Then Churchill Said to Me

Season 1 Episode 2

A Mole in the Hole

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1993 on BBC Two



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    • Potts: That's one secret weapon that I wish Hitler had, civil servants. Cause, you see, they don't work and they can't get fired.

    • Colonel Witherton: Will I be the same when I've been promoted to General? Will I still be one of the chaps? Will I still be able to maintain that common touch?

      Joan Bottomley: Oh, please don't worry, Robin. I'm sure your touch will be as common as ever.

    • Potts: They've taken away my braces, my laces and my belt. They think I'm gonna take the coward's way out. The coward's way out? I wish to God I knew which way it was.

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    • Potts and McKensey listen to two radio programmes. Mr Middleton's series "In Your Garden" not only gave gardening tips but also launched the "Dig For Victory" campaign that taught people how to grow their own vegetables. The two men then accidentally pick up "Germany Calling", presented by Lord Haw-Haw. Lord Haw-Haw (real name: William Joyce) was responsible for English language Nazi propaganda from Berlin.

    • Potts: Once I had a St Vitus dance.
      McRuckus: Did you now?
      Potts: Yes, sir. But only the Gay Gordons showed up.

      The Gay Gordons is a nickname for a Scottish regiment, the Gordon Highlanders. It's also the name of a traditional dance.