Then Came Bronson

Season 1 Episode 25

The Mary R

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 1970 on NBC

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  • Bronson visits with family who have a fishing boat that is dying. His unlce wants to shed the boat, but his cousin wants to keep it becasue of its ties to his mother

    Much strange oedipal stuff in this, the next-to-the last episode. Bronson visits with his uncle, cousin, and his uncle's second wife, who are in full crisis over the imminent loss of their fishing trawler. The uncle has to make a choice; the boat (which has ties to his late wife, and which is named after her) or his new bride. Bronson's cousin, a hyper-sensitive, hyper-ventilating young man, can't bring himself to let the boat go, precisely becasue of the ties to his mother. Bronson tries to negotiate his way, and that of those around him, through this oedipal mess, while at the same time showing off his mechanical prowess (is there any machine the man doesn't know how to fix?) Though there's much room for heavy-handedness in this episode, it ends up being a nicely dosed mix of all possible elements, including the humorous. And the denouement is actually quite funny, as Mary R's son abandons Jim to the boat so he can head off on a pleasure boat with a group of swingers, who Bronson had turned down so he could help his cousin.