The Zack Files

YTV (ended 2002)





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  • This show was so perfect. It meant the world to me. It was different and innivative and somebody should try to get it back on the air.

    The Zack Files were nothing but dull. It always had an edge from the first episode until the last. It was perfection in a the form of science fiction for children. It taught you so many interesting things; time traveling and obssesed with reality video game stars filled this world with so much imagination. It marked my childhood. It might have been just a couple of years, but even when it ended i kept watching the re-runs, i knew how it was going to end, but that didn't make a difference. All I wanted to do was to watch Zack solve a mistery everyday. The Zach Files were one of those shows you don't forget, it was 30 minutes of free imaginative spirit that seemed to fill you up for endless hours, even after the credits rolled. This new generation should have that. Every single kid in the world should see the world of Zach and experience it the way i did 6 years ago, and the way i wish i could do now. This show is perfect.