The Young and the Restless - Season 40

Weekdays 12:30 PM on CBS Premiered Mar 26, 1973 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #10121
    Ep. #10121
    Episode 252

    Victor and Nikki's wedding celebration ends with Adam jumping in front of Victor to save him from a bullet. Phyllis berates Summer for finding her half naked with Kyle at Jabot.

  • Ep. #10120
    Ep. #10120
    Episode 251

    Victor and Nikki have an unwelcome guest appear at their wedding. Phyllis is upset to find Kyle and Summer together.

  • Ep. #10119
    Ep. #10119
    Episode 250

    Ashley issues a warning to Phyllis. Sharon finds out more about Dylan's past.

  • Ep. #10118
    Ep. #10118
    Episode 249

    Family and friends gather to celebrate Victor and Nikki's wedding.

  • Ep. #10117
    Ep. #10117
    Episode 248

    Adam and Victor threaten each other. Leslie comes face to face with her father.

  • Ep. #10116
    Ep. #10116
    Episode 247

    Chelsea and Dylan share an eventful date. Nikki learns more about her medical status.

  • Ep. #10115
    Ep. #10115
    Episode 246

    Abby's questions frustrate Carmine. Jack and Phyllis plan a romantic date.

  • Ep. #10114
    Ep. #10114
    Episode 245

    Victor's connection with Marcus raises a few eyebrows. Cane remains hopeful in his marriage.

  • Ep. #10113
    Ep. #10113
    Episode 244

    Nikki and Victor are married at the hospital. Dylan learns his father passed away. Phyllis is afraid being with her is back for Jack. Avery finds her place trashed. Neil convinces Leslie to stay in town when she tries to run away.

  • Ep. #10112
    Ep. #10112
    Episode 243

    Chelsea prepares to reveal her pregnancy to Adam. Leslie begs Avery to drop the case involving her family.

  • Ep. #10111
    Ep. #10111
    Episode 242

    Victor decides to take action as far as Nikki's diagnosis is concerned. Adam opens up to Sharon.

  • Ep. #10110
    Ep. #10110
    Episode 241

    The Newman family gathers to celebrate Victor and Nikki's upcoming wedding. Michael tries to reconnect with his estranged wife.

  • Ep. #10109
    Ep. #10109
    Episode 240

    Phyllis is worried about Kyle's intentions toward her daughter. Dylan opens up to Sharon.

  • Ep. #10108
    Ep. #10108
    Episode 239

    Lauren regrets sleeping with Carmine and makes him promise to keep quiet about it. Billy gives Phyllis a warning.

  • Ep. #10107
    Ep. #10107
    Episode 238

    The tension between Cane and Lily increases. Lauren gives in to temptation.

  • Ep. #10106
    Ep. #10106
    Episode 237

    Chelsea tries to keep her secret from Adam. Leslie opens up to Neil.

  • Ep. #10105
    Ep. #10105
    Episode 236

    Victor and Nikki visit the rebuilt ranch. Nick is worried about Dylan's motives.

  • Ep. #10104
    Ep. #10104
    Episode 235

    Abby is alarmed by Carmine's closeness to Lauren. Christine continues going after Phyllis. Michael decides to quit his job as the DA.

  • Ep. #10103
    Ep. #10103
    Episode 234

    Phyllis feels empowered after realizing Avery is not as perfect as everyone thinks she is. Sharon is surprised by Adam's offer.

  • Ep. #10102
    Ep. #10102
    Episode 233

    Billy reaffirms his commitment to Victoria. Michael is stunned by Lauren's announcement.

  • Ep. #10101
    Ep. #10101
    Episode 232

    Jill and Kevin are alarmed by Katherine's choices. Noah is confused about Dylan's motives.

  • Ep. #10100
    Ep. #10100
    Episode 231

    Marcus manipulates Victor. Cane tries to encourage Chelsea into reconciling with Adam.

  • Ep. #10099
    Ep. #10099
    Episode 230

    Nick and Avery's romantic evening together is derailed by shocking news. Cane and Lily celebrate their anniversary.

  • Ep. #10098
    Ep. #10098
    Episode 229

    Cane urges Chelsea to be open with Adam. Chelsea is heartbroken upon seeing Sharon wearing her shirt. Kevin urges Fen to forgive his father. Carmine tries to get more out of Lauren, but she tells him to settle for a kiss. Adriana helps out a stranded Kay out in the cold. Alex and Abby flirt in front of Noah. Adriana comes to see Noah. Victoria and Billy spend time together at home. Nick finds Avery and Dylan together. Avery tells Dylan that she's a taken woman. Cane is frustrated to find Lily and Tyler in the car together.

  • Ep. #10097
    Ep. #10097
    Episode 228

    Passions ignite in Genoa City during a blizzard.

  • Ep. #10096
    Ep. #10096
    Episode 227

    Tyler and Lily get closer again. Nikki receives her diagnosis.

  • Ep. #10095
    Ep. #10095
    Episode 226

    Marcus puts the pressure on Victor. Cane advocates for Chelsea's career.

  • Ep. #10094
    Ep. #10094
    Episode 225

    Paul finds out the truth about Jamie. Phyllis learns of Summer's involvement in bulling Jamie.

  • Ep. #10093
    Ep. #10093
    Episode 224

    Nikki confides in Victoria about her medical problems. Adam wants to remain friends with Sharon instead of having her out of his life. Abby returns to town to support Kyle. A drunken Lauren is taken care of by Carmine. Jamie continues blaming Summer and Fen for his fall and returns to the roof. Fen tells his father he'll never forgive him for having him spend the night in juvie.

  • Ep. #10092
    Ep. #10092
    Episode 223

    Avery confides in Sharon about her experience with Dylan, and Dylan recounts the same story to a worried Nick. Jack tries to spend more time with Phyllis as friends.

  • Ep. #10091
    Ep. #10091
    Episode 222

    Michael takes a statement from Jamie and arrests his own son. Lauren confides in Kay and Phyllis about the problems her son is facing. Jack asks Neil to be his sponsor. Phyllis is worried about Jack staying clean.

  • Ep. #10090
    Ep. #10090
    Episode 221

    Alex reveals to Noah that Adriana is his sister. Tyler learns more about Cane and Lily's relationship.

  • Ep. #10089
    Ep. #10089
    Episode 220

    Avery is overcome with emotion as she realizes Dylan is still alive. Michael and Lauren continue battling over Fen's involvement in Jamie's hardship.

  • Ep. #10088
    Ep. #10088
    Episode 219

    Neil isn't happy when Cane oversteps a boundary with Chelsea. Marcus pays Avery a visit to talk about the case. Noah wants Adriana to leave town with the money. Leslie is worried when Marcus seems to recognize her. Avery comes face to face with Dylan at the club opening.

  • Ep. #10087
    Ep. #10087
    Episode 218

    Lauren and Michael are keen on finding out the truth about Jamie. Lily gets more info on Tyler.

  • Ep. #10086
    Ep. #10086
    Episode 217

    Dylan prepares to go see Avery. Chloe and Chelsea get an unexpected partner in business.

  • Ep. #10085
    Ep. #10085
    Episode 216

    Adam wants another chance with Chelsea. Nikki receives surprising news.

  • Ep. #10084
    Ep. #10084
    Episode 215

    Chloe and Kevin's plan takes a turn for the worse. Dylan makes his presence known in town.

  • Ep. #10083
    Ep. #10083
    Episode 214

    Lauren is frustrated when Michael insists that Fen could have had something to do with Jamie's fall. Marcus wants Victor to remove Avery from an old case, which just happens to involve Leslie and Tyler. Leslie rushes to inform Tyler about seeing Marcus. Chelsea moves out of the house she shared with Adam. Nikki and Jack talk about his recent problems.

  • Ep. #10082
    Ep. #10082
    Episode 213

    Nikki wonders about Victor's real intentions where Jack and Newman is concerned. Chloe and Chelsea decides to finally start their business as Chelsea decides to take Adam's money in the divorce. Sharon and Adam bond over work. Mason spies on Adam and Sharon for Victor. Billy is removed from Newman following Adam's move.

  • Ep. #10081
    Ep. #10081
    Episode 212

    Phyllis opens up to Avery about her true feelings regarding Avery's involvement with Nick and their family history. Cane tries not to be frustrated with Lily and Tyler's budding friendship. Tucker argues with Adam over the recent changes at Newman. Devon reaches out to Tucker. Jack explains to Neil his plans for the future of Jabot. Kyle returns home from Maui. Nick wants Noah to stay away from Adriana and Alex.

  • Ep. #10080
    Ep. #10080
    Episode 211

    Michael and Lauren debate over Fen's involvement in Jamie's accident. Phyllis has to sign the final divorce papers, and is convinced Avery is pleased with the development. Christine and Phyllis get into an argument. Jack and Marcus discuss what to do regarding Stephanie's death. Victor threatens to reveal the truth to the press unless Jack takes Adam down with him. Tyler helps out Nick and Avery have the right marketing strategy for the club

  • Ep. #10079
    Ep. #10079
    Episode 210

    Chelsea is hurt when Adam refuses to leave town with her, and they decide to divorce. Alex interrogates Chloe and Kevin, while Adriana realizes the same couple might have stolen the money. Tyler gets jumpy when Devon accidentally mentions his mother. Leslie warns Tyler to stay away from Lily. Sharon finds Adam drunk at Newman.

