The Young and the Restless - Season 38

Weekdays 12:30 PM on CBS Premiered Mar 26, 1973 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #9615
    Ep. #9615
    Episode 253
    Victor makes a shocking announcement. Chance confronts Heather. Michael and Daniel set out to find Daisy.
  • Ep. #9614
    Ep. #9614
    Episode 252
    Jana finds a note. Abby decides to take Victoria and Nick's offer.
  • Ep. #9613
    Ep. #9613
    Episode 251
    Victor is suspicious of Diane. Deacon confronts Nikki's children. Phyllis surprises Adam.
  • Ep. #9612
    Ep. #9612
    Episode 250
    Lily is freaked out by the mysterious text message. Chance and Paul try to locate Heather. Abby goes through a press conference.
  • Ep. #9864
    Ep. #9864
    Episode 249

    Nikki is upset when unexpected guests appear at Victor's party. Sharon is shocked by Lauren and Tucker's words.

  • Ep. #9611
    Ep. #9611
    Episode 249
    Nick is upset by Sharon's plan. Heather is put in more danger when Chance decides to be honest on the stand. Adam snoops around Koa and comes upon important evidence.
  • Ep. #9610
    Ep. #9610
    Episode 248
    Jana decides that she needs to be the one to find out what happened to Daisy's baby. Sharon tries to escape. Chance receives a message that may put him in danger.
  • Ep. #9609
    Ep. #9609
    Episode 247
    Sharon and Nick face off over Faith. Chance learns that the trial is starting. Chloe finds Chance and Heather in bed together. Deacon tries to reach out to Nikki. Victor and Kyle bond.
  • Ep. #9608
    Ep. #9608
    Episode 246
    Murphy learns about Meggie trying to escape. Nikki drinks. Kyle tells Jack about moving in with Diane and Victor. Katherine vows to bring down Tucker after learning about his part in the lawsuit. Nick confronts his father, but Victor couldn't care less.
  • Ep. #9607
    Ep. #9607
    Episode 245
    Nikki learns the truth and has to deal with it. Victor decides to take a trip. Meggie wants to get even with her former buddy Deacon.
  • Ep. #9606
    Ep. #9606
    Episode 244
    Deacon manages to get one over Meggie. Nick is let down by Nikki. Victor tries to pressure Diane into making a decision.
  • Ep. #9605
    Ep. #9605
    Episode 243
    Victor comes up with an idea. Abby feels bad after the verdict is read. Tucker makes threats about Jabot.
  • Ep. #9604
    Ep. #9604
    Episode 242
    Nikki has a run-in with Victor. Sparks fly between Neil and Leslie. The judge finally reaches a verdict. Sharon is convinced Nick is turning into his father. Neil and Victor argue.
  • Ep. #9603
    Ep. #9603
    Episode 241
    Malcolm proposes to Sofia in front of Neil, and she accepts. Victor gives a statement to the district attorney. Chance tries to get Chloe to get a reality check. Sharon is confused about Nick's attitude. Heather and Chance end an argument in a passionate kiss.
  • Ep. #9602
    Ep. #9602
    Episode 240
    After reading an article in RS, Victor begins to understand the negative affect he is having on his children, and comes to a shocking decision. Nick and Adam come to an agreement about Sharon and Faith, which forces Adam to make a tough choice.
  • Ep. #9601
    Ep. #9601
    Episode 239
    Jana discovers who the intruder is, and what he wants. Adam strikes Nick after discovering Nick meeting with Sharon.
  • Ep. #9600
    Ep. #9600
    Episode 238
    Things begin to get tense when Angelo approaches Kevin to retrieve the gambling money. Meggie begs Deacon to figure out how to her get out of jail.
  • Ep. #9599
    Ep. #9599
    Episode 237
    When Adam tries to back out of Victor's scheme, Victor threatens to expose some incriminating information about Adam. Kay and Murphy visit Meggie in jail, and Kay promises to make sure Meggie is convicted.
  • Ep. #9598
    Ep. #9598
    Episode 236
    Adam's testimony throws everyone into a fit of arguments and accusations. When Tucker and Jack realize their plan for Beauty of Nature is blown, Tucker retaliates against Jack.
  • Ep. #9597
    Ep. #9597
    Episode 235
    Victor makes a deal with Adam. Victoria is hit by the impact of the lawsuit. Sofia's loyalty is once again put in question.
  • Ep. #9596
    Ep. #9596
    Episode 234
    Phyllis taunts Diane. Michael wants Nick to make amends with his father. Diane confesses her true feelings for someone.
  • Ep. #9595
    Ep. #9595
    Episode 233
    Lily is worried that she might be losing her sanity. Sofia and Neil get one step too close. The Newman family is rocked by the lawsuit.
  • Ep. #9594
    Ep. #9594
    Episode 232
    Nikki tries to stop the lawsuit herself. Abby is worried about Victor losing everything. Chloe confronts Heather. Jana bids farewell to Kevin.
  • Ep. #9593
    Ep. #9593
    Episode 231
    Nick decides to join the lawsuit against his father. Kevin wants Jana to move out. Jana is hired as Lucy's nanny. Neil is impressed when Sofia comforts Lily.
  • Ep. #9592
    Ep. #9592
    Episode 230
    Nick confronts his father about what he found out. Victoria and Abby are worried about the lawsuit. Neil comforts Lily.
  • Ep. #9591
    Ep. #9591
    Episode 229
    Phyllis surprises Nick with the footage of his father. Ashley argues with Adam. Victor is convinced he'll win the lawsuit.
  • Ep. #9590
    Ep. #9590
    Episode 228
    Christine finds out news about Ronan. Diane makes a decision. Meggie returns to Genoa City.
  • Ep. #9589
    Ep. #9589
    Episode 227
    Cane's funeral takes place, as Lily talks to his ghost. Tucker and Katherine argue.
  • Ep. #9588
    Ep. #9588
    Episode 226
    Sharon accepts Adam's marriage proposal. Kevin and Chloe reconnect as a couple. Victor wants Diane just for himself.
  • Ep. #9587
    Ep. #9587
    Episode 225
    Nikki has a secret admirer. Kay and Gloria attempt to do some match-making. Phyllis finds evidence that incriminates Victor.
  • Ep. #9586
    Ep. #9586
    Episode 224
    Lily is having difficulty dealing with Cane's death. Malcolm isn't able to forgive Sofia for what she had done, and Sofia seeks comfort in Neil's arms. Jill tells Chloe that she won't tell Colin about Chance.
  • Ep. #9585
    Ep. #9585
    Episode 223
    Phillip returns to town and finds out about Cane dying. Jack and Phyllis try to locate Koa. Nick finds out about another one of Victor's lies. Nate informs the family about the results of the surgery.
  • Ep. #9584
    Ep. #9584
    Episode 222
    Jana goes to see Chloe and demands to have her set Kevin free. Jill is shocked to find out Kay knew about Chance being alive. Chance and Heather discuss about his life. Chloe finds out Chance is alive. Ronan and Chance head into surgery. Phyllis and Jack decide to help out Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #9583
    Ep. #9583
    Episode 221
    Chloe thinks of giving up on Kevin. Jill finds out about Chance's survival. Kevin tells Jana the truth. Daniel finds out that Lucy is his daughter for real. Kay and Jill try to give Chloe some advice.
  • Ep. #9582
    Ep. #9582
    Episode 220
    Ronan's health takes a turn for the worse. Lauren comes up with a discovery. Neil and Devon try to reach out to Lily.
  • Ep. #9581
    Ep. #9581
    Episode 219
    Cane is shot in a confrontation with Blake. Malcolm is angry at Sofia for what she did. Kay tries to comfort Jill.
  • Ep. #9580
    Ep. #9580
    Episode 218
    Billy grills his mother about getting married to Colin. Cane and Blake have a confrontation as Cane attempts to stop Jill from getting married. Lily is confused.
  • Ep. #9579
    Ep. #9579
    Episode 217
    Colin wants to marry Jill as soon as possible. Lily refuses to leave town with Cane, and Cane tapes a goodbye message to his kids. Nick changes his mind regarding Diane. Colin orders Blake to return to Australia.
  • Ep. #9578
    Ep. #9578
    Episode 216
    Tucker is ashamed of Sofia. Victor ignores Sharon as Nick takes full custody of Faith. Sofia is put in danger. Kay tries to reach out to Cane. Colin threatens Cane, while Lily leaves him.
  • Ep. #9577
    Ep. #9577
    Episode 215
    Malcolm is angry at Sofia. Someone offers to help Sharon. Cane tells Lily about his past.
  • Ep. #9576
    Ep. #9576
    Episode 214
    Nikki sees Victor and Diane together. Tucker finds out the truth about Cane.
  • Ep. #9575
    Ep. #9575
    Episode 213
    Nikki and Deacon move closer in their relationship. Nick tries to get Sharon to keep her distance from Adam. Adam has a business proposition for Jack.
  • Ep. #9574
    Ep. #9574
    Episode 212
    Jack lets Adam know that he doesn't care about Sharon or her problems. Jill and Kay argue over Colin. Colin refuses to listen to Cane where Jill is concerned.
  • Ep. #9573
    Ep. #9573
    Episode 211
    Sharon is charged with murder, and Adam decides to find a way to free her. Nick gets Sharon's arrest report in hopes of it helping the custody case. Daniel decides to keep the fact that Lucy is his a secret. Victor lets Victoria know exactly what he thinks of her baby news.moreless
  • Ep. #9572
    Ep. #9572
    Episode 210
    Sharon goes through public humiliation. Victoria and Billy decide to introduce their baby to the family. Nina tries to stop Ronan from leaving town.
