The Young Ones

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1982 on BBC
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The boys move into their new house while Vyvyan locates oil in the basement. Mike sees this as an opportunity to rule the house like a dictatorship with Vyvyan against Rick and Neil.

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  • The boys move into their new flat and get cozy in their new rooms, while Vyvyan discovers oil in the cellar while playing Murder in The Dark.

    One of the best episodes of the series.

    From the get go this episode is grand. Vyvyan and Rick fight over the same room, when Vyv lights the bed on fire and Rick tries to pawn off the room they both hand it off to Neil.

    Mike finds Buddy Holly hanging in his attic room and tries to make a profit from a new song, unfortunately Buddy falls to his death while it's being recorded.

    One of the classic moments is when Vyvyan gets bored and decides to play 'Murder in The Dark'. He grabs a large knife, turns off the lights and sets off for fun.

    Vyvyan soon gets bored with Murder in The Dark and decides to smash his head off the cellar floor where he discovers oil, leading the flat mates to think they'll be rich.

    If you are going to pick any episode at random to watch, this one is always a classic!moreless
  • Rik, Mike, Vyv and Neil go to their new house and Mike shows them how to use the key. Soon, Vyv finds Oil in the basement after Rik moves in with Neil. Then Mike takes over the house with Vyv's help.moreless

    Oil is by far one of my favourite episodes in series one.

    My favourtie is when Neil gets the pick stuck in Vyv's head, classic.

    The other funny parts are when Rik and Vyv fight over the room, then Vyv sets it on fire and they give it too Neil.

    This was one of the best episodes of the season in my opinion.

    I also like the part where Mike's setting up his bedroom and finds the guy hanging from the ceiling, then puts him in the celler. The little book which seems to be the YounG Ones bible is cool. Another funny part is when Mike goes to watch 'Postman Pat."

    My rating for this episode is 10 out of 10 and it's rare i give that rating.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Rick: Revolution!

    • Rick: (calling out) Do you think that anyone's even the slightest bit interested in anything you ever say or do... anything, Neil?, God! Facist!

    • Vyvyan: We had a front door on the last house.
      Rick: Yes Vyvyan but it was nailed to the ceiling!

    • Rick: (talking about the house) Well I think it looks like a gigantic lavatory.

    • Mike: (About the mail) They're probably bills.
      Neil: Who's Bill?

    • Neil: Lucky the guys told me my bedroom was on fire, I might have gone to sleep and burned to death.

    • (Rik and Vyvyan are fighting over a bedroom)
      Rick: (Trying to keep the door closed on Vyvyan) Vyvyan this is my bedroom!
      Vyvyan: Oh yeah?
      Rick: Yes! I was here first!
      Vyvyan: (After shoving his way in) You got any witnesses?
      Rick: Look I don't need witnesses, just get off my property!
      Vyvyan: No!
      Rick: Get out!
      (Vyvyan punches Rick, he falls over)(Rick grabs a crow-bar and throws it at Vyvyan, he dodges it and it smashes through the window)
      Vyvyan: (After emtpying his laundry bag) Look, this must be my bedroom, all my clothes are here!
      Rick: (Picks up Vyvyan's laundry, smashes out the window with his foot and throws the clothes outside) No they're not, Vyvyan.
      (Vyvyan sets fire to a matchstick and drops it on the bed setting the room on fire)
      Rick: All right then, have the bedroom.
      Vyvyan: No, no, it's not mine.
      Rick: Yes it is!
      Vyvyan: No it isn't.
      Rick: You said it was yours just now.
      Vyvyan:...So did you!
      Rick: No I didn't!
      Vyvyan: Did!
      Rick: Didn't!
      Vyvyan: Did!
      Rick: Didn't!
      Vyvyan: DID!
      Rick: (Covering his ears) DIDN'T DIDN'T DIDN'T DIDN'T DIDN'T!
      (Rick and Vyvyan both run outside)
      Rick and Vyvyan: Neil, your bedroom's on fire!

  • NOTES (4)

    • The music played over the top of the Silent Movie style captions (about the morning meeting) is an adaptation of The Edwardians by Alexander Faris. It was the signature tune to Upstairs, Downstairs which was a London Weekend Television (now ITV1) costume drama that ran from 1971 to 1975.

    • This is Alexei Sayle's first music performance on the show.

    • This episode sees the foursome moving to the student house in which the rest of the series would be set (after their original one was destroyed in the previous episode).

    • The Radio Times description says: "Witty, rich, priceless, side-splitting, light, comic, mock heroic, farcical, clownish, knockabout. (Roget's Thesaurus)" Also included was a photo with the caption: "Alexei Sayle strikes a radical posture, Radical Posture strike a chord as The Young Ones assault the senses of all straight thinkers."


    • Alexie Sayle (as Alexie Balowski) refers to a song recently in the charts which talked about living in perfect racial harmony on pianos. He is alluding to the song called "Ebony and Ivory" by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. It reached #1 in both UK and US charts in 1982.