The Young Ones

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Unknown May 08, 1984 on BBC
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The boys have been chosen to appear on University Challenge,but the opposition proves too tough,so they get through it the only way they know how......cheating!

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  • Best half hour ever!

    This in my opinion is the best half hour of comedy in television history!

    "I've got a Porsche!"
  • Vyvyan:You took ya time ya basterd! Vyvyan:I'm completly bloody sick of this!(kicks Kendal in the head)

    Wow!!It was the Vyvyan parts that were the most enchanting!!The train incident,the bomb incident,and the bloody sick of this incident!!Number one episode!!You know,I haven't actually seen all of the episodes, such as Nasty,Time,and I think that's it.However,out of all the episodes,I suppose this was the best.Rick is as usual, a very funny man with all the funny plans!Vyvyan is also a very funny one,my personal favorite(Who dislikes him I'll never know lol)Neil also makes plenty puns.Uh,can I go to the toilet please?Some guy called me smelly!Oh no guys I'm just going to have to wee on Lord Snot's head!Mike is,funny, in a way,not my favorite but still a chip off the block.Vyvyan foreva!

  • This is the true young ones!

    This episode is the best one they have ever made. (even though there was only 12!) The University Challenge idea was a brilliant idea and a work of genius! It shows the young ones in there true colours. Motorhead made a brilliant performance with the Ace Of Spades.

    The train journey is strange and werid but great. The bit where Vyv looses his head by ingoring the sign is one of the greatest moments in the young ones series.

    This is a great way to start the 2nd and final series and shows us that this series is going to be great.moreless
  • The boys decide to go on a game show, University Challenge. Are they ready? Are you nuts?

    The four housemates get a chance to appear on popular quiz show University Challenge. They cram for the questions but have almost a harder time surviving the train trip than they would winning on the air. Somehow, they do manage to show up, to make Scumbag U. proud.

    Their opponents, from an ultra-rich school, look to have the day sealed up. Inbred twits with jobs at the top of society long picked out for them, Lord Snot, Miss Money Sterling and their rancid friends prepare to do battle.

    They haven't planned on the SU boys' own unique tenacity, not to mention lack of being hampered by talent or sense.

    Between language that could scare a sailor, bodily fluids and impromptu explosives, it's a wonder anybody leaves alive.

    A hysterical episode, perhaps the best in a thoroughly wonderful series.moreless
Griff Rhys Jones

Griff Rhys Jones


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Mel Smith

Mel Smith

Security Guard

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Ben Elton

Ben Elton

Kendal Mintcake

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Look hard: When the boys are back home from the launderette, you can see an end shot of a Western movie for a fraction of a second. The movie is Carry On Cowboy.

    • When the Young Ones are introduced on University Challenge they are said in a different order to where they are sitting and Footlights College names are read out right to left in order, but on University Challenge the names are all read out left to right.

    • When Vyv tries to tell the time he says that the big hand is on the 12 and the small hand is on the 11. Making it 11:00 am. So when Vyv says "half past 5." Whats the rush to get to the station?

    • At the launderette they don't have any money to make the washing machine start. So where did they all of a sudden get the money from to pay for the train journey.

      Following this goof: Where did Rick get the £5 from to pay Vyv for the empty cup.

      Also what about when Rick attempts to steal the newspaper, gets caught and ends up having to pay.

    • It's revealed that Rick has been tampering with Bambi's question cards, so why has he left the answer for "The world's stupidest bottom burp" as Rick?

    • After battling with the living sock, Vyvyan strikes Rick over the head with the frying pan he killed the sock with. As they run up to bed, Vyvyan throws the pan on the floor, and it doesn't make a metal sound (flops around and makes a plastic sound, ruining the illusion that it was real).

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Vyvyan: It's my mascot!
      Security Guard: A pig?
      Vyvyan: No!
      Security Guard: It is.
      Vyvyan: It's not, it's a ferret. A deformed ferret, I'll grant you that. So severely deformed in fact that it looks a little bit like a pig.
      Security Guard: Looks exactly like a pig.
      Vyvyan: Yes, well, it certainly has been remarked upon. In fact, just as John Hurt is known as the Elephant Man, Bacon Sandwich here is known as the Pig Ferret.
      Security Guard: Bacon Sandwich? Funny name for a ferret, isn't it?
      Vyvyan: Ha! And that's where I had you fooled. Because it's not a ferret, it's a pig.
      Mike: Well done, Vyv, you've certainly got him there.
      Rick: Had you had enough, Nazi, or do you want some more?

