoria decides to wear a wire on her meeting with Balfour and refuses to listen to his plea not to get involved. Ashley is at ease when Dr. Taylor tells her that the baby is okay. He goes to see Adam and explains that Ashley miscarried. He tries to give Adam a moral lesson, but Adam warns him that he will expose his secrets unless he does as he says. Nick briefly visits Phyllis and Summer. Sharon admits to Jack that she spent the night with Nick, and Jack understands that it's over between them. He is heartbroken when Sharon makes him feel the baby kicking. Victor meets with a doctor that might help Adam regain his eyesight. Jack visits Phyllis and they catch up on what's new, and a jealous Mary Jane breaks the glass on the tackhouse by throwing a dead bird through it. Adam listens as Victor and Ashley talk about the baby as if it was still alive. J.T. catches Mary Jane as she tries to leave the Newman property.moreless
  • Ep. #9162
    Ep. #9162
    Episode 53
    Adam rushes to help Ashley after her fall down the stairs, while Nikki worries when nobody answers her from inside the house. Adam brings Ashley back upstairs and comes back downstairs just in time to pretend having rested. He lies that Jack took Ashley out for dinner. Daniel tries to get more info on Balfour from Aucker, but Aucker is more suspicious of Daniel and he tries to have him take a polygraph test. Victoria meets with Mr. Balfour who tries to make a deal with her to sell the forgery, while Victoria thinks she's getting the original that was stolen years ago. Jana arrives but isn't able to warn Victoria because Balfour threatens her with Daniel's life. Ashley wakes up fearing that something wrong happened, while Adam tries to convince her it was all a dream. Sharon and Nick spend time making love and talking about their future. Phyllis and Jack admit to each other that they have no regrets having sex, but they both decide to fight for Sharon and Nick. Mary Jane puts Phyllis in the book of her enemies. She reaches out to Jack when she finds him alone at the Club and brings him back to her suite, where she plays a game with scissors. Jack leaves after having sex with her. Nikki is surprised to learn that Adam lied to her about Ashley's whereabouts. Phyllis admits to Daniel that Nick left her. Victoria meets with Howard Aucker who asks her to wear a wire the next time she meets with Balfour. Ashley walks downstairs and realizes everything was real, but Adam manages to convince her that she was only dreaming. Jana is worried when Daniel decides to confront Balfour before his meeting with Victoria. Phyllis tries to see Nick, but Jack convinces her to do it some other time.moreless
  • Ep. #9161
    Ep. #9161
    Episode 52
    Jack visits the ranch and enter another argument with Adam. They're both alarmed by a scream of Ashley, who had just had a nightmare of Sabrina. Jack warns Adam not to mess with his sister. Gloria and Jeff work on tailing Mary Jane. Mary Jane attacks Sharon for messing with Jack's mind. Nikki is surprised to learn that Sharon is pregnant. Gloria tries to strike a conversation with Nikki while Jeff tries to meet Mary Jane, who isn't least bit interested in him. Nick finally tells Phyllis that their marriage is over and asks Phyllis to tell him what he feels. She hides her emotions for awhile but then attacks him for everything he had done. Paul offers sympathy to Mary Jane, and Jeff thinks Mary Jane is also sleeping with Paul. Jack arrives at the tackhouse and learns that Nick left Phyllis. He is convinced that it still might work between him and Sharon, but Phyllis gives him a reality check. In a moment of weakness, Phyllis and Jack end up between sheets together, as Mary Jane sees the entire thing through the window. Nick invites Sharon to his suite at the Athletic Club where he finally confesses his feelings for her and they end up making love. Ashley is stunned when she walks down the staircase and thinks her nightmare is repeating himself. An apparition of Sabrina appears and Ashley takes down the veil and sees Adam underneath. Out of shock, she falls down the stairs unconscious, just as Nikki arrives knocking on the door.moreless
  • Ep. #9160
    Ep. #9160
    Episode 51
    Jack proposes to Sharon, who tries to get out of having to reject him. Billy asks Chloe to forgive him, but she is shocked after having found out he slept with Sharon. She forces him to buy them a new home or she'll leave him. Adam tries to tell a sob story in front of Nick, but Nick refuses to trust him. Victor and Nikki share a bittersweet moment at the Athletic Club. They apologize to each other and when Nikki's emotions start to take the best of her, she leaves. Ashley is convinced that Olivia is trying to have her committed to a mental institution. Mary Jane and Nikki occupy Phyllis while she waits for Nick's return home. Nikki quizzes Mary Jane about her past, and Mary Jane feels uneasy having to answer. Phyllis and Mary Jane bond over their mutual hate of Sharon. Nikki overhears Ashley talking to Sabrina's statue. Nick admits to Victor that Sharon is pregnant, and Victor warns him that he's making a mistake. An eavesdropping Adam is insulted at Nick's behavior. Jack orders Billy to get his life back in order. Chloe runs into Sharon and confronts her for sleeping with her husband. Sharon doesn't attempt to feel sorry for it and leaves Chloe even more shocked when she learns that Sharon slept with Billy on their wedding day. Nick finally arrives home ready to face his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #9159
    Ep. #9159
    Episode 50
    Billy brings Mac flowers claiming that he's okay with her engagement to Raul. Cane tells Lily that he wants to keep his past a secret. JT finally pays a visit to Mac. Amber and Kevin get on a radio show that turns out to be hosted by Tommy Lasorda. They try to plead their case to the people, but end up getting only bad comments. Daniel explains to Agent Aucker how the fake Aucker tricked him into making a painting, and he promises to help out with the case. Chloe tries to have a good conversation with Billy and she urges him to grow up. Nina interrupts the Winters family in their get-together to ask questions about how Cane got to Genoa City, but Cane prefers to postpone the questioning. He calls Langley to inform him of the recent developments. Amber and Kevin are pleased when they finally get a positive feedback after Kevin tells the truth about what happened.moreless
  • Ep. #9158
    Ep. #9158
    Episode 49
    Amber calls in the police to investigate the trashing of her apartment, but they don't have much to go on. Daniel is angry at Amber for involving the police. Amber is convinced that the bullies are trying to get her and Kevin. Kevin feels as if Jana is hiding something. Nikki and Paul spend the day trying to figure out who Mary Jane actually is since there isn't much they could find about her past. Jill, Gloria and Jeff put on a show in front of Victor, who is irritated by their lack of class in his own house. Jana learns about the trashing of Daniel's place and wants to do something. Both Daniel and Jana are shocked when the real Howard Aucker appears. Amber comes up with a plan to clear her name as well as Kevin's. Mary Jane is distraught when Victor tries to cut all ties with her thinking their experiment didn't work. Jill, Gloria and Jeff learn of Victor's presence at the GCAC and rush to see Mary Jane hugging Victor. Nikki and Paul meet with Paul's brother Todd, who gives them his blessing for the marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #9157
    Ep. #9157
    Episode 48
    Victor meets with a psychiatrist to discuss Ashley's health. Adam fakes being surprised when Ashley mentions the scrapbook she found in her purse. Daniel receives another warning from Aucker. Jack assures Phyllis that she doesn't have to worry about Sharon. Olivia informs Jack about the recent events in Ashley's life. Nick tries to convince Sharon that they belong to each other and that they need to reunite, but Sharon doesn't agree and tells both Nick and Phyllis that she's going back to Jack. Jana is suspicious of Daniel after learning that the painting he is copying was stolen. Kevin and Amber commiserate over the postings about them over the net. Amber tries to cheer Kevin up by creating a supporting site. Victor and Jack argue over Ashley. Ashley goes to take a walk outside and is stunned when Sabrina's statue comes alive, claiming that Ashley has nothing to worry about. Ashley wakes up from her dream and smiles. Daniel and Amber are shocked to find their apartment trashed. Adam is unhappy to learn that Ashley is getting better. Nick tries to tell Phyllis about his decision, but they're interrupted by a call from the babysitter.moreless
  • Ep. #9156
    Ep. #9156
    Episode 47
    Victoria asks J.T. to help her get into Adam's room when Adam doesn't respond to her. They open the room to find it empty and start going through Adam's stuff until Adam shows up holding a bottle of wine and claiming that he was in the wine cellar. Olivia and Victor calm Ashley, but she is keen on going back home now that she doesn't feel comfortable at the hospital anymore. Sharon doesn't see how Jack can forgive her for what she had done. However, Jack explains that he is ready to put all of their problems aside and work on a life together, even raising another man's child just as long as they are together. Phyllis explains to Nick that she went to the graveyard and heard him talking to Sharon. She gives Nick an ultimatum, and Nick reminisces about his time with both Phyllis and Sharon in order to make a decision. Olivia wants Ashley to see a psychiatrist. Victoria tells J.T. that she has a feeling Adam is up to something. Jack reassures Phyllis that Sharon has decided to stay with him. Sharon shows up at Restless Style and Nick kisses her, saying that she is the woman he wants to be with.moreless