  • Ep. #9571
    Ep. #9571
    Episode 209
    The custody case for Faith takes place. Blake hangs out around Lily.
  • Ep. #9570
    Ep. #9570
    Episode 208
    Cane gets an ally. Kevin comes to an idea as to how to restore Jana's memory. Ronan is determined to leave Genoa City.
  • Ep. #9569
    Ep. #9569
    Episode 207
    Phyllis has to deal with Daniel's loss. Victoria and Billy come up with a name for their baby. Victor vows to have his revenge on Adam. Phyllis finds out about Victoria and Billy getting a baby. Nick visits Sharon and Adam and lets them know he won't let Adam near Faith.moreless
  • Ep. #9568
    Ep. #9568
    Episode 206
    Chloe and Kevin spend some quality time together in a car. Jana overhears a doctor telling Kevin that he can't tell the truth to Jana. Daniel is released from the hospital. Christine fires Ronan for not reporting his medical condition and for being involved with Heather. Nina is furious with Christine. Heather is surprised when she finds out that it was Chance's choice not to let her know he is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9567
    Ep. #9567
    Episode 205
    Heather finds out the truth about Chance's death. Jack finds out about where Diane is staying. Billy has a big surprise for his wife.
  • Ep. #9566
    Ep. #9566
    Episode 204
    Phyllis tries to find out the truth. Victoria is confused about Billy's behavior. Nick learns more about Victor's plans.
  • Ep. #9565
    Ep. #9565
    Episode 203
    Paul and Heather start getting suspicious about Chance's death. Jack makes a discovery in his quest in Hawaii.
  • Ep. #9564
    Ep. #9564
    Episode 202
    Diane has a surprise for Nick. Victoria tells Nikki that she blames her father for her miscarriage. Sharon won't back down in her fight for Faith. Primrose taunts Billy.
  • Ep. #9563
    Ep. #9563
    Episode 201
    Gloria tries to get Jana to slip up and reveal that she's faking her amnesia, but Jana is one step ahead of her. Victoria confides in Nikki about her fertility problems. Sharon learns that Nick filed for full custody of Faith. Lauren tries to find out more about Daisy. Billy decides to buy a child from Primrose. Jack arrives in Hawaii in a disguise.moreless
  • Ep. #9562
    Ep. #9562
    Episode 200
    Billy decides to do everything in his power to make Victoria happy. Heather tries to help out Ronan. Daniel regains consciousness.
  • Ep. #9561
    Ep. #9561
    Episode 199
    Jack manages to get Nick to doubt his father. Adam's case takes a turn for the worse. Jana has difficulties.
  • Ep. #9560
    Ep. #9560
    Episode 198
    Heather has a reaction to the secrets Ronan is keeping. Colin's motives are put in questions, while Cane gets an accomplice.
  • Ep. #9559
    Ep. #9559
    Episode 197
    Colin tries to get closer to Cane. Daisy departs without her daughter. Sharon tries to ask Victor for help. Phyllis tries to find Daniel.
  • Ep. #9558
    Ep. #9558
    Episode 196
    Victoria shares bad news with Billy. Jana fakes her injury to gain Kevin's sympathy. Lauren is angry at Phyllis after learning Daisy has escaped. Daniel locates Daisy and helps her give birth.
  • Ep. #9557
    Ep. #9557
    Episode 195
    Daisy goes into labor. Chloe comes to a decision. Sharon returns home empty handed.
  • Ep. #9556
    Ep. #9556
    Episode 194
    Daniel tries to protect the baby as Daisy heads into labor. Sharon confronts Skye. Victor sees something he shouldn't have seen. Kevin confronts Daisy.
  • Ep. #9555
    Ep. #9555
    Episode 193
    Sharon tries to track down Skye in Hawaii and heads to a volcano when she gets a lead. Victor tries to find Skye as well. Jana recants on her testimony regarding Daisy. Lauren is upset by Kevin's actions.
  • Ep. #9554
    Ep. #9554
    Episode 192
    Daniel tries to get Daisy to put the baby up for adoption. Diane decides not to move into Victor's ranch.
  • Ep. #9553
    Ep. #9553
    Episode 191
    Victor sees his life played out like A Christmas Carol and discovers how his family would be better off without him.
  • Ep. #9552
    Ep. #9552
    Episode 190
    Victor causes problems with his whole family. Tucker has a gift for Ashley.
  • Ep. #9551
    Ep. #9551
    Episode 189
    Heather and Ronan grow closer. Jana continues to use Daisy's baby to get to Kevin.
  • Ep. #9550
    Ep. #9550
    Episode 188
    Phyllis and Jack discover new evidence that could convict Adam.
  • Ep. #9549
    Ep. #9549
    Episode 187
    Adam stumbles upon a lead that might end up causing him harm. Billy attempts to make his wife happy. Diane and Nick make a surprising connection.
  • Ep. #9548
    Ep. #9548
    Episode 186
    Jack talks to Diane about what's changed in her life. Chloe packs her bags to move out of Kevin's place. Gloria gives Jana a warning.
  • Ep. #9547
    Ep. #9547
    Episode 185
    Ronan learns that he needs to go to Boston for his treatment. Jana is confused about Kevin's actions. Lauren and Jill connect as sisters. Kay tries to dispense advice to Nikki regarding her relationship with Deacon.
  • Ep. #9546
    Ep. #9546
    Episode 184
    Kevin reveals something important to Chloe. Jill and Colin are caught in the act. Chloe sees Heather and Ronan sharing a kiss.
  • Ep. #9545
    Ep. #9545
    Episode 183
    Sharon and Adam have a proposal for Phyllis's article. Colin tries to persuade Cane to return home. Nick breaks ties with Victoria after seeing what Billy published.
  • Ep. #9544
    Ep. #9544
    Episode 182
    Kevin and Daniel don't get along over a matter. An article publishes in Restless Style raises a few eyebrows, as Phyllis and Sharon get into another heated argument.
  • Ep. #9543
    Ep. #9543
    Episode 181
    Daniel and Daisy have a strong disagreement. Chloe is worried that she might lose her daughter. Cane faces an old buddy from Australia.
  • Ep. #9542
    Ep. #9542
    Episode 180
    Victoria is wishful about getting pregnant. Jana continues plotting to get Kevin away from Chloe. Daniel makes a decision about Daisy.
  • Ep. #9541
    Ep. #9541
    Episode 179
    Noah doesn't hold back as he explains to his mother that he feels sick over her relationship with Adam. Michael gives Sharon a warning that she'll lose everything she holds dear if she continues to side with Adam. Nick finds out from Phyllis that Sharon gave Adam money for a lawyer. Victor finds out about Sharon's relationship with Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #9540
    Ep. #9540
    Episode 178
    Adam shares his suspicion over Jack setting him up with Sharon. Michael is thankful to Jill when she tries to make nice with Lauren. Lauren tries to get Phyllis to change her mind about giving Daisy a place to stay, and she wants her to do it for the sake of their friendship. However, Phyllis refuses to listen. Diane and Nick bond over their failed lives. Ronan learns from the doctor that he has a possibly terminal illness. Phyllis issues a warning to Daisy. Jack kicks Sharon out of his place when he learns about her decision to be with Adam. Adam realizes that Victor and Jack were working together on bringing him down.moreless
  • Ep. #9539
    Ep. #9539
    Episode 177
    Daisy ends up in the hospital after going through serious pains. Sharon makes a decision for her future. Kevin makes a desperate deal.
  • Ep. #9538
    Ep. #9538
    Episode 176

    Billy and Victoria attempt to make a baby. Ronan works on his case. Adam tries to prove that he's innocent.

  • Ep. #9537
    Ep. #9537
    Episode 175
    Jill witnesses Lauren going through an anxiety attack. Kay finds Nikki with Deacon and shares her wisdom. Nick finds Sharon in bed with Adam.
  • Ep. #9536
    Ep. #9536
    Episode 174
    Sharon reconnects with the man that stole her child in New Orleans.Victor tells Skye what her future is all about, as she prepares to disappear forever in order to frame Adam. Nikki and Deacon bond.
  • Ep. #9535
    Ep. #9535
    Episode 173
    As she goes through the streets of New Orleans, Sharon has her future told by a fortune teller. Meanwhile, Adam continues following her. Nikki and Victor have a huge confrontation. Diane goes after what she wants.
  • Ep. #9534
    Ep. #9534
    Episode 172
    Nick decides to follow Sharon to New Orleans. Skye goes missing. Billy comes up with a Thanksgiving surprise for his wife.
  • Ep. #9533
    Ep. #9533
    Episode 171
    Kevin confronts Chloe about her feelings for Ronan. Abby finds out the truth about Victor. Ashley warns Abby about trusting her father.
  • Ep. #9532
    Ep. #9532
    Episode 170
    Sharon leaves town. Victor sinks the hedge fund, leaving Jack fuming. Skye goes mental after Adam serves her divorce papers. Nick informs Phyllis about Sharon's departure, and Phyllis gives the news to Adam. Victoria is angry because JT won't let her have Reed for Thanksgiving.
  • Ep. #9531
    Ep. #9531
    Episode 169
    Nina makes an offer to Ronan. Victor comes up with a plan to destroy Adam. Diane finds a way to get a Thanksgiving invitation from Jack. Sharon comes up with a conclusion that she has to leave town. Michael gives Heather a job offer.
