There and Back: Ashley Parker Angel

MTV - Music Television (ended 2006)


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There and Back: Ashley Parker Angel

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Ashley Parker Angel, formerly of the boy band O-Town, attempts to get his music out there and be taken seriously. Having spent all of his O-Town earnings, he moves in with girlfriend Tiffany and her mom. Ashley is now a struggling artist trying to make it to the top once again. Now, he must succeed not just for himself but for his soon to be new family. Will he make it to the top or will he just be another washed out boy band member?
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  • The daily life of Ashley Parker Angel, former boy band member is followed.

    I remember watching the first season of \\\\\\\"making the Band\\\\\\\", when it went to reruns on MTV. Ashlets struggle with his father was a big issue. His dad didnt think being a boy band member was a path to a bright future. Ashley set out to prove him wrong, and now hes at it again. After the break up of O-Town, the guys kinda just scattered. No one in that band went on to a solo career that sky rocketed. Not yet, at least. Ashley is determined to be the first, if not the only one to do so. He went from the top of the charts, to the small apartment he now shares with his girlfriend/fiancee, her momma, and their baby boy, Lyric. Not one to \\\\\\\"stay down\\\\\\\" he pounds the pavement for employment, until his record is completed, and released. Tiffany (his fiancee) is also his best friend, and biggest supporter, despite the pregnancy woes, they are a tight couple. Jacob and his girlfriend, and their monkey have made an appearance, or two. Dan has popped up as well. All the guys are still friends, looking to regain some moderate success. Ashley is a funny guy, whos light hearted approach to life, just might be considered ditzy. This point is made by Tiff thinking that Asley might\\\\\\\"lock the baby in the car one day\\\\\\\" if he is not supervised at all times. A hopeless romantic, proud papa, and recording artist-songwriter make this guy a pleasure to watch. Not some ego-maniac living in his past fame, but a star, ready to reclaim his spotlight. Now older, and wiser, with a family in tow, I enjoy watching this guy chase his dreams each week.moreless
  • A real show about struggling musicians and what it's like out there.

    I really like this show. Ashley Angel isn't trying to be anyone but himself. He doesnt want anyone to remember him as the old boyband member from O-Town. It's a really good show and i think everyone should watch just one episode then make up their minds. He, on top of writing a record, has to be a good boyfriend and father at the same time.
  • I really love this show.As soon as I saw the comerical I knew I would like it.

    An inspiring tale of a former boy-bander who looks for a second route to stardom.I have to admit that I wondered what became of them from time to time.Ashley is tryin to make it in the music buisness.Again.and it ain't easy.On top of that he's girlfriend is pregent with his child and he is living with his girlfriend's mom.Poor Ashley. The pressure is instense, but he keeps plugging along.
  • Example of real-life struggles and the determination required to overcome the obstacles. It's "real".

    I admire Ashley's determination and never-ending effort to make a living, be supportive his girlfriend, and be a good father. A lot of people could learn from him. The pressure is instense, but he keeps plugging along. The greastest successes come to those who know what they want, know they can do it, go after it, and are still grounded in their home lives.

    Good luck Ashley!
  • Neither a strong nor worthwhile effort.

    Ashley Parker Angel is quite good-looking, a reasonably good singer, and appears to be a very nice guy. He’s sweet and considerate to his girlfriend and respectful of her mother. That’s all well and good, but none of it makes him an interesting subject for a reality television program. There’s just nothing particularly interesting about him or his life. He’s really quite bland, or at best marginally pleasant. Ashley’s girlfriend Tiffany and her mother Scarlet are a pair of ciphers. Again, there’s nothing wrong with them, nothing grating, nothing unpleasant. It’s just that there’s nothing at all. The worst part of the show is the fact that this complete lack of subject matter has nothing in the way of strong production values to salvage it. The events in Ashley’s life are presented in a completely disjointed manner, with almost no cohesiveness to any given episode. The most ridiculous feature of the show is the bizarre conceit that Ashley himself is the auteur of the production. Throughout each episode, Ashley will appear to freeze his surroundings and step out from them to directly address the viewers, as if he were the one who had decided which moments in his day would be highlighted. He then proceeds to share his thoughts in that moment, except it’s always painfully obvious that these soliloquies have been taped long after the fact of the corresponding events. Ashley’s reactions in these scenes are always completely inorganic and feature poor attempts at acting in a vain effort to recapture those particular moments. The storylines of each episode, thin as they are, would be much better served by periodic confessionals with all of the main players. However, such interludes are completely lacking. This contributes to the sense of isolation that the viewer experiences with regard to people like Tiffany and Scarlet, because we have no idea at all what they are thinking at any particular time, unless they happen to say it out loud to Ashley. So although Ashley Parker Angel has done nothing to offend, and while I genuinely do wish him all the luck in the world and much happiness with Tiffany and their son Lyric, and despite the fact that I might very well buy his as-yet-untitled CD, I simply cannot recommend this television show as worth watching.moreless

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