The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Season 3 Episode 10

Morocco 1917

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • Indy tries to uncover a traitor in the French Foreign Legion!

    Who is supplying arms to the Berber rebels? Viewers may like to note that 'Morocco 1917' was one of several newly filmed episodes that were produced for the show to be re-ordered and re-edited into a continuity for it's 1999/2000 home video release. This episode was paired with 'Northern Italy, June 1918' to form 'Tales of Innocence'. As you can see the date order doesn't make sense although my review of 'Northern Italy, June 1918' provides an explanation of why this occurred. All I will say is that as the show moves into Indiana Jones' later years more gaps in continuity will emerge.

    Having survived an aerial bombing Indy has started to recover. But no sooner has he begun to recover his skills in espionage are needed once again. He must travel to Morocco with a well known writer and investigate who there is selling arms to Berber rebels. Indy's mission is a difficult and dangerous one as it is. What he doesn't count on is a young journalist trying to get the latest scoop on him for his newspaper. Can Indy find the traitor within the ranks or will the culprit get away?

    An episode of 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles' especially produced for home video is always a unique experience not only because the episode never originally aired but because this was the writers chance to fill in a missing gap in Indy's history post-series cancellation. 'Morocco 1917' isn't a perfect example of this and at times feels a bit too contrived in trying to tie itself to the previous story 'Northern Italy, June 1918' although it remains entertaining viewing. Perhaps it's the structure of Jonathan Hales script that confuses things a little with Hales including too much. Indy now given the name 'Captain Duval' narrowly escapes being executed by Berber rebels and then must travel with American author Edith Wharton (Clare Higgins) to the French Foreign Legion in Morocco. Indy's mission to find a traitor amongst the ranks providing the main plot. As Wharton and Indy get to know each other an admiration and love begins to develop between them which is soon halted upon the arrival of journalist Lowell Thomas (Evan Richards) of the . Information Service. He's after a story and a blossoming relationship between a successful author and a younger man could make headlines. The problem is this isn't allowed to develop much as the group finish their journey and it's all put to one side so Indy can discover the traitor. Or is that traitors? It would have worked better had writer Hales got his characters to the palace sooner. Then both plotlines could have developed concurrently without the whole journey segment to slow things down. The journey does provide one thought provoking exchange between Wharton and Thomas about real life heroes versus fictional personalities. It's stated Wharton writes in fact while Thomas is willing to bend the truth to provide an entertaining article. No right or wrong is given but it's well written.

    The cast as always do a good job. Clare Higgins makes the best impression as Edith Wharton. She brings a humility and experience of life that this real life character needs. With Higgins portrayal of Wharton you can understand why Indy would fall for her. Roshan Seth who younger viewers may remember from the underrated Street Fighter (well I think it's underrated) puts in a commendable performance as Sheikh Kamal. Evan Richards also does fine work as Evan Richards as does David Haig in the role of Colonel Bonnet. Viewers seeing this for the first time my advice is to you I'd watch that Colonel location work is stunning. Director Michael Schultz gets the most out of the places we see with Bahia Palace in Marrakech serving as the palace courtyard as well as the waterfall called Cascades d'Ouzoud for the romantic scenes between Indy and Wharton. There are a couple of solid action scenes with Indy escaping the Berber rebels and a sword fight between Bonnet and Indy. There's also some continuity references to people and events from 'Northern Italy, June 1918', 'Palestine, October 1917' and 'Princeton, February 1916' which is always appreciated.

    As I've mentioned the biggest flaw is not having the characters get to the palace sooner. This would have given space to allow the Wharton/Indy plot and traitor plot to develop together. Including Lowell Thomas seems like a wasted opportunity as he doesn't get much to do once the group reach their destination. I also take issue with Indy being able to throw a stone over a wall and then finding that exact stone quite easily somewhere on the other side. It's a bit convenient the other side of the palace doesn't have rocks huh? It's a nitpick but Indiana's discovery of the underground passageway is fun although enough time must have passed for him to miss dinner and desert with Kamal. That must have been a long conversation. Not sure why director Schultz keeps cutting back to the big guy in the background, an attempt at misdirection? nitpicks aside this proves to be an entertaining story.
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