  • Ep. #10078
    Ep. #10078
    Episode 209

    Jack fesses up to Michael about his involvement in Stephanie's death. Phyllis, Adam and Billy attempt to convince Jack not to turn himself into the authorities. Tucker tries to work on rebuilding the relationship with his mother by reaching out to Victor and selling him a part of his shares of Newman. Lauren is frustrated when Michael worries Fen might have done something to hurt Jamie.

  • Ep. #10077
    Ep. #10077
    Episode 208

    Victor holds a press conference in hopes of outing Jack's misfortune, but his family along with Billy stops him in his tracks. Jamie is deeply hurt when Michael and Lauren accuse him of stealing from them. Michael notes Fen could be setting Jamie up, but Lauren won't believe it. Paul questions Fen about Jamie. Tucker saves Murphy's life while having lunch with Katherine, but not even that is enough for Murphy to forgive Tucker's mistakes. Adam and Phyllis attempt to stop Jack from confessing the truth about Stephanie's death to Michael, but Jack is persistent. Fen's hatred of Jamie takes things out of control.

  • Ep. #10076
    Ep. #10076
    Episode 207

    Things heat up between Noah and Adriana. Lily plans a romantic surprise for her husband. Sarge confronts Mason about conspiring with Victor. Phyllis is shocked to learn about Stephanie's story. Tyler reassures Leslie about their past not being discovered.

  • Ep. #10075
    Ep. #10075
    Episode 206

    Billy and Adam argue over making decisions at Newman. Jack catches Victor's henchman going through his things in the cabin. Phyllis and Nick sit down to talk about their failed marriage while taking care of a sick Summer. Avery meets with Tyler to go over marketing for the club. Michael and Lauren are relieved when Jamie returns. Kevin dispenses some advice to a frustrated Fen. Sharon stands by her decision at Newman when Billy asks her to take sides. Victoria and Victor questions Chelsea about the fact that she hadn't left town with Adam.

  • Ep. #10074
    Ep. #10074
    Episode 205

    Nick's friends and family gather for the opening of The Underground. Phyllis tries to get Jack to talk about Stephanie. Devon refuses to get along with Tucker when his father claims Devon isn't happy working at Jabot. Kay and Devon talk about forgiving Tucker. Victoria and Billy try to stay off the topic of Newman for the evening. Noah doesn't want Adriana at the opening, but she appears anyway. Phyllis finds out Summer is sick and has to make a choice to either stay with Jack or go home to be with her daughter.

  • Ep. #10073
    Ep. #10073
    Episode 204

    Neil and Cane argue at work over making important decisions. Leslie warns Tyler not to go after Lily. Victor learns about Billy taking over at Newman Enterprises, and Victoria implores him to think of this as a good thing. Avery and Nick take care of final loose ends before the opening of the club. Billy decides to keep Sharon at the company. Victor meets with Congressman Wheeler. Sharon wishes Adam and Chelsea the best in their future. Leslie daydreams of Neil without his shirt on.

  • Ep. #10072
    Ep. #10072
    Episode 203

    Victor puts the plan into motion to out Jack's problems to the press. Nikki warns Victor about using Jack's illness to remove him from Newman Enterprises. Noah fights the urge to resist Adriana's advances. Kevin and Chloe lie to Alex about meeting a guy for money laundering. Adam reassures Chelsea about their move. Chloe confides in Chelsea. Adam gives Victor a bit of info, but later checks up on Jack. Phyllis continues helping Jack stay clean.

  • Ep. #10071
    Ep. #10071
    Episode 202

    Sharon, Nick, Noah and Faith celebrate Cassie's birthday together by making cookies for the paramedics in her honor. Chloe and Kevin close down Crimson Lights in order to launder the money they've stolen. Michael almost catches up to Kevin's newest plot. Carmine keeps Lauren occupied while she waits for her husband at the GCAC. Adriana continues frustrating Noah with her presence in town.

  • Ep. #10070
    Ep. #10070
    Episode 201

    Billy and Victoria discuss about their plan to oust Adam from Newman. Jack confronts Phyllis in a moment of withdrawal, and Phyllis manages to stand by Jack. Chelsea and Adam plan their future out of Genoa City. Avery and Nick are busy with the club repairs, and their conversation later turns to Avery's ex.

  • Ep. #10069
    Ep. #10069
    Episode 200

    Jack finally decides to accept help from his family and friends and get better. Victor issues a warning to Adam about covering up Jack's mistakes. Chelsea is surprisingly supportive when Adam wants to offer Sharon a job at Newman. Leslie refuses to have anything intimate with Neil as long as he is her boss. Lily makes a pitch for Tyler in front of Cane. Noah is shocked when Adriana arrives in town.

  • Ep. #10068
    Ep. #10068
    Episode 199

    Michael is upset after Fen refuses to listen to him. Paul dispenses some advice to Michael while comparing his experience with Ricky to Michael's situation. Noah admits to Nick what Adriana got him into. Alex comes to bother Noah again. Chloe and Kevin enjoy their 'stolen' fortune. Victor extracts info out of Mason, and later learns from his investigator about Stephanie's passing. Paul tries to talk to Fen, while Michael questions Summer about Jamie's whereabouts.

  • Ep. #10067
    Ep. #10067
    Episode 198

    The news of Jack's 'heart attack' spreads through town, worrying his friends and family. Cane continues his interview with Sharon, but won't commit to anything. Leslie and Neil spend the day together before learning of Jack's news. Cane wants to reinstate Neil at Jabot. Victor pays Jack a visit for another sparring match. Tyler is confused when witnessing a conversation between Daniel and Lily. Adam promises Chelsea that they'll leave town soon. Billy informs Victoria of Jack's plea to take over Newman in his absence. Daniel bids farewell to his mother and Genoa City.

  • Ep. #10066
    Ep. #10066
    Episode 197

    Jack wakes up to a dead Stephanie lying on the floor. Adam arrives to help Jack cover her death. Chelsea informs Chloe of reuniting with Adam. Phyllis asks Avery to keep an eye out for Summer while she's out of town, but warns her not to take over her life. Alex questions Noah about Adriana again.

  • Ep. #10065
    Ep. #10065
    Episode 196

    Genoa City folk prepare to ring into the New Year. Michael and Lauren join Nikki and Victor for a private party, while further worrying about Fen's behavior. Fen destroys Jamie and Summer's friendship by revealing that Summer was behind the initial bullying. Chelsea meets Alex, but isn't able to bring herself to have fun and instead goes back to her room, where Adam surprises her and gives another shot at a reconciliation. Avery and Nick spend time together at Nick's club. Phyllis is upset when Daniel reveals his plans to move to Savannah. Jack spends the night with a woman named Stephanie.

  • Ep. #10064
    Ep. #10064
    Episode 195

    Neil informs his family about being fired from Jabot by Jack. Cane is named as the CEO. Leslie comes to a realization that Neil is an addict. Daniel returns to town and catches up with Kevin about recent events. Kay forces Tucker to join her and Victor on a dinner date. Tucker tries to mend fences with his mother. Jack fires Adam after Adam challenges him.

  • Ep. #10063
    Ep. #10063
    Episode 194

    Jack's loved ones unite to hold an intervention, but he refuses to listen and goes so far as to fire most of them from their respective companies. Victoria questions Avery about her intentions with Nick. Sharon tries to dispense advice to Noah regarding Adriana after witnessing an awkward encounter between her son and Alex. Cane interviews Sharon for a job at Jabot. Victor and Sharon have a run-in.

  • Ep. #10062
    Ep. #10062
    Episode 193

    Tucker surprises Kay and Jill at their home, and Jill insists on making peace between the two. Cane notes to Lily that Tyler is interested in her, and she reassures him about it. Victoria is angry at Victor for antagonizing Billy at their home. Chloe realizes Kevin's plans for getting the money involve Alex, and Michael questions Alex about his presence in Genoa City. Adam and Chelsea share a heart-to-heart before Chelsea realizes that the only reason Adam wanted to talk to her was because Sharon had rejected him.

  • Ep. #10061
    Ep. #10061
    Episode 192

    After Sharon dismisses the prospect of a reunion between then, Adam dreams of a perfect Christmas family morning with Chelsea. Paul, Kevin and Chloe join Lauren and Michael for Christmas. Victor and Nikki exchange Christmas gifts. Jack and Phyllis get close again, but things don't work out of the best, prompting Jack to once again go back to painkillers. Sharon thinks of going back to work. Avery and Phyllis argue over Phyllis' tactics.

  • Ep. #10060
    Ep. #10060
    Episode 191

    Jack announces to his co-workers that next week Jabot will be a subsidiary of Newman Enterprises. Summer stumbles upon Noah with the cash. Nick and Sharon spend family time with Noah and Faith. Chelsea is worried about the future of her business. Chloe gets straight with Adam.

  • Ep. #10059
    Ep. #10059
    Episode 190

    Victoria is conflicted when Victor asks her to stay in Genoa City for the holidays instead of going to Jamaica with Billy. Billy reluctantly agrees to go along with Victoria's decision to stay. Jack gives a statement to the press denying his pill addiction rumors. Neil returns to work at Jabot with Jack's permission. Cane decides to let Tyler go, only to later be forced to hire him at Jabot. Sharon rejects Adam's advances.

  • Ep. #10058
    Ep. #10058
    Episode 189

    Jack finds out it was Kyle that leaked the article regarding his pill addiction. Jill realizes that Kay has had a heart episode and is relieved when Kay wakes up. She reminds Kay that her problems must stem from the fact that she isn't getting along with Tucker. Neil decides to go back to work after a conversation with Leslie. Phyllis is late to Summer's birthday party. Fen is frustrated with Jamie's presence at his home.

