The Young Ones

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1982 on BBC
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The guys discover a bomb in the house, just in front of the fridge.

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Dexys Midnight Runners

Dexys Midnight Runners


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Jean Campbell-Dallas

Jean Campbell-Dallas


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Paola Dionisotti

Paola Dionisotti

DHSS Worker

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Mark Arden

Mark Arden

Father on Cornflakes Box

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Look hard: In the first seconds of the episode you see a shot of an airplane launching a cruise missile during a test program.

    • Revealing : Near the start, when Vyvyan sticks his hand through the wall to swear at Rick, you can see where the holes from previous takes have been papered and painted over.

    • Revealing : The guys turn on the TV and discover the channels don't work. When Rik changes the channels, he leans in front of the TV hiding the screen. This is because the 'channel' never changes at all - it's just a picture stuck onto the TV. You can see this when the camera rotates around, just before the screen goes out of view, behind Rik.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Vyvyan: What are you gonna do, Rick? Burn your bra?
      Rick: Well, someone's got to do it, Vyvyan. It's very easy to sit around on your backside all day long.
      Vyvyan: Not if you haven't got a bottom.

    • Rick: Vyvyan! Have you been using my roll-on deodorant? There's a revolting hair on it, and it's not one of mine!
      Vyvyan: How do you know?
      Rick: Because i know what mine look like, Vyvyan. I can see them now!
      Vyvyan: Not the ones on your bum, you can't. Its off your bum!"
      Rick: Oh, and i suppose that you think that being rude first thing in the morning is a terribly trendy thing to do, do you, Vyvyan? Well, it's not!

    • Rick: We'll form a union, with me as president: People Who Don't Pay Their TV Licences against the Nazis!

    • Rick: Oh, I suppose things were great back in the "good old days." Four year old kiddies digging coal. Three year old kiddies... digging coal along with the four year old kiddies.

    • Rick: Well I'm gonna tell Thatcher that we've got a bomb! And that she doesn't do something to help "the kids", by this time tomorrow we're going to blow up England!!

    • Rick: Pollution, all around ... sometimes up, sometimes down ... but always ... around. Pollution, are you coming to my town, or am I coming, to yours? We're on different buses pollution, but we're both using ... petrol ... BOMBS!

    • Mr. Bastard: I'm going upstairs now, to wait. I know how to wait! (to Vyvyan) And I promise you, son. When that telly comes out the other're nicked! (he leaves, but comes back looking at the atom bomb with a puzzled look, and leaves again)
      Vyvyan: (to lads) It's all right lads. I always poo before I get up.

    • Neil: I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it!

    • Vyvyan: (brandishing sledgehammer) What I need is the drill..the hedge-trimmers, and some ordinary household bleach.
      (Vyvyan doing a spot of "DIY" to the atom bomb)

    • Rick: Gotcha Vyvyan! Using my ketchup on your Cornflakes!
      Vyvyan: I couldn't get any milk out the fridge.
      Rick: Why what are you, a spazzy?
      Vyvyan: No! There just happens to be an atom bomb in front of the door!
      Rick: That's the most pathetic excuse I've ever...WARDEN WALTERS!!!
      Mike: That's an atom bomb!
      Neil: Oh no. It's the holocaust.

    • Rick: Vyvyan! Have you been using my roll-on deodorant? Because there's a revolting hair on it, and it's not one of mine.
      Vyvyan: How d'ya know?
      Rick: Because I know what mine look likes Vyvyan, I can see them now!
      Vyvyan: Not the ones on your bum you can't! It's off your bum.
      Rick: Oh! And I suppose you think that being rude first thing in the morning is a terribly trendy thing to do
      Vyvyan: Well it's not!
      Vyvyan: Look it's probably a hamster hair. He was getting a bit whiffy so I gave him a good going over.
      SPG: And was I consulted, pally? How do ya think I feel, stinkin' like a student's armpit?
      Rick: Stealing Vyvyan, it's common stealing. And if you ever touch it again, EVER, I'm going to the police. I will you know, I will go to the police!
      (Vyvyan breaks through the wall and gives Rick a two finger salute)

    • Rick: Absolutely pathetic! There's nothing on at all. I don't know why we bother to pay our licence.
      Mike: We don't.
      Rick: Haven't we got a licence?
      Mike: No.
      Rick: But that makes me a criminal... Right on!
      (After Neil answers the door)
      Neil: Oh no! It's the TV Detector Man!
      Rick: Mike, you bastard! Why didn't you buy a licence? I can't go to prison! I'm too pretty, I'll get raped!

    • Neil: If I had a penny for every time I had to answer the door..I'd have five pound sixty-three.

    • Mike: Vyvyan..Eat the telly!!
      Television Detector Man: Aha! The old trick! Eat the telly before I get a chance to nick ya!
      Vyvyan: (with telly cord coming out of his mouth) It's a toaster.
      Television Detector Man: It's a telly, you yobbo! Give it here, I want to nick ya!

    • Neil: Oh no lads, he's asked me if we have a telly. I think I'm going to have to lie!

  • NOTES (3)

    • The song which is briefly played as Rick walks past the policeman is "I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent" by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, a track which debuted in 1957.

    • Dexys Midnight Runners sing "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)" in the living room. This is off their Too-Rye-At album. It's a cover of a Van Morrison song.

    • The Radio Times description says: "Mark and Samantha decide to have a tea party, and the vicar tries out his new chain-saw with sidesplitting results." Also included was a photo with the caption: "A study in collective lunacy. Can The Young Ones bring the house down, will it fall down of its own accord or ... Armageddon out of here!"


    • Neil: I'm going upstairs to get the incredibly helpful and informative Protect and Survive manual.

      The Protect and Survive manual and series of films was part of an aborted information campaign by the British Government during the Cold War to let people know what to do in case of a nuclear attack. It was never distributed. It had ridiculous ideas concerning the ability to survive of a nuclear blast. For example: "If you are in the open and cannot get home within a couple of minutes, go immediately to the nearest building. If there is no building nearby and you cannot reach one within a couple of minutes, use any kind of cover, or lie flat (in a ditch) and cover the exposed skin of the head and hands." This would have had been about as much help as the US Governments Duck and Cover Public Service Announcement of the 1940's.

    • Rick: (on seeing the bomb) Wood and Walters!

      This is an allusion to Victoria Wood and Julie Walters' collaborative show called Wood and Walters which was being shown on ITV (now ITV1) in 1982. Rik Mayall had a guest appearance on the show.