The Young Doctors

The Nine Network (ended 1983)


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    • Episode 327
      Episode 327
      Season 1 - Episode 327
      An old flame of Dr Denham arrives and causes trouble.
    • Episode 881
      Episode 881
      Season 1 - Episode 881
      Dennis Jamison gains crucial information about the hit and run accident. An worrying turn of events strikes Dr Peter Holland's and Liz Kennedy's picnic with little Nathan O'Neill.
    • Episode 989
      Episode 989
      Season 1 - Episode 989
      An accidents brings Vivienne Jeffries to a young handicapped boy. Kit and Jeffries try to deescalate the situation. Helen Gordon fights off Brian Denham.
    • Episode 882
      Episode 882
      Season 1 - Episode 882
      Dr Peter Holland faces an anxious time after his grim accident at the picnic. Dr Brian Denham is hindered in his efforts to clear himself of the hit and run charge.
    • Episode A
      An expected influx of new interns causes staff at Albert Memorial Hospital to make ready for their arrival. Elsewhere, a newly graduated Dr Craig Rothwell has his own special way to say adieu to nurse Marilyn, using a table in his Melbourne hospital's operating theatre... His entrance at Albert Memorial is somewhat rocky, as one of his first actions is to reacquaint himself to Laura Denham, his Chief's wife. Her disenchantment with her husband affords him the opportunity to wine and dine her — with tragic results.moreless
    • Episode 990
      Episode 990
      Season 1 - Episode 990
      Frances Taylor admits her true feelings for Brian Denham. Mark Holland still enjoys his affair. Peter and Julie question Vicki's love for Mark.
    • Episode 883
      Episode 883
      Season 1 - Episode 883
      Dr Mike Newman is unable to win with Melanie Drew. Dr Brian Denham informs Helen Gordon about a drastic decision that will affect his career at the hospital.
    • Episode 884
      Episode 884
      Season 1 - Episode 884
      Liz Kennedy finds her emotions in a turmoil after meeting a handsome man. Questions are raised when a patient goes missing from the Albert Memorial.
    • Episode 885
      Episode 885
      Season 1 - Episode 885
      Dr John Forrest is the recipient of an intriguing phone call. Sister Vivienne Jeffries is troubled by circumstances concerning a missing patient.
    • Episode 988
      Episode 988
      Season 1 - Episode 988
      Vince Burrows faces an ultimatum set by Susanne Gibbs. Mike Newman and Greg Mason fight over a very special patient.
    • Episode 987
      Episode 987
      Season 1 - Episode 987
      Virginia Mason declares war, when she sees her father and Paul Bishop are threatened. Peter Holland finds lost things, but is he watched?
    • Episode 880
      Episode 880
      Season 1 - Episode 880
      Dr Brian Denham looks like losing his career at the hospital over the hit and run accident. Dennis Jamison hears a shocking statement from Harry Norman.
    • Episode 983
      Episode 983
      Season 1 - Episode 983
      Peter Holland finally reunites with Tania. He also has to face the new competitor in pathology.
    • Episode 984
      Episode 984
      Season 1 - Episode 984
      Robyn Porter is happy that Ben Fielding will return, but gets told otherwise. Susanne Gibbs fights with Vince Burrows about his past and future.
    • Episode 876
      Episode 876
      Season 1 - Episode 876
      Dr Mike Newman is stunned by a sudden switch in Melanie's attitude towards him. Mrs Holland shatters Russell Edwards by insisting that he get out of her daughter Julie's life.
    • Episode 985
      Episode 985
      Season 1 - Episode 985
      Julie Holland learns the truth about Paul Bishop - too late for Virginia's father. Ben Fielding tells Robyn the truth.
    • Episode 877
      Episode 877
      Season 1 - Episode 877
      Nurse Julie Holland is heartbroken over a message from Russell Edwards. Judith Napier catches an intruder at home.
    • Episode 878
      Episode 878
      Season 1 - Episode 878
      Dr Robert Shaw makes a dramatic decision about his future. Nurse Jody Carter finds out that she has a secret admirer.
    • Episode 986
      Episode 986
      Season 1 - Episode 986
      Ada can't believe that Peter Holland is leaving her. Mike Newman has to face the negative side of being a playboy.
    • Episode 879
      Episode 879
      Season 1 - Episode 879
      Mark Holland learns the truth as to the real identity of Sister Tania Livingston's father. Diane Brooke deals with the prospect of losing her son.
    • Episode 991
      Episode 991
      Season 1 - Episode 991
      Lori is insecure about Peter Holland and Greg Mason enjoys that. Helen Gordon effects Brian Denham and his new secretary.
    • Episode 886
      Episode 886
      Season 1 - Episode 886
      Dr Brian Denham receives vital information regarding his manslaughter charge. Missing money darkens the start of Ada's new assistant in the Albert's kiosk.
    • Episode 992
      Episode 992
      Season 1 - Episode 992
      Mike Newman sets an ultimatum to Greg Mason to get away of Lori. Brian Denham wants Helen, but Frances still fights for her.
    • Episode 1003
      Episode 1003
      Season 1 - Episode 1003
      Frances Taylor tells Brian Denham that they are over for real this time. Debbie Harper enjoys her new popularity and shows all of it to Mike Newman.
    • Episode 892
      Episode 892
      Season 1 - Episode 892
      Nurse Virginia Mason - as Seal - arranges to have dinner with Dr John Forrest. Ada Simmonds receives a mysterious invitation for the same night. Sister Tania Livingston overhears Mark Holland and Dennis Jamison debating whether they should inform her the truth concerning Harry Norman.
    • Episode 893
      Episode 893
      Season 1 - Episode 893
      Nurses Jody Carter and Virginia Mason witness what turns out to be John Forrest's comeuppance. Ada Simmonds enjoys an evening with her secret admirer at an expensive restaurant.
    • Episode 1004
      Episode 1004
      Season 1 - Episode 1004
      Vivienne Jeffries finally talks to Kit Lloyd again. Graham Steele sees the downside of his position at the Albert Memorial.
    • Episode 894
      Episode 894
      Season 1 - Episode 894
      Dr Brian Denham reprimands Sister Vivienne Jeffries for playing detective with Smith - but she doesn't discover who Nick Robson is. A patient mysteriously dies on Nurse Julie Holland's first day in theatre.
    • Episode 1005
      Episode 1005
      Season 1 - Episode 1005
      Vince Burrows decides about his future. Kate also gets up to do something. Is an adoption the right answer?
    • Episode 895
      Episode 895
      Season 1 - Episode 895
      Sister Suzanne Gibbs becomes increasingly friendly with Ewan Kirby. Dr Sam Wilkinson keeps his options open where women are concerned. Dr John Forrest finds out Melanie's secret.
    • Episode 1006
      Episode 1006
      Season 1 - Episode 1006
      John Forrest welcomes an old friend of his at the Albert Memorial, who brings him a mysterious patient. Mark Holland helps Vicki despite his broken heart.
    • Episode 1002
      Episode 1002
      Season 1 - Episode 1002
      Ada gets news from her husband. Tania gets the boy a new mate, but everyone is surprised.
    • Episode 891
      Episode 891
      Season 1 - Episode 891
      Dr Peter Holland runs into danger in an attempt to assist the mysterious Mr Smith. The past dealings of Liz Kennedy's new acquaintance are a fresh source of anxiety for Dr Brian Denham.
    • Episode 887
      Episode 887
      Season 1 - Episode 887
      Nurses Virginia Mason and Jody Carter set the trap for Dr John Forrest with their "heavy breathing" phone calls to him. Dr Sam Wilkinson's arrival at the hospital creates mixed reactions with some of the staff.
    • Episode 993
      Episode 993
      Season 1 - Episode 993
      Sister Jeffries offers help to Kit Lloyd, but only gets hurt. Mark still doesn't know the important facts of his new love.
    • Episode 994
      Episode 994
      Season 1 - Episode 994
      John Forrest has to face danger at his home. Sister Jeffries is afraid of the law.
    • Episode 995
      Episode 995
      Season 1 - Episode 995
      Jody Carter has to face unpleasant news about Doctor Burrows. John Forrest and Liz Kennedy get in a huge fight after an ultimatum is set.
    • Episode 888
      Episode 888
      Season 1 - Episode 888
      Nurse Jody Carter is excited when she finds out who her secret admirer is. Dr Peter Holland finds himself confronted by a gun man.
    • Episode 889
      Episode 889
      Season 1 - Episode 889
      Nurse Julie Holland makes a dramatic attempt to erase Russell Edwards from her memory. Sister Tania Livingston makes a horrifying discovery in her flat.
    • Episode 1001
      Episode 1001
      Season 1 - Episode 1001
      Dennis plays Caroline. Peter Holland and Mike Newman think only a shock can cure Mark and get him away from Vicki Nesbitt.
    • Episode 890
      Episode 890
      Season 1 - Episode 890
      A startling twist in the hit and run reveals the actual identity of the driver. Dr Brian Denham unwillingly is met with a secret from the past.
    • Episode 982
      Episode 982
      Season 1 - Episode 982
      Peter Holland makes up his mind and asks out Tania. Vivienne Jeffries confronts Duncan Love about his past.
    • Episode 981
      Episode 981
      Season 1 - Episode 981
      Lori Nicholls has to realise that Peter Holland thinks more about Tania than her. Duncan Love has to realise, that Vivienne Jeffries isn't a pet.
    • Episode 860
      Episode 860
      Season 1 - Episode 860
      Dr Robert Shaw takes on a complex operation and later faces the worst news a doctor can hear. Josephine Edwards is sill a part of Russell's life even though he declares his love for Nurse Julie Holland.
    • Episode 861
      Episode 861
      Season 1 - Episode 861
      Judith Napier is the cause of a heated argument between Drs John Forrest and Peter Holland. Erica Shaw collapses at the Albert during work. Dr Robert Shaw visits her and she learns about Robert's feelings towards Raymond.
    • Episode 862
      Episode 862
      Season 1 - Episode 862
      Dr Robert Shaw is attracted to Sister Tania Livingston, much to the annoyance of Dr Peter Holland. Judith Napier's strange tape messages become even more mysterious.
    • Episode 863
      Episode 863
      Season 1 - Episode 863
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries is increasingly disturbed over a nightmare. Nurse Julie Holland, who thought Russell Edwards had lost interest in her, is surprised by a proposal of marriage.
    • Episode 864
      Episode 864
      Season 1 - Episode 864
      Dr Graham Steele faces the prospect of the Albert losing the Keogh court case. Mark Holland clashes with Russell Edwards. Later, Mark argues violently with his sister Julie about Russell's wedding intentions.
