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  • In interesting bad it got cancelled before it could be resolved

    Set in a high tech future a robot develops a conscience and tries to escape/convince the government that he doesn't wish to kill anymore. This show and story had so much prospects and was one of the better cartoons on WB and was worth watching on Saturday mornings.
  • zeta...

    batman beyond was able to produce a spinoff with ahving the character Zeta in one of its episodes. I don't really remember a whole lot of this show but I really liked it, the people who cancelled it should have given it a chance. It takes place in the future and a Cyborg let's call it is on the run from all these cops and he meets this girl and they join up and are on the run together. It is very useful because the Cyborg, Zeta can take the appearance of anybody, But like always that is to easy because the people who are looking for him have glasses so they can tell if he is in disguise. I would also like to see a dvd set. later...
  • A show where a government robot develops human emotions while escaping the clutches of the government that created him.

    Really high quality cartoon from WB. Surprising giving the fact that the WB hosts on their lineup nonsense like Pokemon.

    This show's animation has a real sleek, sophisticated look to it. You can tell that they had a lot of money to spend and it really shows. The characters show great details, the animation is very fluid and high and nothing looks cheap at all.

    It's supposed to take place in the future but the characters are drawn in 50's style manner that is very appealing. The voice acting is decent and the show never gets boring. The adventures with Ro and Zeta are exciting.

    If you're looking for a high quality cartoon then this is it. Everyone should check it out.
  • Quite an excellent show, but an overall failure.

    If I were to rate the seasons individually, I would give them both a 9/10. But I consider the show to be an overall failure for the simple reason that it is canceled before the story is finished.

    Unlike Batman Beyond or Static Shock, which an episode can be made off a random plot line, The Zeta Project series is whole story in itself, like Avatar the last airbender. The show was off to an excellent begining. A story of a fugitive robot trying to find his freedom and a girl trying to find a way in her life, and her family. Together, they they are constantly on the run from the NSA and others who who want something from them.

    I'm a fan of such shows. That's why I also like the fugitive and prison break as well.

    But then came the disappointing part. Towards the end of season 2, the two finally manage find Dr. Selig, the father of Zeta and the key to their freedom. But their happiness were cut short when Dr. Selig was killed in a terrorist attack. How are the two going to find Zeta's freedom now? Apparently, we will never know coz the story ends there. The series ended with many questions unanswered.

    This fact is quite disappointing. Its like if J.K Rowling stops at The Goblet of Fire or Peter Jackson stop filming at The Two Towers. A great story left unfinished.

    I would not recommend this show to my friends. Save them the heart ache of watching an great show with no ending.
  • Set in the future, a high-tech government robot is believed to have gone rogue on its owners. Codenamed 'Zeta', the robot goes on the run from the government, in a Fugitive-style quest to find the one person that can prove his innocence.

    Zeta, a highly-advanced robot, known as a synthoid, is the result of an NSA project to build an effective infiltration unit, to be used in counter-terrorism. When Zeta suddenly stops following orders, and claims that he does not wish to kill any more people, the NSA is convinced that Zeta has been reprogrammed by terrorists. Refusing to believe the fact that Zeta can make moral decisions, the government goes after Zeta, with the intention of resetting and reprogramming him. Zeta, however, is keen on proving his claims, and sets out to find the one person who can back up his story - the mysterious head of the Zeta Project, Dr. Eli Zelig.

    It's a shame that The Zeta Project was unable to fully take off. From the very first episode, it showed a lot of promise, and it looked to be another mature, intelligent production. While it lasted, though, there were some good displays of character development, particularly in Ro and Agent Rush, on top of some interesting story lines. Still, even with only two seasons, the big-picture storyline of finding Dr. Zelig, combined with the individual storylines of each episode, makes for some worthwhile, entertaining viewing.
  • Not a bad choise!

    As a spin off for a character introduced in Batman Beyond, this cartoon series went beyond the scope of adventure. Zeta was an experimental infiltration robot equipped with weaponry and a holographic self-projector that allows it to assume any identity. However, negating his own programming, he refused to kill. He fled his employers merely attempting to find his creator to prove that he is acting on his own free will. The government doesn't know that, and hunt him down as they think he is rogue. Along the way Zeta hooks up with Ro, a teenage girl, and they assist each other in their treks. Diedrich Bader (The Drew Carey Show) lends his voice to the peaceful, naive and near-human robot, sounding the least bit threatening and true to Zeta's nature. The friendship between the child-like Zeta and Ro is genuinely portrayed. The supporting characters who chase him are great, including the government agents, and a young genius whom at one point reprogrammed Zeta. The Zeta Project is indeed a combination of Short Circuit and The Fugitive, balanced out by fantastic action, excellent characterization, and plenty of comedic moments. In one episode, Batman Beyond even makes a cool guest appearance. Sadly, KidsWB canceled this exceptional show, leaving Ro and Zeta's quest hanging.
  • Interesting but not my type of show