  • Ep. #9155
    Ep. #9155
    Episode 46
    Phyllis is disappointed at Jack for not confronting Sharon. They commiserate over their pain. Victor and Olivia take Ashley to the hospital, while Adam rushes to his room to take care of business. Nick and Sharon realize that they need to tell Phyllis and Jack the truth about the pregnancy. Olivia checks on Ashley and tells her that the baby is fine. Lily and Cane return from their honeymoon to find Neil and Tyra happy together, and Devon sulking about his family problems. Phyllis insults Jack when she says that she loves Nick like no other man before, and she apologizes for what she said. Adam calls Frank and arranges to meet him. He sneaks out of the ranch just as Victoria and J.T. appear to deliver the news about Ashley to Abby. Devon admits to Neil that he was too hard on him. Sharon tells Jack the truth about Billy and he admits he already knew, but that he's ready to move on with her. Nick tells Phyllis about Sharon's pregnancy and she takes a moment to cry, then asks him what he is going to do next. Victoria goes to check on Adam. Adam brings a scrapbook of Sabrina into Ashley's room. Victor finds Ashley confused over how the book got there.moreless
  • Ep. #9154
    Ep. #9154
    Episode 45
    Victor and Olivia manage to calm a distraught Ashley, while Adam watches them through the secret cameras. Gloria and Jeff return from their long trip back to Genoa City and find out that they've been moved out of the Athletic Club. They decide to trick a person into renting them an apartment without letting them know that they have no money. Jill tries to pitch a business idea to Jack, but he is in no mood for her company. John's ghost pays a visit, encouraging Jack not to forget that Billy is his brother, and what Jack did with Jill in the past. Jill gives Billy advice on how to handle the situation with Chloe. Chloe explains to Esther, Mac and Raul that she decided to leave her husband. Raul asks Mac to go to Washington with him. He leaves, and Mac promises to think about it. Chloe and Mac talk about how neither of them knew their father during their childhood. Adam watches with amazement as Ashley begins talking in her room. Ashley confides in John's ghost about the nightmare she had, and Adam immediately takes notes. Olivia and Victor are worried when Ashley comes downstairs claiming something went wrong with the baby. Jill, Jeff and Gloria make a pact not to reveal to anyone that they're broke. Chloe is disappointed when Billy leaves her a phone message without apologizing. John's ghost visits Billy, and later Mac shows up to ask Billy to get his wife and child back home. Jack is confused when he sees Phyllis giving Gloria and Jeff the keys to the penthouse.moreless
  • Ep. #9153
    Ep. #9153
    Episode 44
    Nina, Jill and Kay visit the grave of Phillip III and reminisce about the times they spent with him. Victor asks Adam to help him convince Ashley to see a shrink. Mac accepts Raul's proposal. Nina quizzes Jill about how she learned about Cane, but Jill won't get into it. Lily surprises Cane with tickets to Australia, but he refuses to go, explaining that there is nothing he wants to come back to. Chloe tries to talk to Billy but he doesn't even care to talk to her. Jack unleashes his anger on Billy and confronts him about sleeping with his wife. Billy tries to excuse himself, but Jack won't let him try to gain sympathy. Chloe and Sharon interrupt them and Jack lies about the reason of their fight. Sharon tells Jack that she told Noah about the pregnancy. Ashley catches Adam in her room and he lies to her that Victor asked him to spy on her. Olivia and Victor worry about Ashley, as Adam listens in. Ashley has another nightmare of Sabrina. Chloe attempts to talk to Billy again, but he is unresponsive. Billy is shocked when Mac tells him she's engaged to Raul. Billy returns home to find that Chloe and Delia have moved away. Chloe arrives at the Chancellor mansion. In Australia, Phillip III talks to another man about closing the bar.moreless
  • Ep. #9152
    Ep. #9152
    Episode 43
    Raul and Mac catch up on what's new in their lives, as a jealous Billy watches them. Amber and Nina continue arguing over the screenplay. Devon confronts Tyra about lying to him regarding her paternity and he storms off when Neil enters. Neil understands what happened to Tyra. Det. Wallace brings letter to Kevin in which several people complain for releasing Kevin from prison. He brings the papers to Amber. Phyllis runs away, as Sharon explains to Nick that the baby could be his and why she didn't tell him sooner. Nick is convinced that this is the baby Cassie predicted. Chloe is happy now that Raul and Mac are together. Billy gives Raul his blessing to marry Mac. Jana urges Daniel not to hide on the anniversary of Cassie's death. At Restless Style, Phyllis angrily confronts Jack about keeping Sharon's pregnancy a secret, but the tables are turned when Phyllis accidentally blurts out that Billy could be the father of the baby. At Cassie's graveyard, Noah explains to Nick that he now understands why Cassie wanted to drive a drunk Daniel back home - for love. Daniel feels silly around Sharon, but she tells him there is no reason to. Chloe tries to talk to Billy, but he continues sulking like a child. Sharon tells Noah that she's pregnant and he's all excited, thinking that it's Jack's. Raul proposes. Nick doesn't tell Phyllis about what Sharon told him. Jack throws his phone at the GCAC out of rage.moreless
  • Ep. #9151
    Ep. #9151
    Episode 42
    Amber and Nina argue over what the screenplay should be about. Chloe tells Billy that Mac loves someone else. Sharon won't let Jack go to the graveyard with her, and Nick tells the same thing to Phyllis. Jack tells Nick that Sharon doesn't want to see him. At the barbecue, Mac is insulted when Billy suggests that she made up the guy. Nina learns that Amber had a hand in bringing Cane to Genoa City. Cane and Lily enjoy their honeymoon. Sharon waits at Restless Style with Phyllis until she's sure that she won't see Nick at the graveyard. Everyone is stunned when Raul appears at the barbecue and kisses Mackenzie. Nick finds Sharon at the graveyard, where she finally admits that she is pregnant, and Phyllis overhears.moreless
  • Ep. #9150
    Ep. #9150
    Episode 41
    Mary Jane is worried when Paul asks to see her at the GCAC dining room. She joins him wearing glasses and keeps giving him as little info as possible until she excuses herself with a migraine, prompting Paul to run a background check on her. Jack is worried about Chloe's and Billy's marriage. Chloe is convinced that things are finally picking up, but after a conversation with Jack she realizes that Billy might just be acting on impulse yet again. Kay tells Mac that she invited Billy and Chloe to the barbecue. Phyllis wants Nick to open up to her and refuses to let him shut out like he always does, and she's confused when he admits feeling guilty for what Sharon is going through. Billy and Sharon talk about the baby, with Sharon hiding the part about Nick possibly being the father. Jack interrupts and Billy leaves. Sharon wants to tell Nick about the pregnancy, but Jack persuades her to keep it secret for now. Chloe confronts Mac about calling Billy, and Mac reassures Chloe that she has no intentions with Billy. Chloe is surprised when Mac admits that she never slept with Billy and that up until recently she was involved with someone else. Billy overhears Chloe and Mac discussing about the other guy.moreless
  • Ep. #9149
    Ep. #9149
    Episode 40
    Mac has a dream of making love to Billy. Chloe and Billy bond over the time they spent together in New York. Amber doesn't understand why is Daniel acting strange. Jana notices that Daniel's painting bares a resemblance to another piece she saw and he excuses himself saying that he was just trying to copy a painting because of a block. Aucker shows up and berates Daniel for hanging around with Jana, but Daniel refuses to take notes from him as to who he should and shouldn't be friends with. Phyllis is thrilled that the latest issue Restless Style was another success and she wants to celebrate. She picks the same day as Cassie's anniversary without realizing it, and later apologizes to Nick for failing to remember. Mary Jane reassures Jack that their business relationship won't be affected by Jack's reconciliation with Sharon. Mac tries to lift Kevin's self esteem while he cracks jokes about it. Sharon attempts to go through therapy with Dr. Mason, but when things get too rough, she bails on working through her problems. Paul is curious about Mary Jane, while she tries to stay away from him. Nick sees Sharon visibly upset from therapy and tries to talk to her, but she asks him to leave her alone. Mac listens to an old tape of herself and Billy singing and wants to send Billy a message about it. At the same time, Billy and Chloe continue bonding and end up between the sheets. Sharon stares at Cassie's drawing and comes to a conclusion that she has to leave Genoa City, but Jack persuades her to stay. Nick is distraught when Summer gives him a drawing and it reminds him of when Cassie gave it to him. Mary Jane feels alone without Jack and is overjoyed when she thinks Jack came to her room, only to find Paul standing there.moreless