    • Episode 865
      Episode 865
      Season 1 - Episode 865
      Josephine Edwards makes a startling confession to Nurse Liz Kennedy concerning Russell Edwards. Nurses Virginia Mason and Sherry Andrews return a pendant to Judith Napier and believe they know the identity of her other name.
    • Episode 866
      Episode 866
      Season 1 - Episode 866
      Judith Napier is not herself in dealing with a patient and she goes to pieces. Dr Mike Newman argues with Nurse Sherry Andrews and he decides to end their relationship.
    • Episode 867
      Episode 867
      Season 1 - Episode 867
      After her discharge from the hospital, Josephine Edwards vanishes. Dr Graham Steele and Dr Raymond Shaw have an unexpected confrontation over Shaw's son Robert.
    • Episode 103
      Episode 103
      Season 1 - Episode 103
      A new physician, Dr Garcia, arrives at Albert Memorial, Ada's ingenuity helps to locate the anonymous caller, and Helen Gordon cannot get hold of her son, now with Georgie Saint and the Sinners.
    • Episode 859
      Episode 859
      Season 1 - Episode 859
      Judith Napier receives a surprise dinner invitation from a doctor she thought disliked her. Russell Edwards is shocked on hearing the tragic news that someone close to him has been admitted to the Gosford District Hospital.
    • Episode 853
      Episode 853
      Season 1 - Episode 853
      Nurse Liz Kennedy discovers a strange secret when she goes to the anonymous caller's home. Robert Shaw upsets his father Raymond and Erica during Dr Ben Fielding's pool party.
    • Episode 101
      Episode 101
      Season 1 - Episode 101
      Bedlam reigns at Albert Memorial as Susan Richards is given a poison-pen note, and Sister Scott is threatened yet again.
    • Episode 854
      Episode 854
      Season 1 - Episode 854
      Nurse Liz Kennedy is held captive at Don Farrell's home. She is stunned to discover he has taken something important from Dr Brian Denham's flat. Dennis Jamison has to promise the girls something he'd rather not.
    • Episode 855
      Episode 855
      Season 1 - Episode 855
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries and Mark Holland are extremely worried about Liz Kennedy's disappearance. Adam Keogh undergoes surgery, complications set in and, when his parents arrive, they threaten legal action against the hospital.
    • Episode 856
      Episode 856
      Season 1 - Episode 856
      Dr Graham Steele is confronted by Adam Keogh's parents and faces a massive law suit against the Albert. Mark Holland and Sister Vivienne Jeffries believe they know the whereabouts of Liz Kennedy.
    • Episode 857
      Episode 857
      Season 1 - Episode 857
      Nurse Liz Kennedy at last escapes from Don Farrell's only to find she must help him as he collapses. Dr Peter Holland is stunned by the identity of a strange voice on a tape intended for Judith Napier.
    • Episode 102
      Episode 102
      Season 1 - Episode 102
      Maureen's secret is revealed when Edna stops in at Bunny's Place; back at Albert Memorial, Sister Scott is relieved by Dr Brian Denham's recommendation.
    • Episode 858
      Episode 858
      Season 1 - Episode 858
      Dr John Forrest is extremely worried about Diane Brooke's health after hearing the results of her tests. The guys, upon leaving the indoor pool, are angry after finding all their clothes are missing.
    • Episode 104
      Episode 104
      Season 1 - Episode 104
      Dr Paul Barratt is upset when news arrives from Switzerland of his wife, and Helen Gordon finally reaches Roger, but a miscommunication ends the call painfully.
    • Episode 868
      Episode 868
      Season 1 - Episode 868
      Dr Robert Shaw reveals the truth about his return to Sydney to Sister Tania Livingston. Dr John Forrest confronts Diane Brooke with his belief that he is the father of her son Leo.
    • Episode 869
      Episode 869
      Season 1 - Episode 869
      Nurses Virginia Mason and Sherry Andrews devise a scheme to drive Dennis Jamison demented. Judith Napier is pushed to breaking point concerning the return of her 'dead' husband.
    • Episode 109
      Episode 109
      Season 1 - Episode 109
      Sister Scott encounters a newcomer, Helen Gordon is less than pleased with her new boarder, and Laura somehow winds up taking care of Percy.
    • Episode 110
      Episode 110
      Season 1 - Episode 110
      Although Bunny's Place needs cheering, Martin vetoes having the reception there, and Paul Barratt's wife is the topic of his missive to Dr Brian Denham.
    • Episode 111
      Episode 111
      Season 1 - Episode 111
      Dr Craig Rothwell convinces Jo-Jo Adams to go out with him, and Roger Gordon finally uncovers the cause of Georgie Saint's cancelled concert dates.
    • Episode 976
      Episode 976
      Season 1 - Episode 976
      Peter Holland has trouble with his women again. Lori and Tania even start a fight over him. Frances Love makes his move towards Vivienne Jeffries.
    • Episode 977
      Episode 977
      Season 1 - Episode 977
      Ada plans a big dinner party for all Holland family members and their partners. Peter, Derek and Lori aren't really happy about the event. Dennis gets a new job from Warren Price.
    • Episode 978
      Episode 978
      Season 1 - Episode 978
      Liz is a bit too involved with a patient, but John Forrest looks after her. Vivienne Jeffries gets close with a young man.
    • Episode 979
      Episode 979
      Season 1 - Episode 979
      Dennis get caught going through Miss Hanley locker. Virginia gets scared again, but this time everyone has to take it serious.
    • Episode 980
      Episode 980
      Season 1 - Episode 980
      When forced Kate finally tells John Forrest the truth about Duncan Love. Paul Bishop knows more than Virginia and Julie's fight, then they do. Brian Denham gets a job for one of his old friends, much to Graham Steele and John Forrest dismay,
    • Episode 108
      Episode 108
      Season 1 - Episode 108
      Tony attempts to discuss things with Susan Richards, and Jo-Jo, in an attempt to prevent a murder, has a surprise in store.
    • Episode 107
      Episode 107
      Season 1 - Episode 107
      Maureen and Jim's romance fizzles, and Georgie Saint is nowhere to be found.
    • Episode 870
      Episode 870
      Season 1 - Episode 870
      Erica Shaw gives vital information inadvertently to the Keoghs' solicitor, who is suing the hospital. Adam Keogh's medical condition worsens considerably.
    • Episode 105
      Episode 105
      Season 1 - Episode 105
      After Deborah Kendall misses her date with Dr Craig Rothwell, his anger causes him to turn to Maureen Howard.
    • Episode 871
      Episode 871
      Season 1 - Episode 871
      Nurse Virginia Mason makes a significant discovery about Judith Napier's secret past. Isobel Phelps feels that her grandson, Adam Keogh, may have been deserted by his parents.
    • Episode 872
      Episode 872
      Season 1 - Episode 872
      Dr Graham Steele finally discovers the truth about Judith Napier. Nurse Julie Holland's wedding concludes in tragedy.
    • Episode 873
      Episode 873
      Season 1 - Episode 873
      Erica Shaw's hopes for being a mother are shattered after a serious collapse at work. Brothers Peter and Mark Holland argue with each other to the point of blows.
    • Episode 874
      Episode 874
      Season 1 - Episode 874
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries shocks Sister Tania Livingston with news that Jeffries' frightening dream has something to do with Tania. Dr Brian Denham finds himself in hot water involving a hit and run accident.
    • Episode 106
      Episode 106
      Season 1 - Episode 106
      With Georgie Saint and the Sinners in town, Helen Gordon is pressured for tickets. Elsewhere, Dr Tony Garcia's first day at Albert Memorial is even more memorable — after his encounter with Jo-Jo Adams.
    • Episode 875
      Episode 875
      Season 1 - Episode 875
      Dr Peter Holland gains crucial information for the hospital's defence in the Keogh court case. Sister Tania Livingston has to deal with her feelings over Harry Norman's grave condition.
    • Episode 896
      Episode 896
      Season 1 - Episode 896
      Dr Mike Newman tries to convince Melanie Drew and himself that their relationship is not a lost cause in the light of her illness. Drs Sam Wilkinson and Peter Holland have a heated confrontation.
    • Episode 897
      Episode 897
      Season 1 - Episode 897
      A young policeman, wounded in a shootout, is admitted for emergency surgery and gains an interest in Nurse Virginia Mason. Liz Kennedy discovers Nick Robson's real identity - and something else about him she hadn't expected.
    • Episode 1056
      Episode 1056
      Season 1 - Episode 1056
      Brian Denham runs into trouble while taking care of Phillip Harvey. Steele is angry with the board, since they interfere with his romance. Tania and Holland do nothing else than fight since they are engaged.
    • Episode 1057
      Episode 1057
      Season 1 - Episode 1057
      Jody plans a kissing contest. Newman's actions alarms others, especially Sister Jeffries. Gloria Stapleton falls for Holland and he falls for Michelle Francis and fights even more with Tania.
    • Episode 1058
      Episode 1058
      Season 1 - Episode 1058
      Clare MacGuire is shocked by the call of the Welfare Office. Jody makes a point with the new Deputy Superintendent. During the kissing contest, Mike Newman falls for Gloria.
    • Episode 1059
      Episode 1059
      Season 1 - Episode 1059
      Richard Quinlan is the new Deputy Super and cuts of Jody. Dennis helps Clare to get custody of her little sister Kirsty. Steve Newman has to deal with a murdered waitress at Bunny's.
    • Episode 1060
      Episode 1060
      Season 1 - Episode 1060
      Steve Newman is a murder suspect. Phillip Harvey troubles Brian Denham even more. Denham can't understand the board.
    • Episode 1061
      Episode 1061
      Season 1 - Episode 1061
      Denham's friends are not happy that he will be replaced. Holland has to make a statement about the dead waitress. Tania and Holland finally split off.
    • Episode 1062
      Episode 1062
      Season 1 - Episode 1062
      Steele sets Maggie out to date other people. She uses that to get back to him. Holland does everything to destroy the last bit of friendship remaining with Tania. Maggie and Jody get friends. Mark gets closer to Tania thanks to Danny Stevens.
    • Episode 1063
      Episode 1063
      Season 1 - Episode 1063
      Holland is in pain about his break up. Denham bawls Quinlan out over an error and learns that Quinlan wants his job. Helen finally can life with Maggie and Steele being a couple. Ada takes care of Phillip for Denham. Newman warms to Gloria. Michelle breaks up with Holland.
    • Episode 1055
      Episode 1055
      Season 1 - Episode 1055
      Helen fears for Maggie/Steele relationship. Steele almost get the revenge on Maggie, but the board steps in. Steve Newman is threatened.
    • Episode 1054
      Episode 1054
      Season 1 - Episode 1054
      Gloria tries to back-stab Forrest and learns a lot of Mike Newman. Shaw is welcomed home. Maggie embarrasses Steele. Katie runs into a wild party at her place, organised by Josh.
