The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Season 3 Episode 4

Treasure of the Peacock's Eye, South Pacific, January 1919 (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1995 on ABC

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  • Indy and Remy must evade pirates to finally claim the Peacock's Eye!

    More exciting adventure awaits our hero! Viewers may like to be aware that this was originally filmed as one of four TV movies to be shown as a proposed third season. The episode as a result of its revised format abandons the 90-year-old Indy segments along with the original opening intro. Although both parts were originally titled 'London/Egypt, November 1918' and 'South Pacific, January 1919' the TV movie has always called this story 'Treasure of the Peacock's Eye' and will be referred to as such throughout my review.

    With the ship they're on travelling to Singapore Indy and Remy desperately try to locate the box containing a diamond that could make them both rich. However when pirates lead by Jin Ming take over it seems the box has fallen into her hands. Some will stop at nothing to locate the Peacock's Eye. Can Indy retrieve the box for him and his friend or will he be left to sea to die?

    Please note due to the structure of this story this review will cover the second 45 minutes of the story. The second part of 'Treasure of the Peacock's Eye' kicks the action into high gear. It continues the excitement and fun of the story's first half but moves it up a notch. In my previous review I mentioned the main criticism of 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles' was that it didn't conform to the adventure aspect of the original movies. This story makes a valiant attempt at doing so and even at one point manages to outdo the craziness of the film series. I point to the fact that around halfway through the story the ship Indy and Remy are on is attacked by 'ninja pirates'. No you could not make that up. As probably guessed these are pirates that know martial arts. Lead by Jin Ming who we were under the impression was just good at carrying a note is actually their leader. She's seen this as an opportunity to raid the entire ship including taking the box which may hold the Peacock's Eye. It certainly is a unique idea by Jule Selbo and must be . While 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' has rolling boulders and supernatural artefacts 'ninja pirates' is definitely a contender for crazy Indiana Jones idea that works. I say works when compared to the even more crazy idea of UFOs which made 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' as poor a film as it was. So if anyone complains to you the this series was boring just tell them "but it had ninja pirates in it so there". The fight scenes directed by Carl Schultz are cool. There's an amusing moment where our hero tries to copy one of the pirates doing a front flip and almost fails. It's quite funny. On a side note Alice Lau who plays Jin Ming seems to have had her voice dubbed which perhaps is a little distracting although adds to the comic book adventure of the whole plot. It's around the time we learn of her bad dubbing that Lily gets killed off. As mentioned in my previous review Jayne Ashbourne does a wonderful job with the role going from charming to hysterically obsessed in less than a minute and this greed is what brings her down in the end.

    Ultimately this is what brakes up Indy and Remy's friendship. Stranded on an island they meet anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski played by Billy Liar himself Tom Courtenay. Malinowski is studying the tribes here. Indiana at first isn't happy with his company especially when a boy he's made friends with is killed by another tribe but Indy soon learns the importance of tolerance. Some fans have drawn comparisons between Malinowski and Albert Schweitzer since they both end up offering advice that changes Indy's life although while I see the comparison it's not totally accurate. Schweitzer was a doctor who saw the benefit of life while Malinowski respects and tolerates the tribe around him even if they kill since he's more an observer of life and doesn't intervene. Courtenay provides a very understated performance in the role allowing us to understand he's a person who doesn't see the value of wealth in providing fulfilment. Realising the box only holds another clue an angry Remy wants to go on but Malinowski convinces Indy that life is too short for something that won't bring him happiness. He's seen people he's cared about die around him and he wants to make his life happy meaning he wants to go to Chicago to study his real passion archaeology. Remy realizes he and Indy must part ways, his greed too large although to be fair he risked his wife's jewellery on finding wealth so it becomes both greed and a need to keep a promise to a loved one. It's sad to see two friends who have known each other since the first episode go their separate ways. Director Carl Schultz manages to make their last scene together poignant and it ends up being one of the best scenes in the whole show. Remy as a character always makes fans roll their eyes but Flanery and Coutteure do a wonderful job together during this scene. You genuinely feel their friendship falling apart which is affecting to the viewer. We never see Remy again although he's mentioned off screen. One extra episode taking place shortly after this would have Indy meet Ghandi in Bombay and find Remy still searching for the Peacock's Eye although like a lot of the show it wasn't filmed. There's also a another continuity issue where Indy at the end is planning on going to Chicago but unfortunately that episode wasn't filmed so his next episode is set in Paris. I've mentioned in previous reviews the bigger gap in continuity from 1918 onwards due to episodes not being produced and this is what I meant.

    So in 'Treasure of the Peacock's Eye' we get intrigue, peril, high adventure with ninja pirates, a nice big explosion and the theme of letting greed run your life, preventing you from living a life of happiness. Ironically and retroactively the Peacock's Eye is discovered again by Indy in the movie 'The Temple of Doom' where it's lost once again! If this story teaches us one thing is that some mysterious diamonds just aren't worth the trouble however much their worth. Someone should have told Remy that from the beginning. This TV movie is definitely one of the highlights of the series, highly recommended.