  • Ep. #9530
    Ep. #9530
    Episode 168
    Adam is surprised when Hightower's sister and son return to tell him that they don't want his money. Nick and Sharon discuss about their engagements. Blake manages to win Tucker's trust, while Neil has his doubts about Blake. Sharon worries that she's shoplifting again. Nick confronts Victor about his plotting with Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #9529
    Ep. #9529
    Episode 167
    Phyllis decides to have Daisy live with her, and she wants Vance to help her out. Victor tells Michael that he should hire Heather. Jana surprises Daisy by saying that she intends to testify against her. Jana tries to show support for Lauren. Kevin is angry at Michael for his lack of support. Heather confronts Ronan about his health troubles.moreless
  • Ep. #9528
    Ep. #9528
    Episode 166
    Murphy talks to Kay about the death of his son. Heather realizes that Ronan is having serious health difficulties. The DNA test comes back proving that Daniel is the father of Daisy's baby. Daisy is put back in jail, while Phyllis decides to help her out. Lauren is livid when she finds out.moreless
  • Ep. #9527
    Ep. #9527
    Episode 165
    Sharon decides to accept Nick's marriage proposal. Nick informs Phyllis about the proposal, and Sharon does the same with Adam. Abby is having doubts regarding the lawsuit. Tucker and Ashley argue. Daniel realizes that Abby breaking up with him was the right thing to do. Adam decides to go back to Skye.moreless
  • Ep. #9526
    Ep. #9526
    Episode 164
    Blake introduces himself to Tucker as James Collier. Adam refuses to bow down to Skye's threats and goes so far as to meeting with the new D.A., where he learns that he won't be reopening his case. Blake tells Cane that he will be a part of his life. Heather is fired from her job, again. Adam witnesses Nick and Sharon having sex. Nick proposes to Sharon. Jack stops a fight between Diane and Phyllis. He learns about Diane's financial problems.moreless
  • Ep. #9525
    Ep. #9525
    Episode 163
    Lauren tells Heather that she's ready to do anything to have Daisy locked up for good. Billy visits Chloe in jail and they argue over Delia. Daisy manipulates Kevin and Jana. Neil asks Sofia out for dinner. Blake continues trying to infiltrate Cane's life. Kevin is questioned about Hogan.
  • Ep. #9524
    Ep. #9524
    Episode 162
    Daisy wants Phyllis to help her get out of jail. Abby comes to a decision regarding her relationship with Daniel. Michael and Lauren argue over their problems. Chloe and Kevin get in trouble with the law.
  • Ep. #9523
    Ep. #9523
    Episode 161
    Victoria and Nick talk about their life problems. Sharon and Nick grow closer as a couple again. Adam goes up against Skye again, and Gloria hires him as a bartender at Gloworm. Gloria causes trouble for Kevin and Jeff when they learn that she spent the money from the bookie. Jack and Phyllis' relationship takes a hit as Kyle refuses to warm up to Phyllis. Victor surprises Diane in New York.moreless
  • Ep. #9522
    Ep. #9522
    Episode 160
    Meggie is taken to jail. Murphy and Kay reunite. Nick and Phyllis learn that their divorce is finalized. Victor catches Nikki and Deacon in bed together. He refuses to forgive her, even though the entire thing was Meggie's plan. Deacon is kicked out of rehab. Victoria comforts her mother. Sharon and Nick discuss about his divorce. Nick advises Jack to fight for Kyle. Diane and Jack come to an understanding.moreless
  • Ep. #9521
    Ep. #9521
    Episode 159
    JT and Mac bid farewell to their loved ones as they leave Genoa City. Nikki needs someone to lean on during her struggle.
  • Ep. #9520
    Ep. #9520
    Episode 158
    Kay manages to do the impossible. Victoria doesn't want to forget JT as he prepares to depart.
  • Ep. #9519
    Ep. #9519
    Episode 157
    Victoria receives really bad news. Cane has to think about what he could lose. Billy goes up against Victor, again.
  • Ep. #9518
    Ep. #9518
    Episode 156
    Lily finds Cane in the company of Blake. Mac and JT prepare to leave Genoa City together. Nikki's state in rehab is put in danger.
  • Ep. #9517
    Ep. #9517
    Episode 155
    Victor doesn't know if he still wants to marry Nikki. Jana wants to spend the night with Noah. Daisy threatens to hurt her unborn child if Daniel turns her in.
  • Ep. #9516
    Ep. #9516
    Episode 154
    It's Halloween in Genoa City. Adam watches as Nick and Sharon hand out candy to the kids with Faith and Summer. He lets Sharon know that he stayed. Convinced that Kevin is gay, Chloe turns to Rafe for help, and confronts Kevin when she sees him talking to Hogan. J.T. receives terrible news regarding his job situation, while Mac tells him that she wants to move away from Genoa City. Michael and Lauren talk about their dramas with Sara and her family. Daniel gets the surprise of his life when Daisy returns.moreless
  • Ep. #9515
    Ep. #9515
    Episode 153
    Adam continues manipulating Sharon. Abby has to decide if she sees a future with Daniel. Michael gives Victor a warning regarding disobedience, so Victor has to take matters into his own hands. Jana tries to seek forgiveness from Lauren. Daisy makes a return in time for Halloween.
  • Ep. #9514
    Ep. #9514
    Episode 152
    Victor refuses to go along with Victoria's demands, and doesn't listen to the judge's orders. Chloe follows Kevin to a meeting with Hogan, and is convinced that Kevin is gay. Victoria is stunned when she goes to visit Nikki in rehab and learns that Victor had her barred from that place. Adam tells Skye about his plans to leave Genoa City, so Skye goes to visit Sharon and urge her to prevent Adam from leaving. Jana wants to go to the Halloween party with Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #9513
    Ep. #9513
    Episode 151
    Ashley isn't pleased when Victoria and Abby continue with their suit against Victor. Victoria is angry when Victor informs her about Nikki a few seconds before court. Devon and Noah make arrangements to produce Noah's music. Victor is angry when he learns that the girls want to settle only if they get Beauty of Nature. Noah makes his choice of living arrangements. Nikki is puzzled when she learns Deacon checked himself into the same rehab center she's in.moreless
  • Ep. #9512
    Ep. #9512
    Episode 150
    Diane threatens to reveal Tucker's secret to Ashley, but Tucker is confident Ashley won't believe her. Victoria tells Vance that she wants to have Beauty of Nature. Abby confides in Daniel about how she feels regarding the changes in the case. Phyllis tells Jack she has no remorse for the article she wrote. Victor checks Nikki into rehab. Deacon reluctantly decides to go along with Meggie's plan.moreless
  • Ep. #9511
    Ep. #9511
    Episode 149
    Phyllis writes an interesting piece for Restless Style. Billy decides to protect his wife from the nasty truth. Meggie's plans continue going great for her.
  • Ep. #9510
    Ep. #9510
    Episode 148
    Victor admits that he has doubts. Jill is put a position that could harm Nikki's future. Cane wants to get a new identity.
  • Ep. #9509
    Ep. #9509
    Episode 147
    Skye and Victor share a conversation. Sharon is put in a tough spot as Adam continues trying to manipulate her. Phyllis decides to destroy Diane's life.
  • Ep. #9508
    Ep. #9508
    Episode 146
    Victoria and JT manage to reconnect as friends. Meggie tells Murphy that she knows he was trying to communicate through Morse code. Mac wants Victoria to tell Reed about JT's condition, but Victoria doesn't want to. Nikki desperately wants to marry Victor.
  • Ep. #9507
    Ep. #9507
    Episode 145
    Neil tries to warn Ashley that she won't find happiness with Tucker. Abby and Daniel catch Diane and Tucker together. Ashley overhears Abby saying that she thinks Tucker is cheating on her mother. Nick isn't happy when he learns that Adam turned out to be a hero. JT is taken to the hospital, as his loved ones learn about his accident.moreless
  • Ep. #9506
    Ep. #9506
    Episode 144
    Cane continues lying to Lily about his crimes, as he is blackmailed into paying the cattle rustlers a lot of money. Diane and Tucker have sex. J.T. ends up getting electrocuted by the storm. Adam and Sharon take cover in a barn with Faith.
  • Ep. #9505
    Ep. #9505
    Episode 143
    Adam confronts both Phyllis and Jack separately. Diane accepts a job offer from Tucker. Cane's past is once again revealed to be something different than what everyone thinks. Mac turns down J.T.'s marriage proposal.
