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  • Set in the old west, this show followed the lives of young Pony Express riders during the years leading up to the Civil War.

    In this current trend of the unimaginative and downright pathetic reality television show, a program like The Young Riders is certainly missed. Though not the most popular program (it did have to compete with 90210 and others of its ilk), The Young Riders was one of the best hours I spent watching tv each week. Though still missed among many fans worldwide, this show only spent 3 entirely too brief seasons on network tv (though it spent several years in cable reruns). Like many Young Riders junkies, I would relish the opportunity to buy this show on DVD...
  • The Young Riders was a show about the old west. It had it romance, shootouts and everday problems. It would be a great show to relate to todays culture.

    This show was the best. I never got into 90210 but I could not wait for the Young Riders to come on every week. I was so addicted to it my parents made me stop watching it. It just has to come back on. Goodness, they are running Full House and all those so why not The Young Riders too? There are so few good family shows around today so this show would be a plus. I never got to see The Kid get married. The actors and characters were just excellent. No complaints about the show from us. We loved it.
  • A western set on the cusp of the Civil War, the show brought together young men from all walks of life to ride for the Pony Express. It featured hot young actors as young American heroes from the Old West.

    I've always loved horses and the Old West. This show gave me my fix for both through high school. It showed people working together to overcome the weekly bad guys, but it also gave a pretty realistic view of the time. There were no doctors or hospitals, no grocery stores or malls; just you and your family and hard work against nature. Fantastic scenery and riding sequences showcase the Southwest and the talents of the actors. The camraderie of the group made the show. When they added new characters, the storyline made use of the adjustment period by creating little tensions. The ending was bitter-sweet, but it followed the way the country split at the time of the war.
  • It's about a group of young men who join the Pony Express in a pre-civil war western tv series.

    I didn't want to watch this series when it first came out because I thought they were trying to copy off the movie Young Guns. So I didn't start watching till season 2 & I was so glad I did. I did eventually get to see it from the begining & I loved it. It was somewhat like Young Guns but so much more. I keep hoping they will put this tv series on DVD, but so far they haven't. Don't know why because this show was awesome.
  • Great family show.

    Was one of the very few shows I liked at the time. Was good to see the ensamble the had for the riders - Hickok, Cody, Kid (a southern boy), Lou (only girl tho dressed as a boy), Ike (deaf from scarlett fever), and Buck (a half indian). They worked as a team for the express and showed it didn't matter who you were, then later they had young Jesse James and Noah (a black man working with a boy from the south). Only actor I knew out of them all was Anthony Zerba, but I fell for Ty Miller and even more so - Brett Cullen and his character of Sam Cain. hated seeing Sam and Emma together and them leaving together at end of Season one. I have Season one on DVD and am hoping rest will come out on DVD. Even tho the show lasted longer than the atual Pony Express - it was sad to see it end. But I guess western type shows weren't that popular anymore.
  • The Young Riders - a Family Western filmed in Tucson, Arizona.

    Great ensemble cast! Made in the late 80's early 90's they were able to blend some modern themes into the Old West. Many important guest stars graced the small screen with the main cast. Veteran actor, Anthony Zerbe leads a cast of young actors who prove their acting chops on hard ground and in the saddle. If you're looking for fast guns and faster horses, need a little excitement and a little bit of history, this is a good bet for family entertainment!

    In their short three season run, we're all treated to exciting storylines and the building tension of the oncoming 'Civil War'.
  • My Only Fave Television Series.

    TYR has been the only tv series that I have been a serious fan of. Honestly if Gregg Rainwater (Buck Cross on TYR) wasn't casted to play Buck, I wouldn't have been such a big fan of the show. Gregg made The Young Riders sexy.
  • Best visit to AZ ever!!!

    I had the most fun ever when I was a pre - teen and got to be on the set and meet the cast and crew and received an opportunity to be an extra as I was a young blonde girl with excellent horsemanship skills :) I still have the pictures and the memories and was on Internet looking up to see where the cast is now :) Enjoyed the show and the people. I developed a crush on long haired Cowboys and the crush never left :)