    • Episode 1046
      Episode 1046
      Season 1 - Episode 1046
      Caroline is jealous about Dennis and Clare. Might she help them even though? Tania and Peter face a crisis in their relationship.
    • Episode 1047
      Episode 1047
      Season 1 - Episode 1047
      John Forrest finally has do deal with his problems. A picture of Graham Steele sets out a lot of gossip.
    • Episode 1048
      Episode 1048
      Season 1 - Episode 1048
      Vivienne wins a contest and everyone is surprised by the winners price. Ada goes out once again and Jody and Mark get curious.
    • Episode 1049
      Episode 1049
      Season 1 - Episode 1049
      Ada meets someone of her past and keeps it a secret. Forrest plans to report Steve Newman. Steve's and Mike's lives are seriously endangered.
    • Episode 1050
      Episode 1050
      Season 1 - Episode 1050
      Brian Denham sees his job and career in danger. Mike Newman has serious trouble with his brother Steve.
    • Episode 1051
      Episode 1051
      Season 1 - Episode 1051
      Tania and Holland still have their romantic problems. Caroline also has a new lover. Clare MacGuire checks out of the Albert Memorial and has to face a welfare officer.
    • Episode 1052
      Episode 1052
      Season 1 - Episode 1052
      Arthur Shepherd misbehaves at the ballroom, much to Ada's misfortune. Clare tells Tania the truth about everything and hopes to get her job back. Tania orders Holland to stay out of Michelle's affairs, or everyone will get hurt.
    • Episode 1053
      Episode 1053
      Season 1 - Episode 1053
      Steve Newman finally visits a psychiatrist. Ada continues to dance at the ballroom. Holland tries to use Gloria and she tells him some secrets. Newman is impressed by a surprise.
    • Episode 1064
      Episode 1064
      Season 1 - Episode 1064
      The senior staff members fight over Dr. Denham's job. Bunny's is the place for a second murder.
    • Episode 1065
      Episode 1065
      Season 1 - Episode 1065
      Caroline Jamison lands in the ER. Dr. Newman thinks that the murder enquiry has it's positive sides as well.
    • Episode 1066
      Episode 1066
      Season 1 - Episode 1066
      Newman and Gloria test their new relationship. Holland is questioned again by the police and spends a night with Sherry. Ada breaks out in tears after meeting Dorothy Shepherd.
    • Episode 1077
      Episode 1077
      Season 1 - Episode 1077
      Maggie gets heartbreaking news. Newman and Holland fight over Gloria. Caroline gets the wrong baby. Shaw proposes to marry Kate, while Mike Newman is mysteriously stabbed.
    • Episode 1078
      Episode 1078
      Season 1 - Episode 1078
      Gloria is shocked about Newman's stabbing, but how is she involved? Pickard has cholera. Danny Stevens runs of and takes Jody with him. Richard Quinlan gets Denham's job and all are worried about Denham.
    • Episode 1079
      Episode 1079
      Season 1 - Episode 1079
      Mark gets some dark secrets about Clive Gardener. Danny Stevens is a new suspect. Steele admits his feelings for Maggie Gordon. Ada has trouble with her neighbour. Ben and Robyn Porter fall in love once again.
    • Episode 1080
      Episode 1080
      Season 1 - Episode 1080
      Steve Newman confessed all murders, but not the one of his brother. Robyn Porter comes back to Ben and the Albert. Gloria confesses to Forrest and the police.
    • Episode 1081
      Episode 1081
      Season 1 - Episode 1081
      Gloria gets arrested and psychiatric treatment. Dennis and Caroline finally can solve the baby swapping. Robyn is disturbed by the truth about her new boss.
    • Episode 1082
      Episode 1082
      Season 1 - Episode 1082
      Robyn realises that Richard Quinlan is her ex-husband and takes off. Ben and Quinlan both try to bring her back and win her heart. Newman tells Gloria that he'll help her. Steve tells Newman that he is the murderer. Holland flirts with Darcy who thinks he's serious. Genevieve Ridgeway tries to get Holland as her date to a medical dinner. Mark Holland's file about the cholera case is lost.moreless
    • Episode 1083
      Episode 1083
      Season 1 - Episode 1083
      Ada tries to solve her problems with her neighbour with professional help. Gibbs gets a secret invitation and is happy about Kate and Shaw's wedding. Richard worries about Danny - and he suddenly dies in Jody's arms. Holland is angry with Forrest in the ER, who takes of to eat with his fiancee.moreless
    • Episode 1084
      Episode 1084
      Season 1 - Episode 1084
      The news about Danny's death travels fast. Jody blames herself. Maggie and Steele are on the best way. Shaw is happy with Josh. Tania falls for her old friend from Melbourne. Denham falls for his teacher.
    • Episode 1076
      Episode 1076
      Season 1 - Episode 1076
      Josh's plans fail. Caroline is giving birth. Newman has to face the truth: That his brother is a killer.
    • Episode 1075
      Episode 1075
      Season 1 - Episode 1075
      Gloria is attacked by an unknown person outside of Bunny's. The Newmans are the suspects once again. Steve thinks he could have done it. Caroline has her problems with Robert. Newman talks with Holland.
    • Episode 1067
      Episode 1067
      Season 1 - Episode 1067
      Holland signs his transfer to Melbourne and ends every hope for him and Tania. He searches comfort with Maggie, but she refuses him. Maggie is angry about Steele, because she hasn't met his daughter Jessica, so she goes back to Holland.
    • Episode 1068
      Episode 1068
      Season 1 - Episode 1068
      Gloria gets cold feet about her relationship with Newman. Steve thinks everyone believes he's a murderer. Maggie and Steele finally discuss their relationship. Steele and Holland fight and Holland gets the truth about his future career hopes.
    • Episode 1069
      Episode 1069
      Season 1 - Episode 1069
      Denham has to face Quinlan's competition twice. Jody has trouble dating Quinlan. Phillip and Josh fight, but Shaw plays them. Jeffries wins a trip to Vila. A journalist need police protection.
    • Episode 1070
      Episode 1070
      Season 1 - Episode 1070
      Josh takes off with Phillip, but returns to face the Duffys. Denham seeks Phillip out for a new agreement. A lecturer from Mark's tech fights the budget cuts. Forrest gets to Newman while he is holding a bloody scalpel over Know. Before she had taped Steve confession while under drugs.
    • Episode 1071
      Episode 1071
      Season 1 - Episode 1071
      The Newmans and Holland are the new main suspects for the new murder case. Josh gets adopted and Kate has to say goodbye. Richard manages to play Denham and Steele.
    • Episode 1072
      Episode 1072
      Season 1 - Episode 1072
      Maggie Gordon wants to blackmail Richard. Jody is destroyed by Richard. Steele is, with Maggie, happy over the fact, that he can join the board again - but not about the reason. Danny and Mark get arrested.
    • Episode 1073
      Episode 1073
      Season 1 - Episode 1073
      Gloria is acting strangely towards Holland and Newman. Mark's demonstration fails and now he has to deal with the results.
    • Episode 1074
      Episode 1074
      Season 1 - Episode 1074
      Newman and Holland still don't understand Gloria, who is taking risks she will regret. Jamisons faces a lot of trouble. Dennis sees the negative sides of having a family.
    • Episode 1045
      Episode 1045
      Season 1 - Episode 1045
      Dennis goes to a secret meeting and Caroline is worried about that. Brian Denham is horrified by Helen's new job.
    • Episode 1044
      Episode 1044
      Season 1 - Episode 1044
      Graham and Maggie are troubled by Helen's return. Kate thinks over her feelings. Might she be over with Malcolm?
    • Episode 1015
      Episode 1015
      Season 1 - Episode 1015
      Dennis faces trouble at home, because his new career. The picnic turns into a nightmare for some visitor.
    • Episode 1016
      Episode 1016
      Season 1 - Episode 1016
      Ray has evidence of a murder. Helen tells her secret to Denham.
    • Episode 1017
      Episode 1017
      Season 1 - Episode 1017
      Ben Fielding's long lost brother suddenly shows up. Mark and Vicki announce their engagement, but not everyone shares their good mood.
    • Episode 1018
      Episode 1018
      Season 1 - Episode 1018
      The wave of burglaries at the Albert Memorial doesn't stop. Vivienne and Doctor Jenner fight, but effect more than just their work.
    • Episode 1019
      Episode 1019
      Season 1 - Episode 1019
      Josh falls in love with Kate, but troubles both. Liz and John Forrest spend a special day, with a very bad ending.
    • Episode 1020
      Episode 1020
      Season 1 - Episode 1020
      Is Peter Holland the one who is responsible for the sudden death that shatters the Albert Memorial.
    • Episode 1021
      Episode 1021
      Season 1 - Episode 1021
      Kate makes up her mind about her future. A further death troubles the staff in the Albert Memorial.
    • Episode 1022
      Episode 1022
      Season 1 - Episode 1022
      Ray faces a cold blooded killer. Dennis confronts Holland about the numerous thievings.
    • Episode 1014
      Episode 1014
      Season 1 - Episode 1014
      Vivienne falls in love with Doctor Jenner, but what is his secret. Liz and Forrest get closer as well.
    • Episode 1013
      Episode 1013
      Season 1 - Episode 1013
      Tania makes her mind up about Peter. Mike Newman discovers something about Helen.
    • Episode 898
      Episode 898
      Season 1 - Episode 898
      Dr Brian Denham, immersed in furtive "special tests" arouses Mark and Peter Holland's suspicions. Dr Sam Wilkinson double-dates and double-crosses Nurses Jody Carter and Julie Holland.
    • Episode 899
      Episode 899
      Season 1 - Episode 899
      The unforeseen deaths of two further patients makes everyone on the hospital staff suspect each other. Dr Sam Wilkinson causes emotional problems for Nurse Jody Carter, getting her into hot water with Sister Vivienne Jeffries.
    • Episode 1007
      Episode 1007
      Season 1 - Episode 1007
      John Forrest gets bad news. Dennis prepares himself for his new career.
    • Episode 1008
      Episode 1008
      Season 1 - Episode 1008
      Peter Holland has a plan to make Ada happy. Helen Gordon has a big surprise about her condition.
    • Episode 1009
      Episode 1009
      Season 1 - Episode 1009
      Mike Newman talls Debbie the truth about herself. Dennis' first day ends in a disaster.
    • Episode 1010
      Episode 1010
      Season 1 - Episode 1010
      Graham Steele has to solve his problems at work. Kate struggles with a patient.
    • Episode 1011
      Episode 1011
      Season 1 - Episode 1011
      Peter still tries to help Ada. Vicki surprises Mark with news.
    • Episode 1012
      Episode 1012
      Season 1 - Episode 1012
      John Forrest receives bad news about his bush hospital. Julie Holland leaves the Albert Memorial behind.
