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  • Fine show

    I have seen a bunch of Sci-Fi Kids Shows, I have seen some very weird shows but this is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I watch when I can. The Acting is real awesome. Robert Clake does a great job as Zack and his co-stars are real cool. My favorite episode I would have to say was Zack Girl. It was weird how a can of deodorant did that. Well some stuff unbelive. Wormhole though a dryer. Now that crazy but real cool. If you like this show. Then just look around there are other show that are on the same level.

    It's One of My Faviote Series. Even though I have not seen every episode yet but watch a good amount of them to like this show. I first saw it on Fox and turn the TV think it was like X-Files, but then I started watch on Fox agian that on Fox Family and Now on ABC Family.

    I really like watch the Episode Zack Girl. It was real cool. I wonder if other shows have done something like that.
  • Zack File number 126 dash review. Investigator Jaykeson reporting.


    (If you don't understand my title, then maybe you haven't seen this show yet). This kind of show is always appealing. Basically it is a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy and comedy.

    This show revolves around Zack (Robert Clark) and his two best friends, Spencer (Michael Seater) and Cam (Jacob "Jake" Epstein). Zack is a magnet for paranormal activity, he tries to explain this by stating that "maybe life really is weird and I'm just the first one to ever notice it".

    Some of the topics that this show covers include: ghosts, time warps, mind reading and aliens. However, being a kids show, this series never gets scary and usually concludes with Zack learning a valuable lesson. If you are a fan of shows such as: Goosebumps, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, The Twilight Zone, Round The Twist or Eerie Indiana - then you owe it to yourself to give this show a view. While you are at it, you might also like to check out another similar themed show titled "Strange Days At Blake Holsey High" (also known as "Black Hole High") - which also stars Michael Seater and Robert Clark.

  • I have been watching The Zack Files since it started here in Norway in 1991, and it just gets better and better watching it every season.

    I have been watching The Zack Files since it started here in Norway in 1991, and it just gets better and better watching it every season. It has really become my favorite TV show/soap and I now I hope to get my level up soon so I can watch it on here because I am working in the afternoon so I sometimes dont make it to be home in time so I can watch it.
  • This show was so perfect. It meant the world to me. It was different and innivative and somebody should try to get it back on the air.

    The Zack Files were nothing but dull. It always had an edge from the first episode until the last. It was perfection in a the form of science fiction for children. It taught you so many interesting things; time traveling and obssesed with reality video game stars filled this world with so much imagination. It marked my childhood. It might have been just a couple of years, but even when it ended i kept watching the re-runs, i knew how it was going to end, but that didn't make a difference. All I wanted to do was to watch Zack solve a mistery everyday. The Zach Files were one of those shows you don't forget, it was 30 minutes of free imaginative spirit that seemed to fill you up for endless hours, even after the credits rolled. This new generation should have that. Every single kid in the world should see the world of Zach and experience it the way i did 6 years ago, and the way i wish i could do now. This show is perfect.
  • great show. i love robert, michael and jake together.

    great show. i love robert, michael and jake together. its alot like Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (another amazing show). Teaches you some things about science, so its also educational. but at the same time pretty funny. Robert is a great actor and really brings alot to the show. Jake and Michael are sort of the comic relief. I mostly love the episode when Spencer re-writes Gwens journal and Zack turns invisible. I recently bought the DVD over amazon and there is a great behind the scenes feature along with quick cast bio things. too bad the show got cancelled :(
  • Life is weird. Zack knows this, thus, weird things happen to him. And Spence. And Cam.

    Great characters — I can't even pick a favorite, because they just all work so well. I can tell you, though, that Gwen was never my favorite fact, I found her dead annopying. However, she provides interesting conflicts in the series; and practically brings about my favorite episode of all time — Exit, Stage Fright. (Obviously, psychobabble and the unknown just don't mix. :))

    Great stories, too. You can't just have great characters, you need a good plot and script to work with also.

    I recommend this show to anyone!

    How does one describe the Zack Files? Funny, cute, unique, unparalleled...the list could go on. Slightly based on the series by Dan Greenburg about his fictitious son's amazing adventures, this show goes beyond the books and is entertaining on all levels. Growing up, romance (I'm still mad they didn't progress the story far enough to get Cam and Gwen together...), bullies, financial and home problems, all in the midst of paranormal activities, not to mention the boys are adorable. Michael Seater as Spencer was perfect! Yup. They don't make them like this anymore.
  • The Zack Files was a great show that I miss watching.

    This show was great. It had me hooked with each episode. At the time I didn't know it was a Canadian show. But so yeah it is a great show that defiantly was funny. The plot lines were great and the characters were funny. I wish that it wouldn't have gotten canceled. It had such a short life span of only 52 episodes. I miss watching this show on Fox Family (now ABC Family). Good show.
  • The Zack Files was decent show and still is as it's being shown on Jetix in U.K

    The Zack Files was and still is a pretty decent show not just for the actors and what happens in the show but the way it’s all set out the set it’s on. The actors for the show make it seem even better as Michael Seater is in it and he is a good actor which makes it a much better show as him and science go together well like a puzzle. The strange things that happen to Zack are easy to understand and making The Zack Files is an easy approach to The X-Files, which is an adult version of this. The Zack Files is a very well made up TV show and no matter what I love the show just as much as Black Hole High and Transformers Armada/Energon. No matter what I give it a ten for everything.
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