All Right, So Who's Watching?

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    The show premieres tonight with, apparently, something of a lack of buzz, if the total dearth of topics here other than the one started by staff is any indicator. Still, I've decided to give this one a go. It'll be the first new reality series I've watched in a fair while. Anyone else on board and want to chime in?

    Personally, I haven't really seen or read too much about the series, other than that it's hosted by Matt Rogers and people will be locked up in their neighborhood and competing against each other. Oh, and I think I saw something in one of the episode descriptions about being able to do a raid on a neighbor's home. (Sorta like on Survivor when they raid the opposing tribe's camp.)
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    I dunno...It will probably be a forgetable show like "Greatest Amercian Dog" (Seriously, who remembers it?).
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    My husband and I are 65 years old. We are wondering how these families were picked; doesn't being behind the wall affect their family economically?

    We discussed this show and feel that no amount of money is worth tearing up a neighborhood. Friendships are fragile and when you have them in a neighborhood, is it worth the money? The only way I think this game is worth it, is if in the very beginning it was decided the money would be divided 8 ways. Then it can be fun.

    I'm interested to know if the families feel it's still worth the money. Friendships are too precious to us to have them be divided because of money.

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