    • Episode 1023
      Episode 1023
      Season 1 - Episode 1023
      Mark and Vicki struggle again - will that close their deal? Vivienne has to get comfort from another side.
    • Episode 1024
      Episode 1024
      Season 1 - Episode 1024
      Brian Denham faces a secret admirer. Ben finally meets his brother.
    • Episode 1025
      Episode 1025
      Season 1 - Episode 1025
      Helen has to to deal with a surprise visitor. John Forrest war front gets weakend. What can Tania do?
    • Episode 1036
      Episode 1036
      Season 1 - Episode 1036
      Peter Holland forced John Forrest to talk. Graham Steele tries to hide his new love. What will Maggie do?
    • Episode 1037
      Episode 1037
      Season 1 - Episode 1037
      Mike Newman still has trouble with his money. He gets suspicious when Helen disappears. Peter Holland tries to help Ada.
    • Episode 1038
      Episode 1038
      Season 1 - Episode 1038
      Someone tries to kill himself and causes a lot of trouble for the Albert Memorial. Dennis enters Jody's Quest, but isn't he in way over his head?
    • Episode 1039
      Episode 1039
      Season 1 - Episode 1039
      Vivienne Jeffries accuses someone. Kate has to realise that Malcolm means it serious.
    • Episode 1040
      Episode 1040
      Season 1 - Episode 1040
      Malcolm surprises some staff members and Ben decides to take action about that. Ray has unexpected visitors and reveals the killer.
    • Episode 1041
      Episode 1041
      Season 1 - Episode 1041
      Ben Fielding has to face truth about Malcolm. Mike Newman hunts a murderer - it might be too late though.
    • Episode 1042
      Episode 1042
      Season 1 - Episode 1042
      John Forrest is forced by Tania to face his illness. Vivienne Jeffries is surprised by a patient.
    • Episode 1043
      Episode 1043
      Season 1 - Episode 1043
      Mike Newman gets really bad news. The new arrival troubles the entire doctor's staff.
    • Episode 1035
      Episode 1035
      Season 1 - Episode 1035
      Dennis helps a friend in need, but her problems are not really known. Mike Newman blames Helen for his trouble at the Bunny's.
    • Episode 1034
      Episode 1034
      Season 1 - Episode 1034
      Mark and Vicki hit the point of no turning back. Ben's brother reveals news about his father's will.
    • Episode 1026
      Episode 1026
      Season 1 - Episode 1026
      Graham Steele has a new secret: A new romance. John Forrest is grieving. What does Tania about all this?
    • Episode 1027
      Episode 1027
      Season 1 - Episode 1027
      A medical file is stolen. What is Ada's involvement? Mark gets more news about Vicki's sudden illness.
    • Episode 1028
      Episode 1028
      Season 1 - Episode 1028
      Brian Denham has to deal with a writer. Vivienne makes a big discovery about Doctor Jenner's mystery patient.
    • Episode 1029
      Episode 1029
      Season 1 - Episode 1029
      Ben's brother falls in love with Kate and she wonders about him. The killer starts to hunt Ray. Can Mike Newman be of help?
    • Episode 1030
      Episode 1030
      Season 1 - Episode 1030
      Maggie doesn't share her personal life. What is she hiding? Ray steps into the trap the killer has set for him.
    • Episode 1031
      Episode 1031
      Season 1 - Episode 1031
      Vivienne surprises everyone at the big staff dinner party. Jody finally launches her fund-raising campaign.
    • Episode 1032
      Episode 1032
      Season 1 - Episode 1032
      Helen spots Maggie and her new date. Peter Holland talks with Tania and asks and important question.
    • Episode 1033
      Episode 1033
      Season 1 - Episode 1033
      Vivienne is forced to decide about her future. John Forrest is lonely.
    • Episode 852
      Episode 852
      Season 1 - Episode 852
      Another letter arrives for the unknown Dr Hall. Judith Napier becomes upset when she hears the name paged over the tannoy system. Nurse Liz Kennedy confronts her anonymous phone caller in Dr Brian Denham's flat.
    • Episode 851
      Episode 851
      Season 1 - Episode 851
      Drs Peter Holland and Graham Steele have to deal with a major decision over Adam Keogh's health. Dr John Forrest meets Diane Brooke for dinner and finds out he had known her fourteen years ago.
    • Episode 948
      Episode 948
      Season 1 - Episode 948
      Ben gets the news about Newman and Robyn. Newman faces he lowered popularity. Virginia and Luke start another fight. Both are afraid of their future. Kate asks a question to Denham.
    • Episode 949
      Episode 949
      Season 1 - Episode 949
      The tension between Helen and Jeffries gets harder. Winnie's conditions worsens in front of Dr. Steele's eyes. Brian and Kate finally makes up.
    • Episode 950
      Episode 950
      Season 1 - Episode 950
      Luke hasn't made up his mind about Virginia. Helen moves out of Jeffries' place and right into Raymond's place. Jeffries feels offended. John Forrest makes Liz Kennedy an irresistible offer.
    • Episode 951
      Episode 951
      Season 1 - Episode 951
      Derek Holland, Lori Nicholls and Peter Holland suddenly find themselves in a love triangle. Jeffries is shocked by the news that Forrest has proposed to Liz.
    • Episode 952
      Episode 952
      Season 1 - Episode 952
      Robyn Porter gets bad news, because her brother is rushed into the ER. Ben and Robyn are a couple again. Peter Holland is shocked when he finds out, that Lori Nicholls sleeps with his father.
    • Episode 953
      Episode 953
      Season 1 - Episode 953
      Lori tells Derek Holland that she can't do it anymore and wants to break up, but he goes further than she suspected. Winnie Parsons leaves with a new partner. Helen tries to help Robyn, but that plan backfires.
    • Episode 954
      Episode 954
      Season 1 - Episode 954
      Jeffries find another male Matron, Duncan Love, a man with charm. Kate injures that Duncan's secret is sure with her. Forrest doesn't like to work with Love. Robyn ends up humiliating herself. Denham asks Helen to reconsider their planned wedding.
    • Episode 955
      Episode 955
      Season 1 - Episode 955
      Caroline has a new hobby. Duncan Love might get involved with too many women all at once. Helen is involved in a heavy accident, leaving her injured.
    • Episode 947
      Episode 947
      Season 1 - Episode 947
      Mr. Holland finally confronts Lori. Jeffries tells Peter bettor not get involved anywhere. Forrest congratulates Newman, because he spent the night in Robyn's flat.
    • Episode 946
      Episode 946
      Season 1 - Episode 946
      Mike Newman returns to his family, but only faces more problems there as well. Luke annoys Virginia and finally makes up with Julie. Lori gets involved a bit too much with the Hollands.
    • Episode 938
      Episode 938
      Season 1 - Episode 938
      Mike Newman is worried again, since his father disappeared. Ada tells Peter and Mark Holland that Julie is thinking of becoming a nun.
    • Episode 939
      Episode 939
      Season 1 - Episode 939
      Virginia can't wait for Luke's decision about his very own feature. She is afraid, she might not be part of that future. Mr. Holland shows up unexpected to Peter and Julie, who start to raise some suspicions.
    • Episode 940
      Episode 940
      Season 1 - Episode 940
      The hospital newspaper Probe gets a bit to personal with some staff members, especially John Forrest. Peter Holland has to face angry Graham Steele.
    • Episode 941
      Episode 941
      Season 1 - Episode 941
      Vivienne Jeffries and Helen Gordon having difficulties to live together much longer. Luke makes a decision between Virginia and the Priesthood.
    • Episode 942
      Episode 942
      Season 1 - Episode 942
      Julie starts to cry when she hears the news from Luke. Derek Holland is surprised by a physiotherapist at the Albert Memorial.
    • Episode 943
      Episode 943
      Season 1 - Episode 943
      Derek Holland is shocked by the pregnancy claim of Stephanie. Mrs. Newman has mixed news about Mike's father.
    • Episode 944
      Episode 944
      Season 1 - Episode 944
      Ben Fielding looses the race again for a woman again to John Forrest. Mike Newman has to decide between his career and his family.
    • Episode 945
      Episode 945
      Season 1 - Episode 945
      Mike Newman ignores his family's wishes. John Forrest makes a move towards Robyn, but ends up with empty hands.
    • Episode 956
      Episode 956
      Season 1 - Episode 956
      Helen lands in the ER of the Albert Memorial. Robyn Porter didn't help Helen, because of her very own past. Denham pressures poor Robyn even further. Mrs. Holland arrives for the wedding and is shocked by Stephanie's adoption plans.
    • Episode 957
      Episode 957
      Season 1 - Episode 957
      Denham tells Robyn that she might loose her job. Mr. Holland tries to start all over again with his wife in Bendigo. Ben stays with Robyn to comfort her.
    • Episode 958
      Episode 958
      Season 1 - Episode 958
      Holland and Lori finally are honest about their feeling. Ben discovers Robyn her past with Doctor Gavin Morris. Robyn begs for a second chance.
    • Episode 970
      Episode 970
      Season 1 - Episode 970
      Virginia Mason is terrorised. Gavin Morris confronts Robyn about her relationship to Mike Newman.
    • Episode 971
      Episode 971
      Season 1 - Episode 971
      Peter and Mark confront the father of Stephanie's baby. Virginia is the victim of a cruel joke. Dennis might find out all about Price and is in more danger than ever.
    • Episode 972
      Episode 972
      Season 1 - Episode 972
      Dennis turns the Price case down. Mark and Peter fight over Stephanie, her child and her future.
    • Episode 973
      Episode 973
      Season 1 - Episode 973
      Mark and Peter finally get along again. Peter even gives Mark some advice for a young Lady. Jody sees another side of Dr. Steele when he offers to help her. Lori starts to doubt her love to Peter and confronts him about Lori.
    • Episode 974
      Episode 974
      Season 1 - Episode 974
      Dr. Denham gets the replacement for Helen. The new nurse also shares a secret with Duncan Love. Duncan visits Vivienne Jeffries to discuss their future together.
    • Episode 975
      Episode 975
      Season 1 - Episode 975
      Dr. Denham and Dr. Shaw start to compete again over Helen. Kate threatens Duncan Love about their shared secret.
    • Episode 87
      Episode 87
      Season 1 - Episode 87
      Dennis is thrilled that Sister Scott is finally dealing with whom she believes has been sending the mysterious packages and notes, but his gambling problems still loom large.
    • Episode 88
      Episode 88
      Season 1 - Episode 88
      Dr Craig Rothwell entertains an offer from Sir Thomas Kendall that could cut his tenure at Albert Memorial short, and whoever is sending letters to Sister Scott has increased the number of recipients.
    • Episode 969
      Episode 969
      Season 1 - Episode 969
      Mike Newman comforts Robyn Porter and offers any assistence. Brian Denham proves that he still supports Helen Gordon. She still can't live with herself.