  • Ep. #9148
    Ep. #9148
    Episode 39
    Murphy makes a toast to Cane and Lily. Virginia explains to Devon that Tyra isn't their blood relative and that she was taken in by their family after her mother died. Lauren encourages Michael to put all of his worries behind and concentrate on her for the night. The happy couple spends a great night together at the GCAC. Jill doesn't like the idea of a movie being made about Kay's life. Amber becomes envious of Cane and Lily's happiness and explains to Chloe that might never get married to Daniel. Jill confides in Billy about her money problems. Chloe apologizes to Cane and Lily for making their life trouble last year. Billy attempts to apologize to Kevin, but Jana stands up and defends her man. They later make love in the elevator. Roxanne, Devon and Ana prepare a surprise for Cane and Lily. Jill is annoyed to find Kay with guests at the mansion. Back home, Amber questions Daniel about getting married and tries to give him an ultimatum but he refuses to be pressured. At the GCAC, Virginia gives Devon the letter that his mother never sent to his father, making Devon realize that his father doesn't even know he exists. Tyra and Neil make love. Billy tries to see Mac but she refuses to talk to him, and Kay asks him to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #9147
    Ep. #9147
    Episode 38
    Victor comforts a distraught Ashley after she received the scary phone call, while Adam plays innocent. At the wedding reception, Lily and Cane's friends and family continue celebrating the happy union. Tyra and Devon are surprised when Aunt Virginia shows up at the wedding. Devon is thrilled, while Tyra doesn't seem to be. Phyllis and Nick concentrate on having more fun as a couple. Jill asks Cane to take his father's last name, and Kay approves of the idea. Devon is surprised when Virginia mentions Tyra not being a blood relative. Jill is annoyed to hear Nina's plans for Kay's movie. Olivia arrives at the ranch to check on Ashley, who is frightened because it seems like everyone thinks she is going crazy. Nick and Phyllis spend a passionate night at Restless Style.moreless
  • Ep. #9146
    Ep. #9146
    Episode 37
    Neil, Olivia and Colleen help Lily prepare for the wedding. Cane is relieved when Jill arrives in time before the wedding. Victor finds out that the cleaning service found the tape recorder of the baby crying in the pocket of Estella's jacket. Adam downloads a podcast of Sabrina's speech and edits out various words to frighten Ashley. The wedding begins and Cane and Lily are finally pronounced husband and wife. Victor meets with Estella and confronts her about the recorded. Even though she claims not to know anything about it, he decides to fire her. Adam goes to see Ashley just as Ashley receives the frightening call from "Sabrina," and rushes scared into Victor's arms. Just as Cane and Lily pronounce their never-ending love to each other, Cane has flashbacks to the time he spoke with someone about getting into the Chancellor family - and it turns out the presumed-dead Phillip Chancellor III was on the other line.moreless
  • Ep. #9145
    Ep. #9145
    Episode 36
    Adam is worried when Nick takes his mail and toys around with the idea of opening it, but Nick stops his games and leaves Adam alone. Adam opens the mail and finds listening devices, then installs them over the ranch. Mary Jane is jealous when she sees Jack and Sharon dining together. She goes to Restless Style with Phyllis for an interview she made up. Jill calls Jack and asks him to help her get back to Genoa City. She's not at all surprised when she receives three tickets with her traveling coach and the Bardwells traveling by cargo ship. Billy continues spending time at Jimmy's and refusing to let Mac breathe. Jack arrives and tries to urge Billy to forget about what could have been with Mac and concentrate on Chloe, the woman that loves him. At Indigo, the Winters family and friends celebrate the upcoming wedding between Cane and Lily. Karen returns and finds Neil dancing with Tyra. She forces Neil to sign the divorce papers and leaves without saying anything. Mary Jane tells Phyllis that there will be no interview and before that she arranges a call for Nick to meet Sharon. Sharon is having trouble with her health when she talks to Nick and Phyllis comes in time to see Nick holding Sharon. Cane asks Billy to come to his wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #9144
    Ep. #9144
    Episode 35
    Paul is taken aback when Nikki suggests informing Victor of their engagement. Victoria berates Heather for getting back with Adam after everything he had done to her. Abby tells Ashley that she thinks Adam might be behind her gaslighting. Victoria sees Jack and Colleen talking, and immediately confronts Colleen about Jack using her. Jill, Jeff and Gloria find themselves on Cayman Islands trying to get their money back from the failing bank, but they're unable to get anything back, and even can't afford a flight home. Paul is stunned to hear that Heather is back with Adam, and he asks her to stop seeing him because he's dangerous. Adam plays the tape of the baby crying and scares Ashley, while Victor rushes to help. Adam tells Ashley that he heard it too in a way to comfort her and making Victor believe that he had nothing to do with it. Victor seems surprisingly peaceful when Nikki informs him about her engagement. He suggests he should rebuild his relationship with Adam. Victoria confronts Jack about using Colleen as his puppet. Colleen tells Abby that she will never bury her grudge against Victor. Adam advises Heather not to get attached to him. Victoria can't hide her feelings when Nikki tells her about getting engaged to Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #9143
    Ep. #9143
    Episode 34
    Nikki doesn't say yes but doesn't say no either to Paul's proposal. Paul apologizes for rushing into an engagement too soon, and Nikki needs some time to think. Sharon decides to move back to the Abbott mansion. Jack informs Mary Jane that there can only be a business relationship between them and she acts like she's fine with it, but then rips some papers out of anger when he leaves the room. Phyllis is happy when she spends a great day with Nick and Summer. Jack and Sharon surprise them with the announcement of Sharon's moving, and both Phyllis and Nick have their questions regarding Sharon's rushed decision. Rafe promises to be there for Adam if he needs anything. He asks Victor why he's allowing Ashley to blame Estella and Adam, but Victor dismisses him. Heather tells Paul that she's trying to get Adam off on parole for medical reasons. Nina asks Katherine if she's like to transfer her book to the big screen. Aucker interrupts a celebration between Daniel and Amber. He introduces himself as an FBI agent asking Daniel to forge a painting for the benefit of their case, and Daniel reluctantly agrees but is sworn to secrecy. Ashley tries to give Adam hope. Once she's gone, Adam removes the bracelet off his leg and goes out, then digs out the recording of a baby crying from near the statue. Ashley convinced Victor to let Heather visit Adam whenever she wants. Adam returns to his room just in time to hear the happy news from Heather. Nikki visits Victor and thanks him for finally being civil. Kay is happy when Amber and Nina decide to write the screenplay for the movie together. Phyllis tells Nick that she feels as if Sharon is hiding something. Victor reminisces about the dance he shared with Nikki. Nikki accepts Paul's proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #9142
    Ep. #9142
    Episode 33
    Lily acts like a diva and refuses to get along with Chloe's ideas, while Nikki attempts to make the best for benefit of the magazine and manages to convince Lily to take the best step for her modeling career. Billy spends time at Jimmy's to be around Mac, but has to leave to take care of Delia. Daniel and Jana are excited after Aucker buys all of his drawings. Jill warns the Governor of all the bad political moves connected to granting amnesty for Amber and Kevin, leaving both of them in shock and Kay confused as to how she lost control of the night. Kevin offers to take the entire blame, but Amber refuses to accept his idea. The Governor seems to side with Jill who has been using all of her charms, but Murphy ends up bonding with him over military talk. Kay is overjoyed when the Governor grants amnesty and she informs Amber and Kevin about it, who then proceed to celebrate with Daniel and Jana. Adam pretends to sleep when Dr. Lurie comes to cover for not responding to his calls. Estella is depressed over her relocation, but Ashley doesn't feel bad. Rafe comes to pick up Estella. Dr. Lurie tells Victor that Adam will soon completely lose his sight. Adam drops the box containing the drugs for his eyes and Rafe picks it up. Adam quickly takes it out of his hands. Paul and Heather catch up on the latest in their lives. Jill learns about the bank in Cayman Islands going down. Chloe and Lily continue fighting. Paul asks Nikki to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #9141
    Ep. #9141
    Episode 32
