The Young Rebels

ABC (ended 1971)


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The Young Rebels

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Welcome to the The Young Rebels guide at In an era of police dramas, westerns, and sitcoms, The Young Rebels appeared in the fall of 1970 with a different agenda: to appeal to young viewers by applying the rebellious ideals of the 1960's with the young revolutionaries during America's war for independence. Set in 1777, the series revolved around a fictional undercover patriot group called the Yankee Doodle Society based out of Chester, Pennsylvania. The ringleader of the group was Jeremy Larkin, the younger son of Chester's mayor. His associates were Henry Abington, the son of the local pharmaceutical and who bore a bit of a resemblance to Benjamin Franklin, and the town's blacksmith Isak Poole, a former slave who had bought his own freedom. Jeremy's girlfriend, Elizabeth Coates, sometimes accompanied the Society on its escapades. They reported directly to the 20 year old General Lafayette, who occasionally joined their operations. Covering their activism by pretending indifference to the war effort, they were very effective at spying for the American forces and harassing the British behind enemy lines. Each episode was loosely based on a historical event. In addition to an interesting premise, this series had a fine cast and very nice musical scoring, which included, of course, "Yankee Doodle". Unfortunately, ABC scheduled this series in an impossible time slot on Sunday nights opposite Lassie and Hogan's Heroes on CBS, and Wild Kingdom and Disney on NBC, so it was never given an opportunity to acquire an audience. Production was halted after only 15 episodes. Note: When this series aired, Louis Gossett, Jr. was then credited as Lou Gossett. Richard Ely was then credited as Rick Ely.moreless
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  • The year is 1776, the backdrop is real and the characters creativly fictious. This is the American Revolution as seen through the eyes of young people who wanted to help to make a difference.moreless

    What a wonderful and exciting way to receive a history lesson. The battles and many of the characters were genuine while the regular cast were fictious. I learned so much at an early age of the birth of America and it sparked something inside me that has kept me passionate about history all of my life. The characters thoughtful and passionate, the locations also right out of the pages of history, every episode made you go away in deep thought wanting more. I wish every show today was capable of teaching the younger generation in a way they dont realise they are being taught. Excellent show and I wish tbey would re-run it often.moreless
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