The Young Ones

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Jun 05, 1984 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • When Rick is trying to explain where Neil has gone there is a very brief flash onscreen of a frog leaping through the air.

    • When Brian Damage introduces himself to Mr and Mrs Pye there is a brief flash of a white dove.

    • When Rick's 'Killed' Neil and his leg is doubled over, you can see Nigel Planers real leg behind it, hidden under the other one.

    • We learn the last gift Vyv got from his mother was a box of matches when he was eight weeks old. But according to his Mum it was a Joke.

    • Second appearance of Vyv's Mother.

    • This is the band Madness' 2nd (and last) performance for this show and they are singing Our House.

    • When Neil sneezes it looks like there is something in his hand to make this effect.
      Also his hands leave a small gap at the end to make the green liquid come out.

    • Rik declares his undying love for Felicity Kendal, the excellent and very cute British actress of 'The Good Life' fame (known as 'Good neighbours'in the USA), which was a long running UK sit-com about a very middle class couple who give up their boring careers to become self sufficient (which is not so difficult when you have loads of cash, a big house and an enormous garden), much to the chagrin of their next-door neighbours, Jerry and Margot.

      The Young Ones episode then turns into an episode of 'The Good Life', with the Young Ones characters tending their garden and being self-sufficient.

  • Quotes

    • Vyv: What did you get me?
      Vyv's Mum: A bottle of vodka.
      Vyv: Oh, great! Thanks Mum! (looks at it) This is empty.
      Vyv's Mum: Haha! Up yours, ugly! (leaves)

    • Rik: (reading his poem about Felicity Kendal) 'Felicity... Felicity... you fill me with ... electricity...'

    • Neil: Vyv, will you shut up, you're giving me tunnel vision!
      Neil: Stop shouting yourself!
      Rick: I AM NOT SHOUTING!
      Neil: Yes, you are!
      Rick: I BLOODY WELL AM NOT! If you want to hear shouting, matey, this is it!
      (Rick starts yelling like a baby, whilst Vyv lights a molotov cocktail)
      Vyv: Its funny, but being ill makes me lose my usual tolerant and easygoing approach to communal living.
      (Vyv throws the molotov cocktail into Rick's bedroom, which explodes)

    • Vyv: (yelling) Feel better, you bastard!!!

    • Mike: (holding a large dead fish in his hands) What's this?
      Vyvyan: It's a fish Mike.
      Mike: Oh, Thanks. (Mike leaves room)
      (Mike returns a little later with same fish)
      Mike: Wait a minute, I hadn't finished my sentence. What I meant to say is what's this fish doing in my bed?
      Vyvyan: It's not in your bed Mike.
      Mike: Oh yeah, right, right. Thanks Vyv.
      (leaves room and returns a little later empty handed)
      Mike: OK OK so I've got it now. So what's this fish doing in my bed?
      Vyv, Neil, Rick: What fish?

    • (Brian Damage points his rifle at Neil's head)
      Neil: Oh No! Oh wow! Oh Heavy, heavy, heavy!
      Mike: What you upset for? You've always wanted to die.
      Neil: Who's talking about dying, I just remembered... My parents are coming round to tea!

    • Vyv's Mum: Come on, what are mothers for?
      Vyv: I don't know. Making babies?
      Vyv's Mum: Don't be so sexist. (Popping one of his testicles)

    • (Vyv thrashes Rik with a plank while Madness play outside)
      Neil: I hope Mike comes back with the cure.
      Vyv: No Neil, it's Madness this week.

  • Notes

    • Amazulu sing "Moonlight Romance"

    • The R1 DVD swaps the order of Sick and Time. It's possible they're in production order.

    • The Radio Times description says: "This week the man who writes the listings in the Radio Times, which is actually a very difficult job at which he works very hard and he is not getting home very much because he is out earning money to keep his family, comes home late one night to find his wife in bed with another man and has a nervous breakdown ... wakka wakka oooooooh aaaaaaah."

  • Allusions

    • Mike: Boing! Time for bed.

      This was the famous line at the end of every episode of the classic TV show, The Magic Roundabout.