Then Churchill Said to Me

Season 1 Episode 6

Goose Has Landed

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 1993 on BBC Two

Episode Recap

Private Potts is given a very special task. He is ordered to push Winston Churchill around in a wheelchair, after the Prime Minister has hurt his leg. It is important that they are seen around the headquarters, because the person in the wheelchair is actually dummy to fool the enemy while the Prime Minister is away on a secret mission. What Potts does not know, is that the real purpose of the ploy is to foil an assassination attempt. A member of the French Resistance is in the headquarters to identify the assassin. When she sees him/her, Colonel Witherton will be alerted with the message "The goose has landed".

Potts enjoys pushing the dummy around the headquarters, as it gives him a chance to sell his petrol coupons to the different employees. He meets Joyce, obviously Lieutenant Williamson in disguise, and shows him/her to the gents.

When he meets Michelle, the agent from the French Resistance, she pulls a gun on him. She is actually Baroness Hana Von Thump, the assassin. She takes Potts hostage but Potts can make her drop her grenade by pinching her.