  • Ep. #9504
    Ep. #9504
    Episode 142
    Ashley finds Diane getting to know Tucker. Diane introduces herself to Adam. Skye and Adam continue fighting regarding Sharon. Phyllis and Jack work together on tricking Adam and Skye. Nikki is confused when she wakes up at Deacon's place and they make a pact, while Meggie makes it seem like Nikki is hiding stuff from Victor. Victor tells Nikki that he doesn't want to elope at the moment. Chloe realizes Kevin is doing something very secretive.moreless
  • Ep. #9503
    Ep. #9503
    Episode 141
    John shows up to give Kay advice from the great beyond, then dispenses advice to a confused Billy, and even appears in ghost form to Jack. Ashley is confused when Tucker seems to avoid going to the hospital. Murphy is revealed to only be able to communicate with people by blinking. Jack thinks Victor might have brought Diane back to town. Nikki continues being completely oblivious to drinking alcohol.moreless
  • Ep. #9502
    Ep. #9502
    Episode 140
    Phyllis is skeptical of Diane's return to Genoa City, while Diane explains to Jack that she came back with the intention to bring Jack's son closer to him. Victor tries to get in his daughter's good graces, with no result. Deacon and Meggie team up to break up Nikki and Victor. Kay is faced with the decision to end Murphy's life. Diane runs into Victor. Murphy gives everyone at the hospital a shock when he wakes up.moreless
  • Ep. #9501
    Ep. #9501
    Episode 139
    Daniel accuses Abby of trying to overshadow him when she attends his art show. Victor wants to settle in the case started by Victoria and Abby, but Victoria refuses his offer, stunning both Victor and Nikki. Meggie tries to hide her true identity, as she sneaks into Murphy's room and tampers with his health. Jana overhears Kevin telling Chloe that his divorce was the best thing that happened to him. Devon is impressed by Noah's music talent. Phyllis and Jack run into Diane.moreless
  • Ep. #9500
    Ep. #9500
    Episode 138
    Jill is hurt when she realizes that nobody bothered to inform her about Murphy ending up in a hospital. Jack and Phyllis talk about the development of their relationship. J.T. and Ronan investigate Meggie. Meggie vows that she won't let Murphy wake up. Abby catches Tucker and Jill in a close moment.moreless
  • Ep. #9499
    Ep. #9499
    Episode 137
    Murphy is rushed to the hospital after having a heart attack due to Meggie's involvement. Ashley wants Abby to stop fighting her father for the money. Victor and Jack fight as Murphy lies in the hospital, and an angry Abby notes that neither man learned anything from Colleen's death last year. Tucker gives Jack a warning. J.T. investigates Murphy's car. Cane is forced to admit the truth to his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #9498
    Ep. #9498
    Episode 136
    J.T. resigns as Tucker's employee. Nikki confides in Meggie.Murphy and Meggie run into each other and seem to share a past. Adam, Skye, Nick, Sharon, Phyllis and Jack have an uncomfortable time at the fair. Meggie fights to keep Murphy quiet. Adam threatens Skye's life as Phyllis overhears.
  • Ep. #9497
    Ep. #9497
    Episode 135
    Kevin does his part in the money laundering scheme. Jeff tries to divert Gloria's concern with a new necklace. Jana continues trying to be identical to Chloe, even after Chloe refuses to be friends with her. Phyllis and Jack sleep together, twice. Sharon wants Adam to get over his fantasy of them being together. Nick goes to the festival with Sharon and Faith.moreless
  • Ep. #9496
    Ep. #9496
    Episode 134
    Skye tries to make things okay with Adam. Victoria and Abby learn about exactly how much they're worth.
  • Ep. #9495
    Ep. #9495
    Episode 133
    Faith's birthday doesn't go as well as hoped. Adam tries to get forgiveness from Sharon and Ashley. Another issue of Restless Style causes drama in the lives of the Genoa City residents.
  • Ep. #9494
    Ep. #9494
    Episode 132
    Skye finds herself in a difficult spot. Kevin tells Jeffrey that he knows he's laundering money through his bar. Adam explains to Sharon that he doesn't like his wife and that he is in love with a woman he can't have.
  • Ep. #9493
    Ep. #9493
    Episode 131
    JT and Mac learn that Mac is pregnant. Victoria sends her father away after he offers to get her out of her marriage. Christine and Nina discuss about the problems in their friendship over years. Paul offers JT a chance to join the police, as Ronan prepares to sort things out now that the corrupt cops have been caught. Christine manages to get Paul and Nina together to sort out their differences. Abby and Victoria decide to team up against their father. Cane realizes that his entire family is in grave danger.moreless
  • Ep. #9492
    Ep. #9492
    Episode 130
    Heather reports back to Victor regarding the plans to re-open Adam's case, and also pays a visit to Skye and Adam. Skye refuses to go along with Adam's demands to remain in the background. Billy is enraged at Victor after Victoria loses her baby. Abby serves her father with legal documents. Victoria refuses to take a call from her father. Jack wants something in exchange for helping out Tucker. Deacon helps Nikki resist taking a drink. Nikki hangs up on her husband after learning the role he had in Victoria losing her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9491
    Ep. #9491
    Episode 129
    Victoria is having difficulty dealing with her problems. Tucker gives Jack a deadline. Skye tries to strike a deal with Billy.
  • Ep. #9490
    Ep. #9490
    Episode 128
    Adam makes another death threat to Skye. Meggie worries that her past might resurface and reveal unwanted information. Heather learns what Chance's last words were.
  • Ep. #9489
    Ep. #9489
    Episode 127
    Christine and Nina discuss about the secret they share, as Nina struggles with the truth. Kevin encourages Chloe to be honest with her feelings. Lily receives a disturbing gift. Cane makes a confession to Sofia. Ashley tries to get Tucker to trust his own instincts.
  • Ep. #9488
    Ep. #9488
    Episode 126
    Noah returns to Genoa City a changed man, having broke up with Eden and ready to stay in town. Adam gives Skye a deadly warning. JT wants to have a baby with Mac, and she says yes. Jack tries to get a room with Phyllis, only to end up between the sheets with Skye after Phyllis rejects him. Billy and Victoria babysit with Summer, Reed and Delia.moreless
  • Ep. #9487
    Ep. #9487
    Episode 125
    Nina isn't ready to lose Ronan now that she has finally found her son. Heather is confused when Victor offers to fund Heather's intention to run for the District Attorney position, thinking that there must be some kind of a catch. Skye warns Adam about the possibility of people finding out about his other crimes, including helping Patty escape from the asylum.moreless
  • Ep. #9486
    Ep. #9486
    Episode 124
    A tormented Nina wants an explanation from Christine regarding Chance's death, and Christine makes a plea to Nina. Heather finds a new job. Tucker and Brock argue at the hospital after Kay's health problems. Kay asks Murphy for a favor in case she might die.
  • Ep. #9485
    Ep. #9485
    Episode 123
    Heather and Chloe duke it out at Chance's funeral, and Ronan and Christine make an unwanted surprising appearance. Kay collapses after the events of the last few days. Victoria receives a warning from J.T.
  • Ep. #9484
    Ep. #9484
    Episode 122
    The Chancellors are forced to say goodbye to Chance. Victor starts taunting Jack again after learning that Abby has decided to drop the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Tucker wants Abby not to back down. Kay questions Nikki about the possibility of her starting to drink again, but Nikki is unaware of what is going on, as Meggie continues trying to destroy Nikki's life.moreless
  • Ep. #9483
    Ep. #9483
    Episode 121
    Owen arrives at the Chancellor mansion while the family is grieving with a search warrant, keen on pinning the corruption case on Chance. Victoria warns her father to stay away from her after she is released from jail. Cane lies to his wife. Victor learns that Vance froze Abby's account.
  • Ep. #9482
    Ep. #9482
    Episode 120
    Victoria ends up behind bars following the arrest at her wedding, and Nikki angrily confronts Victor for what he did to their daughter. Chance's friends and family react to news of his death. Victor warns Billy that he'll come after him whenever he wants. Owen and Sid celebrate their win in the corruption case.moreless
  • Ep. #9481
    Ep. #9481
    Episode 119
    Billy and Victoria's weeding hits big bumps, and Phyllis is there to keep track of the newest gossip. Heather confesses her true feelings for Chance. Chance and Ronan end up in a standoff with serious consequences, just as Nina learns that Ronan is her son.
  • Ep. #9480
    Ep. #9480
    Episode 118
    Billy and Victoria's wedding day arrives, but problems are on the horizon. Chloe is convinced that Chance might lose his life. Victor has a secret plan for his daughter.
  • Ep. #9479
    Ep. #9479
    Episode 117
    Ronan promises to get rid of Chance to prove his loyalty to Owen. Ashley and Jack fight over Abby's trust fund. Billy and Victoria prepare for their wedding. Abby is in a dilemma.
  • Ep. #9478
    Ep. #9478
    Episode 116
    Chloe reveals interesting information to Chance about Ronan. Victor has something up his sleeve. Billy is convinced that Victoria is backing out. Owen and Sid want Ronan to prove himself by killing Chance. Nina and Paul inch closer to learning her son's true identity.
  • Ep. #9477
    Ep. #9477
    Episode 115
    Victor and Abby argue. J.T. decides to spy against the Newman company. Billy receives life advice from ghost John.
  • Ep. #9476
    Ep. #9476
    Episode 114
    Victoria and Billy move into their new house. Chance's life is put at risk again for the sake of the case. Jana has a new job, but it comes with a secret agenda.
  • Ep. #9475
    Ep. #9475
    Episode 113
    Heather realizes that Chloe has feelings for Ronan. Phyllis reveals to Sharon that she saw Nick kissing a blond woman. Jill moves into Lauren's office at Fenmore. Nikki is bothered by a bad dream. Ashley listens as Abby talks about Ashley's relationships.
  • Ep. #9474
    Ep. #9474
    Episode 112
    Ashley angrily confronts Adam and promises revenge. Victor isn't all that impressed when he sees the tattoo Billy has. Kevin serves his wife with divorce papers. Meggie continues spiking Nikki's drinks.
  • Ep. #9473
    Ep. #9473
    Episode 111
    Victoria and Billy are faced with the decision to move to a new place. Meggie worries Nikki. Victor uses a new strategy.
  • Ep. #9472
    Ep. #9472
    Episode 110
    Phillip returns to Genoa City, again. Lauren crashes the christening of the twins. Victoria and J.T. declare a war between each other. Mac and Billy discuss the tension between their lovers.
  • Ep. #9471
    Ep. #9471
    Episode 109
    Cane's immigration issues are brought up again while he prepares for the christening. J.T. is surprised when he realizes how much Victoria has changed ever since they split. Mac questions him about telling Victoria about their engagement. Chloe and Ronan both agree that they're using each other.
  • Ep. #9470
    Ep. #9470
    Episode 108
    Lauren tells Jill that she will never accept her as an actual sister. Paul gets more info on Nina's son. Heather loses her job, again, when Owen fires her. Ronan tells Heather that he might have just saved her life. Jill acquires her half of the Fenmore fortune.