    • Episode 968
      Episode 968
      Season 1 - Episode 968
      Jamisons still have to deal with Dennis' duty in the jury. Holland spend a nice, but unplanned evening together delivering Stephanie's child on their own.
    • Episode 959
      Episode 959
      Season 1 - Episode 959
      Doctor Forrest and Matron Duncan Love can't get along with each other. Tania is shocked when she hears about Lori/Holland relationship. Caroline starts her new duty and Dennis enters a jury and receives even more bad news.
    • Episode 960
      Episode 960
      Season 1 - Episode 960
      Dennis is worried about his family's safety. It even worsens when someone breaks in the house. Love and Jeffries go out on a date.
    • Episode 961
      Episode 961
      Season 1 - Episode 961
      Dennis tries to convince the other jury members that Price is guilty and almost succeeds. Forrest and Liz make their wedding plans public. Dennis is afraid for Caroline.
    • Episode 962
      Episode 962
      Season 1 - Episode 962
      Helen realises her situation and gets very depressed. Forrest pursues the friendship with Jeffries. Holland warns Liz once again. Dennis doesn't like it in Playford and returns. When he returns he can't Caroline and Robert.
    • Episode 963
      Episode 963
      Season 1 - Episode 963
      Dennis finds Caroline and approaches Playford once again. Tania gives Peter her blessing for Lori. Holland can't really be happy. Jody, Julie and Virginia have a huge embarrassment.
    • Episode 965
      Episode 965
      Season 1 - Episode 965
      Matron Love still polarises the staff at the Albert Memorial. Tania is against him, but Susanne Gibbs is for him. Forrest and Liz also choose different sides. Robyn Porter must face up with her brother.
    • Episode 966
      Episode 966
      Season 1 - Episode 966
      Duncan Love and John Forrest are still in some kind of cold war, but it suddenly heats up, because of some information about Love from past come up. Peter Holland defends Tania against Love.
    • Episode 967
      Episode 967
      Season 1 - Episode 967
      Mark Holland gets the unexpected news that he will become an uncle. Vivienne Jeffries gets jealous about Duncan Love and Kate. Love might play a double game.
    • Episode 937
      Episode 937
      Season 1 - Episode 937
      Ben officially announces that he is over with Robyn, but is jealous when she is with Dr. Gavin Morris. Mike Newman has good news about his father. Since his room is heavily guarded, Sister Jeffries gets suspicious.
    • Episode 936
      Episode 936
      Season 1 - Episode 936
      Julie and Luke Ryan talk about their private lives. Ben is confused and hurt when Robyn Porter tells him why she avoids him.
    • Episode 907
      Episode 907
      Season 1 - Episode 907
      Gael steals new clothes in the desperate hope to get noticed by Peter Holland. Dr Denham gives Mark even more secret tests. Helen and Jeffries start to worry about Mark's health.
    • Episode 908
      Episode 908
      Season 1 - Episode 908
      Peter Holland and Sam Wilkinson still fight over the new Registrar's appointment, but end up surprised. Meanwhile the nurses have to visit self-defence classes.
    • Episode 909
      Episode 909
      Season 1 - Episode 909
      Mark receives mysterious phone calls. Liz Kennedy and John Forrest can't keep their emotional affairs under control.
    • Episode 910
      Episode 910
      Season 1 - Episode 910
      Dennis and Caroline live themselves apart more and more, since she doesn't want to have a baby. Vivienne Jeffries and Norma Campbell can't stop fighting. And who is Deputy Matron?
    • Episode 911
      Episode 911
      Season 1 - Episode 911
      Denham gets the good news about his health. Grant Walker saves Virginia, but collapses afterwards.
    • Episode 912
      Episode 912
      Season 1 - Episode 912
      Louise Fielding starts to overdo Ben's life and starts with hiring an housekeeper. Virginia has to realise that Grant Walker will join the security force of the Albert Memorial.
    • Episode 913
      Episode 913
      Season 1 - Episode 913
      A car rally gets out of hand. Helen's home burns down.
    • Episode 914
      Episode 914
      Season 1 - Episode 914
      An important document from the hospital about Gael Hogan is destroyed in Helen's home. Caroline tells Dennis, that he might not be able to have children.
    • Episode 906
      Episode 906
      Season 1 - Episode 906
      Sam Wilkinson has an evil plan to gain influence in the board: He plans to marry the chairman's daughter!
    • Episode 905
      Episode 905
      Season 1 - Episode 905
      Sister Norma Campbell is the new Deputy Matron and forces strikt new rules. Jody ignores everything and everyone till she discovers that Sam Wilkinson is already engaged.
    • Episode 779
      Episode 779
      Season 1 - Episode 779
      Ada Simmonds goes too far, and Dennis Jamison retaliates. Mark Holland tells his younger sister Julie a few home truths.
    • Episode 300
      Episode 300
      Season 1 - Episode 300
      For once it's Ada who is left speechless. Dennis ends up with two trainers.
    • Episode 780
      Episode 780
      Season 1 - Episode 780
      Dr John Forrest finds himself at the centre of a harsh reprimand. The die is cast for a long hard war between Dennis Jamison and Ada Simmonds.
    • Episode 781
      Episode 781
      Season 1 - Episode 781
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries has a rival for the affections of Leo's daughter Jody. Dr John Forrest finally receives the news about his feature - and it is not good.
    • Episode 901
      Episode 901
      Season 1 - Episode 901
      John Forrest starts to suspect that Drs Kirby and Brand might be involved in the mystery of Theatre 5. Melanie tells Mike Newman that he should leave now - before the wedding.
    • Episode 902
      Episode 902
      Season 1 - Episode 902
      Brian Denham finally has proof of that the surgery deaths might never happened. Liz makes it clear to Vivienne Jeffries, that she never had a sister.
    • Episode 903
      Episode 903
      Season 1 - Episode 903
      Mark Holland start to doubt the secret test he's doing for Dr Denham. Worse for him: His doubts might be founded. He also can't stop Julie on her way.
    • Episode 904
      Episode 904
      Season 1 - Episode 904
      Liz wants to get Nick Robson despite the fact, that his wife shows up. Vivienne Jeffries is the latest victim of the robberies in the Albert Memorial.
    • Episode 915
      Episode 915
      Season 1 - Episode 915
      Louise Fielding is the perfect host for some unwanted guests. Mark doesn't talk to his wife about the huge amount of money he spends lately.
    • Episode 916
      Episode 916
      Season 1 - Episode 916
      Norma Campbell puts pressure on Vivienne Jeffries about the next matron. Ada has to face the ugly truth about Gael.
    • Episode 917
      Episode 917
      Season 1 - Episode 917
      Peter Holland and Ada have to confront Gael. Helen Gordon can't face all the trouble around her destroyed home anymore.
    • Episode 928
      Episode 928
      Season 1 - Episode 928
      Peter and Julie Holland don't talk with their parents anymore, especially not about Stephanie. Luke Ryan acts differently towards Virginia.
    • Episode 929
      Episode 929
      Season 1 - Episode 929
      Vivienne Jeffries and Norma Campbell still run for the same job. Ben Fielding falls in love with Brian Denham's new medical assistant.
    • Episode 930
      Episode 930
      Season 1 - Episode 930
      John Forrest turns Norma Campbell down. Ben Fielding tells Robyn Porter that he already wants to marry her!
    • Episode 931
      Episode 931
      Season 1 - Episode 931
      The new matron is announced. Both Vivienne Jeffries and Norma Campbell are surprised by the decision. John Forrest is confused.
    • Episode 932
      Episode 932
      Season 1 - Episode 932
      Luke Ryan gets closer to Julie and makes Virginia jealous. Norma Campbell starts to work against John Forrest.
    • Episode 933
      Episode 933
      Season 1 - Episode 933
      Winnie Parsons surprises a few patients. Luke admits his feeling for Virginia and gets a surprising answer.
    • Episode 934
      Episode 934
      Season 1 - Episode 934
      Dennis has problems with his relationship at work and then are also the problems he as with the new matron.
    • Episode 935
      Episode 935
      Season 1 - Episode 935
      Everyone is surprised about the new Matron Love - because he is a man. Mike Newman hears the bad news about his father who is in the ER of the Albert Memorial.
    • Episode 927
      Episode 927
      Season 1 - Episode 927
      Peter Holland pressures Mark. Stephanie Holland feels responsible for the situation Mark is in.
    • Episode 926
      Episode 926
      Season 1 - Episode 926
      Julie is upset and hurt because of Mark. Virginia moves in with Julie, but then two policemen arrive and want to question Mark about some stolen gods.
    • Episode 918
      Episode 918
      Season 1 - Episode 918
      Vivienne Jeffries thinks that Norma Campbell will be the new matron. Louise Fielding surprises Mike Newman.
    • Episode 919
      Episode 919
      Season 1 - Episode 919
      Virginia Mason gets back from her holidays with a new man in her mind. Mark Holland irritates his family and his co-workers more and more.
    • Episode 920
      Episode 920
      Season 1 - Episode 920
      Liz Kennedy has her own theory about Mike Newman's sleepwalking. Virginia Mason finds the man of her dreams again: He's the new Assistant Chaplain.
    • Episode 921
      Episode 921
      Season 1 - Episode 921
      Luke Ryan finally gets approval of her doing, but Virginia is confused. Liz Kennedy is more than just comforting Mike Newman.
    • Episode 922
      Episode 922
      Season 1 - Episode 922
      Peter Holland arrives injured at the ER. Norma Campbell accuses Vivienne Jeffries stealing her job application.
    • Episode 923
      Episode 923
      Season 1 - Episode 923
      Normal Campbell still harasses Caroline, something that makes Dennis mad. Helen Gordon has bad news for Raymond Shaw.
    • Episode 924
      Episode 924
      Season 1 - Episode 924
      Mark Holland is under too much stress and alerts Julie. Raymond Shaw has to face the fact he will be alone for the next time.
    • Episode 925
      Episode 925
      Season 1 - Episode 925
      Peter Holland has to face a special medical case, because she doesn't know further anymore. Mark tells Julie that he will move out of their place.
    • Episode 89
      Episode 89
      Season 1 - Episode 89
      Dr Steele's family secrets are about to be exposed, a new Laura Denham comes back from Melbourne, and Edna must step in when Martin and Maureen become too familiar.
    • Episode 90
      Episode 90
      Season 1 - Episode 90
      Jill agrees to a serious discussion with Paul, Dr Rothwell grudgingly discharges Deborah, who's reluctant herself, and could Dr Steele be the source of the mysterious packages and letters?
    • Episode 824
      Episode 824
      Season 1 - Episode 824
      Russell Edwards makes Nurse Julie Holland more promises - and lets her down yet again. Nurse Kate Rhodes is making her presence felt - particularly with Dr John Forrest.
