Then Came You

ABC (ended 2000)


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Then Came You

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"Then Came You is a May-December comedy with a twist. Based on the experiences of one of its creators, Then Came You is a charming and sexy half-hour comedy series about a newly divorced woman whose eyes become opened to a whole new universe of possibilities when she falls in love with a younger man. Their paths cross when Billie, a 33-year-old book editor, leaves her predictable lawyer husband Lewis and moves into a hotel to quietly and deliberately take stock of her life. But when Aidan, a handsome and carefree 22-year-old room-service waiter, walks into her room -- and her life -- Billie quickly finds herself thrown into a steamy and "forbidden" affair. Her ex-husband is shocked; her best friend, Cheryl is dubious; and even Billie herself is nervous. In fact, the only one on board is Aidan's buddy, Ed, who's more than happy to seize the opportunity to live -- if only vicariously -- the "older woman/younger man" fantasy he harbors. Yet despite the obvious obstacles -- as well as some they can't even imagine -- they're ready to throw caution to the wind and embrace this new relationship and all its complexities. And with Aidan at her side, Billie will face the disapproving looks of strangers, friends and family alike as she explores the next part of her life with a man too young to have ever bought his music on vinyl." (ABC press release)moreless

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