The Zack Files

YTV (ended 2002)





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  • Fine show

    I have seen a bunch of Sci-Fi Kids Shows, I have seen some very weird shows but this is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I watch when I can. The Acting is real awesome. Robert Clake does a great job as Zack and his co-stars are real cool. My favorite episode I would have to say was Zack Girl. It was weird how a can of deodorant did that. Well some stuff unbelive. Wormhole though a dryer. Now that crazy but real cool. If you like this show. Then just look around there are other show that are on the same level.

    It's One of My Faviote Series. Even though I have not seen every episode yet but watch a good amount of them to like this show. I first saw it on Fox and turn the TV think it was like X-Files, but then I started watch on Fox agian that on Fox Family and Now on ABC Family.

    I really like watch the Episode Zack Girl. It was real cool. I wonder if other shows have done something like that.