    • Episode 99
      Episode 99
      Season 1 - Episode 99
      Deke's deal to meet Dennis falls awry of Martin. Elsewhere, Dr Brian Denham confronts Laura concerning her messing about with Albert Memorial's management.
    • Episode 825
      Episode 825
      Season 1 - Episode 825
      Dr John Forrest receives a mysterious and disturbing phone call, however Nurse Kate Rhodes knows nothing. Mark Holland feels that things have gone too far with Nurse Jody Carter.
    • Episode 100
      Episode 100
      Season 1 - Episode 100
      Tania is overheard by Sister Scott when she puts through a suspicious call, and Dennis and Deke's conflict turns deadly.
    • Episode 826
      Episode 826
      Season 1 - Episode 826
      Kate Rhodes' strange behaviour is explained. Sister Vivienne Jeffries' mother has not yet given up on her plans for her other daughter Liz.
    • Episode 827
      Episode 827
      Season 1 - Episode 827
      Dr Peter Holland decides to support an old friend. A fond goodbye between two old and dear friends.
    • Episode 828
      Episode 828
      Season 1 - Episode 828
      Nurse Liz Kennedy discovers the reason for her mother's unexpected arrival. Dennis Jamison has located a champion - but others are suspicious.
    • Episode 829
      Episode 829
      Season 1 - Episode 829
      Nurse Julie Holland decides to let her head rule her heart, but it's not easy, especially when Russell Edwards is involved. Nurse Kate Rhodes faces a scary moment, and we know she is not who she says she is.
    • Episode 823
      Episode 823
      Season 1 - Episode 823
      Nurse Kate Rhodes delivers a surprising announcement. The chairman of the Albert finds himself very firmly under the thumb.
    • Episode 822
      Episode 822
      Season 1 - Episode 822
      Nurse Julie Holland faces the point of truth with Russell Edwards. There is trouble brewing between Dennis and Caroline Jamison concerning a third party.
    • Episode 815
      Episode 815
      Season 1 - Episode 815
      Graham Steele is overjoyed at the return of Eve and Jessica - Anne but soon realises that his heartbreak is far from over. There is a state of cold war at the Albert - between one patient and the entire staff!
    • Episode 816
      Episode 816
      Season 1 - Episode 816
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries has a visitor - one that is likely to overstay her welcome. Nurse Kate Rhodes makes a decision that will alter her life - more than she knows.
    • Episode 817
      Episode 817
      Season 1 - Episode 817
      A fun night ends in disaster for Sister Tania Livingston and Dr Peter Holland. Russell Edwards stands Nurse Julie Holland up again - and now we find out why.
    • Episode 818
      Episode 818
      Season 1 - Episode 818
      Eve Steele delivers a drastic and heartbreaking announcement. Tension builds between Dr Peter Holland and Sister Tania Livingston - and Holland quickly locates a shoulder to cry on.
    • Episode 819
      Episode 819
      Season 1 - Episode 819
      They don't know it yet, but Nurse Kate Rhodes and Dr John Forrest are under a severe threat. Sister Vivienne Jeffries begins to realise she has an admirer, one that didn't expect.
    • Episode 820
      Episode 820
      Season 1 - Episode 820
      Nurse Jody Carter realises she is falling in love with Mark Holland - but Mark is not so sure. Sister Tania Livingston gives away a prize possession, and it becomes clear that she has reached a decision.
    • Episode 821
      Episode 821
      Season 1 - Episode 821
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries realises that mothers are great - in small doses. Ada Simmonds consoles a broken-hearted Dr Peter Holland.
    • Episode 98
      Episode 98
      Season 1 - Episode 98
      Jill, victimized by Deke because of Dennis, asks for Dr Barratt's opinion, and Dennis' zero hour to deliver the goods to Deke is fast approaching.
    • Episode 830
      Episode 830
      Season 1 - Episode 830
      Dennis Jamison realises too late that his lodger has fallen in love with him. Sister Vivienne Jeffries skilfully handles a difficult suitor, the Albert's gardener Gino.
    • Episode 831
      Episode 831
      Season 1 - Episode 831
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries takes matters into her own hands - and amazes her family. For young Jane Griffiths, it is a heartbreaking time as she is made to face the truth about herself and Dennis Jamison.
    • Episode 832
      Episode 832
      Season 1 - Episode 832
      The Dr Peter Holland/Sister Tania Livingston stalemate continues - to the annoyance of them both. Nurse Kate Rhodes - or her twin - makes a near fatal mistake and finds herself in hot water.
    • Episode 843
      Episode 843
      Season 1 - Episode 843
      Dr Mike Newman makes an error, and realises, for a doctor, that's not easy. Nurse Liz Kennedy has an admirer. But who is he, and what, precisely, does he want?
    • Episode 844
      Episode 844
      Season 1 - Episode 844
      Mark and Julie Holland find themselves the meat in the sandwich when Dennis and Caroline Jamison have an argument.
    • Episode 845
      Episode 845
      Season 1 - Episode 845
      Ada Simmonds discovers a lost child - and walks into instant trouble. Dr Raymond Shaw finds that the Albert's men have found a new, and entertaining, pastime - at the nurses' expense.
    • Episode 846
      Episode 846
      Season 1 - Episode 846
      A new doctor arrives at the Albert - and Dr Peter Holland knows her secret. After a long wait, Dr Raymond Shaw is overwhelmed at the arrival of his son - but Dr John Forrest isn't.
    • Episode 847
      Episode 847
      Season 1 - Episode 847
      Young Robert Shaw begins to realise that, where Dr John Forrest is concerned, he has to do as he's told - or else. Sister Vivienne Jeffries has no rest from her Continental suitor - to Dr Peter Holland's amusement.
    • Episode 848
      Episode 848
      Season 1 - Episode 848
      Dr Peter Holland discovers some heartbreaking news about Ada Simmonds' young friend. Nurse Julie Holland realises, once again, that the course of true love never runs smooth.
    • Episode 849
      Episode 849
      Season 1 - Episode 849
      Dr Ben Fielding offers a proposition to Sister Tania Livingston. The Albert's nursing staff are involved in one coincidence too many - and decide to do something about it.
    • Episode 850
      Episode 850
      Season 1 - Episode 850
      Mark Holland is riddled with guilt, and realises, too late, that he has been very selfish. Led by Nures Virginia Mason, the nurses decide to seek revenge on their eavesdroppers.
    • Episode 842
      Episode 842
      Season 1 - Episode 842
      Nurse Kate Rhodes flees, only to find more trouble awaiting her at home. Dr John Forrest points out that Dr Ben Fielding could be getting into trouble, female-wise.
    • Episode 841
      Episode 841
      Season 1 - Episode 841
      Nurse Kate Rhodes' final desperate escape attempt fails. Dr Peter Holland makes a discovery that saves the day for the hospital.
    • Episode 833
      Episode 833
      Season 1 - Episode 833
      We discover the true dilemma of the 'real' Kate Rhodes. Also Kate's 'twin' is falling for very much the wrong person.
    • Episode 834
      Episode 834
      Season 1 - Episode 834
      Nurse Kate Rhodes' circumstances become more desperate. A special patient at the Albert makes a poignant confession to Ada Simmonds.
    • Episode 835
      Episode 835
      Season 1 - Episode 835
      Dr Graham Steele and Dr John Forrest realise the truth about a mysterious illness, and the Albert is thrown into a state of crisis. Dr Ben Fielding is moving up in the world.
    • Episode 836
      Episode 836
      Season 1 - Episode 836
      Dr Mike Newman has had enough of Dr Peter Holland's interference in his life - and lets him know. Ada Simmonds' humanitarian plans backfire again.
    • Episode 837
      Episode 837
      Season 1 - Episode 837
      Dr Peter Holland has a shock when 'Kate Rhodes' goes a step too far. The typhoid epidemic spreads throughout the Albert.
    • Episode 838
      Episode 838
      Season 1 - Episode 838
      Dr Graham Steele is shattered when events he took to mean an upturn in his life lead to personal disaster. Dr Peter Holland and Sister Tania Livingston make an attempt to regain the lost 'magic' of their relationship.
    • Episode 839
      Episode 839
      Season 1 - Episode 839
      It is the last straw for Dr Graham Steele when he is told to give the order to evacuate the Albert. A figure from Nurse Kate Rhodes' past looms, and decides to cause trouble.
    • Episode 840
      Episode 840
      Season 1 - Episode 840
      Mark Holland knows some intriguing - and personal - information about the girls. They wonder how he knows. Dr Raymond Shaw has a shock when he visits a patient.
    • Episode 814
      Episode 814
      Season 1 - Episode 814
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries is appalled at Eve Steele's announcement about Graham. Mark Holland has made a foe.
    • Episode 813
      Episode 813
      Season 1 - Episode 813
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries is amazed and shocked at the return of Eve Steele. Brothers Mark and Peter Holland reach an uneasy truce.
    • Episode 784
      Episode 784
      Season 1 - Episode 784
      Dr Graham Steele returns - but his news is not good. On the verge of a breakthrough with Nurse Jody Carter, things don't go as planned for Sister Vivienne Jeffries.
    • Episode 785
      Episode 785
      Season 1 - Episode 785
      The penny drops for Dr Raymond Shaw, and he realises the truth about fellow American Dr Susan Richards' past. For Dr Graham Steele, it is the calm before the storm.
    • Episode 786
      Episode 786
      Season 1 - Episode 786
      Ada Simmonds is in hot water, but help arrives from a totally unexpected quarter. Dr Graham Steele is muddled up in the hands of a "security leak".
    • Episode 787
      Episode 787
      Season 1 - Episode 787
      Sister Tania Livingston feels it's about time someone had a few words with Dennis Jamison. Dr Ben Fielding pulls a rabbit out of a hat to help an anxious patient.
    • Episode 788
      Episode 788
      Season 1 - Episode 788
      It's too much for Sister Vivienne Jeffries to see her rival, Sister Suzanne Gibbs, succeed where she has failed. A new patient displays a peculiar interest in Sister Tania Livingston.
    • Episode 789
      Episode 789
      Season 1 - Episode 789
      Dr John Forrest's departure is close, and Nurse Kate Rhodes is not taking it well. Sister Vivienne Jeffries is puzzled when her overtures of friendship are continually thrown back at her by Dr Graham Steele.
    • Episode 790
      Episode 790
      Season 1 - Episode 790
      Dr Susan Richards, in impossible circumstances, is forced to disclose her secret. Sister Tania Livingston gives a harsh reprimand to a rather special patient.
    • Episode 791
      Episode 791
      Season 1 - Episode 791
      Sister Tania Livingston is disappointed by a patient - yet again. Helen Gordon awaits the arrival of an old flame - and has some thrilling news.