    • Neil: I'm sorry, everybody. I'm sorry, Bambi. I'm just remembering, like, that bit when you got lost in the snow, and the rabbit found you, it was so beautiful.
      Vyvyan: Yeah, I liked the bit where you shoved the drill in the virgin otter's face.
      Neil: That wasn't in "Bambi", Vyvyan!
      Vyvyan: It was in the sequel, Neil. "Bambi Goes Crazy Ape Bonkers with His Drill and Set".
      Neil: Is that true, Bambi? Did you do a Disney nasty?

    • Rick: Oh good heavens, what now?
      Mike: Somebody must have pulled the communication cord.
      Rick: Well, it wasn't me, matey. If British Rail want fifty pounds they can blimmin' well go out and become a prostitute. Which they virtually are, anyway, come to think of it. Right, commuters?

    • Rick: This house will become a shrine! And punks and skins and Rastas will all gather round and all hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader! And all the grown-ups will say, "But why are the kids crying?" And the kids will say, "Haven't you heard? Rick is dead! The People's Poet is dead!" And then one particularly sensitive and articulate teenager will say, "Why kids, do you understand nothing? How can Rick be dead when we still have his poems?" Then another kid will say... [Rick farts].

    • Balowski: (singing) Revolutionary biscuits of Italy,
      Rise up out of your box,
      You have nothing to lose but your wafers,
      Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum...

    • Bambi: Who is the richest man in the world?
      Monty: It's me, isn't it?
      Bambi: No, I'm afraid your father's multinational company crashed this morning.

    • Vyv: (eating a dead rat found in the bin) Hey! There's a dead rat in here! Great!

    • Vyv: Oh! You mean the one with the enormous tits!
      Rik: Vyvyan, why are you so sexist? They're called breasts and everybody has them.
      Vyv: Well I don't.
      Rik: Yes and nor did Adolf Hitler!

    • Neil: Oh no, guys, guys, I'm just gonna have to wee on Lord Snot's head...

    • Neil: This complete stranger shouted "smelly" at me. I wouldn't have minded but he was 100 yards away.

    • Mike: Rick, he threw us off the train because you said ASLEF was an anagram for "total and complete bastard."

    • (On the train)
      Vyv: 'DO NOT LEAN OUT OF THE WINDOW'... I wonder why. (he does so and his head is knocked off by another train)

    • Neil: (answer to Bambi's first question) Ah, can I go to the toilet, please?

  • NOTES (8)

    • Motorhead sing "Ace of Spades" as the guys run for the train.

    • The train the Young Ones catch is a BR Intercity 125 HST. These trains could go 125 Miles an hour.

    • Some of the episode clips in the opening credits sometimes change. So it has more to do with the episode

    • When the characters briefly change roles.
      Mike becomes Neil
      Vyv becomes Mike
      Rick becomes Vyv
      Neil becomes Rick

    • The opening titles change to different pictures and a different background.

    • On an episode of University Challenge, a contestant stumped for an answer responded "Toxteth O'Grady, U.S.A." causing the whole audience to collapse in laughter.

    • Bambi is a reference to University Challenge host Bamber Gascoigne whom Griff Rhys Jones is impersonating. Griff also impersonated Bamber on Not the 9:00 News.

    • This was Stephen Fry's second of three appearances on University Challenge. He appeared in 1979 with his university team. In 1993 a special episode was recorded featuring a current college team versus an team of celebrities who had competed with their university teams.


    • Janet: Here's the afternoon tea, Dr. Carlyle. Dr. Carlyle: Ah, thank you, Janet. Janet: Oh, er... doctor Not the Nine O'Clock News is here to see you.

      The Not the Nine O'Clock News show is a British comedy show which ran from 1979 to 1982, in which actual news items were ridiculed.
      The Dr. Carlyle/Janet exchange could also be an allusion to a show called Dr. Finlay's Casebook which ran from 1962 to 1971 on BBC 1. It portrayed a 1920's & 30's General Practise in Scotland and had Janet as a housekeeper and Dr. Cameron as a Senior Partner in the Practise.