  • Ep. #10057
    Ep. #10057
    Episode 188

    Kay is shocked when she finds out Tucker has spent the night with Jill. Jill tries to get Katherine to forgive Tucker, and when Katherine has an actual heart episode, Jill chalks it up to Kay faking it again. Nikki and Victor decide on Valentine's Day as the date of their wedding. Adam calls Chelsea over to give her money for her business project, but Chelsea rejects it. Sharon confides in Dr. Watkins about what happened with Faith, and Dr. Watkins notes that Sharon's decision to bring back Faith is a sign that the medication is working. Tyler makes a pitch in front of Neil and Jack, and a frustrated Jack, who had just learned about the casual workplace Neil has added to Jabot, dislikes Tyler's idea. Neil quits.

  • Ep. #10056
    Ep. #10056
    Episode 187

    Jack tries to go cold turkey to beat his pill addiction. Chelsea and Adam decide to divorce. Sharon returns Faith to Nick and explains what almost happened. Avery offers to be Sharon's lawyer in case Victor sues, but Adam reassures Sharon that Victor won't.

  • Ep. #10055
    Ep. #10055
    Episode 186

    Adam is caught between Victor and Jack. Nikki attempts to convince Chelsea to testify against Sharon. Sharon takes Faith. Michael and Lauren celebrate their anniversary. Alex approaches Carmine. Nick tells Avery that he bought the place they were looking at.

  • Ep. #10054
    Ep. #10054
    Episode 185

    Leslie introduces her brother Tyler to Neil, and their conversation leads to Tyler being interviewed for a job at Jabot. Jack reveals his plans of folding Jabot into Newman to Neil. Sharon is questioned by an inspector, and later worries to Nick that Victor will put her behind bars. She calls Noah and Faith over for some company. Adam and Chelsea momentarily agree to take a break. Chloe warns Chelsea that Adam might just be looking to keep Chelsea as his security. Victor tries to blackmail Adam.

  • Ep. #10053
    Ep. #10053
    Episode 184

    Jack and Adam share a conversation about the problems in their lives. Chloe wants to help Chelsea get rid of Sharon. Kevin decides to listen to his wife and give Tucker his money back. Jamie's problems continue when his father is arrested. Fen is irritated by Jamie's growing presence in his life. Avery confronts Summer about reading her private letters.

  • Ep. #10052
    Ep. #10052
    Episode 183

    Phyllis is upset when Jack continues behaving oddly. Avery confides in Nick about parts of her past. Nikki talks to Kay about Sharon setting the ranch on fire. Sarge's nephew Mason is hired at Newman. Victor is frustrated when Victoria refuses to help him get Newman Enterprises back into the hands of their family.

  • Ep. #10051
    Ep. #10051
    Episode 182

    Nikki pays Sharon a visit confident that she burned down the ranch, and Sharon isn't able to defend herself. Nick learns from Victor about the fire, and Adam is disappointed when he finds out Chelsea went to Victor and Nikki with the info. Christine and Paul talk about the next step in their relationship now that Christine has informed Danny of the recent developments. Leslie, Lily and Devon continue trying to get Neil to loosen up at Jabot.

  • Ep. #10050
    Ep. #10050
    Episode 181

    Chelsea confronts Adam and Sharon about their kiss and prepares to leave Adam. Sharon is frustrated over losing her control once again. Avery and Nick dispense some advice to Summer. Billy tries to spend a perfect evening reconnecting with Victoria.

  • Ep. #10049
    Ep. #10049
    Episode 180

    Sharon shows up at the Newman party requesting a chance to explain herself and her past actions, but the Newmans have a hard time trying to understand, and Sharon is forced to leave the party. Noah, meanwhile, is frustrated with how his mother is being treated. Chelsea is irritated when Adam goes after Sharon, and Nick explains to the family that Sharon is ill, but won't explain further. A detective named Alex shows up at Crimson Lights looking for Noah, and later shows up to question Noah about Adriana. Jack, meanwhile, is having difficulty without his painkillers, and he goes to extra lengths to acquire new pills.

  • Ep. #10048
    Ep. #10048
    Episode 179

    Nikki and Victor welcome guests to their penthouse party. Adam is confused as to why Victor would want him there. Victor receives a surprise when Abby sends him Carmine as his waiter. Fen acts cold towards Summer. Nick manages to convince Avery to attend the party with him. Billy plans a surprise for Victoria. Sharon is troubled by her past actions.

  • Ep. #10047
    Ep. #10047
    Episode 178

    Nick finds Sharon at her home and learns about her health problems. Jack's behavior begins confusing his co-workers. Nikki and Victor move into their new penthouse while the ranch is being rebuilt, and think about inviting guests over for the opening.

  • Ep. #10046
    Ep. #10046
    Episode 177

    Nick and Phyllis are forced to band together when they learn Summer has been ditching school. Leslie talks to Neil's family about him needing to loosen up. Phyllis and Summer have a heart to heart about their problems. Fen has to deal with Jamie's presence when Lauren forces him to be good to Jamie. Noah wants to join Nick in his plans of opening up a nightclub.

  • Ep. #10045
    Ep. #10045
    Episode 176

    Victor tempts Adam into betraying Jack and taking control of Newman, and Phyllis is suspicious of Adam's behavior. Sharon decides to distance herself from Adam in an effort to give his marriage to Chelsea a chance. Avery presents Nick with a chance to buy a place.

  • Ep. #10044
    Ep. #10044
    Episode 175

    Chelsea threatens to reveal the fact that Sharon burned down the ranch after learning that she is still keeping contact with Adam. Meanwhile, Noah orders Adam to stay away from Sharon. Cane wants Jill to stay away from Tucker when they both join him and Lily at the bar. Kevin continues dealing with his money problems.

  • Ep. #10043
    Ep. #10043
    Episode 174

    Victoria is devastated when Victor reveals that Billy knew he was alive back when Victor had amnesia. Michael questions Fen. Fen is jealous over Summer's friendship with Jamie, and he orders Jamie to stay away from her. Victor pays Jack a visit, and Jack deals with taking painkillers.

  • Ep. #10042
    Ep. #10042
    Episode 173

    Kyle is confused about Jack's behavior. Chloe receives some questionable advice from Jill about Kevin. Kevin gets a loan from Michael. Summer and Phyllis attempt to have a decent meal together until Ronan interrupts to inform Phyllis of his departure. Summer catches Avery and Nick together. She later learns that Fen is continuing to bully Jamie.

  • Ep. #10041
    Ep. #10041
    Episode 172

    Chloe is shocked when Kevin informs her that they could lose their house. Kevin turns to Gloria for help, but doesn't get what he asks for. Cane feels frustrated when Devon joins Jabot. Chelsea tries to remain peaceful as far as Sharon is concerned.

  • Ep. #10040
    Ep. #10040
    Episode 171

    Nina bids farewell to Paul and Genoa City. Christine and Paul decide to start anew. Victoria returns home with Billy and Nick and has to deal with her experience. Nick goes to see Avery and they get closer. Kevin is angry when Tucker wants to buy him out of his company. Kyle returns home to inform Jack of how his actions are affecting his family. Billy confronts Jack about his plot for Victoria. Victor wants to get rid of Billy.

  • Ep. #10039
    Ep. #10039
    Episode 170

    Jill angers her loved ones when she invites Tucker to join them for Thanksgiving. Victoria finds herself in front of a new kidnapper, but Billy and Nick rush to her rescue. Devon decides to accept Neil's job offer. Adam and Chelsea have to sit through Thanksgiving with Jeff and Anita. Sharon attempts to go out into public with Noah, but realizes she isn't ready just yet.

  • Ep. #10038
    Ep. #10038
    Episode 169

    Jill and Katherine argue when Katherine puts Jill through a test. Tucker issues a warning to Jack. Adam wants Phyllis to help him help Jack. Sharon goes to see Noah for comfort and handling her problems. Adam tries to find Sharon. Billy and Nick travel to find Victoria, while Victoria continues trying to bond with Eddie. Nikki and Victor continue worrying.

  • Ep. #10037
    Ep. #10037
    Episode 168

    Nina wants to know what is going on between Paul and Christine, betrayed that once again she is the odd one out. Leslie decides to accept Neil's job proposition. Chelsea issues a warning to Sharon, prompting her to move out and causing concern in Adam.

  • Ep. #10036
    Ep. #10036
    Episode 167

    Phyllis and Jack spend the day discussing what makes them a great team and about what mistakes they've done throughout their lives. Christine is frustrated when the evidence she got of Ricky killing his girlfriend isn't enough to free Paul. Noah receives a box full of money from his ex-girlfriend. Eddie shows a bit of sympathy for Victoria who tries to bond with him over their kids. Noah and Jamie both accuse Summer of being a cyber bully. Fen is upset to learn Summer has decided to stop bullying Jamie. Victor, Nick and Nikki argue with Billy over how to handle the situation with Victoria's kidnapping. Paul and Christine appear to get closer again.

  • Ep. #10035
    Ep. #10035
    Episode 166

    Jill wants to work side-by-side with Katherine at Chancellor, but Katherine is wary of her true intentions. Nikki and Billy await to get the full money for the ransom, while Victor takes matters into his own hands. Victoria tries dealing with Eddie. Avery and Nick enjoy dinner at a restaurant before being irritated by a noisy reporter. Chelsea continues being scared of the closeness between Sharon and Adam. Sharon spends quality time with Noah and Faith.

