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What would have happened in Season 4?

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    [1]Apr 17, 2006
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    I know fan fiction writers tackle this question all the time. Lets try to keep it tv real. What direction do you think the writers would have gone. Would have it become a war type show or more of a romance? Would it have told the story of the real Wild Bill?
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    [2]Apr 24, 2006
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    You know, this is th second time I've looked at this thread and I've been trying to figure out what my dream season 4 would have been like.

    I thought the show had a great mix of romance (Kid & Lou), and action, so the suggestions you mentioned sound right.

    Personally I would have liked to see more Buck-centric episodes, I had a soft-spot for him since the beginning.   Other than that, just the fact that a 4th season happened would have been enough for me ... of course your mention of fanfics has me checking out the Young Riders section of, and thinking of trying my hand at a fic or two of my own.

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    [3]Aug 5, 2007
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    well i think to answer this i'd have to say that IF they had known to prepare for a fourth season.. they wouldn't have 'ended' so many storylines in season three..

    i'd have to go back to Blood of Others and rewrite from there... so that the Cw didn't START at the end of Season three...

    then cody and jimmy wouldn't leave so soon... unless they planned on bringing in a ton of new cast members after killing off noah...


    i'd like them to stretch things out and have them cover more than just their area of the country.. maybe have a rider or two venture to the end of the line in San Fran/Sacramento

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    [4]Feb 18, 2011
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    Honestly I would have sent Kid off to war, and killed his character off. Then I would have played on Lou strength. I always hated the fact that it seemed like Kid wanted to smother her. Her character was so much stronger than that. And she proved it through out the three seasons it was on. Me I'd change history (at least for the show) Jimmy would come back into Lou life. Cody would have gone off to have his western show.

    Buck I'd have him become a lawman, maybe working alongside of Sam. As for Teaspoon and Rachel, married, and living happily ever after.
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