Then Came Bronson

Season 1 Episode 16

A-Pickin' an' A-Singin'

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 1970 on NBC

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  • Bronson becomes involved with a budding songwriter

    Though this episode has elements of a vanity episode, with Michael Parks singing through huge chunks of the hour, it contains a number of surprises and shifts in tone. beginning as one of the light and airy episodes, it becomes one of the rare ones where Bronson misreads a character and a situation. Convinced of the naivete of Billy, who presetns himself as a struggling songwriter who can't sing,Bronson sings his songs at a contest, they get a regular gig at a bar, and are courted by a sleazy local DJ. Bronson protects his naive young friend, only to find out that he has stolen his songs and used Bronson in his scam. far worse, though, and inexcusable in Bronson's eyes, is Billy's trwatment of a (beautiful) waitress who loves him. So in the end Bronson is again the defender of the weak, but it's not the same weak as at the beginning of the show.