    Chloe surprised Nikki and Phyllis with a great idea to show the other side of marriage by using Cane and Lily for the photoshoot. Victor is angry when Heather appears in the living room wearing only Adam's shirt and holding alcohol in her hands. Adam stands up for Heather and uses Victor's confrontation to point out that Heather needs to find a way to get him away from the ranch. Ashley is worried about how hard Victor is on Adam. Daniel is disappointed and worried about his latest show. He explains to Jana that he feels like he's riding on Amber's success. A strange man arrives at the gallery and talks to someone on the phone about locating Daniel. He stuns Daniel and Jana by offering to buy all the drawings. Jill learns that Kay is holding a dinner party and uses it as a perfect chance to mess with Katherine, even though Murphy and Esther warn her to stay away. The Governor arrives and Kay is the perfect host until Jill intervenes and starts talking trash about Amber and Kevin. Adam accuses Victor of trying to get him back into prison. Lily and Cane are freaked out by the Restless Style shoot and blame Chloe for feeling frustrated, even though Nikki and Phyllis assure them that they're doing the right thing. Ashley receives a sonogram of Sabrina's baby and accuses Estella. Victor decides to relocate Estella to work at Newman Enterprises. Dr. Lurie arrives at the mansion just as Adam injects something in his eye to make it seem like his eyesight is getting worse.moreless
  • Ep. #9140
    Ep. #9140
    Episode 31
    Michael warns Gloria that things might not go well for her in court. Nick accepts Victor's offer to come work for Newman again. Victor tells Nick that he's keeping an eye on Adam. Mary Jane and Phyllis find a common interest by discussing about how needy Sharon is. Billy warns Sharon that they won't be able to keep their secret forever. Gloria tries to keep her cool in court as Ashley explains how Gloria messed with the cream and put various lives in danger. While on the stand, Gloria realizes that she must confess the truth since she's going to lose anyway if they play the tape of her confession. The judge awards Jabot double the damages they were seeking, leaving Gloria worried that she'll lose everything she has. Heather sneaks into Adam's room and later hides when Victor enters. She agrees with Victor's idea to have an eye doctor check on Adam, and she promises to find a way to get him out of the ranch on a medical discharge. Sharon attempts to tell Nick about her pregnancy but is interrupted when Summer falls off the swing. They take her to the hospital to make sure everything is okay. Sharon witnesses a close family moment between Phyllis, Nick and Summer and decides not to say anything about her pregnancy after all. Gloria and Ashley begin fighting in court and Ashley ends up in serious pains and has to be taken to the hospital. Victor convinces Ashley to stay at home and stop working until she gives birth. Jack relies on Billy and asks him to be co-CEO with him. Jeff learns that the bank on Cayman Islands where he's keeping his money is about to go under. Mary Jane is upset when she sees Jack hugging Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #9139
    Ep. #9139
    Episode 30
    Phyllis uses the Restless Style deadline to remind Nick how tough it will be for her if he returns to work at Newman full-time. Jack is ready to take full care of Sharon now that she is pregnant, but she reminds him not to get ahead of himself since Nick could also be the father. Billy explains to Chloe that he can't seem to settle for anything in life. Victoria is stunned to hear Ashley's gaslighting theories. Victor refuses to believe that Estella is involved. Mac urges Billy to stop daydreaming about them getting back together and to settle for the fact that life just isn't fair. Nikki agrees with Phyllis that Nick's decision to go to Newman is a mistake. Victoria visits Adam who is not surprised that Victoria thinks he could have something to do with Ashley's troubles. Chloe visits Mac at Jimmy's and attempts to make her realize that she needs to leave Billy alone. Mary Jane is worried when Jack begins acting distant. Billy is shocked to learn about Sharon's pregnancy. Sharon has a nightmare of Cassie. Adam tries to trick Ashley into believing that Victoria could be gaslighting her. Victor wants Victoria to stop being a kid regarding his situation with Nikki. Nick sees Paul holding an engagement ring and gives him his approval. Billy confronts Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #9138
    Ep. #9138
    Episode 29
    Sharon reveals to Doris that she's pregnant and that the father could be either of the three guys she slept with. Doris urges her daughter to find out who the father is. Jill wakes up refreshed after a wild night with the bartender. Nick is stunned when Victor asks him to be the COO of the Newman Enterprises, while Adam listens in disgust. Kevin's family and friends welcome him to Crimson Lights and try to make the best out of his freedom, but Jeff makes things tough with his usual tasteless jokes. John's ghost appears to Billy urging him not to use his job to hide from his wife and child, and then gives a little advice to Jack also. Phyllis is frustrated to learn that Victor wants Nick to take a full-time job at Newman and urges her husband not to get sucked into Victor's world again after everything they've been through. Jill apologizes to Kay for the scene at her wedding, but their conversation soon turns into another fight. Ashley is convinced that Estella is gaslighting her. Phyllis apologizes to Sharon, but Sharon doesn't care. Nick thanks Phyllis for apologizing and then tells her that he's decided to go work at Newman. Phyllis pleads with Nick to reconsider. Victor tells Adam that he's flying in a specialist to check his eyesight. Adam is upset over the low chance of getting away from the ranch. Billy tries to get himself hired at Chancellor, but Kay tells him that she already hired Neil. Jill, Jeff and Gloria meet to plot against Victor. Jill decides to move back into the Chancellor mansion. Sharon tells Jack about her pregnancy.moreless
  • Ep. #9137
    Ep. #9137
    Episode 28
    As the ceremony begins, Nina ties up Jill and puts her in a closet to prevent her from disturbing others, but Lauren releases Jill who angrily confronts Nina. Paul meets Mary Jane and is surprised at how familiar she seems. Jill calms down and the ceremony finally proceeds. Kay and Murphy are pronounced husband and wife. Jack questions Mary Jane about her talk with Victor and she says she was excited to meet a man with such a reputation. She feigns a headache and leaves. Kay tells Michael that she intends to talk to governor about granting amnesty for Kevin and Amber. Victor is stunned when Neil informs him about getting hired as a CEO at Chancellor. He asks Kay why she didn't ask him about it first, but Kay laughs off Victor's question and instead talks to him about how unfair he was to Nikki. Ashley tells Nikki that she knows she didn't have anything to do with planting Sabrina's things at the ranch. Billy accuses Cane of buying Jimmy's to get back at him for losing Delia, but Cane says it wasn't about that at all. Jill makes her way back to the party where she antagonizes a few people before Cane and Billy take her away from the mansion. Amber and Chloe bond over disliking Mac. Victor asks Nikki to dance and apologizes for accusing her of gaslighting Ashley. Nikki catches Kay's bouquet and happily laughs about it with Paul, while a concerned Victor watches. Jill ends up between the sheets with a young bartender. Jack visits Mary Jane and they also end up in bed. Murphy and Kay retire to the bedroom. Billy kisses Mac in the garden but she slaps him. Chloe witnesses the moment, but chooses to be peaceful and decides to take her husband home.moreless
  • Ep. #9136
    Ep. #9136
    Episode 27
    Murphy and Kay nervously prepare for their wedding, as guests begin to arrive at the Chancellor mansion. Sharon learns that Nick is trying to fix his family situation. Gloria, Jeff and Jill drink together and complain about Victor. Phyllis it touched that Jack remembers it's her wedding anniversary with Nick, only to learn he was talking about Restless Style. Jack asks Mary Jane to be his date for the wedding. Jeff convinces Jill to attend Kay's wedding. Michael is irritated when Heather refuses to back down in Kevin's case. Victor is still convinced that Nikki is gaslighting Ashley. Neil tells Lily and Cane that he quit his job. Murphy asks Victor to be his best man since Kevin isn't around. Sharon promises Noah that things will get better in his life. Back in her room at the GCAC, Sharon is shocked to learn that she is pregnant. Nick and Phyllis slowly move towards full reconciliation. Ashley warns Mary Jane not to hurt Jack. Victor approaches Mary Jane, and Jack wonders what they were talking about. Kevin manages to make it to the wedding, but refuses to be Murphy's best man. As the wedding finally begins, Jill makes her way to the mansion where she's stopped by Nina.moreless
  • Ep. #9135
    Ep. #9135
    Episode 26
    Kay and her friends prepare for the wedding. Billy promises to RSVP in both his and Chloe's name, but it looks like he has different plans. Jill tells Cane that she has no intention of going to Kay's wedding. Heather learns that Paul brought Annie and Roger to the police station, where Michael questions them about the time Clint was holding Kevin hostage. Billy tells Mac that he's coming to the wedding all by himself. Esther learns that Chloe is sick and calls her. Chloe learns that Billy intended to go to the wedding alone. Nikki tells Paul that she'll find a way to convince Jill to attend the wedding. Jill doesn't trust Nikki. Murphy attempts to see Kay, but Amber stops him. Cane hires Mac at Jimmy's. Michael learns that Kevin's gun wasn't loaded with bullets and uses it to his advantage. Esther goes to the police station to confront Roger for one last time. Brock arrives in Genoa City and Kay is happy that her entire family is now with her.moreless
