Then Came Bronson

Season 1 Episode 20

Mating Dance for Tender Grass

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 1970 on NBC

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  • Bronson becomes involved with a group if Indians at a cross-country race

    Another episode that surprises you. Nothing sentimental about the treatment of indians here, though this was the period when they were being sentimentalized the most. From the opening sequence, when we have an updating of an Indian ambush, this time on motorcycles, to the end, when the scavengers pick a dead motorcycle apart, this is a clever, funny, and touching episode. The mating dance refers to the cross-country race, and Tender Grass is a beautiful Indian maid, played by the folksinger Buffy Sainte-marie. Sadly, too much of the episode is dedicated to the race, and there's saint-Marie singing an entire song, in her unforgettable warble. i only remember how it annoyed me in the sixties...