  • Ep. #10034
    Ep. #10034
    Episode 165

    Michael and Lauren aren't happy witnessing Fen's budding friendship with Summer. Phyllis voices her concerns to Nick about Summer still acting out her frustrations regarding their divorce, this time on Jamie, but Nick is sure Summer isn't involved. Paul tells Michael and Lauren that Christine and Heather still haven't found any evidence to prove Ricky is a murderer. Sarge is upset when Jack refuses to rest. Jack gives Phyllis orders on how to deal with Newman. Sharon is concerned when doctor Watkins explains that she has a bipolar disorder. She battles with taking the medicine. Noah takes Faith to see Sharon, but Faith has a difficult time adjusting to seeing her mother.

  • Ep. #10033
    Ep. #10033
    Episode 164

    Nick and Phyllis meet for the beginning of their divorce proceedings. Summer is frustrated when she sees Ronan coming over to Phyllis' apartment and she takes it out on Jamie again. Victor finally learns that Victoria has been kidnapped and that Nikki has been trying to help Billy. Billy is concerned that Victor's involvement now will get Victoria killed. Cane and Lily meet with Jill. Sarge and Jack make an arrangement for Sarge to continue helping Jack get better. John's ghost appears to dispense advice to Jack to slow down, but Jack isn't ready to listen. Neil offers Leslie a job at Jabot.

  • Ep. #10032
    Ep. #10032
    Episode 163

    Ronan desperately tries to get together with Phyllis, but she rejects any form of deeper intimacy between them. Avery finally decides to pursue Nick. Sharon tries writing letters to Noah and Faith, but ends up going over to visit Noah, explaining that she's getting help. Noah opens up to Nick about a cheating girlfriend. Chelsea and Sharon appear to bond over their tragic stories.

  • Ep. #10031
    Ep. #10031
    Episode 162

    Ronan rejects Phyllis' advances at the gym, but changes his mind in a matter of minutes. Nick promises he can build something special with Avery if she gives him time to do things right. Gloria and Jeff are shocked over GloWorm being torched, and Kevin raises suspicious when the only thing he cares for is the money the Bardwells will get from insurance. Nikki is frustrated with Billy when she learns that his gambling buddy has kidnapped Victoria, but she agrees not to tell anything to Victor and tries to get the money for the ransom on her own. Fen wants Summer to stop bullying Jamie. Jamie confides in Ronan about a girl on the internet that made a fool out of him. Jack asks Phyllis to move in with him as friends.

  • Ep. #10030
    Ep. #10030
    Episode 161

    Billy tries to report Victoria's disappearance to Ronan, but upon receiving a message from Eddie, he realizes he can't involve the police. Nick thinks Nikki is disappointed upon learning that Sharon could not have torched the Newman ranch. Chelsea and Adam argue over his involvement in Sharon's life. Adam admits to Sharon burning down the ranch and they argue until Chelsea manages to calm down. Phyllis wants to spend some quality time with Summer, but it is soon interrupted by a visit from Avery. A frustrated Phyllis then goes to Ronan for comfort. Eddie wants 2 million dollars from Billy. Billy writes a fake e-mail from Victoria to the Newmans. Sharon has a therapy session with doctor Watkins where she finally admits to some of her mistakes and the doctor promises her that she will get better.

  • Ep. #10029
    Ep. #10029
    Episode 160

    Victor learns of Jack's operation and before paying him a visit at the hospital, he tries to plant seeds of doubt in Phyllis regarding Adam's loyalty to Jack. Chelsea issues a warning to Sharon to stay away from her husband. Kevin is disappointed when Chloe starts to back out of their business. Michael laughs off Kevin's plea for a large sum of money. Adam notices Sharon's behavior has changed drastically in a matter of hours. Sharon begins her first session with doctor Watkins and admits that she needs help. Michael learns that GloWorm burned down.

  • Ep. #10028
    Ep. #10028
    Episode 159

    Phyllis is convinced Avery is trying to take her place in both Summer and Nick's lives, but Avery reassures her. Victor pays Billy a visit looking for his daughter and Billy makes up a lie covering for the fact that he fears Eddie G could have kidnapped her. Jill tells Tucker that she had some time to think over their conversation. Nikki wants Ronan to investigate Sharon's possible involvement in the fire. Esther is disappointed when she realizes Kay is going back into business. Nick and Victor argue over their responsibilities with their families and Newman. Jill finds out Billy is in trouble with Eddie G. Victor learns Phyllis is working at Newman again. Jill talks to Kay about her running Chancellor again.

  • Ep. #10027
    Ep. #10027
    Episode 158

    Chelsea confronts her husband about lying to her regarding Sharon. Avery and Nick share a cozy dinner. Victoria finds herself being kidnapped. Billy and Phyllis wait together for the results of Jack's surgery. Summer begins cyberbullying Jamie and Fen feels awkward watching it happen. Michael and Lauren enjoy a romantic evening together. Tucker attempts to convince Jill to help him stop Kay from running Chancellor alone again.

  • Ep. #10026
    Ep. #10026
    Episode 157

    Genevieve asks Tucker for help in clearing her name, but instead he offers her money to disappear. Heather decides to leave town with Christine in order to clear her father's name. Jack and Billy argue over Billy's treachery. Phyllis is having a hard time dealing with Adam's presence at Newman. Chelsea wonders if Adam is hiding something from her. Victoria is kidnapped.

  • Ep. #10025
    Ep. #10025
    Episode 156

    Chelsea and Chloe form a tighter friendship and partnership. Adam goes out of his way to continue protecting Sharon.

  • Ep. #10024
    Ep. #10024
    Episode 155

    Chelsea is frustrated when realizes Adam doesn't support her business venture. Sharon continues dealing with her problems. Noah is worried about his mother. Phyllis is irritated by the fact that Jack hired Adam at Newman. Fen worries when Summer continues trying to get closer to Jamie. Kevin is at a loss as to what to do with his business now that Adam is backing out.

  • Ep. #10023
    Ep. #10023
    Episode 154

    Kevin is frustrated when his hopes for success are crushed by Adam opting out of their deal. Phyllis makes sure that Jack follows doctor's opinion to have immediate surgery. Neil makes his first moves at his fresh Newman position. Harmony leaves Genoa City to take care of Ana.

  • Ep. #10022
    Ep. #10022
    Episode 153

    Genevieve finds herself being set up by the mystery woman, and Cane refuses to help her out. Adam continues lying to Chelsea, and Sharon feels guilty for getting Adam's attention. Adam admits that he is the one that screwed up Sharon. Phyllis realizes Jack still has health problems while they discuss her return to Newman. Tucker is against Kay running Chancellor alone again. He phones someone to return to town. Nick and Victor talk about Nick not wanting to fight for the family business.

  • Ep. #10021
    Ep. #10021
    Episode 152

    Jack isn't able to forget what John's ghost told him. Adam has to face his lies in front of his wife.

  • Ep. #10020
    Ep. #10020
    Episode 151

    Nikki dispenses some advice to Victoria. Jack puts Billy on a test. Victor issues a warning to Jack.

  • Ep. #10019
    Ep. #10019
    Episode 150

    Adam goes to check on Sharon and lies again to Chelsea. Paul intervenes when Christine and Phyllis have a huge fight. Chelsea defends Adam's honor in front of her mother.

  • Ep. #10018
    Ep. #10018
    Episode 149

    Nikki and Victor inform their family about their intention to rebuild the ranch and have their wedding reception there. Billy agrees to spy for his wife at Newman. Jack presents Neil with an offer to become the CEO of Jabot, and Neil goes to Kay where she happily realizes this means she will have to come out of retirement. Jack offers Phyllis a chance to work at Newman again. Abby tells Carmine that she intends to get Newman back. Phyllis finds Avery and Nick spending time together.

  • Ep. #10017
    Ep. #10017
    Episode 148

    Cane tells Lily that he is convinced Jack will take him as a part of his team at the company. Phyllis is stunned when she realizes Summer is blaming her for the accident that happened. Genevieve confronts the mystery woman, giving her money in exchange for information.

  • Ep. #10016
    Ep. #10016
    Episode 147

    Nikki tries to keep bad news from Victor. Phyllis witnesses Avery and Nick sharing a close moment.

  • Ep. #10015
    Ep. #10015
    Episode 146

    Sharon loses touch with reality, causing devastating consequences. Victor has bad news for his family.

  • Ep. #10014
    Ep. #10014
    Episode 145

    Paul's freedom might be in his reach when Eden has an important dream. Jack takes action against the Newmans.

  • Ep. #10013
    Ep. #10013
    Episode 144

    Jack and Adam decide to team up. Cane accuses his mother of being behind the Claude Shirl mind games.

  • Ep. #10012
    Ep. #10012
    Episode 143

    The judge drops the case against Phyllis, blaming Christine for pretending to be a federal agent at the time Phyllis tried to kill Paul. The accident involving Adam, Chelsea and Summer takes away the life of Chelsea's unborn baby.

  • Ep. #10011
    Ep. #10011
    Episode 142

    Victor receives shocking news from Jack. Phyllis's trial takes a surprising turn.

  • Ep. #10010
    Ep. #10010
    Episode 141

    Summer disappears just as Phyllis's trial begins.

  • Ep. #10009
    Ep. #10009
    Episode 140

    Nick finds Phyllis to be responsible for the way Summer has been behaving. Victor wants help from someone unexpected.

  • Ep. #10008
    Ep. #10008
    Episode 139

    Michael finds a way to get the truth out of Chloe. Nikki is frustrated with Tucker.

  • Ep. #10007
    Ep. #10007
    Episode 138

    Phyllis feels guilty after sleeping with Ronan. Christine wants to know the truth from Kevin. Sharon signs the annulment papers and Victor realizes his company is in a lot of trouble.