    • Episode 783
      Episode 783
      Season 1 - Episode 783
      A stirrer is on the loose at the Albert. Nurse Julie Holland at last realises that her brother Mark is right - but she's in deep trouble.
    • Episode 782
      Episode 782
      Season 1 - Episode 782
      Dr Ben Fielding is playing it safe - and Sister Tania Livingston objects. Dr John Forrest makes it known that he can - and will - go it alone.
    • Episode 91
      Episode 91
      Season 1 - Episode 91
      Deke Bolton provides Dennis the means to free himself, Jill Gordon lies to her mother regarding her whereabouts the night before, and Sister Scott may be the guilty party in the death of Dr Wentworth.
    • Episode 92
      Episode 92
      Season 1 - Episode 92
      A Sister Evans comes to Albert Memorial, but Sister Scott remembers her from another facility, and is concerned. Elsewhere, Deborah probes Craig about his nuptials, and Jill Gordon's most recent disappearance may be permanent.
    • Episode 93
      Episode 93
      Season 1 - Episode 93
      Deke Bolton has information about Jill Gordon for Dennis, Sister Scott slips up in a procedure, and Martin's behaviour toward Maureen earns him an admonition from Edna.
    • Episode 94
      Episode 94
      Season 1 - Episode 94
      When Jill returns, she has one account for Dennis, and another for her mother. At Albert Memorial, Sister Scott's treatment errors are evident to everyone but herself.
    • Episode 95
      Episode 95
      Season 1 - Episode 95
      Dr Craig Rothwell must make a difficult decision: Whether to attend to Julie on the day of her surgery, or succumb to Deborah Kendall.
    • Episode 738
      Episode 738
      Season 1 - Episode 738
      Nurse Liz Kennedy's tense and odd behaviour is worrying a lot of people. Nurse Sherry Andrews wastes no time in attempting to impress her new "boss".
    • Episode 96
      Episode 96
      Season 1 - Episode 96
      Dr Craig Rothwell makes the right decision, and Roger's call to his mother, Helen Gordon, brings surprising news.
    • Episode 97
      Episode 97
      Season 1 - Episode 97
      Jill is the pawn when Deke Bolton sends Dennis a warning, Dr Craig Rothwell finally informs Sir Kendall of his decision, and Ada is most surprised by something she observes.
    • Episode 792
      Episode 792
      Season 1 - Episode 792
      Dr John Forrest returns home - only to find heartbreak and conflict awaiting him. Dr Brian Denham realises something's amiss at the Albert and sets about finding the root of the problem.
    • Episode 793
      Episode 793
      Season 1 - Episode 793
      Dr John Forrest is shattered to learn the truth surrounding his father. Mark and Nurse Julie Holland organise some big plans.
    • Episode 794
      Episode 794
      Season 1 - Episode 794
      Ada Simmonds' romantic island holiday is not all it seemed. Dr John Forrest and Pauline realise that it is a time to make some significant decisions.
    • Episode 805
      Episode 805
      Season 1 - Episode 805
      Sister Tania Livingston is met with the worst decision of her life. Dr Graham Steele is beset by confusion and regret concerning a special patient.
    • Episode 806
      Episode 806
      Season 1 - Episode 806
      An important visitor to the hospital has an unfortunate mishap. Dr Mike Newman forces Nurse Liz Kenney to face the truth about her holiday with Steve.
    • Episode 807
      Episode 807
      Season 1 - Episode 807
      Nurse Kate Rhodes delivers some home truths to Dr John Forrest - facts that hurt hurst both equally. The staff of the hospital are in for a stormy time with a special patient.
    • Episode 808
      Episode 808
      Season 1 - Episode 808
      Kevin McAllister puts business first again - and regrets it. A sadder and wiser Dr John Forrest returns home - he has learnt some lessons he will never forget.
    • Episode 809
      Episode 809
      Season 1 - Episode 809
      Dr Mike Newman faces a major conflict involving family loyalties and personal ethics - and takes a grave risk. Julie and Mark Holland are at each other's throats again - and this time, Julie's adamant she'll get her own way.
    • Episode 810
      Episode 810
      Season 1 - Episode 810
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries is finally pushed to her limit - Nurse Jody Carter has won. At her time of greatest happiness, disaster occurs for Helen Gordon.
    • Episode 811
      Episode 811
      Season 1 - Episode 811
      Nurse Jody Carter learns a lesson, and discovers that growing up isn't easy. In the face of disaster, Helen Gordon finds that even Kevin McAllister has turned against her.
    • Episode 812
      Episode 812
      Season 1 - Episode 812
      Nurse Julie Holland has an admirer, but it's a topsy turvy situation. Helen Gordon finally realises where she truly belongs.
    • Episode 804
      Episode 804
      Season 1 - Episode 804
      Sister Tania Livingston's hopes for a new friend are ruined. Nurse Kate Rhodes realises that for her and Dr John Forrest, the road ahead will not be smooth.
    • Episode 803
      Episode 803
      Season 1 - Episode 803
      Mark Holland delivers some home truths - and an ultimatum - to a new rival. Nurse Liz Kennedy's condition worsens, much to the doctors' consternation.
    • Episode 796
      Episode 796
      Season 1 - Episode 796
      A heated confrontation between Mark Holland and Nurse Jody Carter results in a tender reconciliation. Ada Simmonds is shocked to discover that, for once, Roland Perry has not taken her advice.
    • Episode 795
      Episode 795
      Season 1 - Episode 795
      Mark Holland makes a stand, much to Nurse Jody Carter's disappointment. There is alot more wrong with a young nurse than anyone realises.
    • Episode 797
      Episode 797
      Season 1 - Episode 797
      Dr John Forrest and Pauline face an expected, but nonetheless tragic, loss. Nurse Liz Kennedy comes home - but she is hardly happy and rested.
    • Episode 798
      Episode 798
      Season 1 - Episode 798
      It becomes known that Nurse Liz Kennedy has been more than physically affected by her mysterious journey. A prodigal returns to the Albert - much to the delight of Ada Simmonds and Nurse Julie Holland.
    • Episode 799
      Episode 799
      Season 1 - Episode 799
      For Dr Peter Holland, his return is not quite all he expected. Mark Holland discovers the truth about a patient, and his findings have unnerving consequences.
    • Episode 800
      Episode 800
      Season 1 - Episode 800
      Suspicion mounts for Dr Peter Holland, until he finally discovers the truth about what went on in his absence. A long lost friend arrives, and for Helen Gordon the future finally looks rosy.
    • Episode 801
      Episode 801
      Season 1 - Episode 801
      Nurse Kate Rhodes makes a journey, but her reception is unexpected and shattering. For Sister Vivienne Jeffries, the reunion with Leo Carter is not as happy as it should be.
    • Episode 802
      Episode 802
      Season 1 - Episode 802
      Sister Vivienne Jeffries' love life deteriorates even further, as she slowly begins to realise that her problems are unresolvable. The arrival of a new doctor causes a few ripples in Nurse Jody Carter's life.
    • Episode 1085
      Episode 1085
      Season 1 - Episode 1085
      Phillip Harvey's father returns. Denham tries to help Dr. Harvey. Caroline and Nicole can go home. Robert struggles with his new sister, forcing Dennis and Caroline to work. Forrest advises Tania to find out more about Wayne Archer before going too far.
    • Episode 1086
      Episode 1086
      Season 1 - Episode 1086
      Annette Darcy tries everything to loose weight and wind Holland. Steele persuades Maggie to think over the fact never to have children, so Maggie visits the family center and runs into Forrest. Tania confronts Wayne. Holland thinks over his engagement to Genevieve Ridgeway.
    • Episode 1309
      Episode 1309
      Season 1 - Episode 1309
      John Forrest asks Ada for help with Shaw. Mike Newman plans to visit Linda and she finally tells the truth.
    • Episode 1310
      Episode 1310
      Season 1 - Episode 1310
      Linda tries to get a job at the Albert Memorial. Forrest has to realise that Tania has kept the truth about Judy hidden from him. Ada has trouble with a new employee.
    • Episode 1311
      Episode 1311
      Season 1 - Episode 1311
      Flint gets Ada's new assistant. Helen is surprised by the fact, that Nigel gets a permanent job. He also tells who he loves.
    • Episode 1312
      Episode 1312
      Season 1 - Episode 1312
      Dr. Denham tries to help Matt Blake. Erin Cosgrove has to deal with tragedy.
    • Episode 1313
      Episode 1313
      Season 1 - Episode 1313
      Mike Newman latest attempts end in frustration. Matt and Emmy show their love.
    • Episode 1314
      Episode 1314
      Season 1 - Episode 1314
      Nigel and Helen plans fail all over again. Flint latest attempt surprises for Helen and Tania.
    • Episode 1315
      Episode 1315
      Season 1 - Episode 1315
      Jo Bourke starts working at the Albert Memorial, but is caught up in the middle right away. Tania and Flint have their final fight.
    • Episode 1316
      Episode 1316
      Season 1 - Episode 1316
      Ada faces trouble with Tania after a desperate move. Mike Newman causes a lot of trouble for Nick Barrett and Linda Wilson.
    • Episode 1308
      Episode 1308
      Season 1 - Episode 1308
      Tim gives up on his plan to find his mother. Denham and Matt get closer. Ada has to cancel her party, after Raymond Shaw has yet another heart attack.
    • Episode 1307
      Episode 1307
      Season 1 - Episode 1307
      The big party is darkened by the fact of death. Sister Cosgrove is afraid, that her past might get public.
    • Episode 1299
      Episode 1299
      Season 1 - Episode 1299
      Erin's old friend shows up in the Albert's ER. Matt celebrates, but gets in trouble with Emmy.
    • Episode 121
      Episode 121
      Season 1 - Episode 121
      Georgie Saint agrees to record one more disc before his operation and he guesses Hilary's real reason behind the plan to make the record. Maureen Howard receives a bank statement - and husband Jim's secret is out.
    • Episode 1300
      Episode 1300
      Season 1 - Episode 1300
      Mike is in love and forgets everything, even the danger he's in. Mike has trouble with her Nephew. Helen Gordon has another secret - a dangerous one.
    • Episode 1301
      Episode 1301
      Season 1 - Episode 1301
      Matt struggles with Dr. Denham again. Mike is afraid of his operation. He and Linda finally get a couple.
    • Episode 1302
      Episode 1302
      Season 1 - Episode 1302
      Wilson's breaks up. Flint moves in with Tania and leaves school.
    • Episode 1303
      Episode 1303
      Season 1 - Episode 1303
      Lance starts a drama at Shaw's fund-raising. Nigel and Matt hear Helen's secret.
