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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 1

The Curse of the Jackal, Egypt 1908 (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 1992 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Curse of the Jackal, Egypt 1908 (1)
While on an archeological dig in Egypt, young Indy uncovers an ancient mummy and a fresh corpse. With the help of T.E. Lawrence Indy becomes involved in an intriguing murder mystery.

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  • The beginning of Indiana Jones adventures!

    So here we are at Indiana Jones first adventure, 'The Curse of the Jackal'. Originally premiered as a two hour pilot episode the first part was later re-edited together in 1996 with a newly filmed episode to form 'My First Adventure'.

    Here a nine-year-old Indiana Jones travels with his parents and teacher to Egypt where our budding young hero helps explorer T. E. Lawrence and archaeologist Howard Carter uncover the tomb of an ancient mummy. However, danger is at every turn when a man is found dead at the excavation site with everyone from Lawrence, Carter, sneaky journalists with iffy French accents played by Tony Robinson as well as our hero Indy becoming suspects. Something valuable is at stake but can Indy unmask the thief in time?

    The series is off to a good start beginning with a story dealing with Indy's passion for uncovering ancient artefacts. Pip Torrens and Joseph Bennett do a faithful job interpreting historical figures Howard Carter and T. E. Lawrence respectively. Tony Robinson who UK viewers may remember from factual show Time Team as I've mentioned is a bit iffy but does a fairly reasonable job. Special mention must go though to Lloyd Owens who does a fantastic version of Sean Connery's Henry Jones Senior. The voice, the facial expressions, everything is spot on. Cory Carrier is also pretty good as well as Indy. Viewers might wonder which is ultimately better: the original aired version or the re-edited 1996 version which shows Indy's birth and growing up to the age of nine. Personally the re-edited version even with all it's continuity issues just works better while the original version with a ninety year old eye patch George Hall trying to persuade two youngsters with the attention spans of five minutes to listen to his story…well, it was disappointing back then and it doesn't work better now.

    Overall Young Indy's first adventure is a success with clever dialogue, solid acting (the show always had that), fantastic location camera work and exciting action. Well done Indy!moreless
  • the Curse of the jackal, or My First Adventure part 1, is the begggining to the shows first "story arc", as well as the show itself.

    Before going any farther into my review of this episode, I am going to admit I have only seen the dvd edition, so cannot judge things like the George Hall as older Indy cameos. This episode is great, but only a decent start for the series. The book tour is a good way for Indy/Henry to go to all the places featured throughout the series. The actors, for the most part, do a good job. The story is a good archaeology mystery to "start off" Indy's life as an archaeologist, and the plot is good.

    I do, however, think that there is some things in this that make it unable to ease into the continuity for the show already weaved by the first three films. For example, how is Indy a life scout (the one before Eagle Scout) in Boys Scouts if he is travelling the world during the time he would join scouts, and I believe the relationship between him and his father isn't portrayed like it was in The Last Crusade.

    Historically, this episode, and show, is very well researched. The appearances of T.E. Lawrence and Howard Carter, and the Tutenkhamen reference make this episode enjoyable, especially considering how it shows how the characters really were.

    Ultimately, this is a good, but not great, episode.moreless
Corey Carrier

Corey Carrier

Young Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. at age 8-10

Sean Patrick Flanery

Sean Patrick Flanery

Young Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. at age 16-20

George Hall

George Hall

Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. at age 93

Margaret Tyzack

Margaret Tyzack

Helen Seymour

Guest Star

Ruth DeSosa

Ruth DeSosa

Anna Jones

Guest Star

Lloyd Owen

Lloyd Owen

Professor Henry Jones, Sr.

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Non-fiction characters appearing in this episode:

      T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) - British hero of World War I (1888-1935)

      Howard Carter - British Egyptologist and archaeologist (1874-1939)

    • TRIVIA: Harrison Ford was offered the role of the older Indiana Jones, but he turned it down, since he thought television had nothing to offer his career.

    • TRIVIA: River Phoenix, who played Young Indy in the film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", was offered the title role, but turned it down, since he didn't want to return to television.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode old Indy reveals when and where he was born - July 1, 1899 in New Jersey.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • The episode won 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Art Direction for a Miniseries or a Special, Outstanding Costume Design for a Miniseries or a Special, Outstanding Editing for a Miniseries or a Special - Single Camera Production and Outstanding Makeup for a Miniseries or a Special.

    • As the show was later re-edited into chronological order for home video the mystery revolving around the stolen jackal headpiece ends up being resolved much later in the second half of TV movie Spring Break Adventure.

    • This episode and the following documentaries on Volume 1 Disc 1 of the DVD collection, they include:
      -Archaeology - Unearthing Our Past
      -Howard Carter and the Tomb of Tutankhamun
      -Colonel Lawrence's War - T.E. Lawrence and Arabia
      -From Slavery to Freedom

    • Part 1 of the video My First Adventure with Tangiers, 1908.


    • T.E. Lawrence alludes to the fact that he likes to make up stories. It is thought by some that he made up, or embellished some of the stories that are portrayed in the book he wrote Seven Pillars of Wisdom.