  • Ep. #10006
    Ep. #10006
    Episode 137

    Nick and Phyllis deal with temptation. Victor tries to woo Nikki.

  • Ep. #10005
    Ep. #10005
    Episode 136

    Nina argues with Phyllis. Cane and Lily share a nice evening together.

  • Ep. #10004
    Ep. #10004
    Episode 135

    Danny tricks Phyllis into revealing important information. Paul's case receives new evidence which causes unexpected results.

  • Ep. #10003
    Ep. #10003
    Episode 134

    Tucker has to endure his family rejecting him. Christine and Danny deal with the tension between them.

  • Ep. #10002
    Ep. #10002
    Episode 133

    Sharon is confused when the police arrive at her door. Victor and Nikki wonder about how they let something foolish separate them once again. Tucker argues with Genevieve and Jack.

  • Ep. #10001
    Ep. #10001
    Episode 132

    Lauren and Michael are confused by Daisy's disappearance. Victor learns that Sharon wants to sue him for abandonment. Doris tries to get her daughter to leave town. Victor forgives Billy. Jack disses Genevieve and Tucker.

  • Ep. #10000
    Ep. #10000
    Episode 131

    Victor shocks his family and friends by returning home.

  • Ep. #9999
    Ep. #9999
    Episode 130

    Victor's family and friends are frustrated by Sharon's actions. Kay has a touching eulogy for Victor.

  • Ep. #9998
    Ep. #9998
    Episode 129

    The Newmans grieve Victor's "death." Tucker proposes to Sharon.

  • Ep. #9997
    Ep. #9997
    Episode 128

    Jack tries to buy as much Newman stock as possible, unaware of the danger it possesses. Victoria and Nick are worried about holding a press conference that would show them to be supportive of Sharon. The Newmans are put through a shock when Victor is announced to be dead. Meanwhile, Celeste brings Genevieve over to see a wounded Victor, now regaining his memory.

  • Ep. #9996
    Ep. #9996
    Episode 127

    Tucker continues manipulating Sharon. Thanks to Billy, Nikki and Victor reconnect.

  • Ep. #9995
    Ep. #9995
    Episode 126

    Christine confronts Ronan about his 'affair' with Phyllis. Paul receives unexpected help.

  • Ep. #9994
    Ep. #9994
    Episode 125

    Billy's secrets put danger in his family relations. Christine and Phyllis argue.

  • Ep. #9993
    Ep. #9993
    Episode 124

    Lauren makes a confession in an effort to help out Paul. Nick moves out with Summer out of Phyllis' place. The revelation of Daisy being alive is revealed.

  • Ep. #9992
    Ep. #9992
    Episode 123

    Nikki wants to discuss about her divorce with Jack. Avery informs Sharon that the judge is ready to discuss the ruling in her case. Genevieve tells Tucker that she wants to bring Victor back home.

  • Ep. #9991
    Ep. #9991
    Episode 122

    Genevieve helps out Victor. Phyllis faces a confrontation about her 'affair' with Ronan.

  • Ep. #9990
    Ep. #9990
    Episode 121

    Phyllis' family is affected by lies. Sharon is itching to be released from Fairview and claim her place at Newman.

  • Ep. #9989
    Ep. #9989
    Episode 120

    Chloe is shocked by Kevin's confession. Ronan and Nick have another run-in.

  • Ep. #9988
    Ep. #9988
    Episode 119

    Avery tries to reassure Paul about new evidence in Ricky's case. Billy tries to tell Victoria the truth. Jack celebrates his progress. Sarge wants to know more of Harmony's past.

  • Ep. #9987
    Ep. #9987
    Episode 118

    Daisy wants Sharon to tell the people at Fairview who she really is. Victoria and Nick challenge Tucker at Newman. Avery, Heather and Paul concentrate on finding Ricky's recording.

  • Ep. #9986
    Ep. #9986
    Episode 117

    Tucker encourages Sharon to go to Fairview and prove she is sane. Billy pays Genevieve to watch out for Victor. Celeste tells Victor that she doesn't trust Genevieve, and Victor is further confused. Avery and Paul have to find Ricky's recording. Heather and Daniel spend more time together. Sharon says goodbye to Faith before checking into Fairview and running into Daisy.

  • Ep. #9985
    Ep. #9985
    Episode 116

    Victoria and Nick testify against Sharon at the competency hearing. Sharon loses her position and has to submit to a mental assessment at Fairview. Jack wants Cane to go along with his plan. Nikki makes one last attempt to save her marriage to Jack, with no luck. Billy decides not to tell Victoria about finding an amnesiac Victor. Sharon and Tucker sleep together after the verdict.

  • Ep. #9984
    Ep. #9984
    Episode 115

    Summer tells Victoria and Nick that someone stole her concert tickets at the ranch. Michael wants Phyllis to come clean to Nick. Phyllis talks to Nick about her 'affair' plan with Ronan. Nick and Ronan stage a fight in front of Michael. Genevieve realizes that Victor is in a whole lot of trouble. Tucker wants Genevieve to keep Victor away from Genoa City. Victoria realizes Sharon has been stealing again. Tucker plans to buy a large amount of Newman stock.

  • Ep. #9983
    Ep. #9983
    Episode 114

    Billy makes a revelation in LA. Jack makes a stand in his marriage to Nikki.

  • Ep. #9982
    Ep. #9982
    Episode 113

    Victoria and Nick have to make drastic moves against Sharon. Genevieve is puzzled by Victor's behavior.

  • Ep. #9981
    Ep. #9981
    Episode 112

    Genevieve is questioned by Cane and Lily. Sharon lashes out at Nick.

  • Ep. #9980
    Ep. #9980
    Episode 111

    The feud between Sharon and Abby escalates. Jack thinks Tucker has a secret agenda.

  • Ep. #9979
    Ep. #9979
    Episode 110

    Chloe, Adam and Chelsea wonder about Kevin's absence from their meeting. Kevin and Phyllis continue removing evidence linking them to moving Tim's body, but Ronan manages to catch up with Phyllis' lies, and Michael soon learns the truth. Neil and Harmony bond.

  • Ep. #9978
    Ep. #9978
    Episode 109

    Michael and Ronan learn more about Tim's death. Sharon tries to get back at Abby.

  • Ep. #9977
    Ep. #9977
    Episode 108

    Sharon gets unhinged at the Newman ranch. Chelsea has some exciting news for Adam.

  • Ep. #9976
    Ep. #9976
    Episode 107

    Avery suggests Nick should use Sharon's past against her. Victor strikes up an unlikely friendship.

  • Ep. #9975
    Ep. #9975
    Episode 106

    Phyllis and Kevin lie to cover their tracks. Nikki goes on a search after Victor.

  • Ep. #9974
    Ep. #9974
    Episode 105

    Sharon issues a warning to the entire Newman board. Phyllis wants Kevin to help her out with a dead Tim. Abby and Billy's show is underway again.

  • Ep. #9973
    Ep. #9973
    Episode 104

    Nick and Victoria are rattled by Sharon's announcement. Phyllis decides to play up on Tim's affection for her.

  • Ep. #9972
    Ep. #9972
    Episode 103

    Phyllis wants Daniel to cut ties with Heather. Victoria and Nick team up in an attempt to bring down a power-hungry Sharon.

  • Ep. #9971
    Ep. #9971
    Episode 102

    Sharon makes a powerful play with Tucker's help. A mystery woman continues manipulating Genevieve and Cane.

  • Ep. #9970
    Ep. #9970
    Episode 101

    Nick puts the pressure on Victoria. Kevin has a proposition for Phyllis. Michael and Lauren talk about Phyllis' trial. Billy tries to get more dirt on Phyllis from Tim.

  • Ep. #9969
    Ep. #9969
    Episode 100

    Nick refuses to return Phyllis' calls, while Phyllis and Summer lash out at each other. Paul is released from jail after Lauren posts bail. Heather and Daniel struggle to get closer. Sharon and Nikki argue. Jack plans a honeymoon surprise for Nikki, but he is the one that ends up being surprised when she decides to go search for Victor.

  • Ep. #9968
    Ep. #9968
    Episode 99

    Michael has to take a big risk to help out a friend. Christine prepares to leave town.

  • Ep. #9967
    Ep. #9967
    Episode 98

    Nikki plays tricks on Sharon. Phyllis is put in a tough place by Tim.

  • Ep. #9966
    Ep. #9966
    Episode 97

    Billy tries to find more secrets from Phyllis' past. Sharon and Nikki argue over Victor's absence.

  • Ep. #9965
    Ep. #9965
    Episode 96

    Restless Style Television debuts. Phyllis is deeply disturbed by Billy's story. Abby argues with Sharon.

  • Ep. #9964
    Ep. #9964
    Episode 95

    Christine refuses to allow Paul to plea guilty for killing his son. Heather tells Daniel that Eden should undergo hypnotism to remember the events of the night Ricky kidnapped her. Sharon and Tucker have an intriguing encounter.

  • Ep. #9963
    Ep. #9963
    Episode 94

    Victor crashes Nikki and Jack's wedding. Ashley leaves Genoa City.

  • Ep. #9962
    Ep. #9962
    Episode 93

    Sharon and Victor have a quick wedding, while Jack and Nikki prepare for theirs. Ashley contemplates moving to New York. Tim has demands for Phyllis to keep quiet. Chelsea and Adam learn that they won't have a baby. Tucker and Ashley make their goodbyes.

  • Ep. #9961
    Ep. #9961
    Episode 92

    Sharon learns a secret about Chelsea. Sofia talks to Neil about her decision to move. Jack and Nikki prepare for their wedding. Kevin confronts Adam about their business venture. Traci makes a suggestion to Ashley.