  • Ep. #9134
    Ep. #9134
    Episode 25
    Sharon decides to meet with Heather and give her the written confession of her crimes, but Nick stops her in time and refuses to let her ruin herself and her family. Jack arrives at the police station and learns about what Phyllis had done to Sharon. He warns her that she needs to stop harassing Sharon if she wants to save her marriage. Neil and Olivia catch up on Neil's resigning from Newman and talk about what's next in Neil's love life. Adam trips over a table and Nikki witnesses his nasty fall. She confindes in Victoria that Adam just seems weird and that she fears he might be doing something behind Victor's back. Phyllis begs Lauren not to charge Sharon for her crimes and Lauren eventually decides to listen, and explains that she did it mostly for Eden's sake. Ashley puts on a dress left in her room and goes to see Victor, who is shocked to realize that she's wearing the dress and the earring that Sabrina wore on the night she died. Ashley immediately blames Estella. Tyra and Neil agree to take things slow. Mary Jane and Jack finally end up between the sheets. Jack is confused when Mary Jane reveals that she never had a husband and that she made him up. Neil meets with Katherine and talks about being hired at Chancellor as the CEO. Kay decides to hire him. Heather is frustrated when Nick prevents Sharon from confessing yet again. Lauren informs Sharon about dropping the charges and warns her not to hurt Eden ever again. Victor angrily confronts Nikki about gaslighting Ashley, and Nikki is shocked that he would accuse her since she didn't do it. Ashley wonders if she's slowly losing her mind again.moreless
  • Ep. #9133
    Ep. #9133
    Episode 24
    Jeff warns Gloria not to spend too much money because she's facing serious charges in court. Jill spends quality time with Billy and Delia. Nick tries to prevent Sharon from confessing her crimes and urges her to think of their son. A security guard arrives at Sharon's room and delivers a tape that shows Phyllis breaking into the room in a maid's uniform. Mary Jane and Jack use Delia as a part of Jack's interview to make him look better. Victor thanks Victoria for taking care of a part of Newman business. Ashley is confused when she sees Sabrina's statue at the ranch. Noah is teased by a group of teenagers over Sharon's recent actions. Eden asks Lauren not to sue Sharon. Colleen continues trying to do things her way on the Newman board. Ashley is surprised when Gloria shows up at the ranch and uses the change to make sure that Gloria knows she'll go down in court. Nick thanks Phyllis for not pressing charges against Sharon and is stunned without realizing that Phyllis tried. Neil tells Victor that's he's resigning from Newman, mostly due to the fact that Newmans will always come first no matter how much effort Neil has put into the company. Victor refuses to let him resign but Neil won't take no for an answer. Victoria offers help in Colleen's art career, but Colleen immediately jumps on her for trying to get her off the Newman board. Noah wants Sharon to become responsible for her actions. Nick and Phyllis are about to leave Newman when Det. Wallace enters and arrests Phyllis for trashing Sharon's room.moreless
  • Ep. #9132
    Ep. #9132
    Episode 23
    Heather refuses to step away from Adam when Victor begins to threaten her. Upon hearing Ashley yelling, Victor leaves to help her, while Heather sneaks upstairs to see Adam. Victor is concerned when Ashley claims she heard a baby crying in the woods. Jack is confused when Mary Jane mentions the portrait in the study because she never saw that part of the house, but she saves herself by saying she saw the house on the web. Kevin's family and friends occupy Crimson Lights worrying about what's next for Kevin, who was put in a straitjacket. Inside Kevin's mind, he begins battling with the chipmunk to find out who is hiding under the mask. Estella and Adam are worried when Ashley continues claiming she heard a baby crying and Victor reassures her that there were no babies on his private property. Olivia arrives at the ranch and expresses her worry over Ashley possibly losing her mind again. Heather and Adam talk about their love and end up making love. Murphy and Kay join the Baldwins at the coffee house, and are stumped when Gloria finally decides to come through and confess that she is the one that cooked up the entire mess by forcing Kevin to help her gaslight Katherine. Kay washes hands of Gloria, but the yelling ends and everyone is back worrying about what will happen to Kevin. Mary Jane and Jack begin to get too close at the Abbott mansion and Olivia arrives in time to interrupt them. Jack is worried when Olivia explains Ashley's condition. Victor sees Adam saying goodbye to Heather and tries to warn him to keep her away from the ranch, but even Adam refuses to back down. Victor warns Adam not to upset Ashley in any way. Kevin continues battling the chipmunk and manages to get the mask off, and finds himself inside. He finally comes to his senses and reunites with his family.moreless
  • Ep. #9131
    Ep. #9131
    Episode 22
    Michael attempts to persuade Heather to change a few details in Kevin's ruling, but Heather refuses to back down even after Michael explains how complicated Kevin's mental state is. Colleen comments on Victoria not finishing college. Lily tries to hook up Rafe with Colleen. Rafe explains to Colleen that he is gay, but they agree to go Adam's birthday party together. Lauren and Jana attempt to talk to Kevin. Victor isn't pleased when Heather arrives at the ranch for Adam's birthday celebration, but decides to let her enter anyway. He's further disturbed when Colleen arrives with Rafe. Adam tells everyone that he plans to write a book about his life. Victor comments to Victoria and J.T. that he would make sure that book could never get published. Adam promises to call Heather. Kevin becomes increasingly disturbed when he hears Michael mention Annie and Roger. He goes into a hallucination of jumping out of an ER vehicle. Lily and Cane make love. Colleen tells J.T. that Rafe is gay. Victoria witnesses a hug between Colleen and J.T. and becomes jealous, but J.T. just shrugs it off as a friendly hug. Victor insults Heather a couple times more but she refuses do back down. Ashley goes walking outside the ranch and suddenly hears a crying baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9130
    Ep. #9130
    Episode 21
    Jill is surprised when Cane tells her he dropped the custody case. He urges her to find a way to communicate with Kay. Mary Jane and Jack flirt until Jack has to attend dinner with Sharon. The two end up spending a wonderful time together as friends, as a jealous Mary Jane watches from afar. Kay asks Nikki to be her matron of honor because Jill obviously wouldn't accept. Phyllis and Nick work on brainstorming ideas for the next issue of Restless Style. Jill arrives at Joe's Diner to have a normal conversation with Katherine, but things change when Kay mentions getting married to Murphy and Jill accuses Kay of neglecting her problems for her own pleasure. Cane walks in on Billy getting drunk at Jimmy's Bar. Billy gets nervous but Cane explains that he won't do anything and that he can relax. Chloe comes to pick up Billy later following a call from Cane. Nikki suggests using wedding for the next issue of the magazine and Nick and Phyllis reluctantly agree. Phyllis is pleased when Nick wants to come home to be with Summer. Mac asks for a job at Jimmy's Bar and is surprised to learn that Cane has bought the place. Lily buys a dog for Cane and they name him Humphrey. Cane tells her that he bought Jimmy's Bar. Jack is puzzled when Mary Jane angrily confronts him regarding his hug with Sharon. Mary Jane tries to shrug off her reaction as being passionate about her job and Jack buys it without asking anymore questions. Det. Wallace brings Sharon some of the stuff from her room and she finds herself depressed yet again as she reads the letter that she wrote to Nick back when she was alone at the cabin.moreless
  • Ep. #9129
    Ep. #9129
    Episode 20
    Heather tells Phyllis that she can't press charges against Sharon because her statue isn't worth enough. Phyllis calls Victor and informs him of the theft, but later realizes she made a mistake. Kay, Murphy, Nikki, Mac, Amber, Pearl and Joe Jr. meet at Joe's Diner to hold a special memorial service for Marge. Each of Marge's friends talks about their memories of Marge. Amber and Mac meet for the first time. Michael visits an unresponsive Kevin. Adam tries to get Victor to apologize to him for claiming he had stolen the egg, but Victor won't. Gloria and Jeff each take a shot at talking to Kevin, but neither has much success. Victor comforts Sharon over her life and promises to help out any way he can. Heather visits Adam at the Ranch and explains that she still loves him. He tries to save her the trouble of being heartbroken again and tells her to leave, but she promises she'll be back. Nick tries to persuade Michael to drop the charges against Sharon, but Michael won't back down. Gloria asks Kay to help her with Kevin. Phyllis plays the role of a good person by saying that she won't press charges against Sharon. Sharon confides in her mother. Paul arrives at the diner to inform everyone that Clint's death was caused by a heart attack. Nick decides to attend the Earth Day celebration with Phyllis and Summer. Heather tries to get Victor to explain what he has prepared for Adam's birthday, but he shuts the door in her face again.moreless
