The Young Riders

Season 3 Episode 18

The Sacrifice

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 25, 1992 on ABC

Episode Recap

There is a bank explosion and the Marshall is shot and killed.

The young man involved in robbery taken prisoner

Kid and Lou are traveling to Davenport

Woman at hotel misunderstands, tells them they must have "separate rooms on separate floors"

Later Kid out front with flowers talks to the preacher about troubles in town

Turns out Teaspoon is coming

We see Kid and Lou dressed up to go out

Teaspoon and Jimmy riding to Davenport meet up with lynching party stop a hanging

After their dinner Kid tries to propose to Lou with a practiced speech

Shooting interrupts them. Kid tries to help the deputy, the deputy is killed.

Kid and Lou stay to guard the prisoner Kid puts on the badge.

Edward Johnson the intended hanging victim was accused of "taking liberties with a white woman" He is an escaped slave.

The town wants to let the prisoner go to avoid trouble. Kid can't find any help talks to the preacher

Kid tries to get Lou to leave to keep her safe – she won't go(duh)

The preacher rides out to warn Teaspoon

Jimmy and Teaspoon argue about the coming war.

The preacher is brought back to town nearly dead

The prisoner riles Kid so much that Kid throws a chair at him(oh my!!)

Jimmy talks to Edward and Jimmy and Teaspoon argue again

Teaspoon says that if the war comes he will go back to Texas

Lou talks to the prisoner about her love for Kid as they prepare to leave the jail

Flaming hay distraction!

Kid and Lou take the prisoner out of town it turns out the bandits are shooting at the prisoner and not Kid and Lou

Outside of Davenport Kid explains to the prisoner that his friends were shooting at him

Jimmy is planning to leave to find the men who hung Edward

Edward talks some sense into Jimmy and Teaspoon talks about the need for friends in the coming war great speech warns each that if they ride out enemies they may meet on opposite sides of a gun

Kid and Lou talk Kid tells Lou that he is thinking twice about asking her whatever he was going to ask her before Lou is upset

Kid tells Lou that he loves her, but she says he has a funny way of showing it

The prisoner says he wants to help, Kid thinks hes lieing, Lou believes him

Edward is dead Jimmy and Teaspoon have considered what he said come to mutual understanding

We see bandits tracking

As they ride Lou and the prisoner talk about parents, love and why he was with the gang, it turns out he was watching the horses

The bandits find them Kid sends Lou and the prisoner up ahead while he stays behind

Kid gets shot Lou is injured also the prisoner leads her away

The prisoner helps the wounded Lou and promises to ride back with her to the bandits hideout

Teaspoon and Jimmy finally arrive in Davenport

No one will talk to them except the preacher

Lou and the prisoner ride in to rescue Kid-Kid is tied to a tree with his arm in a sling

Teaspoon and Jimmy arrive just in time to help, but not before the prisoner(Adrian Dawkins) is killed protecting Lou

Kid and Lou bury Adrian and talk to the preacher again

Kid promises never to ride on without Lou again

Kid proposes.

Jimmy and Teaspoon look worried until she says yes(well she kisses him, same difference)

The End

roll credits

"Da da da da da da da da da da da da......"

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