  • Ep. #9960
    Ep. #9960
    Episode 91

    Tim is questioned by the police, but refuses to answer questions, then goes to secretly contact Phyllis in hopes of talking to her privately. Jack and Nikki inform their family and friends about getting married next week. Kay is touched by Abby's apology for what she did trying to save the gala. Paul decides to plead guilty. Jack and Victor end up stuck in an elevator together.

  • Ep. #9959
    Ep. #9959
    Episode 90

    Ashley and Jack continue battling over Jabot. Nick questions Phyllis about keeping even more secrets from him. Victor wants Avery to keep a keen eye on Jabot and Beauty of Nature.

  • Ep. #9958
    Ep. #9958
    Episode 89

    Christine is convinced that Phyllis did something to harm Tim Reid. Chelsea issues a warning to Sharon to stay away from her husband.

  • Ep. #9957
    Ep. #9957
    Episode 88

    Tim Reid's disappearances adds more intrigue to the investigation on Phyllis. Billy posts the footage of Nick attacking him.

  • Ep. #9956
    Ep. #9956
    Episode 87

    Kyle and Abby have a pool party with their friends. Chelsea is suspicious of Anita and Jeff's intentions.

  • Ep. #9955
    Ep. #9955
    Episode 86

    Jeff struggles to prove that he is not a bigamist. Genevieve and Tucker's past comes back to affect their lives.

  • Ep. #9954
    Ep. #9954
    Episode 85

    Jack schemes to take Jabot away from his sister. Nick confronts Billy about firing Phyllis. Anita further enrages Gloria with claims that she's married to Jeff. Chelsea and Adam return home.

  • Ep. #9953
    Ep. #9953
    Episode 84

    Phyllis' family deals with her getting arrested. Adam and Chelsea prepare for their wedding.

  • Ep. #9952
    Ep. #9952
    Episode 83

    Sharon follows Adam and Chelsea to Kansas in order to stop their wedding, claiming that she wants to rekindle her romance with Adam. Billy is pressured into firing Phyllis.

  • Ep. #9951
    Ep. #9951
    Episode 82

    Christine wants Phyllis arrested. Sharon plays a trick on Victor.

  • Ep. #9950
    Ep. #9950
    Episode 81

    Victor has an offer for Sharon. Nick can't forgive Phyllis after finding out the truth. Adam has an offer for Kevin and Chloe.

  • Ep. #9949
    Ep. #9949
    Episode 80

    Ronan arrests Paul for murder. Phyllis worries about Nick's trust. Michael wants Phyllis to get her affairs in order.

  • Ep. #9948
    Ep. #9948
    Episode 79

    Victor and Nikki can't control the chemistry between them. Paul further deals with his loss.

  • Ep. #9947
    Ep. #9947
    Episode 78

    Michael urges Phyllis to come clean about the secret in her past. Harmony and Neil get closer.

  • Ep. #9946
    Ep. #9946
    Episode 77

    Abby wants to help Carmine with his legal problems. Christine wants answers from Phyllis regarding her discovery.

  • Ep. #9945
    Ep. #9945
    Episode 76

    Phyllis is aware of the fact that her dark secret is about to be exposed. Ashley comes to a conclusion regarding her marriage to Tucker.

  • Ep. #9944
    Ep. #9944
    Episode 75

    Christine learns about what Phyllis did to Paul back in the past. Anita wants to reveal something important about Jeff. Michael lets Christine know that as far as the police is concerned the evidence proves Paul shot an unarmed Ricky. Paul tries to relieve Eden who still can't remember anything on the night Ricky threatened her life. Daniel and Phyllis further discuss the situation with Daisy's disappearance.

  • Ep. #9943
    Ep. #9943
    Episode 74

    More information comes to light regarding Daisy's disappearance. Victoria is overjoyed when Billy returns home.

  • Ep. #9942
    Ep. #9942
    Episode 73

    Jeffrey makes a confession as Anita returns to town with news on Chelsea's father. Abby faces jail time for her stunt.

  • Ep. #9941
    Ep. #9941
    Episode 72

    The annual Fourth of July party is held at the Chancellor mansion. Cane receives a mysterious message.

  • Ep. #9940
    Ep. #9940
    Episode 71

    Michael informs Heather that her father is now considered a fugitive. Eden has to go over the events of the night Ricky was shot dead. Michael is frustrated when he learns that Lauren's gun was used in the shooting. Daniel and Phyllis come to a conclusion that Phyllis' secret is now safe.

  • Ep. #9939
    Ep. #9939
    Episode 70

    Paul is flabbergasted after realizing what he had to do to his own son to protect Eden. The police is having difficulty finding out what happened since Paul can't speak and Eden has no recollection of what has been happening that night. Ashley and the rest of Abby's family reacts to news that she fabricated her own kidnapping.

  • Ep. #9938
    Ep. #9938
    Episode 69

    Abby's family and friends wait to find out if she was located. Paul is forced to take action against his own son.

  • Ep. #9937
    Ep. #9937
    Episode 68

    Eden puts herself in danger when she finds Daisy's things in Ricky's place. Daniel is being investigated as the prime suspect in the case of Daisy's disappearance.

  • Ep. #9936
    Ep. #9936
    Episode 67

    The information regarding Daisy's disappearance becomes even more mysterious. Lily and Cane celebrate the birthday of Charlie and Matilda.

  • Ep. #9935
    Ep. #9935
    Episode 66

    Ashley wants help from Tucker. Daniel is the prime suspect for Daisy's disappearance, as more people learn about her disappearance, as well as Abby's 'kidnapping'. Carmine and Abby get closer.

  • Ep. #9934
    Ep. #9934
    Episode 65

    Phyllis and Daniel are confused about Daisy's absence. Abby tweets to Chloe that she was kidnapped. Chelsea is convinced Adam wanted to propose to her only to get a reaction from Sharon and Victor. Ashley worries about Abby, but Victor is convinced she is doing another publicity stunt. Chelsea and Adam end up engaged.

  • Ep. #9933
    Ep. #9933
    Episode 64

    The gala is sabotaged. Carmine tries to take away Chloe, but Abby ends up spoiling his plans for her own benefit. Adam has plans for his future with Chelsea. Daisy sees a video of Ricky killing Rachel, and later on ends up disappearance, with various suspects that could be blamed for it.

  • Ep. #9932
    Ep. #9932
    Episode 63

    Paul is entrusted by Lauren to keep a secret. Phyllis is worried about her future. Eden is confused about Daisy's presence at Crimson Lights, then later on she runs into Ricky at Heather's place.

  • Ep. #9931
    Ep. #9931
    Episode 62

    Chelsea is confused by Adam's reaction. Chloe and Abby's art event faces a problem.

  • Ep. #9930
    Ep. #9930
    Episode 61

    Ricky confronts Paul about trying to bring him down. Genevieve receives unexpected assistance. Daniel is stunned when Phyllis makes a confession. Tucker and Harmony discuss their fling.

  • Ep. #9929
    Ep. #9929
    Episode 60

    Ricky and Daisy attempt to figure out what Phyllis was doing with a rental car back in 1994, and Daisy seems to connect the dots. Phyllis complains to Lauren about Daisy and they both manage to figure out that Daisy was able to hear her cries for help and chose not to. Nick and Victor discuss the situation in the family, while Nikki and Sharon argue in jail over their complicated history.

  • Ep. #9928
    Ep. #9928
    Episode 59

    Heather is convinced Ricky might do her harm. Paul and Avery discuss about Ricky and Tim Reid. Kevin sticks up for Daisy. Sharon and Nikki have a catfight over a horse and both end up behind bars.

  • Ep. #9927
    Ep. #9927
    Episode 58

    Phyllis and Daniel are shocked when they get video footage that proves Daisy could have helped Phyllis and chose not to. Daisy denies the implication and defends herself with the fact that there is no audio. Cane confronts Genevieve about her true intentions, and Genevieve confronts someone over the phone for playing her. Heather evicts Ricky from the apartment for being a squatter. Paul investigates Tim Reid's disappearance.

  • Ep. #9926
    Ep. #9926
    Episode 57

    Ashley is upset to learn what Abby got herself into with Jack, and she confronts her brother about it. Chloe interferes between Genevieve and Kevin's business dealings by revealing to Cane that Genevieve has a secret account. Sofia and Neil deal with having to separate, and Harmony and Tucker react to drifting away from their son.

  • Ep. #9925
    Ep. #9925
    Episode 56

    Phyllis explains to Nick what happened between Daisy and her. Daniel doesn't trust Daisy. Avery has a weird run-in with Ricky and Heather.

  • Ep. #9924
    Ep. #9924
    Episode 55

    The wedding guests wait for Phyllis to show up, while Phyllis doubles over in pain over an argument she had with Daisy. Nikki confronts Sharon about her presence at the wedding. Daisy finds Daniel with Lucy at Crimson Lights after arguing with Phyllis. Victor learns about Abby's business plans with Jack and Beauty of Nature.

  • Ep. #9923
    Ep. #9923
    Episode 54

    Nick and Phyllis' wedding day arrives as everyone rushes to prepare everything in time. Paul and Heather discuss Ricky. Ricky goes to confront Tim at his home. Jack and Victor spar over Beauty of Nature. Abby accepts a business proposal from Jack. Sharon goes up against Phyllis' wishes and decides to show up at the wedding. An argument between Phyllis and Daisy leads to a problem.