  • Ep. #9128
    Ep. #9128
    Episode 19
    Devon tries to console Neil, who is heartbroken after Karen's departure. Jana tries to talk to Kevin and is crushed when he yells at her, unaware that Kevin is talking to the chipmunk in his head. She is further discouraged when Kevin asks for Amber. Daniel urges Amber to think about them for once and forget about Kevin for a few minutes. He explains how he feels neglected and worried that he might lose her. Cane asks Lily to marry him and she accepts. Nick stops Sharon from going to the police station and tells her to think of what it might do to Noah. Phyllis confides in Michael and Lauren about how fragile her marriage is. Jana asks Amber to help out with Kevin. Amber actually manages to get through to Kevin and she notes that he must find out who is in the costume if he wants to win. Sharon apologizes to Michael and Lauren and tries to explain herself, but Lauren jumps and informs Sharon that she intends to press charges against her. Phyllis asks Nick to come home, but he isn't ready yet.moreless
  • Ep. #9127
    Ep. #9127
    Episode 18
    Jill tells Cane he was foolish for not taking a position at Chancellor. Mac tells Billy and Chloe that she doesn't intend to leave Genoa City anytime soon and that they'll just have to deal with it. Billy reassures Chloe that they won't lose their daughter. Karen is deeply disturbed when Neil steps up and explains how much he loves Ana, but that the child should be in Tyra's custody. Jill tries to reveal to Jack and Ashley that Victor was the person that bought stocks from Gloria, but Ashley's pregnancy problems come in the way. The judge awards Tyra with custody of Ana, leaving Karen in a state of shock. Tyra rushes to hug her little girl, while Neil returns to the courtroom to find Karen's wedding ring on the table. Lily explains to Cane how bad things went in the courtroom and it finally forces Cane to think about how bad things could go if he got custody of Delia. Cane asks to speak to Chloe alone. Chloe is overjoyed when Cane tells her he is dropping the suit. Billy thanks Lily for her help. Jack brings Ashley back to the ranch to rest and runs into Adam, with whom he hadn't spoken in months. He uses the chance to accuse Adam of faking his blindness to get sympathy from Victor, and Adam promises to Jack that he will pay for his crimes. Ashley walks in on the conversation and pushes Jack out of the ranch, then apologizes for his behavior. Neil returns back home to find Karen packing her bags. He begs her not to leave, but she finally lets out all of her anger on him. She explains how he's always playing the role of the good guy and that their entire relationship was nothing but lies. She accuses him of using her to get over Dru's death and when he grabs her arms, she slaps him and continues sobbing. Tyra, Ana and Devon arrive at the apartment just in time to see a distraught Karen leaving.moreless
  • Ep. #9126
    Ep. #9126
    Episode 17
    Kay explains to Mac that she likes Chloe, but that she always knew she had some sort of an agenda. Jill wishes Cane luck in his battle for Delia. Billy explains to Chloe that he ran into Mac at the bookstore. They both prepare for the trial, with Chloe extremely worried that she might lose her daughter. Victoria notices that Karen isn't feeling well even though she should be happy about possibly getting custody of Ana. Neil and Victor discuss about Neil's life. Lily confronts Tyra about sleeping with Neil and then going behind Karen's back by hiring a lawyer. She even berates Devon for not informing her of the news in time. J.T. tries to get out of having to dig up dirt on Colleen, but Victor refuses to back down. Victoria is excited that Victor gave her full control of the new expanded fragrance line. Karen is stunned when Tyra appears as the second petitioner for the custody of Ana and realizes that Neil went behind her back. The judge asks Ana to testify to determine who should get the custody. Kay explains to Cane that she didn't kick Jill out and then offers Cane a CEO position at Chancellor. Cane declines. Jill warns Mac to stay away from Billy. Billy asks Lily to try to change Cane's mind. Chloe goes to Church to pray for Delia. Jill tries to get hired at Newman, but Victor turns her down immediately. Jill then tries to blackmail him, but Victor won't back down. Ana hugs Tyra while testifying and then feels guilty about it. Chloe orders Mac to stay away from Billy, who arrives in time to hear their conversation. The judge decides to put Ana in Neil and Karen's custody, leaving Tyra crushed. Neil interrupts the judge and decides to say something before she makes her final decision.moreless
  • Ep. #9125
    Ep. #9125
    Episode 16
    Lily is surprised when she runs into Karen at the bookstore and has no idea what her father had done with Tyra. Jill is shocked to arrive at Jabot and find her stuff in boxes. Billy reassures Chloe that he has no intention of leaving her, even though sometimes she acts like a whack-job. Katherine and Mackenzie discuss about Jill and Billy. Michael explains to Cane that it's hard for him to watch two brothers fighting against each other when he would do anything to have his brother near him. Rafe is disturbed by Neil lying to Karen and trying to help out Tyra. Lily makes it clear to Neil that she hates what he did to Karen. Neil tries to make Lily understand that what happened between him and Tyra was a one-time thing, but she doesn't trust him. Chloe panics when Rafe mentions a chance of losing Delia to Cane. Kay tries to explain to Jill that she didn't do anything with her things, but Jill acts irrationally and causes so much drama that Kay ends up saying something that she shouldn't have. Mac tries to reach out to Kevin, but he continues being haunted by the chipmunk. Billy runs into Mac at the bookstore and is shocked to learn she decided to stay in town. He kisses her.moreless
  • Ep. #9124
    Ep. #9124
    Episode 15
    Jack brings Sharon back to her room and tries to persuade her to sleep somewhere else that night, but she refuses to leave just because the place is trashed. Noah thinks Phyllis and Nick might be fighting because of him. J.T. informs Nick that Sharon was arrested last night. Colleen is convinced that Victor has started to like her a little bit more, but the second she leaves Victor calls J.T. and asks him to dig up dirt on Colleen. Nikki gives Lily an offer to come back to modeling. Murphy realizes that Kay is occupied with thinking about Jill all the time. Nick learns the truth from Sharon and fears that Phyllis might have had something to do with the trashing. Sharon refuses to be responsible for breaking up Nick's marriage, but he assures her that she isn't. Nikki gives Kay and Phyllis advice on how to handle their problems. Murphy tries to encourage Jill to reach out to Katherine and make peace. She on the verge of doing so when she sees a copy of Restless Style and freaks out. Jack asks Colleen to become the Fresh Face of Jabot only so it would cause conflict on the Newman board. Colleen asks Lily if it's okay for her to pursue the Fresh Face of Jabot campaign and Lily approves. Jack asks Jill about who her mysterious stock owner was and explains that he suspects Victor, but Jill won't say anything. Noah is stunned upon hearing from Eden and Nick that Sharon stole books from the bookstore and let Eden get blames for it. Colleen tells J.T. that she is sure Victor is warming up to her. Kay tries to talk to Jill, but she refuses to listen. Lily tells Nikki she'd love to model for Restless Style. Noah angrily confronts Sharon, who isn't able to explain her problems. She calls her mother and tells her that she's falling apart. Nick confronts Phyllis about Sharon's room but she claims she didn't have anything to do with it.moreless
  • Ep. #9123
    Ep. #9123
    Episode 14
    Phyllis tries to calm Noah while Nick drives Eden to Crimson Lights, where Eden admits to Lauren that she's no longer a virgin. Lauren gives her advice on waiting, but Eden is convinced that she did the right thing. Michael tells Jana to get some rest rather than wait in front of Kevin's room. Heather appears informing Michael that the orders regarding Kevin's stay in the facility aren't exactly what Michael signed on for. Jeff constantly tries to get Gloria to bed, but Jana interrupts them. Jack arrives to comfort Sharon, who is freaked out to find her room trashed. Det. Wallace arrests Sharon even though Jack protests, while Sharon swears that she didn't trash the room. Nick returns home and tells Phyllis that they can't go on anymore. He explains that it isn't working, while Phyllis blames Nick for just using her to get over Cassie's death. Nick moves out. Noah seeks advice from Victoria. Gloria arrives to see Kevin and insists on seeing him in his cell. Once inside, Gloria has no idea that instead of seeing her, Kevin can actually see a chipmunk talking to him in a high-pitched voice. Michael arrives at the police station to handle Sharon's case but he immediately leaves upon realizing that Sharon was the person that stole books from the bookstore and let Eden take the fall for it. Phyllis calls Michael for some comfort but he can't come. Nick goes to spend the night at Victoria's place. Michael is uncomfortable to hear about Eden losing her virginity. He informs her and Lauren about Sharon stealing the books, leaving both of them in shock.moreless