  • Ep. #9469
    Ep. #9469
    Episode 107
    Tucker and Ashley's confrontation leads to a night full of passion. Jack is worried that Phyllis is spinning out of control after everything that has happened. Victor punches Adam, intentionally adding this to the list of the charges against him. Adam refuses to drop the lawsuit when Skye asks him to. Victoria and Billy are involved in a hilarious tattoo incident. Phyllis is angry at Nick for leaving Summer with Sharon. Nick forbids Adam to get near his daughter. Deacon and Phyllis get passionate again.moreless
  • Ep. #9468
    Ep. #9468
    Episode 106
    Nick and Christine kiss, and Phyllis seems them thinking its Nick and Sharon. Christine tells Nina that she's leaving for Washington. Nina makes her admit that she still loves Paul. Phyllis and Deacon spar again. Victoria decides to quit her job at Newman.
  • Ep. #9467
    Ep. #9467
    Episode 105
    Nina slaps Paul when he admits that Christine was the one that broke up their recent kiss. Christine and Nick bond at the bar. Skye isn't happy with the fact that Adam didn't sue Sharon. Meggie wants to dig deeper into Nikki's past, while Michael wants to dig into Meggie's. Victoria and Billy end up locked in a bathroom. Abby, Ashley and Traci visit Colleen's grave.moreless
  • Ep. #9466
    Ep. #9466
    Episode 104
    Jana is jealous when she sees how the friendship between Kevin and Chloe is developing. Chloe suggests Kevin should try modeling. Lily asks Mac to be the godmother to the twins, but Mac rejects. Lily then asks Traci, who accepts. Lauren is shocked when Joanna doesn't testify the way she wanted to in court. Gloria hires Deacon to work at Gloworm.moreless
  • Ep. #9465
    Ep. #9465
    Episode 103
    Chloe comes near to finding out Ronan's secret when she realizes that his name isn't in the system. Paul tells Heather that he could find Nina's long lost son. Nina is overjoyed to learn that her son's name is Aiden. Jill confides in Kay about what happened with Lauren. The trial, Fenmore vs. Fenmore, comes to a high note when Lauren's mother Joanna arrives to testify.moreless
  • Ep. #9464
    Ep. #9464
    Episode 102
    Victoria and Billy make up as a couple. Heather and Rafe bond as drinking friends. Adam is worried when he has a nightmare of his mother saying she'll never rest in peace over what he's done. Sharon decides to move in with Nick. Skye is upset to learn that Adam filed a lawsuit against the people that were in the cabin, except Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #9463
    Ep. #9463
    Episode 101
    Victor has an important message for his family as well as the Abbotts. Adam's past is revealed.
  • Ep. #9462
    Ep. #9462
    Episode 100
    Nikki makes Meggie an offer. Christine tries to save Chance. Victor gets an upper hand on Tucker.
  • Ep. #9461
    Ep. #9461
    Episode 99
    Jill tells Victoria the truth about what happened between her and Billy. Sharon has a few words for Adam. Ashley worries that her past might hurt her relationship with Tucker.
  • Ep. #9460
    Ep. #9460
    Episode 98
    Neil continues pushing Sofia away. Sharon takes the stand at Adam's trial, as Vance warns Adam that her testimony might put him behind bars. Sharon tells Nick that she's tired of both him and Adam.
  • Ep. #9459
    Ep. #9459
    Episode 97
    As Christine prepares to leave town, she and Paul explain to Nina that their kiss was nothing but a goodbye thing, but Nina refuses to care and instead decides to focus on resolving Chance's problem. In prison, Chance pretends to be in need for drugs to bust the corrupt cops, while it seems that Detective Meeks might be involved. Phyllis and Nick bid farewell to each other as Phyllis leaves on a trip with Summer. Adam forbids Vance from doing anything against Sharon, but Skye demands for Vance to take down Sharon as well. Sharon tells Nick that she doesn't intend to get back with him just because his marriage is over.moreless
  • Ep. #9458
    Ep. #9458
    Episode 96
    Paul receives a phone call from Patty, who is hiding somewhere in South America and trying to find another man for herself under the alias she used to have, Mary Jane. He then arrives at the Abbott mansion in time to say goodbye to Emily, who has decided to leave town for good. Phyllis flips out when Nick gives her a visit. Billy is frustrated after Victoria rushes away thinking that Billy betrayed her. Adam and Ashley face off. Jana causes irritation in the eyes of her ex-friends. Billy fires Jill. Jeff and Gloria have their club closed already due to Abby's games. Sharon and Adam kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9457
    Ep. #9457
    Episode 95
    The opening of Gloworm continues, as guests continue arriving. Tucker and Ashley confront Victor regarding the bribing of the Japanese business man, and Victor confronts Victoria about it, claiming that it was Billy who is playing Victoria. Sharon feels uneasy due to the presence of Adam and Skye at the opening. Jana arrives at the opening as well, much to the surprise of the guests. Abby manages to be the center of attention yet again. Jack and Emily realize that they have more problems in their relationship than they care to admit. Paul and Christine reminisce about their past and end up sharing a kiss, and Nina sees them.moreless
  • Ep. #9456
    Ep. #9456
    Episode 94
    Gloria and Jeffrey welcome guests to the grand re-opening of Indigo, now called Gloworm, but they face several obstacles as things begin to slowly fall apart. Michael explains to Sharon that there will be no ramifications for her shooting Adam because he doesn't want to press charges. Jana tries to blame her behavior on the aneurysm, but Kevin isn't ready to forgive her. Chance pretends to be guilty of the drug charges, shocking his friends and family.moreless
  • Ep. #9455
    Ep. #9455
    Episode 93
    Jana decides to return to Genoa City to help out Kevin, but Ryder doesn't have the same intentions. She bids farewell to Ryder, while he phones Daisy to meet up with her again. Jill complains to Kay about what happened between her and Lauren, while Michael warns Lauren about her behavior. Gloria prepares to re-open Indigo. Tucker and Jill reach a deal. Mac decides to stay in town after all.moreless
  • Ep. #9454
    Ep. #9454
    Episode 92
    Emily listens as Phyllis confides in Jack about how bad her day was. Adam is wheeled into the ER, and Sharon cries over shooting him. Skye comes to Adam's side, while Victor and Nick stand by Sharon's. Adam takes full responsibility for the shooting, leaving Skye confused as to why he would say that. Michael notes that Lauren's behavior has drastically changed ever since she found out Jill was her half sister. Lauren ends up pushing Jill into a grave when they argue at the graveyard. Malcolm re-proposes to Sofia.moreless
  • Ep. #9453
    Ep. #9453
    Episode 91
    Chance confronts Ronan for being lousy at protecting Heather's life. Kevin gives Chloe a place to stay. Ronan and Chance battle it out in the rain and Christine stops their fight. She reminds Ronan that Chance is his brother. Ashley interrupts a confrontation between Victor and Jack. Jack tells Abby that he's done with plotting against Victor, but then tells her to keep his secret. Ashley decides to move back into the Abbott house. Abby gets a chance to get her money from her parents, but decides to pass on it now that she knows she can get much more. Nick finds Adam with Sharon at the cabin, and Sharon orders Adam to leave. Sharon accidentally shoots Adam when he returns to the cabin. Phyllis and Deacon fight over who did what to whom. Nick sees them kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #9452
    Ep. #9452
    Episode 90
    Victor tries to give Phyllis money to compensate for her divorce from Nick. Jack helps Abby gain a large amount of money and go up against her entire family. Adam tricks Phyllis into going up to the cabin after saying Nick is headed there to be with Sharon. However, she suffers road trouble and comes upon Deacon, the guy she put behind bars. Tucker and Ashley attempt to get Billy involved in their war against Victor, but Billy refuses temptation. He confides in Victoria about what happened to him. Sharon and Nick spend some friendly time together at the cabin. When Nick leaves, Sharon is shocked to find Adam there. Victor seems Abby and Jack talking and knows instantly that it was Jack's work since the very beginning.moreless
  • Ep. #9451
    Ep. #9451
    Episode 89
    Chloe has a Cinderella daydream in which each of her previous romantic partners - Cane, Billy and Chance - end up with other woman than her - Lily, Victoria and Heather, respectively. She sets out to have her revenge by seducing Ronan. Meanwhile, Heather finds herself in grave danger when she's attacked in a car, and Chance comes to her rescue, but the attacker isn't identified. Neil tells his family that he doesn't want Sofia anywhere near them since she knew very well what Tucker was all about when he first came to town. Lauren attempts to make peace with Jill, as Michael, Kay and Esther listen, but their conversation soon leads to a huge argument.moreless
  • Ep. #9450
    Ep. #9450
    Episode 88
    Emily gives Ashley advice on how to handle Abby's behavior. Paul and Owen learn about Patty's escape. Paul is angry when Skye supplies an alibi for Adam. Abby makes a drastic move to prove to her mother that she isn't just joking around - she tells her to move out of her house. Skye confronts her husband regarding Hightower's murder. Lily is released from the hospital, and Mac still has difficulty dealing with separation from the babies.moreless
  • Ep. #9449
    Ep. #9449
    Episode 87
    Chloe is heartbroken after Chance admits he cheated on her with Heather. Christine admits the truth regarding Ronan to Heather and Paul, and claims that the person after Heather is not the same person that wanted to blow her up. Jack gives Emily an ultimatum, either to lose him or help Patty, and she decides to stick with Jack. Christine tells Paul not to reveal the truth to Nina for her own sake, and Paul hopes that Nina will understand one day when she finds out. Adam taunts Patty in the mental institution after crawling inside through the vent, and tries to convince her that she was the one that killed Hightower. He then forces her to escape with him. Chloe confronts Heather and their discussion leads to Chloe slapping the woman that stole her man. Chance promises to his mother that he will recover his job and his fiancée.moreless
  • Ep. #9448
    Ep. #9448
    Episode 86