  • Ep. #9922
    Ep. #9922
    Episode 53

    Heather returns to town due to a job offer from Michael to become the next ADA once he is sworn in as the DA. Phyllis faces Tim looking to find out if Ricky had approached him. Ashley comes to a realization that she can't trust Tucker after all. Genevieve approaches Kevin with an idea. Phyllis and Nick agree to have a wedding the following day.

  • Ep. #9921
    Ep. #9921
    Episode 52

    The tension between Ricky, Phyllis and Daisy continues growing. Victoria won't comment on Nikki's engagement to Jack.

  • Ep. #9920
    Ep. #9920
    Episode 51

    Sharon confronts Victoria about telling Victor the truth. Sofia informs Harmony of getting a divorce, and then won't agree to Neil's plans of Moses' custody. Ashley isn't comfortable talking to Kay about her marriage.

  • Ep. #9919
    Ep. #9919
    Episode 50

    Jack and Victor spar over who will get Beauty of Nature once Genevieve loses it. Cane is surprised by Genevieve's decision that puts their relationship as mother and a son on a better level. Ricky and Daisy argue.

  • Ep. #9918
    Ep. #9918
    Episode 49

    Christine and Danny decide to part ways. Victoria finds out that Sharon and Billy slept together back in 2009, and Victor is informed of the same thing, throwing a problem in his relationship with Sharon. Avery and Paul discuss Ricky.

  • Ep. #9917
    Ep. #9917
    Episode 48

    Ricky manages to locate Dr. Tim Reid, Phyllis' old enemy and gets a lot of information on Phyllis' past. Lauren and Avery clash over Michael's recent job offer. Paul and Christine discuss about Ricky and Isabella. Danny goes to say goodbye to Christine.

  • Ep. #9916
    Ep. #9916
    Episode 47

    Lauren isn't happy when she finds out about Michael being a candidate for Walsh' replacement as a DA. Daisy and Ricky search through Phyllis' penthouse, and Ricky learns about Tim Reid. Kyle isn't happy when he learns about Nikki and Jack being engaged. Paul learns bad news about the contact he was supposed to meet.

  • Ep. #9915
    Ep. #9915
    Episode 46

    Paul continues investigating Ricky and is confused about his presence when he was supposed to meet his contact. Danny and Christine run into each other and end up having a passionate encounter. Daisy and Ricky work together to get dirt on Phyllis. Jack holds a pool party where Abby continues hating Eden, Eden hangs around with Kyle, and Noah deals with her presence there. Devon tries to avoid having Harmony and Ashley meet.

  • Ep. #9914
    Ep. #9914
    Episode 45

    Cane has to decide what to do about Genevieve. Danny and Phyllis are faced with problems due to their past.

  • Ep. #9913
    Ep. #9913
    Episode 44

    Family and friends reflect on the anniversary of Cassie's death.

  • Ep. #9912
    Ep. #9912
    Episode 43

    Sofia comes up with a decision regarding the state of her marriage. Kay gives out marital advice to Neil.

  • Ep. #9911
    Ep. #9911
    Episode 42

    Victor is angry over Jack's success. Jack tells Nikki he's sure about finally going out on top. Cane is faced with a difficult choice. Noah returns to town.

  • Ep. #9910
    Ep. #9910
    Episode 41

    Shocked after seeing Victor and Sharon together, Nikki accepts Jack's marriage proposal. Christine and Ricky have an awkward exchange, after which Christine confides in Paul about the vibe Ricky is giving her. Daisy warns Eden to stay away from Daniel. Danny gives Daniel a pep talk when Daniel goes to see Danny in concert with Lucy. Ricky stops by to ask Danny questions about Phyllis, and Phyllis learns about it.

  • Ep. #9909
    Ep. #9909
    Episode 40

    Just as Victor thinks of approaching Nikki, he witnesses Jack asking her to marry him, and leaves back home, where Nikki then catches Sharon in a dress kissing Victor. Phyllis is frustrated when she learns Daniel asked Daisy to move in with him. Daniel takes Lucy to see Danny at a concert. Paul and Christine discuss Ricky's odd behavior. Phyllis and Christine have a short exchange. Chelsea and Adam bond over being different than others.

  • Ep. #9908
    Ep. #9908
    Episode 39

    Paul meets with a friend of Ricky's late girlfriend and learns that she suspects Ricky might have had something with her death. Nikki accuses Victor of turning Kyle against Jack. Daniel convinces Daisy to move out of her apartment, and Ricky blackmails Daisy into giving him the apartment. Kyle tells Jack that he wants him to be happy, even if with Nikki. Kay warns Victor to go after Nikki before it is too late for them. Paul sees Christine and confides in her about her suspicion regarding Ricky.

  • Ep. #9907
    Ep. #9907
    Episode 38

    Billy and Victoria are surprised by Chelsea's plans to stay in Genoa City. Chelsea accepts Adam's proposal to move in with him. Sofia gives Harmony a warning about messing with married men. Ashley refuses to forgive Tucker. Sarge watches as Harmony is tempted to fall off the wagon.

  • Ep. #9906
    Ep. #9906
    Episode 37

    Kay puts her two cents in on Victor and Sharon being a couple. Abby informs Devon about Tucker cheating on Ashley with Harmony. Neil is concerned about Harmony. Victoria is impressed when Victor bonds with baby John. Billy is worried that Ashley might have another breakdown now that her marriage is in ruins.

  • Ep. #9905
    Ep. #9905
    Episode 36

    Eden is shocked as Daisy forces Daniel to admit that they got married. Tucker desperately tries to talk to Ashley after she caught him having sex with Harmony. Abby calls Eden a slut after learning that she hooked up with Kyle. Jack is convinced he is improving in his therapy, but the doctor that checks him out thinks he only made it up. Billy and Jack catch up. Phyllis tries to give Daisy a reality check. Daniel refuses to annul his marriage to Daisy. Ricky makes fun of what happened to Daisy. Abby comforts Ashley after she kicks out Tucker.

  • Ep. #9904
    Ep. #9904
    Episode 35

    Chelsea decides not to accept Victor's offer. Victor wants Sharon to go on a trip with him. Adam confronts Victor about pursuing Sharon. Nikki informs Nick of Sharon and Victor's relationship, and Nick feels sorry for Sharon's poor life choices. Daniel gets Daisy drunk and leaves, and Phyllis comes to confront Daisy. Sarge and Jack continue with Jack's therapy. Jack puts his two cents in on Sharon's poor decision. Sharon attempts to talk to both Nick and Adam about having a drink with Victor, but neither one wants to listen. Daniel makes out with Eden, and Daisy and Phyllis see them. Nikki and Sharon have a confrontation. The rest of the family watches as Sharon joins Victor.

  • Ep. #9903
    Ep. #9903
    Episode 34

    Phyllis tries to stop Daniel from going through with his plan, but Daniel is keen on it so much that he asks Kevin to help by finding the Justice of the Peace for an immediate wedding. Ricky tries to warn Eden regarding Daniel. Paul and Avery look into Ricky's past relationship. An angry Ricky decides to find Danny Romalotti in order to get the dirt on Phyllis, while Phyllis phones Danny to come to town in order to help her with Daniel's problems. Michael, Lauren and Kevin are confused when they hear of Daisy's plans to marry Daniel. Daniel and Daisy finally do get married, and Daniel kisses Lucy instead of Daisy.

  • Ep. #9902
    Ep. #9902
    Episode 33

    Genevieve and Jill end up in a full-blown catfight before Jill has to leave for Australia. Daniel seduces Daisy and proposes to her, then shocks Phyllis with the news. Paul attempts to talk to Ricky. Eden refuses to have a 'friends with benefits' type of a relationship with Kyle.

  • Ep. #9901
    Ep. #9901
    Episode 32

    Sofia confronts Neil about having feelings for Sofia. Kay and Nikki listen as Harmony admits in AA about sleeping with a married man. Ashley has to deal with Tucker's betrayal. Nikki interrupts a private evening between Sharon and Victor.

  • Ep. #9900
    Ep. #9900
    Episode 31

    Nikki interrupts a moment between Sharon and Victor. Ashley and Jack talk about her marriage problems and Jack's problems with Kyle. Neil and Harmony continue battling their mutual attraction. Sofia is hurt when Neil admits that he has feelings for Harmony. Sharon tells Victor that she doesn't regret kissing him. Nick and Phyllis learn that they have a healthy baby. Eden and Kyle get closer. Harmony finds Tucker drinking and takes him to his office, where they get passionate and Ashley catches them in the act.

  • Ep. #9899
    Ep. #9899
    Episode 30

    Billy catches up with Kyle and his plans to stay with Victor. Chelsea and Adam get passionate. Sharon and Victor share dinner and afterwards Sharon kisses him.

  • Ep. #9898
    Ep. #9898
    Episode 29

    Kay and Murphy plan to celebrate their anniversary. Murphy surprises Kay by bringing her back to the diner where they spent time when she had amnesia with Pearl and Joe Jr. Nick and Phyllis inform Summer about getting married, and Nikki learns about the same thing, then realizes Phyllis is pregnant. Cane is questioned by the SEC agents about his mother, but he doesn't reveal anything. Genevieve is glad when Cane informs her about it, and Cane warns Lily that this just became a problem for them. Jill decides to go to Australia to visit Phillip.

  • Ep. #9897
    Ep. #9897
    Episode 28

    Kyle receives some advice. Tucker gives Ashley answers regarding his connection to Genevieve.

  • Ep. #9896
    Ep. #9896
    Episode 27

    Michael, Jill and Lauren discuss Victor's decision to fire Michael. Victor refuses to give Michael his job back and goes to see Avery to replace him. Nikki and Jack are affected by Kyle's behavior. Carmine applies for a job at Gloworm.

