The Young Riders

Season 3 Episode 20

The Debt

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 1992 on ABC



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    • (While waiting for the attack on the town to begin, Lou has a quiet moment with Emmett).
      Lou: Just thinkin' about how quick some things can change. Yesterday I was lookin' at weddin' dresses and now...
      Emmett: You and him?
      Lou: No... (pause, smile) somebody else.

    • (Lou arrives in Fenton and talks to Jimmy about the approaching danger).
      Lou: It's not the town I'm worried about, it's you.
      Jimmy: You know, I knew Matt for two weeks and he drove me crazy, but he was a good kid. It was like having a little brother, and he didn't deserve to die like that. (Pause) Not like that.
      Lou:Saw the Garretts in Seneca. There's four of them and only two of us.
      Jimmy: Not, two.
      Lou: Jimmy...
      Jimmy: Lou, look you have a wedding to go to and whole new life to start.
      Lou: And how do you think I'll feel at my weddin' if somethin' happened to you? I ain't arguin' with you Jimmy. I'm stayin'.

  • Notes

    • Audrey's tombstone was STILL at Old Tucson Studios for years after the show had ended. back in 2003, the tombstone was 'painted over' by employees of the Studios who did not understand the importance of the last remaining prop from the show.

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