Theodore Tugboat

CBC (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Theodore's Big Decision
      Pugwash the undersea mini submarine, decides to go down underwater, but she accidentily gets carried away, and Stewiake worries. And she is in an area where ships get lost forever! And Theodore is trying to help find his friend, but Constance doesn`t have much patience for him.
    • Theodore and the Unsafe Ship
      Theodore meets a new ship named Cabot who is not very proper. He leaves his cargo lying all over his deck and looks so unsafe that even the cargo doesn't like him! It's up to Theodore to change Cabot's ways before he can make a huge mess all over the Big Harbour.moreless
    • Theodore Lands on Earth
      After being tossed around all night by a storm, Theodore wishes he could live on land. But a stretch in dry dock changes his mind.
    • Emily and The Sleepover
      Emily, Carla, Sigrid and Dorothy all decide to have a sleepover at Ceildh`s Cove. After a while, they decide to go out to Shipwreck Rock to tell ghost stories. Emily tells the story about the "Sea Beagle" who sank at Shipwreck Rock and scares all her friends away, leaving her the only one left to come face-to-face with the Sea Beagle itself!moreless
    • Theodore Gets Lost
      On a foggy day in the Big Harbour, Theodore and Pearl go out looking for a ship to take into the Big Harbour. Along the way, Theodore gets seperated from Pearl and gets lost. Will he be able to find her and get home safely?
    • Theodore`s Big Friend
      A lonely container ship helps Theodore see that everyone—big or small—shares the same feelings.
    • All Quiet in The Big Harbour
      The Dispatcher loses his temper and makes an order to the other tugs to be as quiet as possible.
    • Hank and the Sunken Ship
      Coming home from his underwater patrol one night, Northumberland Submarine discovers a sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean! He tells all the tugs about it. Hank gets excited and tries to lift the ship out of the water all by himself, but it is too heavy. He runs out of oil and then a storm hits, threatening to throw him into the rocks! Will Hank be saved?moreless
    • Theodore and the Pirate
      A new pilot boat named Petra is coming to the big harbour. Hank overhears, but mistakens the new "pilot" as a pirate. This causes panic around the harbour and when Theodore goes missing, it's up to the Tugboats to find him.
    • Theodore the All-Powerful
      One morning, it is very foggy and Theodore wishes that the fog would go away...which it does! He then wishes that he and Hank would have a job today and they do, but when Emma Sophia gets stuck in the Harbour, George appears and laughs at them. Theodore wishes that Emma Sophia would move and that George would go away and again his wish comes true. But has he wished George away for good?moreless
    • Theodore & The Buoy Boat
      Theodore does not like the new buoy boat named Baddeck because he lifts Bedford and Blanford out of the water! But will Theodore learn that Baddeck is really a nice boat?
    • Brunswick's Big Scare
      A big storm has hit the Big Harbour and Theodore has to take Brunswick Barge out to Ceilidh's Cove. Brunswick loves danger and peril, but when Theodore's tow rope snaps and the barge is swept away in the storm, Brunswick starts to think differently.
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