The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

ABC (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Princeton 1919
      Princeton 1919
      Episode 12
      Princeton, 1919 is the final episode of season 3 of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Indy (Sean Patrick Flanery), aged 20, has returned from serving in WWI. During the summer before he leaves to study archaeology at university, he works as an assistant to scientist Robert Goddard (Stephen Micheal Ayers). The two launch the first ever liquid-fuelled rocket. The episode was never aired on TV but was edited together for DVD with two other episodes, "Paris, May 1919" and "Travels with Father" to form "Winds of Change".moreless
    • Palestine, October 1917 (2)

      In the Palestine, October 1917 (2) episode of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Indiana (Sean Patrick Flanery) travels to the obscure town of Beersheba to defuse a potentially treacherous situation. A group of Turkish militants are preparing to sabotage with explosives the arrival of an Australian military regiment and only Indiana can stop them.

    • Morocco 1917
      Morocco 1917
      Episode 10
      Indy heads to North Africa and joins the French Foreign Legion after suffering a wound from the Italian army. He falls for author, Edith Whatron while trying to flush out a traitor in his platoon. The investigation leads Indiana to the Nile River where he confronts some hostile tribesmen in Berber.moreless
    • Tangiers 1908
      Tangiers 1908
      Episode 9
      Young Indy is sold into a child slavery ring.
    • Travels with Father, Athens 1910 (2)
      With his mother away and his teacher ill in bed, Indy takes a reluctant weekend trip to Athens with his father in search of philosophical answers to life's great questions. But it won't be the weekend they planned as squabbling father and son go from one misadventure to another and will have to work together if they are to escape a nasty drop!moreless
    • Travels with Father, Russia 1910 (1)
      After his mischievous behaviour at a Russian dinner gets him into trouble Indy decides to run away. Along his journey he meets Leo Tolstoy who is also running away but as the two make their way to New Jersey the weary writer Tolstoy becomes a target for an approaching Cossack army.moreless
    • Attack of the Hawkmen, Ahlgorn, Germany 1917 (2)
      Indy goes undercover in an effort to get German aircraft designer genius Anthony Fokker to defect after it's found he's created a powerful new air weapon that could help Germany win the war. But has Indy taken on more than he can handle?
    • Attack of the Hawkmen, Ravenelle, Germany, 1917 (1)
      Joining the French Secret Service Indy takes a job in reconnaissance. Assigned to the Lafayette Escadrille flying squadron as an aerial photographer he finds himself under attack by the notorious German flying ace Baron von Richthofen. Can Indy stay alive long enough to complete his mission?
    • Treasure of the Peacock's Eye, South Pacific, January 1919 (2)

      In the Treasure of the Peacock's Eye, South Pacific, January 1919 (2) episode of the television show The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Indiana (Sean Patrick Flanery) finds a treasure map that he believes will lead him to the discovery of a priceless diamond once owned by Alexander the Great. Standing in his way is a group of Chinese pirates on the same quest.

    • Treasure of the Peacock's Eye, London/Egypt, November 1918 (1)
      A dying man's final words, "The eye of the Peacock" send Indy and Reme on a treasure hunt for the legendary diamond of Alexander the Great. On the way they cross paths with pirates, gamblers, and intrigue. In the end Indy makes a choice that changes his life forever.
    • The Hollywood Follies, Hollywood, August 1920 (2)
      Having been fired by Mr. Laemmle, Indy gets a job with Western film director John Ford on the production of one of his Westerns along with Wyatt Earp who is on the film's set to provide expertise and knowledge.
    • The Hollywood Follies, Hollywood, August 1920 (1)
      To earn college tuition money, Indy takes a job as assistant to a film studio executive.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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