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    Back in the days when MTV really meant MTV they would show this imported britcom on Sunday evenings. I always looked forward to watching it. This show was so different than any other kind of show I had seen before that it absolutely fascinated me. The characters of Rick, Vyvyan, Neil and Mike had me hooked with their loud, obnoxious and rowdy behavior. On one level it's lowbrow, juvenile and shrill. On another it's clever, original and refreshingly unlike anything else. It's partly a situation comedy, partly a musical variety show. I love the arguments between Rick and Vyvyan and Rick and Neil and and anybody! I love Vyvyan's random destruction of the house and random abuse of . If you want a reason to really laugh out loud this is the show that will help you do it.

  • The Crazies

    The Young Ones was BBC's most raucous, gross-out BritCom ever produced. It tells the adventures (for lack of a more apropos phrase) of 4 British lads who supposedly were college students sharing a flat that should have been deemed uninhabitable by the city of London.

    The gang consists of Vyvyan (the crazed punker who's into "scientific experiments), Mike (self-assured ladies' man), Neil (the sullen hippy) & Rick (a creep who's a Marxist/Anarchist).

    Think of this as if someone fused The Monkees with Beavis 'n Butthead on an molecular level & you'll see just how this comedy operates. A shame this show only lasted 12 episodes, but to me when i saw this on MTV over a decade ago, this makes a certain American campus sitcom Community look like Davey & Goliath!
  • A fine example of British Comedy and Randomness

    This show is absolutely twisted, repulsive and sensless. But guess what? That's exactly why I love it! Only the British could take a plotline like "The Young Ones" and make it funny! America does, but it's always cliched. In fact they proved they couldn't with a god awful sounding Americanized version called "Oh No, Not Them!"

    The series centers around four undergraduate students sharing a flat, Mike 'the Cool Person', punk rocker Vyvyan, pompous anarchist Rik and depressed hippie Neil, and their many misadventures.

    The show is brilliant to say the least. The show poked at politics relevant to that time in the UK and even the US in hilarious twists (ie putting subliminal messages in frames) and made a good amount of fun at youth of the 80's. The irrelevant cutaways are hilarious, even if they may seem to be padding.

    The thing that dissapoints me is that the series had to end only 12 episodes in. The series was already epic, it could've gone to astronomic levels of epicness!
  • good for its time.

    The young ones was an awsome show it was a british comedy so it only went for about 12 episodes but it was very good it looked a bit nerdy but i loved it so i guess it is also a personal favourite but many people would not like it.

    so in conclusion it was an alltime fav with good family values (not) but i loved it becouse of 1 charecter named vyvyan becouse he was a very big charecter and was blaintently violent lol good old violence but i hated the way it ended with all of them dying.
  • The greatest Comedy Show ive ever seen!

    The programme revolved around four undergraduate students sharing a house: violent punk rocker Vyvyan, pompous anarchist Rick, long-suffering hippie Neil, and the mysterious and diminutive Mike.

    It really is my favorite! I love this show, I loved it after watching a Thomas/Young Ones Parody on youtube. Ive half the episodes saved onto my computer. Vyvyan is my favorite character but also Neil is, its a hard to decision to decide which one is my favorite! I wish they still aired it on MTV or Comedy Central in the US as it would be great to see them on a daily basis on television. I wish it would have lasted longer as its brilliance has showed itself immensly and it coulve went on towards Stephen Hawking Level of brilliance!
  • The Young Ones is a fine example of British Insanity

    The Young Ones is a show that was an assault of comic genius that was hilarious in its delivery. It was cerebral and slapstick at the same time, which alienated my friends to it, at first. After watching "Oil", it became one of my favorite comedies. Every episode of the Young Ones became a crazy quilt tapestry of four college flatmates who were representations of cliqs from the 1980's, who under normal circumstances would not interract with each other back in those days. The Metalhead(Vyvian), the Ladies' Man(Mike), the Hippie(Neil), and the Social Anarchist(Rick) had very little in common with each other, that is where the comedy begins.

    The four characters were very well developed but you did not have to be bludgeoned with their plot development. You kind of felt like you were strapped in a roller coaster and enjoyed the ride. From trips to the laundrette, to enjoying a pint at the pub, it always delivered its comic payload. Intersperced throughout the shows were comedic bits that had nothing to do with the main story and some bits that somehow linked into the story (Like the Scientist that had people the size of microbes living on a slide, which were the flatmates) added to the chaos.