  • Ep. #9895
    Ep. #9895
    Episode 26

    Hot on the heels of learning about Phyllis' pregnancy, Nick asks Phyllis if she wants to get married and she accepts. Sharon learns about their engagement, but doesn't know about the pregnancy. Victor questions Kyle about his intention to live on his property. Jack is upset when he learns of Kyle's intentions, but Kyle doesn't care. Jack confronts Victor. Sharon is confused when she interrupts a romantic moment between Chelsea and Adam. Victoria and Billy enjoy spending time with their kids. Phyllis tells Avery that she doesn't hate her.

  • Ep. #9894
    Ep. #9894
    Episode 25

    The sudden christening for baby John takes place, as Billy and Victoria work on getting everyone to attend. Adam and Chelsea discuss her contemplating leaving Genoa City. She admits she wants to get to know Jeff. Sharon is frustrated because nobody cares about Adam's birthday. Phyllis learns that she is pregnant again. A grown up Kyle returns to town in time to attend the christening, where he confronts Jack about being in a relationship with a woman that killed his mother. He goes to see Victor and asks to stay with him.

  • Ep. #9893
    Ep. #9893
    Episode 24

    Victor is furious when he can't reach Michael in a time of need. Jill wants Michael and Lauren to stay with her. Genevieve and Cane share a decent conversation about business. Chelsea confides in Adam about not being sure as to what to do with baby John. Victoria and Billy are relieved when Chelsea goes through with the plan. Genevieve is approached by federal agents. Victor fires Michael.

  • Ep. #9892
    Ep. #9892
    Episode 23

    Michael, Avery, Nick and Phyllis rush to the police station after learning what happened at Lauren's boutique. Michael offers moving as a temporary solution to their problems, but Lauren is convinced that the torture will never end. Ashley is frustrated when Tucker keeps playing for Beauty of Nature, and she rushes off after finding out that his feud with Sofia was just a ruse. Harmony and Neil admit to their attraction, but Harmony pushes Neil away.

  • Ep. #9891
    Ep. #9891
    Episode 22

    Lauren confronts Daisy with a gun and Jill manages to calm her down. Genevieve is confused about Victor's behavior before she learns that he fears the money came from Colin. Phyllis tells Avery that she's the same as their father. The tension continues growing between Harmony and Neil while spending time with the rest of their family. Harmony confides in Kay.

  • Ep. #9890
    Ep. #9890
    Episode 21

    Nick asks Victor to help out with Lucy in court but Victor rejects the idea due to the possibility of the SEC getting involved. Phyllis and Daniel fight for the custody of Lucy in court, but end up losing to Daisy. Phyllis fires Ricky and he applauds his success along with Daisy's. Victor pays Jack a visit at home. Harmony introduces Sarge as her boyfriend when she encounters Sofia and Neil.

  • Ep. #9889
    Ep. #9889
    Episode 20

    Ricky helps Daisy get Lucy away from Daniel, causing concern in Phyllis and Daniel. Harmony, Neil, Cane and Lily have fun at Devon's studio, and both Neil and Harmony have a difficult time fighting their feelings. Victor and Nikki argue at the stables.

  • Ep. #9888
    Ep. #9888
    Episode 19

    Sofia and Tucker take one last shot at working their argument, but Sofia can't lie to Neil anymore, and he lectures her on trust. Kay figures out Tucker's strategy. Avery and Phyllis argue over the book that Phyllis refuses to take. Phyllis gives Ricky advice on how to handle Daisy, and Daisy is angry because she doesn't think Ricky is applying himself. Esther is upset over Chloe and Delia leaving the Chancellor mansion to go live with Kevin.

  • Ep. #9888
    Ep. #9888
    Episode 19

    Avery and Phyllis argue. Sofia and Tucker's deception is revealed.

  • Ep. #9887
    Ep. #9887
    Episode 18

    The party for John is ruined when the guests realize how Victor acquired Beauty of Nature back. Sharon and Nick learn about the news of Genevieve's involvement in the future of the company. Sofia and Tucker find out about their plan falling through. Sharon apologizes to Adam for doubting him.

  • Ep. #9886
    Ep. #9886
    Episode 17

    Victoria and Billy throw a party for baby John, and are shocked when Victor visits her along with Genevieve, and Jack and Nikki seem cozy. Kay surprises Abby and Chloe. Phyllis wants to know if Ricky was involved in the story about Chelsea being published in The Inquisitor, and Ricky tricks her. Adam informs Victoria about Victor hiring Chelsea back in Myanmar.

  • Ep. #9885
    Ep. #9885
    Episode 16

    In Vegas, Nikki asks Jack not to marry Genevieve, so Jack breaks up with Genevieve, and Nikki refuses to forgive Victor for his manipulations, leading to a partner switch. Chelsea is angry after Victoria disses Adam. Billy won't allow Phyllis to publish a story about his child, and the story ends up published in the Inquisitor, and Phyllis suspects Ricky might have had something to do with it. Victoria and Billy realize Adam's role in delivering the baby.

  • Ep. #9884
    Ep. #9884
    Episode 15

    Michael and Lauren discuss about how Daisy's presence in town is preventing them from spending time with Fen. Avery and Phyllis talk about their father's belongings. Nikki finally learns the extent of Victor's manipulations when he tries to bribe Chelsea into leaving town. Genevieve and Jack prepare to meet in Vegas. Nikki confides in Jack about what she had just learned. Harmony, Tucker and Devon bond over the good news.

  • Ep. #9883
    Ep. #9883
    Episode 14

    Nikki is sad when Jack insists on marrying Genevieve to get Beauty of Nature. Victoria is overjoyed being with baby John. Cane and Genevieve spend some quality mother-and-son time together. Chelsea and Adam discuss about how he helped her deliver the baby. Nikki is further shocked by learning about Victor's manipulations. Jack is confused by Genevieve's plans.

  • Ep. #9882
    Ep. #9882
    Episode 13

    Billy and Victoria celebrate the arrival of their first child. Devon's family waits to hear the results of his surgery. Sofia and Tucker keep up their charade. Carmine and Abby cross paths.

  • Ep. #9881
    Ep. #9881
    Episode 12

    Victor wants Anita to leave and never come back. Victoria and Billy worry about Chelsea's baby. Genevieve confronts Jack about his lies.

  • Ep. #9880
    Ep. #9880
    Episode 11

    Adam helps Chelsea give birth to her baby, and later runs away. Billy is ticked off when he learns that Victoria went to see Victor. Genevieve overhears a private conversation between Jack and Nikki, and realizes that Jack is trying to play her. She then approaches Tucker and tells him he has the advantage in getting BON; they talk about their past together. Nikki realizes that Victor is holding out on her again when Anita reappears looking for her daughter.

  • Ep. #9879
    Ep. #9879
    Episode 10

    Chelsea and Victoria argue over Chelsea's involvement with Adam. Genevieve surprises Victor with news about BON and her wedding to Jack. Jack reassures Nikki that he won't let Genevieve back into his life, and Genevieve overhears. Phyllis and Daniel have a visit with Lucy. Billy returns to an empty home. Chelsea has troubles on the road.

  • Ep. #9878
    Ep. #9878
    Episode 9

    Victor refuses to back down. Genevieve and Jack look into their future.

  • Ep. #9877
    Ep. #9877
    Episode 8

    Genevieve is pleasantly surprised by the bidding war over Beauty of Nature. Devon is moved when Kay wants to make amends.

  • Ep. #9876
    Ep. #9876
    Episode 7

    Neil receives a new opportunity from Kay. Nikki and Ashley don't want to have Jack undergo surgery. Genevieve still wants to marry Jack. Victor learns from Michael about Victoria's intentions with Beauty of Nature.

  • Ep. #9875
    Ep. #9875
    Episode 6

    Chloe, Kevin, Gloria and Jeff return from their honeymoons to find trouble; as Chelsea confronts Jeff, Jeff learns that Chelsea is indeed his daughter, Kevin tries to get rid of Carmine, and Chloe's attitude prompts Carmine to stick around town. Daniel pays Daisy a visit. Harmony and Sarge have a disagreement.

  • Ep. #9874
    Ep. #9874
    Episode 5

    Jack takes legal action against Genevieve. Daniel continues his quest to get his parental rights.

  • Ep. #9873
    Ep. #9873
    Episode 4

    Victor and Jill have a face-off. Cane refuses to accept an apology from Genevieve.

  • Ep. #9872
    Ep. #9872
    Episode 3

    Phyllis is worried about Nick's business trip with Sharon, while Sharon shows off her business skills to Nick.

  • Ep. #9871
    Ep. #9871
    Episode 2

    An unexpected twist occurs at the double wedding for Gloria and Chloe. Nick tells Sharon that they're both going to Japan. Adam decides to spend time with Chelsea.

  • Ep. #9870
    Ep. #9870
    Episode 1

    Jill and Lauren help Gloria pick out a dress.Angelina convinces Kevin to attend his mother's wedding, and Victoria decides to accompany Chloe to the same event. Angelina and Daniel attempt to reunite Chloe and Kevin. Jill finds Jeffrey in the dumpster and he rushes to stop Gloria from making a big mistake. Michael annuls Kevin's marriage to Angelina. Tucker and Sofia stage an argument for business purposes in front of Neil, Harmony and Devon. Jeff arrives at the wedding and tells Gloria the truth about Angelo, which Michael confirms. Kevin and Jeff both proposes to their ladies.