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  • i love this show i love the cast of characters.

    I loved this show as a kid. i love jason weaver and brandy is not so bad either. this show has sentimental values because it premeired on my birthday September 3. i was a young child in 1993 but i stll remember the show it only lasted a season but it was fun while it lasted. i also thought a young age that jason weaver was fine so it didnt hurt to watch him on tv he grew up to be a nice looking young guy and a decent singer if i had to say the show had a low point i would loudly and gladly say it was thea vidal though the show was based on thea she is not funny and her stand up is even worse.
  • Funny and brazen portrait of a hard-working mother.

    Thea Vidale on stage is confrontational, warm-hearted and hilarious.

    Thea Turrell, her on-screen alter ego, was no different.

    In this sitcom, which aired on ABC in 1993-1994, Vidale played a widow who raises her four children while working two jobs, one at a supermarket and the other freelancing from home as a hairdresser.

    She wasn't afraid to put her foot down, and brooked absolutely no nonsense from her kids, but any of her one-liners could have you doubled over in laughter. Thea was one of the most firm parent figures I've ever seen on t.v. Yet she was very loving as well. She'd go from handing any one of the kids his head in an argument, to relentlessly defending him if times were bad. We could use people like that in real life too.

    It's too bad we only got the one season from this show. Vidale remains active on the stand-up scene to this day, and it's my hope someone puts her in the driver's seat of a major series again.