    The show had musical guests, like Madness and Motorhead, that fit into the show and made it surreal. I thought that the show, although designed for the MTV demographic of its day (Which I was a part of.), had appeal across the board. Anyone who went to college, or hung around people who did, would get the shots they took at college life and life in general. A friend of mine called it "organized chaos" and I would wholeheartedly agree.
  • One of the BEST british shows EVER

    I love this show, it is one of the best british shows ever, where you could get away with alot more on tv then. All the cast are totaly fantastic and if you have never seen these you should get the dvd box set as there all classics and will have you laughing for hours.
    4 made crazy wild eyed students all living in a house together and wow they get upto some crazy , bonkers stuff and have some funny sayings. Rick , Neil , Viv and Mike show how life in britain was like in the 80s for alot of students.
  • This was greater than any other show!!I think.

    Wow!This is enterprising!Hilarious!Actiony!and of course...Violent!!Vyvyan rules!!Neil rules!Mike rules!Rick I guess rules!However i don't like Jerzie Bolawski.He always smahes things so the four have to pay for them,I don't even know where he's from!However,Vyvyan rules!He's my all time favorite live actor!!Man oh man I wish they kept this on air!!It's Crazy Good!Like in PopTarts commercials!Or Camp Lazlo!Anyhow,it rules!Britain was so smart to make a show like this!!!You guys know ya like!I don't know anyone that doesen't!I've told all my friends about this,they like it too!My friend Peter said he'd benifit from it!However my friend Robert didn't like it.I don't know why!Bye!hey that rhymed!Ah who cares..about corn!! :lol: :lol: :P
  • The Young Ones is a comedy classic and one of my all time favourites.

    Twelve episodes capture the political mood of Britain in the early 80’s to perfection and my opinion it does so as good as any serious political observation of that era. I’dd say is that although the viewer may appreciate the humour of the series, you really needed to have experienced the early 80's in a full on social sense to get the full impact of what is being viewed.

    I was a teenager during the Young Ones era, I not only loved the humorous aspects but can also direct parallels with the dark and oppressive undertones that are constantly present throughout the series. On the one hand we are in stitches over Viv hitting Rik or Neil and then a moment later we are reminded of the darker elements, which I feel prevailed during this time. Racial violence, unemployment, minor's and teacher's strikes, power cuts, capitalism gone mad, in fact everything that summed up the so called ‘Thatcher Era'. And not forgetting the total fear of nuclear attack from the super powers which seemed prevalent during this decade. Wipe the glitz and glamour from the 80's and you are left with a very dark and gloomy time period. The Young Ones acknowledges this brilliantly. I would say that The Young Ones is just as much a social commentary as it is a comedy and a terrific one at that.
  • Destructive, Funny, Crazy, Anarchic!

    This is one of the best Anarchic Comedies ever to be made, it shows so many aspects and really let's you rebel against everyone, Vyvyan is a classic for all young people to just do what you feel like for example kicking the sink to get water instead of turningon the tap, Rick is a complete and utter child he acts like a child he looks like a child and knows nothing about the birds and the bee's Neil is a hippy who is extremely dull but still makes you laugh with his friends The Lentils! and Mike is the cool person who everyone looks upto although he is only 5ft tall, all of these sterotype's put together make a hilarious team of Anarchic and Fun loving Comedy!
  • A brilliant classic, one of the BBC's greatest ever shows!

    This show is crazy, completely stupid and absolutely wild, thats why so many of us love it! It's basically about four 'friends' living in a house trying to pass university. The show is crazy and they all end up in trouble and mostly hitting each other over the head with frying pans every episode. The friends (more like fiends) are: Vyvian - the anarchist with ginger hair, Rik - the girly ******* as vyv calls him, Mike - the cool older one who blackmails his way through university, and Neil - the hippy (heavy man). There is bad language and loads of comic violence but nothing to bad, overall it's a brilliant show.
  • College and other disasters befall four slightly unusual English housemates.

    A punk, a socialist poet, a hippie and a blase yuppie bum walk into an apartment...

    Vyvyan, Rik, Neil and Mike have nothing in common except their decision to get degrees at some point from beloved Scumbag University. They never let little things like lack of money, good grades, health or safety stand in their way. In between bouts of milling around, the boys go on a quiz show and nearly kill their opponents, discover oil inside the building, eat the television set rather than pay the license tax for it and generally endanger themselves and others every day.

