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The show involves four lunatic students who live in a shared, somwhat derelict, house. There is Rick, the (self-styled) Marxist Anarchist Cliff Richard fan; Vyvian, who is always the experimental scientific one; Neil, the worried hippy and Mike, the ladies man. Each episode usually featured a performance by a band. Each band's name is listed with the guest stars. Most episodes run near 35 min. Repeats in the UK have been edited to 30 min. Several scenes were censored from the MTV airings in the mid-1980s.

    News Briefs: Once Upon a Time Is Adding Three Frozen Characters

    Plus: British comedian Rik Mayall dies at 56, the ratings for the Tonys are in, and the first trailer for Sutton Foster's Younger.


    Ben Elton lands Live From Planet Earth

    Comedian and writer Ben Elton has a new live comedy series coming to Nine next year.

  • Rik Mayall

    Rik Mayall


    Adrian Edmondson

    Adrian Edmondson

    Vyvyan "Vyv" Basterd

    Nigel Planer

    Nigel Planer

    Neil Pye

    Alexei Sayle

    Alexei Sayle

    The Balovski Family [ 1 ]/Various roles [ 2 ]

    Christopher Ryan

    Christopher Ryan


    Jason Muller Mendelson

    Jason Muller Mendelson

    Themselves/Musical Guest

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    • 10
      Back in the days when MTV really meant MTV they would show this imported britcom on Sunday evenings. I always looked forward to watching it. This show was so different than any other kind of show I had seen before that it absolutely fascinated me. The characters of Rick, Vyvyan, Neil and Mike had me hooked with their loud, obnoxious and rowdy behavior. On one level it's lowbrow, juvenile and shrill. On another it's clever, original and refreshingly unlike anything else. It's partly a situation comedy, partly a musical variety show. I love the arguments between Rick and Vyvyan and Rick and Neil and and anybody! I love Vyvyan's random destruction of the house and random abuse of . If you want a reason to really laugh out loud this is the show that will help you do it.

    • The Crazies

      The Young Ones was BBC's most raucous, gross-out BritCom ever produced. It tells the adventures (for lack of a more apropos phrase) of 4 British lads who supposedly were college students sharing a flat that should have been deemed uninhabitable by the city of London.

      The gang consists of Vyvyan (the crazed punker who's into "scientific experiments), Mike (self-assured ladies' man), Neil (the sullen hippy) & Rick (a creep who's a Marxist/Anarchist).

      Think of this as if someone fused The Monkees with Beavis 'n Butthead on an molecular level & you'll see just how this comedy operates. A shame this show only lasted 12 episodes, but to me when i saw this on MTV over a decade ago, this makes a certain American campus sitcom Community look like Davey & Goliath!moreless
    • A fine example of British Comedy and Randomness

      This show is absolutely twisted, repulsive and sensless. But guess what? That's exactly why I love it! Only the British could take a plotline like "The Young Ones" and make it funny! America does, but it's always cliched. In fact they proved they couldn't with a god awful sounding Americanized version called "Oh No, Not Them!"

      The series centers around four undergraduate students sharing a flat, Mike 'the Cool Person', punk rocker Vyvyan, pompous anarchist Rik and depressed hippie Neil, and their many misadventures.

      The show is brilliant to say the least. The show poked at politics relevant to that time in the UK and even the US in hilarious twists (ie putting subliminal messages in frames) and made a good amount of fun at youth of the 80's. The irrelevant cutaways are hilarious, even if they may seem to be padding.

      The thing that dissapoints me is that the series had to end only 12 episodes in. The series was already epic, it could've gone to astronomic levels of epicness!moreless
    • good for its time.

      The young ones was an awsome show it was a british comedy so it only went for about 12 episodes but it was very good it looked a bit nerdy but i loved it so i guess it is also a personal favourite but many people would not like it.

      so in conclusion it was an alltime fav with good family values (not) but i loved it becouse of 1 charecter named vyvyan becouse he was a very big charecter and was blaintently violent lol good old violence but i hated the way it ended with all of them dying.moreless
    • The greatest Comedy Show ive ever seen!

      The programme revolved around four undergraduate students sharing a house: violent punk rocker Vyvyan, pompous anarchist Rick, long-suffering hippie Neil, and the mysterious and diminutive Mike.

      It really is my favorite! I love this show, I loved it after watching a Thomas/Young Ones Parody on youtube. Ive half the episodes saved onto my computer. Vyvyan is my favorite character but also Neil is, its a hard to decision to decide which one is my favorite! I wish they still aired it on MTV or Comedy Central in the US as it would be great to see them on a daily basis on television. I wish it would have lasted longer as its brilliance has showed itself immensly and it coulve went on towards Stephen Hawking Level of brilliance!moreless

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