    • Episode 1304
      Episode 1304
      Season 1 - Episode 1304
      The entire Albert Memorial is in row over the new assigned staff member: Someone everybody knows.
    • Episode 1306
      Episode 1306
      Season 1 - Episode 1306
      Nigel and Helen are trying to define their relationship. Matt Blake is alone again and hurts Emmy. Mike's operation turns out different.
    • Episode 1317
      Episode 1317
      Season 1 - Episode 1317
      Nick Barrett can't agree with Linda and even Mike Newman struggles with him. Matt Blake is left alone devastated.
    • Episode 1318
      Episode 1318
      Season 1 - Episode 1318
      Lance makes up his mind about his future. Mike Newman has to deal with disaster.
    • Episode 1319
      Episode 1319
      Season 1 - Episode 1319
      Helen Gordon can't refuse the latest offer she receives. Linda Wilson's father shows up and goes straight to Linda Wilson. Matt Blake gets the perfect opportunity.
    • Episode 1330
      Episode 1330
      Season 1 - Episode 1330
      The gossip about Denham and Matt Blake spreads. David Henderson doesn't fallow Newman's command with the worst possible ending.
    • Episode 1331
      Episode 1331
      Season 1 - Episode 1331
      A medical mystery with a feared death keeps the staff busy all over night. Helen Gordon's dead husband still causes trouble with Nigel.
    • Episode 1332
      Episode 1332
      Season 1 - Episode 1332
      Dr. David Henderson sees that changes are necessary. Ada surprises everyone.
    • Episode 1333
      Episode 1333
      Season 1 - Episode 1333
      Ada doesn't pay her fines anymore. Mike Newman tries to get Registrar again. Nick Barrett has different plans for Newman.
    • Episode 1334
      Episode 1334
      Season 1 - Episode 1334
      Mike Newman might end once again. Mike Newman makes action his own and start some rumors.
    • Episode 1335
      Episode 1335
      Season 1 - Episode 1335
      Mike Newman gets into trouble. Helen learns about Nigel's secret.
    • Episode 1336
      Episode 1336
      Season 1 - Episode 1336
      Sister Gibbs reveals a secret to Helen. David Henderson date gets not as far as planned.
    • Episode 1337
      Episode 1337
      Season 1 - Episode 1337
      Dr. Vicki Daniels has an ethical problem. Pippa Davis threatens Emmy and Matt's future happiness.
    • Episode 1329
      Episode 1329
      Season 1 - Episode 1329
      Forrest helps Mike Newman to get back to work. Emmy faces trouble with Matt's mother. Matt confronts Denham with a serious question.
    • Episode 1328
      Episode 1328
      Season 1 - Episode 1328
      Mike Newman still has trouble with his memory, causing a lot of trouble. Erin Cosgrove plants a joke, but David Henderson isn't laughing.
    • Episode 1320
      Episode 1320
      Season 1 - Episode 1320
      Nick Barrett is confronted by the past. Matt and Emmy's romance is in danger.
    • Episode 1321
      Episode 1321
      Season 1 - Episode 1321
      Flint causes trouble for the kiosk. Pippa tries to stop her son. Ada gets arrested by the police.
    • Episode 1322
      Episode 1322
      Season 1 - Episode 1322
      The three new staff members face the hard reality at the Albert Memorial. Flint tries to help Ada, but his diplomacy lacks.
    • Episode 1323
      Episode 1323
      Season 1 - Episode 1323
      Ada has to face shoplifting accusations. The three new interns still have trouble to survive.
    • Episode 1324
      Episode 1324
      Season 1 - Episode 1324
      Pippa accuses Emmy for Matt's problems. Ian Mitchell faces Dr. Forrest.
    • Episode 1325
      Episode 1325
      Season 1 - Episode 1325
      Emmy is afraid of her future with Matt. Ada hits at her rivals.
    • Episode 1326
      Episode 1326
      Season 1 - Episode 1326
      Linda doesn't know about Nick Barrett's feelings for her.
    • Episode 1327
      Episode 1327
      Season 1 - Episode 1327
      Mike Newman returns to the Albert Memorial. Flint Stone finally reached the point of dismissal.
    • Episode 120
      Episode 120
      Season 1 - Episode 120
      Dr Vincent Snape now has access to personal files on the staff - and he finds something slightly disturbing in Dr Raymond Shaw's file. It could have disastrous consequences for Shaw if it becomes common knowledge.
    • Episode 1298
      Episode 1298
      Season 1 - Episode 1298
      Ada and the Jamisons have problems. Helen falls for Nigel Forbes. Erin Cosgrove tells a secret.
    • Episode 1277
      Episode 1277
      Season 1 - Episode 1277
      Everyone talks about the new patient. Steele faces news. Denham and Genevieve's face more trouble.
    • Episode 112
      Episode 112
      Season 1 - Episode 112
      Dr Greg Mason is faced with a decision concerning his future in medicine, and Hilary Templeton features heavily in his decision. On stage yet another Georgie Saint concert faces the possibility of being cancelled.
    • Episode 1278
      Episode 1278
      Season 1 - Episode 1278
      Helen is getting worse. Newman reacts to the pressure. Tania and Forrest fight over Jody again.
    • Episode 113
      Episode 113
      Season 1 - Episode 113
      Mike Baxter and Hilary Templeton agree that the show must and will go on - against the advice of the hospital staff, resulting in Georgie Saint makes his appearance on the stage.
    • Episode 1279
      Episode 1279
      Season 1 - Episode 1279
      Forrest worries about Jody's operation. Dr. Barrett talks with Karen and Paul Foster.
    • Episode 1280
      Episode 1280
      Season 1 - Episode 1280
      Nick Barrett has bad news. Dolly forces Paul Foster away. Matt confronts Denham and Foster about the truth over the accident.
    • Episode 1281
      Episode 1281
      Season 1 - Episode 1281
      Matt fight Foster back. Denham and Genevieve face more trouble for their relationship, when Pippa claims they have son.
    • Episode 1282
      Episode 1282
      Season 1 - Episode 1282
      Genevieve Ridgeway/Brian Denham affair gets public. Paul Foster finally gives in to counselling. Forrest is sad about the bad news of Judy, delivered by Dr. Barrett.
    • Episode 1276
      Episode 1276
      Season 1 - Episode 1276
      Raymond Shaw worries about an old friend. Genevieve Ridgeway tries to get away from Denham. Sherry deals with her boyfriend.
    • Episode 1275
      Episode 1275
      Season 1 - Episode 1275
      Forrest trusts in Matt. Karen Foster has to deal with her violent father. Steele's housekeeper causes trouble. Shaw finds a not healthy Helen.
    • Episode 1393
      Episode 1393
      Season 1 - Episode 1393
      Ian Mitchell has to make a heartbreaking decision. Vicki goes too far with Dr John Forrest.
    • Episode 1272
      Episode 1272
      Season 1 - Episode 1272
      Graham Steele sees his wife's wedding ring stolen. Judy collapses, concerning Forrest.
    • Episode 1392
      Episode 1392
      Season 1 - Episode 1392
      Ian Mitchell is shocked by a report on Kim Stanton. Dr Mike Newman and Linda find reconciliation isn't possible.
    • Episode 1391
      Episode 1391
      Season 1 - Episode 1391
      What future shock lies in store for Ian which could ruin his relationship with Kim Stanton? Dr Mike Newman discovers that Dr Raymond Shaw directly opposes him in regard to Linda.
    • Episode 1273
      Episode 1273
      Season 1 - Episode 1273
      Judy's mystery ailment gets public and Forrest gets closer to her. Matt has idea about Karen's accident. Tim might loose again.
    • Episode 1390
      Episode 1390
      Season 1 - Episode 1390
      Linda Wilson plays a dangerous game in keeping Dr Mike Newman at a distance. Dr David Henderson sets out to expose Rod Hawkins and succeeds beyond his wildest expectations. Helen Gordon and Dr Raymond Shaw are faced with the greatest disaster ever to strike the hospital.
    • Episode 1274
      Episode 1274
      Season 1 - Episode 1274
      Newman has to face a board decision about his work. Matt remembers the accident, but gets no help.
    • Episode 1389
      Episode 1389
      Season 1 - Episode 1389
      Linda Wilson is faced with an agonising decision regarding her relationship with Dr Mike Newman. What is the secret that Dr Raymond Shaw is carrying about the true identity of Doctor Karp? Kim's distressing failure results in Ian and herself being even closer.
    • Episode 1283
      Episode 1283
      Season 1 - Episode 1283
      Tim Jones tries to find his real mother. Judy survives for now. Forrest shatters Shaw with a medical ultimatum.
    • Episode 1284
      Episode 1284
      Season 1 - Episode 1284
      Helen's mystery ailment gets out. Mike Newman waits for the decision about his future. Dr. Steele finds out the ugly truth about his housekeeper.
    • Episode 1285
      Episode 1285
      Season 1 - Episode 1285
      Mike Newman faces more trouble and blames Lance. Emmy plans the rock climbing, but everything turns out different.
    • Episode 1294
      Episode 1294
      Season 1 - Episode 1294
      Tim starts to gamble. Mike gets into trouble, while finding himself. The arrival of the new Deputy Matron, Erin Cosgrove, is a huge surprise.
    • Episode 116
      Episode 116
      Season 1 - Episode 116
      Dr Greg Mason faces a decision concerning to his future at the Albert Memorial. Georgie Saint discharges himself from the Albert - against his doctor's advice.
    • Episode 117
      Episode 117
      Season 1 - Episode 117
      Maureen Howard finds a sympathetic ally in Dr Brian Denham. They are two lonely people having to deal with the same problem. Edna Curtis receives a letter from Paul Barratt in Europe. Dr Vincent Snape receives some good news.
    • Episode 1295
      Episode 1295
      Season 1 - Episode 1295
      Erin Cosgrove tries to tighten all ends. Mike and Linda are getting a couple. Emmy and Lance return to the tragic place.
    • Episode 118
      Episode 118
      Season 1 - Episode 118
      Laura Denham clashes with Helen Gordon and informs her she can be replaced, after all, her work hasn't been up to standard lately. Dr Vincent Snape agrees, however Dr Raymond Shaw doesn't.
    • Episode 1296
      Episode 1296
      Season 1 - Episode 1296
      Lance still searches for Newman. Matt and Emmy are getting closer than ever.
    • Episode 1297
      Episode 1297
      Season 1 - Episode 1297
      Linda's friend agrees to examine Mike confidentially and secretly. Forrest clashes with Erin Cosgrove.
    • Episode 119
      Episode 119
      Season 1 - Episode 119
      Dr Tony Garcia does Dr Craig Rothwell a favour, however it backfires. And Tony meets Deborah Kendall - to their mutual delight. Dr Jim Howard's long hours eventually catch up with him - and the reason for it all starts to become obvious.