Then Came Bronson

Season 1 Episode 21

The Mountain

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 1970 on NBC

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  • bronson meets a hemingway/Mailer-like writer and engages in competition to climb a mountain

    This one starts like one of the early "triangle" episodes, with a beautiful married woman of a certain age apparently attracted to Bronson. in fact, she is in love with her damaged goods writer husband, a cross between Hemingway and Mailer. The triangle turns out to be Bronson, Ford (the writer, played by Stuart Whitmore) and a 12,000 foot high mountain. After some early disputes between Bronson and Ford about their differences of opinion concerning the importance of competition, the two work together to climb a snowy mountain. The episode never quite gels, and throughout the episode the glances cast by the lovely wife at Bronson never lead to anything. something of a disappointment as an episode.