The Young Riders

Season 2 Episode 19

A Noble Chase

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • $78.53 the total in Cody's bank account. The same amount he was going to pay for the saddle in Tompkins' store. The same amount stolen in the bank robbery and then later sent back to Cody by Lon Chase.

  • Quotes

    • (When Colter messes up Jimmy's first chance to get Lon Chase he grumps)
      Jimmy: I should'a known you'd be in on this.
      Colter: Like a mountain man on a mail order bride.
      Jimmy: More like a snake on a rock.

    • Lon Chase: (to the students as they finish their 2x tables) Well done, now you can multiply as well as add.
      Boy in front row: My daddy said is that the only thing a man needs to know about multiplyin' comes naturally on his weddin' night.
      (other students and teacher laugh)
      Little Girl: And my daddy said the trick to addin' is all in your fingers.
      Lon Chase: And my daddy says Men lie, but numbers don't. (he laughs, the students stay quiet) Let me explain what I mean. What would you all say if I told you that I can read your mind?
      Same little boy: You'd be tellin' a lie.
      Lon Chase: Is that so? Well, let's see. Um, pick a number... any number from one to a hundred and write it down. Now fold it up and give it to Mary. Now think on that number. Think real hard and ad ten to it. Add another five. Multiply it all by 2. Tell me what you got.
      Same little boy: 40
      Lon Chase: Your number wassssss... 5.
      Mary: He got it!
      Same little boy: You did it, you read my mind!
      Lon Chase: No, I lied. You see it's called algebra. And X, marks the spot.
      (children laugh)

    • Jimmy: Teaspoon, why do I get a sick feelin' in my gut that this ain't gonna be as easy as it seems?
      Teaspoon: Cuz you're a natural born pessimist, son.

    • Jimmy: (about Lon Chase) He don't look much like a bank robber, does he?
      Teaspoon:No, he don't... but then I don't look much like a ladies man, do I?
      (Jimmy laughs a bit).

    • (After witnessing Cody and Kid 'over doing' each other to buy a saddle, Lou inquires over the strange behavior).
      Lou: Why is it that when men talk about their dogs, it's always 'He this' and 'He that', but when it comes to their guns and saddles it's always she?
      Noah: I'll tell you, Lou, men like their dogs... but they love their saddles and guns.
      (Noah walks away and Lou has a wistful smile on her face).

  • Notes

    • Filming Location: Old Tucson Studios - When Jimmy Hickok arrives in Indigo Wells he goes to the Pony Express Station and then to the school house. This location shot is very familiar to anyone that has gone to OTS. When you enter the park and cross over the Railroad tracks you see a patio area to the left just before the sweet shop. This is the Pony Express station in this shot. Just a bit up the street is the adobe school house that was Lon Chase's classroom.

    • The towns of Indigo Wells and Walnut Creek are mentioned in this episode. Indigo Wells is where Lon Chase is supposed to be. When Jimmy finds him he's supposed to get him to Walnut Creek to meet the Marshal.

    • William Shockley's character, Jake Colter, reappears in the episode, Dead Ringer. His oil and water chemistry with Jimmy Hickok is great to watch.

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