    This show people told me was great but, when I watched it, I wasn't that interested. A robot trying to find peace by looking for his creator was an okay concept and they did an good job with it. I couldn't understand why his love interest would be a human. A lot in this show didn't make sense but, it had some good action scenes. Its plot was too complicated for me and it just didn't seem that it could get any better. Some people probably could unerstand it but, not me. So it was an okay show to me and a great show to others.
  • I started watching The Zeta Project with the Pilot, and I thought it was good.

    I started watching The Zeta Project with the Pilot, and I thought it was good. Over time, my love for the show could only grow. By the end of the first season, I was obsessed and tried to hook everyone I could find to watch with me. Everyone that agreed ended up loving the show, and their reasons were varied.
  • An awesome show. Quite emotional.

    I love this show so much. It's kinda sad to see the Government not being on "our" side but that's just how they are and how we think of them, even in real life. I love the themesong. This is a very well done cartoon with wonderful animation and good background music. This show is very original.
  • I don't remember watching this show because I was, like, five when I watched it, but I remember it was good. They should have continued this series.

    I don't remember watching this show because I was, like, five when I watched it, but I remember it was good. They should have continued this series.

    I have to make this review 100 words. Someone give me an idea what to write!

    Maybe they should have combined this with Batman Beyond.

    Has anyone seen that cute picture with Ro as Sailor Moon and Zee as Darien and that little girl with pink hair? It's a cute picture. Seventy-seven words so far.

    Maybe I like this show because it's Batman related, and I love almost anything with Batman in it. Almost. This is my hundredth word. Yay!

    I would ship Zee and Ro if Zee weren't a robot. How sad.
  • Gaze upward toward the main page ;)

    This show was so beyond awesome! Someone is seriously damaged in the head to have ended it! The show was BURSTING with potential and it got better every episode. Who ever made the decision to axe this show deserves to be punished quite extensively! I still yearn for this show and mourn its passing :(
  • Why did they end it like that!

    I think Zeta was great and I looked forward to a sensational ending. I was really shocked when I found out hologram man was the last episode. What happened?
    I think they should pick off where they started and give Zeta a decent ending.
    I mean, If Selig didn\'t die, what stopped Zee from finding him. Ands what became of Ro? Bucky? They should never have strted it if they didn\'t intend on finishing it.
    I give Zeta an A+++
  • The Zeta Project ended to early in it's life. this was an original show and i don't know what it is that people don't watch good shows.

    The Zeta Project was about a robot who can change it's appearance and look like a human, it takes place in the future. The military or something made this robot, for military use. but this robot doesn't want to kill it wants to help people so it runs into this girl and she is a runaway and she decides to run away with it and basically they run from cops and military and government agents and everything throughout the show... it didn't last long to find out much about it though.. but it was a great concept and should return... i think that it was a spinoff or something of Batman Beyond also.
  • Oooh I loved this show!

    This show rocked my socks--everyone in my family and I would all sit around the television on Saturday mornings just to watch it. All huddled together on the couch, all sleepy-like and brady-bunch-esque. I really thought this television show was seriously going to work out. I wanted to know if Ro and Zeta were--y'know, goin' to be all lovey dovey.
  • It's a good show even if some doesnt appreciate it

    It was a really good show, Hightech and adventuroes, i really liked Zeta since i saw it on Batman of the Future; it looked like a really complex story/character, with secrets and conspirations.

    A really nice part of this show is see how a robot doesnt know nothing about humans even if it been programed for such "human interaction".

    It's a good show, not one of my favorites but i saw it many times a week and even if the episodes were always the same, it was funny for a while.
  • zeta is a robot that can disguise himself as a person. he is being hunted because they think that he is a dangerous robot that is one the loose to kill people and stuff. he gets befriended by "ro" who is also on the run but for different reasons.

    a good show even though i never got to see every eppisode. i always liked the fact that he was being hunted even though he hadn't done anything wrong, but the people hunting him wouldn't even care and just as soon as they saw him attemt to kill him. it is just another fine excample of how people shouldn't judge before they get to know the person
  • Great Show

    It's not the best of shows but Zeta sure is great since it's looks in the future. I love the way they design their buildings. Make me wish I lived in the future.

    But since where too far from those days. Too bad, As the french say "C'est la vie" hein?