The Young Riders

Season 2 Episode 9

Bad Company

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 1990 on ABC



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    • (After Kid and Noah find Jimmy in Regrets, they keep him alive when a man draws at his back. They follow him into the saloon and try to get to the issue).
      Jimmy: I never went chasin' for trouble... it's like somebody came and carved out my whole life like I got no say in the matter. If all I'm doin' is livin' by the gun then its as good a place as any... to end it. Maybe better.
      Noah: That's crazy talk, Jimmy and you know it.
      Jimmy: Is it? You aughta listen to yourself sometime, Noah. Ain't you the one who said he was 'born to hang'?
      Noah: Yeah, well at least I don't go stickin' my head in the noose and kickin' over the chair!

    • (Kid and Noah see Jimmy in the town of Regrets and he's wearing a badge).
      Noah: I don't believe it. A man rides straight into hell and the first thing he does is grab a pitchfork and strap on a pair of horns.

    • (Kid and Noah discuss taking the wagon away from the pesky female reporter and making her walk back).
      Kid: What about the rattlers Noah?
      Noah: I don't think that should be a problem. I mean they don't usually attack their own.

    • (A gunman comes into the Saloon since Jimmy's not coming outside to face him).
      Gunman: What's the matter with you, Hickok? You deaf?
      Hickock: Nope. Just hungry.
      Gunman: I thought chickens only ate feed. *bok bok bok bok bok*
      Hickock: That's really funny, now. If you don't mind... I'd appreciate it if you left.
      (Jimmy picks up his bottle of sarsaparilla and the man shoots it into pieces).
      Gunman: Now, we can do our business in the street or right here. Makes no difference to me.
      (Jimmy drops what's left of the bottle to the counter).
      Jimmy: I'll be right out.

    • Teaspoon: Publicity, you might say that's what folks do when they want to draw attention to something.
      Cody: Like when that Marcus fellow wrote that book about Jimmy?
      Teaspoon: Yeah, kind of.
      Lou: Why would anyone want to do a thing like that?
      Teaspoon: Well, it ain't all bad, Lou.
      Lou: Was for Jimmy.
      Teaspoon: That's cause the things Marcus said weren't the truth.
      Noah: And publicity is the truth?
      Teaspoon: Yeah. Sort of. Stretched a bit, but not so's it'd take your head off.
      Noah: Knew a hangman once, said the same thing about his rope.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jimmy: I'm sorry mister, I'm so sorry.

      In the earlier episode Gunfighter he says he only apologizes on Sundays.

    • Jimmy mentions that Noah's the one who says he was 'born to hang'. That's in direct ref. to the opening episode of Season 2.

    • The man calling Hickok out into the street mentions that he's a friend of Gabe Calder. Gabe was killed by Jimmy in the episode Ten Cent Hero.

    • Preacher: (to Jimmy) If I may offer a few words of in the Lord, and keep your back from the door.

      This line obviously refers to the way James Butler Hickok died in real life, shot in the back while playing cards in a saloon in Deadwood. Legend says that Hickok generally insisted upon a seat facing the door, but on this occasion no such seat was available, so he sat with his back to the door, which led to his murder.