    Patty dreams of the night Hightower was murdered and realizes that she wasn't the one that killed him. She confides in Paul about this, while Adam worries that Patty might change her mind on the confession, and he wants to make sure that Patty stays convinced of killing the man. Jack doesn't want Emily to get back to Patty's case, but she makes the decision to do so anyway. Chance is put in a hot seat when he ends up getting suspended. Adam and Skye meet with Adam's lawyer. Christine admits to Heather and Paul that Ronan is an undercover cop. Chloe is shocked when Chance admits that he cheated on her with Heather.moreless
  • Ep. #9447
    Ep. #9447
    Episode 85
    After hauling off Abby to jail, the Newmans continue their private party and toast to Victor and Nikki's engagement. Kevin is worried Ryder's disappearance may cause him to lose Crimson Lights. Nina briefly talks to Paul about the son Rose DeVille stole from her years ago. Chance tells Heather that he intends to tell Chloe the truth. Kevin finds out that Ryder and Jana left town together. Abby cries in her cell. Christine seems to have a connection to Ronan.moreless
  • Ep. #9446
    Ep. #9446
    Episode 84
    Jack tries to convince Abby to take her rights as a Newman and go up against Victor. Malcolm and Sofia spend some quality time together after being away from each other for a few months. Nick warns Adam about the danger of his business. Tucker has a proposal for Malcolm and Sofia. Victor shuts down Abby when she wants him to provide founding for the Naked Heiress. Nikki and Victor inform their family that they are engaged, just as Abby surprises them by riding in naked on a horse.moreless
  • Ep. #9445
    Ep. #9445
    Episode 83
    Abby is upset when Kent tells he's leaving town because she doesn't have a backer for her television pilot. Daniel and Phyllis fight over his involvement with Abby. Lauren is surprised by Jill's another shocking move. Victor is confronted by Ashley and Tucker regarding the bribing of the Japanese officials, but he claims he isn't doing anything illegal. Jack tries to make a deal with Ashley and Tucker. Victor challenges Abby to prove that she is a grown up. Tucker sends his new representative, a woman named Sofia, to a meeting with Neil and Kay, and the same person turns out to be Malcolm's fiancée.moreless
  • Ep. #9444
    Ep. #9444
    Episode 82
    Victor asks Nikki to marry him, but she isn't able to make a decision without thinking about it first. She goes to ask Kay for advice, and ultimately accepts. Chloe is convinced that Billy is jealous of her relationship with Chance. Chance arrests Ronan for corruption, but ends up getting removed off the case. Heather isn't happy to learn that Ronan will be her new guard. Meggie enjoys shopping with Victor's money. Christine confides in Kay about her feelings regarding the relationship between Nina and Paul. Nina admits to Kay that she feels young again now that she's with Paul, and that she wants to work on keeping both her relationship with Paul and her friendship with Christine.moreless
  • Ep. #9443
    Ep. #9443
    Episode 81
    Christine is surprised when she realizes that Paul and Nina are dating. Nikki tells Meggie that Victor is off limits. Heather and Chance have sex. Victor wants Paul to do a background check on Meggie. Heather and Chance suspect Ronan might be the corrupt cop they've been trying to locate. Ryder asks Jana to run away with him.moreless
  • Ep. #9442
    Ep. #9442
    Episode 80
    Skye wants Adam to donate to charities to save his name. Nikki isn't happy to have Meggie around the house. Meggie tells that a couple of goons destroyed her bar. Chance and Chloe try to pick a wedding date, but Chance's work comes in between. Nina and Paul's lovemaking is interrupted by a sudden appearance of Christine. A warrant is issued for Ryder's arrest. Owen threatens to have Chance pulled out of a case and Heather out of a job. Chance and Heather give in to their passion. Sharon informs Nick that she's leaving Genoa City for good.moreless
  • Ep. #9441
    Ep. #9441
    Episode 79
    Nikki and Victor briefly discuss about Phyllis leaving Nick before Meggie walks in and faints in the middle of the house. Jack learns about Phyllis' decision when he comes over to the penthouse. They kiss, but Phyllis backs away mentioning Emily. Tucker and Ashley spend quality time together, as do Daniel and Abby, and Victoria and Billy. Adam and Nick face off after Adam shows up at the church wanting to talk to Sharon.moreless
  • Ep. #9440
    Ep. #9440
    Episode 78
    The Newmans learn about Adam getting married to Skye. Skye tells Nikki that she has no idea who was buried in the stables. Sharon goes to church for a confession, and she's surprised when Adam shows up. Jill interrupts a meeting between Lauren and a client designer. Lauren is mad at Jill, and Jill decides to pursue her right anyway. Mac is having real difficulty dealing with absence from the twins. Victoria and Billy spend quality time together.moreless
  • Ep. #9439
    Ep. #9439
    Episode 77
    Victor walks out on his daughter after she tells him that she loves Billy. Billy asks Victoria out on their official first date. Phyllis kicks Sharon out of her penthouse and moves in. Nick attempts to reconcile, but Phyllis has had enough. In court, Adam pleads not guilty. Heather tries to deny his bail, but the judge decides to set it anyway. Skye wants a favor from Adam. Heather unleashes her anger on Adam. Skye and Adam end up getting married. Nikki tells Victor that Victoria should have the freedom to choose how to live her life. While being interviews by Celebrity Weekly, Abby pretends not to have known about the sex tape in front of Victor, who is determined to get behind whoever released it.moreless
  • Ep. #9438
    Ep. #9438
    Episode 76
    Adam tells Sharon that he didn't kill Richard. Victor publicly clears Nick's name and disowns Adam. In court, Patty isn't fit to stand trial. Victoria tells Billy that they're over after seeing the newest issue of Restless Style. Abby is angry when she sees the same thing, and she confronts Billy about it. Skye returns to Genoa City in time for Adam's arraignment. Victoria tells Victor that she loves Billy. Phyllis tells Nick that their marriage is over.moreless
  • Ep. #9437
    Ep. #9437
    Episode 75
    Victor wants to have his revenge on Pomerantz. Phyllis reveals to Daniel that she is going to stay married to Nick only until his prison troubles come to an end. Sharon tells Nick to go home to his wife. Rafe tells Billy that he doesn't want to represent Adam in court. Chance wants to question Frank before he is transferred, and is frustrated when he learns that Frank escaped. He blames Ronan for everything. Abby tries to find out what is Billy keeping from her. She then goes out to try to seduce Daniel.moreless
  • Ep. #9436
    Ep. #9436
    Episode 74
    Patty sticks by her confession because she is afraid of Adam. Adam tricks Sharon to pay him a visit in jail. Mac tells J.T. that she loves him, and then chalks it up to the painkillers.
  • Ep. #9435
    Ep. #9435
    Episode 73
    Various people argue as Abby stars as a model in the newest Restless Style photo shoot. Paul is convinced that Adam somehow got to Patty while he was at the sanitarium. Adam and Nick argue at jail. Mac and J.T. get closer.
  • Ep. #9434
    Ep. #9434
    Episode 72
    Gloria and Jeff surprise Michael and Lauren by revealing that they are the new owners of Indigo, and then they proceed to redecorate the place to their own taste. Adam taunts to such an extreme that she's ready to confess to Richard's murder even if she didn't do it. The police bursts inside Adam's room to arrest him. Ashley is deeply hurt when Abby calls her Tucker's newest toy. She realizes her daughter is nothing but trash. Victoria and Billy spend some quality time together. Abby makes a scene at Kay's party and Kay kicks her out. As if that weren't enough, Jill spoils the mood at the party by revealing that she has legally changed her last name to 'Fenmore'. After bickering with several people, Lauren tells Jill that she will never be a Fenmore.moreless
  • Ep. #9433
    Ep. #9433
    Episode 71
    Adam continues taunting Patty inside the sanitarium. Chloe tries to pretend not to care about Chance's job of keeping Heather safe. Sharon visits Nick in jail and urges him to make his feelings for his wife clear. Nick senses that Sharon still cares for Adam.
  • Ep. #9432
    Ep. #9432
    Episode 70
    At the sanitarium, Adam plays mind games with Patty. Patty is distraught when he starts taunting her. Nina doesn't hide her feelings regarding Chloe. Chloe wants to move in with Kevin so she could keep an eye on Chance while he's protecting Heather. Chance is frustrated when Ronan gets angry at Frank. Owen tells Victor and Michael that he knows Victor transferred a lot of money to Frank's account. Jana and Ryder try to find a way to earn money so they can pay their bills.moreless
  • Ep. #9431
    Ep. #9431
    Episode 69
    Daniel berates Abby for acting like a spoiled child. Gloria and Jeff buy Indigo from Neil. Nina doesn't hide her disappointment when she learns that Chloe and Chance are engaged. Paul questions Heather about her attraction to Chance. Kevin informs his friends about the end of his marriage. Neil breaks up with Ashley, and she informs Tucker about it.moreless
  • Ep. #9430
    Ep. #9430
    Episode 68
    Emily and Jack reconnect as a couple, while Jamie prepares for what's to come. Paul comforts Patty, who seems to be getting better. Adam is brought into the courtroom to testify, but ends up faking a panic attack which lands him in the same institution where Patty is. Phyllis confides in Nikki about her plans to leave Nick once the trial is over.moreless
  • Ep. #9429
    Ep. #9429
    Episode 67
    Sharon and Victor escort Adam back to Genoa City. Adam realizes Sharon still has feelings for him. Emily reunites with her brother Jamie and she promises to protect him in case he has to go to jail. Lauren and Jill learn that the DNA test proves they're related. Nick's trial is in progress.moreless
  • Ep. #9428
    Ep. #9428
    Episode 66
    Sharon and Adam meet for the first time since Adam's faked death. Adam claims he had nothing to do with the death of Richard Hightower or the explosion at the GCAC. Adam attempts to kiss Sharon, but she pulls away and says that she wants him to prove that he loves her by doing the right thing. Victor and Skye play poker, and Skye ends up losing. Victor faces Adam. Mac gives birth.moreless
  • Ep. #9427
    Ep. #9427
    Episode 65
    Skye is upset when she comes face to face with Victor. Victor tries to ship Sharon back to Genoa City, but before he does, she runs into Adam. Nick learns his bail has been revoked. Billy blames Cane for the Mac's condition. Mac is forced to undergo emergency c-section.
