The Young Riders

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 1989 on ABC



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    • Teaspoon: That's the trouble with you. You've got swinish habits. You don't know that gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins.
      Cody: Yeah? What are the others.
      Teaspoon: Let's see there's... (Smiles) Never mind.
      Cody: Well, don't matter. I'll get around to them sooner or later.

    • Cody: (To his horse) Nothing personal friend, but I could eat a horse.

    • (The riders are in the store owned by Mr. Tompkins. Kid splashes some scented water on himself).
      Lou: You smell like a whore house.
      Kid: What? How would you know?
      Lou: I know a lot more than you think. Now go get fifty pounds of pinto beans.
      (She sends him away. He walks toward Cody)
      Cody: Something wrong? (Smells something on Kid and coughs) Whoo, nobody light a match!
      (Kid walks by Jimmy who reacts rather violently to the smell).

  • Notes

    • Even though during this episode Jimmy Hickok remembers his mother being beaten by his father, there's no historical evidence to prove that Alonso Hickok abused his wife.

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