    Hysterically funny.
  • Great British Comedy

    The Young Ones is simply the most wonderful sit-com ever. A mad combination of Monty Python's Flying Circus with the British punk scene, The Young Ones focuses on four hilariously demented student archtypes. I can't believe this doesn't have a larger cult following.

    With few exceptions, today's comedy scene is abysmal. Canned laughter and absolutely nothing funny. No-one seems able to write a funny script now. The Young Ones didn't have to try too hard to be entertaining-it just was, period.

    A fantastic cartoon-like comedy which had some impressive cameo appearances throughout it's run.
    If you're fed up with the boring tripe that tries to pass itself off as comedy nowadays, then check this out.

    I highly recommend this to everyone!
  • Ah yes a great show. Shame they only made 12 of them.

    This show is very funny and shows the comical side of life as a student.
    The four characters work well together and makes Mike seems the overall head of (whats left of it) household.
    The 2nd series is better than the 1st because it just gets wackier and stranger than the 1st but thats what makes it better. The theme tune is great too! It makes the show especially on Rick's character.
    There usually is a musical performance by some band or by Alexei Sayle. Most people say that he is the 5th young one. I think he is like a 5th young one. This show is great!
  • Not overrated at all.

    I strongly reccommend this show to fans of Mr Show, Kids In The Hall, Get A Life, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The show is like a cartoon, but it's not a cartoon. This is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. Vyvyan is one of the best TV characters ever.
  • You have won second prize in a beauty contest. Smash Rick over the head with the bank!

    The Young Ones was my first taste of British humor. I *love* this show. I still quote it (probably incorrectly) 20+ years later.

    This show is one of the consistently funny programs ever to air. Like much British humor, it's still just as funny today as it was years ago. The Young Ones is about four disgusting college guys who find themselves surrounded the most fantastic situations: a missile in the living room, Motorhead in the bathroom, a talking nasty toilet that fights back.

    Look for Hugh Laurie as Lord Monty, Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and more before they were household names.
  • 10
    I was first introduced to this show in 1994, when I was 15 years old, by my British mom and have been addicted ever since. It just kicks ass I love how they bicker especially Vyv and Rik. My favorite Young One is Vyvyan. Favorite episodes are 'Sick', 'Summer Holiday' and 'Boring' although I love all of them.
  • One of the more refreshing, original, alternative comedies of the 80's, with bucket loads of bum gags, musical interludes, and crazy fights courtesy of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. Although it ran for only two series, it still packs a punch today.

    Essential viewing in the 1980's for any self-respecting, stroppy and opinionated person under 25, and it's just as fresh, vicious, original and hilarious now. Only two series, but a cult classic in it's own right. Comedys like My Hero and My Family pale in comparison to the mighty Young Ones!
  • This show kick @$$. It was absoluteley hilarious.

    I love this show. Of course I wasn't alive when it originally aired but that doesn't matter. This show kicked @$$. It was hilariously funny. Vyvyan is the best though. He stole the show and got the best lines. This show rules and I defy you all to prove that to me other wise. ROCK ON!!!!!
  • They don't make it like this anymore.

    I recently bought the DVDs and I am now rewatching this series. It is absolutely brilliant to see it again! The absurd humour and the weirdness are a welcome change to comedies on tv at the moment.

    Of the four different characters living in the same house, Vyvian has always been my favorite.

  • Countercultural Zeitgeist

    I couldn't have been more than five years old when I saw my first episode of The Young Ones when it was being aired on MTV in the early 80s, and it was a galvanizing experience. I obviously found the extreme violence and even more extreme toilet humor to be, well, extremely appealing. But the surreal, absurd tone had a profound effect on my perspective on humor as well. While most fans of absurdist humor will bow and scrape before Monty Python, The Young Ones were far more important to me, simply because they got to me first.

    But what really tips the scales in the favor of The Young Ones were the fantastic musical segments. I was exposed to bands like The Damned, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Madness, and, oh hail to thee my dark and wicked master, Motorhead. The bands that appeared on that show were regularly better than whatever MTV actually had in its video rotation.

    Without some kind of personal connection to the original material, The Young Ones likely feels dated and crass. Which, considering its extremely punk rock attitude and its setting in a bizarre version of Thatcher's Britain, seems rather fitting.
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