  • Ep. #9122
    Ep. #9122
    Episode 13
    Mitchell informs Kay that her will has been declared null and void and that her fortune is back in her control. He reminds her that Marge should get a proper sendoff, which triggers memories of Katherine and Marge meeting a few months ago. Kay tells Murphy about how they ended up in a car crash and decides to have a funeral for her friend. Michael is highly frustrated by Heather's demands in court and it seems as if he can't win because the charges are too big. Amber bursts out with anger a couple of times, angering the judge and eventually causing Kevin to flip out and be sent back to his jail cell. Lauren agrees to let Noah take Eden back home. Phyllis tries to remain calm while Nick and Sharon are together at the cabin, but the thought of them reuniting causes her to drive off to the GCAC. Nick and Sharon discuss about the last time they were at the cabin and somehow they end up making love again. Eden and Noah arrive at the tackhouse looking for Noah's parents but find the place empty, so they start to talk about their first time. The conversation brings them even more closer. Phyllis arrives in Sharon's room dressed as a maid and starts ripping her underwear and trashing her room. She even goes so far as to write "I hate myself" on the mirror, and then calls the police pretending to be a maid in shock. Gloria blames herself for what happened to Kevin and Kay immediately confronts Gloria about constantly being so self involved. The judge decides to put Kevin in a facility, while he sets Amber's bail at $1 million, which Kay decides to post. Nick and Phyllis end up in front of the tackhouse at the same time, and they're in shock when they enter the place and find Noah and Eden naked on the sofa. Michael and Jana arrive at the facility to find Kevin locked up. Sharon is shocked to return to GCAC and find her room trashed.moreless
  • Ep. #9121
    Ep. #9121
    Episode 12
    Adam and Victoria share a talk after a long time but it ends up being the same discussion they always had with Victoria thinking Adam is self pitying and Adam saying that he hopes Victoria will be able to handle Ashley better than she handled Sabrina. Sharon explains to her mother that she can't return in her house because it's occupied by Victoria and J.T. Noah and Eden are headed to the Abbott cabin ready to have sex. Katherine arrives at the courthouse to provide support for Amber and Kevin. Michael is having hard time watching Kevin in a catatonic state in jail. Ashley meets Mary Jane for the first time. Mary Jane sides with Jack when he asks Ashley to drop the suit against Gloria. Kevin's family arrives to support him, as Michael tries to defend Kevin in front of the judge, while Heather does her best to win the case. Jana cries as Michael explains that they need to commit Kevin so he'd be able to get better. Jack flirts with Mary Jane. Nick and Phyllis try to pick up the pieces of their failed marriage, but Sharon comes between them once again when she learns from Jack that Noah was spotted going to the cabin. Phyllis begs Nick not to go with Sharon, but he doesn't listen. Estella tells Adam that she doesn't like Ashley. Sharon and Nick arrive at the cabin and find it empty. Lauren finds Noah and Eden at Crimson Lights. Ashley has a dream about Sabrina. Kevin is brought into the courtroom in a very bad state.moreless
  • Ep. #9120
    Ep. #9120
    Episode 11
    Lily is irritated by Cane's persistence to take Delia away from her parents even after they got married. She thinks Cane might be doing it only because he's mad at Chloe for splitting them up last year. Neil and Karen pretend to be a happy family with a stable environment for Ana in front of Mrs. Harris, but once she leaves Karen refuses to talk to Neil. Murphy urges Mac to reconsider leaving Genoa City for Kay's benefit. Lily visits Billy and Chloe and is happy with the way they have been taking care of Delia. Devon confronts Tyra about sleeping with Neil. Billy gives Brock his number so Mac could call him. Devon and Karen talk about Neil's affair with Tyra. Karen is distraught and she refuses to let Tyra see Ana, but Devon urges her to think about Ana's benefit rather than hers. Cane asks Neil to help him convince Lily to go along with his plan to take Delia away from Billy and Chloe, but Neil refuses to be involved even after Cane tells him it's the same type of a situation Ana is in. Chloe is worried that Billy might have gone to see Mac. Mac tells Brock that she decided to stay at the mansion and Katherine is thrilled when she learns about it. Lily tells Cane that Delia is happy with her parents, but Cane still won't quit. Neil tells Tyra that he will make sure Ana is with Tyra, even if it will cost him his marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #9119
    Ep. #9119
    Episode 10
    As Daniel, Michael and Jana continue worrying, Jeff and Amos finally track down Amber and Kevin. Karen and Neil begin fighting over the state of their marriage, and Karen is crushed upon realizing that Neil slept with Tyra. She gets herself together and forces Neil to act like a loving family so Ana wouldn't be taken away. Kay meets with Sherman to arrange getting her life back on paper. Jack questions Gloria about the stock exchange she did. Gloria calls Victor, who is frustrated by Gloria's lack of thought. Victor meets with Mary Jane, who is happy with how their plan is developing. Kevin is scared when Jeff enters the boxcar and is convinced that Jeff is Tom. Michael enters the place and pretends to believe Kevin then proceeds to beat up Jeffrey and urging Kevin to do the same. Once he gets the gun in his hands, Michael assures Kevin that everything will be fine. The police arrests Kevin and Amber. Gloria asks Victor for a favor and she flies with the Newman helicopter to where Kevin and Amber were arrested. Mary Jane manages to impress Katherine, and Kay decides to give Abbotts the control at Jabot back. She informs Victor about her decision.moreless
  • Ep. #9118
    Ep. #9118
    Episode 9
    Noah and Eden spend some quality time together in his car. Sharon can't reach Noah so she goes to see Phyllis, who immediately jumps at the chance to explain how innocent Sharon is acting and how Nick always goes to her. Katherine and Murphy play cards and discuss about the latest events in their lives. Chloe talks to Delia and explains more about the time she spent with Billy in New York, while worrying about where Billy might be. Billy and Mac discuss about what happened in their lives over the last six years, and about how hard it was for them not to see each other. Mac tells Billy that she intends to return to Darfur. Jack and Nick commiserate together at the GCAC. Nick won't listen to Jack when he goes too far. Mary Jane tells Jack that she is leaving town, but Jack urges her to stay. He is stunned when Mary Jane tells him she has a husband. Sharon confronts Noah about disappearing again and they discuss about the wreck that Sharon's life has become. Nick returns home. Chloe goes to the Chancellor mansion and interrupts Billy's and Mac's conversation. Kay wants Mac to stay in town.moreless
  • Ep. #9117
    Ep. #9117
    Episode 8
    Mackenzie explains her return to the shocked wedding guests and they're all confused to hear noises from the other room, where Kay and Jill are having a cake fight. Both Mac and Billy are shocked upon finding out that they aren't related after all. Nick offers support to Sharon who doesn't want to have anything to do with Nick but asks him to keep Phyllis away from her. Nick exits the room and runs into Phyllis who is once again in disbelief over Nick's actions. The wedding guests take time for the news to settle in and then they discuss about what is next for Kay and Jill, and for the newlyweds. Jack and Ashley fear that Billy's and Mac's past might do damage in the future, while Colleen gets on her high horse talking about Mac in front of Chloe. Cane shows up at the wedding and reunites with Katherine, apologizing for being unable to recognize who Katherine is. Mac assures Jill that she got over Billy. Jack reminds Billy that he can't lose Delia. Mac and Cane meet for the first time. Jill decides to move out of the mansion even though she owns half of it. Ashley tells Jack that he should end his marriage to Sharon. Phyllis and Nick continue fighting over Sharon. Nick decides to sleep somewhere else that night. Chloe and Billy spend their first night as a married couple together. Nikki reminds Kay to phone Mitchell Sherman to confirm she's alive. Sharon pulls out divorce papers in front of Jack and asks him to sign them. Kay and Murphy settle in the Chancellor mansion. Chloe awakens to find Billy gone, while Mac is surprised by Billy outside the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #9116
    Ep. #9116
    Episode 7
