Then Came Bronson

Season 1 Episode 26

What's An Ark Without Centaurs?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 1970 on NBC

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  • Bronson meets up with a father and daughter who have a conflictual relationship, and Bronson gets in the middle of it

    What a shame that such a great show should end with such a crappy, almost unwatchable episode. Bronson stumbles on the Samos family, father and daughter, and though the father is a hippie-hating reactionary creep, and the daughter a beautiful spiritual seeker, he seems to come down on the father's side. Nothing seems to make any sense in this episode, which is lacking in humor and deftness, and has Michael Parks in his worst sub-james Dean mode. even the geography is stange, since at one point he is supposed to be headed south in search of Vhea when she flees her father, but in consecutive scenes we see him amodst palm trees and then huddled in his leather jacket with a scarf. I mean, this is an peisode that features dialogue like: "Your daughter is about to convert to Buddhism,' and this sets the father off. of course, no one knew that this was to be the end of the series, so i would tell anyone watching it now to either skip this episode entirely, or watch it soemwhere in the middle, so you'll leave Then Came Bronson with good memories.