  • Ep. #9426
    Ep. #9426
    Episode 64
    Ashley and Tucker return to Genoa City, where Ashley says she doesn't regret sleeping with Tucker, but she wants to continue her relationship with Neil. Daniel confronts Abby about publishing a sex tape with them as the main stars. The Winters family prepares to lose Lily. Mac is in pain.
  • Ep. #9425
    Ep. #9425
    Episode 63
    Kevin is furious when he walks in on Jana sleeping with his brother. Chance gets a new partner named Ronan Malloy to help him with the case involving corrupt cops. Lily appears in court to prevent Mac from losing the case.
  • Ep. #9424
    Ep. #9424
    Episode 62
    Lauren is shocked to learn that Jill is her half sister. Snapper and Greg talk to Kay before leaving Genoa City. Sharon is ready to flush out Adam. Phyllis is tired of Nick rushing to Sharon.
  • Ep. #9423
    Ep. #9423
    Episode 61
    Liz passes away. Victor asks Sharon to join him in San Paolo. Jill learns the truth about her paternity, and then visits Lauren. Nick's trial begins.
  • Ep. #9422
    Ep. #9422
    Episode 60
    Jack and Victor set up a trap for Adam and Skye. Jill has to deal with the fact that Liz is going to die. Ashley and Tucker end up in bed together. Skye gets caught in Victor's trap. The Fosters all come together to try and help Liz.
  • Ep. #9421
    Ep. #9421
    Episode 59
    Liz reveals she knows who Jill's real parents are, but she won't reveal the truth. Phyllis is worried about the bond between Sharon and Nick. She tries to help with Nick's defense. Snapper promises to keep Liz's secret.
  • Ep. #9420
    Ep. #9420
    Episode 58
    Ashley and Tucker go after Victoria in Japan. Nikki and Phyllis catch Abby and Daniel kissing after their night together. Abby plans to release her sex tape. Jill goes to see Snapper and Liz at the hospital.
  • Ep. #9419
    Ep. #9419
    Episode 57
    Jack tries to rescue Victor. Daniel wants to move on and ends up having sex with Abby.
  • Ep. #9418
    Ep. #9418
    Episode 56
    Jana and Ryder's kiss leads to them making love. Nikki warns Phyllis. Kevin confides in Chloe about his marriage problems. Victor has to deal with the trouble he put himself into on the boat.
  • Ep. #9417
    Ep. #9417
    Episode 55
    Nick calls a number and Skye answers the phone. Phyllis evicts Gloria and Jeff, and then tries to sell Sharon on the idea of moving into her penthouse. Victor tries to intimidate Shaw. Emily learns about Patty giving her brother a pad.
  • Ep. #9416
    Ep. #9416
    Episode 54
    Devon decides to side with Cane and Malcolm when he realizes that it means he could lose Lily. Phyllis and Sharon share a conversation. Adam still has feelings for Sharon.
  • Ep. #9415
    Ep. #9415
    Episode 53
    In Brazil, Adam gets a call that Victor is in Canada. The Winters Family celebrates Devon's graduation. Cane makes a tough decision.
  • Ep. #9414
    Ep. #9414
    Episode 52
    Tucker informs Jill that he wants to steal Beauty of Nature. Nikki warns Victoria not to put her faith in Billy. Chance saves Heather's life.
  • Ep. #9413
    Ep. #9413
    Episode 51
    Michael gets a call that the dental records confirm it is Hightower in the grave not Adam. Heather's life is put in danger. Chloe is jealous of Heather. Sharon nearly dies, again.
  • Ep. #9412
    Ep. #9412
    Episode 50
    Jana bails Ryder out of jail. Victor and Jack help out Nick. Phyllis and Sharon go on a mission that leaves Sharon in great life risk.
  • Ep. #9411
    Ep. #9411
    Episode 49
    Ashley tries to set Tucker straight. Cane learns about Lily's will. Victoria and Billy learn that they aren't legally married.
  • Ep. #9410
    Ep. #9410
    Episode 48
    Victor is angry at Victoria for marrying Billy. Nick questions Patty about her involvement with Richard Hightower. Abby threatens her mother.
  • Ep. #9409
    Ep. #9409
    Episode 47
    Emily ends up at the police station once again. At Rafe's party, the guests react to news of Victoria and Billy getting married.
  • Ep. #9408
    Ep. #9408
    Episode 46
    Emily is faced with tough news. Abby ends up revealing to everyone at the party that Victoria and Billy got married. Nick and Phyllis come to a conclusion.
  • Ep. #9407
    Ep. #9407
    Episode 45
    Billy and Victoria begin acting as a real married couple. Abby decides to use Restless Style for her advantage, and her manager is impressed by her ideas. Victor, Phyllis, Sharon and Nick learn from Paul that Adam donated a bone marrow for Richard Hightower, which would mean that the man found dead in the basement is Richard with Adam's DNA. Jana and Kevin pay Ryder a visit in jail. Daniel and Amber attempt to work things out over the phone, but end up agreeing that they should divorce. Abby comes upon Billy's wedding video.moreless
  • Ep. #9406
    Ep. #9406
    Episode 44
    Abby tries to have Jack involved in her project. Ashley and Victor discuss about how to handle Abby. Victoria doesn't want Rafe working on the annulment. Kay informs Daniel about Amber's wishes. Tucker wants to take over Beauty of Nature. Abby kisses Daniel.
  • Ep. #9405
    Ep. #9405
    Episode 43
    Emily has to deal with withdrawal symptoms due to the drugs Patty had been giving her. Chance tells Heather that she's reinstated as the Assistant D.A. Lily leaves for France. Chance and Chloe reconnect as a couple. Daniel and Mac discuss about their lives.
  • Ep. #9404
    Ep. #9404
    Episode 42
    Ryder attempts to make apologies to the people he hurt. Ashley and Victor confront Abby regarding her recent actions. Jana reaches out to Ryder. Abby sues her parents.
  • Ep. #9403
    Ep. #9403
    Episode 41
    Phyllis finds the missing poster of Richard Hightower and recognizes him. Nick is released from jail. Ryder returns to Genoa City.
  • Ep. #9402
    Ep. #9402
    Episode 40
    Tucker orders J.T. to spy on Victoria. Nick is attacked by Frank Ellis. Victoria receives advice. Sharon finds an interesting piece of information.
  • Ep. #9401
    Ep. #9401
    Episode 39
    Abby asks Rafe to help her sue her parents for the rights to her inheritance. Cane tries to talk to Lily. Ashley and Victor worry about Abby.
  • Ep. #9400
    Ep. #9400
    Episode 38
    Abby strips in protest of animal testing at Jabot and shocks her parents. Kevin takes Jana back home. Emily tries to get her life back together.
  • Ep. #9399
    Ep. #9399
    Episode 37
    Ashley accepts Tucker's offer to run Jabot. Billy and Victoria have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Neil makes a warning.
  • Ep. #9398
    Ep. #9398
    Episode 36
    Billy and Victoria get married in Jamaica. Mac and J.T. get closer. Patty has to answer questions regarding her actions.
  • Ep. #9397
    Ep. #9397
    Episode 35
    Paul makes a plea on Patty's behalf to send her to a psychiatric hospital rather than a prison. Victor confronts Billy. Patty reveals info.
  • Ep. #9396
    Ep. #9396
    Episode 34
    Lily and Cane inform her family about the trial. The judge awards full custody of Reed to J.T. Phyllis and Daniel have to deal with Amber's mom.
  • Ep. #9395
    Ep. #9395
    Episode 33
    Cane and Lily learn the risks of the experimental treatment, and Mac learns about the stem cell idea. Patty is taken to jail. J.T. and Victoria try to talk rationally.
  • Ep. #9394
    Ep. #9394
    Episode 32
    Jack finds the real Emily alive in the morgue, and puts a stop to Patty's scheme. Jana has a lot to deal with. Victoria and J.T. fight.