    Chloe is worried when she can't reach Billy on the day of their wedding. Billy returns to his room, where Jack and Ashley nervously question him about his disappearance last night. Phyllis sees Billy coming down the stairs at GCAC, so she pays Sharon a visit to remind her that she is a slut, so Sharon throws her out of the room, where Phyllis runs into Nick, who is disgusted by Phyllis' behavior. Billy arrives at the mansion and calms down a worried Chloe. As Chloe talks to Delia about the wonderful life ahead of them, the guests at the wedding begin to arrive. Jill tells Billy that she just wants him to be happy. Jack notes Sharon's odd behavior. As the wedding begins, Sharon feels sick and runs away, leaving Chloe insulted because she has no matron of honor, so Colleen decides to step up. Half of the wedding guests end up in another room, where Brock tells everyone that the DNA results are in confirming that Kay is his mother, making it clear that Jill isn't Kay's daughter. Jill is having hard time dealing with the truth. Phyllis goes to Jimmy's bar to ask questions about Sharon and Mary Jane overhears Phyllis. Nick finds Sharon in her room and pulls her into an embrace. Jill begins throwing insults at the people that Kay loves, so Kay takes a piece of the wedding cake and slams it into Jill's face. Jill does the same to Katherine. Chloe reads her vows and stuns everyone with how much she loves Billy, who is clearly uncomfortable. Just as they are pronounced man and wife, Mackenzie walks into the room.moreless
  • Ep. #9115
    Ep. #9115
    Episode 6
    Sharon tries to back out of the rehearsal dinner, but Jack won't take no for an answer. Billy attempts to move the wedding to a later date, but Chloe reminds him they're doing this for Delia. Jill is irritated to learn that Kay and Murphy will be attending the dinner. Sharon is surprised when Noah acts nice to her in an attempt to get to the Abbott mansion and see Eden, who is babysitting Delia. The guests start arriving at the mansion, and most of them take a stab at Jill, who is definitely not in a good mood. Chloe asks Sharon to be her matron of honor and Sharon is forced to accept, while Billy just downs a drink in confusion. Rafe reads Adam the letter that was found in his cell and Adam is pleasantly surprised to learn how much Victor actually cares for him. Both Victor and Abby are surprised when Adam starts acting kindly when they return back to the ranch. Ashley is forced to be the voice of reason when everyone at the dinner starts throwing insults. Sharon is discouraged to find out that Noah acted nice only as a way to see Eden. Jill pays Kay and Murphy a visit at the trailer, where Kay makes it very clear that she is Katherine no matter what Jill thinks. Billy and Sharon find each other at Jimmy's drinking and end up between the sheets yet again.moreless
  • Ep. #9114
    Ep. #9114
    Episode 5
    Amber comforts Kevin, who freaks out when he learns that Michael and Daniel are working on rescuing them. Phyllis and Nikki work on the Katherine article. Noah is extremely irritated to learn that Sharon has decided to move yet again and he makes his feelings clear to his mother. Nick isn't sure that helping Sharon get a job would be a good idea, but Sharon doesn't agree. Jack asks Sharon to come to Billy's rehearsal dinner. Billy daydreams of taking care of the baby along with Mackenzie. Lily still won't go along with Cane's decision to take Delia away from her parents. Brock is nervous to meet Kay, but once he sees her, he's convinced that Katherine is alive. After a nice reunion, Brock realizes that Kay might have Lyme disease. Katherine is thrilled when the doctor informs her that she has Lyme disease after all. Jill tries to buy Esther's half of the house, but Esther tells her that the house will soon be back in Kay's ownership anyway. Cane offers Billy the CEO position at Jabot in exchange for the baby and Billy immediately declines. Lily isn't pleased to learn what Cane tried to do. Jill is frustrated when Brock tells her that he is convinced Kay is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9113
    Ep. #9113
    Episode 4
    Det. Sloan threatens to arrest Daniel and Michael when they continue begging him not to go after Amber and Kevin with guns. Jana decides to go help find Kevin. Amber tries to snap Kevin out of thinking that Tom is waiting for them, but Kevin isn't changing his mind. Amber leaves to go to the pharmacy, while Kevin is visited by a ghost of his father who is later confronted by an apparition of Jana, both begging him to go on their side. Phyllis tells Nick that Sharon stole from them, but Nick refuses to discuss it and instead tries to calm her down. Sharon is angry when she overhears Jack giving Colleen advice on how to handle Victor. She later calms down and realizes that she has done even worse lately. Billy feels the pressure when Esther starts raving about the wedding in front of him and Chloe. Daniel, Michael and Jana realize that Amber was mouthing "help me" to the camera. Colleen agrees to come to Billy's wedding, even though she doesn't support Billy's decision. Jack and Sharon become closer again, but later Sharon decides to move back to the GCAC. Colleen tries to dispense advice to Chloe, but she slams the door in Colleen's face. Amber fears for Kevin's safety when they hears a police alarm.moreless
  • Ep. #9112
    Ep. #9112
    Episode 3
    Kevin still refuses to believe Amber and he goes on about his plans to escape to Canada. Jeff promises Gloria he'll find Kevin. Jana's headaches are getting worse as Daniel describes what they found at the place where Amber and Kevin were hiding. Adam listens in as Victor and Ashley discuss about him, and later overhears Olivia being worried about Ashley's mental breakdown that happened years ago. Kay and Nikki both confront Jill, who refuses to accept the fact that Kay is alive and that she isn't her daughter. Cane continues bothering Lily with the ring, even though she already explained that she can't do what he wants her to do to Chloe. Amber and Kevin end up robbing a bank, and Amber uses a chance to mouth "help me" at the security cameras. Nikki informs Kay that Brock is coming back to Genoa City to see if it's really her. Kay reminisces about the time she found out Jill was her daughter. Adam works on some sort of a plan.moreless
  • Ep. #9111
    Ep. #9111
    Episode 2
    Jack is impressed by Mary Jane, who tries to avoid answering questions about her past, leaving Jack very interested in her and calling her "a woman of mystery." Nikki learns Kay is engaged. Kay worries about Amber and Kevin. Chloe is convinced her engagement to Billy will work out. Ashley urges Adam and Victor to stop bickering. Estella isn't able to hide her animosity towards Ashley. Billy is frustrated when Rafe tells him Cane has a good case against him. Chloe refuses to let Cane see Delia and then goes to see Lily to ask her to prevent Cane from taking away her child. Lily is irritated by Chloe telling her what she has to do. Kay does a photoshoot for Restless Style dressed in different historic outfits. Jill demotes Billy from his CEO position and tries to get him to stay, but a disappointed Billy immediately quits. Cane is overjoyed when Jill reinstates him as the CEO. Adam learns Estella and Rafe are related. Victor reopens Adam's bank account and they discuss about how Adam will pay him back. Lily rejects Cane proposal again and says she can't take away Delia from Chloe. Victor warns Estella to watch over Ashley since she is having a high-risk pregnancy. Billy tells Chloe that he won't let Cane take away his child and that they need to get married as soon as possible. The DNA results arrive for Katherine. Ashley and Jack are shocked when Jill fires them and they promise to have their revenge. Mary Jane worries about her plans for Jack when she learns she was fired, but Victor promises everything will be fine. Adam tries to get Heather to work on getting his sentence commuted and when she says she can't do it, he kicks her out of his room. Jill is flabbergasted when Kay shows up at Jabot saying that Jill's DNA doesn't match either Kay's or Marge's DNA.moreless
  • Ep. #9110
    Ep. #9110
    Episode 1
    As Marge's body is being exhumed, her ghost takes some time to narrate as the residents of Genoa City continue living their lives. Nikki tells Kay that there could be another explanation as to why her DNA doesn't match Jill's. Murphy prepares to make an important decision regarding his future. Victor tells Jill that he's convinced Kay is alive, but that it doesn't necessarily mean she's Jill's mother. Nikki pitches the idea about putting Kay's story in Restless Style. Kay arrives and Nick and Phyllis are immediately convinced that she is alive. Sharon writes a letter to her mother explaining how sorry she is for their past and for everything that's happened since Brad's death. Jack reunites with Kay. Amber urges Kevin to surrender to the police and explains that he has people that will fight for him, but Kevin won't do it and he pulls a gun on Amber, explaining that he wants her to use it in their next robbery. Victor tells Kay that anything he had with Nikki is over now. Phyllis teases Sharon by mentioning Billy various times to Jack. Nick and Phyllis are surprised to learn Sharon is living with Jack again, and that Billy and Chloe are also living there. Daniel informs Phyllis about what is going on with Amber and Kevin. Kay promises to Jill that she is going to make her life a living hell once she proves her identity. Jeff brings a bounty hunter to Gloria and explains his plans to track down Kevin. Sharon urges Phyllis to let her try to rebuild her life with Jack. Nikki goes to see Victor and says that they are now friends. Murphy arrives at the diner to find Kay ready to leave. He proposes to Katherine and she happily accepts, as Pearl and Joe Jr. look on. Marge's favorite music starts playing and they begin dancing. Now that her body has been exhumed, Marge is back in her coffin ready to finally rest in piece.moreless