Theodore Tugboat

CBC (ended 2001)



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Theodore Tugboat

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Theodore Tugboat is a kids television series set in Halifax, Canada. The show is based around five main tugboats and their dispatcher.
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  • Best Children's and TV Show ever!

    This show is a must watch not only for little kids, but this show is for everyone. Because it's flawless! You and your child will love this show when you watch it. It's my favorite nostalgic TV show. This is show is so good that if I put all of the Hot Wheels TV shows to the side, then Theodore Tugboat would the best TV show ever!. The characters are well made, the education formula is what it should be, and the artwork is above and beyond of any show. All of the episodes are flawless. This show gets a gold medal. 101/100 Spectacular.moreless
  • I really like this show alot. It's fun to watch and it is so gentle and sweet. A nice childrens series.

    Okay, this is really fun to watch. But at first, I did gave it negative reviews and foolishly tried to make something better than this, but when I watched more episodes, I changed my mind about it and it now part of my all favorite. Now Tugs and Theodore are my favorites as well as Thomas. Ive gotten more episodes since last christmas and they were amazing. I loved to watch them on my computer alot of the times. Well, I am trying to make more adventures for Theodore and his friends, and I'm doing a good job on that. It was actually fun to watch Theodore.moreless
  • This was a show for everyone!

    I love this show next to TUGS and Thomas the tank engine and friends! This used to be great ever since! I loved it because I love the writers, they are very smart on how to do it and I want to see all episodes! I am running a DVD campaign because this show needs to go to DVD! It must go, because this show was always great! Please help me run my DVD campaign, because you will need to go to my forum to vote soon, and nobody seems to go there anymore. I have seen some episodes on tape and I am trying to contribute.

    Now that I am editor, I get to edit this show.moreless
  • Another great show using Tugboats.

    I use to watch this show when I was younger and I still love it. Compared to Thomas and Friends and TUGS, This is my 3rd favorite out of the 3. This show ran for 3 seasons and introduced many characters every season. My PBS channel use to have this on all of the time. Its a shame that it was canceled along with TUGS. I have a few Theodore Products in my collection and I loved the Ertl models when I was younger. The show was about friendship and working boats. The models are on display in a museum in Canada which I`d love to go see. I give this show a 9 out of 10 rating.moreless
  • I just loved Theodore Tugboat when I was seven or eight. At least, it showed how to solve problems and teach more than other shows that are supposed to be educationnal, as Barney or the Teletubbies...moreless

    One of the best episodes was when Theodore was unhappy with his whistle and tried to modify so it can be deeper and better and just ends up with his broken whistle and couldn't go see the liner Queen Stephanie because of that. Then, she taught him to accept the tone of his whistle because it was part of him. Do you remember Hank telling Theodore new whistle was "fresh" ?

    This episode was so good it ended up as a book that many kids loved.

    At least, this show had some content and isn't as creepy as other kids' shows.moreless

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