  • Ep. #9393
    Ep. #9393
    Episode 31
    Amber says goodbye to her friends, and decides to call Dr. Stryker one last time for advice on her marriage. Daniel calls in and refuses to let Amber go, but it seems as if she's already made her mind. Jana comes out of surgery with amnesia. Victoria is frustrated when she realizes just how much a control J.T. has with Reed's custody. Adam's voice from beyond the grave reveals that Adam killed himself intentionally to set up Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #9392
    Ep. #9392
    Episode 30
    Jack plays mind games with Patty by getting her a cat. Realizing she's at the end of her game, Patty dies her hair blond once again and goes to switch places with Emily, and then proceeds to send Emily's body to the morgue. Heather and Paul learn that it was indeed Emily who was imprisoned in the mental hospital. Jana goes to surgery. Nick is charged with Adam's murder after a recording of Adam's voice reveals that Nick cornered him in the basement of the GCAC on the night of his murder.moreless
  • Ep. #9391
    Ep. #9391
    Episode 29
    The final showdown between Lauren, Sara, Michael and Phyllis ends with Sara's death. Ryder and Daisy decides to depart from Genoa City. Nick is released from prison and he has a reunion with Phyllis. Kevin is worried when he learns of Jana's condition in the hospital. Michael and Lauren happily reunite.moreless
  • Ep. #9390
    Ep. #9390
    Episode 28
    Lauren and Sara end up in a house of mirrors followed by Phyllis and Michael, where a final showdown between the doubles is about to happen. Jana convinces Kevin to let Ryder go, and Daisy and Ryder manage to run away. Jana falls unconscious in the helicopter on the way back. Jack confronts Patty about taking Emily's place, but Patty pretends to be Emily anyway.moreless
  • Ep. #9389
    Ep. #9389
    Episode 27
    Jack realizes that Patty must have switched places with Emily, so he goes to the psychiatric hospital only to learn "Emily" has blocked "Patty" from visits. Sara almost manages to kill Phyllis, but Michael comes just in time to scare off Sara. Kevin asks Murphy and Kay to help him use the Ouija to find Jana. Ryder isn't able to effectively help Lauren and Jana. Amber feels betrayed after finding Daisy and Daniel in bed together. Daniel realizes Daisy must have drugged him.moreless
  • Ep. #9388
    Ep. #9388
    Episode 26
    Lauren and Jana finally manage to break through Ryder's facade, and he decides to free them, but has an obstacle on the way. Amber is stunned when she sees Little D at Crimson Lights. Daisy drugs Daniel and puts him in bed, then has Amber find them together. Phyllis is confused about "Lauren's" weird behavior. Chance questions Patty.moreless
  • Ep. #9387
    Ep. #9387
    Episode 25
    Sara prepares to kill Phyllis. Patty is troubled when she starts having Emily's voice in her head. Jack is confused by his wife's behavior. Lauren and Jana continue working on Ryder. Nick receives a threat.
  • Ep. #9386
    Ep. #9386
    Episode 24
    Sara is sick of having to deal with Michael. The Abbotts and Newmans agree to file a harassment suit against Owen and the authorities, and both Heather and Rafe decide not to participate. Billy tries to get closer to Victoria. Heather contemplates sending the DNA Emily gave her to the lab. Amber is worried when she can't reach her mother. Sara and Patty agree on when to kill Michael and Phyllis.moreless
  • Ep. #9385
    Ep. #9385
    Episode 23
    Tucker interrupts Ashley and Neil from their quality time by offering Ashley a three-year contract as Jabot's CEO. Amber and Daniel argue over Amber's need to become a mother, and Daniel's reluctance to become a father. Kevin attempts to extract info from Ryder in jail.
  • Ep. #9384
    Ep. #9384
    Episode 22
    Ryder comes just in time to stop Lauren and Jana's fire, but as a result he ends up getting hauled off to jail. Patty and Sara discuss murdering the people they don't like. Jack in confused when Patty starts talking nonsense about her brother. Victor admits to killing Adam, but the police doesn't buy his story. Lauren cuts Sara so people could tell them apart, but Sara swears they'll never get a chance to see them together.moreless
  • Ep. #9383
    Ep. #9383
    Episode 21
    Phyllis is upset when Sharon comes to the station to see Nick. Sara wants Patty to murder Michael. Patty is disturbed when Jack brings Emily's brother Jamie for a visit. She goes to see Emily to get info on what Jamie is like. Lauren and Jana try to find a way to escape. Upset over how his children have been treated, Victor decides to confess to killing Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #9382
    Ep. #9382
    Episode 20
    Emily wants Heather to do a DNA test so she could prove that she isn't Patty. Jack confronts "Emily" about lying to him regarding her pregnancy. Sara enjoys living Lauren's life. Jana's headaches get worse. Ryder is stuck between two sides. Kevin tries to reach out to Jana by using the Ouija board.moreless
  • Ep. #9381
    Ep. #9381
    Episode 19
    Jack confronts Patty after visiting Phyllis. Murphy sticks up for Kay in front of Tucker. Victoria is released, as Nick is arrested by Adam's murder. Ashley and Neil make love.
  • Ep. #9380
    Ep. #9380
    Episode 18
    Chance and Owen tie Victoria to the murder weapon. Chloe insinuates that Mac may have a thing for J.T. Tucker has Jabot back in his hands. Nick reveals stunning info.
  • Ep. #9379
    Ep. #9379
    Episode 17
    Billy confesses in court he was with Victoria the night Adam was killed. Jack confides in Phyllis regarding his marriage. Sara and Patty plot.
  • Ep. #9378
    Ep. #9378
    Episode 16
    Victoria is arrested for Adam's murder, and the custody of Reed goes to J.T. after Victoria doesn't show up in court. Jack suspects "Emily" is lying.
  • Ep. #9377
    Ep. #9377
    Episode 15
    Chance is given another piece of evidence that points to Adam's killer. Victor is distraught over Adam's crimes. Victoria and J.T. can't agree on anything.
  • Ep. #9376
    Ep. #9376
    Episode 14
    Sara, pretending to be Lauren, lies to Michael about sleeping with an unknown man during her absence. Jana is suffering from terrible headaches. Abby suspects Ryder might have something to do with Jana's disappearance. Malcolm is forced to admit that he had no idea Lily had cancer when he returned to town.moreless
  • Ep. #9375
    Ep. #9375
    Episode 13
    Michael and Kevin try to get more information about Sara Smythe. Lauren and Jana attempt to reason with Ryder. Sara takes over Lauren's life by pretending to be Lauren in front of her family. Olivia reveals to Neil that she hadn't seen Malcolm in years, contrary to what Malcolm claimed earlier.moreless
  • Ep. #9374
    Ep. #9374
    Episode 12
    Lauren is shocked when Sara reveals that she is Sheila's sister, and that she has come to get revenge for Sheila's death. Nick's bloody jacket ends up in the wrong hands. J.T. is upset over Victoria's behavior and he announces that he wants full custody. Chance continues the investigation. Kevin, Michael and Paul learn more about Sara Smythe.moreless
  • Ep. #9373
    Ep. #9373
    Episode 11
    Chance presents Victor with search warrants for the ranch. Victor admits to Owen that the blood on the watch belongs to Adam, and that he had a fight with Adam before the explosion. Abby finds herself in danger. Lauren finds out more about her enemy.
  • Ep. #9372
    Ep. #9372
    Episode 10
    Patty announces she's pregnant in an effort to help her marriage and cover for her behavior. Phyllis finds blood on Nick's tux jacket. Lauren tries to get more information from Daisy.
  • Ep. #9371
    Ep. #9371
    Episode 9
    Lauren learns that Daisy and Ryder are twins and their mom is Sheila. Chloe and Nina go head to head. Victoria and Billy worry about what happened during the explosion.
  • Ep. #9370
    Ep. #9370
    Episode 8
    Kay finally comes to and Jill informs her that they are trapped together in the bathroom. Daisy and Ryder throw Lauren into her own cage. A body is found dead after the explosion.
  • Ep. #9369
    Ep. #9369
    Episode 7
    Kevin arrives at the abandoned zoo looking for Jana. Adam confesses all of his sins to Sharon. Chance and Chloe get closer. There is an explosion in the basement of the G.C.A.C.
  • Ep. #9368
    Ep. #9368
    Episode 6
    Adam sneaks into the masquerade ball. Paul learns more about Sara Smythe. Sharon is shocked when Adam wants to talk to her. Lauren is followed by the mysterious woman.
  • Ep. #9367
    Ep. #9367
    Episode 5
    The Masquerade Ball is in progress in Genoa City. Patty is forced to help Adam escape from the hospital. Nick bonds with Faith. Mama Bear shows up in prison to bail out Daisy and Ryder. Michael informs Lauren about their release, as three mysterious figures arrive at the Ball.
  • Ep. #9366
    Ep. #9366
    Episode 4
    Adam taunts Patty with the revelation that she switched places with Emily, and decides to use Patty as his help to escape from the authorities. Phyllis is released from the hospital. Michael, Lauren, Paul and Chance team up to expose Daisy, who ends up going to jail, but claiming that she did nothing wrong.moreless
  • Ep. #9365
    Ep. #9365
    Episode 3
    Sharon moves back to the GCAC with Faith. Ashley tries to extract info from Adam regarding her baby, but he keeps quiet, and she goes ballistic on him. Adam is frightened when Heather informs him that he is fit to stand trial. Patty is frightened when Adam sends her a cryptic message.moreless
  • Ep. #9364
    Ep. #9364
    Episode 2
    Traci arrives to give Ashley support while she struggles with the fact that Faith isn't her daughter. Chloe rejects Chance's proposal with a weird explanation. Patty continues surprising Jack. Nick, Sharon and Phyllis all deal with the new baby in their lives. Victoria isn't able to resist temptation when it comes to Billy.moreless
  • Ep. #9363
    Ep. #9363
    Episode 1
    The DNA results come in, and Ashley is forced to deal with the fact that Faith isn't her daughter. Billy tries to explain himself to Victoria regarding the article Jill did on Victor. Adam begins to suspect that Patty switched places with Emily. Chance asks Chloe to marry him.