The Young Riders

ABC (ended 1992)



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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Kid
      Episode 1
      Kid gets into a fist fight to win money and buy a horse, Katy. Later he joins the Pony Express where he is introduced to Emma Shannon, the station mistress, Teaspoon Hunter, the shaggy station master, Buck, Jimmy, Ike, Cody, and Lou, fellow riders. He also becomes acquainted with Sam Cain, the marshal of Sweetwater.moreless
    • Gunfighter
      Episode 2
      Hickok projects the demons of his childhood onto a bullying hired gun and decides only a showdown with the gunslinger will exorcise them.
    • 9/28/89
      After an Indian attack, Buck has to decide between his loyalty to the riders and to his own people.
    • Speak No Evil
      Episode 4
      Ike witnesses a stage-massacre. He runs into the murderer in town and eventually confesses to the Marshall, who then arrests the killer. Ike has to live to get to the court in the next county. The killer's gang capture one of the riders and threaten sudden death if Ike testifies. We learn some of Ike's past history in the process, as Ike has to decide whether to compromise his values or let one of his friends die, which would also compromise his values. It's the Riders in a race against time to save one of their own so that justice can be served.moreless
    • Bad Blood
      Episode 5
      Lou returns to the orphanage to retrieve her younger brother and sister, but her estranged father, a gunrunner, gets to them first.
    • Black Ulysses
      Episode 6
      The riders stand up for a runaway slave who is pursued by Missouri state militiamen committed to bringing down the fugitive.
    • Ten-Cent Hero
      Episode 7
      A dime novelist creates the legendary gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok, and Hickok faces the consequences when a gunfighter arrives for a showdown with the fastest gun in the West.
    • False Colors
      Episode 8
      Kid enjoys a reunion with his brother Jed, who seems to have found a niche in the Army, but is really leading a gang that is posing as cavalry to steal gold for the budding Confederacy.
    • 11/16/89
      Kid finds a young warrior at the scene of a way-station massacre, and although the warrior denies any wrongdoing, Kid hauls him back through Indian territory to face justice in Sweetwater.
    • 11/30/89
      Hickok discovers hidden feelings for Emma on a venture to an Army outpost commanded by a captain with a passion for cruelty.
    • Blind Love
      Episode 11
      Hickok's heart is lassoed by a mysterious woman, but he is caught in a dangerous tangle when he discovers that she is bound to another man.
    • The Keepsake
      Episode 12
      Teaspoon is given claim to a small fortune, but he may lose it to a young woman he thinks is his lost daughter, and to a crooked gambler willing to kill for the cash.
    • Fall from Grace
      Episode 13
      Teaspoon doesn't like the fact that Hickok is hanging around a girl from the Wild Horse Saloon. When he tries to curb Jimmy's visits to see her, Hickok loses his job at the Express. The young gunman doesn't stay unemployed for long as Grace, the owner of the Saloon, makes him a 'tempting' offer. The trouble is, will he live long enough to enjoy his new position as Teaspoon is searching for a gang of outlaws who are searching for Army weapons?moreless
    • Hard Time
      Episode 14
      Kid is sentenced to hard time on a trumped-up charge by a small-town sheriff carrying out the policies of the sadistic man who keeps the town under a cloud of fear.
    • Lady for a Night
      Episode 15
      While on a run, Louise buys a fashionable outfit and is surprised when a gentleman asks her to have dinner with him.
      Realizing that her masquerade and her budding relationship with Kid won't allow her to become attached to this insurance salesman, Lou 'breaks it off' before she returns home.

      She's later baffled when he shows up in Sweetwater looking for her, but the riders have their hands full as a gang of thieves are pulling off a series of heists in the territory.

      These two events can't be related... or can they?

      Secondary Plot: Jimmy's got a toothache. How is he going to cure it?moreless
    • 2/1/90
      After surviving a massacre of wealthy settlers near Sal Lake, Emma's estranged husband arrives in Sweetwater looking for shelter from Emma, and raising the suspicions of Sam and the riders.
    • Decoy
      Episode 17
      On a wild ride to deliver a top-secret Government message, Cody helps a mortally wounded mountain man who asks Cody to care for his pet bear. Meanwhile, back in Sweetwater, the other riders look after an abandoned baby.
    • Daddy's Girl
      Episode 18
      A new girl in town has Buck in her sights, but he is caught in the cross-fire between her, her tyrannical father and her cruel suitor.
    • Bulldog
      Episode 19
      An Eastern college boy arrives with dreams of meeting his Western idol, Hickok, but he is used as an unwitting accomplice in a scheme that endangers all the riders.
    • Matched Pair
      Episode 20
      Hickok helps a friendly rival search for their gunfighting mentor's kidnapped daughter, who actually has escaped with evidence of her dad's corruption.
    • 3/22/90
      Sam finds himself on the wrong side of the law in his own town when the man responsible for the murder of Sam's wife takes over Sweetwater.
    • Then There Was One
      Episode 22
      Teaspoon sets out for Texas with an old comrade in arms to warn three other veterans that someone has been murdering the last men who truly remember the Alamo.
    • 5/7/90
      The tension between the North and the South reaches crisis proportions, and Kid is recruited to infiltrate a band of Southern guerrillas led by a charismatic Robin Hood called the Hawk.
    • 5/14/90
      Kid escapes the noose, but Hawk's raiders are still on the loose, so Hickok works his way into the gang, which hangs any pretense of civility to pursue its violent purpose.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
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